State (Between Bali) - Although the Gods Diah Ayu Komang Trisnawati (4) continues to recover, Public Health Service Jembrana still conduct surveillance against him for 10 days from the sick boy.

. Jembrana Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Putu Suasta, MKes, said Thursday that although the bird's parents Rening boy Hamlet, Baluk village died of bird flu, from the initial symptoms Trisnawati not contracted the virus.
  According Suasta, one of the early symptoms of virus-infected humans is body temperature reached 38 degrees Celsius or more.

  "The sick child's temperature is currently not up to much, even now gradually improved," he said.

  However Suasta revealed, it still took the child's blood to be sent to the laboratory in Denpasar.

Until now Jembrana Health Department is still awaiting results of laboratory tests.

  As reported, 25 chickens owned by Dewa Ketut Kariada died unexpectedly Tuesday (3/4) and from some of the tested and tested positive for bird flu. 
  Almost simultaneously with the demise of these birds, Dewa Ayu Diah Komang Trisnawati Kariada sick child. (GBI) (GBI)