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New bird flu case hits Khanh Hoa

18:07' 20/02/2009 (GMT+7)

VietNamNet Bridge - Bird flu has emerged in central Khanh Hoa Province, raising the number of provinces hit by bird flu to ten, according to the animal health department.

Nguyen Van Trung’s unvaccinated ducks and fowls tested positive yesterday for the H5N1 virus in Khanh Hoa Province’s Vinh Phuong Commune.

Officials are worried because 10 days ago, upon realising that three fowls had died with virus symptoms, Trung’s six-member family and their guests ate them all. Trung threw other fowls away as they continued to die without informing local officials, according to the province’s animal health department.

Finally when 22 fowls had died he informed the department.

Yesterday, the locality decontaminated Vinh Phuong Commune and checked the health of people who had eaten the contaminated birds.

The Khanh Hoa provincial People’s Committee also asked other localities to strictly supervise livestock breeding farms to facilitate quick discovery of, and solutions to, epidemic outbreaks.

Bird flu has recently broken out in some Cuu Long delta provinces, primarily infecting flocks of free-range ducks, according to the region’s animal health departments.

Professor Vo Tong Xuan, former rector of An Giang University, said free-range ducks could carry the bird flu virus to disease-free provinces as they move to eat from harvested rice paddy fields.

Anti virus cloth coming

"Healthy people without protective clothing and masks who come within one metre of an infected bird are at high risk of contamination," said Tran Tinh Hien, deputy director of HCM City Tropical Disease Hospital.

Not all fowls stricken with the virus show the symptoms, so it is necessary for people to be equipped with anti-virus clothes, according to Hien.

An anti viral fibre called Flutect, which can reduce bird flu risk by 99.9 per cent even after 50 washings, has just been introduced to Viet Nam.

Flutect can be used effectively to make protective clothes, gloves and masks for people frequently in contact with fowls. It has been licensed by Japan’s National Research Institute and is already commonly used in Japan and Indonesia.

Provinces with confirmed cases of bird flu include: Khanh Hoa, Thanh Hoa, Thai Nguyen, Ca Mau, Soc Trang, Nghe An, Hau Giang, Quang Ninh, Bac Ninh and Quang Tri. Approximately 30,000 fowls have been culled.

Quang Ninh: The patient first had influenza A H5N1 has died

Thứ Bảy, 21/02/2009, 21:12

. According to information from the General Hospital in Quang Ninh Province, 14g30 days at 21-2, patients Ly Tai Mui (women, ethnic Dao, 23 years old, resident in Port Na, An Quang commune, Dam Ha district), the disease the first of Quang Ninh influenza A H5N1 infection have died.

Ly Tai Mui entered the General Hospital in Quang Ninh Province on 3-2 status in high fever, blood pressure dropped respiratory failure and severe. Patients and patients on 28-1, to treatment at Health Center Dam Ha district on 31-1. 2-2 days, the patient was transferred to Hospital in Tien Yen, to be transferred to the General Hospital in Quang Ninh province with the symptoms.

. According to tests by about epidemiology of central, patients Ly Tai Mui identified positive for influenza A H5N1 virus.

Although the doctor's Provincial Hospital in collaboration with the Institute of Medicine Clinical tropical countries, Bach Mai hospital in the treatment exposed it special for patients with positive influenza A H5N1, the status of patients with more severe symptoms: overflowing on the two lungs, respiratory failure level progress, the target still, liver failure, failure has increased, and internal poisoning. After 18 days of treatment was positive, Ly Tai Mui has died. Initial estimates, the cost of treatment for patients about 20 million / day.

The same day, Dam Ha district People's Committee and other agencies have conducted all of the birds of the family of Mr. Nguyen Manh Giao Hamlet in village, Dam Ha, Dam Ha district.

According to Animal Health Department in Quang Ninh Province, on 9-2 of his family brought the chickens for you but not sold out, out to 11-2 on the family's chickens started dying he scattered. On 20-2, over 100 of the birds of the family of him, 60 children have died. Specimen number of poultry died for positive results for influenza A H5N1 virus.

The agencies are urgently conducting enclosure measures, and as dập: destroys all of the remaining birds, spraying is being defined targets in the area of his home; developed flu vaccine vacxin Rooms for the entire poultry Dam Ha commune; promote advocacy of avian flu, and the people to take influenza vaccine, especially to cells in the communes in mountainous areas, remote areas.

Dam Ha commune is first of Quang Ninh appear flu A H5N1, the An Quang commune (Dam Ha district) and Khanh Ha, Ha Long.

Two Buleleng residents not infected with bird flu

Sat, 02/21/2009 3:42 PM | Bali

ULELENG: Buleleng Health Agency head I Made Pustaka said Thursday his office was upbeat that two residents, previously suspected of having contracted the bird flu virus, were not infected, despite reports of the sudden deaths of dozens of chickens in the area.

"We have treated the two and are now monitoring their health condition," he said.

"It was a common fever, and not caused by the bird flu virus."

The two residents of Sumberkelampok village in Gerokgak district suffered from high fever after 67 chickens owned by 15 families died suddenly on Wednesday. The residents then reported the case to health authorities.

The Buleleng Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Agency has culled remaining chickens in the vicinity as a preventive measure.

Pustaka said he could understand residents' concern over the case, adding his agency was cooperating with the agriculture agency to monitor Sumberkelampok village.

"We are thankful for the residents' quick response," he said. - JP
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Finland creates internet crisis portal

Singapore: Online network set up to share flu pandemic info with doctors

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Channel NewsAsia - Friday, February 6

SINGAPORE : The SingHealth cluster of public healthcare institutions in Singapore has established an online network to act as a one—stop information resource on flu pandemics.

Members of the PCC Network will be able to exchange information with health authorities.

Network members include general practitioner (GP) clinics and dental clinics located near the nine SingHealth polyclinics in the eastern part of Singapore.

A key objective of the PCC network is to implement the Ministry of Health’s flu pandemic plan, should there be a pandemic outbreak.

In addition, the website also provides useful medical resources for doctors, such as bird flu clinic notices, a drug identification guide for elderly and illiterate patients, a doctor’s clinical guidebook and a listing of GP clinics. — CNA /ls

Thursday, 19 February 2009 09:06

In order to make it easier for people to receive information in case of a crisis, the government has decided to create one single internet portal to disseminate advice and data, reports the Kuopio-based daily Savon Sanomat.

“THE FINNISH government will create a citizens’ crisis portal on the internet. It will be a central website providing useful information in case of an emergency.

‘The offers in the competitive bidding have been received and we will go through them in the near future,’ says Timo Härkönen, the Director of Government Security. ‘In the event of a crisis, a clear snapshot of the situation should be available to the people. It is the authorities’ job to acquire and disseminate information. Communication is a basic component of crisis management.’

The new crisis portal is intended to be a website with an easy to remember address, which in normal times will contain links to services of different security officials, for example.

If a pandemic breaks out in Finland or if bird flu is spreading among animals, information and advice about the matter will be immediately gathered on the crisis website.

The site could also be used during a large-scale water distribution crisis or in a situation similar to the 2004 Southeast Asia tsunami, where large numbers of people are affected.

‘The National Institute for Health and Welfare, the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and the Finnish government have their own web pages. However, with a crisis portal a person need only go to one website to find information.”
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Friday, February 20, 2009

Indo: Bogor: Region 5 bird flu alert

BOGOR, Monde: Public Health (Dinkes) in collaboration with the Department of Agriculture (Distan) Kota Bogor oversees a number of areas that experienced a bird flu suspect.

Areas that receive strict supervision of the district, among Kedungwaringan, Kedungbadak, Situgede, Sindangsari and Cimahpar. While Cilendek West more tightly monitored for three months.

Kabid P3KL Dinkes Bogor City, Sri Pinantari, the area became a suspect bird flu that will be the supervision officer for two sunday. Previous supervision done only seven days. "Furthermore, the control will be more strict time limit to three months," he said, yesterday.

During the supervision, the officer conducted surveillance, response and reporting. During the surveillance in the areas suspect bird flu, officials working with the cadres in villages. The response is quick action when there is a report that comes in, coordinate with hospitals and local health clinic.

"If there is H5N1-positive birds will be of 100-300 meters far as to investigate what people are experiencing symptoms of flu that is not normal," he said.

According to him, government is also working with the Distan through PDSR (Partisipatory Disease Surveillance and Response) which oversees and provides understanding to the community about the spread of H5N1 virus.

He explains, there are cases when the positive poultry bird flu infected, 100 meters in the area at risk that poultry will be infected. If after review the positive results it will be destroyed along with pen-kandangnya. Although it is a owner, the effort necessary for the prevention of the spread of H5N1 virus to the next stage.

"Now this is the distribution to the three levels, namely poultry to human transmission. Here we try to prevent the spread does not go to the next stage of transmission of the human to human, "explained.

To prevent direct contact of poultry is a suspect bird flu, according to him, the officer will diperisai tool pelidung and self-medication tamiflu if needed. "In our Dinkes has 160 cadres that have been built and trained to assist our officers in the various villages," he said. (S-3)

HPAI continues to spread

Friday, 20/2/2009

On 20-2, Khanh Hoa provincial People's Committee has announced HPAI occurred in Vinh Phuong, Nha Trang city. In Bac Lieu, HPAI recurrence in Phuoc Long district are at risk of spread of the surrounding area.

