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Unexpectedly weakened Pasuruan suspect bird flu #H5N1 #BIRDFLU

 Sunday, February 19, 2012 7:30 pm

  (Ponimah burung.Foto flu patient: Arie Yoenianto) - Makati Area East Java infected with bird flu started. There are at least five residents Petamanan, Bugul South, Makati suspected of having this deadly virus.  Even one of them namely Ponimah (52), have been referred from health centers to hospitals to Dr R Soedarsono Pasuruan Syaiful Anwar Hospital Malang.

  Ponimah were referred because of his physical condition is getting weaker. . He worried, he hit the bird flu.. Because, since three days ago he felt the symptoms of shortness of breath, cough, runny nose, watery eyes and bones ache. . Moreover, his chickens some of them die.

"I feel a cold cough and shortness of breath. And all along I was never sick shortness of breath," complained Ponimah while still in the DR R Soedarsono Hospital, Makati, Saturday (18/02/2012)

  Meanwhile, according to Karju, Ponimah husband, despite having received a doctor's care centers, physical condition she not also improve.

  Because it concerned a decrease in endurance, she gave up when the team Cage Cattle Health Center Medical intensive care in hospitals recommend DR R Soedarsono.

  During their stay in hospitals dr R Soedarsono, Ponimah placed in the emergency room like a patient in general.  Although no attempt to isolate from other patients, some paramedics have been wearing a mask. 
  Local physician, Dr. Sudarmanto said Ponimah health conditions need not be feared. Because he was just limp and fever is not necessarily the result of transmission of bird flu virus.

. "Only weak physical condition. He was referred from the health center who suspected bird flu virus," said Dr. Sudarmanto.

  Although considered not mengawatirkan, but the hospital finally referred Ponimah to Syaiful Anwar Hospital Malang.

  But the process of moving patients suspected of bird flu last long enough.. Ponimah arrived at Hospital Dr. Soedarsono around 10:00 am and was referred to the RSSA at 14.00 pm.
  Ponimah even allowed to walk on his own with the help of her husband on the way to the bathroom Hospital Dr R Soedarsono.
  Makati City Health Department Secretary Dr. Bambang Pramod said it continues to monitor residents who suspected bird flu virus.

  To Ponimah undergoing treatment in hospital, has the authority of the hospital.

Vietnam-Bird flu spreads to 11 localities nationwide #H5N1 #BIRDFLU


34,000 heads of poultry have been culled and 2 people have died as the H5N1 avian flu has spread to 21 districts in 11 provinces and cities across the country, said the National Steering Committee for Avian Influenza Prevention and Control.
At yesterday’s meeting to review the disease situation, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Cao Duc Phat, head of the committee, requested local authorities nationwide to take all possible measures to control, prevent and drive back the disease, with vaccination of poultry being the most important priority.
The minister asked the Ministry of Finance to facilitate the import of 50 million of doses of H5N1-Re 5 vaccine as soon as possible.
He also requested the 7 epidemic inspection teams set up several days ago to step up their mission in 48 provinces and cities and give necessary support to the 11 affected localities. These are Thanh Hoa, Quang Tri, Ha Nam, Ha Tinh, Quang Nam, Hai Duong, Hai Phong, Thai Nguyen, Bac Giang, Soc Trang and Kien Giang,
Acting head of the Ministry of Health’s Veterinary Department Hoang Van Nam warned that the avian flu virus had continuously evolved since 2003 and become more dangerous.
From 2003 to 2011, 121 people were affected by bird flu and 61 of them, or about 50%, died. In January 2012, 2 people were found to contract the H5N1 virus and both died, he said.
From 2003 to 2007, the H5N1 clade 1 virus prevailed in Vietnam, but since 2007, sub-clade 2.3.4 had appeared and existed until 2009, when sub-clade 2.3.2 was found. This sub-clade has later developed into two groups A and B.
Of the 2 groups, the former is three times more dangerous than the latter and has been found in almost all of the affected provinces and cities, while the latter has appeared in only 8 localities so far.
In the past several years, the H5N1-Re 5 vaccine was used to vaccinate poultry in the country, but since the appearance of sub-clade 2.3.2, the vaccine has been found to be not strong enough, Nam said.
China, which has also been affected by sub-clade 2.3.2, has studied a new specific vaccine, H5N1-Re 6, but the Chinese authorities have yet to allow the production of the vaccine.
Nam said in the absence of a new specific vaccine, both China and Vietnam thus had to continue to use H5N1-Re 5 to vaccinate their poultry.

