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Contamination Concerns, Many Countries Banned Cake

Lo disease, many countries boycotted cake


(VNA) - The source of Chinese quarantine inspection Bureau, this year 34 countries and regions worldwide export ban mooncakes.

Because most types of mooncakes are potentially contain sources of infectious diseases such as avian influenza, foot and mouth disease and other diseases should China and many other countries prohibit entry of moon cakes containing eggs and meat.
Lo disease, many countries boycotted cake
Contamination concerns, many countries banned cake 

Besides, due to the transportation process, send cakes as gifts should take some time cake metamorphosed vulnerable components so that a few countries have restrictions on sending cakes as gifts. 

year to 34 countries and areas banned immigration cakes, including Germany, France, Denmark, Spain, Belgium, Hungary, Sweden, Switzerland, Russia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Mexico, Brazil , Uruguay, Colombia, South Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Singapore, Philippines-pinQatar, India, Indonesia, Indonesia Malaysia, Myanmar, Saudi Arabia, Congo, Equatorial Guinea , Nigeria, Chad, Cameroon, Burundi, Gabon, Ethiopia, Sudan, Libya. 

addition, some countries restrict send cakes abroad, for example in Australia clearly defined wheel sent not contain ingredients such as egg yolks, meat, nuts; Britain, Canada, Malaysia, New Zealand and other countries banned the entry of mooncakes containing egg yolk and meat. 

Relevant departments remind the People should not take the bread that contains all kinds of meat, eggs, fruits and gifts to send overseas to avoid inspection and quarantine agencies seized. Before sending gifts to relatives abroad should seek to understand the quarantine regulations of that country.

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Indonesia: Indramayu West Java Poultry Die-off; Citizens Monitored

Indramayu is in north West Java.  Central Java being to the right of the map.  The poultry have not been diagnosed.  The people are being monitored.

September 21, 2012
Indramayu - the sudden death of chickens in the village of North Anjatan, District Anjatan, continue to grow in number. In fact, if previously only occurred in Block Buyut Millah, Thursday (20/9) yesterday, also extends the chicken deaths in the two other Blok Babakan dan Blok Sabrang Wetan.

In two blocks, the number of chickens owned by residents who died mysteriously reported to reach dozens of birds. But unfortunately, there has been no real effort from the local Animal Husbandry Department. So whether chickens that died of bird flu virus (H5N1) or not, is uncertain.

"New from Health Department officials are acting. Conduct outreach and monitoring health conditions people whose chickens died suddenly. If from no other services are down, " said North Anjatan Kuwu, Asmono.

Knowledge, the incidence of many chickens that died suddenly has been going on since last July. But entering in September, increasing the chicken deaths and widespread. Although alarming, he suspected the death of dozens of chickens caused by diseases that are common anyway when the transition season.

Why or Newcastle disease often attacks the chickens and can quickly spread. And often results in sudden death.  "Hopefully not die of bird flu virus," he hoped.
Marno (38) local residents also suspect so. Some tail 3 month old chickens died suddenly yesterday morning and immediately bury it. "So please do not spread to other chickens," he said.

However, he hoped that no action of the parties to determine the exact cause of death of chickens owned by residents. Marno not mind if the whole chickens culled if it is infected with the bird flu virus.