In Ca Mau, although local authorities have halted the traffic, sales of poultry, but real, situation purchase influenza still occur normally.

HPAI in the city of Nha Trang from poultry, including 64 chicken, duck, short family Nguyen Van Trung, indicated in Dac Loc, Vinh Phuong commune. Poultry by Trung sick from 5-2 and start dying from 8-2 but due to lack of knowledge, his family has 3 children meat chickens died to eat first, the child died the next hearing he such as garbage. To date 14-2, Trung new report for the Department of Veterinary provincial process.

When test results of samples from patients with positive subject virus avian influenza, the veterinary Khanh Hoa has measures to prevent outbreaks: destroys all of the remaining influenza family Trung ; pepper spray poison chemicals, the same all over the province of Vinh Phuong commune, in the core block to not take people from influenza in, promote and monitor and ...
Only 4 days after disease recurrence, to the end of the day 19-2, and has spread to nearly 20 farms, in 5 hamlets under 2 communes of Phuoc Long district, Bac Lieu province, the number of influenza has infected target cancel over 4,000 children.

China is groping for new bird flu treatment

February 20, 2009

14% of bird flu in poultry immune system failure, China began to reserve the human anti-serum

【 "Financial network" Comprehensive coverage】 "culled" and "immunization" a combination of China's bird flu prevention and control are the basic strategy. However, in January this year, seen on many of the people infected with highly pathogenic bird flu, so a lot of people questioned for poultry vaccination practical results.
February 20, the Ministry of Agriculture Chief Veterinary Officer in the country Kangzhen, director of the Center for National Influenza舒跃龙such as communicate with friends when the relevance of the avian flu situation in the introduction. Yu Kangzhen express, whether it is the Netherlands, the United States research, or Italy, Mexico practice, have proved immune control measures significant efficacy.

For China, the national poultry more than 15 billion, it is difficult to have to do 100% of immunization, especially in the incidence of non-infected birds. Moreover, Yu Kangzhen said monitoring by the Ministry of Agriculture in 2008, China's poultry after vaccination, 86% of poultry can have a qualified immunity, the remaining 14% of the poultry immune system failure.

China has reported 38 cases of human infection with highly pathogenic avian influenza cases, but only four cases accompanied by the emergence of poultry outbreaks. For this "strange phenomenon", in Kangzhen said studies are underway. He said that so far, 15 countries all over the world have 408 cases of human infection with avian influenza, including infection person-one correspondence with the poultry outbreaks have occurred is not many. "This is the reason which, from the science have not been basically solved."

Yu Kangzhen think, of human infection with avian influenza have relations with their genetic background. A situation is that the virus needs to be infected person has a corresponding receptor, which receptor the existence of quantity and distribution site, has great difference between people. If an individual distribution of the next respiratory receptor, it is difficult to come into contact with virus, the lower the risk of infection. Another situation is that there are unknown genetic factors can affect the decision or the avian flu virus susceptibility extent. Yu Kangzhen think, because of all these factors, as well as the lack of evidence of spread from person to person, and ultimately only a very small number of people will be infected with avian flu.

Ministry of Health emergency Yang Dong-ming, deputy director of the Office of introduction, in addition to the traditional treatment of avian flu, China is gradually exploring new bird flu treatment. For example, in 2009 the successful treatment of three cases, are used in human avian influenza virus antiserum.
Yu Kangzhen said bird flu prevention and control from the point of view, China has two weak links - water birds and live poultry market. Live poultry markets, especially the free-market style of live poultry markets, regulation very difficult. "So we have to strictly monitoring of live poultry market, while restrictions on live poultry market, the best in some places be able to shut down live poultry markets." ■

( "Financial" Journalist Liu Jing Jing)

Nepal once again found the bird flu virus

Xinhua Kathmandu, Feb 20 (Xinhua Chen Qiao Yan) Nepal Agricultural Cooperation Ministry spokesman said on the 20th, the east of the country Natchaba County once again found a village-type of highly pathogenic H5N1 avian influenza virus.

The spokesman said that the quarantine officer extracted the village died in recent days to about 150 poultry samples, and specimens sent to a laboratory in London. The results published on the 20th confirmed, some of which are type specimens containing the highly pathogenic H5N1 avian influenza virus. Government departments have already sent a team to the spot vaccination, culling of poultry there, and ready to closely monitor the affected areas. The spokesman also confirmed that just because one has died of bird flu infection in chickens are imported from India.

Government of Nepal on January 16 this year, announced that the first time in its territory a number of poultry in vivo detection of a highly pathogenic H5N1 type bird flu virus, epidemic prevention departments will find the bird flu virus in parts of Natchaba County classified as "bird flu emergency state of the district. "

Natchaba County adjacent to the north-eastern state of West Bengal, India, in December last year in the state of avian flu. According to media reports in Nepal, Nepal Government departments are checking through the strengthening of transport and other measures to prevent avian influenza virus in the territory of further spread, with India's neighboring counties are in a state of "high alert of bird flu."

Central Java: Bird Flu Merebak in Eromoko

Bird Flu Merebak in Eromoko
Friday, 20 February 2009
WONOGIRI (Sindo) - Temu's bird flu case caused by the virus Avian Influenza (AI) in the back merebak District Wonogiri. This time, at least an 60-tails in the village poultry NGADIREJO District Eromoko since died suddenly on Tuesday (17 / 2) and up to yesterday.

In fact, rapid test results indicate the death of poultry was positive bird flu. "On the findings that we make a direct examination of all residents in the two hamlets, Nglengkong and Siyono," explains Head of Animal Health Animal Husbandry, Fisheries and Marine Wonogiri Ismaryati Budiningsih, yesterday. He explained, the examination is conducted to anticipate the possibility of cases in humans. According to him, all the residents in the area around the index case has been ordered to be examined.

The findings in the case of bird flu Eromoko long list to add more bird flu cases in Wonogiri.Tercatat during the period 1.5 months, cases of bird flu reaching the 6 districts and 594 head of poultry. To prevent the virus is not widespread, have also been doing the spraying disinfectant in the area surrounding the case. In addition, the government also ordered residents in order to impound birds.

Meanwhile, Sri NGADIREJO Head Rohmani village, said the emergence of bird flu cases, one due to the low awareness of residents to stall mereka.Padahal poultry, poultry stall appeal to the Frequently Asked citizen. "When people start this finding responsive since bird flu cases," he explained (Sumarno)

Indo: Bogor: Don't panic but continued to be on the alert

Jumat, 20 Februari 2009

The rumor of the spreading of the bird flu virus went through the water media that could disturb the resident in and around the source of water that was expected dirtiest should not be abundant. This unrest could not be blamed because of the process of the spread of the virus H5NI from the poultry to humankind up to now still became the mystery. Moreover for ilmuan, the process of the spread of Al's virus to the patient suspect bird flu still in the debate. The "resident might not restless, but also continued to be on the alert because the spreading" of the "bird flu virus to humankind still must be guarded against," said Section Head Kesehatan of the Bogor City Dr Triwandha Elan. He explained, the sign of bird flu was the same as common flu.

However tended faster worsened and had the possibility of could happen pneumonia (the inflammation of the lungs - the lungs, red). Most was seen that was experienced by the sufferer was feverish more than 38°C, was sick the throat, the cough pilek, breathless, limp, had a headache, not appetite, vomited - vomited as well as stomach pain and diarrhoea. The "sign" of "this bird flu varied because not all the signs must be to the sufferer." Could be different - the difference in masing - masing the individual. The death of the patient is usually caused by the virus that attacked the lungs - the lungs and resulted in the lungs - the lungs did not function. The sufferer then failed did breathing. Therefore, Dodo-greeting close Triwandha Elan-appeal to the community stayed preceptive towards the spread of the bird flu virus. He considered the community should not panic precisely must be on the alert and care to prevent the spreading of the bird flu virus so that did not worry. "So, carried out the prevention from the poultry first, because the source" of "the virus came from the poultry," he said.

Kasi Kesmavet Distan Kota Bogor Drh Arif Mukti said, to confirm how the virus H5N1 could tertular to humankind still must be researched further. In the theory must have direct contact the patient with the poultry that terjangkit. "Went through the waste media" of the "poultry or even mucus." That definitely must have direct contact the patient with the poultry and could not through the air intermediary or other, stressed Arif. Nevertheless, he explained, in several cases named the patient suspect bird flu did not have the story carried out direct contact with the poultry. So that up to now still must be investigated. Because in his thinking, really the incubation of the revolving virus 1-7 days necessarily could have traced from where the virus came. If not having direct contact, his risk was very small.

"Bird flu to the animal till now to infect his possibility humankind was small or risky low." But kenyataa him that continued to happen, he said to the Bogor Radar just recently. The Head of Sector P3KL Dinkes the Bogor City Dr Sri Pinantari then joined in explained, the spread method usually from the poultry to the poultry and from the poultry to humankind. However up to now the spread from humankind to humankind is not yet proven. The spread could through the waste or sekreta the poultry that polluted the hands penjamah. In the view of him, the high risk group that must be guarded against including the worker in livestock breeding or pemprosesan the poultry (including the veterinary surgeon and the official of livestock breeding), the laboratory worker who processed the sample of the patient or the poultry that terjangkit, the livestock breeding visitor or pemprosesan the poultry for the last one weeks as well as the difficult flu patient who had the story of contact with the poultry of the bird flu sufferer.

