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Egypt: Menoufia.. Suspected cases of bird flu housewife


Detained by the Directorate of Health Menoufia housewife called fulfillment. P 39 years in the Fever Hospital Shebin on suspicion of being infected with bird flu.

And appeared on Ms. symptoms of high fever, sore throat and vomiting during her stay in her home village Apinhs Quisna Center .. And found to mix with dead birds.

Were taken from their blood sample and sent to labs central Ministry of Health for analysis.

Egypt: Book housewife on suspicion of bird flu Menoufia


Detained by the Directorate of Health Affairs Menoufia housewife claims, fulfillment Abdul Sattar Saeedi (40 years old - a housewife), in the Fever Hospital Shebin, on suspicion of being infected with bird flu symptoms and disease-free.

Was taking a sample of their blood and sent to labs central Ministry of Health for analysis, and announced the Directorate of Veterinary Medicine that the cause of injury the victim, the exposure to dead birds have been cleared her home, and took samples in contact with the house and take the procedures followed in this regard.

11 residents Kab.Bolmong Suspected H5N1 Bird Flu Virus Infected

Manado, 7 September 2011.
11 residents of Bolaang Mongondow, North Sulawesi, medapat hospitalization Kandou Malalayang Manado, the eleven residents in suspected suspect bird flu, after two days of high fever after contact with pet chickens.
The eleven patients who had previously cared for in hospital datoe binangkang in Manado kandau refer to the hospital because hospital facilities are not adequate.

Previously only the bird flu virus attacked residents named Anwar mamonto, at rt vii gogagoman village kotamubagu peliharaanya after contact with chickens. But after a few hours later 10 people joined her family members experience a high fever.

Meanwhile, a hospital spokeswoman said RD Kandou Manado, until now 11 patients in the suspected H5N1 bird flu virus is still in quarantine in a special room.
The whole service is given, including checking their blood but no positive results to ensure they are virus H5N1.

Hospital medical team Kandou Manado will continue to make an evaluation and an intensive examination of 11 patients in suspected bird flu virus.

If the medical team has found the laboratory then the results will be conveyed to the public.
While at the home location anwar kotamubagu mamonto, whole chickens and domestic birds, they have been destroyed by the local health department, they fear that their pet chickens attacking other residents around their homes.

Continue to Monitor the City Government Kotamobagu Place Rampant AI

TRIBUNMANADO.CO.ID, Kotamobagu - Pemko Kotamobagu through DP4K and health office continues to monitor bird flu outbreak two places, namely at RT VII Gogagoman and Upai. This continues until Kotamobagu declared free of bird flu.

""We continue to monitor the area in Gogagoman and Upai. Until now there has been no complaints or reports from local residents," said Head of Public Relations Local Government General Kotamobagu Adati on Wednesday (07/09/2011).

As stated Head of Livestock and Fisheries DP4K Kotamobagu Nurachim P Mokoagow, an area said to be bird flu-free interval of three months if no longer the case arise.

"In principle we continue to make efforts so that the incident (bird flu) does not happen again. Therefore we also made several other efforts such as poultry perketatan enter our area," added the Great.

While the relevant 10 suspect bird flu treated in isolation rooms in hospitals Kandou, Agung said conditions have improved. He admitted his side through the Department of Health continues to monitor the situation Kotamobagu citizens.

"Their situation has improved. However, for certainty's waiting for doctors and laboratory test results," he asserted.

Suspect Bird Flu Patient Request Return

Manado Tribune - Wednesday, September 7, 2011 23:14

SATURN - Ten patients suspect bird flu from the City Kotamobagu ask to go home, because it considers the conditions are good and healthy body.

Despite visible changes to improve, Chief Medical Officer (Health Office) Flammable, Maxi dr Rondonuwu DHSM through the Head of Unit Data and surveillance Lumentut Nora North Sulawesi Health Office, the ten patients were not allowed to go home on Wednesday (09/07/2011).

"The condition improved so ask to go home, we were not allowed because the wait for the results of laboratory tests," he explained.

Examination of the Center for Health Research and Development (Puslitbangkes) Center. About the results came out a week after sampling.

The results of the examination to determine whether the patient be discharged or treated there. Meanwhile, responding to citizen concerns surrounding Kotamobagu and related indications of bird flu contaminated chicken meat and consumed during Lebaran lelu, Nora urged people not to worry.

