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Scientists Find Giant Plumes of Oil Forming Under the Gulf

Jim Wilson/The New York Times

Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar visited a wildlife treatment center in Louisiana on Saturday.

Scientists are finding enormous oil plumes in the deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico, including one as large as 10 miles long, 3 miles wide and 300 feet thick. The discovery is fresh evidence that the leak from the broken undersea well could be substantially worse than estimates that the government and BP have given. “There’s a shocking amount of oil in the deep water, relative to what you see in the surface water,” said Samantha Joye, a researcher at the University of Georgia who is involved in one of the first scientific missions to gather details about what is happening in the gulf. “There’s a tremendous amount of oil in multiple layers, three or four or five layers deep in the water column.”

The plumes are depleting the oxygen dissolved in the gulf, worrying scientists, who fear that the oxygen level could eventually fall so low as to kill off much of the sea life near the plumes.

Dr. Joye said the oxygen had already dropped 30 percent near some of the plumes in the month that the broken oil well had been flowing. “If you keep those kinds of rates up, you could draw the oxygen down to very low levels that are dangerous to animals in a couple of months,” she said Saturday. “That is alarming.”

The plumes were discovered by scientists from several universities working aboard the research vessel Pelican, which sailed from Cocodrie, La., on May 3 and appears to be the first scientific expedition to gather extensive samples and information about the disaster in the gulf.

Scientists studying video of the gushing oil well have tentatively calculated that it could be flowing at a rate of 25,000 to 80,000 barrels of oil a day. But the government, working from satellite images of the ocean surface, has calculated a flow rate of only 5,000 barrels a day.

The undersea plumes may go a long way toward explaining the discrepancy, suggesting that much of the oil emerging from the well could be lingering far below the sea surface.

The scientists involved in the Pelican mission, which is backed by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the federal agency that monitors the health of the oceans, are not certain why that would be. They say they suspect the heavy use of chemical dispersants, which BP has injected directly into the stream of oil emerging from the well, may have broken the oil up into droplets too small to rise rapidly.

BP said on Saturday at a briefing in Robert, La., that it had resumed undersea application of dispersants, after winning approval to do so the day before from the Environmental Protection Agency.

“It appears that the application of the subsea dispersant is actually working,” Doug Suttles, BP’s chief operating officer for exploration and production, said Saturday after flying over the area above the oil well. “The oil in the immediate vicinity of the well and the ships and rigs working in the area is diminished from previous observations.”

Many scientists had hoped the dispersants would cause oil droplets to spread so widely that they would be less of a problem in any one place. If it turns out that is not happening, the strategy of using the chemicals could come under greater scrutiny. Dispersants have never been used in an oil leak of this magnitude a mile under the ocean, and their effects at such depth are largely unknown.

Much about the situation below the water remains unclear, and the scientists stressed that their results were preliminary. After the April 20 explosion of the Deepwater Horizon, they altered a previously scheduled research mission to focus on the effects of the leak.

Interviewed on Saturday by satellite phone, one researcher aboard the Pelican, Vernon Asper of the University of Southern Mississippi, said the shallowest oil plume the group had detected was at about 2,300 feet, while the deepest was near the seafloor at about 4,200 feet.

“We’re trying to map them, but it’s a tedious process,” Dr. Asper said. “Right now it looks like the oil is moving southwest, not all that rapidly.”

He said the group had managed to take water samples from areas that had not yet been reached by oil, and would be able to compare those to later samples to judge the impact on the chemistry and biology of the ocean.

While they have detected the plumes and their effects with several types of instruments, the researchers are still not sure about the exact consistency of the plumes. They are almost certainly not solid bubbles of oil, Dr. Joye said, but are likely to be a mix of oil and water that could resemble salad dressing.

Dr. Joye is serving as a coordinator of the mission from her laboratory in Athens, Ga. Researchers from the University of Mississippi and the University of Southern Mississippi are aboard the boat taking samples and running instruments.

Dr. Joye said the findings about declining oxygen levels were especially worrisome, since oxygen is so slow to move from the surface of the ocean to the bottom. She suspects that oil-eating bacteria are consuming the oxygen at a feverish clip as they work to break down the undersea plumes.

While the oxygen depletion so far is not enough to kill off sea life, the possibility looms that oxygen levels could fall so low as to create large dead zones, especially at the seafloor. “That’s the big worry,” said Ray Highsmith, head of the Mississippi center that sponsored the mission, known as the National Institute for Undersea Science and Technology.

The Pelican mission is due to end Sunday, but the scientists are seeking federal support to resume it soon.

“This is a new type of event, and it’s critically important that we really understand it, because of the incredible number of oil platforms not only in the Gulf of Mexico but all over the world now,” Dr. Highsmith said. “We need to know what these events are like, and what their outcomes can be, and what can be done to deal with the next one.”

Shaila Dewan contributed reporting from Robert, La.

Indonesia: Joice enough AI Last Victim (Riau)

This is an article about little Joyce (4) who recently passed away from H5N1 Bird Flu. We reported it here and here

Sunday, May 16, 2010 00:54 pm

Pekanbaru (ANTARA News) - Eye Emmawati (34) staring at the ceiling of his house made of wood. Do not care about, sunshine probe at the lattice window. His hands were busy wringing lower house dress she was wearing. Not long later, his face which was originally developed smile slowly turned cloudy. And one by one point tears trickling down her cheeks.

"Joyce and cheerful child who was not much he begged. He seldom sick, sick once robbed his life straight," recalls resident Sidomulyo, Senapelan, Pekanbaru, while showing old pictures of two little girls who are smiling are displayed on the walls of the wood.

Emma still has not mastered himself, when he berceritanya about her son who had registered for entry into kindergarten Metta on Monday (26 / 4), two days before Joyce died. In fact, he continued, supplies to enter kindergarten already bought the full.

His eyes swept the room as he hugged his two children are asleep. He said that, besides himself who is still traumatized to see the crowds, the kids were restless After the death of Joyce.

Evelyn Joyce is a poor boy who died of bird flu sufferers from bird flu on Wednesday (28 / 4) then. Joice, is the second child of three brothers and Hope Bagariang Emmawati couples. Until this moment, Emma could not completely forget about Joyce. Joyce says, children who are not much behavior, in contrast to the two brothers Maharani and Pandi.

"Demand is just going to the last child was taken to the mall, when recovering from a fever. Yet had time to carry it to the mall, he fell ill again and to finally breathed his last," says Emma.

Until now, he's not fully believe her son died from bird flu. The reason children are not in direct contact with poultry. So do around the house nothing was found in poultry and all poultry that died suddenly.

"Nothing at all. My child, the child's home. Most remote to play just in front of the house. It was also with her sister," Emma said when being met AFP, Friday (14 / 5)

So also with the results of samples taken by Department of Agriculture Animal Health and Pekanbaru City neighborhood. Of the 150 animals that are 200 meters in the house, none are known to suffer from the H5N1 virus.

"Finally, before entering the hospital did we eat fried chicken. But the chicken, not a dead chicken that I bought. I bought live and slaughtered immediately on the spot. Our whole family is eating chicken," he explained.