Avoided the individual tertular, Sri explained, the matter that must be done by the risky groups high was by means of washing the hands sesering possibly with disinfectant (gasohol 70 percent) and for the official was obliged to use APP (the individual's protective equipment) like gloves, the spectacles, the mask and other equipment. He said, must be carried out by the vaccination of the virus of human flu for that terindikasi. With the aim of not happening two joint infections of the virus and bird flu of human flu in one person so as enabled the new kind emergence the bird flu virus that could be spread from humankind to humankind. "They who were susceptible like the child - the child, lansia, the heart disease sufferer, or even the pulmonary disease sufferer - the lungs it was hoped avoided the place" of "poultry livestock breeding", "he said." The resident's unrest invited the member the D Ani Sumarni Commission to believe.

Spread him bird flu must be responded to. The community should not panic, but must be on the alert. According to him, if must be waiting for Regional Regulations first apparently needed a long time. He explained, was needed by the preventive aspect towards the government by localising the spreading of the AI virus in several territories suspect. Be not enough from the government, to be needed by synergy between the community officially related. Will "not mean what - what if the government worked without help from the community," he added. Ani hoped, the government could dismiss the policy by means of carrying out discussions with the official of the country unuk discussed the stopping of the spreading and the re-emergence bird flu. "Be not enough only worrying." Now already during him took fast measures, pungkas him.

Bird flu virus detected in east Nepal again

KATHMANDU, Feb. 20 (Xinhua) -- Another case of bird flu virus (H5N1) has been detected in Jhapa district of east Nepal, some 320 km southeast of capital Kathmandu, local news website eKantipur reported on Friday.

H5N1 strain of the avian influenza virus, the causative agent of the dreaded bird flu, has been detected in a chicken sample collected from Sharanamati Village Development Committee of the district, eKantipur quoted Hari Dahal, spokesperson at the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives as saying.

Nepal had managed to remain safe by the avian virus even after it was traced in neighboring villages of India.

After the first outbreak of the disease in the country on Jan. 16, the government had declared emergency in the area that lied within a radius of 10 km from the quarantine office in Kakarbhitta of Jhapa district.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives is set to organize a press conference to give further information about the second outbreak.

Larger changes in the incubation period of avian influenza international requirements for the 21 days observation period

February 20, 2009
Source: The Chinese Government Network

This afternoon, the Ministry of Agriculture with the Ministry of Health will meet in Beijing to accept an interview with the Chinese government network. National Chief Veterinary Officer in Kangzhen, the Ministry of Health deputy director of the office of emergency and Yang Dong-ming, director of the National Influenza Center舒跃龙on Human infection of highly pathogenic avian influenza prevention and control work-related questions to answer users questions. In response to questions raised by netizens on Kangzhen express highly pathogenic avian influenza incubation period of greater change.

Following is a conference Abstract:

The incubation period of avian flu have long? The incubation period will not be transmitted? The route of transmission of avian influenza have what?

Yu Kangzhen:

The incubation period of avian influenza, generally recognized international or a week, but volatility is still relatively large. Some infections, like a few hours, more than a dozen hours or even days will be the incidence. Some can go a long ten days, or even 20 days before onset. The international community in order to facilitate the highly pathogenic avian influenza prevention and control, it provided a longer incubation period, because the back of the protective measures are based on the incubation period to decide. For example, there is no epidemic disinfection after how many days to lift the blockade, are based on the incubation period. Therefore the provisions of the international community are 21 days, after 21 days if there is no outbreak, as evidenced by the elimination of the epidemic was lost.

Again, within the incubation period can be transmitted, we often see it, such as farms, there are several waiting sheds, chicken coop when the beginning of the disease, we will as soon as possible to take urgent measures to kill all the chickens , disinfection and isolation, but after a few days, the incidence of sheds also. However, under normal circumstances or in the incidence of later, with symptoms after detoxification when the highest infection-prone, but do not rule out the incubation period will not be transmitted on.

(According to the Chinese government language broadcast network Finishing)

Experts recommend wearing masks to buy poultry avoid contact with wild birds bird flu disease

February 20, 2009
Source: The Chinese Government Network

This afternoon, the Ministry of Agriculture with the Ministry of Health will meet in Beijing to accept an interview with the Chinese government network. National Chief Veterinary Officer in Kangzhen, the Ministry of Health deputy director of the office of emergency and Yang Dong-ming, director of the National Influenza Center舒跃龙on Human infection of highly pathogenic avian influenza prevention and control work-related questions to answer users questions. In response to questions raised by netizens, Yang Dong-ming recommends everyone wear a mask when buying poultry to prevent bird flu disease.

Following is a conference Abstract:
User fisherman:

Daily life, we do to prevent highly pathogenic avian influenza? The face of human infection with highly pathogenic bird flu, what should we do to protect themselves?

Yang Dong-ming:

The daily life of how effective prevention of infection by this disease, although the crowd can be infected with avian flu which such a person are very small, but it also has the necessary knowledge, acquired skills, this can effectively protect themselves.

Now because of avian influenza viruses in our environment already exists, especially in the live poultry market, the trading market the source of all aspects of poultry, in spite of quarantine, but some birds, including water birds, they are not borne disease, reflected in the health of ducks, geese, this time they also emit the virus to the outside world. Live poultry markets in the selection or purchase of poultry, it is necessary to wear a mask, so as not to contact with live birds, poultry purchase in the market to avoid the process of making their own infection. In daily life and wild birds will not touch, do not touch those dead birds, it can be very good to protect themselves.


If I buy a home of live birds to slaughter, but also wear protective gloves and masks it?

Yang Dong-ming:

We are and the agricultural sector, industrial and commercial department, quality inspection departments, and actively promote the prevention and control of bird flu a matter of policy, it is hoped that in the medium-sized cities as far as possible, the closure of live poultry market in order to reduce the people and live poultry and birds carrying the virus contacts. Especially southerners like to eat live birds, we also hope that in a market, by focusing on effective protection of slaughtering methods, rather than their own slaughter, this is a very effective method.

(According to the Chinese government language broadcast network Finishing)

HK: Crested Myna confirmed positive for H5N1 virus

A spokesman for the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD) said today (February 20) that a dead Crested Myna found in Tung Ping Chau was confirmed to be H5N1 positive after a series of laboratory tests.

Under the present avian influenza surveillance programme on dead wild birds, the Crested Myna carcass was found and collected on February 12 at Sha Tau, Tung Ping Chau.

"The public can call 1823 Call Centre for follow up if they come across suspected sick or dead birds, including carcasses of wild birds and poultry," the spokesman said.

Members of the public are reminded to observe good personal hygiene.

They should avoid personal contact with wild birds and live poultry and their droppings.

They should clean their hands thoroughly after coming into contact with them.

Poultry and eggs should be thoroughly cooked before consumption.

Health advice for the public is available from the "H5N1 Health Advice" on the AFCD website at

The website also includes the latest information on the H5N1 infected birds found in Hong Kong this year.
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Vietnam: Ninh Binh announced HPA

{This is the province that the 3rd case is from. "After Tet" is very general. Tet ended a while back}

Ninh Binh provincial People's Committee has decided to publish HPAI. Outbreaks occurred in 12 communes xóm Tan Kim (Kim Son), this is the first area of the province who have been infected influenza A/H5N1 virus by eating poultry meat sick family (patients Cu Van Chieu) .

After Tet in Tan Kim has been sick chickens ducks are scattered in many households. Immediately after the disease, Animal Health Department in collaboration with health departments sent officers to local implementation of necessary measures such as khử match, resolve environmental sanitation in the entire village and hamlet areas times access, banning transport of cattle and poultry from disease out there, vaccination for those related to eat chickens, ducks sick.

Ninh Binh provincial People's Committee has directed Kim Son collaboration with departments: Agriculture and Rural Development, Animal Health, Public Health implemented the dập on in this local, not to spread disease to other places .

Presently there are 10 provinces namely Ca Mau, Soc Trang, Nghe An, Hau Giang, Quang Ninh, Quang Tri, Bac Ninh, Bac Lieu, Khanh Hoa and Ninh Binh have HPAI not last 21 days.

Incidence of influenza and ARI in Russia remains at a high level

Published 20-02-2009

Incidence of influenza and ARI significantly exceeded the epidemic threshold in such cities as Kaliningrad / all ages / in Arkhangelsk and Pskov / children. This is the head of the center of RAMS academician Oleg Kiselev.

In St. Petersburg, according to his data, has exceeded epidporogov among adolescents under 14 years at 21.8% and toddlers up to two years - at 17.5 percent. In Moscow and Smolensk higher threshold level of morbidity among schoolchildren aged 7 to 14 years.

In urban areas, Far East - Khabarovsk and Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk - above epidporogov ill adults and children. In the Volga region - in Kirov, Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod and Saratov - higher thresholds morbidity among preschool children and adolescents. Similar epidsituatsiya emerging in some cities in the Siberian region and the Southern District.

