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Odisha overcomes bird flu scare

February 5, 2012 01:51 IST
Satyasundar Barik

Following marginal rise in temperature, no case reported in past fortnight

Odisha has managed to overcome the bird flu scare last month by selectively carrying out culling at two places in the coastal and northern part of the State.

Following a marginal rise in temperature, not a single positive avian influenza case had been reported during the past fortnight.

The Centre had ordered culling in and around Keranga village in Khurda district and Bahanada village in Mayurbhanj district during the second and third week of January. While 31,886 poultry birds were culled in 3 km radius of Keranga — where the first H5N1 virus in a hen was detected — 11,216 poultry birds were culled at Bahanada.

When researchers of the Animal Disease Research Institute (ADRI), Cuttack, went to map areas that witnessed sporadic crow deaths in the last week of December, fears of avian influenza started creeping in.

Initially, dead crows were found in Jagatsinghpur, Keonjhar, Khurda, Balasore and Jajpur districts.

Samples of those crows were sent to the High Security Animal Disease Laboratory in Bhopal.

On January 8, HSADL confirmed that a poultry bird, a sample of which was sent from Keranga, tested positive for H5N1.

The State government restricted the movement of poultry within 3 km radius of the village. Subsequently, the Centre sent two experts to the area. After assessment, they suggested culling.

Four H5N1 positive cases — two crows and two poultry birds — were detected in the State, of which two samples were sent from Keranga and one each from Angul and Bahanada. It is estimated that more than 2,000 crows perished at different places spread across 13 districts of the State.

“Right now we have stopped culling. Since the temperature during the past couple of weeks has gone up by a few degree Celsius, the conditions for avian influenza spreading has become unfavourable. However, we have been continuously sending samples of dead crows and poultry birds to HSADL and Eastern Region Disease Diagnostic Laboratory, Kolkata,” said Benudhar Das, Director of State Veterinary Services.

Indo: Port of Tanjung Priok Burun Flu Preparedness

Sunday, 05 February 2012
JAKARTA - Port Health Office (KKP) Tanjung Priok Ministry of Health (Ministry of Health) to increase early detection and monitoring of the entry of bird flu and swine flu over the harbor.

This is done because lately suspected bird flu and swine flu is circulating in the area of ​​Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, and Bekasi (Greater Jakarta). Head of Class I Tanjung Priok CTF Kemenkes Azimal said the bird flu virus and swine flu viruses are very aware of two circulation through the port. Nevertheless, he argued, during the 2010 - 2011 there is no bird flu virus and swine flu that goes through the port of Tanjung Priok.

Although there are 13 people suspected at that time, all declared negative from the virus. "There are 13 people suspected of bird flu throughout the 2010-passenger ship 2011.Mereka is from Singapore and the Philippines. At that screening be done for laboratory examination. Of the 13 suspect that, based on laboratory tests, all results are negative, "he said to reporters at the Port of Tanjung Priok, Jakarta, yesterday.

He expressed that his side will make early detection for boats coming from certain countries, particularly countries that are infected with certain viruses, including avian flu and swine flu. After the quarantine was made against the ship. Azimal revealed, to prevent the entry of bird flu virus and swine flu over the harbor, it was always checking the website World Health Organization (WHO).

On the website listed the countries that were affected by outbreaks of certain viruses. "Thus, if there is a plague that will go, we are in the port is ready. Besides humans, detection is also done to the ship carrying the plants, animals, and goods in ships that lean, "he added.

Azimal argues, in addition to the bird flu virus and swine flu, there are several other diseases to be aware of its spread from overseas through the port. Among the Penyakitpenyakit ebola, anthrax, malaria, and HIV / AIDS. Deputy Port Terminal III PT Indonesia (IPC) II Indra Hidayat Sani said the steps taken so the ship is docked quarantine, there was another inspection including customs.

