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Ninh Binh: One person died of swine streptococcus infections

06/05/2010 21:46 (GMT +7)
According to the Center for Preventive Medicine Ninh Binh in late May, the center has detected two cases of swine streptococcus infection, in which one person died.

The first person infected with streptococcus swine died when transferred to hospital in serious condition the patient is a male, over 60 years old in Quang Lac commune, Nho Quan district.

The test samples of patients with positive results in swine streptococcus bacteria. Patient's family has organized slaughter pigs and eat more soup.

Preventive Health Center said earlier, in the village of Quang Ngai and An Cu commune in Quang Lac, some pigs are sick, people die but not reported to veterinary officers and local government , which is slaughtering, food processing as normal.

Second case in pigs infected with streptococcus Ninh Khanh prison. Immediately after detecting patients with symptoms like high fever, nausea, immediately transferred to patients treated at the Institute for Clinical Tropical Medicine and is slowly recovering.

To prevent the spread of diseases, preventive health centers province has implemented measures to stamp service organizations Cloramin B spraying chemicals at home, the patient's detention and barns around the area, make a list participants eating together patients, health social requests tracking, monitoring the health situation of those who have contact with patients.

Besides, preventive medicine center with the commune health stations was to popularize the knowledge, the origin, the path spread disease, so that her children did not require transport, slaughter when pigs with signs of infection at the same time, regular inspection and sprayed periodically in order not to block epidemic.

Vietnam: Dept. of Epidemiology - Quang Nam H5N1

Written by: Department of Epidemiology

Cục Thú y xin báo cáo tình hình dịch cúm gia cầm, dịch lở mồm long móng gia súc và dịch lợn tai xanh như sau: Department of Animal Health would report on avian flu, foot and mouth epidemic of cattle and swine blue ear as follows:

I. I. TÌNH HÌNH DỊCH Situation

1. 1. Dịch Cúm gia cầm Avian Influenza

Quảng Nam: Ngày 02/6/2010, dịch cúm gia cầm đã xảy ra trên 09 đàn gia cầm của 05 hộ gia đình tại xã Duy Thanh, huyện Duy Xuyên. Quang Nam: On 02/6/2010, avian influenza has occurred over 09 birds of 05 households in Duy Thanh commune, Duy Xuyen District. Tổng số gia cầm mắc bệnh là 6.525 con, trong đó có 205 con gà và 6.320 con vịt. The total number of infected poultry is the 6525 children, including 205 chickens and 6,320 ducks. Các đàn gia cầm này đều chưa được tiêm phòng vắc xin cúm gia cầm. The birds are not vaccinated against bird flu. Hiện tại, Chi cục Thú y đang phối hợp với chính quyền địa phương triển khai các biện pháp phòng, chống dịch theo quy định. Currently, the Department of Animal Health is cooperating with local authorities implement measures for prevention and prescribed.

Hiện nay, cả nước còn 02 tỉnh là Đăk Lăk và Quảng Nam có dịch cúm gia cầm chưa qua 21 ngày. Currently, 02 countries have the Dak Lak province of Quang Nam and avian influenza is not over 21 days.

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Vietnam: Cao Bang Province: Consecutive six children die from acute diarrhea

04.06.2010 21:18

Epidemic of acute diarrhea caused chau 6 in the Lung Man Duc Hanh commune, Bao Lam district, Cao Bang death.

According to the Center for Preventive Medicine of Cao Bang province, on 19 / 5 to date, diarrhea occurred at level 4 villages: Lũng Mần, Dình Phà, Ngàm Trái, Chè Lỳ B of xã Đức Hạnh, district Bao Lam, Cao Bang province with 140 cases, mostly children.

In particular, there are six children in Lũng Mần died of severe infection are: Sần Mí Sống (1 year), Sần Mí Sứ (4 months), Sần Mí Chứ (2 years), Sần Mí Của (2 years), Vừ Mí Ná (2 years) và Sần Mí Chứ (3 years).

The patients with acute diarrhea were the most painful signs of fever, cramps, loose stools go outside from 5-15 times a day ...

Immediately after detection of acute diarrhea epidemic in Duc Hanh, Center for Preventive Medicine, Bao Lam district has sent officials to the region to develop localized translation services, monitoring and isolating patients with diarrhea and allocation drugs for patients, spraying disinfectant in the translation by Cloramin B, advocacy for her child about food safety, sanitation ...

Department of Health, Center for Preventive Medicine Cao Bang province also sent officials to monitor the epidemic diseases, professional guidance for medical officers in districts, communes on preventive measures, treatment guidelines Water, environment and advocacy for the people of the dangers and prevention of acute diarrhea disease.

Openly selling smuggled poultry breeds

On 04-06-2010 18:36

At Wells Market Square in the documents relative
Triad to buy chicken breeds,
Liang Feng, Peking duck ...
border residents were put on sale.
NDDT - Recently, many people in the village Na Pai, Thuy Hung Cao Loc (Lang Son), to border and transportation of poultry breeds: chickens, ducks, on sale openly in markets Wells Square , Lang Son City.
Each fair is estimated hundred thousand birds that have not been sold through the same quarantine unknown origin, so the risk of avian influenza occurs very high.

Subjects movement of poultry and animal products are mainly residents of border and transportation through trails, shortcuts, then the owners of commercial transportation collection provinces behind consumption.