She told him, a day after eating the chicken, Joyce directly fever and taken to the Arifin Achmad Hospital. According to doctors who handle it, Joyce is not anything except a virus in his body and is recommended for the treatment of the road. Emma, however, insisted that his son was placed on medication. Fear of further undesirable thing.

Finally, the doctor relented and let Joyce admitted last night. Joice allowed to go home the next day. But unfortunately, Joyce returned days later a high body temperature reaching 38 degrees centigrade, and was immediately taken to the Arifin Achmad Hospital. Namunnya unfortunately, at the hospital Joice not served the maximum. Until finally, she and her husband agreed to take him to the Hospital of Santa Maria.

"After one day at Santa Maria Hospital, his doctors said Joyce virus. Finally, were referred back to the Arifin Achmad Hospital, because the only hospital where patient care is used as bird flu," he said.

Unfortunately, at the Arifin Achmad Hospital which is the only reference to the bird flu patient care in Riau no response. During the treatment, she knew none of whom are doctors who deal with children. Even he thought so far that deal with children are only nurses who changed shifts three times.

"He said the team leader's handling Azisman doctor. Then, because the doctor is to Jakarta, Riri eventually delegated to the physician who is a pediatrician. But until Joyce's death, we never know which doctor Riri, the" story.

According to, admission, for this is the nurses who care. When he asked this to the nurse, the nurse said the doctor is monitoring via telephone. Even when his son needed darahpun, many nurses who do not know.

And just realized when nurses perform medical checks on the equipment mounted on the body of Joyce. Symptoms last one before our last breath Joice Joice higher body temperature and also accompanied her breathing more labored.

"I strongly deplore the services provided by hospitals. We are paying just to be treated like this, how can the poor who can not afford to pay," he said softly.

For his part, he continued, pay all the bills that prompted the hospital that is worth millions in various ways. Although his life is only as the wife of a well digger drill, may be regarded as mediocre.

"More importantly, we do not beg. Abstinence for us," he asserted.

He just hoped in the future no longer Joice who died from bird flu or a bad service Arifin Achmad Hospital. Emma said the government should be responsive in dealing with bird flu.

"Enough Joice who fall victim, do not exist anymore-Joice Joice next. The government should quickly respond, not just when he fell victim of new busy. In fact, until recently promised spraying disinfectant Agriculture parties also do not realized," he complained.

Bird flu in Riau signed in mid-May 2007 and, where the first victims Yatino, villagers Semblinang Cliff Peranap Indragiri Hulu District (Inhu), a distance of 200 kilometers from Pekanbaru. Besides due to bird flu, even a mistake in its handling. Where the hospital is too late to give tamiflu bird flu medicine, and only gives the common cold medications.

Since then, bird flu in Riau seemed to spread like a deadly terror. Department of Health said the party until 2010, there were nine deaths from bird flu. Meanwhile, suspected bird flu countless numbers.

According to him, all areas in Riau and is endemic bird flu cases were estimated to have increased during the rainy season because the virus will multiply and spread easily in the humid air conditions.

"And unfortunately, many parents who do not know the children affected by bird flu. As a result, taken to the hospital so her child the condition was getting worse," said Chief Medical Officer of Riau, Mursal Amir.

Beginning last May, the Arifin Achmad Hospital is also treating three patients with bird flu came from the DAS Siak (5), SF (44), and the U.S. (11). But finally allowed to go home, because no bird flu.

Avian Flu Response Team Leader Arifin Achmad Hospital, Dr. Saad Azizman, Sp.P said the bird flu virus lives in the digestive tract. The virus is then expelled with feces, and infection occurs when people approached. Transmission is thought to occur from dirt orally or through the respiratory tract.

"This virus spreads rapidly among poultry populations with high mortality. It can even be spread among livestock from one region to another. Like influenza, bird flu is very easy to mutate," he explained.

Patients who showed symptoms of bird flu as ordinary flu, including fever, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath. And if not rescued immediately, the patient could die. According to this disease can also infect humans, contaminated airborne virus.

"But until now there is no evidence of transmission from human to human. And also not yet proven the existence of transmission to humans through consumption of meat," he said.

Regarding the case of Joyce, he continued, based on the results of Health Research and Development, Jakarta, is known bird flu positive.

"Based on the lung X-rays known victims were closed. And also experience high heat," he said. He said that the RS has the utmost to save the child.

"We have the utmost, but in intensive care after his condition worsened," he concluded.

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Vietnam: The elderly, children "massively" hospitalized for erratic weather

Hospitals that also overload
These days, the hospitals in the city fell into overload due to erratic changes in weather. Children suffering from respiratory disease, hand foot and mouth disease, meningitis ... continued to rise. Number of elderly patients hospitalized due to weather and accidents also increased from 20-30% over the same period last year.

At the hospital (hospital) 2 Children, the number of children attending outpatient medical treatment and hospitalization are always overloaded with more than 3,500 patients each day. Number of children with hand, foot and mouth disease and meningitis is high. Own hand, foot and mouth disease have so many cases of serious complications.
Respiratory Sciences of the hospital every day to receive around 40 cases admitted to hospital treatment. Number of in-hospital patients are at from 110-120 grandchildren, east double beds. Afternoon 13 / 5 in science has to be respiratory failure 14 grandchildren're heavy breathing machine.
The situation also occurred on a similar one at Children's Hospital. Inpatient treatment of children in respiratory science to nearly 200 children. Each department has to date received nearly 50 new patients. While that number is only enough beds for 90 children.

Weather changes, not only children but the number of infected hospitalized elderly also tend to increase. Neurology Department at City - Trung Vuong Emergency Hospital pm on 13 / 5 is located approximately 40 patients are treated. Many people must be in the emergency room due to a stroke.
Cho Ray Hospital in the afternoon to end the line still waiting their turn in line to be examined.
Results of preliminary statistics of the Hospital for Tropical Diseases Hospital 115 and the rate of hospital admissions in the country now has increased from 20-30% over the same period last year.

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Vietnam: Blue Ear (PPRS) in Quang Ninh Update

My previous notes are:

Also in Yen Hung district, PRRS continues to be out in 02 new social customs via Yen Hoa Nam with a total of 152 cattle was infected children. As on 06/5/2010, PRRS had occurred in 05 communes in 03 districts with a total of 901 cattle disease is the number of dead animals, destruction of the 113 children.
14/05/2010 20:37
In Quang Ninh province, the situation on the blue ear pig also no signs of slowdown that on Tuesday when 13-5, students continue to add new outbreak in the commune of Ha Tu (Halong City) and market Mao Khe Town (Dong Trieu district). To date, the province of Quang Ninh PRRS occurred in 10 communes and towns of the four districts, with a total of 1350 children infected pigs; number of dead and destroyed nearly 530 children.

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Vietnam: Blue ear (PPRS) in Bac Ninh Province Update

My previous notes on PPRS in Bac Ninh:
Bắc Ninh Province
PRRS spread out in 17 communes, wards and towns of the new Yen Phong district, Bac Ninh and Ho Tu Son. The total number of infected pigs in these communes is 1,000 children, some died and 366 children are destroyed. So, from now on 16-4, PRRS had occurred in 59 communes, wards and towns in eight districts of Bac Ninh. Total number of pigs are infected 12,064 children, killed children and destroyed 3033.