Because of this quarantine authority on customs, quarantine process sometimes not be the first thing to do. Karantinalah the most powerful urgency. This is not just a health concern at the port, but health in cities in Indonesia.

"In addition to disease, other things must be noted that some of the waste arising in the harbor. Among other ship waste oil, waste from ships, and waste from sungai.Untuk known, the growth of container in the port of Tanjung Priok currently at 24% per month, "he concluded.   Radi Saputro

Indonesia: Update of Sulawesi Outbreak in Poultry #H5N1 #Birdflu

In my Indonesia Commentary of January 24th, located here, I mentioned that the poultry were dying with no symptoms...
Hundreds of chickens owned by residents of Environmental Makammu 2, Village Bulukunyi, District of South Polongbangkeng, in an instant died suddenly, Friday, January 20.

The incident shocked the owner of the chicken. Worried about bird flu, chickens that died immediately annihilated by dumped and buried. Residents later reported the incident to the related department.

"There is no previous symptoms. But before dying chickens bowed his head bowed. After five minutes later, the chicken is dead," said one resident, Dg Nuntung. Until yesterday afternoon, his ten chickens died.
Neighbors Nuntung Dg, also experienced the same event. Fourteen of his chickens, died suddenly.
"One chicken bangkok kasian I die, too. Now live chicks remaining," said Dg Nanring.
The Department of Agriculature & Forestry came in and denounced it...

"The chickens are infected with virus positive ND (newcastle disease), not the bird flu. ND virus is not contagious to humans, but its spread to other chicken fast enough," explains Head of Livestock Department of Agriculture and Forestry Takalar Ghani Muhammad Ridwan.
Thankfully, there was more in-depth research into the diagnosis:
To obtain more complete results, it also brought some samples to be tested in depth in the laboratory.
So, today, we have the announcement that it IS Bird flu, H5N1.

Hundreds of Chicken Dead Bird Flu Positive
Saturday, 04 February 2012
Takalar - Hundreds of chickens that died suddenly in Environmental Makammu, Village Bulukunyi, District of South Polongbangkeng (Polsel), District Takalar, two weeks ago, tested positive for H5N1 virus or the flu from birds.

Certainty is known after the Department of Agriculture and Forestry Takalar receive veterinary laboratory results indicate that chickens died suddenly due to bird flu. Head of Livestock Takalar Muhammad Ridwan said, after receiving the results of laboratory tests, it immediately appealed to the whole community, especially in the village and surrounding Bulukunyi, alert transmission.

"We call upon the public alert and you should avoid direct contact with poultry. If it was already in direct contact, immediately wash up before doing any other activity, "he told reporters in Takalar yesterday. For prevention, the Department of Agriculture and Forestry has been spraying disinfectant into the environment with the virus and the surroundings.

Why is this so important? It is important because that is where the 6 Suspected cases of H5N1 Birdflu were from. 3 Family members died, 3 others were hospitalized, and 14 were reported in Intensive is all in my Commentary, and can be read by clicking the link provided. You can also get it by going to the right side-bar.

I have changed my map. Now we have confirmed poultry North and South of that outbreak.
I wonder if we will ever hear about the human outbreak again?

Indo/Central Kalimantan: Kapuas and Pulang Pisau Poultry #H5N1 #Birdflu

You can see Pulang Pisau in the lower right corner.
population of Pulang Pisau District is 119,630.
Click on map to enlarge

District Two bird flu Browse Again

03 February

After more than 10 thousand birds in the district of West Kotawaringin (Kobar) died suddenly and positive for bird flu, a similar virus has also been extended two more in neighboring counties, that's Kapuas Return knife. More than 100 birds in the two districts were also tested positive for bird flu.

"Based on our existing team reports in the Kapuas dan Pulang Pisau, there was found about 100 birds, mostly chicken died suddenly. And based on lab results, also positive for bird flu, "explains Head of Agriculture and Livestock (Distanak) Ir Kalteng Tute Lelo MMA through the Head of Animal Health Supriyono, Thursday (2/2) afternoon.

