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Bird Flu, Public Asked to Not Panic

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Thursday, March 10, 2011 17:59

PADANG, - Vice Governor of West Sumatra, a Muslim eunuch in the area asking people not to panic in dealing with any cases of bird flu in poultry that have been found in seven districts.

"People do not need to panic and stay calm about this incident because the government will take necessary steps immediately in accordance with fixed procedures in handling cases of bird flu in poultry," said Muslim eunuch in the Valley on Thursday (10/03/2011).

Appeal was delivered at a press conference to address cases of bird flu in West Sumatera, West Sumatera Province, accompanied by Secretary Mahmuda Riva, Head of Animal Husbandry Department Edwardi West Sumatra, the Director of Medical Hospital Yusirwan M Djamil Padang, and other related institutions.

According to Muslims, the West Sumatra provincial government has coordinated with local governments that contracted the bird flu outbreak in poultry as well as with the Health Ministry to take necessary steps.

"To the regent / mayor, whose land is found cases of bird flu for the immediate response efforts required," he said.

If indeed the case is very widespread, he added, then the local government immediately set the status of outbreaks (KLB) bird flu in poultry and destroy all poultry that are still living in a radius of one kilometer in the area.

"All the people who still live poultry are destroyed to be replaced by the local government if it is determined the status area outbreak," he said.

In addition, to the people who find any poultry that died suddenly to immediately report to local authorities to be sampled in order to be studied.

As for the suspected human victims of bird flu has been set up two hospitals to handle the RS M Djamil Padang and RS Ahmad Mukhtar Bukitinggi.

Until Thursday, there were 11 people suspected of bird flu have been treated in hospital M Djamil, and two people have returned home.

Head of West Sumatra Livestock Edwardi revealed, since January 2011 of bird flu cases found in the seven districts / cities included, the city of Padang, Solok City, Solok District, Events Calendar, the City and County Padangpariaman Pariaman and South Coastal District.

Then, there were 2400 positive poultry bird flu and thousands more died suddenly.

Egypt H5N1 Confirmed Human Cases 2011

Dakahlia Gov

Confirmed #119 – Died [12/16]

12/26 – confirmed bird flu

Name: Shahat (40)

From: Zhaerp Balsnellowin

Adm: 12/30/10

Onset: 12/25/10

Hospital: International Mansoura

Confirmed: Positive []

DOD: 1/2/2011

Notes: WHO update #40

Confirmed #123

Name: 26 yo Female

From: Dakahlia Gov.

Adm: 1/23

Onset: 1/18

Notes: Recovered; Discharged 2/7.

Confirmed #129 – Died [2/28]

Name: 17 yo female

From: Dakahlia Gov.

Adm: 2/26

Onset: 2/24

DOD: 2/28

Notes: WHO Update #46

Giza Gov

Confirmed #120

Name: Boy (10)

From: Giza Gov.

Adm: 1/8

Onset: 1/5

Confirmed: Positive

Notes: Stable condition WHO update #41

Confirmed #132

Name: 28 yo female

From: Gize Gov.

Adm: 3/10

Onset: 3/8

Notes: Stable condition. WHO Update #48

Alexandria Gov.

Confirmed #121

Report Date: 1/19/11

Name: Child (1 ½)

From: Al Iskandariyah*

Adm: 1/13

Onset: 1/12

Hospital: Alexandria

Sym’s: high temp, cough, cramps, febrile convulsion

Notes: exposure to infected chicken/duck. Stable condition.

· FAO Site:

Confirmed #136

Name: 34 yo female

From: Alexandria Gov.

Adm: 3/15

Onset: 3/9

Notes: Still under treatment. Stable condition.

Confirmed #144 - Died (5/9)

Name: 30 yo female

From: Amria District

Adm: 5/3

Onset: 4/26

DOD: 5/9

Notes: WHO Update #52

Gharbia Gov.

Confirmed #122

Report Date: 1/26/11

Name: Youssef Nasr (7)

From: Gharbia

Adm: 1/20

Onset: 1/20

Hospital: Bmschwiy Mahalla and Tanta Fevers

Notes: Stable condition. Exposed to infected poultry.

