Thursday, April 12, 2012

WHO: Avian influenza – situation in Egypt – update

The Ministry of Health and Population of Egypt has notified WHO of a new case of human infection with avian influenza A (H5N1) virus.

The case is a 36 year-old female from Giza governorate. She developed symptoms on 1 April 2012 and was admitted to a hospital on 7 April 2012 and died on the same day.

The case was confirmed by the Central Public Health Laboratories; a National Influenza Center of the WHO Global Influenza Surveillance Network.

Epidemiological investigations into the source of infection indicate that the case had exposure to backyard poultry.

Of the 167 cases confirmed to date in Egypt, 60 have been fatal.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hong Kong last week found an Oriental Magpie Robin carcasses were confirmed infected with H5N1

Time :2012-04-11 13:22 Source: Xinhua

Hong Kong SAR Government Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Departmentspokesman said on the 10th, the bodies of Oriental Magpie Robin found in Hung Hom last week after a number of tests, confirmed to be H5N1 positive reaction.

The Magpie Robin is a common resident bird in Hong Kong. The only bodies ofOriental Magpie Robin on April 4, No. 19, was found near Hung Hom Station. Thespokesman said that the AFCD will continue to inspect poultry farms to ensure that proper precautions against avian influenza.

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Monday, April 9, 2012

Polar bears have symptoms of mystery disease - U.S. agency

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (Reuters) - Symptoms of a mysterious disease that has killed scores of seals off Alaska and infected walruses are now showing up in polar bears, the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) said on Friday.

Nine polar bears from the Beaufort Sea region near Barrow were found with patchy hair loss and oozing sores on their skin, similar to conditions found in diseased seals and walruses, the agency said in a statement.

Unlike the sickened seals and walruses, the affected polar bears seem otherwise healthy, said Tony DeGange, chief of the biology office for the USGS's Alaska Science Center. There had been no deaths among polar bears, he said.

The nine affected bears were among the 33 that biologists have captured and sampled while doing routine studies on the Arctic coastline, DeGange said.

Patchy hair loss has been seen before in polar bears, but the high prevalence in those spotted by the researchers and the simultaneous problems in seal and walrus populations elevate the concern, he said.
The USGS is coordinating with agencies studying the other animals to investigate whether there is a link, he said.

Bird flu can be anticipated with the mass extermination of chicken

  Monday, April 9, 2012 9:50 pm
Bird flu can be anticipated with the mass extermination of chicken
  Bengkulu/Metha) officer repellent bird flu (AFP PHOTO Bengkulu / Metha)
. Mass Destruction ..... an attempt to break the chain of spread of bird flu virus among poultry and to humans. Moreover, the bird flu virus attacks more widespread in this area .....
Bengkulu (Bengkulu Reuters) - To break the chain of spread of bird flu virus in Bengkulu, one of which is to do a mass extermination of chickens suspected of residents affected by the disease.


1,000 Vietnamese H5N1 vaccine injection test #H5N1 #BIRDFLU

1,000 Vietnamese H5N1 vaccine injection test

On 8/4, Ministry of Health to conduct vaccine clinical trials of influenza A (H5N1) in humans, stage 3 in Ha Nam. This is the final stage to determine whether to allow vaccine production on mass scale or not.Those experiments will be conducted over 1,000 volunteers in two provinces of Thanh Hoa and Ha Nam. Participants are tested thoroughly check the health, non-pregnant women. This is the 2nd injection, nose first injected a month ago.28 days after injection, they will take blood samples for testing, evaluating the effectiveness of vaccine protection. Military Medical Academy will complete the last stage of this test in May, then moved to the Ministry of Health to test out the official results.
Previously, this vaccine has passed phase 1 and test 2. The results show that it is safe on volunteers, does not cause unwanted reactions serious, mostly just a pain at the injection transient and resolves after 24 hours without treatment. The biochemical data in human volunteers after vaccination is normal. Vaccine results in good immune response in 100% of vaccinated subjects from higher doses of 7.5 mcg to meet European standards.
Vaccinated against influenza A (H5N1) Vaccine Company No. 1 and Biologicals, National Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology Research since 2004 and the Ministry of Health recognized as one of 26 outstanding achievements. With the flu vaccine is produced in the country, Vietnam can take the initiative in the fight against the pandemic in the future, do not be too dependent on foreign sources.
Up to now, there were 123 cases of influenza A (H5N1), including 61 deaths, the mortality rate of up to 50%.

Bengkulu-Suspected #h5n1 case #H5N1 #BIRDFLU

One More, Citizens Suspect Bird Flu

BBENGKULU - Bird flu remains a threat to the citizens of Bengkulu.  Last night, a resident of Garden Village RT 3 initials Sy Ros Bengkulu City (57) were admitted to hospitals M Yunus (RSMY) because of suspected (suspect) bird flu.  Sy was taken to RSMY around 20:00 pm. Unknown, Sy was previously treated patients at the Hospital Bhayangkara, Jitra suffering from flu.

  Because of suspected bird flu, known Sy eventually was referred to a civil servant RSMY.  "Arriving at 20.00 pm last, referrals from hospitals Bhayangkara," said a nurse who declined to be named.
  RB observation, until the news was revealed, Sy is still being treated in isolation rooms RSMY, the Myrtle Room Room 9, accompanied by his wife.  Current state of Sy himself look less drop. Unfortunately none of the family that could not be confirmed.
  RB Contacted last night, Vice Director of Medical Services and Nursing RSMY, dr. Lista Cerlyviera, MM mengaku belum mengetahui adanya pasien suspect flu burung yang dirawat tersebut. Lista Cerlyviera, MM claimed not to know the patient suspect bird flu that was treated.  However, continued Lista, it has set up a special room for every patient suspect bird flu.
  "There has been no report, but clearly, if there are such patients, we have prepared a special room.  Will we do care as they should according to the standard of care the patient suspect bird flu, "he concluded. (Hue)