"If you really want to prevent the spread of bird flu outbreaks, both in Kobar, Kapuas and Pulpis is culling poultry in the area around the positive poultry bird flu is found. But if they (the breeder / owner, red) do not want, please impound and should not be dibebasliarkan, "he said. (Central Kalimantan

Indo: S. Tangerang/Banten: 4,800 Tamiflu capsules partially deployed to various Hospitals

PAMULANG - Cases of bird flu or the H5N1 virus has yet been found in South Tangerang, Banten.
However, South Tangerang City Government take action to remain alert to the spread of poultry diseases can be transmitted to humans following the incident in Bogor, West Java, Jakarta and the OIC.

Head of Infectious Disease Prevention and Sanitation

Environment (P2MPL) Tri City Health Department Tangsel Utami said, the shape of these precautions by preparing thousands of tamiflu capsules or cure for bird flu. "We have set 4800 tamiflu capsules are partially deployed to various hospitals in the City Tangsel," said Mr. told Reuters on Thursday (2/2).

Others are stored at the City Health Office of Health Tangsel. "Not all of us tamiflu scatterplot. If deployed all, worry about running out of stock when there is the case, said Tri. Stock later store the drug to the clinic in need.

Head of Livestock Department of Agriculture and Food City Tangsel SS Nugrahaeni said, vigilance will also continue to be done through home-inspection of poultry slaughterhouses. This is done to see the house clean cuts.

"The home of cutting healthy birds should be proven by an animal health information from local poultry farms of origin," said SS Nugrahaeni.

Indonesia: Rumah Sakit Umum Pusat (RSUP) Persahabatan Cuma 20% Penderita Flu Burung Terselamatkan

Only 20% of Bird Flu Sufferers Saved

FEBRUARY 4, 2012,


Director of General Hospital (Dr) Friendship, Dr. Priyanti Z. Soepandi, said as many as 80 percent of bird flu patients in hospital can not be saved. Statistics that are collected by the hospital in East Jakarta since 2005.

"Since 2005, there were approximately 350 patients suspect bird flu treatment. Of these, 35 patients tested positive, but only six patients or 20 percent can be saved," said Priyanti in Jakarta, February 4, 2012.

Most patients with H5N1 virus are treated at this hospital, according to Priyanti, late in the hospital to handle. "Most patients, newly referred to the Friendship Hospital for more than seven days after the bird flu."

Death from A/H5N1 infected poultry operation #H5N1 #BIRDFLU

Death from A/H5N1 infected poultry operation04/02/2012 12:53:00Do chickens have three expressions for sick family food, although not eat but she Vuol (36 weeks of pregnancy) with symptoms of fever and cough. Patients diagnosed with pneumonia, doctors conducted a caesarean baby, after a few days, she Vuol death from A/H5N1 flu. The mother in law and her children are just given birth Vuol emergency ...Related to a death in Soc Trang by influenza A/H5N1 in Thanh Tri district (Soc Trang), 3/2, the delegation of the Veterinary Department in Soc Trang village has to B1, Thanh Tan , Thanh Tri district, Soc Trang province to mobilize the people living near the victims in order to destroy all of the live poultry, poultry that even healthy, no symptoms. Local people in the neighborhood agrees very high, creating conditions for the destruction of local government.
According to Quach Van West - The Director of Veterinary Soc Trang, some chickens and ducks were destroyed in the radius of sick people of this area will be supported by the State as stipulated damages.
Regarding deaths from influenza A/H5N1, according to the report of the Steering Board on animal epidemic prevention Thanh Tri district, that is the case of Sa Thi Son Vuol patients (26 years old, 36 weeks pregnant) . On 21/1, she made three chicken Vuol expression for sick family meals, but not eating themselves victims. Soon, patients began the disease with fever and cough.
To 25/1, BVDK hospitalized patients in Bac Lieu.
After detection of patients diagnosed with pneumonia, doctors conduct surgery immediately to remove the fetus.To 28/1, the patient died. Test results of the Pasteur Institute in Ho Chi Minh City on 31/1 said the victim died of influenza A/H5N1 infection. The victim in her husband also have fever and cough are being treated in isolation BVDK Lieu. Young children being slaughtered 2.3 kg was diagnosed with severe pneumonia caused by amniotic infection. Both her children are 2 special care in hospital, and samples taken for testing