In doing so, the incidence of influenza and ARI does not exceed the rate of only 20 cities.

"Since the beginning of epidsezona reported one fatal influenza illness in the child at the age of one year from the Saratov region," - noted the head of the center.

According to the WHO, said the academician Kiselev, the incidence of influenza and ARI is high in Austria, Luxembourg, Poland, Finland, Croatia and Switzerland. The average level of disease was registered in 19 countries. In the U.S., the incidence of influenza has continued to grow: widespread morbidity was registered in 16 U.S. states.

For those who are exposed to influenza and ARI, as a prevention and treatment of influenza Acad Kiselev Russian recommends innovative products "Ingaron and Alfaron. These so-called interferons first and second types are effective means of treating viral infections with a wide spectrum of antiviral activity."

National Influenza Center WHO, based in St. Petersburg, provides year-round monitoring at 54-s Russia and exchanges data with the WHO headquarters in Geneva.


China Southern Beijing takes a number of positive measures to further guard against avian flu

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civil aviation resources Rapporteur Yi Hua hearing

Civil Aviation Resource Network February 16, 2009 news: Recently, Beijing, Shanxi, Shandong, Guizhou, Hunan and other provinces and cities have found a person bird flu and avian influenza have occurred due to infection caused many deaths from staff. Winter and spring are highly pathogenic avian influenza in high season, for a really good job of highly pathogenic avian influenza prevention and control work to prevent the highly pathogenic avian influenza, through the dissemination of flights to ensure that the staff of the company and their families health and safety, China Southern Airlines Co., Ltd. (China Southern Airlines Company Limited, referred to as the "Southern") after the Security Department of Beijing Branch Room Hangwei the original highly pathogenic avian influenza prevention and control work on the basis of positive improve and implement various measures to further strengthen the disease prevention and control work.

First, since January 8, 2009 in North China Civil Aviation of China Civil Aviation Authority held in North China bird flu prevention and control of an emergency meeting, the Hangwei room in accordance with the Council within the requirements of tight outside the song, combined with the actual situation of Beijing Branch , issued a "Circular on strengthening the work of highly pathogenic avian influenza prevention and control of the notification." Notification of all food and beverage sector companies, freight sector, run command at the scene, Flight Division, Department of the cabin, as well as sales and services such as airport check-in staff have put forward specific requirements, and further defined emergency information in case of transmission channels, to ensure that information the report of the smooth transfer channels. Second, Room Hangwei the prevention and control of the establishment of a 24-hour duty phone, and run the first-line publication of the relevant departments of the telephone and Beijing Capital International Airport TAMCC, Capital International Airport, the emergency center 24 hours a day emergency telephone Contact us. Three are with the Capital International Airport TAMCC, Capital International Airport to coordinate the emergency center, further defined the flight passengers, passengers and ground staff of emergency medical condition at the time of disposal and transfer procedures. The fourth is for the aircraft by emergency medical kit with a mask, gloves, protective clothing and other emergency protective equipment were a total of 72 sets. Are Friday January 12, 2009, Room Hangwei buy the disinfection drugs, in基建办with the assistance of the company after the bases of the sand Tongkuangyu Park office and a sprinkler消杀. Room Hangwei sent specialized public health personnel take part in the study of avian flu knowledge lectures, positive for the broad masses of workers to carry out missionary. Six are January 15, 2009, Hangwei the dining room of the company sector has targeted hygiene inspections, the main examination of the catering department of avian influenza prevention and control measures and implementation. All departments in accordance with the notification requirements of the implementation of various control measures. Hangwei seven rooms are collected bird flu prevention and control elements, the Department requested the flight, cabin Ministry Office保卫部hung in EB-line so that each aircrew are understanding and do a good job of self-prevention, and in the hands of the flights infectious disease emergency preparedness.

Fresh Air in Xinjiang take active measures to do a good job in bird flu prevention and control work


Civil Aviation Resource Network February 19, 2009 news:

The recent bird flu outbreak in Xinjiang Air Catering Limited Liability Company (the "Xinjiang Fresh Air") is actively taking measures to do a good job in the prevention and control work to ensure food safety.

Xinjiang Airlines food companies to strengthen the poultry products when purchasing cable card management, including the quarantine certificate, inspection reports and other batch.

Second, the inventory of each species, each batch of poultry products for statistical registration, including the manufacturer, production date, shelf life, such as inventory quantity.

Again from January 27 to suspend all flights starting with poultry products. At the same time, food in Xinjiang Airlines also strengthen bird flu prevention and control of the propaganda, the experts introduce the precautionary approach to the seven-mail message through the network to each and every staff and posted on the promotion board.

Through a series of measures, making the machine food safety has been further protection to each and every passenger all-you-can rest assured that the safety of aviation food.

Yu Kangzhen: human infection with highly pathogenic avian influenza has four channels

February 20, 2009

Beijing, February 20 Electricity Today, National Chief Veterinary Officer Ministry of Agriculture, Yu Kangzhen, the Ministry of Health deputy director of the office of emergency and Yang Dong-ming, director of the National Influenza Center舒跃龙on "Let's do a good job of human infection with highly pathogenic avian influenza prevention and control job "communicate with friends online.

[User illusory people] why the recent emergence of human infection with highly pathogenic avian influenza cases, while the poultry epidemic does not happen? China's current poultry bird flu outbreak in the end what?

[Yu Kangzhen] First of all, this phenomenon is a fact, really happen for Human bird flu cases, and found no poultry outbreak in the world are carrying out in-depth manner. Look to expand a bit, up to now, 15 countries all over the world have more than 400 cases of human infection with avian influenza, if we say that human infection with avian influenza virus and poultry epidemic-one correspondence, at the same time or one after another the emergence of such circumstances in the international community much in our country up to now have 38 cases of human infection with highly pathogenic avian influenza, only four cases of the disease associated with poultry and other poultry have not accompanied the epidemic. There reasons, from the science have not been basically solved, and now is still under study, but of human infection with highly pathogenic avian influenza in several ways such无外乎.

First, direct contact with infected poultry.

Secondly, with a number of poultry virus, in particular with the virus are birds, resident birds,观赏鸟contact.

, a number of virus contamination of goods and food, which is the source of human infection.

Fourth, the live poultry market, there may be bird flu virus, human infections may also occur after contact.

Why do some people in the absence of bird flu outbreaks happen when infected to prove that the environment there is virus, the virus exists, people may be infected, we have been talking about several cases, there might be transmitted.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thailand faces outbreak of at least 11 diseases

By Pongphon Sarnsamak
The Nation
Published on February 20, 2009

Citing the World Health Organisation's assessment, study leader Dr Ram Rangsin said Thailand currently faced at least 11 diseases, namely: severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS); bird flu and influenza; Japanese B encephalitis; Nipah virus; Hanta virus; West Nile virus; Meningococcal disease; handfootandmouth disease; Brucellosis; Leishmania and diarrhoea caused by E coli O157.

Ram was presenting his report at "New Infectious Emerging Disease Surveillance System" held by the National Health Foundation and National Science and Technology Development Agency.

In a bid to reduce the risk of outbreaks, Ram suggested that Thailand develop a surveillance system that allows rapid detection and monitoring of diseases in animals and humans.

"We need to strengthen and develop the capacity for the surveillance system to control outbreaks," Ram said.

He also suggested that the country's epidemiological agencies develop a reporting system, under which deadly virus strain samples are immediately sent for laboratory testing.

"Any severe illnesses and unknown deaths must be reported immediately," he advised.

The surveillance system should also have more information on factors that cause diseases, particularly those transferred from animals to humans. Building the capacity and ability of government agencies is also important in handling outbreaks.

Ram suggested that special teams be created to survey, investigate, prevent and control severe outbreaks and that government agencies find more experts to work on this issue.

Thai Nguyen

H5N1 in poultry was reported in late December of 08 in Thai Nguyen Province. I believe the list includes that Province but it has since been eradicated.

Thai Nguyen People's Committee: Emergency flu influenza and influenza A (H5N1) in people.

According to this, Thai Nguyen doesn't have it yet....previous post:

Vietnam: One More Province

Thứ Tư, 18/02/2009, 11:25
Disease of cattle and poultry at risk of Bùng

(ANTD) - Department of Animal Health said, beginning in 2009 to present, HPAI was found in 31 communes belonging to 16 districts in 10 provinces across the country: Thanh Hoa, Thai Nguyen, Ca Mau, Soc Trang, Nghe An, Hau Giang, Quang Ninh, Bac Ninh, Quang Tri and Bac Lieu to total poultry died and forced to close all 33,000 children.

(17:04, 19/02/2009)
HPAI and influenza A (H5N1) on the people in our country still complicated place. 7 provinces have occurred HPAI, and are at risk of infection spreading. In one province, although not before but have complex events of HPAI in the region and the country is widespread, the risk of outbreaks of avian influenza in Thai Nguyen is very high. On 12/2/2009 Thai Nguyen People's Committee issued Directive No. 03 on the implementation of emergency measures to prevent avian influenza outbreaks and influenza A (H5 N1) in person. Directive requirements:

1. Chairman of People's Committee of districts, cities, towns guiding communes, wards, towns and agencies in the implementation of measures of prevention and the expert guidance of the animal y. Heads of government village, hamlet, agencies and organizations are responsible, if the owner, lo epidemic is to occur.