Indonesia: Central Java Wonosobo 97 Resident Suspected #H5N1 Update

 SEPTEMBER 21, 2012


Head of Animal Health and Husbandry Department of Fish and Fisheries Wonosobo, drh.Sutomo said that the sudden death of poultry and the mass in the Village District Plobangan Selomerto started since 11 September. until the next day amounted to 112 dead birds. After laboratory tests confirmed the death was due gejela chicken bird flu.
"We've done lab tests and confirmed the death of poultry due to bird flu," he said.
After that, he said, the number of poultry include chicken and ducks that died continues to grow. Until yesterday amounted to 290 birds. To attempt to suppress the spread of bird flu virus, it had conducted spraying at home and residential areas.
"Spraying once we have done and we will continue to monitor, because the number of birds that died continues to grow," he said.
Head of District Health Office Wonosobo dr. Okie Hapsoro said, the detection of bird flu cases it had lowered the medical team to do counseling and checks directly to the citizens. In addition, immediate treatment is also carried out to 70 residents gelaja plobangan with regular flu without fever.
"There is no serious symptoms of bird flu affected. The results of our medical team people just have the flu, " he says.
Even so, further Okie, health officials revealed to the village every day Plobangan to do counseling and direct examination. This is to anticipate the people infected with bird flu.
"To this day there has been no positive victims of bird flu. Transmission only among birds, " he concluded.  (Rase)

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Egypt: 3 Brothers Diagnosis Update

September 19, 2012
A source high-level Department of Health and queens that the results of suspected cases that have been recorded Hospital Beni Mazar Central and convert it to a hospital fevers Minya "were negative, according to a report the central laboratory of the Ministry of Health", stressing that all of Hazem Ahmed Farouk 5 years child and his two brothers Hamada 26 years working on 20 years old worker injured a state of panic after the regular influenza illness and they are healthy and free of bird إنفونزا.
The Beni Mazar Central Hospital have turned 3 brothers admitted to hospital in Minya after suspected bird flu patients, has been mentioned sampling and sent to labs central Ministry of Health tests and after the arrival of a negative result shows samples.

Egypt: Ministry of Agriculture: a plan to raise the levels of bio-security in poultry farms

[Previously posted on here]
Ahmed Zakaria revealed Head of Central Department of Preventive Medicine at the Ministry of Agriculture d. Suhair Abdul Qadir that about 90% of the poultry farms in Egypt do not comply with the minimum standards for bio-security. added that a large proportion of them infected Bmredan or at least three of poultry diseases, and committees of veterinary

September 20, 2012

Excerpt: The Ministry of Agriculture of the General Authority for Veterinary Services, the implementation of a plan to raise rates security in poultry farms nationwide, according to the requirements of veterinary determined by the Authority pursuant to its national, while warning, official sources as "ministry" of a scheme to demolish sector of poultry in Egypt in favor of "Mafia import" of abroad.
...explained properly to plan Commission during the next phase depends on the mechanisms and realistic and scientific to control the avian influenza virus and the transfer of all farms Valley and Delta to the desert areas of new, adding that the rumors about the injury 90% of the poultry farms in Egypt diseases is not true, and only collapsed industry, noting that it is an attempt to hit the national entities to the poultry industry for the benefit of imported poultry, especially after that exceeded investments poultry industry locally 26 billion pounds and employs nearly two million workers. added sound «We are all partners in the face of epidemic diseases because we are targeting to protect the lives of people first, and to protect the poultry industry from collapse and defense for its investments in Egypt, amounting to about 25 billion pounds because they provide "life" to more than two million workers, explaining the importance of educating citizens to report promptly any suspected cases of the disease in poultry farms.

Horse, 2 emus test positive for EEE in NH, Mosquito positive in Newton

Sep 20, 2012
Three local animals and another batch of mosquitoes have tested positive for Eastern equine encephalitis this week.

Tests on a horse in Derry, two emus in Fitzwilliam and a mosquito batch in Newton all came back positive for EEE.

Mosquito spraying will be conducted Thursday night in Hooksett and Goffstown.
On Friday, spraying will take place in South Hampton, which borders Amesbury, Mass., where a human recently contracted EEE.

Indonesia: Central Java Update

I'm doing a little homework on the situation in Central Java.  It appears that back in late July, they tightened security at the ports and airports.

An Excerpt:
July 26, 2012 | 17:46 pm 

Prevent Spread of Disease, Airport and Port Tightened 

Furthermore Heli said the event was to anticipate the entry of pests and diseases that thrive in foreign countries, such as the entry of the virus avian influenza (AI), foot and mouth disease.  Do not get viruses or pests entering Indonesia through the port or airport. Goods are destroyed, the results of operations during May to June 2012,'' he said.