H5N1: Looking back at 2003-04

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February 18, 2012

I've been exploring back issues of medical journals, looking for the first mentions of the current wave of human H5N1 cases. The earliest I can find is this item from News in Brief : The Lancet, for March 1, 2003:

Avian ‘flu kills man in Hong Kong

A man has died and his son has been infected by a strain of influenza that has crossed from birds to human beings, health authorities in Hong Kong announced. A family of five had been visiting relatives in Fujian province, mainland China, when the youngest daughter died of suspected pneumonia on Feb 4. Four members of the family were treated at a Hong Kong hospital, and the father died on Feb 17.
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A/H5N1 virus mutates against vaccines


(VOV) - The avian flu virus has genetically changed into new, highly toxic viruses that spread easily and resist vaccines while Vietnam has no vaccines to prevent these new kinds of flu in humans.

A/H5N1 has so far seen a 100 percent fatality rate in detected cases.

Experts say that the mutation of the virus will cause many difficulties in efforts to monitor the epidemic.

In northern provinces, a new strain of avian flu, 2.3.2, has been found, which has once again ramified into two sub-branches.

The country’s current vaccine stocks have proven impotent before the new viruses and are able to deal with only 75 percent of the old viruses.

All this poses a great threat of spreading the viruses through families and transmitting them from fowl to humans.

To make matters worse, specialist agencies have found that many water birds can carry the A/H5N1 virus yet show no symptoms of the disease.

At least 11 localities nationwide have reported an avian flu epidemic and nearly 20,000 fowl, mainly ducks, have already been culled, according to the Vietnam Animal Health agency.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has asked the Prime Minister to allocate VND13 billion from the State budget to buy 50 million doses of vaccine against the Re-5 strain of the flu.

WHO: Public health, influenza experts agree H5N1 research critical, but extend delay

WHO to convene additional meeting to discuss next steps

News release

A small group of global public health and influenza experts at a WHO-convened meeting reached consensus on two urgent issues related to the newly created H5N1 influenza viruses: extending the temporary moratorium on research with new laboratory-modified H5N1 viruses and recognition that research on naturally-occurring H5N1 influenza virus must continue in order to protect public health.

“Given the high death rate associated with this virus -- 60% of all humans who have been infected have died -- all participants at the meeting emphasized the high level of concern with this flu virus in the scientific community and the need to understand it better with additional research," says Dr Keiji Fukuda, Assistant Director-General of Health Security and Environment for the World Health Organization. “The results of this new research have made it clear that H5N1 viruses have the potential to transmit more easily between people underscoring the critical importance for continued surveillance and research with this virus.”

WHO convened the meeting as a first step to facilitate the discussion of differing opinions that have arisen in recent months after two research groups, one in the Netherlands and the other based in the United States, have created versions of the H5N1 influenza virus which are more transmissible in mammals than the H5N1 virus that occurs naturally.

The experts at the meeting included lead researchers of the two studies, scientific journals interested in publishing the research, funders of the research, countries who provided the viruses, bioethicists and directors from several WHO collaborating-center laboratories specializing in influenza.

Consensus to delay publications

The group also came to a consensus that delayed publication of the entire manuscripts would have more public health benefit than urgently partially publishing.

“There is a preference from a public health perspective for full disclosure of the information in these two studies. However there are significant public concern surrounding this research that should first be addressed,” says Fukuda.

Two critical issues are to increase public awareness and understanding of this research through communications and the review of biosafety and biosecurity aspects raised by the new laboratory-modified H5N1 influenza virus. WHO will continue discussion with relevant experts to move this forward.