Number of ducks, chickens, seed is sold in wholesale markets in Lang Son city only from 9 to 10 thousand per child.

Avian influenza appeared in Quang Nam Province

04/06/2010 17:39

(HNMO) - Days 4-6, Department of Animal Health (Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development) said, recently, avian influenza has occurred in the province of Quang Nam, meanwhile, on PRRS pigs continued to generate new outbreak.

(HNMO) - Days 4-6, Department of Animal Health (Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development) said, recently, avian influenza has occurred in the province of Quang Nam, meanwhile, on PRRS pigs continued to generate new outbreak.

Accordingly, the past 2-6 days, avian influenza has occurred in Duy Thanh commune, Duy Xuyen district (Quang Nam), the total number of infected poultry is more than 6,500 children. Provincial Animal Health Department said the number of poultry has not been vaccinated against avian influenza. Thus, to date, there are two provinces of Quang Nam and Dak Lak is not avian flu over 21 days.
With that, a few days back, swine PRRS outbreak continues in some regions are translated. In Lang Son, on 3-6, discovered a new outbreak in Quang Lac commune, Lang Son city. This is the second outbreak in the city of Lang Son 6 and No. 32 outbreaks in the province. Up to this point, Lang Son province has more than 1,800 infected pigs, in which the number of dead and destroyed nearly 870 children.
Before that, from 31-5 to 2-6 on the past, Quang Ninh province continues to drive the new extra 3 in Quang Yen (Yen Hung district) township Ha Dam (Dam Ha district) and Vu Oai commune (Hoanh Bo district). To date, Quang Ninh province has more than 6900 infected pigs, in which pigs are killed and forced the destruction of nearly 2940 children.
Currently, 16 provinces and cities nationwide have swine blue ear not over 21 days.

Chinese woman in contact with dead poultry died of bird flu

Associated Press BEIJING - China's Health Ministry said yesterday, a woman in Hubei Ezhou (22), highly pathogenic avian influenza (H5N1 type) virus, died and released three days early.

Women before the onset of May 23, he was not in contact with dead poultry.However, authorities in the investigation surrounding areas after that bird flu has not been confirmed.

In China before the end of last year's flu epidemic, bird flu that killed 25

Hubei infected pregnant women die of bird flu

2010-06-04 20:50:00
China's Ministry of Health, Hubei Province, confirmed a case of human infection with highly pathogenic avian influenza, the patient had died.

Patients Chen, F, 22 years old, 4 months pregnant, unemployed, living in Ezhou City of Hubei Province. On May 23 in patients with disease exacerbations after hospitalization.

Because patients in critical condition, after rescue the invalid, in at 0:35 on the June 3 death. The deceased patient was infected with the H5N1 avian influenza.

Ministry of Health said local health department epidemiological investigation showed that patients with sick and dead poultry before the onset of a history of exposure. Ministry of Agriculture sent a work group and expert veterinary departments in Hubei Province to carry out in conjunction with epidemiological investigations and laboratory testing of poultry, poultry influenza outbreak was not found locally.

Map Ezhou, Hubei China

Pregnant women infected with avian flu in Hubei


【Wenhui Reuters informed the Ministry of Health on June 4, Hubei Province confirmed case of highly pathogenic avian influenza. Patients Chen, F, 22 years old, pregnant in April, jobless, living in Ezhou City of Hubei Province. Patients on May 23, 2010 the disease exacerbations after hospitalization. Because patients in critical condition, after rescue the invalid, in at 0:35 on the June 3 death.

June 2 evening, Hubei CDC for testing on patients with respiratory tract samples, the results for the H5N1 avian influenza virus nucleic acid positive. June 4, the Chinese Centre for Disease Control and Prevention in patients with respiratory tract samples for review, and the results for the H5N1 avian influenza virus nucleic acid positive. Virus isolation work in progress. Epidemiological investigation showed that the local health department, the patient died before the onset of a history of contact with poultry.

Ministry of Agriculture sent a work group and expert veterinary departments in Hubei Province to carry out in conjunction with epidemiological investigations and laboratory testing of poultry, poultry influenza outbreak was not found locally.According to the WHO confirmed human infection with highly pathogenic avian influenza case definition and diagnostic criteria of China, Ministry of Health bird flu prevention and control expert who determined that the man infected with highly pathogenic bird flu case confirmed cases.

After the outbreak, the local government attaches great importance, have been "highly pathogenic avian influenza contingency plans" to take the appropriate control measures. All close contacts of the strict medical observation, as of now no abnormal clinical manifestations.

The situation of the patient, the Ministry of Health has informed WHO and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions

Hubei Province confirmed case of highly pathogenic avian influenza

2010-06-04 20:08:07 Hangzhou Network

June 4, 2010

Ministry of Health Press Office

Ministry of Health informed on June 4, Hubei Province confirmed case of highly pathogenic avian influenza.