"If you do not suspect bird flu symptoms after the consumption of meat a week or two, no problem," he explained.
The meat has been consumed safely, especially when cooked properly.

Most humans get bird flu because of direct contact just before the cooking process or when it is inside the cage.

Currently there are no humans to sort through immunization or preventive medicines or injections. Prevention can be done with memakain personal protective equipment such as masks and gloves.

When you find the chickens died suddenly and quickly grilled chicken carcasses piled, before using personal protective, then wash hands with detergent, clean themselves and of environmental surroundings.

Bantul Residents Allegedly Exposed to Bird Flu

September 7, 2011 18:39 0 0
BANTUL - MICOM: Three villagers Poncosari, Srandakan District, Bantul, was rushed to Dr Dr Sardjito Yogyakarta. They are suspected of having bird flu disease.

They were EM, 35, ZW, 11 and H, 2.5.
All three are now undergoing treatment in special isolation room in Ward Kartika, which is a special ward to treat the patient suspect bird flu.

"The three men were treated at a single family RSUP Dr. Sardjito since three days ago. Until now, they still undergo a special treatment in Ward Kartika," said Head of Legal and Public Relations department of Dr. Rini Sunaring Sardjito Princess, Wednesday (7 / 9).

According to Rini, the trio entered Sardjito on Friday (2 / 9) then. According to him, the three patients suspect bird flu was the referral of patients from one hospital in Bantul, with initial symptoms such as bird flu.

All three can not yet tested positive for bird flu because it is still waiting for diagnostic results. "For certainty, we must wait for the results of Balitbangkes Jakarta," said Rini

Government Asked to Tighten Poultry Supply to North Sulawesi

Manado, Swarasulut - Contact Farmers and Fishermen Mainstay (KTNA) of North Sulawesi Province asked local governments to tighten the supply of poultry and its derivatives in the border regions of Gorontalo, along with the spread of H5N1 virus in the area.

"Most of the supply of poultry to North Sulawesi Gorontalo. So as to anticipate the impact of the circulation of the H5N1 virus that already exists in Gorontalo, the border should be monitored as possible by requesting the documents free of bird flu, "said Lexi Solang Chairman KTNA North Sulawesi, Manado, on Sunday (10/04/2011).

He said that if the virus entered Flammable automatically spreading rapidly occurring, because the mutation of H5N1 is considered the most rapid in comparison with other viruses in poultry and can affect humans. Then the farmers in North Sulawesi are asked to always anticipate a continuous, clean cages with various steps. "It should not be done on poultry farms densely populated settlements. Should have in place a little far from the settlement with a clean environment, "he said. Meanwhile, the North Sulawesi provincial government has tightened the supply of poultry from the border of Gorontalo, was found along with the spread of bird flu (H5N1) in the area.

"Since the discovery of bird flu cases in Gorontalo, North Sulawesi Governor made it clear to the relevant agencies to strictly monitor the entry of poultry from the area to the North Sulawesi through the border," said Head of Public Relations Sumampouw Christian North Sulawesi province. Steps taken by the Governor of North Sulawesi as a form of anticipatory to the community and a number of poultry in the area, no one infected, because it is very dangerous potential for illness.

Agencies such as Department of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry, Public Health Service and so on, have been instructed to take immediate measures and anticipatory, as well as outreach to the community, especially in districts bordering with the Province of Gorontalo, namely North Mongondow Bolaang (Bolmut). Then, the Department of Industry and Trade (Disperindag) North Sulawesi has lowered the team supervisor to traditional markets, restaurants, hotels, supermarkets and other places of chicken meat distribution to anticipate the spread of bird flu in this area. "Three teams simultaneously lowered from 6 April 2011, checks the health documents chicken meat products in a number of points including the certificate is free of avian influenze (AI) from the relevant agencies," said Head of Domestic Trade, Disperindag North Sulawesi, Janny hampered. (Manado today)

A/H5N1 influenza viruses change, a situation made more complex?

Interview with Dr. Nguyen Tran Hien, Director of the Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology

Recently, the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) warning about the variability of influenza A/H5N1 virus in Vietnam and China, are resistant to the vaccine is used for poultry. This change is made whether the disease situation becomes more complex this winter?