14/05/2010 20:37


Also in Bac Ninh province, in 8 days from 7-5 to 14-5, swine blue ear occurred in 20 communes of 8 districts. Calculated from the first outbreak (on 16-4-2010) to date, the province has 79 communes with the blue ear pig, with a total of nearly 17,800 infected pigs, the pigs were killed and total destruction to nearly 6300 children.

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ROOM isolate patients bird flu has been installed FINISHED IN Children's Hospital 2

I found an older article on the negative pressure isolation rooms installed. Recently posted here :

the tropical central hospital was inaugurated and put into use room treatment negative pressure isolation modern Vietnam with a total cost of about $ 300,000 by the clinical research unit of Oxford University sponsored...

Isolation rooms are modern design ensures that the treatment of patients with standard transmission. Room air treatment of this disease from outside the chamber through the filter clean reducing bacterial disease before entering the chamber, the air is changed at least 12 times in an hour, preventing infection for hospital patients.

To this, modern treatment rooms will continue to be built in the Central Children's Hospital, Children's 1 and 2, Ho Chi Minh City hospital of tropical diseases.

(03/02/2010 04:48) [February 3rd]

University of Oxford University Clinical Research Unit - abbreviated OUCRU recently completed network installation of five isolation rooms for patients with avian influenza (H5N1), influenza A H1N1 in Vietnam. Including the Children's Hospital 2

Isolation rooms are equipped with the latest technological isolation of respiratory diseases. The method uses closed Panel wall control system using pressure and temperature control, HEPA filters, air navigation system will help to maintain negative pressure gradient from the other room to room and also air around the room to patients in negative pressure will reduce the spread through the air.

The practical training sessions for groups of hospitals on the use and maintenance of equipment by engineers MAQUET done on 04/01/2009 at research sites in Ho Chi Minh City. Besides training, the new isolation room has also welcomed colleagues from other hospitals to visit. Ha Manh Tuan, Director Ts.Bs hospital two children, said "The team from the Pasteur Institute and other hospitals just to visit this isolated room. I believe the point of infection isolation areas through air Gas will be applied to other hospitals in Vietnam in the future "

It is known in Vietnam isolation rooms for patients with avian influenza (H5N1), influenza A H1N1 has been installed for five hospitals completed in early January 1 / 2010 which is the Hospital for Tropical Diseases, Children's Hospital 1 and 2. Hospital for Tropical Diseases in Hanoi and the National Children's Hospital Central.

Palestine: Update on Bird Flu (H5N1) Situation

[2 articles]

Palestinian Health Minister outbreak of bird flu at a farm in the town of Bala does not raise the terror and anxiety
16:32:19 15-05-2010
Ramallah, May 14, 2010 (Xinhua) The Minister of Health Dr. Palestinian. Fathi Abu boiled, today, the situation in the town of Bala north-east of Tulkarm, Ramallah, "does not raise the terror and anxiety, and danger to the citizens" because of the emergence of bird flu on a farm there.

Boiled, "said Abu, who heads the Higher Committee to combat influenza in the past formed a presidential decree, the laboratory tests proved the existence of cases of illness.

The Minister of Health to the Palestinian news agency (WAFA), it will be decided during the meeting will be attended by representatives of bodies involved in health and agriculture sectors, and other ministries, including education, information and finance, the necessary measures in accordance with the national plan developed in 2004 to deal with influenza.

Committee against influenza exclude the presence of bird flu in Bala
today at 11:41 pm
Nablus - Ma'an - met with the Supreme National Committee to combat bird flu on Saturday morning in the presence of the Minister of Health. Fathi Abu boiled - Chairman of the Committee, and D. Azzam Tubeileh - Undersecretary of the Ministry of Agriculture, and Dr.. Asaad RAMLAWI - Director General of Primary Health Care and Public Health, and Dr.. happy affectionate - Director General of Health of Tulkarem, a conciliator Daraghmeh - Coordinator of Provincial Affairs / Office of the President, and Dr.. beautiful Makhamra - Acting Director of Veterinary Services, and Samer Sawalha - Department of Environmental Health / Ministry of Health, and Dr.. Lion Advocacy - Director of the Laboratory of Veterinary Central / Ministry of Agriculture, and Dr.. Ibrahim Salama - Director of the surveillance and quarantine / Ministry of Agriculture, Yahya Omran - Department of Consumer Protection / Ministry of Economy, and D. Khawla Stars - Director of the Department of Epidemiology / Ministry of Agriculture.

I have seen the Supreme National Committee to Combat Bird Flu on all the reports received from the Department of Veterinary Services at the Ministry of Agriculture, after analysis of the epidemiological situation of the farm and then ask the owner of the farm, doctors, medical services, veterinary workers in the province of Tulkarem, who have and do the work of the surveillance field, the Committee examines dates of examination of samples sent by the owner of the farm to the Israeli laboratories and the results obtained, the Committee found that the sample that are discussed have been sent on 29.04.2010 and the result obtained on 13/5/2010 This means that in two weeks the presence of disease is high and fast-spreading does not appear deaths in a flock of poultry more than usual it is noteworthy that examination needs to be 6 hours to get the result.

In addition to the above, the reported owner of the farm and veterinarians that there are no symptoms when poultry questioned the existence of bird flu.

It is worth mentioning that the doctors of veterinary services intensified their efforts in the Tulkarm district, especially the town of Bala and they take many of the samples did not prove any positive laboratory laboratory testing.

Based on the foregoing, the Supreme Committee to Combat Bird Flu decided to exclude a case of bird flu H5N1 in poultry farm note that the source of poultry farms Israel, and decided to form a joint committee from the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Agriculture / Veterinary Services for the work of a joint meeting with the Israeli to discuss and clarify the confusion that has occurred and will continue to Veterinary Services to step up effort in the process of epidemiological monitoring to ensure the absence of poultry from any disease, particularly H5N1, which began years ago, noted that the H5N1 virus is present in the region, will be the ministries concerned with the relationship to provide any substantive and logistical support for the protection of the Palestinian national economy, taking into account the ultimate goal of any action to protect the consumer and the health of the Palestinian citizen.

The national Committee recommended to continue in the consumption of white meat and poultry products as the consumption does not pose any threat to human health, and will take the Supreme National Committee to combat bird flu, with full transparency in order to put the citizen no development occurs or any action will be taken, confirmed that the National Committee High is the only party authorized to issue media statements and below is unofficial and not supported.

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There are more patients and Streptococcus Description

(According to Security Capital)

(ANTD) - Day 14-5, doctor Nguyen Hong Ha - Deputy Director of the Central Hospital of Infectious Diseases, said the hospital had three patients in Streptococcus continue treatment, which has a heavy patient with necrosis of the toes to remove risk.

Although no evidence of disease in swine streptococcus bacteria spread from person to person, but since the outbreak of blue ear epidemic in many localities, some people have also increased by Streptococcus. Together, the hospital has received scattered cholera patients. All are related to the use of unsafe food.

Also, due to hot weather should start time BV has received many cases of typhus, pneumonia, severe sepsis and children with primary acute bronchial spasm but no known cause. Most of these cases in Hanoi and surrounding areas. Doctors recommend the weather turned summer, heat, high humidity combined with environmental sanitation conditions are poor conditions for viruses, bacteria thrive on people. It is also infectious diseases at risk of epidemic outbreaks strong.

