Saturday, July 2, 2011

France records first E. coli death - different strain than Germany Outbreak

PARIS (AP) - Authorities have recorded the first death in France's E. coli outbreak.

Dr. Benoit Vendrely at Bordeaux Hospital in southwest France said the 78-year-old woman died early Saturday morning.

She had been hospitalized in Bordeaux since June 24 with hemolytic uremic syndrome—the rare kidney condition that the most seriously ill victims of the outbreak are suffering from.

Vendrely said the strain of E.coli the woman was infected with was not the one implicated in the deaths of 48 people in Germany and one each in the United States and Sweden. He didn't identify the source of the French woman's E. coli contamination.

Seven other patients remain at the same French hospital, six of whom have been confirmed to have the same strain of E.coli as in the outbreak that originated in Germany.


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Toll 50, NIV blames ‘new virus’

Teena Thacker , Santosh Singh

Posted: Thu Jun 30 2011, 00:14 hrs

New Delhi, Patna: An “uncommon” or a “new virus” may have hit Bihar’s Muzaffarpur, where a mysterious disease has claimed 50 children — all aged below 10 — till now, experts have said.

The National Institute of Virology (NIV), Pune, has ruled out Japanese Encephalitis (JE), Nipah and Chandipura virus after testing the samples. “It could be an unknown or a new virus. We have ruled out JE, Nipah, Chandipura, but are yet to come to a conclusion,” NIV Director Dr A C Misra said.

He said it would take some days to identify the virus as they had not got the “right samples” yet. “We have asked for brain biopsies which we think would help identify the virus. We are likely to get one sample tomorrow,” he added.

Muzaffarpur Magistrate S K Mall confirmed the NIV team collected one brain tissue sample from a child, who died on Tuesday.

A team from the National Center for Disease Control, which had also visited the area, is yet to come out with its results. The team had got samples of cerebrospinal fluids but those would not be enough, according to experts.

A senior official in the Union Health Ministry said nothing could be done unless the virus was found. “As of now, we don’t even know whether it is a water-borne, mosquito-borne or air-borne virus. The interventions will depend on the nature of the virus,” he said.

With three more deaths in the last 48 hours, the toll reached 50 on Wednesday. Over 20 patients are still admitted in various hospitals.

Officials said there was no need to declare an epidemic, the main objective of which would have been to empower doctors to take brain tissues despite objections of the victims’ families because of the procedure of opening the skull.

The NIV team, however, said there was no need to open the skull. It can be collected with a needle through the nostril. “Taking brain tissues after death is not a complicated process,” said Dr Arun Shah, a member of the team.

Bihar Health Minister Ashwini Kumar Choubey said as the main objective to get brain tissues was served, there was no immediate need to segregate a particular region as epidemic -hit.


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Full Muzaffarpur sick, the poor governance Babu

2 hours 42 minutes ago

The arrogance of good governance on the issue of filling the power of the Nitish Kumar has already failed and is ineffective in terms of health. Polls opened Babu claims of good governance across the unknown disease in Muzaffarpur in Bihar's Muzaffarpur district in the past fortnight has taken the lives of 59 children.

Inseflaitis before the disease was believed to be Japanese, but all tests so far have not known the disease is found. Clearly, after so many innocent lives yet good governance Babu's government is proving to be useless in detecting disease.
Associated with the disease so far 62 samples have been sent to Pune's National Institute Wayroloji. These 22 samples have been checked. After investigation, experts have not yet confirmed by the Japanese Inseflaitis. Check the samples also showed that children are not suffering from NIEPA virus and Chandipura virus. The remaining 40 samples to check the work is still ongoing. Many samples have been sent to Pune, for instance - CSF (Spinal check), blood sample, and more. Reach the affected area in the living animal, bat and Mchcdon the blood sample is being analyzed.
Shri K. Mishra, Principal Secretary, Department of Health National Institute Wayroloji has sought help from the experts. The expert on your part are to provide all the help. Yet still the heart of the matter could not be reached.

Sample of brain tissue that can be checked to find out the disease, but the government has to declare the epidemic disease. Snr Act frightening and horrible plague epidemic in India in 1897 was designed to control. The Act gives powers to the government of the disease prevention with a sample of any part of the patient is likely to check it. The Act provides also that the suffering patient to prevent transmission of disease to be avoided and on the location - clean to be taken care of.

The district collector Santosh Kumar Mall of the State Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has sent a proposal to this effect. Mr. Malla believe that this unknown disease outbreak will be declared to understand the mystery of the disease.

Currently, Dr. Ashok Kumar, Dr. Krishna Kumar, Dr. Brij Mohan, Dr. Arun Shah and Dr. Rajiv Kumar, who specialize in infant as a team in the district are trying to fight the unknown disease. District Magistrate Santosh Kumar Mall from June 26 under the massive cleanup operation is being carried out in 63 affected villages. The sequence of B grade nurses and primary health centers in the designated area, particularly the development of the Seedeepio advised to keep an eye on. The series of these exercises as a sequel is being made to check the health of the elderly
Even if it was not yet the disease is unknown. But it can be fitted to the speculation that the disease is associated coil deep **** for sure, because so far have come from the patient Mushri. (Mushri called the place where people live Mushr caste) members of this nation's way of life is very dirty. Their main diet is the rat and pig meat.
It's basically your stomach and raise wages and Deshi Srab are sold.

Here is the question that every district Prshasn water after passing through the top of the head comes into action, why? Planned and the administration will work with such an epidemic, we rarely have to face to face...

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Two more children die in Bihar, encephalitis toll climbs to 44


Muzaffarpur, Jun 26 (PTI) Two more children died today due to encephalitis taking the toll to 44 in Bihar''s Muzaffarpur district, officials said.

One child each died of the fever at Srikrishna Medical College Hospital and Kejriwal hospital here, they said.
Twenty-four more children were undergoing treatment for encephalitis at two hospitals in the district, they said.

Meanwhile, district magistrate S K Mall has recommended to the state government to declare the outbreak of encephalitis as an epidemic, official sources said.