WHO Update #43

Menofia Gov.

Confirmed #124 – Died (2/5)

Name: 45 yo Male

From: Menofia Gov.

Adm: 1/26

Onset: 1/20

DOD: 2/5

Confirmed #139

Name: 2 yo female

From: Menofeya Gov.

Adm: 3/27

Onset: 3/26

Notes: Stable condition, still under treatment. WHO Update #50.

Confirmed #146 [Died 5/29]

Name: 21 yo pregnant woman

From: Menofia Gov.

Adm: ?

Onset: 5/21

DOD: 5/29.

Notes: Same onset as Confirmed #147. WHO Update #53.

Confirmed #147

Name: 16 yo boy

From: Menofia Gov.

Adm: ?

Onset: 5/21

Notes: Critical Condition. Same onset as Confirmed #146. WHO Update #53

Damiata Gov.

Confirmed #125

Name: 4 yo male

From: Menofia Gov.

Adm: 2/16

Onset: 2/14

Notes: Stable Condition

Sharkia Gov

Confirmed #126 – Died (3/3)

Name: 32 yo female

From: Sharkia Gov.

Adm: 2/14

Onset: 2/10

Notes: Critical Condition. WHO Update #45

El Sheikh Gov

Confirmed #127

Name: 2 yo male

From: Kafr Elsheikh Gov.

Adm: 2/20

Onset: 2/18

Notes: good condition. WHO Update #45

Confirmed #137

Name: 30 yo female

From: Kafr El-Shaikh Gov.

Adm: 3/15

Onset: 3/7

Notes: Discharged 3/27. WHO Update #49.

Behira Gov.

Confirmed #128

Name: 17 yo female

From: Behira Gov.

Adm: 3/1

Onset: 2/27

Notes: Stable condition. WHO Update #46

Confirmed #133

Name: 4 yo female

From: Behira Gov.

Adm: 3/7

Onset: 3/5

Notes: Recovered & discharged. WHO Update #48.

Confirmed #134

Name: 1 yo male

From: Behira Gov.

Adm: 2/16

Onset: 2/14

Notes: Discharged 2/22. WHO Update #49.

Confirmed #135

Name: 3 yo female

From: Behaira Gov.

Adm: 3/12

Onset: 3/10

Notes: Discharged 3/18. WHO Update #49

(WHO note: The previous two cases are from the same district but different villages and they are not relatives)

Confirmed #138 – Died 3/28

Name: 20 yo female

From: Behaira Gov.

Adm: 3/19

Onset: 3/14

DOD: 3/28

Notes: WHO Update #50

Confirmed #140

Name: 55 yo female

From: Behaira Gov.

Adm: 3/22

Onset: 3/20

Notes: Recovered & discharged 4/5. WHO Update #50.

Ismailia Gov.

Confirmed #130

Name: 38 yo female

From: Ismailia Gov.

Adm: 3/7

Onset: 3/1

DOD: 3/11

Notes: Exposure to poultry. WHO Update #47.

Suez Gov.

Confirmed #131 – Died 3/13

Name: 32 yo male

From: Suez Gov.

Adm: 3/12

Onset: 3/8

DOD: 3/13

Fayoum Gov.

Confirmed #141

Name: 1 yo male

From: Fayoum Gov.

Adm: 3/28

Onset: 3/20

Notes: Still under treatment, in stable condition. WHO Update #50

Confirmed #142 – Died 4/7

Name: 29 yo male

From: Fayoum Gov; Wadi Elrian area

Adm: 4/4

Onset: 4/1

DOD: 4/7

Notes: WHO Update #51

Confirmed #143

Name: 1 ½ year old malee

From: Fayoum Gov; Sennores District

Adm: 4/11

Onset: 4/9

Notes: Stable condition, under treatment. WHO Update #51.

Aswan Gov.

Confirmed #145

Name: 40 yo woman

From: Aswan Gov.

Adm: hospitalized

Onset: 5/14

Notes: Recovered, discharged. WHO Update #53.