I've included a postmark for Semarang on the map of Central Java.

Indonesia: Pekalongan Regency Central Java - Thousands Suffer Pain ISPA

[I have included a postmark for this Regency in the map below this post. ]

19 September 2012

Due to weather conditions and the influence of the dry season thousands of Pekalongan, Central Java, from January to September 2012 suffering from acute respiratory infections (ARI). Said Head Disease Prevention and Control (P2P) District Health Pekalongan Suwondo told reporters on Tuesday ( 18/9). He said, entering the dry season, the system is mainly the upper respiratory tract easily be attacked by germs floating in the air so often become infected. "Various kinds of viruses and bacteria can invade the nasal passages, mouth, throat, and bronchial (bronchi) into the body resulting in acute respiratory tract infections, "said Suwondo.

He explained that it will be infected with respiratory symptoms, such as fever, nasal congestion, and issued a runny nose, headache, sore throat feel dry and, cough, and sometimes pain in the ear. "respiratory disease is very easy to attack toddlers. So we called on parents to keep their children, "he said.

According Suwondo, to take precautions penyait ARI, patients are advised to drink plenty of water, especially warm and eat healthy and nutritious foods like fresh fruits that contain lots of vitamin C. "Besides taking vitamins, and antioxidants, biasankan healthy lifestyle, getting enough rest, and exercise regularly, washing hands frequently with soap to prevent germs, avoid smoking and secondhand smoke," he added.

Indonesia: 97 Villagers Suspected #H5N1 Avian Influenza Bird Flu - Map of Outbreak

Some information on Wonosobo Indonesia. populated place population 92.990 It is located in Central Java, which is on the Island of Java, Jakarta being in West Java.
From an article:

Three villages in Wonosobo regency, Central Java bird flu. A total of 97 villagers in the district Selomerto bird flu. Dozens of patients experienced primary school children and the rest of the parents. Residents attacked from three hamlets namely Hamlet Depok, Wonosobo, and Hamlet Plobangan Wetan. All the victims were examined by the medical team gradually local village clinic, Wednesday (20/9). Plobangan village chief Ismail said the case of bird flu that hit a number of its citizens is the first time. He explained that in the past week, more than 250 poultry breeds of chickens and ducks suddenly died suddenly. The team from the health department and animal husbandry department dispatched to the location. The case rose to the status of extraordinary occurrence (KLB) and all residents are asked to be aware of. "Handling is done every day. Village health center open 24-hour service, "said Ismail.
A close-up map of the 3 hamlets:

Link to my map:,110.044556&spn=0.564622,0.591888

Map: Selomerto, Central Java, Indonesia

[97 Residents experiencing cough & fever immediately after hundreds of poultry die.  I have witnessed other outbreaks with numerous people, in remote parts of Indonesia before.  In the last 7 years.  They will apply what is known as a "Tamiflu Blanket".  Here is a map that gives you an idea of how remote it is.]

Indonesia: 97 Residents in One Village Suffer Symptoms of #H5N1 Avian Influenza Birdflu

Selomerto, Central Java is remote.  A very small population.  See photo below.
Broad0.96 km 2

 Thursday, September 20, 2012 12:34 pm

 Hundreds of poultry in the village Plobangan, District Selomerto, Wonosobo regency, Central Java, over the past few days found dead suddenly on Wednesday. Birds such as chickens, ducks, and wild duck belonging to several residents who died suddenly were allegedly infected with the bird flu virus. 

Plobangan village chief, Ismail, on Thursday (09/20/2012), said, after finding dozens of dead birds suddenly the many residents who suffering from the flu, with fever, heat, and coughing. Residents immediately went to the nearest health center."Data while there are 97 residents in the village Plobangan who suffer from symptoms of bird flu and have it checked at the village health post (PKD)," he said.