Patients Chen, F, 22 years old, pregnant in April, jobless, living in Ezhou City of Hubei Province. Patients on May 23, 2010 the disease exacerbations after hospitalization. Because patients in critical condition, after rescue the invalid, in at 0:35 on the June 3 death.
The evening of June 2, Centre for Disease Control and Prevention of Hubei Province in patients with respiratory tract samples, and the results for the H5N1 avian influenza virus nucleic acid positive. June 4, the Chinese Centre for Disease Control and Prevention in patients with respiratory tract samples for review, and the results for the H5N1 avian influenza virus nucleic acid positive. Virus isolation work in progress. Flow of local health departments
Epidemiological surveys show that patients with sick and dead poultry before the onset of a history of exposure. Ministry of Agriculture sent a work group and expert veterinary departments in Hubei Province to carry out in conjunction with epidemiological investigations and laboratory testing of poultry, poultry influenza outbreak was not found locally.

According to the WHO confirmed human infection with highly pathogenic avian influenza case definition and diagnostic criteria of China, Ministry of Health bird flu prevention and control expert who determined that the man infected with highly pathogenic bird flu case confirmed cases.

After the outbreak, the local government attaches great importance, have been "highly pathogenic avian influenza contingency plans" to take the appropriate control measures. All close contacts of the strict medical observation, as of now no abnormal clinical manifestations.

The situation of the patient, the Ministry of Health has informed WHO and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions

International news conference: "Applications of molecular biology in diagnosis and prevention of avian influenza H5N1."

Admin - 06/02/2010

Trong khuân khổ hoạt động Khoa học Công nghệ 2008-2010, Trường Đại học Y Thái Bình được Bộ Khoa học và Công nghệ triển khai nhiệm vụ hợp tác quốc tế về Khoa học và Công nghệ theo Nghị định thư giữa Chính phủ Việt Nam và Chính phủ Thái Lan, tên nhiệm vụ: “Hợp tác nghiên cứu đặc điểm lưu hành và sự biến đổi gen của vius cúm gia cầm H5N1 ở khu vực phía Bắc Việt Nam”. In the framework of Science and Technology activities 2008-2010, Thai Binh Medical University, Ministry of Science and Technology deployment tasks of international cooperation on Science and Technology under the Protocol of Cooperation between the Government of Vietnam and The Thai government, the task name, "Cooperative research on the characteristics and circulation of genetically modified vius H5N1 in northern Vietnam." Thời gian thực hiện từ 1/2008 đến 6/2010. Implementation period from 1 / 2008 to 6 / 2010. Đến nay, nhiệm vụ trên dã thu được kết quả như mong đợi. To date, the task has obtained the desired results. Sáng ngày 31/5/2010 tại Hội trường I khối nhà chính, Trường Đại học Y Thái Bình đã tổ chức Hội thảo quốc tế với nội dung: “Ứng dụng sinh học phân tử trong chẩn đoán và phòng chống dịch cúm gia cầm H5N1”. On the morning of 5/31/2010 in Hall I of the main block, Thai Binh Medical University held a seminar with international content: "Application of molecular biology in diagnosis and prevention of avian influenza H5N1 ".

Vietnam: Noting many deaths due to infectious diseases

03/06/2010 06:43
* 10 cases of death from food poisoning in May
(HNM) - Height 2-6, Ministry of Health said: In May, many diseases show a growing number of both morbidity and mortality. Regarding cholera, medicine recorded 19 new cases, no deaths; encephalitis virus (A83-A89) was recorded in 15 localities with a total of cases / deaths are 120 / 7. 1174 people in 51 provinces and cities have hepatitis virus (B15-B19).

Especially, there were 3388 cases of dengue fever in 40 provinces and cities, including 9 deaths, 5,869 malaria cases with 2 deaths (cumulative number of cases and deaths since early far as 9714 / 4, the number infected increased 39.1% over the same period last year). Particularly due to pneumonia and influenza A/H5N1 virus influenza A/H1N1 recorded more new cases.

The Health Ministry has submitted the draft Prime Minister's decree on ensuring biosafety in laboratories. Currently, the Ministry is planning to receive and deploy A/H1N1 influenza vaccination by the World Health Organization (WHO) sponsored high-risk subjects.

* Information on 1-6 from the Ministry of Health statistics in the country in May recently occurred 20 cases of food poisoning in the provinces of Ha Giang (5), Ben Tre province (2 cases), Gia Lai, Bac Giang, Yen Bai, An Giang, Ho Chi Minh City, Thua Thien Hue, Ca Mau, Bac Kan province, Binh Duong, Lang Son, Son La, Binh Thuan, Tien Giang, as 704 people infected, 517 people are hospitalized. Remarkable, there were 10 cases of fatal poisoning. Cause poisoning, is provided by three microorganisms, 6 cases fungal toxin, a marine services by sam, 2 cases by pufferfish toxin a case by Histamine in tuna and seven cases were undetermined causes by testing. Thus, from the beginning of the year, 30 cases occurred nationwide food poisoning with 1516 people infected, 1,259 people hospitalized and 23 deaths.

Also in May, the Ministry of Health has developed 21 standards of food hygiene and safety procedures and are perfect for Vietnam in three standard plans for building regulations in 2009.

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"Map of blue ear" spread

Labor Day 126 of 04/06/2010 Updated: 7:45 AM, 04/06/2010

Both the "lead" and "fishing" were down the pit. Photo: Vinh Hai.
(Labor) - Just one day early in June, seven households have blue ear pig disease in the neighborhood Shenzhen Gloves (Social News Pictures, Phu Luong district, Thai Nguyen) has destroyed nearly 5 tons of pork - with the volume of consumption destroy the commune since the outbreak.
Many other localities in the area in Thai Nguyen green ear are gathering for collective destruction of swine, to control "map blue ear" has spread over 31 communes in five districts.