Qulubiya Gov.

Confirmed #148 [Died 6/5]

Name: 31 yo male

From: Qulubiya Gov.


Onset: 5/21

DOD: 6/5

Notes: WHO Update #52

Cairo Gov.

Confirmed #149 - [Died 6/2]

Name: 32 yo man

From: Cairo Gov.


Onset: 5/23

DOD: 6/2

Notes: WHO Update #52. Quote from source: The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) reported a fatal H5N1 infection in an Egyptian patient from Cairo governorate in a Jun 8 report, with few other details available other than a May 23 observation date. It's not clear if the WHO and FAO reports are referring to the same patient.”

Qena Gov.

Confirmed #150 [Died 6/14]

Name: 27 yo male

From: Deshna district

Adm: 6/13

Onset: 6/5

Died: 6/14

Notes: WHO Update #54

WHO: Avian influenza - situation in Egypt - update 46

The Ministry of Health of Egypt has announced two new confirmed case of human infection with avian influenza A (H5N1) virus and the death of a previously announced case.

The first case is a 17 year old female from Behira Governorate. She developed symptoms on 27 February and was hospitalized on 1 March. She is in a stable condition.

The second case is a 17 year old female from Dakahlia Governorate. She developed symptoms on 24 February and was hospitalized on 26 February. She died on 28 February.

Investigations into the source of infection indicate that the both cases had exposure to sick and dead poultry. Both cases received oseltamivir treatment.

The cases were confirmed by the Egyptian Central Public Health Laboratory, a National Influenza Center of the WHO Global Influenza Surveillance Network.

The previously reported case, a 32 year old female from Sharkia Governorate (see update 45), died on 3 March.

Indonesia - Garut: H5N1 Update

Head of local health office states:
205 people continue to oversee
68 of which have had direct contact with H5N1 positive poultry
20 residents who have Influenza Like Illness are on Tamiflu (75 mg. twice daily) for 14 days.

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BANGLADESH: Bird flu outbreaks up sharply in 2011

DHAKA, 9 March 2011 (IRIN) - Outbreaks of H5N1 bird flu among poultry in Bangladesh - already three times higher this year than the same period last year - have caused “serious concern” for the authorities.

“We are undertaking heavy surveillance at farms and teams are supervising markets to prevent sick chickens from being sold,” Director-General of the Department of Livestock Mohammad Ashraf Ali told IRIN.

The avian flu death toll may mount given how such outbreaks typically occur up to June, said the chief technical adviser for the Food and Agriculture Organization, Mat Yamage.

But reports of increases may not be a bad thing, he noted. “One hypothesis [for the increased number of outbreaks], though unconfirmed, is that farmers are more willing to report bird flu because the rate of compensation more than doubled this year. This is a positive development, as farmers generally no longer opt to sell sick poultry.”

Ashraf said the loss to farmers was still being estimated; he was reluctant to specify precise compensation levels per bird.

Yamage said he could not give a figure for compensation because it depended on the type of bird and its age, adding: "It won't be possible to calculate the total losses suffered by the poultry industry until much later. There are also secondary effects, such as a loss of consumer confidence."

A compensation figure of US$2.8 per bird has been mentioned in some areas.

While the government has trained farmers how to prevent the spread of H5N1, still worrying is how farmers may not be practising “bio-security”, such as using solid fences and nets to quarantine infected flocks, and disinfecting footwear, said Yamage.

“Bangladesh has a very high population density - and as every backyard farm has poultry, it’s very easy for the virus to spread from one backyard to another,” said Ashraf.

Since the beginning of the year, 200,000 birds have been culled in 92 outbreaks. About two million birds have been culled since the first outbreak in 2007.

Bird flu was first detected in Bangladesh’s capital, Dhaka, in March 2007 and one human case was reported in May 2008.

Myanmar suspends poultry products export to Saudi Arabia


YANGON, March 8 (Xinhua) -- Myanmar authorities have suspended export of poultry products to Saudi Arabia following bird flu re- struck Myanmar last month, according to the Livestock Breeding and Veterinary Department (LBVD) Tuesday.