Friday, February 3, 2012

VIETNAM-Treatment of relatives who died from bird flu #H5N1 #BIRDFLU


  > Virus A/H5N1 flu remains strong, high mortality risk

TP - her husband and son 36 weeks pregnant (survival surgery) of the victims died of H5N1 (Mrs. Son Thi Sa Vuol B1 hamlet, Tan Thanh Commune, Thanh Tri, Soc Trang), is in intensive care hospital Bac Lieu province.

Child with pneumonia due to intra-amniotic infection, suspected of contracting bird flu, the victim's husband and mother of fever and cough. Both her ​​two children were taken to test samples of bird flu. The specialization also investigate those who had contact with victims and patients to monitor and to take Tamiflu.
Mrs. Son Thi Sa Vuol previous three dead chickens slaughtered for family meals, sick days 21-1, 28-1 died on H5N1 avian influenza infection, the results of the Pasteur Institute in Ho Chi Minh City on 30-1. Veterinary Department of Soc Trang province are advocating the destruction of the entire poultry house next to the victim protection.

On 3-2, Department of Animal Health (MARD) said that after Thanh Hoa, avian influenza continue to occur in Quang Tri with a larger scale.

Department of Animal Health has issued a million doses of vaccine for Quang Tri to offer vaccination drive enclosure.

VIETNAM-Influenza A/H5N1 back, more dangerous #H5N1 #BIRDFLU

 Saturday, 04/02/2012 | 08:52

The second case is that the patient Sa Son Thi Thanh Tri district Crossing resident, Soc Trang province is 36 weeks pregnant, has made ​​three dead chickens for family meals, but not eating themselves victims. On 21.1, patients began the disease with fever and cough. By day 25.1, patients hospitalized at General Hospital Bac Lieu province. After detection of patients diagnosed with oligohydramnios, pneumonia, doctors conduct surgery immediately to remove the fetus. 1.28 To date the patient died.

Test results of the Pasteur Institute in Ho Chi Minh said: Victim died from H5N1 influenza virus infections. The victim in her husband also have fever and cough are being treated in isolation General Hospital Bac Lieu province. She weighs 2.3 kg and slaughtered in the diagnosis of pneumonia caused by amniotic infection. Both her ​​two children are being cared for...

Avian influenza detected in Bhubaneswar #H5N1 #BIRDFLU

BHUBANESWAR: The bird flu virus has struck Bhubaneswar, spreading panic among dealers and consumers of poultry products here.
The High Security Animal Disease Laboratory ( HSADL) of Indian Veterinary Research Institute ( IVRI) in Bhopal confirmed detection of the dreaded disease on Friday after testing samples sent by the Central Poultry Development Organisation (CPDO) here.
CDPO's farm is located behind the Kalinga Stadium in Nayapalli area in the heart of the city. "We have declared an area spread over three-km radius off the epicentre (the farm) as alert zone and ordered ban on movement of poultry birds or related products into the area or outside," commissioner, Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation, Vishal Dev, told TOI.
BMC convened a meeting to discuss the issue and decided to forthwith initiate all preventive and precautionary measures. Official sources said CPDO had sent three samples for testing to the Bhopal laboratory after some birds died in its farm in the last week of January. "Of the three samples, at least one has tested positive for the H5N1 virus which causes bird flu or avian influenza," an officer disclosed.
Detection of bird flu in Bhubaneswar comes on the heels of the government undertaking culling operations at Keranga in Khurda district and Bahanada in Betanoti block of Mayurbhanj district to prevent the spread of the virus.
  Official sources said culling was expected in the CPDO farm and adjacent areas, but orders were awaited from the Centre.
Official sources said the CPDO farm has around 29,000 birds, including 16,600 chicks. Salia Sahi, the biggest slum in Odisha, falls under the alert zone, which spreads over 21 of the 60 wards in the capital city. "We have formed surveillance teams and would undertake such activities as sprinkling of bleaching powder at all poultry farms," Dev added.