Closely manage the transport, slaughter and trade of poultry in the province; establishment of temporary quarantine core thuoi in the transport and quarantine transporting poultry and poultry products to the province .

Implementation of sanitation targets in the same khử the whole province. Spray chemicals khử match level and vaccination vaccines for avian influenza to key areas of poultry breeding, the outbreak older areas of high risk. Enhanced disease surveillance, perform all thoroughly to infected poultry.

2. Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, Veterinary Department has the responsibility to guide local implementation of serious measures to prevent outbreaks.

3. Department of Health to guide preventive measures to actively and effectively, in coordination with concerned agencies the implementation of epidemiological surveillance.

4. The report's PT TH-local (provincial and district) responsible for coordinating with the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, Department of Health to strengthen the propaganda and information about nature of dangerous diseases avian influenza, measures to prevent outbreaks, says timely, accurate processing and the risk of disease.

5. Department of Finance in collaboration with Department of Agriculture and Rural Development assessment of preventive, prepare a full cost of preventive emergency.

6. Provincial Police, Department of Natural Resources and Environment, Department management market, Department ranger based on the functional responsibilities of Steering Committee of the province, responsible for coordinating with the Department of Agriculture and Agricultural Development villages, Department of Health in the prevention of HPAI and influenza A (H5N1) in people.

PPC requires the district People's Committee, an, of the ban, industry and the units in the area seriously implemented.

Appear HPAI in Nha Trang

[This was the 9th province added]


Sang-NDDT 19-2, Animal Health Department Khanh Hoa confirmation, avian influenza has appeared in Nha Trang. Lunch 19-2, Nguyen Chien Thang, Vice Chairman of the Permanent People's Committee of Khanh Hoa province said the province has directed the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development focus urgently processed, Bùng prevent the spread of disease

The 15-2 pm, the staff Nguyen Van Trung (Dac Loc village, Vinh Phuong commune, Nha Trang City) asked how the treatment of influenza death series, the Animal Health doubt have egg on . Pm the same day, Animal Health have samples, send horseleech The central test. 18-2 am, result: positive virust with avian influenza type A/H5N1. 18-2 in the morning, all the live poultry (28 chicken, duck, short) by the Trung has been destroyed. Provincial Animal Health Department report Agriculture and Rural Development, Animal Health ... 4 area proposed in core to prevent disease, make the total resolvent, statistics poultry in the area, in 8 samples of nearby to test.

Mr. Dao Cong Thien, Director of Agriculture and Rural Development said the process of detecting, processing, and publication (if any) is being implemented seriously.

19-2 end of the day, there will be test results of samples in 8 above. After the events of the latest, 20-2 pm, will report to the provincial People's Committee in the meeting. Tran Tien, Vice Chairman of Vinh Phuong commune that was founded in quarantine core 2 (the 24/24), medication is spray the area.

19 pm, at his home, Mr. Trung says, before Tet, Mr. nuôi about 70 birds in the garden, which turn network B40. Have found the covey will be flying east to the garden eating poultry. 5-2 days, he has bought the market in VND to the duck xiem 4 (thousand) on nhốt 1 day before as meat feast. 8-2 to start the export of poultry death in turn. To 14-2, 40 children died.

Animal doctors vital to homeland security, GAO says

Thursday, 19 February 2009
by Mickey McCarter

A growing shortage of veterinarians worldwide have led to current or potential veterinarian workforce shortages in the federal government, which may find itself lacking necessary expertise in the event of a catastrophe such as an outbreak of avian influenza, according to a report from congressional investigators released Thursday.

The American Veterinary Medical Association told the Government Accountability Office (GAO) that the veterinarian shortage places the nation's food supply at risk and could impede a response to a pandemic originating from animals, said the GAO report, titled "Veterinarian Workforce: Actions Are Needed to Ensure Sufficient Capacity for Protecting Public and Animal Health."

The veterinarian shortage is expected to worsen, as the 28 US veterinary colleges can graduate only 2,500 students annually, according to the American Association of Veterinary Medical Colleges.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects an increase in demand for veterinarians of 35 percent from 2006-2016. As such, the demand for 62,000 full-time veterinarians in 2006 will rise to 84,000 in 2016. In response, Congress has passed legislation recently to encourage increased opportunities and enrollment at veterinary colleges.

More than 3,000 veterinarians work for the federal government in agencies at the Departments of Agriculture, Defense, Health and Human Services (HHS), and Homeland Security (DHS), contributing to plans to keep American agriculture secure.

For example, the veterinarians at DHS, which employs a small number of them overall, work to develop policies for defending the national food supply against natural or man-made emergencies. Veterinarians at the Animal Research Service at the Department of Agriculture have been vital to the agency's research on the detection of avian influenza and the development of vaccines for the bird flu.

But the US federal government has not conducted any broad, comprehensive assessment of its veterinarian workforce needs, despite the important contributions of veterinarians to homeland security, the GAO report noted, although some individual agencies have made smaller assessments.

HHS is one department that has not assessed its veterinarian workforce needs departmentwide, with HHS officials reporting to GAO that they did not feel veterinarians were mission critical.

Federal agencies reviewed by the GAO generally agreed with its recommendations on their veterinarian workforce. DHS objected to a GAO conclusion that one of its veterinarian workforce estimates is impractical and thus irrelevant.
hat-tip mixin

Alignment of several special micro-organism resistance against H5N1 virus

February 18, 2009

Not all infected poultry have manifestations of avian influenza. But the case exposed near (under 1m) or with poultry carrying the disease are not equipped with personal risk of infection is very high.
This is the share of patients infected with Professor Oxford University UK, Deputy Director of Hospital Patients Tropical Vietnam Tran Tinh Hien seminars in "danger of pandemic avian influenza and the effectiveness of virus-resistant fabric Flutect ", held on 18/02/2009.
According to Tran Tinh Hien, the risk of infection with avian influenza cases in close contact (less than 1m) or with poultry infected by H5N1 infection is not equipped with personal protection. Thus, the infected birds are for sale (has hair) today, the exposure and processing can highly infectious.

Currently, 4 first drug to treat avian influenza patients. However, patients over 3-4 days, the status of resistance to drug treatment is not.
Mr. Hien also recommend not all infected birds are manifestations of avian influenza. Unlike chickens, ducks carry the disease difficult to recognize the role of the outside. Avian influenza infected to cause high mortality but can prevent it.
At the workshop, the prevention of avian influenza infection are made. By the way, Flutect of fabric, fabric type resistant bacteria especially resistant to the H5N1 virus and its variations first introduced in Vietnam.
Upcoming, fabrics Flutect will be piloted in 2 hospitals: Hospital Tropical Diseases and Vietnam Bach Mai hospital in Hanoi to make clothing for medical staff.

Avian flu may affect China's exports of down products

Happened recently in some regions of China pathogenic bird flu, due to shortage of raw materials down raw material prices to soar, there will be down products may adversely affect exports.

According to China Textile News reported February 16, has recently occurred in some regions of China pathogenic bird flu has led to a consumer of poultry feather products, health and safety issues. To this end, Wujiang, Jiangsu inspection and quarantine departments in accordance with the characteristics of avian influenza virus and down products processing process analysis pointed out that bird flu will not be passed down products directly transmitted to humans. However, shortage of raw materials down raw material prices rise, there will be down products may adversely affect exports.

It is understood that in the production process down products, down, after first washing, then again after 30 minutes of 120 ℃ -130 ℃ steam disinfection. Avian influenza virus to high temperature, dry and more sensitive to chemical disinfectants, under the conditions of 56 ℃ in 30 minutes can be inactivated at 70 ℃ for two minutes under the conditions of use can be inactivated. Therefore, even in the presence of avian influenza virus in the feather down raw materials in, after washing, drying and disinfection process can also be effective in eradication. Therefore produced by the normal process of passing down products will not be carrying avian influenza virus.

However, the volatility of bird flu to down products export enterprises caused some negative effects. Some consumers, especially consumers in Europe and America on the use of poultry feather products with fear, causing the market down products unsalable. On the one hand, consumers panic exacerbated the down market of the Depression, so that some foreign importers wait a little macro news; On the other hand, in order to prevent the spread of the avian flu epidemic, killing many Chinese provinces and cities to prevent the epidemic from imported poultry, the poultry category and its products logistics has taken strict measures, resulting in business-to-down inter-provincial transportation of raw materials difficulties due to shortage of raw materials down raw material prices to soar. If the export enterprises with foreign investors years ago signed a supply contract, price and quantity have long established that raw material shortages and rising prices led to a contract may not be able to fulfill, bird flu is expected to bring down products in 2009 exports of certain negative impact. (NEW YORK)

One province in northern Laos bird flu outbreak

February 19, 2009

Xinhua Hanoi, February 19 (Xinhua Han Qiao) Vientiane news: According to Laos "Vientiane Times" reported on the 19th, the Lao province of northern Phongsali emergence of avian flu, the local has been caught more than 900 chickens and 30 ducks.

It has been responsible for bird flu prevention and control of the province, an official said, a total of five parts of the village poultry infected with avian flu virus has not yet found a local person infected with avian Flu.