Hospital patients are covered

....On 14-5, doctor Nguyen Hong Ha, Deputy Director Infectious Disease Hospital countries, said these days the hospital has received many patients with fever rash, severe pneumonia, sepsis and inflammatory state bronchial spasm, but no known cause. Most of these patients in Hanoi and surrounding areas.

According to doctors Ha, but no evidence of disease in swine streptococcus bacteria spread from person to person but from the outbreak of blue ear pig in many localities, the number of Streptococcus have also increased. Currently, the Tropical Disease Hospital is treating three national cases of Streptococcus, including one patient necrosis of the toes, risk must be removed....

West Bank bird flu epidemic costly

Fri, 14 May 2010 21:38:41 GMT
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Breakout of a bird flu epidemic in a West Bank town has raised fears of likely elimination of the town's complete poultry stock, costing chicken farmers millions of dollars in losses.

At least 750,000 chickens will be slaughtered and destroyed in the town of Bal'a, the Palestinian Authority's (PA) agriculture ministry announced.

Police have cordoned off the area to ensure birds diagnosed with bird flu were not transported out of the area.

The town, which exports 4,000-5,000 cartons of eggs and hundreds of pounds of meat per day to the West Bank, will have its poultry stock wiped out, a PA official said on Friday.

No human cases of the influenza virus have yet been reported, but officials emphasized they are closely monitoring the area to ensure proper containment mechanisms are enforced.

The possible source of the outbreak has not yet been identified.

A team of veterinary specialists is assisting local residents in dealing with the emergency.

At least 40% of the town's economy depends on chicken farming. The Palestinian economy has already been suffering heavily due to various Israeli-imposed blockades and limits on export and import of Palestinian products.

Update on those treated in Negative Pressure Rooms at Tropical Disease Hospital Central

Afternoon 14 / 5, Tropical Disease Hospital Central held the inauguration negative pressure isolation rooms to treat patients with avian influenza H5N1 and H1N1 positive treatment in the Department of the hospital.

To date, negative pressure isolation rooms at the Faculty of active treatment of tropical disease hospital in central contributed successfully treated three patients with severe lung injury, in which two patients are pregnant Nguyen
Thi My Linh, 22 years old and 34 weeks of pregnancy Xoan Thi Dong, 19, 24 weeks pregnant. /.

Bird flu breaks out in West Bank

14 May 2010 9:04 AM

Washington - Three-quarters of a million chickens will be culled in the Bal'a village near Tulkarem as a result of an avian flu outbreak, Ma'an News Agency reported Friday.

The outbreak of bird flu in Bal'a is reported to cost the farmers losses in the millions [Photo: Philcampbell - Flickr]

Bal'a is a major egg and poultry-producing village, exporting up to 5,000 cartons of eggs and hundreds of pounds of meat each day across the West Bank. The Palestinian Authority (PA) Ministry of Agriculture said the bird flu epidemic will likely wipe out the town's poultry stock. Bal'a poultry farmers estimate losses in the millions of shekels.

The situation is dire, Bal'a municipal council official Ahmad Mansur said: "Tension and anxiety are prevailing among the farmers. At least 40% of the town's economy is in chickens."

Mansur has urged the government to compensate the farmers before the town is bankrupted.

The avian flu outbreak came to light when a farmer noticed symptoms in some of his chicks and called officials in to test the birds. "The chicks were only 8 days old when we learned that they were in fact positive for the virus," Hanun said.

"We were [then] obliged to declare a state of emergency in Bal'a," he explained, "imposing a health quarantine on all of the area and taking preventive procedures so we don't see the spread of the virus to other areas."

No human cases of the aggressive flu have been reported, but PA officials said the area is being closely monitored. Municipal official Sa'eed Hanun said doctors are monitoring the clinics and distributing information on bird flu to families in the area. Treatment will be immediately available in the event human cases are discovered, he said.

Hanun said the farm land and chicken holding will be sterilized, "and the birds will be buried in a healthy and safe way."

A quarantine parameter of up to 3 kilometers from the epicenter of the infected farm will go in place, advisor to the minister of agriculture Dr. Makhamareh said. The quarantine will include towns in Nablus and Jenin districts.

Egypt: Mountain participate in meetings of the General Assembly of the Geneva Health

Friday, May 14th, 2010
Up Dr. Hatem Health Minister and his accompanying delegation to Geneva tomorrow, Saturday, to attend meetings of the General Assembly of Health.

The minister will also attend the meetings of African Ministers of Health tomorrow, Sunday and Monday to attend the next meetings of the Arab Health Ministers, and on Tuesday the meetings of health ministers from the Group of Non-Aligned Movement.

And are mountain many communications ministers of health in the world, especially that the meetings of the General Assembly of the World Health Organization are this year's heated because of the flu vaccine, pigs and widespread criticism of the organization due to the policy of intimidation that followed from the virus and prompted governments to store vaccines without the need for science.

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Highly pathogenic avian influenza, Laos (OIE, May 14 2010, edited)

[Source: OIE, Full PDF Document (LINK). Edited.]

Highly pathogenic avian influenza, Laos

Information received on 14/05/2010 from Dr Khambounheuang Bounkhouang , Directeur Général, Département de l'Elevage et des Pêches , Ministère de l'Agriculture et des Forêts , Vientiane, Laos

  • Summary
    • Report type Immediate notification
    • Start date 27/04/2010
    • Date of first confirmation of the event 06/05/2010
    • Report date 14/05/2010
    • Date submitted to OIE 14/05/2010
    • Reason for notification Reoccurrence of a listed disease
    • Date of previous occurrence 04/04/2009
    • Manifestation of disease Clinical disease
    • Causal agent Highly pathogenic avian influenza virus
    • Serotype H5N1
    • Nature of diagnosis Clinical, Laboratory (basic), Necropsy
    • This event pertains to the whole country
  • New outbreaks
    • Summary of outbreaks
      • Total outbreaks: 1
        • Location(s) - VIENTIANE CAPITAL (Latkhouay Farm, Xaythany )
          • Total animals affected: Species - Susceptible - Cases - Deaths - Destroyed - Slaughtered
            • Birds - 1004 - 44 - 44 - 960 - 0
          • Outbreak statistics: Species - Apparent morbidity rate - Apparent mortality rate - Apparent case fatality rate - Proportion susceptible animals lost*
            • Birds - 4.38% - 4.38% - 100.00% - 100.00%
            • * Removed from the susceptible population through death, destruction and/or slaughter
  • Epidemiology
    • Source of the outbreak(s) or origin of infection
      • Unknown or inconclusive
  • Epidemiological comments
    • The layers started to show clinical signs on 27 April 2010 and from 28 to 29 April 2010 two layers died. The first two dead poultry were submitted to the National Avian Influenza Laboratory. At the laboratory, necropsy of the two whole carcasses was performed as well as rapid test to detect influenza A and H5; results were slightly positive for avian influenza. Movement control measures of poultry and poultry products were effective.
    • From 1 to 5 May 2010, the mortality of the poultry increased drastically in the farm and the farmer sent some more whole carcasses to the laboratory. The samples were tested using rapid test and were positive for influenza A and H5. On 6 May 2010, the samples were retested for confirmation using real-time PCR and results were positive for highly pathogenic avian influenza H5N1.
    • Actions for containing the spread of the infection were applied such as culling of infected and potentially infected poultry and disinfection of the premises; both were completed on 7 May 2010. Active and passive surveillances are on-going within 5 km radius around the infected farm. In addition, movement control is also effective.
  • Control measures
    • Measures applied
      • Stamping out
      • Movement control inside the country
      • Screening
      • Zoning
      • Disinfection of infected premises/establishment(s)
      • Vaccination prohibited
      • No treatment of affected animals
    • Measures to be applied
      • No other measures
  • Diagnostic test results
    • Laboratory name and type Avian Influenza Laboratory at the National Animal Health Centre (National laboratory)
      • Tests and results: Species - Test - Test date - Result
        • Birds - real-time PCR - 06/05/2010 - Positive
  • Future Reporting
    • The event is continuing. Weekly follow-up reports will be submitted.