Both the "lead" and "fishing" down hole

01.06 pm, Mr. Hoang Van Thuong - Village in Shenzhen Gloves - thanks to some young neighbors, under the direction of veterinary staff "held off" 51 pigs infected with blue ear flap hill near the house. He often lamented: "Pigs are killed both her big pig, pig will now also not to cause to be kept. So both the lead and down hole fishing, get home I know what to pay 30 million bank debt. "

Already the world, families still spend money for medical bills when the new pig pig signs of illness. Each pig nose to inject 13 per day, you pay around 220 thousand drug per day for the whole flock. Only when not cured, his family often notice the new animal health officials After this outbreak, neighbors Shenzhen gloves do not know when to rebuild the new pigs. According to the CPC News Pictures, nearly 10 tons of pig infected 38 households, of 10 neighbors was destroyed, and set up three checkpoints on the road to the commune.

Similarly in the News Pictures, Tan Duc (Phu Binh district) is also promoting the collection of all pigs with signs of disease away destruction. 11/17 neighbor in the village had a translation, with mass destruction to be over 5 tons. Mr. Dao Van Khuong - Vice Chairman Tan German - unfortunately expensive: "To date (1.6), we have nearly reached the milestone on 21 not arise outbreak. So that more households have detected swine disease, so must be held as soon destroyed. "

One of the protection service is newly discovered Vietnamese Nguyen Hung - Village in command, had destroyed all the pigs to carry pepper spray decontamination identical pens.

"Map of blue ear" in Thai Nguyen province has spread to 31 communes in five districts: Phu Binh, Phu Luong district, Dong Hy, Vo district Chew, TP.Thai Highlands.

According to the Thai Nguyen Department of Animal Health, the local infection is the key service areas such as Phu Binh district (14/21 communal service, destroyed more than 47 tons of pig), Phu Luong (8 communes and towns have translated, destroying over 21 tons of pig), in addition to translation appeared scattered. There has announced the local service, but actually only 1-2 households epidemic and destroyed, basically well controlled.

As of the province, some pigs had to be destroyed over 70 tonnes. Le Dac Vinh - Department of Animal Health Department, Thai Nguyen - said: "The hot weather creates conditions for the blue ear disease other than development, reducing the resistance of pigs not infected pigs caused increased risk ear infection over the green. Departments are local guide to promote the destruction of swine, pepper spray to put out the same detoxification services. "

Do early subjective

Epidemic broke out again in Tan Duc as soon expire 21 days no outbreak.

While many are stretching their local stamping service, there are places in the area but were soon translated subjective feeling empty translation. Go into service in some areas of Phu Binh district, we have witnessed the side of pork sold in markets toads, even pork reflect only the CPC as long as 50 meters in Phu Luong - where the epidemic The first and until now has spread throughout the provinces of Thai Nguyen.

Path to social services also have not seen checkpoints. The buyer, the seller can open as local services were announced off. Similarly, in some wards as decision TP.Thai Thang Nguyen, Thinh Dan, pork unknown origin still sold openly.

After receiving information of pork sold in the translated region, Mr. Le Dac Vinh, said: "The above-mentioned localities have not fully translated and will direct the local veterinary agency advised the government managed close the sale and transportation of pigs in the epidemic. "

Chief Veterinary Station Station Phu Binh recognized status "is that" people selling pork in the service by ignoring the local steering committee is in control. Phu Binh district has set a goal: to destroy all 5.6 on pig disease epidemic in the region, then pepper spray decontamination coincide with high doses to completely put out the translation.

DA stops bird, poultry imports from bird flu-stricken Italian city

Vietnam: Meeting to discuss measures against cholera in Ben Tre

While investigating the source is not contagious, but through the analysis of experts at the meeting showed that the cholera in this local spread risk from water sources.

> Bệnh tả có nguy cơ thành dịch tại Bến Tre" onmouseover="'#ebeff9'" onmouseout="'#fff'">Afternoon 3 / 6, in Ben Tre province, representing the Department of Preventive Medicine, Ministry of Health Institute of Hygiene and Public Health, the Pasteur Institute in Ho Chi Minh City is meeting with the Steering Committee and disease prevention Ben bamboo desk solution to deal with outbreaks of cholera are local.

Up to Date 3 / 6, Ben Tre province has 24 cases of cholera and more than 200 cases of acute diarrhea, concentrated in the South Mo Cay District, Mo Cay North, Giong Trom.

Therefore, to deal with the cholera outbreak risk across the board, the professional body under the Ministry of Health to coordinate with the health sector and the government of Ben Tre provincial implementation of emergency measures from the prevention, treatment of patients to the propaganda and education in the community, which focused disease management good sources, treatment and patient advocacy on food hygiene. /.

Vietnam: Ben proposal announced cholera

Previously reported here
It is known, PM 26 / 5, Ben Tre Province Health Department report, has recorded 12 cholera patients and nearly 50 other patients with acute diarrhea.

Ben proposal announced cholera

According to the General Hospital of Cu Lao Minh City, Mo Cay district Nam (Ben Tre), to this afternoon, 3.6, there were 209 patients hospitalized with diarrhea treatment. Of these, the central province of Preventive Medicine, said 19 patients have tested positive for cholera bacteria, in other cases are suspicious signs.