VIETNAM-Unfortunately, dead poultry, the death eaters #H5N1 #BIRDFLU

 Thursday, 02/02/2012 | 15:10 (GMT + 7)
1.2012 consecutive months there have been 2 deaths from avian influenza A/H5N1. Notably, both patients had been exposed to all kinds of poultry chickens, ducks and ate dead poultry.

  Chicken, duck sick ... it does not bury dead

 2 patients have died of influenza A/H5N1 in Soc Trang.  Mr. Nguyen Van Binh, Director of Preventive Health (MOH) said, through epidemiological investigation showed that patients were slaughtered, sick eating chicken instead of buried. .. Meanwhile, in patients living areas also have the phenomenon of death but still sick poultry slaughter for subjective cup ..
Eat chicken dead, who also ... die.

Vietnam: Soc Trang Province Cluster

Soc Trang Province

2/1/12 Confirmed Human Case
Name: Female (26)
From: ti p B1,Tan Thanh Commune, District: Thanh Tri
Onset: 1/23 fever, cough
Adm: 1/25 Bac Lieu Province
Recon: 1/23 Thanh Tri district hospital
DOD: 1/28

Notes: Patient was slaughtering and eating infected meat, in areas of sick dead poultry.
Confirmed: Positive

Name: Husband of Female (26) above

Adm: Bac Lieu Province Hospital

Sym’s: Cough, fever

Name: Baby (c-section) of Female (26) above

Adm: Bac Lieu Province Hospital

Diagnosis: pneumonia caused by amniotic infection

Notes: List of contacts of Female (26) confirmed/deceased above, are receiving medical monitoring and Tamiflu.

Click on Map for close-up

Red dot postmarks = confirmed human H5N1;

Red postmark = suspected. Blue dot postmarks = confirmed poultry

VIETNAM-Husband and baby of recent H5N1 death are suspected #H5N1 #BIRDFLU

Relative maternal death from H5N1 flu infection can be
Saturday, 02.04.2012, 02:32 (GMT 7)
(SGGP.) - Related to Son Thi Sa Vuol women (36 weeks of pregnancy), B1 indicates hamlet, Tan Thanh Commune, Thanh Tri district, Soc Trang province died of H5N1 influenza virus infections on 28-1 mother of her husband Vuol also present with fever and cough are being treated in isolation Hospital (BVDK) Bac Lieu province.
Vuol her children were removed before surgery death of the mother, weighs 2.3 kg, was also diagnosed with pneumonia caused by amniotic infection.
The second time her children are being cared BVDK particularly in Bac Lieu, and Pasteur Institute of Ho Chi Minh City sent samples for testing.

On 3-2, delegation of the Veterinary Department of Soc Trang village has to B1, Thanh Tan Commune, Thanh Tri district to mobilize the people living near the victim destroy all the chickens and ducks live. Specialization has also investigated a list of contacts with patients to receive medical monitoring and Tamiflu, are not so widely spread out.

Bangladesh-Bird flu affected chickens being supplied to local markets #H5N1 #BIRDFLU

Dhaka, Saturday February 4, 2012
Bird flu affected chickens are being supplied to the local markets due to lack of monitoring and proper policy support to the poultry farmers by the authority, said sector insiders.

They said the farmers are selling their infected chickens in the markets hiding the information as the government does not compensate the farmers adequately.