Broad issues raised, but not limited to, these research studies will be discussed at future meetings convened by WHO soon with participation by a broader range of experts and interested parties relevant to these issues.

For more information, please contact:

Gregory Härtl
WHO Media coordinator
Telephone: +41 22 791 4458
Mobile: +41 79 203 6715

Christy Feig
WHO Director of Communications
Mobile: +41 79 251 70 55

Egypt: Veterinarian Captain Warns of Collapse of Poultry Production Due to H5N1, H9 & Bronchitis strain

Warned the Veterinary Services of the exposed sector of poultry production to the risk of collapse due to mutation of the avian flu virus, known for short as«H5N1», was charged with Dr Sami Taha, Captain veterinarians, all of the «clean» and «mountain» and «Abaza», causing the spread of the epidemic devastating.

The authority said in a statement Saturday, the sector of poultry production is exposed to the risk of collapse due to mutation of the avian influenza virus, and the emergence of a strain highly virulent bird flu virus «H9», and a new strain of bronchitis contagious, resulting in the destruction of the herds of several poultry farms .

He accused the captain veterinarians, in a statement, Dr. Ahmed Nazif, Prime Minister of the former, and Dr. Hatem mountain, and former Minister of Health, and Amin Abaza, Minister of Agriculture, former, causing the spread of devastating epidemic of wealth poultry, and killed tens of citizens, and the continuing disaster for 6 years without accountable those responsible, demanding to try them immediately.

He added that «no one yet knows the results of the Committee on Avian Influenza, which was formed during the era bygone, or how the emergence of the virus and A_i_raúh throughout Egypt, and endemic where, as a single between Arab countries and in Africa», warning of the repercussions of the disease on the national economy.

Indonesia: Hold East Java provincial government Unair Prevent #Bird Flu #H5N1

[I also put an excerpt below thru Toggletext for clarity]
KBR68H, Surabaya - East Java Provincial Government in cooperation with the University of Airlangga to prevent the spread of bird flu virus that began there again today. East Java Governor Soekarwo said that such forms of cooperation to make bird flu vaccines. Section, University of Airlangga some time ago has showcased its findings about the bird flu vaccine. The vaccine has been on display before the Vice-President and Minister for People's Kejahteraan Coordinator.

"Let me see what we are asking agencies that have been visited by the assessment Pak Pak Welfare as Vice President in Unair's been willing to publish about the discovery. I'll let Mr. coordinated as assistant II and Animal Husbandry Department. There is an explanation of an expert, is no longer free, is carrier- it's a bird. bird ndak no territory, we are stronger then any bird on the beach and then transit the bird got here, let the bird got here egret, egret a transit go ya got. "

Toggletext Translation of the above quote:
"Please later was asked about by us the investigation agency that has been visited by Mr Menko Kesra was the same the" Vice" President "in Unair would has wanted dipublikasi about the discovery." Later although being coordinated same Sir the assistant Ii and the Peternakan Service. There was the explanation of an expert, this was free to be again, indeed carrier him would birds. The birds will have his territory, we have been strong afterwards had transit birds at the edge of the coast afterwards birds here be hit by, for example heron birds here be hit by, the heron that his transit went please be hit by. After Jakarta and Bandung, currently the bird flu virus also begins to enter East Java.

After the Jakarta and Bandung, the bird flu virus has also started go East Java. In the past week there are at least five Petamanan Villagers, District of South Bungul, Makati City suspected of having this deadly virus.

Experts decide to delay publication of flu virus research after UN-organized talks

17 February 2012 – A group of public health experts announced today that they have agreed to delay the publication of new research on the H5N1 influenza virus after a meeting convened by the United Nations World Health Organization (WHO).

“Given the high death rate associated with this virus – 60 per cent of all humans who have been infected have died – all participants at the meeting emphasized the high level of concern with this flu virus in the scientific community and the need to understand it better with additional research,” said Keiji Fukuda, WHO’s Assistant Director-General of Health Security and Environment.