Department of Animal Husbandry and Fisheries (Disnakan) Wonosobo was soon dropped into the field to make sure the situation.  As a result, hundreds of birds died suddenly the bird flu and should be immediately destroyed. In addition, continued Ismail, performed well throughout the spraying desinvektan poultry cages.

Vietnam: Thai Binh has #H5N1 Avian Influenza in Poultry

On 20/9, Thai Binh Provincial People's Committee has announced bird flu in 2 Quang Trung and Vu Hoa Kien Xuong district of nearly 1,800 birds with, forced destruction. Mr. Nguyen Van Duc , Provincial Director of the Department of Animal Health said the outbreak in the flock of Hoang Van Christian households in Quang Trung commune, Kien Xuong district from 09.11.2012 to show appetite, differential blue, white neurological symptoms; until 12/9, duck of death. On 13/9, Department of Animal Health and the professional Kien Xuong District of direct examination and verification of disease at the base. At the time of inspection, the number of dead ducks are 300 children of the 800 children, the rest in a very weak state.SDAH test samples sent in veterinary agency region II (DAH), the results of the 3/3 samples taken from the flock of Mr. Christian were positive for the H5N1 avian influenza virus. After that, on 17/9, continue to check monitor the disease situation in Quang Trung commune and the neighboring communes, Department of Animal Health and the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development Kien Xuong District outbreak on herd household ducks Nguyen Van Nghia in Vu Hoa commune, Kien Xuong district, with manifestations of illness, death, green diarrhea, white and nervous symptoms; duck was duck cholera vaccination, no vaccination avian influenza vaccine. At the time of inspection, the total flock illness, death of Mr. Nguyen Van Nghia 953 43-day-old ducks. Department conducted sampling tests sent to the veterinary agency II and results 3/3 samples collected at the household he means also positive for the H5N1 avian influenza virus. According SDAH Pacific, causes outbreak of avian influenza in the province due to the circulation of the H5N1 avian influenza virus in poultry in the locality; season plus the weather turns in recent days adverse health herd poultry, livestock producers are ignored in the implementation of sanitation and epidemic prevention, foster care ... So pathogens on poultry at the local opportunities arise. Meanwhile, at this time, the re-man the new culture at the local level rise. Poultry in the province since the end of 2010 has not been avian influenza vaccination; transport and trade of poultry at the local level has not been strictly controlled; avian influenza virus has been circulating in poultry in the province with a high rate. situation, the provincial Animal Health Department and the local have to focus on directing and implementing disease control measures as prescribed; carried out the destruction of the households in the flock; sanitation and disinfection, propagation of the epidemic and the measures prevention. Thai Binh province provides 156 liters Benkocid support and 1400 kg of lime for 2 social services to handle the disease, enhance staff closely monitor the implementation of technical measures at the facility.Provincial Department of Animal Health also note, advised farmers on the varieties of the bird flu virus branch in Thai Binh and the Red River Delta provinces do not have the appropriate vaccination vaccine, to farms proactively serious disease prevention measures and reduce the damage caused by the epidemic. /.

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Vietnam: Ministry fears spread of virus, bans transport of water fowl

Sep 19, 2012

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has decided to stop transport of live water-fowl from North and Central Vietnam to the South, in an effort to curb spread of the new highly toxic strain of avian flu virus.

Pham Van Dong, deputy director of the Department of Animal Health, stated this at a meeting held yesterday in Hanoi by the National Steering Committee for Avian Flu Prevention and Control.

The new strain, C, which has been detected, is highly toxic and therefore extremely deadly.
The virus strain has recently spread to Vietnam and is now present in affected areas in the northern and central provinces of Hai Phong, Ha Tinh, Ninh Binh, Nam Dinh, Bac Kan, Thanh Hoa and Quang Ngai.
Fearing the virus may spread to South Vietnam, the Department of Animal Health was asked to isolate the virus and ban transport of live water-fowl from infected areas.
Dong said that slaughterhouses practicing good hygiene should be mentioned to localities from the central province of Thua Thien-Hue to Ho Chi Minh City.
Because the new strain is different from the earlier A/H5N1 virus, the ministry has urged for experiments and tests to confirm whether the vaccine used to combat A/H5N1 is also effective against the new strain. If the existing vaccine is ineffective, studies on new vaccines should be conducted soon.
The Central Veterinary Diagnosis Center has been asked to study the new strain to help find a specific medication to fight the virus.