hattip Ironorehopper

Cholera outbreaks continue in the north

Saturday, 15/05/2010, 01:11 (GMT +7)
(SGGP) .- On 14-5, Bui Huy Quick, Director of Preventive Health Center of Hai Duong province confirmed, acute diarrhea epidemic cholera due to appear in Little Village, town way, Cam Giang District, Hai Duong province. This is the 2nd, in about a month, this dangerous disease occurs in Hai Duong.

Not only that some of Hai Duong province in the north is still recognized cases of acute diarrhea caused by bacteria described dangerous. Most recently, the Tropical Disease Hospital Central has received a 65-year-old female patient, in Dong Da district (Hanoi) in emergency due to acute diarrhea, tested positive for cholera bacteria. More worryingly, the patients described in Hanoi from this year are not yet determined the cause of diseases caused by specific foods.

Generally from early March until now, the North has recorded 106 patients with acute diarrhea caused by cholera in 5 provinces / cities including Hanoi, Ha Nam, Hai Duong, Hai Phong, Bac Ninh. The patients mostly related to eating meals deck crowded, food is not guaranteed and is worth noting that no secondary cases.

The same day, Dr. Nguyen Hong Ha, Deputy Director Infectious Disease Hospital Central, said today the hospital has received many cases of fever, rash, severe pneumonia, children with primary infection and inflammation of blood discarded Managing contractions but no known cause. Most of these cases in Hanoi and surrounding areas

Hide edge graphics outbreak risk disease outbreaks are in the border provinces

of Cambodia bordering Vietnam spread to our country is very high through the gate of Dong Thap and An GiangTruoc this reality, Dong Thap Province People's Committee has met and issued a statement emergency departments functional requirements focused prevention. Most troubling is the risk of outbreaks of cholera and avian influenza.
Ẩn hoạ ổ dịch vùng biên
Duck and run the transport operations, buying and selling live poultry of unknown origin in the border areas of Dong Thap Province is worrying infectious source

Disease surround peer

According to the Center for Preventive Medicine, Dong Thap province, since the appearance of human cases infected with cholera in the border areas of Cambodia bordering Vietnam, the provincial health sector immediately deployed prevention services, including special Special attention to border areas.

Although to this point, in Dong Thap province is described cases of acute diarrhea or what, but India said Nguyen Ngoc, director of the Center of Preventive Medicine, Dong Thap province, has warned: "Do not be ignored and subjective with cholera because of Dong Thap Province is the downstream (compared to Cambodia) is a very long border, bordering the province of Ta Keo, Kandal, Pray Veng, the province has all three diseases.

In addition, cholera has spread and outbreaks in An Phu district, An Giang Province, which borders this local districts of Tan Hong, Hong Ngu, Dong Thap province. Also, Dong Thap also take "inspiration" from the river water poured in Cambodia and An Giang.Was to surround the sides so it is difficult to prevent a possible epidemic penetrate our country from the border. "

Fears are based on fully distributed by most of the patients described Cambodia near the border are discharged into the river, easily spread disease. Within a short time, An Phu district, An Giang province has five people and infected nearly 250 people were described acute diarrhea. Doctor Huy Vo Danh, deputy director of the Center of Preventive Medicine, An Giang Province, said sources in the district of An Phu spread from Cambodia to have, because people use river water for eating, living.

With avian influenza H5N1, Dong Thap is hot. The province is poultry, waterfowl largest DELTA (2 million children, mainly ducks and runs the same) so the risk of transmission of avian influenza is very high. Previously, many people run the duck in the border areas to the whole flock had "crossed the border" to feed the fields in Cambodia. "Although no recurrence of avian flu but the ability to both humans and poultry carrying the disease germs are inevitable. So far, Dong Thap has four bird flu cases are not treated, died - Mr. Nguyen Ngoc An said.

Fiercely against

Since the Cambodian Ministry of Health announced the re H5N1 avian influenza outbreak in Pray Veng Province on 23-4, Dong Thap provincial health sector was allocated to the forces in charge of all border gates, border areas for timely response. Doctor Doan Van Hong, director of Dong Thap Provincial Health Department, said: "At the gate, we have arranged medical quarantine forces, forces in cooperation with the veterinary inspection of the whole person and family cross-border situation. " Not only concentrated in the border areas, all furnaces, the slaughter of poultry and poultry operations purchase live poultry markets in the province were also tested.

Recently, Dong Thap province announce emergency veterinary requirements, deployment health and disease prevention measures, including the activities prohibited content trading, transporting livestock, poultry and products livestock products, poultry across borders, strengthen advocacy and mobilization of people in the border areas to raise awareness of avian influenza prevention and risk spread from border regions and provinces of Dong Thap province Pray Veng. Mr. Nguyen Van Duong, Vice Chairman of Dong Thap province, said disease prevention is being done very provincial drastically and urgently.

Risk spreads south

Cholera is threatening to spread in the southern provinces. Local post recorded as cholera appeared in Ben Tre Province (NKX patient, 59 years old, reside Mo Cay District.) Ms X. are also treated, mental health and stability.

According to the Ministry of Health, as of this moment, the country has had eight provinces to "stick" of cholera, including An Giang, HCMC, Hanoi, Hai Duong, Bac Ninh, Ha Nam, Tay Ninh and Ben Tre. A total of over 20 people with cholera, some people with acute diarrhea were recorded up to hundreds. Notably, in An Giang province has more than 300 people with cholera, river water have been identified here describe germs.

"Veterinarians Without Borders" accused "Agriculture" to obfuscate the spread of diseases Delta

Friday, May 14th, 2010 - 15:45

Attacked the movement "Veterinarians Without Borders," blackout imposed by the General Authority for Veterinary Services of the Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation for detection of animal diseases prevalent in the provinces of Western, Menoufiya.

The group said in a statement today, Friday, the Veterinary Services Authority still insists denied the existence of plague in Gharbia, despite the recognition of the Directorate of Veterinary Medicine to maintain its existence, as well as multiple complaints of breeders and farmers from the deaths of some infected animals.

And warned of the seriousness of the government are dim and there are some diseases that affect animals and humans together, which I did in 2006 when an outbreak of avian influenza, announced after months of emergence.

And demanded the necessity to declare the General Authority for Veterinary Services of the fact of diseases in the provinces Kalprossela and tuberculosis, plague, and also called for the need to activate the role of the central laboratory for examination and sampling, as well as laboratories for the manufacture of vaccines and serums.