The experts warned that if sick poultry birds are supplied to the markets it will create a severe health hazard to the people as it is very contagious and harmful for humans.

The outbreak of bird flu this season is the highest since the first appearance of the disease in the country according to the Bangladesh Poultry Industries' Association (BPIA).

The farmers said almost everyday new farms are being attacked by the avian influenza (bird flu). Last week a good number of poultry farms in Netrokona, Kishorganj, Pabna, Brahamanbaria, Feni, Cox's Bazar, Bogra have been affected by the virus.
Maximum number of poultry farms in the country has been affected by the bird flu, said BPIA Joint Secretary General Khandokar Mohsin. "Normally the disease breaks out in the beginning of winter and now it is the end of the season".

BPIA Joint Secretary General said though the government has allocated compensation for the bird flu affected poultry farms, it is very insufficient and irregular.

He also said the authority does not include many of the bird flu affected farms in the list for compensation. So usually the poultry farmers do not report to the department of livestock and incur loss, he added.

The government has allocated Tk 20.0 million in the current fiscal year to compensate for the bird flu affected farms but until now the farm owners did not get any money.

"Due to financial crises many professional and skilled poultry farmers have closed their business last year," he added.

"It is really a fearful situation for our health sector but the government is lingering the problem from several years," said, Kazi Farms chairman and Bangladesh Breeders Association ex President Kazi Jahidul Hasan.

The country's largest poultry producer said Bangladesh is one of the critical five bird flu affected countries in the world which is yet to introduce it vaccine.

But other most risky countries like India, Vietnam, China and Egypt introduced vaccine to prevent the disease, he added.

The the is gradually becoming chronic in the local poultry sector, said Mr Hasan adding that as the government's method for bio-security have already failed, the authority should introduce vaccine to prevent the disease immediately.
He also mentioned that the production of baby chickens decreased sharply due to outbreak of bird flu.

Chairman of Microbiology Department of Dhaka University Dr Anwar Hossain said though the virus does not remain in cooked meat but those who are handling the live chickens and fresh meats will be affected by the virus.

He also warned that if bird flu virus and normal influenza virus mixes, it can create a new mutiliated virus and may be very harmful.
"So there is no alternative but to isolate of the chicken to protect the health of the people from the disease," he added.

Department of Livestock Services control room officials said 51,757 chickens were culled while 22,649 eggs were destroyed in January this year in five farms located in Manikganj, Dhaka, Sirajgonj and Narayanganj due to the outbreak of bird flu.

According to the BPIA, the country had 114,763 poultry farms in 2009 but following the spread of bird flu, the farms reduced to 74,000 in 2010 and 64,000 in 2011.

The authorities culled nearly 0.579 million chickens while it destroyed about 570,000 eggs from 171 poultry farms across the country last year.

Department of Livestock Services Director Dr Musaddique Hossain said for preventing the disease the department has already taken up various initiatives.

"We have taken awareness creating programmes and trained the poultry farmers how to save their chickens the flu," he said.
Hattip Shiloh

Only 6 Bird Flu Patients Recover at Friendship Hospital #H5N1 #BIRDFLU

Only 6 Bird Flu Patients Recover at Friendship Hospital
INILAH.COM, Jakarta - The number of people with bird flu patients had been treated at Friendship Hospital, East Jakarta during 2005-2012 was recorded as many as 35 patients tested positive for bird flu. But of that number, only six patients or 20 percent of them were rescued by a team of hospital doctors.
While the rest died from the deadly H5N1 terjangkitvirus. "Most patients, newly referred after more than seven days after the bird flu. Previously they only go to public hospitals," said Priyanti Soepandi, Director of the Friendship Hospital, Friday (03/02/2012).
According to the symptoms of bird flu can be characterized by high body temperature and not all doctors can immediately realize that his patient is a suspect bird flu.
To maximize the handling of bird flu disease in the Friendship Hospital, it has now completed the renovation of the bird flu isolation room with negative pressure room to add facilities.
"The room that serves to sterilize the air. As for the isolation room was already long in existence since the appointment of Friendship Hospital as a referral hospital with bird flu," he explained.