WHO convened the meeting to facilitate the discussion of differing opinions that have arisen in recent months after two research groups, one in the Netherlands and the other based in the United States, have created versions of the H5N1 influenza virus which are more transmissible in mammals than the H5N1 virus that occurs naturally.

“The results of this new research have made it clear that H5N1 viruses have the potential to transmit more easily between people underscoring the critical importance for continued surveillance and research with this virus,” Mr. Fukuda said.

During the talks, the group of experts came to a consensus that delaying publication of the entire manuscripts of research would have more public health benefit than urgently publishing it in part.

The experts also agreed that further research on the virus is necessary to protect public health and to review the biosafety and biosecurity implications of the laboratory-modified virus.

“There is a preference from a public health perspective for full disclosure of the information in these two studies. However, there are significant public concerns surrounding this research that should first be addressed,” Mr. Fukuda said.

In a news release, WHO said that it will continue the discussion with relevant experts to move the issue forward.

Indonesia: Suspected is moved to another Hospital in East Java

February 18, 2012

Pasuruan [SPFM], a suspect or suspected bird flu had the initials P (52), Saturday (18/2), referred to Saiful Anwar Hospital (RSSA) Malang from Hospital Dr R Soedarsono Pasuruan. The fourth suspect other bird flu is not referred to hospital and underwent only monitoring in their homes because of health conditions. Hospital director Dr R Soedarsono Pasuruan, dr Rusdianto said RSSA Malang P referred to the hospital because there is no bird flu handling facilities.

Previously, the City of Makati is known to exist five pasiean suspect bird flu. They are the owners of poultry chickens died suddenly or people who frequent contact with the chickens. Results of tests on chicken feces showed that the chickens died of bird flu positive. Currently, all five had undergone throat swabs or SWAP test.

Indonesia: 5 Suspected Citizens - Wife Enters Hospital in East Java

We previously posted that 5 people were suspected for bird flu in East Java, here. We posted that the poultry were confirmed with H5N1 here. This article talks about one of the 5 suspected entering the hospital:

Sabtu, 18 Februari 2012 14:27:24 WIB
Reporter : M Subkhi

Pasuruan ( - One of the residents who allegedly contracted the bird flu, finally admitted to hospitals Soedarsono, Saturday (02/18/2012). He is Ponimah (50), wife of Karju (52), residents Petamanan Village, District of South Bugul, Makati City. Ponimah had referred to the hospital due to very poor condition. The reason, he is now experiencing a runny nose, fever and a cough that never healed. This experience, having previously had contact with his chickens that died suddenly a few days ago. A total of five chickens belonging Ponimah a few days ago, suddenly died of a sudden because it suffered a bird flu virus. Because death is considered normal, Ponimah was then dump it into the stream of his dead chickens with bare hands without gloves."My brother suffered from fever, coughs and colds. This, since 5 days ago. Moreover, before he was suffering from a sore throat," said Jacob, brother Ponimah told reporters when met at the Makati City Hospital Soedarsono.

Vietnam: Clade 2.3.2 has two tributaries: A and B

(TNO) Morning 18.2, the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) Cao Duc Phat chaired an emergency meeting to discuss and implement measures to deal with bird flu.

11 provinces have translated

Mr. Hoang Van Nam - Veterinary Department, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development - said that from early 2012 until now, bird flu has hit 11 provinces and cities.

Specifically, the outbreak has occurred in 28 communes of 21 districts of the provinces of Hai Phong, Hai Duong, Thai Nguyen, Ha Nam, Bac Giang, Quang Tri, Thanh Hoa and Soc Trang and Kien Giang, Ha Tinh Quang Nam. A total of 34,366 birds infected, death and destruction.

According to year, emitting sporadic and epidemic spread, most provinces have only one or two farms and the epidemic outbreaks have been detected early local, short handle.

"The disease still has a tendency to increase but the recurrence rate has leveled off. However, the risk of an outbreak on a large scale is very high, "he noted year.