The export of chicken and eggs from Myanmar to Saudi Arabia have also been temporarily prohibited by World Organization For Animal Health.

Registering the second occurrence of bird flu during this year, Avian influenza (H5N1) hit Myanmar's northwestern region of Sagaing with two poultry farms detecting the disease in the region early last month.

The authorities buried the dead chickens and banned sale of the poultry in nearby bazaars as well as transport of them from one place to another.

Bird flu H5N1 had hit Myanmar's Sittway, western Rakhine state, in early January this year, the first during this year, with 700 three-month-old chickens in a poultry farm dying unusually.

Over 50,000 chickens, suspected of carrying virulent avian influenza, were wiped out following the discovery of the unusual death.

Myanmar was first struck by bird flu H5N1 in 2006.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


The city of Bengkulu, 03/10/2011 (Kominfo-Newsroom) A total of 116 fowl in Bengkulu City residents last month died of H5N1 virus (bird flu). This data is the team's findings Participatory Deasease Surveylens and Response (PDSR) or Bird Flu Response Team Bengkulu Province. During January and February 2011 had recorded 562 chickens that tested positive for bird flu. Most are in the city of Bengkulu.

Unit Coordinator Disease Control Avian Influenza (bird flu), the Local Disease Control Centre (LDCC) of Bengkulu province, drh. Kuswady Emran said, the weather changes from summer to rainy season greatly affect the spread of this virus. Within the last month in the city of Bengkulu had 116 chickens that tested positive for bird flu.

The details, Kelurahan Sukarami 40 individuals, nine tails Bentiring Village, Rice Village Width 8 tails, Garden Village Tebeng 22 tails, 3 heads of Kelurahan Impairment, Kelurahan Cage Lemonade 13 tails, 19 heads Panorama Village, Village Bumi Ayu 2 tails.

"The latest information on County Kaur have 2 chickens that are found positive for bird flu," he said.

To anticipate the spread of bird flu to humans, officials PDSR also provides complete equipment for spraying disinfectant and make focal culling (method of bird flu by culling techniques) to citizens.

Citizens are also asked to participate if the officer should make focal culling. As performed at RT 8 RW 2 Gedang Village Road on Wednesday (9 / 3). A total of 69 chicks from 12 families annihilated by buried and burned. The problem in this village are 13 chickens that died suddenly after being reviewed and tested positive for bird flu.

Next, the team also provides socialization of citizens related to bird flu prevention. "This week alone has 22 chickens positive for bird flu. In the Village Bentiring nine tails and Village Road Gedang 13 tail. Changes in weather support once the spread of this virus. In fact, if exposed to direct sunlight that the virus could die, "he said.

It is said, the more rapid spread of this virus because of several previous cases have never done extermination. Yet cases of bird flu has not been signed by Unusual (KLB).

"The disease was already in Bengkulu. But many cases are not made destruction.
There is now quite dangerous but not outbreaks, "he said.

Physical signs of chicken bird flu virus is currently quite difficult to detect. However, Emran urged people not to worry the virus will threaten other birds. Instead people should know what to do if find his chicken died suddenly.

"The signs are clearly no longer exists. If the first can be identified by looking at the characteristics of the chicken body bluish. But now all of a sudden death, without showing signs. That's because the gene mutation that the virus could become more virulent. Can-can infect humans. As was the case in North Sumatra and Padang, "he said.

Emran explains, efforts to prevent bird flu virus mainly by keeping the environment clean. Then avoid contact with poultry or poultry droppings sick or dead. Promptly report if there are birds died suddenly on LDCC team and the local Health Department.

While birds that will be consumed before cooking, wash the chicken thoroughly, then wash your hands thoroughly using soap. Cook meat until boiling chicken or the minimum 80 degrees Celsius. Before you put into the refrigerator (fresher), chicken egg wash until completely clean because chicken manure is a source of virus transmission. Avoid eating poultry that way cook grilled / baked half-baked.