Reported that, in order to prevent the spread of the epidemic, government departments and provincial governments Phongsali spot areas have farms, slaughterhouses and markets to strengthen disinfection, and in the province of poultry and poultry products, transport, trade to strengthen the monitoring, once found from the infected points of poultry, immediately destroyed.

According to another Lao media in November last year and in September reported that the country's north-east Sayaboury Province and is located in north-central province of Luang Prabang has happened poultry infected with avian flu.

China's Embassy in China to inform the recent Human bird flu


HONG Beijing February 19 (Xinhua LIU Tian Si) February 18, 2009 morning, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Agriculture was invited to the United Nations Development Program office in China to the United Nations system agencies in China and the countries concerned Embassy recent introduction Human bird flu in China and bird flu prevention and control work. The meeting was chaired by the World Health Organization (WHO) resident representative in韩卓or (Hans Troedsson) and FAO (FAO) representative office in China Senior Project Officer Martin (Vincent Martin) co-chaired.

First of all, the Ministry of Health deputy director for international cooperation on behalf of the Ministry of Health王立基the recent introduction of the Human bird flu overview of the recent human avian influenza cases in the basic situation and the characteristics of the epidemic, the Ministry of Health to study the epidemic situation, all levels of hygiene departments have taken the next step of the prevention and control measures and job arrangements. He said that the health systems of the cases occurred in the timely prevention and control plans in accordance with a deal, the Chinese government has an open, transparent and responsible attitude in the first instance to the WHO and other international organizations, the country and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan region of China about the recent happened to all those infected with highly pathogenic bird flu. National Ministry of Health, China CDC and the corresponding health administration departments of infection in 8 patients in accordance with the China of highly pathogenic avian influenza prevention and control plans to take prompt measures to successfully saved three patients, there was no spread of the epidemic situation. People working and living in a normal, stable society are. He also said that willing to work with relevant countries and international organizations to further strengthen cooperation, enhance mutual trust and continue to strengthen the human avian influenza and pandemic influenza prevention and control work for the people's health and well-being of Service.

Director of Veterinary Services Ministry of Agriculture informed Qin Chao recent epidemiological survey of poultry, the introduction of the Ministry of Agriculture to prevent the emergence of epidemic seven poultry prevention and control measures, including immunization, intensify monitoring of the epidemic, and strengthen supervision and quarantine circulation and so on. He said that China's bird flu in poultry immune condition, the recent large-scale epidemic outbreak will not.

The Netherlands, Canada Embassy in China and the EU missions in China and other agency personnel had to ask questions, questions relating to China's human avian influenza vaccine development and use of the status quo, the bird flu virus strain in Shanxi Province with the recent human avian influenza cases whether there is any correlation, our environment whether the substantial presence of avian influenza virus, bird flu person dead poultry associated with the reliability of evidence and so on. 王立基Deputy Director, the Director, as well as ultra-Qin Yang Wei of China, deputy director of CDC, such as the above 11 questions were answered.

Finally韩卓or express, with the past, this year's Human bird flu strain does not mutate, the epidemic situation was no significant change, but human infection with highly pathogenic avian influenza cases show that the emergence of avian influenza virus are still there, and there is variation the possibility of hope that the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Agriculture and other departments to strengthen cooperation and jointly do a good job of bird flu prevention and control work.

From WHO, FAO, the European Union and other international organizations in China and Canada, the Netherlands, Iran and other relevant embassy of the country about 40 people attended the briefing.

Author: Liu Tian Si


Posted on February 1st:

More short stories on the 3 birds and people under observation..
Many provinces are on full alert. Many neighboring countries like Russia, Vietnam, laos, Nepal and others are taking temperatures, strictly monitoring border crossings for poultry smuggling and asking many questions of anybody that shows the slightest sign of any illness.

Date: Thu 19 Feb 2009
Source: Vientiane Times [edited]

Phongsaly culls poultry in bird flu outbreak
Officials in Phongsaly province yesterday [18 Feb 2009] culled
poultry after bird flu was detected in Khua district, according to a
provincial avian influenza control officer.

"We believe there will be no more outbreaks of bird flu in the area
as we have culled large numbers of poultry," Mr Somphone Ounmixay said.

A total of 903 chickens and 39 ducks in 5 villages of the district
were culled to halt the spread of the H5N1 virus.

The virus was detected last Friday [13 Feb 2009] in the villages of
Phonxay Neua, Phonxay Tay, Sopkay, Haddeua, and Huaymeuang.

"We are very lucky because no humans have contracted the virus," Mr
Somphone said.

Provincial and district authorities have strengthened capacity for
early detection and warnings through community-based field
surveillance, for rapid and effective response, and to raise public
awareness of the virus.

Addressing the spread of the highly pathogenic H5N1 virus has been a
priority for the Lao government since its 1st appearance in the
country in February 2004. So far, 2 people have died from avian
influenza in Laos.

"People around the world are afraid the virus will become
transmissible between humans. Now it can only transmit from poultry
to humans," said Mr Somphone.

Phongsaly officials have stepped up the publicity campaign on bird
flu in the district, aiming to familiarise people with the nature of the virus.

Mr Somphone said authorities were closely monitoring the transport
and trading of poultry and poultry products, and would seize and
destroy any poultry found to have come from surrounding areas.

In the 5 affected villages, the disinfection of poultry farms,
vehicles, markets, and slaughterhouses, accompanied by the
vaccination of poultry, has been carried out as part of the bird flu
prevention plan.

Mr Somphone said the authorities' publicity campaign also involves
advising people to guard against bird flu by washing their hands
whenever they come into contact with poultry.

"People should definitely not eat chickens or ducks that have fallen
sick and died," he said. According to the World Health Organisation
(WHO), at least 226 people have died worldwide from avian influenza since 2003.

[Byline: Khonesavanh Latsaphao]

Egypt: Students In Detention Fevers Beni Suef On Suspicion Of Being B «Avian Flu»

Omar Sheikh wrote 2-19-2009

Detained fevers Beni Suef hospital, the day before yesterday, Muhammad Azim «18 years» Albranqp students from the village, of the Center for Bba, on suspicion of being infected with bird flu, after the emergence of symptoms similar to symptoms of the disease.

And Dr. Ahmed Yousef, Under-Secretary, Ministry of Health, found that contact with the student of birds, and samples were taken, sent to the Ministry of Health laboratories for analysis, he was placed under observation and given medicines.

And Dr. Abdul Rahim Ali, Under-Secretary, Department of Veterinary Medicine to maintain, that the organs of the Directorate moved to the village of the student,

It was the work of a complete survey of his home, and give the necessary vaccinations for birds, the taking of samples, and 50 neighboring houses, and sent to central laboratories.
hat-tip Dutchy

HK: Yau Ma Tei, one middle school burglary influenza closed

2009-02-19 20:46:00
Yau Ma Tei, "Xinmin Catholic College," the outbreak of influenza, the Center for Health Protection has been notified, the school begins tomorrow, will be closed until next Monday.

School from tomorrow (February 20) to February 23 will be closed in order to carry out a thorough disinfection. Center for Health Protection has been on the case to investigate and monitor the situation closely. Center for Health Protection called on, if an outbreak is suspected School should be informed as soon as possible the center. (News)

Residential burglary last seven cases of influenza

February 19, 2009

Ming Pao School homes outbreak flow】  feelings calmed down a bit yesterday, the Department of Health yesterday received a total of seven outbreaks reported, 29 were affected, of which 4 persons were hospitalized, all  stable situation, all reported schools are not required to be closed . Choi Hung Estate which基华小学have more students would be affected, but after seven students were not required to seek treatment in hospital.

CHP data show that the outbreak of influenza reported yesterday homes and schools, involved in two nursery schools and five primary schools. Chung Baptist kindergarten attendance has 3 person, 2 person required hospitalization; Po Tsung Tsin Mission of Hong schools and child care will Anren Jordan Road Government Primary School also has 3 and 2 patients in person, each student takes a admission. In addition, King's College School Alumni Association Primary School second person does not have 4 patients, one of whom staff, all were affected. Shatin Pui Kiu College (Primary Section) 22 students have recently infected, one the students who were admitted, and found infected with Influenza A, to be closed for one week to next Wednesday (25 days) to resume. In addition, Anglo-Chinese Primary School in Sham Shui Po and Fanling Assembly of God Church Primary School to be closed until next Tuesday (24) resume, Mong Kok talents College have also had closed earlier this week has been one resume.

Bac Lieu scrambles to stamp out bird flu

February 19, 2009

Animal health officials in Bac Lieu Province cull a flock of Ducks with bird flu in G Phuoc Long District's Vinh Phu Dong Commune

A top leader Bac Lieu Province Wednesday instructed authorities to cull Ducks and chickens showing symptoms of bird flu without waiting for test results.