The risk of an outbreak is very high because no suitable vaccine - Photo: Ngoc Thang

The reason, according to the head of the Animal Health Department, Influenza A H5N1 virus was "circulating" the environment broadly, including in poultry healthy. Currently, cold weather, high humidity, sometimes up to 90%, are creating conditions for development and spread of the virus.

Meanwhile, slaughter and transport of poultry increased, many birds have all raised new immunological or, in the northern provinces of the virus has changed but there is no suitable vaccine should offer a complete relapse can occur in any locality.

Vaccine Problem

From early 2012 there have been two cases of influenza A H5N1 and both died.

In particular, a person in Kien Giang and Soc Trang in a person.

Overall, from 2003 to now, the nation has had 121 cases of influenza A H5N1 infection, including 61 deaths.

According to year, epidemiological surveillance showed that from late 2003, H5N1 virus has many variables.

In addition to influenza virus H5N1 clade 1 strains of traditional, new strains have emerged that clade 2.3.2 in northern, central coastal and central highlands.

Among them, clade 2.3.2 has changed and developed into two tributaries are major differences in antigen.

A tributary called 2.3.2-A widely circulated in almost every province. 2nd tributary called 2.3.3-B was only detected in 8 provinces and cities.

The situation became serious, experimental results show that assessment of vaccines, the vaccine has long been used quite effectively as Re -1 although H5N1 vaccines remain effective against the virus is circulating branch in the southern provinces but to branch 2.3.2-A, effective protection is not high, only 80%, and for branch B is sometimes effective only at 0%.

Thus, in 2011, according to year, MARD has asked the government to consider approving the suspension of Re -1 H5N1 vaccine on a large scale vaccination program under the state's poultry in the northern provinces.

After the suspension of vaccination, from early 2012 to now, epidemic recurrence in many provinces. From this fact, many localities and professionals that need to review the vaccination strategy.

At the meeting, Minister Cao Duc Phat note, localities and departments concerned should urgently implement preventive measures. In particular, special attention to the branches identified above viruses are circulating where to find appropriate countermeasures.

However, authorities have not developed specific epidemiological map should also make it difficult for the prevention service.

Minister Phat said that in the present conditions when the epidemic is showing signs of recurrence and spread, we still have to apply the anti-epidemic measures in a synchronous manner, with the support of the vaccine.

Accordingly, in the southern provinces, effective protection of the vaccine is still high, we continue to implement proper vaccination techniques and high percentages.

In the northern provinces, if the area is circulating viruses branch 2.3.2-A shall also apply to zoning vaccination services and prevent outbreaks recur.

In the outstanding local branch 2.3.2-B virus vaccines do not have appropriate supervision must be organized early detection services and enclosure, stamping out promptly, thoroughly and apply comprehensive measures other epidemic.

Minister Cao Duc Phat also noted, prohibits local "hidden epidemic" and authorities should strictly handle violations.

Vietnam: Buy 100 million doses of bird flu vaccine Re-5 #H5N1

Earlier we posted an article on vaccine R-5 for Poultry in Hai Duong, which is located right on the China border. We know the the strain has affected the poultry in the North and central Provinces of the Country. And they do not have a vaccine to combat it. The article is located here

Today, they have a written proposal to the Prime Minister for more of it:

* Thanh Hoa announced bird flu

TT - Facing avian complicated, risk spreading, MARD has a written proposal to the Prime Minister to provide funding to buy 100 million doses of vaccine H5N1 strain Re-5 (China's ).

According to MARD, avian influenza has appeared in many provinces, especially the northern provinces, leaving nearly 17,000 dead poultry to be destroyed. In recent days, prolonged cold weather makes situation more complicated, not only occur in the North, South, but the risk of spread to the central provinces. In particular, strains of avian influenza in the northern provinces had to change, and have stronger motivation.

* On 17-2, Vice Chairman Nguyen Duc Quyen Thanh Hoa Province has announced that avian influenza (H5N1) in poultry in six districts of the province.

Crows are dying in Bihar from bird flu #H5N1 #BIRDFLU

PATNA: It is official now. Crows are dying in Bihar because of bird flu. This was revealed in the report of the Bhopal-based High Security Animal Disease Laboratory (HSADL), officials Saturday said.