"When you have a fever, runny nose, flu, cough and shortness of breath, immediately report to health officials to immediately get treatment. Increase your intake of nutrients, particularly foods that contain vitamins and minerals, "said Emran.

Suspected Bird Flu Patients Continue to Increase

Padang Thursday, 10/03/2011 - 09:20 pm

With the increasing number of animals that died suddenly and destroyed due to bird flu, human sacrifice is also growing. Today is Wednesday (9 / 3) 2 people forced residents of Padang in the isolation room drawat Government General Hospital (Dr) M. Djamil, because of suspected avian influenza (bird flu suspect)

"Today, Dr M. Djamil re-admitted 2 patients suspect bird flu from Padang," said publicist RS. M. Djamil Gustavianof to last Wednesday 8 / 3.

Two residents of Padang, on Wednesday (9 / 3) at around 14:00 pm go to RS M. Djamil Kecamtan different from the Ikbal (20) the resident Street parakeets, Freshwater West, North Padang District, and Jaliwar (69) residents Simpang kandis, Nanggalo District, the city of Padang.

It is said Gustavianof with the entry of two new patients, the total number of patients currently treated in RS M. Djamil Padang, there are nine people.

Two patients admitted to the M. Djamil hospital in Padang, on Wednesday afternoon was experiencing a fairly high body temperature, which reached 38 degrees Celsius, fever, accompanied by a cough, and also a weak physical condition.

With the entry of two new patients, for the month of March alone, the number of patients who stated suspect bird flu has reached 11 people, equal to the sum of all patients during the year 2010.
Bird Flu Outbreak Threatens Region Seven
Thursday, March 10, 2011 0:03 pm

After the rainy season began to subside, an outbreak of bird flu began to haunt the residents. A number of cases reported in West Sumatra, Klaten, Central Java and Garut, West Java.
In West Sumatra, a disease affecting these birds has spread into seven districts and cities, namely Padang Pariaman District, South Coast, Calendar, Solok, Solok City, Pariaman, and the city of Padang.
Even more worrying anymore, bird flu has also infect humans. Hospital (Hospital), Dr M Djamil, Padang, has received nine patients suspect bird flu. They entered the treatment since March 2 to 7.
Head of West Sumatra Husbandry Department said Edwardi highest bird flu cases in poultry occurred in the city of Padang. "About 2,000 birds were reported dead."
To overcome the epidemic, it has established 114 rapid response teams handling the bird flu. Two teams have descended on the Padang. In this city, was found dead chickens in 15 points.
Bird flu outbreak in humans has been suspected since January. At that time, 4 patients suspect entered the hospital M Djamil. This month, admitted patients to reach nine people.
PR RS M Djamil, Gustafianof, said all patients admitted making contact with poultry that died suddenly.
Symptoms they experience as well as bird flu patients, namely high fever and cough.
"We are still awaiting results of blood tests. However, the general condition of the patient began to improve," he said.
Although already 13 patients treated, this region has not set the status of outbreaks as extraordinary events. "No citizen of positive bird flu," said Chief Medical Officer Rosnini Savitri.
Government of Klaten, Central Java, also made a number of measures to counteract the spread of bird flu.Health department, for example, has distributed 540 boxes of Tamiflu - the drug for patients infected with bird flu - to 34 health centers and hospitals.
"This is a precaution after there were hundreds of birds that died suddenly from bird flu last month," said Chief Sourced Animal Disease Eradication Section Herrera Martanto Klaten.
In Sub Banyuresmi, Garut, about 1,000 chickens died suddenly. This area is known as an endemic area and had some people become victims.

Indonesia: Requesting Bird Flu Alert For Padang

Padang City
Wako Express Request JJSB Bird Flu Preparedness

Journalists Network Disaster Preparedness (JJSB) urged local governments declare bird flu alert Padang. Because in the past month, have found two dozen alleged victims who became ill (suspected bird flu) is.

"The government must immediately take action. One of the concrete efforts of this area is declared a bird flu alert," said Executive Director JJSB, John Nedy Kambang, Wednesday (9 / 3) in Padang.
John says, until recently, the government still claimed the city of Padang free from bird flu. "It's been twelve people suspect bird flu that was treated well and had thousands of chickens that died suddenly, but the mayor was just stating there is no bird flu in the city of Padang," he said.