Notably, to date, the cause of outbreaks and major factors causing the spread has not been determined.

Hospital: Overload

Calculated from the first patient in Tan Phu Tay commune, Mo Cay District North, to 31.5 cases there were 15 patients in two districts of North and Mo Mo Cay South Cay is determined to be positive for cholera bacteria. Besides, 39 cases of diarrhea are signs of suspected cholera were treated in hospital Cu Lao Minh, Nam Mo Cay.

Dr. Le Quang Trung, deputy director general hospital Cu Lao Minh area concerned: the rate of spread alarmingly, each hospital must receive on average 10 cases of diarrhea. Meanwhile, hospitals Cu Lao Minh area only 350 beds. In particular, science has only 45 beds spread.

This fact shows that overload has exceeded 4 times the capacity of treatment. If severe cases receiving hemodialysis will be the hospital anything about it. Therefore, according to China, for quarantine treatment of diarrhea, the Cu Lao Minh hospital must transfer patients with diarrhea not related to treatment in other departments. Despite many cases still have to monitor treatment in transmission corridor science.

Nearly three-week outbreak, Ben still can not find the cause, although the central provinces of Preventive Medicine, Institute Pasteur, public health and hygiene city. HCM was there to review the disease situation, water sampling, sample analysis to determine the transmission route and measures to prevent coordination.

Under these circumstances, the provincial Health Department has sent a written request of the provincial Health announced cholera in two northern districts of Mo Cay and South Cay mine.

According to hospital doctors Sanitation City public health. City, brackish water delivery season and weather conditions are good for cholera spread quickly. Therefore, the cholera outbreak extended as unavoidable risk.

Embarrassing deal

In such circumstances, the health sector only propagating epidemic prevention measures are key. Thereby, the agencies noted on the rivers of water that people are using for the purpose of life can cause an outbreak and community mobilization cooked, take nine.

Currently, Ben Tre focus for most activities of treatment - anti-epidemic. However, according to Dr Le Quang Trung, if approved funding for anti-epidemic hospital can completely free treatment to patients. Also present, only patients with free drugs is supported from Preventive Medicine. Thus, patients describe only free treatment when the disease was officially announced.

According to experts, cholera is not too critical if they are hospitalized from the start of treatment. But, as overload stress when the patient has recovered but has no negative results have also continued inpatient wait for the results.

Biggest concern now is not to stop cholera in the northern Mo Cay district, Nam Mo Cay, Cho Lach that there were three patients in Thanh Phu district, five patients Vung Liem District and Long Lake (Vinh Long) and a patient in Tri Ton district (An Giang) ...

Vietnam: Dengue An Giang & Dong Thap


Center for Preventive Medicine
in An Giang said the province first five months of 1057 to detect dengue cases, increased 1.8 times compared to last year and three cases have been fatal.
Meanwhile Center of Preventive Medicine, Dong Thap, said this about the same time, the province detected 743 dengue cases (two deaths), up 55% over the same period in 2009.

Vietnam: Alarms patients Streptococcus infection

From April to now, in the central region has 28 suspected cases of Streptococcus from pigs, in which four cases were fatal. In particular, some localities have not happened even blue ear pig disease, but still have the infection.

Doctor (BS) Duong Van Sinh, head of the Emergency Resuscitation, Hospital (Hospital) Hue Central, said the hospital last year received only from 1-2 patients infected with Streptococcus pig (LCKH) each months, but back here in two months, the number of hospitalized cases infected LCKH skyrocketed.

2 months, 28 patients

In April - 5 / 2010, this hospital has received treatment for 28 cases and in the central region are infected LCKH. The latest case is a patient N. in Quang Ngai province, was hospitalized on the afternoon of 21 / 5 and 22.5 deaths dawn. Thua Thien - Hue also two deaths, that is the case Le Huu pp., 55, resident of Phu Luong and Nguyen Thanh D., 27, resident Thuan An town, Phu Vang district together.

According to BS Biology, LCKH patients diagnosed through blood and cultured based on epidemiological factors, clinical symptoms. Usually patients infected after transplantation of blood LCKH are matched pig streptococcus bacteria in the skin. But there are patients who do not appear because the pig streptococcus bacteria had previously been treated early and proper antibiotic dosage. However, based on factors such as prior disease arises, the patient eat pork products, the clinical symptoms in human patients, the doctor will have appropriate treatment.

Sick after 3-4 hours of exposure to pathogens

According to BS Biology, just 3-4 hours after exposure to pathogens, patients get sick with symptoms such as abdominal pain, nausea, loose bowel movement, the fatigue. Especially, patients need not go out that the service distribution, organ failure, clotting disorders, respiratory failure, meningitis and fatal discharge. Therefore, patients should be incorporated into the medical facility as soon as possible and treated promptly.

The doctor said there LCKH in all organs, especially in the respiratory system of blue ear pig disease. In Vietnam, killed by stick pig blood, as all are products from infected pigs. When people eat these products, the risk is very high. In cases in which receiving Hue Central Hospital, patients only have to eat three pieces of boiled pork is available in markets. Particularly with people just eat more beef and noodle soup LCKH goats also infected. The reason being is put into the crucible of pork, and goat blood pudding blood pudding mixed with infected pigs.