Egypt: 2nd News Source Declaring 3 Brothers Negative Suspected #H5N1 Avian Influenza Virus

[Previous reported on here.  This is the "" site, and is the exact same wording as the previous article I posted declaring them negative]:

Source of health Minya: three brothers negative samples of bird flu
Wednesday, September 19, 2012 - 14:08

Dr. Medhat Shoukry, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health and queens, that the results of samples taken from the three brothers suspected bird flu patients, and sent to the central laboratory in Cairo were negative. Cat Hospital of Beni Mazar year has received three cases were transferred to a hospital diets queens to take Samples of the brothers Hamada Ahmed Farouk -26 years - a worker and a -20 years - workers, and child Hazem -5 years - from the village of Manshiet Jalal Center built shrine after suspected bird flu patients, and high fevers, were detained and placed under medical observation in hospital.

Egypt: Agriculture: 90% of poultry farms infected with diseases

2012 - 01:14:33 Wednesday 19 - September

Ahmed Zakaria revealed Head of Central Department of Preventive Medicine at the Ministry of Agriculture d. Suhair Abdul Qadir that about 90% of the poultry farms in Egypt do not comply with the minimum standards for bio-security. added that a large proportion of them infected Bmredan or at least three of poultry diseases, and committees of veterinary

The tours surprise on poultry farms in various provinces discovered that a large proportion of up to 90% of farms infected with diseases primitive such as influenza, bronchitis and mycoplasma and Newcastle and they do not adhere to the application of the minimum conditions of biosecurity, which caused the spread of these diseases by. told d. Suhair that the General Authority for Veterinary Services has taken several measures for the prevention of poultry diseases, especially with winter approaching a period of increased poultry diseases due to low temperatures, where it was for the first time to isolate strains of pathogenic poultry and classified analysis of genetic prelude to manufacture a vaccine Local hands Egyptian without relying on vaccines imported with the application of all scientific standards in the vaccines produced. confirmed Suhair are being coordination with the Federation of Poultry Producers to cooperate in order to develop a method immunize an individual in poultry to ensure effective immunization user instead of mass immunization, noting that the aetiology that have been isolated for bird flu, turned out to be the same strain that was isolated in 2006 and not strain mutated, but for Newcastle disease, it is clear that strain fierce Chinese origin, and that have been isolated over the years ago in Egypt, but for the disease bronchitis (IB), it strains mutated Israeli origin was isolated from Egypt since 2010. drew Qadir, that Gary even now preparing for bird flu vaccine and that it will review all protocols import vaccines from abroad that violate the Egyptian constitution, which confirms to be efficient vaccine more than 80%, confirming that it will be transfer all large poultry farms to the desert and delta entirely free of them in the long run.

Vietnam: Dak Lac Working To Prevent #H5N1 C From Entering

Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has proposed localities to promptly "May hygiene, disinfection, sterilization breeding environment" in the country on October 10.
Since early 2012, avian influenza outbreaks in 115 communes in 55 districts of 21 provinces and more than 95 thousand poultry disease, death and destruction is more than 214 thousand. 
As a result of surveillance of influenza virus in poultry in 2012 of the Department of Animal Health, major outbreaks caused by influenza A/H5N1 virus branch (group A) triggers. 
Especially from months recent 7-2012, appeared a new group of viruses of branching (group C) and has made certain changes, and disease killed many ducks. New group of viruses can enter Vietnam.
Currently there is no suitable vaccine for avian flu caused by this branch Therefore, the risk of outbreak continues in the future is very high.
Therefore, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development proposed People's Committees of provinces and cities to enhance prevention, which immediately deploy the launching and implementation of the "Month of hygiene, disinfection, sterilization breeding environment "in the country in month 10-2012.