For his part, denied Dr. Mohamed Mostafa El Garhi Chairman, General Authority for Veterinary Services, the absence of disease or spread of the plague in some counties, but he acknowledged the existence of patients with brucellosis and tuberculosis in Egypt since a long time.

The Garhi in a special statement for the seventh day that TB cases that were discovered Menofia individual does not live up to be a phenomenon, stressing that the vaccination campaigns continued throughout the year, which was rejected by the movement of "Veterinarians Without Borders," which questioned the immunization campaigns, and she wondered why in the emergence of the disease despite immunization.

[I found this description of "Veterinarians Without Borders".
Vets Without Borders is a fraternity of veterinarians and Volunteers from all over the world. Our work is exclusively in the countries whose economies, cultures and human inhabitants are accustomed to maltreating their household pets, their agricultural animals, wild animas who compete with them for habitat as well as commercial and "entertainment" species. We accept licenced veterinarians, fourth year veterinary students and lots and lots of volunteers. ]

Vietnam: New Province with H5N1 - Dak Lak

Department of Animal Health:

1. Avian Influenza

Dak Lak: On 08/5/2010 until 05/13/2010, discovered in avian Ea Hu Cu Kuin district. Total of 200 birds dead duck in 1500 the herd.

Currently the Department of Animal Health agencies have conducted functional anti-epidemic measures as prescribed.

Currently, 03 countries have provinces of Quang Ngai, Quang Tri and Dak Lak avian influenza is not over 21 days.

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Vietnam: Respiratory diseases increased

Friday, 14 / 5

Meanwhile, in a Children's Hospital, the pressure of some patients with respiratory disease is higher than residential. In those days, the hospital's Respiratory Department has 185 children are being treated. Every day, physicians must receive nearly 50 new cases admitted to hospital.

The problem is that in these two hospitals have more cases of severe respiratory complications. On 05/13, to 14 patients with severe respiratory failure due to pneumonia being actively treated at Children's Hospital 2, many children have ventilator.

Since early this year, only 2 Children's Hospital has recorded three children died of complications from pneumonia causing respiratory failure. Dr. Tran Thi Thu Loan, Head of Children's Respiratory Hospital 2, the respiratory illness to severe complications, many children must be treated positively, ventilator support new drama of danger.


According to Le Thi Xuan Lan, working in Hydrometeorology Station South Vietnam, South Vietnam are beginning to step into the transition season. This season transfer period lasts about 10 days. Then, in the southern province will officially entered the rainy season.

This period is the most dangerous weather is just as strong in the year with tornadoes, lightning, wind storm shock and especially in the afternoon amid burning sun (about 15-16 hours). The rain and rain is usually faster to rapid, irregular, heavy rain in some places, a small place.

Commonground Commentary: Vietnam-Hai Duong Prov. H5N1 (Human), PPRS & Cholera

[Edit to add: I believe this room treated 3 patients, 1 with H5N1 and 2 with viral pneumonia. Trung Van H., 22 (in Cho Moi, Bac Kan) would be the H5N1 patient, and
Xoan Do Thi, 19, in Hai Duong province and one other would be the "2" with viral pneumonia.....]

Today, we heard of a special treatment room, located in the International Hospital for Tropical Diseases hospital. For the past 2 months of trail, it has contributed to the successful treatment of 3 patients with severe complications of A/H5N1. This is also where one of our last known confirmed cases out of Bac Kan went, and he's been discharged.

This commentary will provide you with documentation to show that in Hai Duong Province, we have a confirmed H5N1 (Human) case, Cholera and PPRS.

First, here is a map. Hai Duong Province lies about 55 miles due East of Hanoi.

The following are all excerpts of various articles.

Special treatment room for patients with influenza
This afternoon 14 / 5, Hospital for Tropical Diseases Central newly inaugurated negative pressure isolation rooms, treatment for patients with severe flu infections. This is a standard isolation room first International Hospital for Tropical Diseases in Central and value of building about 300 thousand U.S. dollars, by the University of Oxford, England funding. Patients treated in isolation rooms are special people who are diagnosed with the disease is spread through respiratory disease, severe lung damage caused by viruses.

For nearly two months of trial, negative pressure isolation rooms have contributed to the successful treatment of three patients with severe complications influenza A/H5N1 Hospital for Tropical Diseases in Central…

According to the Master, Intermediate Doctor Nguyen, Vice-Dean intensive care, hospital central tropical diseases, special treatment rooms will actively support and timely for the treatment and care severe influenza A/H5N1 patients should avoid high risk of death.

H5N1 (Human) or Severe Viral Pnemonia

First three patients received treatment in this special room patients Xoan Do Thi, 19, in Hai Duong province, has been 24 weeks pregnant. When transferred to hospital in the central tropical diseases on 05/05/2010, female patients had severe pneumonia, mortality risk is very high, but so far to day 10 in this treatment, the patient was conscious and are more positive signs of recovery.

The same day, the tropical central hospital also announced that it has treated and successfully rescued a young man critically H5N1 infection. The patient is Trung Van H., 22 (in Cho Moi, Bac Kan) 05.14 pm, the patient was discharged a month of treatment. This is one of the severe cases of influenza A/H5N1 hospital has ever treated.

Prevention is used to treat patients suspected of a serious disease transmitted through respiratory tract, such as SARS, influenza A/H5N1 ... Last time, the Institute has put into trial use for 3 patients with lung injury weight was successfully treated, including patients infected with an influenza A/H5N1 and two pregnant women with severe viral pneumonia.

Morning 14 / 5, Preventive Medical Center of Hai Duong Province have confirmed the appearance of acute diarrhea epidemic in Lai Cach, Cam Giang District, Hai Duong province.
This is the 2nd, the emergence of cholera in 2010 in Hai Duong. Outbreak first appeared in a Hong Vinh, Binh Giang District, in April 2010. Five people positive for cholera after eating away at the funeral marry Me Trai hamlet, Vinh Hong, Binh Giang.

Outbreak of cholera appeared in Cam Giang
5/14/2010 06:15:55 AM
On 13-5, Center for Preventive Medicine in the hamlet of Lai Cach (Cam Giang) appeared outbreak of acute diarrhea. The patient is Mr. Do Thanh Loi, 53, has tested positive for cholera.
Epidemiological causes leading to patients infected with cholera is very difficult to determine, most likely due to food and water from the meal contract staff in family organization.

Center for Preventive Medicine provinces identified cholera outbreak in rural infant may appear more widespread and new outbreaks. In the village there are cases with symptoms of abdominal pain and go out several times but not related to the outbreak in his family Loi. The health sector has direct health Cam Giang district zoning and thorough handling of the whole rural environment ministries, market towns and garbage dumps near residential waste;…

Department of Epidemiology
Currently, there are 15 provinces of Hai Duong, Thai Binh, Thai Nguyen, Hưng Yên, Bắc Ninh, Hải Phòng, Hà Nội, Nam Định, Hà Nam, Lạng Sơn, Nghệ An, Quảng Ninh, Bắc Giang, Hòa Bình và Cao Bằng có dịch Tai xanh chưa qua 21 ngày. Hung Yen, Bac Ninh, Hai Phong, Hanoi, Nam Dinh, Ha Nam, Lang Son, Nghe An, Quang Ninh, Bac Giang, Hoa Binh and Cao Bang PRRS not over 21 days.