Vietnam: Generating multiple new outbreak of blue ear

June 3, 2010
The Department of Animal Health, PRRS continues to generate new outbreaks in some provinces, the risk of large-scale epidemic in the future are great. Under these circumstances, the local Department proposal to make drastic measures for prevention and prescribed.

In Quang Ninh, PRRS continues to arise more in the town 02 new communes in Ha Dam (Dam Ha district) and Vu Oai commune (Hoanh Bo district). Thus, far from the first outbreak, Quang Ninh province has 47 communes, wards and towns in 09 districts with PRRS. Total number of pigs infected to date is 1/6/2010 6815 children, of death and destruction is 2852 children.

In Lang Son on 31 / 5, additional services incurred in Tan Thanh Huu Lung District. This is the second 31 communes of Lang Son has PRRS. Earlier in this province, on 25 / 5 to 30/5/2010, has incurred additional 6 new outbreak in the communes of Dong Jia, retired, Trang Phai (Van Quan), Le Social Production (District High Loc), Cai Kinh commune (Huu Lung District) and the Tokyo wards (tp Lang Son).

Also in Thai Nguyen, also continue to service more students in the communes of Dong Du Dat and town of Phu Luong district. Infected pigs in these communes are 7 children under two households. This is also the 31st outbreak in Thai Nguyen province. To date, the total number of pigs infected by the province is 3476, in which the number of dead and forced more than 2300 children are destroyed.

According to the Department of Animal Health, situation is still complicated, the risk of large-scale epidemic is huge, the localities should implement drastic measures for prevention and according to regulations, farmers warned hygiene and disinfect cages and risk areas at the same time the strict implementation of the vaccine other serious diseases in pigs. /.

Vietnam: Hai Phong: Nearly 3,000 pigs were treated against blue ear disease

June 3, 2010
According to Hai Phong Animal Health Department, the city has nearly 3,000 pigs were treated against blue ear disease. Pigs is concentrated in the districts of Kien Thuy, An Duong, Thuy Nguyen, An Vinh and Lao Bao.
This is the result of collaboration between the Department of Animal Health with localities of the city in detecting and isolating sick pigs to proceed under green ear treatment regimen. Reportedly, Hai Phong is the first local implementation of national policies to support money for drug treatment of pigs infected with blue ear to farmers with the motto "the rescue effort, minimize the destruction dead pigs, major illness. " Although there are nearly 17,000 pigs infected with blue ear in 12 districts, but, the local governments still actively monitoring and statistics for pig ill treatment guided by dismantlement. Obvious effect of the cure for the disease of pigs, farmers in the district regular contact, working closely with veterinary staff to conduct large isolated to treat illness as prescribed, not selling pigs hide illness or disease as the initial time to appear. Thus, blue ear pig disease has been localized, controlled, not spread further.
Especially in the basis of large-scale animal husbandry, pigs are safe, without any basis is blue ear disease. Dead pigs culled in the province have decreased rather than here, not only bring benefits to farmers but also help protect the environment from being polluted by the burial and destruction of swine. /.

India: Pre-monsoon diseases on the rise in Alappuzha


Jun 03, 2010

ALAPPUZHA: Even as the south-west monsoon is playing hide and seek with the State, seasonal contagious diseases have started making their presence felt across the district.

While health authorities insist that there is nothing yet to worry about, they agree that precautionary measures have been set into motion. K.M. Sirabudin, District Medical Officer, said a campaign against vector-borne and viral diseases, with focus on dengue, Leptospirosis (rat fever) and jaundice was already on.

The public had been asked to observe at least one dry day a week, making sure that there were no avenues for mosquitoes to breed with steps being taken to avoid stagnation of water in any form around the house.

Fogging operations too were being undertaken in most areas, with special focus in four wards in the Kayamkulam municipality, from where six suspected of cases of dengue were reported recently.

Dengue cases

Of these, one had been confirmed and the patient was out of danger, Mr. Sirabudin, who visited the area on Wednesday, told The Hindu.

However, he denied reports in the vernacular media that the district was in the grip of viral fever and that there were a couple of deaths due to fever.

“We have not received any confirmed official reports on any such case,” he said.

Enquiries at primary health centres however, confirmed that there was a rise in the number of viral fever cases being reported at these centres, most of them on the coastal belt of the district. PHCs and a couple of private nursing homes at Chettikad, Kalavoor, Arthunkal and Muhamma have seen at least 100 persons each, most of them complaining of throat pain, shivering and body pains, in the last one week alone.

High incidence of viral fever has been reported from the Kuttanad region, Mararikulam and Ambalapuzha areas.

Leptospirosis cases too have been reported from various regions of the district. According to Health department sources, 27 cases of the fever were reported from January so far, with three deaths as well.

Most of the Leptospirosis cases were reported among labourers participating in canal de-silting/paddy field preparation works under Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Schemes.

India: Nine more taken ill - Karnataka

Madikeri: Nine more persons were reportedly suffering from vomiting and diarrhoea at Balaji village in the Mayamudi Gram Panchayat limits in Kodagu district, and were being treated at Gonicoppa Community Health Centre, according to a press release received here on Wednesday. Balaji village comes under the Balele Primary Health Centre.

Health workers and ASHA volunteers have been deputed to the spot to attend to the patients, according to the District Health Officer.

People living in villages in and around Balaji have been advised to maintain personal hygiene and drink only purified water. Steps have been taken to chlorinate water sources in the villages and tablets have been supplied as a precautionary measure.

