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Date: Tue 27 Jul 2010
Source:, Bloomberg report [machine trans., edited]

Health authorities in El Salvador issued a flu epidemic alert, with an
average of 14 000 cases a day, exceeding those of dengue fever. Health
Minister Maria Isabel Rodriguez told local media that 11 of the 14
departments of the country are the worst affected by respiratory

According to Rodriguez, consultations in health units have increased
with patients complaining of chest pain, runny nose, fever, cough and
other symptoms of influenza. Even before last week, about 10 000 cases
of influenza [i.e. respiratory illness] were reported daily, and in
the week just ended, the figure amounted to 14 171 cases a day.

So far this year [2010], the Ministry of Health estimates the total
number of influenza cases to be 1 329 350 [out of a population of 7
million (2007)]. The rising incidence of respiratory diseases is the
usual pattern in this country, with an increasing trend from July to
September, Rodriguez explained. "We are conducting an analysis to
determine the factors that influence the increase in each department.

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[These figures appear to refer to respiratory illness in general and
not specifically to influenza virus infection. The text does not
indicate what types of influenza virus are in circulation.
Clarification is requested.

According to the Pan American Health Organisation Weekly Summary of 19
Jul 2010, El Salvador reported an increasing trend in acute
respiratory disease; Costa Rica reported an unchanged trend, while
Honduras, Nicaragua, and Panama reported decreasing trends. All these
countries reported low/moderate intensity of acute respiratory disease
and low impact of acute respiratory disease on health care services,
except Panama, which has reported high intensity and moderate impact
of acute respiratory disease on health care services for 3 consecutive

According to the World Health Organisation Update 110 of 18 Jul 2010,
in the tropical regions of the Americas, the situation is that
overall, pandemic and seasonal influenza activities were low, except
in pockets of Central and South America with co-circulation of
pandemic and seasonal influenza H3N2 viruses (Costa Rica had
predominantly pandemic H1N1 influenza virus, while Nicaragua and
Panama had predominantly influenza H3N2 virus).

Padang Dr Rawat Four Probable AI

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PADANG - MI: General Hospital Center M Djamil Padang unexpected treat four patients with avian influenza during the January to late July 2010.

According to the Director General Dr M Djamil Irayanti Padang in Padang, Wednesday (28 / 7) of the patients were suspected of having bird flu symptoms of fever over 38 degrees Celsius, cold cough, shortness of breath, there is direct contact with flu patients who are positive birds.

"Diagnosing while showing acute respiratory infections (ARI), to make sure that we send a blood sample to the center, we give patients antibiotics, ceftriaxone, and antiviral drugs osaltamiver or tamiflu," said Irayanti

He added that the spread of the H5N1 virus can occur in various ways, including mucus poultry, poultry droppings and chicken feed the sick place. "Through the air with a distance of one meter can also be taxable. Karenaitu, I appealed the public to always wash up after contact with poultry," he said.

He said the four suspects bird flu patient hospitalized in Dr M. Djamil Padang, one patient died, namely Yenpa Yenti (24), river sand transport workers, residents of Kampung Sawah Taratak Mudiak, Muaro Kalaban, Sawahlunto, West Sumatra. "The blood samples of patients have been sent to the Agency for Health Research and Development (Balitbangkes) The Ministry of Health and the results can be known a week anymore," he said.

Areas in West Sumatra who otherwise vulnerable bird flu spread among District 50 City, Payakumbuh, Agam regency, Sijunjung, County and City Sawahlunto Dhamasraya. "The county was declared a bird flu endemic because in these areas found many dead birds for avian flu," he said.

In connection with the financing, said Irayanti, patients who fall into special penanggulanghan programs such as bird flu and swine flu, are not charged a penny from the hospital. "For patients who are in special handling, such as avian flu and swine flu, the financing we leave it to the Ministry of Health. So we do not burden the patient nothing," said Irayanti.

Patient Suspect Bird Flu Deaths

West Sumatra
Thursday, July 29, 2010, 12:54:00

PADANG - After four days of treatment in isolation rooms in the disease Dr M Djamil Padang, the patient suspect (allegedly, red) bird flu, died. Residents Sawahtaratak Muarokalaban, Sawahlunto initials YY, 24, became the first suspect bird flu patient dies while undergoing treatment at Dr M Djamil Padang during 2010. Previously two other patients are allowed to go home.

The patient died at around 6:00 pm, Wednesday (28 / 7). Before getting treatment in isolation rooms in the department of disease M Djamil Padang, YY had undergone treatment in hospitals Sawahlunto.