At an emergency meeting held in the southern province, People's Committee Deputy Chairman Hoang Pham Be also ordered officials to take other measures to control the disease - including vaccination, spraying disinfectants, and setting up 24-hour checkpoints to monitor the transport of poultry .
Chief of the Animal Heath Department, Lam intelligence, said the H5N1 strain of bird flu virus could spread to other areas in the coming days.
The practice of letting Ducks range freely in paddies and Waterways is common in a province full of canals and would facilitate the spread of the disease, he pointed out.
By Thursday, local authorities had culled 3,185 birds in Long Phuoc and Long Districts Germany, the department reported.
Bac Lieu has a population of 900,000 chickens and Ducks.
Neighboring Ca Mau Province reported Sunday that tests conducted on a flock of Ducks in U Minh Town had proved positive for H5N1 bird flu.
A few days earlier, a flock of 710 Ducks in U Minh District's An Xuyen Commune had also tested positive.
Authorities in the province had culled 4,400 birds from 25 farming households by Wednesday.
So far this year, bird flu has hit 31 communes in 16 Districts in the nine provinces of Thanh Hoa, Thai Nguyen, Ca Mau, Soc Trang, Nghe An, Hau Giang, Quang Ninh, Bac Ninh and Quang Tri.
Over 30,000 fowl, including around 11,500 chickens, contracted the disease.
In related news, police in northern Lang Son Province Wednesday seized 3,000 kilograms of chicken meat being smuggled from China on two trucks, Vietnam News Agency reported.
They were stopped in Town Lang Son and Cao Loc District, each with 1,500 kg.
Reported by Tran Thanh Phong

Experts worried about the Chinese Communists to conceal bird flu

EST: 2009-02-18 15:53:01 PM】

China in the January number of deaths from bird flu, but abruptly stopped in February on, the subject of some public health experts concerned about the health sector believe that China may let go, or even hide the outbreak of bird flu. (Getty-Images)

By February 18 (Bloomberg Chung Luen compile reports) avian flu is fatal. Last year, China has three of the territory had been infected with the H5N1 avian influenza virus and the disease died; in 2009 the first six weeks, eight people have been because of avian flu became ill, of which five have died.
Although this disease has not been such as the medical profession is worried about, spread into a global epidemic, but life is still haunting, it is cautious fear. Since 2003, in Asia, the Middle East and Africa region, has around 100 people annually infected by this disease. Last rare disease of the total number dropped to 50 below.
However, bird flu seems to have come back. Last month, China has five people were killed and this is also the highest since China has recorded a single month the number of deaths. Moreover, the cases are very scattered locations, including the northern part of Beijing, the western region of Xinjiang, southern Guangxi, Hunan Province in central to eastern part of Shandong.
The representative of WHO in China韩卓or (Hans Troedsson) Dr. said, "from the perspective of disease control observation, the increase in China of these cases are worthy of our attention, especially in these cases a wide range of geographical distribution."
He said that there is no evidence to suggest that the mutant virus has become easier to spread from person to person. However, once the trigger off a global pandemic, may lead to the death of millions of people a nightmare. Thus, while bird flu has yet to have an immediate threat, but we still should not be taken lightly.
"In fact, China's bird flu deaths in a single month record, that is, reminds us that the virus is in our living environment in the cycle of a deep-rooted."韩卓or express.
February 10, when the avian flu outbreak and 519 chickens have died, the Communist authorities in the remote western region of Xinjiang Hotan City (Hotan) killed more than 10,003 chickens 1000. However, so far, China has been no large-scale outbreak of bird species reported, it caused some public health experts concerned about the Chinese Communists consider hygiene and veterinary departments in charge may be missed, and even hide the avian influenza in poultry and wild birds in the spread of situation.
In 1997, Hong Kong reported the first case of human infection of H5N1. Earlier this year, Hong Kong has a dozen or so birds found infected with the deadly strain of the virus, indicating that the virus is likely to also exist in the neighboring Guangdong province. However, to date, Guangdong and there is no report of bird flu.
Equally unusual is that in January since there are so many infections, but all of a sudden, the report of human infection disappeared instantly. University of Hong Kong virologist Guan Yi (Guan Yi) Dr. also said that "It amazes me, in January because there are so many cases, but on February abruptly stopped."
China's human deaths, together with the neighboring countries of Vietnam and northeast India also has a new poultry outbreak of infection that the virus in mainland China really does exist. Some experts worry that China might miss the progress of the disease fatal.
Last week, the Hong Kong Government LO Wing-lok, an infectious disease consultants (Lo Wing-Lok) Doctor said that the Chinese Communists to the spread of bird flu did not tell the truth. "Although the Government does not admit, but, no doubt, China has been the outbreak of bird flu." He Bloomberg (Bloomberg) told reporters.
China R & D in 2005, a poultry bird flu vaccine, and each year millions of birds to inoculation. But not everyone agree that this is a panacea. American influenza expert Robert Webster (Robert Webster) Ph.D. in 2005 that China may have been the use of substandard vaccines, therefore, although to prevent bird flu symptoms, but still allow the virus continues to spread in poultry.
Canton One expert also said that China in general the risk of vaccination are: cover up the fact of the existence of a virus. He said, "should pay particular attention to these animals, including those who have been vaccinated poultry." "The existing vaccine can reduce the amount of virus, rather than its loss of influence."
The Chinese communist government on the management of live chickens in the market may lack a more fundamental layer of the precautionary approach. Some people fear that China's monitoring officers will only be in a large number of poultry have been culled sick until after the request, for example, the city of Hotan 519 poultry.
In contrast, in Hong Kong last year of regular examination, only in the traditional markets have been found infected chickens on a large-scale culling thousands of birds. Experts say that these infected birds, from the outside look, and there are no obvious symptoms, so if the inspectors to check only dead or sick poultry obvious that these infected birds will be ignored.
How to strengthen the preventive measures may increasingly become a question of life and death. Since the bird flu resurgence in 2003, has 254 people in 15 countries died. Researchers worry that the world's other crisis, such as global warming, issues such as global economic recession has made the news of avian influenza virus marginalized.
However, whether or not eye-catching, bird flu still exists. University of Hong Kong virologist马利克佩里斯(Malik Peiris), said: "The key is that the virus has never disappeared before," "It is only by the focus of media attention disappeared, but the spread of the virus itself has been expanded. avian influenza virus not only has roots in Asia, the Middle East, Egypt, Africa, in India and Bangladesh also have, this would be a difficult problem. "

Wuhan, a large-scale outbreak of the blockade of A-type foot-and-mouth news

By February 19 (Bloomberg Gu Qing children, coverage of the news printed古云) Dongxihu District of Wuhan City in Hubei Province in the end of last year of foot and mouth disease outbreak of large-scale dairy cattle epidemic, more and more serious because of the epidemic, in the New Year's Day before destroyed all the milk, and large-scale culling of cattle, burning pits buried, this message has been blocked for nearly two months, a lot of Wuhan urban people are ignorant of the epidemic.

According to inside information, the epidemic after the outbreak of the East and the West Lakes government will report the outbreak to the provincial government, provincial government officials because of fear that it would affect performance, and strongly urged the informed staff information blackout, or will be a disciplinary action. Because of the spread of the disease, the provincial government officials fear the disease after the transfer of responsibility for failure to assume only reluctantly reported to the Ministry of Agriculture. After confirmed identification is a very special situation of foot and mouth disease, there is no vaccine to control, it will be dairy and cattle destroyed.

It is understood that the city's East and West Lakes including quan, Wujiashan, maling, such as taking on more than 10,000 villages have died of foot-and-mouth cow was culled and buried.

East and West Lakes villagers accept the Epoch Times interview with Mr. Gao said, he said: "It is said that the disease has spread, we have finished this long to kill. Are buried, beef should not eat, did well buried deep, that is buried into the trench with an excavator , are crushed. Now no one, and here the road is still disinfection, disinfection of the past, vehicles have set up the card with more on the road are disinfected. "

Mr. Zhang said the villagers, from the beginning of December last year, to now being disinfected every day, this ride had a shed, (disinfection staff) every day to sleep in that. And out of the car have been disinfected, sterilized syrup On the way there to carry out spraying.

Since the issue of compensation for economic losses, the local government and cattle farmers have major differences, the two sides deadlocked in 2009 said, January 24, the final authority to send troops in Wuhan, fully armed to enter the affected areas, forced to carry out culling.

According to inside information, New Year's Eve day, the authorities transferred shoveling many large cars, in the affected areas within the quan farms, dug a number of six or seven-meter deep pit, the cow out into the pit, soldiers with rifles to kill him , and then doused with diesel fuel, ignition洒上burnt lime and general disinfectant, to return to the landfill soil. It is said that the whole process of culling lasted several days and nights.

Miss Zhong residents said: "Here Man-made serious, anyway, a lot of cow, all the killing. Now everyone who did not dare talk to animals. I also go home a lot of clean-up of cattle, the road spray a bit of syrup disinfection. Huangpi (county) side to kill a lot of chicken, chicken fat that are a pestilence.'s side almost all the poultry. "
Because of the blockade of the news, Wuhan there has been no official notification to the public on the epidemic development, the local media did not report this news. But local media published a message "to the public transmission of the Hubei Provincial CDC Information: foot-and-mouth disease is not transmitted from person to person, even if the human body by the foot and mouth disease virus infection, but also have effective treatment approach. Urban and rural residents, there is no need for this disease arising from the fear and anxiety. "

Mr. Zhang said the villagers, Wuhan City, once the newspaper published two children because of the foot and mouth disease infection and alerted the Ministry of Agriculture officials, only to the local problem-solving, culled cattle. Listen to local disinfection said here a large-scale cattle infected with foot-and-mouth infected cattle from the field, or it may be from Wuhan City, through the air transmission to the East and West Lakes.