Indonesia Friendship Hospital Director: "Beware of the BirdFlu Virus Genetic Changes" #H5N1 #birdflu

H5NI virus or commonly known as bird flu has changed the nature or mutate, over the time that must be monitored constantly. That is what lead to onesuspect bird flu from North Jakarta Tanjung Priok, ASR, died after being convicted of bird flu negative.

8-year-old boy was referred to the Friendship Hospital because it has similar symptoms of bird flu.The hospital has conducted three phases of testing whether the boy is suffering from the deadly virus or not. The result, the hospital declared negative ASR bird flu. However, a few days later, his condition again deteriorated and finally died at 20 last Janari 2012.

Ministry of Health claims that the bird flu cause the poor boy's death. Chairman of the war on bird flu Friendship Hospital, Dr. Sardikin Giri Putra said that people should still be wary of the virus that has the possibility of up to 80 percent resulted in death for the Papuan region.

"Until now we taunya (spread) from birds to humans, who feared that human to human. Because it can mutate," said Sardikin when interviewed after the inauguration of a treatment room at the Friendship Hospital, Friday (03/02/2012).

He also added that genetic changes in the H5N1 virus has also been supported by an innovative treatment as well. "All that the bird flu virus mutates its genetic, its properties are so different, we anticipated that the vaccine also must be changed," he continued.

Additional facilities at the referral hospitals

Meanwhile, as a referral hospital patient suspect bird flu, claiming Sardikin Friendship Hospital has had sufficient supporting facilities maintenance procedures for handling the bird flu. "We are ready because we're a referral, there are 13 bedrooms are ready for installation," he continued.

At the same time, the hospital also opened five new rooms for special treatment of respiratory diseases. Ie isolation room bird flu, respiratory intensive care unit (RICU), inpatient rooms and VVIP VIP, and a corner space information.

Friendship Hospital Director Priyanti Z. Soepandi, described the RICU was intensive care for patients with respiratory disease cases (or the threat of respiratory failure and respiratory failure) due to disturbances in the lungs. While there is also a corner of the information provided to families of patients and the public who need information about a patient's disease who are members or their relatives.

Vietnam: Update on Latest Fatality - Baby removed; survives; improves

After nearly a week of harvesting from the womb, the babies of women died from bird flu has recover.

On the afternoon of 2 / 2, Dr. Nguyen Thi Thanh Thuy - Head of Department of Obstetrics, General Hospital Bac Lieu province - said the girl's health patient deaths from avian flu exposed to good, be transferred to the care Care in Pediatric.

The baby weighs 2.300gram. The son of 26-year-old pregnant woman in the village B1, Thanh Tan (Thanh Tri and Bac Lieu) has been infected with influenza A/H5N1 died. At last taken out of the womb, baby girl due to her health than the new scale was 8 months for fetal distress. So her severe respiratory distress, chorioamnionitis ventilation.

A day after her daughter was born, on 28 / 1 26-year-old women died, specimens tested positive for avian influenza virus. So her son has been getting blood tests but Lieu Hospital said it was not getting the results.

On the afternoon of 2 / 2, in Thanh Tri district People's Committee (Soc Trang), Soc Trang Department of Health has sent delegations to meet with local leaders to discuss plans for prevention of avian influenza in humans. The same day leadership of the Health Soc Trang province has to Tan Thanh Commune, Thanh Tri district to epidemiological surveillance.

Initially, health authorities said in incubated B1 appears where deaths from bird flu, the health sector recorded the phenomenon of dead poultry. Before the onset of women age 26 also slaughtering infected poultry.