Efforts were on to prevent the spread of dengue and chikungunya in Karike village, which comes under Bhagamandala Primary Health Centre. District Health officials had confirmed four cases of dengue in Karike on Tuesday. Four teams of health officials had been constituted to visit households in Karike village. Apart from doctors in the Ayurvedic Hospital in Karike, medical officers from the Napoklu and Bhagamandala primary health centres are at work in Karike.

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Vietnam: No new cases of A/H1N1 and H5N1 detected over past month

No new outbreaks of A/H1N1 and H5N1 epidemics have been discovered over the past month, announced the Ministry of Health on June 2.

This demonstrates that Vietnam has gradually got epidemics under control, said ministry officials.

So far, 11,211 people have been infected by the A/H1N1 virus, including 58 fatalities. The Health Ministry has also warned that many dangerous diseases, including acute diarrhea and malaria, are likely to spread.

Since the beginning of this year, 31 people in eight provinces and cities have contracted the vibrio cholarae bacteria, while 9,714 others have been infected by malaria, including 4 deaths.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Vietnam: Ben is pleased to announce cholera

Doctor Nguyen Van Thang - Deputy Director of Ben Tre Department of Health, said this situation, pm 30 / 5, Ben Tre province have submitted written proposals to the Health Ministry announced cholera occurring in areas areas, and support the Province in disease prevention.

Although the Health Ministry has not yet announced but is translated in the province is implementing measures to prevent disease as against the spirit of service, meeting the people to self-government propaganda and speakers so that people understand and jointly National Anti-epidemic.

It is known, PM 26 / 5, Ben Tre Province Health Department report, has recorded 12 cholera patients and nearly 50 other patients with acute diarrhea.

Patients most concentrated in Mo Cay District South (9 cases), Mo Cay North (2 cases), Cho Lach district and the latest (one case). We have not determined the source of cholera infections for control measures.

Compared with other provinces is positive cholera cases in April: City (7 cases), An Giang (5 cases), Hai Duong (5 cases), Hanoi (1 song), Bac Ninh (1 song) Ben Tre Province has the highest number of cholera patients.

Information from the Department of Preventive Health (MOH) said the Department had received written requests for disclosure of cholera in Ben Tre Province. Department who is appointed to review the situation to consider.
As prescribed by the Ministry of Health, announced the disease does not depend on the number of cases of disease that depends on many different factors such as the ability to control the outbreak of cases ...

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Vietnam: Ben Tre: H5N1 in Poultry Outbreak


Veterinary Department, said Ben Tre Ben Tre province decided to announce bird flu in the province and the commune of An Binh An Ngai Tay Tay (Ba Tri District). PPC also simultaneously direct the departments and of Ba Tri District People's Committees to immediately implement measures for prevention in the province.

Previously, avian influenza epidemics occur over flock of 768 children 41 days old Nguyen Thi Oanh households live Giong Turn Village, An Ngai Tay commune, which has infected 606 children, 162 children died. It is worth saying is that local service is now occurring outbreak year old, her flock Oanh was not properly vaccinated, vaccination is only a tip on 2/3/2010, two days after injection the sick and dead ducks. Currently, the veterinary sector and the function of Ben Tre province strengthening preventive hygiene, managed the business situation, movement of poultry slaughter.

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Australia: Seasonal Flu Vaccine Remains Suspended for young children without risk factors - Advice from the Chief Medical Officer

Australian Government
Department of Health and Ageing
Professor Jim Bishop AO
Commonwealth Chief Medical Officer
1 June 2010

After consideration of the results to date of a comprehensive investigation into the safety of the seasonal flu vaccine for young children, I have advised, that as a precaution, the suspension of seasonal flu vaccination should continue for healthy children under five years of age.

Since the first reports of a higher than usual occurrence of fever with convulsions in young children following seasonal flu vaccination in WA in April, investigations nationally have confirmed that a small number of children aged under five across the country have experienced fever with convulsions in the 24 hours after vaccination with the 2010 seasonal influenza vaccine. These reactions have been associated mainly with Fluvax, manufactured by CSL.

The investigation conducted by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), in association with the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI) and the National Centre for Immunisation Research and Surveillance has identified no apparent clinical, biological or epidemiological factors that would explain the higher than expected observed rates of fever with convulsions. Laboratory testing of the vaccine by the TGA and an audit of the CSL manufacturing plant have also revealed no abnormalities to explain this event. However this investigation is continuing.

Nevertheless, to date, epidemiological analyses point to a rate of febrile convulsions in children aged under five years following 2010 seasonal influenza vaccination of about 9 per 1000 children vaccinated, while the expected rate would be less than 1 per 1000.

While I am recommending that healthy children aged under five years not be vaccinated with seasonal flu vaccine this year, where a child aged under five has medical risk factors that would cause serious health effects for the child if they got the flu, parents should discuss with their doctor whether, on clinical evaluation of the risks and benefits, a seasonal flu vaccination would be the best option.

Doctors should note that, while a higher rate of febrile convulsions has been identified using Fluvax, insufficient doses of this season’s Influvac and Vaxigrip vaccines have been used in children in this age group to accurately determine the rates for these vaccines. In addition, as the cause of the increase in febrile convulsions is not yet known, caution should be exercised.