Dr. Nguyen Tran Hien, Director of the Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology, talk to PV News reports around this problem.

Modification of the A/H5N1 influenza virus recommended by FAO is worrying not, sir?

On 29 / 8, FAO warns of rising again of influenza A/H5N1 in birds and poultry due to the transformation, transmission and dissemination of the virus circulating influenza A/H5N1 subtypes 2.3. 2 in many Asian countries, including Vietnam (replacing the previous subheading 2.3.4). This is only a small variation of the virus, rather than large changes to create a new virus strains.

On 30 / 8, World Health Organization announced that the transformation of the virus does not increase the risk of public health for humans. Picture of bird flu in humans have not changed. Avian influenza A/H5N1 occurred sink and sporadic development in humans, primarily in the areas of circulation of the virus in birds, through contact with poultry or contaminated environments, but no transmission from person to person.

From this year, Vietnam has not detected any cases of influenza A/H5N1 which, the most recent case earlier this month 4 / 2010.
As in 2003, Vietnam had 119 cases of influenza A/H5N1 in which 59 people died. The sporadic cases occurred and spread out in the provinces most exposed or meat / poultry products, disease, mainly in winter-spring, there is no evidence of spread from person to person.

However, there is need to strengthen monitoring virus circulating in poultry for early detection of the virus to change and make the control strategy appropriate translation services in poultry and human health protection.

Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology has discovered and reported to the Ministry of Health on the variation of influenza A/H5N1 virus has not, sir?

Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology regularly updated and informed the Health Ministry on the results of monitoring of human influenza viruses, including influenza A/H5N1 virus. All of the influenza A/H5N1 virus strains isolated in the period 2007 to 2010 under subheading 2.3.4 (first identified in 10/2005). Period 2003 - 2005, is the circulation of subgroups 1.

On the poultry in the northern provinces are circulating influenza A/H5N1 virus mainly grouped 2.3.2 (have not found A/H5N1 influenza virus subtypes in humans 2.3.2), also in southern provinces still circulating influenza A/H5N1 virus mainly grouped 1.

Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology is working with the Center for Prevention and Disease Control United States conducted the studies monitoring the evolution and interaction of the influenza virus circulating in animals (like pigs), in poultry (chickens, ducks ...) and in person to provide information about the variability of the influenza virus.

Influenza A/H5N1 virus change, can resist the current influenza vaccine, Vietnam will face the risk of what?

The risk of greatest concern is influenza A/H5N1 virus can continue to make small changes in the natural evolutionary process, gradually changing into the adult or recombination with other influenza viruses circulating in animals and humans to form a new influenza virus strains can spread from person to person. Therefore, the important thing to do is to strengthen the monitoring the virus in poultry and active application of appropriate preventive measures. The goal is to prevent the spread of epidemics in poultry and prevent transmission from poultry to humans.

Does influenza A/H5N1 outbreaks can sharply fall and winter this year? To prevent this disease, people should do, sir?

The situation of avian influenza A/H5N1 in Vietnam in the future depends on our efforts to control avian influenza in poultry and preventing disease transmission from birds to humans. The biggest difficulty now is influenza A/H5N1 viruses circulating in poultry flocks, especially in the form of healthy birds carry the virus without signs of disease. People may not know the bird was sick as a precaution. Moreover, after a long time without human cases, arises very subjective psychology, for the service has been controlled should absolutely not perform regular preventive measures for food hygiene and health personal hygiene. In addition, recent virus subtypes have been converted to 2.3.2 so that vaccines do not work anymore.

In Vietnam, avian influenza in humans occur in the winter-spring. To prevent this disease, people should ensure the principles of food safety, implementation of biosecurity in livestock, regular cleaning and disinfecting cages with antiseptic, destruction and injected vaccines for poultry, lifestyle changes ... Can early detection of the phenomenon of mass death of poultry and notify local authorities to promptly prevent epidemic stage. Absolutely not slaughter and use of suspected bird flu. When someone has a high fever related to infected poultry must immediately go to health authorities for examination and detection, treatment and handling of the outbreak in time.

Thank you!