Dak Lak Province:
For the basis of concentrated poultry and livestock households, perform fluorescent plants surrounding a shelter, clean compost collection to burning or burying, cleared drains, disinfection, disinfection spray duplicate the entire barn, livestock area and vicinity once one week.
For concentrated poultry slaughterhouses, transport of poultry, poultry products should be cleaning, disinfection, sterilization before leaving slaughterhouses. Where slaughter hygiene and disinfection after each production shift.
In trade in live poultry markets in rural areas, to clean the area and spray disinfectants trade in poultry and poultry products, poultry slaughter area and the end of each market related items . Means of transport, injection locked cages must be disinfected when, out of the market.


Vietnam: Thừa Thiên Huế Works To Prevent #H5N1 C from Entering

Department of Animal Health, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) has identified a number of provinces in the North and North Central appeared a new H5N1 avian influenza virus is named C, highly pathogenic.
Virulent virus
More than two months ago, the new avian flu virus was discovered in China. In Vietnam, this virus only appears for a few weeks now. Due to the high virulence and complicated weather today that the new flu virus spread risk across the board. Only about 10 days, the virus has spread in many provinces: Ha Tinh and Hai Phong, Nam Dinh and Ninh Binh, Bac, Thanh Hoa Quang Ngai ... with the total number of birds killed and destroyed around 200 thousand.
Disinfection village roads, alleys
International Food and Agriculture Organization has warned of the transformation of the H5N1 avian influenza virus subgroup 2.3.2 in many Asian countries, including Vietnam. According to Assoc. Dr. Nguyen Tran Hien, Director of the Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology, this transformation is inevitable nature of the H5N1 virus. PGS. TS Nguyen Tran Hien warning, should strengthen supervision virus circulating in poultry in order to timely detect the change and make appropriate strategy to control, prevent bird damage and protect human health .
To avoid infection, the health effects
After information appear a new H5N1 avian influenza virus is named C, high virulence, the provincial Animal Health Department to urgently implement measures to prevent and combat.Department assigned forces 24/24 hours in a the checkpoints north-south, in collaboration with the market management forces, police actively prevent the transport of poultry to take measures timely.Before the vehicle passes, the test force health quarantine procedures, disinfection of poultry.Veterinary regulations and inform the businesses, farms, etc. prohibit import of poultry in the province are translated into the province and livestock consumption.
The province has about 2.2 million birds. In annual crops, veterinary vaccine deployment ensure disease prevention plan.By this time, veterinary vaccine for fall - winter 2012 nearly 80% of the herd, to ensure schedule.Agriculture has issued more than 600 books for monitoring poultry to people ... Poultry in the province is still protected, no signs of disease occur.

Vietnam: Map of #H5N1 strain Group C Outbreaks

According to the National Steering Committee for the prevention of avian influenza, in August, recurrent avian influenza began in some provinces and cities, mainly in the north and central regions due to the H5N1 virus group branch (group C). This virus group appeared in Quang Ngai, spread along the highway from north to south so the risk of spread in the current period is very high. In two weeks, the country has incurred two outbreak of avian influenza in Peace, killing nearly 1,000 birds and Tuyen Quang, killing 17,406 birds. Up to now, there are eight provinces with avian influenza within 21 days including: Ha Tinh 4 drive, Nam Dinh Ninh Binh 4 drive 3 the Bac Kan 1 hard drive, Quang Ngai 17 drive, Tuyen Quang 8 hard, Thanh Hoa 1 hard and Peace 2 outbreak.
[Original:   Hà Tĩnh có 4 ổ dịch, Ninh Bình 4 ổ, Nam Định 3 ổ, Bắc Kạn 1 ổ, Quảng Ngãi 17 ổ, Tuyên Quang 8 ổ, Thanh Hóa 1 ổ và Hòa Bình 2 ổ dịch.