Based on the record of West Sumatra Husbandry Department, at least 2400 birds that spread across seven districts / cities tested positive for bird flu since January to March. "The case of thousands of chickens died suddenly latest who tested positive for bird flu found at 15 dots / villages in 11 districts of Padang, a single point in Pariaman City, and one point in Padangpariaman," explained John.

In the meantime, he said, in Padang alone, there are about five districts that allegedly contaminated bird flu since late February. Namely Koto Tangah, Kuranji, South Padang, Lubuk Begalung, and North Padang.

"In addition, there are six districts that still suspect bird flu, namely Padang Timur, Padang West, Nanggalo, Pauh, Lubuk Kilangan, and Bungus," he explained.

Because of that, John asked Padang region immediately declared a bird flu alert. In order to alert residents and thousands of chickens have been destroyed, replaced the government.

Indonesia: Garut H5N1

Poultry depopulation Done By Thousands of Islamic
Garut News, (Wednesday, 9 / 3).
Implementation of depopulation (culling) restricted poultry in Garut regency, done that preceded the Islamic slaughtering process, when believed to be dead and then do the burning, then sprinkled his ashes in the grave with lime.

Ranging from 800 to 1,000 birds in the village didepopulasi Sukaratu and Sukamukti Banyuresmi District, Wednesday, in order to break the chain of spread of an outbreak of bird flu (Avian Influnza/AI/H5N1), said Head of animal health Veterinary Public Health Garut, Ir Dida. K, MP to Garut News.

While the process of direct replacements done in the field, each 50 thousand for each adult chickens, Rp30 thousand (young chicken) and Rp6 thousand for each chick, he said.

Similar activities will resume on Thursday (10 / 3) in other villages, following the outbreak of the deadly disease, occurring in six villages in two districts of Garut district, continued spraying disinpektan.

Besides resulting chickens died suddenly 1393, also led to two local residents had suspected the disease was isolated.

Chicken deaths take place from 12 January to 26 February and then in the village of Sukaratu, Banyuresmi, Karyasari, Bagendit and Village District Sukamukti Banyuresmi.

Including widespread and the death of 20 chickens in Kampung Desa Cipareuan and Cikukuk Cibiuk Cibiuk Kidul District on February 23, 2011, said the head of animal health Veterinary Public Health.

He explained that, previously carried out depopulation of 13 chickens and 13 H5N1 positive poultry carcass disposal and burning done and burial in accordance with standard operating procedure, it will immediately conduct disinpektan AI outbreaks in six villages, he said.

P2M Head of the local health office, Dede Rochmansyah, M. Kes, said he still kept an eye on 205 people, including 68 of which are in direct contact with the H5N1 positive poultry.

While 20 people who experienced "ILI" obtain 220 tablets each dose tamiflu 75 mg, to be consumed over two times the incubation period or 14 days, he said.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Already H5N1 in Padang Entering Critical Phase

Tuesday, 08/03/2011 - 22:21 pm

If the new this morning Wail Padang Padang said that he guaranteed free of bird flu. But Sumatra Animal Husbandry Department said the bird flu virus outbreak in the Field has entered a critical stage. According to standard procedure, it should Pemko Padang set burng flu becomes Unusual (KLB).

"the spread of avian influenza in the city has entered a critical stage field. Pemko Padang protap already have set this case as the outbreak, "said Kadis Sumatra Livestock Edwardi last Tuesday (8 / 3) to

Says has quickly kasusu burng flu outbreaks because it is said the bird flu epidemic has struck more than 2 to 3 point spread.

"But the law no 40 of 1991 pp / exceptional cases the department is not produced by livestock. Unless the district and the city.