Sulawesi: Virus is spreading

Serious! The spread of bird flu virus (H5N1) in the City Kotamobagu began to spread everywhere. Until Tuesday (06/09) afternoon, at least three different villages of three districts in Kotamobagu found chickens died suddenly. Mayor Drs Hi Djelantik Mokodompit was immediately held a closed meeting with a range of systems, in order to take strategic measures to overcome this problem. Including to prevent spreading the virus continues to spread.

Is in the Village District Upai Kotamobagu Uta-ra, the last location that was found of chickens died suddenly. Here, the DP4K (Department of Agriculture farm Plantation Fisheries and Food) Ko-tamobagu, Few find the rise of two chickens died suddenly, due to exposure to the virus which is also called Avian Influenza (AI) is.

Previously, the flu has hit danger in The Village Gogagoman Kotamobagu camatan West. [
Kelurahan Gogagoman di Ke-camatan Kotamobagu Barat] Here, at least 40 chickens belonging to a resident is dead suddenly in the span of nearly a week. Apart from "me-nyikat" 40 chickens, the virus has also forced the owner of the birds known to her profession domestic poultry traders (chicken, red) in this Kotamobagu Market Match li-ma plus family members, must be treated intensively in the department of Prof. Dr. RD Kandou Manado.

Not quite up there. Five family members are still bound by their family, but living in the dumb-anger-tan Kotamobagu Kotobangon Kecama East, also becomes suspect bird flu. Even among the five residents of this Kotobangon, terda could a toddler aged three years and a young mother who was four months pregnant.

Meanwhile, the culling of chickens that died suddenly in Upai led Head (Chief) Ranch DP4K Kotamobagu, Nurochim P Mokoagow SP. How, then buried in a burned-in. Had been a tug between the owners of gas expression with DP4K officer. But once explained the danger to the virus, it finally the owner is lately known husband and wife are civil servants (civil servants) in the City Government Kotamobagu, let it go.
Previously, the site was also visited by a team of AI handling of fast motion of the North Sulawesi Province. There, they conduct an investigation, whether the inhabitants of the house where the discovery of dead birds had been exposed.
"We do not see any signs that the occupants of the house in Upai where dead chickens were found, had been exposed to the virus," said Julius Malinggas MPH and Abdul Azis Hunta SKM MSI, two rapid response team personnel when meeting comments on Kotamobagu, yesterday.

Quick reaction team itself is a composite of North Sulawesi Health Office, Technical Center for Environmental Health and Communicable Disease (BTKL-PPM) Class 1 Manado, North Sulawesi and the Animal Husbandry Department. In addition to Julius Malinggas (North Sulawesi Health Office) and Abdul Aziz Hunta (BTKL), there is also a Ferry Alooy SKM (North Sulawesi Health Office) and Dr. Budianna Tombi Langi (BTKL). The team was accompanied by Sri Wahyuni ​​Mokoginta Kotamobagu SKM from the health office.

In addition to the Upai, before his team had come to the location of the first invention, namely in Gogagoman. "We will also visit and monitor the situation in the Village of Koto-Bangon and Market Match,[
Kelurahan Koto-bangon dan Pasar Serasi]" added Dr. Budianna.

Mayor Drs Hi Djelantik Mokodompit quite devastated by this bird flu cases. Moreover this is not the sera with the first, but already the second time and considered even more powerful than the first case in mid-April. Response to this condition, he immediately summoned yesterday afternoon Assistant II Setkot (City Secretariat) Kotamo-bagu, Ir Hi Moh Moko-dompit Hardi, head of health office of Dr. MA Head Salmon Helweldery DP4K Mintoharjo Moko-dompit Ir, and Spokesperson Pem-kot Hi Moh Great Adati MSi ST.

They held a closed meeting at the "House of the People"-the term of office for Mayor Kotamobagu house. There, the mayor immediately ordered Kadinkes to continue to closely monitor the progress of the 11 residents who suspect bird flu after being treated in RSU Kandou dang. "Similarly to other societies, especially the neighbors of the 11 citizens was called, I asked the Office of Health to give serious attention anyway," said Djelantik Mokodompit Just as quoted by the Supreme Adati.