The HSADL has confirmed in its report that avian influenza was killing the crows in Gaya district.

After the confirmation, the Bihar government has directed the animal husbandary department officials to begin necessary measures to deal with the situation.

According to reports reaching Patna, crows are continuing to die across the state.

Hundreds of crows have died in Bihar in the last one and a half months, particularly in Gaya, Banka, Nawada, Jamui, Bhagalpur, Munger and Aurangabad districts.

The Bihar Animal Husbandry Department (AHD) has sounded an alert and has asked people not to touch the dead crows. It has issued advertisements in local dailies asking people to keep away from the dead birds and inform the administration when they spot any.

"Some measures have been taken to control the situation and check possible spread of any kind of infection," officials said. Health department officials suspect the crows are infected with the H5 and H1 avian viruses. "Human beings should stay away from the crows."

Last month, neighbouring Jharkhand had reported similar mass deaths of crows.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Avian flu controversy comes to roost at WHO

Nature Publication

International meeting seeks to chart a way forward for mutant flu research.

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Indonesia: Poultry Unggas mati di Pasuruan positif flu burung #H5N1

Poultry positive in Village of 5 suspected human cases.

FRIDAY, 17 FEBRUARY 2012 14:23
PASURUAN - Sejumlah unggas yang mati mendadak di Kelurahan Tamanan, Kecamatan Bugulkidul, Kota Pasuruan, Jawa Timur beberapa pekan terakhir diketahui positif terserang virus flu burung.

Staf Keswan Kesmavet Dinas Peternakan Kota Pasuruan, Drh. Huda Dwi Novanto, Jumat menjelaskan, sejumlah unggas milik warga di Kelurahan Tamanan yang mati mendadak diketahui positif terserang flu burung.

Dijelaskan, sebanyak 18 ekor ayam peliharaan warga RT2 / RW3 mendadak mati. Ayam-ayam yang mati tersebut oleh pemiliknya kemudian dikubur. Namun dua diantaranya dibawa Dinas Peternakan Kota Pasuruan untuk diteliti ke Laboratorium Peternakan di Malang.

"Hasilnya, ayam yang mati mendadak tersebut positif terserang flu burung," kata Drh. Hudai.

Untuk itu pada hari Jumat (17/2) Dinas Peternakan Kota Pasuruan melakukan penyemprotan desinfektan terhadap kandang-kandang ternak unggas milik warga di Kelurahan Tamanan, Kecamatan Bugulkidul, Kota Pasuruan.

Dinas Peternakan Kota pasuruan juga memerintahkan warga untuk mengandangkan ayam-ayam piaraannya, agar tidak berkeliaran ke mana-mana. Sementara ayam-ayam yang telanjur berkeliaran ditembaki menggunakan senapan angin.

PASURUAN - A number of poultry that died suddenly in the Village Tamanan, Bugulkidul District, Makati City, East Java known to be positive in recent weeks the bird flu virus. Staff Keswan Kesmavet Pasuruan Department of Animal Husbandry,
Huda Dwi Novanto, Friday explains, some poultry belonging to residents in the village who died suddenly known Tamanan positive for bird flu. explained, as many as 18 pet chickens citizens RT2 / RW3 sudden death. The chickens are dead and buried by their owners. However, two of which were brought to the Animal Husbandry Department Pasuruan researched to Husbandry Laboratory in Malang."As a result, the chicken that died suddenly was positive for bird flu," said the DVM. Hudai. To that end on Friday (17/2) Department of Animal Husbandry Pasuruan spraying disinfectant for poultry cages owned by residents in the Village Tamanan, Bugulkidul District, Makati City. Department of Animal Husbandry Pasuruan City also ordered the residents to impound the pet chickens , so as not to wander everywhere. While the chicken is linked to developmental shot at using pellet gun.Residents were also asked the owner of the chicken owners do not sell the chickens are still healthy to look outside the village or other area to localize the spread of bird flu