[Another article:]

As directed by the National Steering Committee against bird flu this afternoon 18-9. 
According to Deputy Director of the Department of Animal Health Pham Van Dong, the past two weeks, the outbreak of bird flu continue to appear in the provinces: Bac Kan and Quang Ngai, Nam Dinh, Ninh Binh, Thanh Hoa, Ha Tinh and spread the two new Provincial Peace and Tuyen Quang, bringing the total number of local services across the country to 8 provinces. worryingly, the outbreak arising from 7-2012 to now associated with the appearance branch of the H5N1 flu virus (group C), highly virulent and cause rapid death, dead waterfowl, widely distributed in the north, extending to Quang Ngai. Branch of this virus tends to spread from north to south.  To quickly control the outbreak and prevent the not to new branch H5N1 virus spread in the southern provinces, particularly the provinces of the Mekong Delta region, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has asked the provinces to pause transport of live poultry from the north to south through the province of Quang Ngai, Kon Tum. Execution time until control the current avian influenza outbreaks.
My Map of the current Strain Outbreak in Vietnam.  Quang Ngai is the Province furthest South.   You can also see Guangdong Province in China on the map below.  H5N1 was reported in their poultry, the post can be found here.

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H7N3 Mexico

In other avian flu developments, Mexican officials are still battling outbreaks of highly pathogenic H7N3 in Jalisco state, an area that is one of the country's biggest egg producers, according to an OIE report yesterday. It detailed three recent outbreaks that struck farms in the middle of August, one that started on Aug 13 and two others that began on Aug 20.
Of 1,090,260 birds that were susceptible at the three locations, the virus sickened 86,569 and killed almost the same number. The report said authorities destroyed 477,930 more to keep the virus from spreading. 

The report described a massive surveillance operation that has so far sampled birds at 537 production units. So far 44 H7N3 isolates have been detected at the commercial layer farms, and 1 isolate has been found in wild birds. 

To date 11 million chickens have been culled to curb the virus, and other control measures that apply to the birds and their byproducts are still in place, according to the report.
Surveillance activities have not found the virus at farms or in backyard birds in other parts of Mexico, suggesting the outbreak is under control, the report said.
Officials launched a poultry vaccination campaign using a product manufactured in Mexico on Jun 26, and, as of Sep 14, 125.8 million doses have been given, some of which are booster doses. Vaccination activities will continue another 60 to 90 days, according to the OIE report.

Guangdong explosion avian threat for live chickens

[I understand this to read that they were using the Re5 vaccine, which is not effective with the current strain, and that they need to start using the Re6 against the strain.  Also, the new Re6 has not been used much and is still not used in Hong Kong. ]

Winter bird flu epidemic is gaining momentum. Zhanjiang City, Guangdong Province, duck avian flu outbreak, more than fourteen thousand ducks reared suspected bird flu symptoms, of which six thousand deaths, yesterday the National Avian Influenza Reference Laboratory confirmed H5N1 subtype of highly pathogenic avian influenza . The FEHD's Centre for Food Safety in Hong Kong have learned in Zhanjiang, Guangdong bird flu, is to verify whether it has supplied to Hong Kong chicken farms and poultry processing plants. The microorganisms experts believe that the mainland duck farms have a large number of ducks killed, variants of avian influenza virus, inoculated with the older generation of avian influenza vaccine in poultry can not resist worried for the Hong Kong chicken farms of chickens is not completely new vaccine, virus threats for live chickens.

Mainland media reported that some farmers in the town of Zhanjiang City Economic and Technological Development Zone, East Jane avian flu the the local blockade affected areas, to strengthen disinfection destroy the source and monitoring to troubleshoot, and culling sixty-seven thousand five hundred poultry.