While the Chief DP4K, Papa Raski-familiar greeting Djelantik Mokodompit-remind, to re-tighten the supervision of entry-exit activities in Kotamobagu poultry. Especially the, in some gates, both in Mongkonai (from and towards Manado), ja-AKD eggs to and from the Du-hope, as well as in-mobagu Moyag City East
Mongkonai [(dari dan ke arah Manado), ja-lur AKD dari dan ke arah Du-moga, serta di Moyag Kota-mobagu Timur]. "This is because the pe-oversight of the activities in and out of poultry to be loose, so this case happen again. Though there's been incidents in mid-April, "he regrets.

In another section, which is now H5NI virus spread in the City-mobagu definite origin is unknown, but there are robber-rigaan from Gorontalo. "There is a possibility of Go-rontalo. Because of the recent Muslims celebrate Eid al-Fitr and the chickens that go into the City Kotamobagu was uncontrollable, "said the Head of Department of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Province of North Sulawesi, Ir Johanis Penelewen through Head of Animal Health and Veterinary Public Health, Ir Eveline latitude, Tuesday (06/09)

Indonesia: On The Subject of Dead Poultry Showing Symptoms

This is an article from July, 2011.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011 7:50 pm
REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, BENGKULU - Department of Animal Husbandry and Animal Health Bengkulu Province recorded thousands of birds in the area were found to be positive contracted the bird flu virus during 2011.

"We have found as many as 2035 birds infected with avian influenza virus positive during 2011. Birds that are positively infected, including chicken, ducks and geese," said Coordinator of Center for Disease Control Avian Influenza Animal Husbandry and Animal Health of Bengkulu province, Emran Kuswady, Tuesday (19 / 7).

According Emran, thousands of positive birds infected with bird flu virus is threatening the population of other birds which reached 9461 tails. Cases of bird flu virus was first discovered in 2011 attacked the 12 birds owned by residents in the Village Like Rami, District wide, the city of Bengkulu on January 12, 2011.

Attack the bird flu virus then spread to the region Kepahiang Regency, Rejang Lebong, Kaur, Lebong, Central Bengkulu, Seluma, and North Bengkulu. The last case of bird flu virus attacked the nine birds in the village of Duku Ilir District East Curup Rejang Lebong on June 12, 2011.

Emran explained, from 10 counties and cities in the province of Bengkulu, only in South Bengkulu Regency Mukomuko and undiscovered cases of bird flu virus because dead birds disposed of their owners. [edit: dead birds disposed by their owners]

"We ask the public to immediately report to the Animal Husbandry Department in their respective areas of poultry died suddenly when found, so the officer can check whether the bird flu virus infected or not," he said.

Indonesia: H5N1 Birdflu in Poultry in Wonogiri

[This talks of infected poultry in Wonogiri, but they were found dead, so we don't know if they displayed symptoms. Wonogiri is in Central Java.]

The death of poultry due to bird flu or avian influenza (AI) still occurs in Wonogiri in this dry season.

A total of eight chickens were found dead in two different places for two consecutive days, Friday (09/26/2011) and Saturday (27/08/2011). The results of laboratory tests to make sure the eight chickens that tested positive for AI viruses.

Head of Animal Health Animal Husbandry Department of Fisheries and Marine (Disnakperla) Wonogiri, drh Ismaryati, told reporters in his office on Tuesday (09/06/2011) revealed eight chickens are dead, five were found at Kelurahan Wonoboyo, District Wonogiri on Friday (26/08/2011) and three more were found in the tail Watusomo Village, District Slogohimo on Saturday (27 / 8).

"Everything has been tested in the laboratory and the results are positive AI-infected. This should concern all citizens, and vigilance must be increased. The dry season should inhibit the development of AI viruses because dry air is not suitable for growing the virus. But the fact is there on these findings, "explained Ismaryati.

Two patients Suspect Bird Flu Treated in Hospital Sardjito

Wednesday, September 7, 2011 16:21 AM
REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, YOGYAKARTA - Two people (a mother and son) of Bantul suspected H5N1 cases to date (Wednesday 7 / 9) was treated at General Hospital Center (Dr) Dr Sardjito, Yogyakarta.

Victims who are referred from one hospital in Bantul since 2 September, is still undergoing special treatment in Ward Kartika RSUP Dr Sardjito, Yogyakarta.

''Both are still undergoing special treatment in Ward Kartika,''Head of Legal and Public Relations department of Dr. Sardjito, Yogyakarta Sunaring Princess Rini on Reuters on Wednesday (7 / 9). During the year 2011 Dr Dr Sardjito just received two cases of H5N1.