In addition, the alternative for both healthy children and those with risk factors is the swine flu vaccine, Panvax, which has been shown to be safe and effective in young children and is freely available.

Influenza itself often causes fever in young children which can lead to convulsions and flu vaccine can also produce these side effects but there is a clear signal that the rate of fever with convulsions is higher with this year's vaccine across all jurisdictions.

The investigation found that, while there are some cases of fever with convulsions associated with the swine flu vaccine, these were in line with the expected rate of side effects for a flu vaccine based on the swine flu vaccine clinical trials and experience with seasonal flu vaccines in previous years, both in Australia and internationally.

The TGA will continue to work with overseas Regulators and the US CDC in Atlanta to ascertain the scientific reason for this phenomenon.

WHO: new basis for H5N1 vaccine developed

/02 Jun 2010
Scientists have used bird flu virus samples from Egypt to develop a new basis for a vaccine against the toxic H5N1 strain that continues to circulate, the World Health Organization said.

The WHO said the candidate virus was developed at the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta "thanks to the ministry of health and population of Egypt, for providing virus specimens".
"This recombinant vaccine virus is available for distribution," it said in a statement. "Institutions, companies and others interested in pandemic vaccine development who wish to receive these candidate vaccine viruses should contact either the WHO Global Influenza Program ... or the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention."
Pharmaceutical companies including Novartis are already working on vaccines against H5N1 bird flu, which has killed or forced the culling of more than 300 million birds since 2003 as it spread to 61 countries in Asia, the Middle East and Africa.
The U.N.'s Food and Agriculture Organization reported 250 outbreaks of H5N1 in birds in February alone -- in Bangladesh, China, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Laos, Nepal and Vietnam.
Avian influenza has killed 261 people out of 424 infected since 2003.
Its statement on said flu experts were continuing to monitor the evolution of avian influenza and other flu viruses and stressed the need for countries to keep providing samples of identified strains.
"Countries are encouraged to share with WHO their specimens and/or isolates, both from humans and animals, for their inclusion in the WHO H5N1 vaccine virus development and selection process, in addition to other activities of public health significance," it said.

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Puzzling inefficiency of H5N1 influenza vaccines in Egyptian poultry

Proceedings of the National Academy of Science of the United States

Contributed by Robert G. Webster, May 10, 2010 (sent for review March 1, 2010)

In Egypt, efforts to control highly pathogenic H5N1 avian influenza virus in poultry and in humans have failed despite increased biosecurity, quarantine, and vaccination at poultry farms. The ongoing circulation of HP H5N1 avian influenza in Egypt has caused >100 human infections and remains an unresolved threat to veterinary and public health. Here, we describe that the failure of commercially available H5 poultry vaccines in Egypt may be caused in part by the passive transfer of maternal H5N1 antibodies to chicks, inhibiting their immune response to vaccination. We propose that the induction of a protective immune response to H5N1 is suppressed for an extended period in young chickens. This issue, among others, must be resolved and additional steps must be taken before the outbreaks in Egypt can be controlled.

1. Jeong-Ki Kima,b,
2. Ghazi Kayalia,
3. David Walkera,
4. Heather L. Forresta,
5. Ali H. Ellebedya,
6. Yolanda S. Griffina,
7. Adam Rubruma,
8. Mahmoud M. Bahgatc,
9. M. A. Kutkatd,
10. M. A. A. Alie,
11. Jerry R. Aldridgea,
12. Nicholas J. Negoveticha,
13. Scott Kraussa,
14. Richard J. Webbya,f, and
15. Robert G. Webstera,f,1

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Thailand-Phetchabun - found patients with ear off and 23 people died and five.


Health Phetchabun province. Remind those who like eating half-cooked risk is high fever ear off. Release from 1 Jan - present. Patients and 23 people were killed and five people in the district's top cities.

Fabric from her 57 years old native of Phetchabun Patients with ear off. Rest cure in the hospital Phetchabun After the infection. State å å ¤ To Cut a neck of Joseph Lewis noodle consumption fall And symptoms are fever, headache, body aches can not move by themselves. From eye can not see. And ears do not hear until she started a Gold Somjit daughter to bring immediately to receive treatment at Phetchabun Hospital on May 27 last. Which is now in a secure and symptoms.

For fever ear off. Caused by a bacterial infection. Call To State å å ¤ Custard Joseph Lewis (Streptococcus Suis) infection is located in the nasal cavity. And pork in the mouth. Without symptoms but can spread to people. The consumption of pork and beef units in medium or blood exposure to infected pork. The symptoms 1-3 days after the infection are high fever, headache, dizziness, severe vomiting, some may be cramped or paralyzed the heart lining inflammation of lung disease line bleary ears off to make meningitis. Some of the lining of the heart. Lung inflammation. With 20-30 percent in mortality and cause permanent deafness. Found that 50-80% percent.

In 2553 the number of information patients received a bacterial infection. State å å ¤ To Cut a neck or ear off Joseph Lewis found that from January 1 - present A total of 23 patients died and five people in the district's top cities. Followed by the Khao Kho. District and Daen. This is caused by eating other raw and cooked or eaten raw Spicy noodles cooked with waterfalls blood raw Statistics from the Northern Province were found patients with more ear off. Because the group has some popular eating Lap Lane made from raw pork. Accompany the application, especially wine.
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