And another article:
Timely surgical rescue the pregnant women died from influenza A/H5N1

On the afternoon of 1 / 2, Dr. Nguyen Hoang Ha - Deputy Director General Hospital Bac Lieu - HCMC Pasteur Institute said recently reported results for women treated in hospital with pneumonia died recently infected with influenza virus A/H5N1.
Dr. Ha said before dying female patients with preterm birth, with signs of fetal distress should obstetric decision for caesarean section and neonatal care are in the hospital.

26-year-old patient symptoms appear flu nearly 10 days ago. 3rd Year to the family moved to the General Hospital Bac Lieu province about 20km from home to treat pneumonia with advanced diagnostic facilities caused by the virus.
However, the 5th Year die, resulting in samples positive for influenza A/H5N1 virus.

A source said before ill women living area is the phenomenon of birds "single shake." Therefore, patients with a chicken to feed a family should the health sector are organizing local epidemiological investigation, chemical spray disinfection antiseptic B1 hamlet, Thanh Tan and supervision to those who contact with the woman for directions to intervene promptly if abnormal.

Vietnam Commentary: Experimental Vaccine For Poultry in Vietnam

Thanh Hoa is the red postmark at the top with an "A". Click on map to enlarge.

Vietnam is testing a new vaccine for poultry, from an article back in September, 2011, located here:

Hanoi, Phu Tho Province, about 60 kilometers from the capital. At present, Vietnam Vietnam's Veterinary Bureau is testing a new vaccine produced anti-drug force, if the effective playing on the common poultry disease prevention to the needle.
It was back then, that we read about the new clade,

Central News Agency correspondent Wei Buddha received today a telephone interview, 29 concern for the UN Food and Agriculture in China and Vietnam, a new strain of bird flu virus H5N1-
Director of the Vietnamese Ministry of Health disease Wendeng chess (Van Dang Ki) today in the "Youth" website, said the recent discovery in northern Vietnam, where poultry virus has variants, especially in Phu Tho (Phu Tho) province, experts have found the new variant of the virus H5N1-
Yesterday, 2/2, we reported an outbreak in Thanh Hoa. Our posts are located Here and Here
Day 2-2, leading the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Thanh Hoa, said in January last past, in chickens in six households of the village Phuc Hai, Do Xa Dan Force, Trieu Son is sick, 278 dead children. Sample to determine the cause of poultry died of H5N1 virus infection.

They have ordered the vaccine Re-5, although I don't know what good it will do...

Veterinary Department has also issued additional one million doses of vaccine against avian flu for Thanh Hoa. The province has issued 145 thousand doses of vaccine for Dan and nine social forces surrounding vaccination for poultry, and 140 liters of chemicals for handling the outbreak, widespread environmental purity.

DAH also issue immediately a million doses of vaccine strains of avian influenza H5N1 Re-5 for local outbreak vaccination enclosure, to avoid spreading.

They have imposed a quarrantine, and the military are out in force:
Trieu Son district was established in quarantine checkpoints, preventing movement and trade of poultry illegally ongoing cardiac flu vaccine for poultry; the military environment treatment, cages.

China is helping with that...posted Here

The OIE Reference Laboratory in Harbin, China, has developed a new vaccine seed strain that experimentally protects poultry from the identified H5N1 virus clade This vaccine, once available for field use, will be used in countries where H5N1 virus clade has been identified. Registration and manufacturing of a poultry vaccine with the new seed strain is in progress.

Back in July of 2011, there was this report on Re-5, and Re6, for 2.3.2:

Especially the branch of this new virus was quickly converted and developed into two branches, there are big differences on the Antigen. Branch 1 circulating widely in almost all over the province and branch 2 was only discovered in two provinces of Vietnam and the Pacific. More worrying, the Bureau's test results on the effect of animal health-vaccin H5N1 showed protective effects on Re5 for this new branch of virus is very low, almost no effect. Current influenza vaccines used in our country mainly imports, of which most are from China. In order to prevent the bird flu virus Clade of this new branch, currently, 2.3.2 Chinese research into vaccines H5N1-but far not Re6 test results.