In a special treatment, the patient for a while yet if it should be dijenguk must wear special clothing and should not everyone can enter their own wishes. Therefore, it is the living room steriil.Namun currently the second patient's general condition was good and temperature is normal, he said.

Until now not known whether patients affected by H5N1 or not true, because it is still awaiting results of blood tests that have been sent to Jakarta, said he

Three residents of Bantul Suspected Bird Flu Virus

Three residents of the hamlet Singgelo, Poncosari Village, District Srandakan, Bantul, since Friday (2 / 9) until now (7 / 9) was treated at General Hospital Center (Dr) Dr Sardjito, Yogyakarta.

All three people from one family, allegedly attacked by the bird flu virus which is still undergoing special treatment in the department of Ward Kartika.

"All three are still undergoing special treatment in Ward Kartika," said Rini Sunaring princess Kes, Head of Legal and Public Relations department of Dr. Sardjito, Yogyakarta, Wednesday (7 / 9).

In a special treatment, patients were temporarily not allowed dijenguk. Penjengguk only allowed to enter the treatment room to be sterilized if already wearing special clothes.

According to Rini, the trio entered Sardjito on Friday (2 / 9) then and is still undergoing intensive care.

However, all three can not say bird flu because it is still undergoing treatment and are still awaiting the results of diagnosis. Therefore, the tests are still waiting Balitbangkes Jakarta.

"To fix it we have to wait for the results of Balitbangkes Jakarta," said Rini explained.

It is said, all three patients suspect bird flu was the referral of patients from one hospital in Bantul, with initial symptoms such as bird flu.

Three residents of Bantul Suspect Bird Flu

Rabu, 7 September 2011,
A mother and two children in intensive care in Ward Kartika, Dr Sardjito Yogyakarta.
Three residents of Bantul, Yogyakarta, each pair of mother and child - Erna Maryatun (35) and Zaky Wiryawan (11), as well, a baby's initials H is 2.5 years old in intensive care in Ward Kartika, Dr Sardjito Yogyakarta. They are suspected of having bird flu.

Head of Legal and Public Relations department of Sardjito Yogyakarta, Rini Princess Sunaring justify, the existence of three residents of Bantul, which is a mother and two children, a special dibangsal treated for bird flu patients.

"In Ward Kartika we are treating three patients suspect bird flu that kesemuannya of Bantul, Yogyakarta," he said, Wednesday, September 7, 2011.

He said three patients suspect bird flu was the referral of patients from one hospital in Bantul, with initial symptoms such as bird flu. However, to ensure all three positive bird flu, still awaiting lab results from Balitbang in Jakarta.

Rini stated further that since the three patients treated at Dr Sardjito in a special ward Kartika has gradually improved. "The condition of the patient since referred and admitted to Ward Kartika in early September, the condition is getting better," he said

Rini added the entire cost of the patient suspect bird flu free to use. "The patient suspect bird flu free to use during care at Dr Sardjito," he concluded

Meanwhile, the Regent of Bantul, Yogyakarta, Sri Suryawidati said, his department has not received reports of residents of Bantul who became suspect bird flu. "I actually have not received reports of residents of Bantul who became suspect bird flu," he said, briefly. (Eh)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

14 Reported Dead Sudden Chicken Tails in Madidir

Residents in Bitung City should be wary. Reportedly, 14 chickens died suddenly in Madidir. Information collected on Monday (09/05) and then, in the Village Madidir Unet his right in off the factory of PT Union some residents have 14 chickens died suddenly tail abruptly. Among local residents suspected that the illness is an attack of chicken bird flu.

Rahmat Olong one of the witnesses admitted that the neighbor's chickens suddenly died suddenly. "Usually, when chickens can be seen from the physical pain. However this is another in the afternoon and evening still look normal, but suddenly suddenly Monday night chicken condition which amounts to 14 tail immediately died at home, "he said.
Head of Agribusiness and Forestry Lusye Makawa-lang when confirmed to ngakui if it did not yet know it. But he would send his staff to do the checking.
"Although we do not have the H5N1 detection equipment to ascertain whether it is bird flu or not, but by naked eye we could see it. If indeed there is tan-da-sign like that then him we would take his samples and sent to the Laborataturium in Ma-nado soon, "added her

Two patients suspect bird flu (using masks) in hospitals Kandou, not isolated specifically.