Local chicken farmers should strengthen biosecurity
Ho Pak-leung, Director of the Centre for Infectious Disease of the University of Hong Kong, pointed out that the epidemic of Zhanjiang City, Mainland farms Re-5 further decline of the old vaccine effectiveness. Prevailing avian influenza virus lineage, Re-6 vaccine for the virus is not yet widely used, together with migratory birds, avian influenza virus may be passed to the various types of poultry widely with the birds, including the Mainland for Hong Kong chicken only, or even the local farms. As a result, local chicken farmers did not use before the new vaccine to strengthen biosecurity. Citizens travel to the Mainland, but also to avoid contact with birds.

Hong Kong Poultry Wholesalers Association, Xu pointed out that the regiment, Zhanjiang and Hong Kong distance, local may not be supplied to Hong Kong chicken farms, the Mainland for Hong Kong chicken farms gradually turn to play the new vaccine, adequate immunization of chickens against avian influenza.

For Port chilled duck is not affected by outbreaks
Hong Kong the chilled poultry Chamber of Commerce President, said Guo Shixing, near Zhanjiang, Yangjiang, a small amount of chilled ducks to Hong Kong, 1000-2000 daily, yet see the epidemic of Zhanjiang City. Li Liangji Mainland duck is not worried about the outbreak of avian flu virus into Hong Kong, the vice chairman of the Hong Kong New Territories Chicken Breeders Association. Birds of bird flu in Hong Kong for wild birds, migratory birds with the virus simply difficult to prevent. The industry will be vigilant, good chicken farm biosecurity. He added that local chickens in bird flu blood test results, the pass rate is almost hundred percent, believe that the present use of the vaccine is still effective. In response to the Mainland variant of avian flu virus, the industry ordered the new vaccines Re-arriving later can be injected chickens. He does not worry about the use of new vaccines, the avian flu virus threat in Hong Kong.

China: B2B H5N1 in Zhanjiang

hat-tip H5N1 Crofsblog

Rapid Detection of Carbapenemase-producing Enterobacteriaceae

Volume 18, Number 9—September 2012


Patrice NordmannComments to Author , Laurent Poirel, and Laurent Dortet
Author affiliations: Faculté de Médecine Paris Sud, Le Kremlin-Bicêtre, France (P. Nordmann, L. Poirel, L. Dortet); and Institut National de la Santé et de la Recherche Médicale, Paris, France (P. Nordmann, L. Poirel, L. Dortet)


To rapidly identify carbapenemase producers in Enterobacteriaceae, we developed the Carba NP test. The test uses isolated bacterial colonies and is based on in vitro hydrolysis of a carbapenem, imipenem. It was 100% sensitive and specific compared with molecular-based techniques. This rapid (<2 any="any" be="be" hours="hours" implemented="implemented" in="in" inexpensive="inexpensive" laboratory.="laboratory." may="may" p="p" technique="technique">

Multidrug resistance is emerging worldwide at an alarming rate among a variety of bacterial species, causing both community-acquired and nosocomial infections (1). Carbapenems, the last line of therapy, are now frequently needed to treat nosocomial infections, and increasing resistance to this class of β-lactams leaves the health care system with almost no effective drugs (1). However, reports of carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae have increased (2,3). Resistance may be related to association of a decrease in bacterial outer-membrane permeability, with overexpression of β-lactamases with no carbapenemase activity or to expression of carbapenemases (2,4,5). Spread of carbapenemase producers is a relevant clinical issue because carbapenemases confer resistance to most β-lactams (2). Various carbapenemases have been reported in Enterobacteriaceae, such as the following types: Klebsiella pneumoniae carbapenemase (KPC; Ambler class A); Verona integron–encoded metallo-β-lactamase (VIM), imipenemase (IMP), New Delhi metallo-β-lactamase (NDM) (all Ambler class B); and oxacillinase-48 (OXA-48; Ambler class D) (2,46). In addition, carbapenemase producers are usually associated with many other non–β-lactam resistance determinants, which give rise to multidrug- and pandrug-resistant isolates (2,3,7).