But because his condition was not being recovered, the medical team referred to Dr M Djamil Padang, with suspected bird flu. So when I got Dr M Djamil Padang, YY directly receive care in isolation rooms.

This room is specifically intended for patients who come with suspected bird flu. The first day of treatment, Saturday (24 / 7) direct the medical team did some checking. Such as blood tests, swab throats and lungs.

For the blood and throat examination conducted at the Ministry of Health Research and Development Department, until recently the medical team Dr M Djamil Padang is still awaiting the results of these inspections. While lung examination was conducted in Dr M Djamil Padang, the results showed the presence of symptoms of bird flu direction.

"The lung X-ray showed the presence of pneumonia in the lungs YY. Although this leads to the symptoms of bird flu, but this should not be used as a guide. Guides know the positive results, whether based on PCR results from the Ministry of Health Research and Development Department," said Director of Medical and Nursing Dr M Djamil Padang, Irayanti, during a press conference yesterday.

So that the organization remains YY, enforced by default, not as the positive patient bird flu. As is known, if a patient tested positive, then the corpse was wrapped using plastic.

Meanwhile, when asked, why YY designated as suspect bird flu although no dead birds in the surrounding "According Irayanti, it can not be a benchmark. It could be, around the house there are no birds died suddenly. But in the work environment, who knows no birds died suddenly. Moreover, symptoms which indicated YY, similar to the patient suspect bird flu.

Sudden Death Not There Poultry
Meanwhile Rosmaniar, 53, mother YY states, did not expect her child would suspect bird flu. Section, the fourth child of five brothers, was initially only complained about joint pain in his left leg, then her fever and she brings to the nearest health center. Directly referring to health centers and hospitals Sawahlunto Dr M Djamil ending at the Padang.

"I can be of information, if it was caused by bird flu chickens died suddenly. But in our house there are no chickens died suddenly. Fourth chickens are still alive," he said.

However, Ros daily laborers in the river with sand diggers YY, resigned to this calamity. He just hopes his daughter's funeral took place smoothly process is planned to be interred yesterday afternoon in Silungkang Sawahlunto.

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WTO backs China in US chicken import row

27 Jul 2010 18:11:58 GMT
Source: Reuters

By Jonathan Lynn GENEVA, July 27 (Reuters) -
A World Trade Organization panel has ruled in favour of China in its dispute with the United States over an effective U.S. ban on imports of cooked Chinese chicken, a Chinese source said on Tuesday.

The dispute, one of several political and economic differences dogging U.S.-Chinese relations, originated, like many trade rows, in health concerns -- in this case U.S. nervousness about Chinese poultry following outbreaks of bird flu in Asia. Asked whether China had won the case, the source, who is familiar with the ruling, told Reuters: "You could say that ... It went well."

The dispute arose because of a spending bill passed by the U.S. Congress that prevented the authorities from taking any measures to process imports of Chinese chicken.


Vietnam: Gia Lai Province H5N1 birds

Gia Lai recurrence of bird flu after a lull of about a month

(VOH) - According to the Veterinary Department, Gia Lai province is just the first local recurrence of avian flu after a lull of about a month.

Specifically, avian flu has occurred on a poultry population of households in the commune of
Hrung, huyện Ia Grai as 400 birds died on 1500 herd chickens, ducks and swan. The whole bird was completely destroyed. Currently, the V Veterinary, Animal Health Department Gia Lai with the local authorities are carrying out measures for prevention and prescribed.

Particularly with more blue ear pig Quang Nam and Bac Lieu new recurrent outbreaks. Currently the Department of Animal Health together with local authorities are carrying out measures for prevention and prescribed. Currently, there are 10 provinces of Nghe An, Cao Bang and Soc Trang, Quang Tri, Tien Giang, Lao Cai, Long An, Binh Duong, Bac Lieu and Quang Nam PRRS not occur over 21 days.

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Egypt: New Human Case H5N1

Egypt announces 110th discovered bird flu case

Health 7/24/2010 9:49:00 PM

CAIRO, July 24 (KUNA) -- Egypt on Saturday announced the 110th discovered bird flu case in the country, saying the patient's condition is "critical".
"The 20-year-old female was transferred to Sadr al-Abbasiya Hospital in Cairo, as she was suffering from high temperature and breathing difficulties," Health Ministry Spokesman Dr. Abdulrahman Shahin told reporters.
The patient has been medicated with Tamiflu and is still under supervision, he noted.
Egypt had taken preventive measures to contain the pandemic since its outbreak in 2006, including restraints on mobilizing live birds between provinces, as well as banning the slaughtering of birds outside allocated locations among other precautions. (end) bna.hb KUNA 242149 Jul 10NNNN

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