Dua pasien suspect flu burung (menggunakan masker) di RS Kandou, tidak diisolasi secara khusus.

Patient Suspect Bird Flu Suspected in RSUP Kandou

Pasien Diduga Suspect Flu Burung di RSUP Kandou (foto beritamanado)

Indonesia: Patients Await Lab Result - Conditions Improved

Wednesday, September 7, 2011 1:41 pm

Ten patients suspect bird flu from the City Kotamobagu treated at the Hospital Prof. Kandou Malalayang not allowed to go home.

According to the Chief Medical Officer Dr. Maxi Rondonuwu Flammable DHSM conditions to the ten patients had improved but still needs insulation because waiting for results of laboratory tests of the Center for Health Research and Development (Puslitbangkes) Center on Tuesday (09/06/2011).

"Five minutes ago I just see patients, they can already sing-sing, the roads, but remain in the isolation room," he said.

Currently, all patients had no fever and no shortness of breath, even a pregnant woman is one of the 10 patients the condition had recovered.
However, special treatment is performed, doses of tamiflu drug is given by Maxi adapted to the conditions of pregnant women. "Medics, they already know and are trained in handling," said kadinkes.

He added that what is done perupakan fixed procedures (SOPs) and aiming for zero percent mortality. The sooner the better handled there was no shortness of heat no longer be active but in an isolated room.
Currently just waiting for the results of examination of Puslitbangkes Center, where the negative can be directly repatriated.

In addition to the handling of the patient suspect bird flu, officials of North Sulawesi Health Office has been doing outreach to surrounding communities. Most important to socialize so that people increasingly have to keep cleaning kesaradaran clean environment, lest any cattle sheds behind the house because it is not good for health.

Then when there is sudden and there were dead birds with flu after direct contact with poultry or poultry in the vicinity, immediately contact the village or local health officer. "It's SOPs we take the patient directly, we will not take risks," he explained.

Indonesia: Sulawesi: The Case Of The Dead Chickens

Cases of suspected bird flu outbreak from Lorong Kembang RT 07 Kelurahan Kecamatan Kotamobagu Gogagoman West to the East Village Kotamobagu Kotobangon District, due to 11 residents of two villages this was a rope tied in kinship. More ironically, because the H5N1 virus is attacking them at the time were celebrating Eid al-Fitr 1st Shawwal 1432 Hijri.

As the narrative AM aka War (58), one of 11 patients suspect bird flu that is now being treated in a special room RSU Prof. Dr. RD Kandou Manado, began when he found a tail of chickens died on Monday (08/29) last week. Originally War which everyday living as free-range chicken traders (chicken, red) in this complex Match Markets, thinks of dead chickens was not unusual.

"We think we kwa pe chicken was just plain dead. So we think there is anything Nyanda noh. Lye instead of the day there are two tails that we cut, so prepare for mo Lebaran menu. Only when we cut the two tails that tu, no determination blum tu kalu when the feast, "he said in a thick Mongondow language, through a mobile phone connection from Kotamobagu, then translated by the village chief Mahmud Gogagoman Soleman SE.

According to War, plans to cut two small chickens that will be serving the menu at the feast if the results of confirmation hearings set 1 Shawwal 1432 Hijri on Tuesday (08/30). Where, on the day of the festival he and his family would entertain guests who came to stay in touch, including who is expected to visit is besannya. MK aka namely Mus (58) and his wife, Mrs. NM aka Nen (54), the parent of HK aka Rah (29). Young women who were pregnant with second child four months of age this content, is the wife of AM aka Af (31), eldest son of War and Mrs Nur.
Apparently, the results of confirmation hearings set 1 Syawal 1432 H falls on Wednesday (08/31). Conversely, because the two had already cut the chicken tail, then the War decided to keep taking them with her ​​family in Gogagoman. People who cook was none other than his own wife's War, which is assisted by Mrs. NM aka Nur CHM.
Coincide on the first day of Eid al-Fitr, continued War, he found seven chickens died suddenly tail again. This discovery began to arouse suspicion in his mind. Moreover two days later, precisely on Friday (09/02), the number of chickens that died of his growing. Even Friday, chickens that died at once as many as 18 birds.