It Jiang'an District in Wuhan corridor communities much publicity columns, see the inscribed area marked Jiang'an Patriotic Health Office released "A book people", the notice advised the public tactfully: as far as possible with pigs, cattle, sheep and other live animals contact ... ... New Year period to minimize the outside to avoid resort to a nearby suburb and走亲访友... ...

Journalist call Jiang'an District, Wuhan Center for Disease Control and Prevention asked the staff of the Center, and now things like this, you have to ask higher-level authorities (Wuhan Municipal Health Bureau). Then call the Journalist Wuhan Municipal Health Bureau, a staff member said that the foot and mouth disease this matter the Government has set up specialized agencies, which agencies are in the agriculture bureau. If someone infected with foot and mouth disease, have control, where work was undertaken by the Health Bureau.

Wuhan City, East and West Lakes epidemic prevention station of a staff member said: "Now do not tell and Epidemic Prevention Station and then touch, you can find our top level experts to consult." Journalist Finally call asked Wuhan Agricultural Bureau, Agriculture Bureau To call to other units Journalist asked.

According to inside information, this has been killing the cattle, ten thousand cattle have long, some statistical light rope used to buy off all spent more than 20,000 yuan, the local government for each head of cattle have been culled issued 1 million grant.
However, local villagers complained that many villagers are borrowing to buy cattle, dairy cattle are now just beginning milk production, coupled with artificial feed, on the one million-not enough. Mr. Zhang said, mainly in the East and West Lakes region, this places all of the cow killing, and also a good deal of the cow. Now more than 10,000 lost cow, calf lost thousands of pieces.

It has been reported that January 22, Chinese Ministry of Agriculture to the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) report an emergency, January 13 in Wuhan City in Hubei things quan Lakes streets孙湾村and January 14 in Kuqa County, Aksu Prefecture, Xinjiang happen cow, respectively, with A-foot-mouth disease type Ⅰ and Asia. Reported that A-type foot-and-mouth is the first time China happened.

According to the Information Office of the PRC Ministry of Agriculture announced that on the 11th, Fengxian District, Shanghai A-type foot-and-mouth outbreak happened. February 3, Fengxian District, Shanghai 54 suspected foot-and-mouth outbreak happened dairy, 41 cows disease, no deaths. On the 11th, the National Foot and Mouth Disease Reference Laboratory confirmed as A-type foot-and-mouth.

FMD is a viral infection caused by the cloven-hoofed animals such as cattle, sheep, pigs, camels, deer, were suffering from acute exposure to sexually transmitted diseases. Foot and Mouth Disease susceptible cloven-hoofed animals are about more than 70 kinds of horses will not be infected with foot and mouth disease, but it will become a passive carrier of foot and mouth disease. Foot and Mouth Disease Virus strong vitality, many means of transmission speed. (
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7 School of Hong Kong influenza outbreak infected 29 teachers and students 4 person hospitals

2009 on 19 day 02 years

By February 19, according to the Hong Kong electricity "Wen Wei Po" reported that the Hong Kong on the 18th and then have seven school outbreak of influenza, resulting in 28 students and a staff infection, which required 4 person is hospitalized.

In addition, Sha Tin, Pui Kiu Primary School Department of the outbreak of influenza "epidemic", should be closed on the 18th week onwards. In addition, in the Southern District of care and attention homes Ian influenza broke out, 21 were infected. Express the relevant units, schools continued to influenza summit by the end of March, has been reminding them of the careful handling.

Hong Kong Center for Health Protection Department of Health announced on the 18th and then have five primary schools and two kindergartens influenza outbreak, a total of 28 students and a staff infection, of which 4 people required hospitalization, all in stable condition. Which is located in Wong Tai Sin CCC Kei Wah Primary School, the largest number of infections, seven children have influenza symptoms. The school said that it did not intend to be closed, we will strengthen disinfection.

Sheung Wan King's College School Alumni Association Primary School II, Tsung Tsin Mission of Hong伯安School child-ren, Kwai Chung Baptist Kindergarten, Fanling Public School 4 were infected person, Sik Sik Yuen Wong Tai Sin-sponsored legislation to primary, Jordan Road Government Primary School, 3 were influenza-infected person.

In addition, the outbreak of influenza on the 17th of Sha Tin released Pui Kiu College Primary Section, 22 students have recently developed fever and flu symptoms such as cough, so primary schools will be closed starting on the 18th week, while the secondary will not be affected. School will remain open on the 18th morning, the staff have to work as usual.

罗校长said that the School Library will be open to the needy students to go to school self-study, but not as early as primary school students on the 18th to go to school, teachers will be via the Intranet, to the students homework. He also said that primary schools will use bleach cleaning, also issued guidelines to parents, calling attention to student body temperature.

China's Embassy in China to inform the Human bird flu

By February 19 electricity, according to the Ministry of Health website, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Agriculture on the 18th was invited to the United Nations Development Program office in China to the United Nations system agencies in China and the countries concerned Embassy in China China's recent introduction of the Human bird flu and avian flu prevention and control work.

Ministry of Health Deputy Director International Cooperation Department王立基said that the health systems of the cases occurred in the timely prevention and control plans in accordance with a deal, the Chinese government has an open, transparent and responsible attitude in the first instance to the WHO and other international organizations, the National Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan region of China informed of all the recent cases of highly pathogenic avian influenza infection.

王立基said that the National Ministry of Health, China CDC and the corresponding health administration departments of infection in 8 patients in accordance with the China of highly pathogenic avian influenza prevention and control plans to take prompt measures to successfully saved three patients, no emergence of the spread of the epidemic situation. People working and living in a normal, stable society are. He also said that willing to work with relevant countries and international organizations to further strengthen cooperation, enhance mutual trust and continue to strengthen the human avian influenza and pandemic influenza prevention and control work for the people's health and well-being of Service.

In addition, the Director of Veterinary Services Ministry of Agriculture informed Qin Chao recent epidemiological survey of poultry, the introduction of the Ministry of Agriculture to prevent the emergence of epidemic seven poultry prevention and control measures, including immunization, intensify monitoring of the epidemic, and strengthen the flow of link quarantine supervision. He said that China's bird flu in poultry immune condition, the recent large-scale epidemic outbreak will not.

CIDRAP: HHS experts air mental health planning for pandemic

Lisa Schnirring * Staff Writer
Feb 18, 2009 (CIDRAP News) –

From stigmatization of people exposed to the virus to maintaining methadone treatment facilities, public health officials need to plan for a wide spectrum of mental health challenges that would likely emerge during an influenza pandemic, federal officials said today at a US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) live Web seminar (webinar).

Dana Taylor, chief of emergency medical services at the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), urged pandemic planners to think more broadly than just how the pandemic events will affect people's feelings and emotions. He said that public perceptions and conclusions will affect their decision-making and behavior, which will be especially important when public health officials need their compliance with social distancing measures and other pandemic-related actions.

Taylor said pandemic planners can work with their communities now to build resilience and can use a process that mental health professionals call "stress inoculation."

"The more an individual knows what to expect, the more mitigation of fear and panic," said Taylor, who suggested that pandemic planners can use prepandemic stages to identify credible and trustworthy leaders who can address the public during a pandemic.

Brian McKernan, a technical assistance team manager at SAMHSA, emphasized that mental health pandemic planning is already well underway in several states, including California, Colorado, Ohio, Texas, and New Jersey. Some have already planned ways to ensure adequate supplies of psychiatric medications for mental health in-patient and outpatient facilities, while others have developed resources to address more general needs such as stress reduction. He also said federal officials have addressed mental health planning in a supplement to the HHS pandemic flu plan.

McKernan urged webinar viewers to consider training people to provide psychological first aid, a well established, practical approach to contacting and engaging people and assessing their mental health needs in an emergency setting. Having these first aid providers will help alleviate the strain on traditional mental health providers during a pandemic, he said, "And it's designed for use by paraprofessionals."

Linda Ligenza, a public health advisor to SAMHSA, said the Red Cross has developed a psychological first aid protocol, adding that each state has a disaster mental health coordinator.

She advised pandemic planners to identify groups ahead of time who might be especially vulnerable to pandemic disruptions, such as frail, elderly people and those with disabilities or chronic illnesses who depend on other people for their care.

The experts also singled out children as another vulnerable group. Taylor urged parents and guardians to use a tone of voice that projects security when talking to children about pandemic topics and limiting the information to age-appropriate topics that they can participate in, such as instructing smaller children about proper hand-washing technique.

"It's vital to limit what they watch on television. They don't need to be overwhelmed by the trauma," he said.

Healthcare workers will also require mental health support, McKernan said. For example, public health officials can plan ahead to ease workers' contact with their families during tough working conditions through Internet chat rooms or message boards. Also, he said healthcare workers and their families might face stigmatization because of possible exposure to the virus.

Taylor said that unlike during the 1918 pandemic, today's public health officials can make creative use of technology to deliver mental health services to wide groups of people during a pandemic.

After a pandemic ends, mental health services will gravitate back to face-to-face interventions focusing on those who were most impacted and suffered multiple losses, the experts said. However, they urged viewers to consider public ways to make a mental health connection after the pandemic, such as convening a community memorial on a pandemic anniversary date.