As a chain breaker in the spread of bird flu in some districts of West Sumatra. Department asked all poultry farms in the different regions have to go through health permits. "In addition, relevant agencies should also support the traffic surveillance of poultry, "the toilet Edwardi

Ask Citizens Parliament Bird Flu Alert

Tuesday, 08/03/2011 - 09:36 pm
DPRD Padang Padang residents urged to be cautious, both against children is also on the poultry mereka.Pasalnya of monitoring in patients admitted to hospital because of suspected avian influenza (bird flu suspect) average are children.

"At this time the H5N1 virus is being spread in the city of Padang. Step right that is done today is for the parents keep their children, inasmuch as children are more susceptible to the virus than adults,"
said chairman of Commission I DPRD Padang Aswar Siry.

He said the provision of vaccine in children and domestic poultry is the right step. While the government to eradicate this devastating virus

40,000 turkeys to be slaughtered due to bird flu risk

03/08/2011 09:31

More than forty-thousand turkeys were set to be slaughtered Tuesday at Kibbutz Rosh Tsurim in Gush Etzion after the deadly bird flu virus was discovered in one of the coops, Israel Radio reported.

Veterinary Doctor Michelle Blaish confirmed that the extermination will not be carried out in other chicken coops on the kibbutz because no abnormal activity was reported outside the one coop.


Date: Mon 7 Mar 2011
Source: Circular 2011/4/a, Veterinary Services & Animal Health,
Israel [in Hebrew, trans. & summ. Mod.AS, edited]

Avian influenza suspected in Rosh Zurim; preliminary notification
Avian influenza H5 has been diagnosed in a turkey farm in the Kibbutz
Rosh Zurim, district BetLehem, province of Judea and Samaria. The
affected farm includes 13 400 birds. Quarantine measures and
surveillance have immediately been applied.

No unusual mortality has been detected in poultry farms 10 km [6 mi]
around the affected farm. Veterinarians, to whom the circular is being
electronically distributed, are called to alertness.

communicated by:

[The Israeli Veterinary Services have kindly provided the following
additional information, for which ProMED-mail is grateful:

"H5N1 has been confirmed by PCR. Virus isolation is pending. Out of
the 13 400 14 week old turkeys in the infected flock, about 1000
showed clinical disease, of which 200 died.

"The entire affected flock, as well as 2 additional turkey flocks on
the same farm (14 000 each, one 6 weeks old and the other 4 days old)
are to be immediately culled. An immediate notification has already
been submitted to the OIE".

A map showing the location of Rosh Zurim is available at
<>. - Mod.AS]

Indonesia - Bird flu suspect from Aceh treated in Medan hospital

Residents Subulussalam 'Suspect' Bird Flu Referral to Dr HAM
, (Analysis)

M Hidayat (17) residents of Simpang Kiri district of Kuta Cepu Subulussalam suspected bird flu (H5N1) was referred to the General Hospital Center for Haji Adam Malik (Dr HAM) by PHC Dates, Sunday (6 / 3) afternoon. When referred to the Human Rights Dr Hidayat unconscious condition. Now patients in the intensive care isolation room RSUP human rights.

Dr PR Kassubag human rights, Sairi M Saragih time journalist confirmed on Monday (7 / 3) said that when patients go to Dr human rights body temperature reached 40 degrees Celsius, accompanied by coughing and shortness of breath. The patient is also unconscious. But these days her body temperature had dropped from 40 to 36 degrees Celsius. While awareness is still declining.

Karmon Saragih (51), uncle Hidayat said on Thursday (3 / 3) after school to admit it Hidayat fever with high heat. It was Hidayat only given hometown drug alone. Until Saturday (5 / 3) Hidayat condition worsened. The family took him to the nearest village midwife for treatment and Hidayat only injected and given medication.

On his return from the village midwife, his condition did not improve, the higher the heat. On Sunday (6 / 3) morning Hidayat was unconscious with the conditions of high heat loss and mouth foam. The family later brought to the PHC.

"Because of suspected bird flu, the health center and then refer him to Dr human rights, on Sunday (6 / 3) afternoon with the conditions at that time was unconscious," said Karmon adding no Husbandry Department down to the village. Monitoring of journalists in the field, the patient still unconscious. Her whole body mounted tools.