The Prime Minister has signed Decision requested the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development grant export charge Benkocid 55,000 liters of pesticides and 23,000 doses of vaccine in swine under the national reserve for the four northern provinces. Under the decision, and the production of Hai Duong province for 23,000 doses of cholera vaccine and 10,000 liters of pig Benkocid disinfectant, disinfectant of the remaining three levels of Hung Yen, Nam Dinh and Ha Nam.

Department of Animal Health, said long-term phase of sunshine then the rain made blue ear pig thrives in the northern provinces…. By the end of 2-5 days, there were 12 provinces such as Hai Duong, Thai Binh, Lang Son, Hung Yen, Nam Dinh, Ha Nam, Nghe An, Bac Ninh, Hai Phong, Hanoi, Quang Nam, Thai Nguyen has translated Blue ear pig, about 40,000 pigs were infected, nearly 17,000 children have been destroyed.
According to Hoang Van Nam, Director of Animal Health, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, as soon as blue ear pig discovered in Hai Duong province, has warned the Department and require careful local epidemic prevention wide, many local nevertheless slow deployment and part owner for three years because there is no public service should be the prevention of neglect.

Hot, child respiratory illness increased

13/05/2010 22:27 (GMT +7) 13/05/2010 22:27 (GMT +7)

In Ho Chi Minh City hot weather in recent days as some children suffer severe respiratory diseases increased.

Respiratory Sciences at Children's Hospital 2, from 30-40 per day for more patients to hospital treatment, the Department is more than 100 children with respiratory diseases are to inpatient treatment, including to 14 severe cases have emergency resuscitation, breathing support.

Respiratory Sciences 2 Children's Hospital has 70 beds but only a day from 100-120 patients to hospital treatment should occur overload, emergency rooms are overloaded by the Faculty of patients were severe respiratory mutations increase, emergency room cases also occur 2-3 patients sharing one bed.
. 1 Children's Hospital, 230 patients is respiratory disease to inpatient treatment, while the day is usually from 120-150 patients. Especially, the number of patients with severe pneumonia increased, in some cases when the hospital was almost moved to stop the heart, to stop breathing resuscitation, first aid is to save lives.

Dr. Tran Thi Thu Loan, Head of Children's Hospital respiratory 2, hot weather as number of patients increased respiratory disease, especially severe cases. Hot as dehydration, fatigue, reduced resistance to infection is easy, so parents have the child drink sufficient water and nutrients to increase the resistance at the same time not so many kids out sunshine.

When children have no signs of high fever down, not eating, not feed, breathe fatigue, convulsions, have taken to the hospital for treatment.
Also, pay attention to children whose congenital heart disease, malnutrition because these children from disease, respiratory disease is often severe changes. Avoid subjectivity, the child admitted to hospital late because the child can lead to severe pneumonia to respiratory failure and death.

Hanoi: Inauguration of isolation rooms with modern treatment in Vietnam

5.14 pm, the tropical central hospital was inaugurated and put into use room treatment negative pressure isolation modern Vietnam with a total cost of about $ 300,000 by the clinical research unit of Oxford University sponsored.

Isolation rooms are modern design ensures that the treatment of patients with standard transmission. Room air treatment of this disease from outside the chamber through the filter clean reducing bacterial disease before entering the chamber, the air is changed at least 12 times in an hour, preventing infection for hospital patients. Prevention is used to treat patients suspected of a serious disease transmitted through respiratory tract, such as SARS, influenza A/H5N1 ... Last time, the Institute has put into trial use for 3 patients with lung injury weight was successfully treated, including patients infected with an influenza A/H5N1 and two pregnant women with severe viral pneumonia. Room treatment will limit the spread of disease, especially dangerous diseases to the outside. Also, patients are treated in a good environment.

. To this, modern treatment rooms will continue to be built in the Central Children's Hospital, Children's 1 and 2, Ho Chi Minh City hospital of tropical diseases.

The same day, the tropical central hospital also announced that it has treated and successfully rescued a young man critically H5N1 infection. The patient is Trung Van H., 22 (in Cho Moi, Bac Kan) 05.14 pm, the patient was discharged a month of treatment. This is one of the severe cases of influenza A/H5N1 hospital has ever treated.

Agriculture Minister: Palestinians to compensate poultry farmers

Friday, May 14 2010, 14:49

Agriculture Minister Simhon, please contact the international community to assist in providing compensation to poultry growers in the Palestinian Authority. He said if no birds will be destroyed, attacks on Palestinians will damage Israel's economy too hard
Minister Simhon: "Please remember that any event happening in the Palestinian Authority in the field of animal diseases affecting Israel Agriculture Minister Shalom Simhon, contact today (Friday) the international community to please help in providing compensation to poultry growers in the Palestinian Authority, and their mussels were bird flu. He said that compensation intended to lead to growers mixed destroy the birds without turning them harm. Venubp, they will be asked to kill the birds within a radius of three kilometers from the infected chicken, as required by the rules set by Israel for this purpose.

According to the minister, if not destroyed birds, it also severely harm the Israeli economy. He noted that "despite the snails are in Tulkarm, Israel is required to export from its territory to close for a month. Therefore, the required assistance of international organizations to stem the spread of the epidemic effectively. It should be remembered that every event happening in the Palestinian Authority in the field of diseases affecting animals and activities in Israel exports. "

Israel's veterinary anesthesia began transferring to the Palestinian Authority and training for the destruction of birds. Current event required the destruction of 200 thousand poultry within a radius of three kilometers from both the infected chicken. This activity is done under guidance of the Director of Veterinary Services, Dr. Moshe Haimovich. Ministry of Agriculture indicate that the tests conducted on the Israeli side has not been discovered so far of bird flu.

About a week ago were found dead in his mother's kind of two birds living at the corner of Kibbutz Ein Gedi. Examination conducted by the Ministry of Health found that avian bird flu died in the line of the violent strain H5N1. Following the safety measures that destroyed all living birds in the corner.

Threatening diseases borderland

Cure cholera, avian influenza (A/H5N1) again broke out in the border of Vietnam - Cambodia

Disease situation is complicated in many places in Cambodia bordering Vietnam. In particular, cholera is happening in the provinces of Kandal, Ta Keo province of An Giang borders; also in Prey Veng province bordering the province of Dong Thap, are re avian outbreak.

Avian influenza is re broke out in Cambodia, threatening the border provinces of Dong Thap province

Confusion due to cholera

An Phu district, An Giang province has many communes adjacent to the Angkor Borey district, Takeo province and grass Thum District, Kandal Province. Border of this watershed is in danger of spread of cholera from Cambodia by road through the back of people of both countries and river water contaminated cholera.

By this time, Cambodia has hundreds of cholera cases and deaths have. An Phu district also has more than 250 cases of acute diarrhea, of which 17 cases of cholera. Of these, 12 cases of Cambodia to describe the shift in the treatment of domestic and 5 of the Phu Hoi, Khanh Binh, Phu Huu, and Long Binh town.