"On Saturday my wife and one of the people I work with a sudden high fever accompanied by cough and bringus (flu). I'm getting panicky. Moreover, besides the two of them, are still growing also fallen ill. I also report to the government, so they come right conduct, "said War with a faltering voice.

Until the Sunday before he and 10 others were referred to the RSU Kandou, War still had time to count how many of his chickens died. Where the total to 40 chickens.
Meanwhile, as the village chief Mahmud Soleman Gogagoman confirmed, although the Office of Health and DP4K (Plantation Department of Agriculture Livestock Fisheries and Food) Kotamobagu have intervened, but it still ask for all citizens, especially in Lorong Kembang, to increase alertness. "If there are incidents of chickens died suddenly, we are asking residents to report immediately to the nearest government officials. Starting from the steward RT, RW, environment up to me as the headman, "he said. (Cop)

Indonesia: Sulawesi Update: Isolation Room Being Repaired, 11 Suspected Cases Roam Free

Kandou RS isolation space is being repaired

Patients Roam Free

It's really very unfortunate. Because the 11 patients suspect bird flu from Kotamobagu sent in RS Prof. dr Kandou in Manado (Malalayang), not isolated in a special care room. Instead of monitoring reporters yesterday (05/09), the suspect seen prowling outside the room where the visitors passing by the hospital.
In response, the Director of Medical Nursing Hospital Kandou Dr. Jemmy Panelewen when confirmed said that the condition is due to the special care for the patient or the patient suspect bird flu that can spread certain diseases, is being repaired. According to him, responsibility for repairs and reparations special space handling
patients such as bird flu, are handled directly the World Health Organization (WHO).

To overcome this problem, I Panelewen, the hospital Kandou take the initiative to care for the patient suspect bird flu from those in the room Kotamobagu sitostatica which is also a place that can handle and care for such patients.
"It's just that we are aware, the room where these treatments have not been able to treat patients with a maximum of this dangerous disease," explained Panelewen visible direct review and sterilize the place of the other visitors with some of his staff.

Related patients from Kotamobagu, I Penelewen, arrived at the hospital Kandou on Sunday (04/09) night. "Of the 11 people who allegedly contracted the virus, six of them male, including one infant and five women, one pregnant again. They were at the time taken for treatment here, experiencing pain with decreased body condition after being in contact with pet chickens that tested positive for bird flu. But now state they have already improved. Nevertheless, we are in the hospital continue to monitor their condition. All patients suspect bird flu victims have a family and other relatives still too close neighbors, "concluded Panelewen.

Separately, Chief Medical Officer (Health Office) North Sulawesi Province, Dr. Maxi Rondonuwu DHSM when questioned, could not confirm the 11 patients had been tested positive for H5N1 virus. "Despite the events of chickens died suddenly, but we can not declare these patients had positive bird flu. At present we can give a statement, they suspect, "he said through Dr. Jemmy Lampus, Head of Controlling Health Problems (FMD), North Sulawesi Health Office, told reporters on Monday.
Lampus said, all 11 residents were initially received treatment from the Hospital (RS) Datoe Binangkang later on Sunday (04/09) afternoon, referred to a RSU Prof Kandou. "The reports we received, they are subjected to high heat, cough and shortness of breath. Now they are isolated in one room of Prof. Dr. RD Kandou RSU, "he explained, adding, the RSU Prof Kandou have taken blood samples for testing lab. "Just wait for lab test results from Jakarta. If the results are already there, it was discovered that patients positive for bird flu or not, "continued the short Lampus.

Meanwhile, he stated that the health office of North Sulawesi has provided medicines free of charge to those patients. In fact, it has also lowered the surveillance team to the City Kotamobagu well as bringing medical aid to hospitals Datoe Binangkang.
Separately, Head of Agriculture and Livestock (Distanak) North Sulawesi Province, Ir Johanis Panelewen when confirmed via the phone, said it has fielded to Gogagoman. "It is true there are the chickens that died suddenly. Now the chickens immediately destroyed by burning. Even the chickens around the site has been quarantined to avoid bird flu outbreak, "he said.
Panelewen admitted confused where it came from the bird flu disease that attacks chickens in Gogagoman. "Not to know where it came from. Therefore, while our team is currently investigating, "the key Panelewen.