According to the Center for Preventive Medicine (Preventive Medicine), An Giang province, most of the patients assigned Cambodia are discharged into the river level should spread to the community greatly. Comments here are threats to the health of people living along the Vietnam border shared by the river water with you, An Giang Preventive Medicine Center has limited movement people use river water. However, according to Dr Vo Huy Danh, deputy director of An Giang Preventive Medicine Center, An Phu district to about 50% of people use river water for meals, activities.

What health concerns in An Giang province is the most traffic, trade and exchange of border area people too easily. Diseases can be guided by the people inland, unable to control. Dr. List, cholera outbreaks in just a moment condition and certain advantages, is then deposited away.

During this period, there were many people but not sick but still carry the same disease. "The most dangerous are those who carry the same disease, they did not think disease should be impartial contact with the community. Until favorable conditions, new disease outbreaks. The cases of cholera in the city can be in this format "- physicians receive the list.

Throbbing flu concerns

While cholera is definitely not new here, Cambodian Ministry of Health announced the bird flu epidemic broke out in Kompong Leav district, Prey Veng province. The situation became more serious on 19-4 when the patient had died. Cambodia Ministry of Health has the force of professional service to local people to guide preventive measures against epidemic ...

However, according to records of employee newspaper reporters, most Cambodians lack of knowledge about the harmful effects of avian influenza and has no sense of prevention. Meanwhile, our country many people are raising ducks by light blows through the fields to feed borders with Cambodia, sliding on the afternoon.

This situation is potentially very high risk of spreading avian influenza. Besides, at the gate of Phuoc Dinh Ba and often, every day there are about 200 people back, while the quarantine forces will be arranged at this very thin.

Avian influenza in Tulkarm affect exports from Israel

Agriculture Minister Shalom Simhon turned to the Palestinian Authority and international organizations to urgently reach a settlement regarding compensation to let the Palestinian farmers in order to ensure that cooperate with mixed concerning the destruction of birds, snails and 3 km radius, as required by bird flu treatment procedure. This was followed by the discovery of bird flu yesterday Tulkarm.

Led by Director of Veterinary Services, Dr. Moshe Haimovich, Israel began transferring veterinary anesthesia and transfer to the Palestinian Authority regarding the destruction of poultry training. The event will be required to present the destruction of 200 thousand poultry within a radius of 3 km from both the infected chicken.

Simhon said that despite the fact that runs in Tulkarm in the Palestinian Authority, Israel is committed to international agreements for the export from its territory to close for a month. "Required the assistance of international organizations to stem the spread of the epidemic effectively," said Minister Simhon. "Remember that event happening in the Palestinian Authority Animal Diseases affect its operations in Israel and export."

Tests conducted on the Israeli side has not been discovered so far of bird flu.
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Palestine H5N1 Poultry: Found After Exporting to Israel


قالت مصادر فلسطينية يوم الخميس 13 مايو الحالى، إن الأجهزة الامنية الفلسطينية فرضت حصارا مشددا على بلدة بلعا شرق طولكرم بالضفة الغربية بعد اكتشاف فيروس انفلونزا الطيور في عدة مزارع بالبلدة.

Palestinian sources said on Thursday, May 13th this, the PA's security forces imposed a strict siege on the town of Bala east of Tulkarm in the West Bank after the discovery of bird flu in several farms in the town.

ونقلت وكالة ((معا)) الإخبارية الفلسطينية عن مدير زراعة طولكرم احمد عيد قوله، إن الجانب الفلسطيني تلقى من الجانب الاسرائيلي معلومات حول وجود فيروس أنفلونزا الطيور في بلدة بلعا بعد تصدير دجاج الى اسرائيل.

The news agency ((together)) news director of the Palestinian agriculture Tulkarm Ahmed Eid said that the Palestinian side from the Israeli side had received information about the presence of avian influenza virus in the town of Bala after exporting chicken to Israel.

وأضاف عيد، أن وزارته طلبت من الشرطة الفلسطينية الانتشار في محيط البلدة لمنع خروج الدواجن منها.

The gala, that his ministry had asked the Palestinian police deployment in the vicinity of the town to prevent the exit of poultry.

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Palestine: Map of Bala, Tulkarem Region

The Southern postmark is the birds found in Ein Gedi Israel a week ago. Northern postmark is the current outbreak.

Click on Map. Note Scale.

Palestine: Concern and anticipation prevails Bala pending the outcome of tests for bird flu

Tulkarem - Lofa - Huda Habayeb - there is tension and anxiety among farmers in the town of Bala east of Tulkarm, after the announcement of laboratories Israeli outbreak of bird flu in samples taken from a farm in broiler chicks mothers in the town.

They expressed their dissatisfaction with this problem, which will be followed by actions will lead to losses of millions of shekels, especially since 40% of the economy Bala intended to cultivate poultry in all its forms.

And see the town is now a presence intensive for all members of the security services to prevent entry or exit of poultry and eggs to and from the town, at a time where there are crews and the Ministry of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine headed by Dr. Azzam Tubeleh and Deputy Minister, Advisor to the Minister of Agriculture in charge of the management of veterinary services in the northern governorates, Dr. Jamil Makhamra , and Ahmed Eid, director of agriculture of Tulkarm, and Dr. Saeed affectionate Director General of Health of Tulkarm, and the mayor of Bala Ahmed Mansour.

On this issue, Dr. Makhamra for the 'Lofa', explaining that on the twenty-ninth of last month, they took some samples from the chicks mothers of broiler chicks from a farm in Bala, after suspected bird flu disease is, converted to laboratories Israel in the Beit Dagan, pointing out that the age of chick at that moment was eight days.

He had been informed yesterday by the laboratory that the Israeli sample infected with bird flu, which forced us to immediately declare a state of emergency in Bala, and imposed a quarantine on the entire region, and to take preventive measures for fear of disease transmission to other areas, until the uncertainty inherent in the The presence of the disease.

The Makhamra, it has been laying a healthy distance of 3 km, includes areas belonging to the governorates of Nablus and Jenin, saying it was the withdrawal of samples for examination and an increased emphasis, which will be an order for destruction after the departure of the expected result after six hours, pointing out that the Ministry's laboratories in Ramallah Fully Ready in this subject, and in turn, to the fullest.

He pointed out that more than half a million birds in Balaa between chicken broiler and egg and mothers, pointing to the existence of great intensity in education and convergence of the farms, which represent a risk to the region if it is conclusively proven the existence of the disease, and other regions.

He questioned Mayor Bala Ahmed Mansour such an outcome, expressing frustration because of a delay on the Israeli side in the declaration of the result, wondering how to let us know two days ago that there is no disease, but reversed the result on the existence of bird flu, called on all those responsible to make absolutely sure and make further tests on poultry before taking any action.

He warned that Bala is now a disaster area, especially as they depend on poultry farming is a large and produce and export chicken eggs, where there are approximately (500) A bird broiler, and (250) A bird egg, and made between (4-5) thousand carton of eggs every day, which caused an accumulation of eggs and consequent severe losses to farmers and the economy of the town on which they depend not only cultivation but Tulkarem governorates of the West Bank.
It was Adnan al-Suleiman, a poultry farmers in Balaa, expressed satisfaction with the actions taken by the concerned authorities that in the interest of the town, but at the same time expressed concern about the result which was announced late, he doubts from the place, especially since there is no death for the chicks mothers broiler, announced that infection with this disease.
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