The panic seemed to clear erode the Board of the hospital clinics for the benefit of the private sector because of their fear of hospitalization, while the concerns of citizens emerged dramatically in the streets, who have used the masks in the areas surrounding the hospital and in the alleys and narrow streets and public places and private markets.
  Also caused the panic, which found no explanation of "convincing" for many citizens to cancel many of the patients to hospital appointments in blue and some other hospitals and primary health centers and comprehensive.  And Prince Faisal Hospital has seen the government in the District of sidewalk up numbers reviewers and a rise of more than 20%, according to its director, Dr. Talal slaves because of the fear of some of the reviewers go to the hospital blue.
However, the source of medical reviewers refer back to the hospital to the lack of alternatives for patients who did not find seemed to check out the blue hospital either for their economic conditions or the lack of another hospital.
  He added that the hospital most of the auditors are unable to conduct laboratory tests or X-ray clinic or visit a private doctor.
  According to official studies, lives a quarter of the province of blue below the poverty line, while the province has four pockets of poverty within the upper limits of the Ad-(52.2%), pyrene (42.3%), blue (40.3%), Jordan (29%).
Has reached the population density in the province to 205 persons / km 2, the highest in the Kingdom, estimated population density of 60 persons / km 2, while the population is distributed to 52 urban areas with the most important of Reed City and the sidewalk, and a proportion of the population in urban areas 96% of the proportion of population of the province's 900 thousand people.
  The hospital was closed during the blue last month temporarily sections of intensive care and intensive twice because of an injury Mredihama mysterious virus, and that is a precaution and to carry out disinfection and sterilization in them, then re-opened,.
  And the number of workers in a hospital in the blue government refrained from carrying out their duties after a steady drumbeat of news about the death of their colleague nurse Balawi emotions, which was hit by the epidemic, according to medical sources at the hospital.
  The sources confirmed that a state of fear Antapt hospital staff and reviewers at the announcement of the death of one of the injured, the center of strong interest to wear protectors medical as a precaution to prevent infection.
  He was 9 of the blue hospital staff had recovered fully and left the Prince Hamzah Hospital after receiving treatment following the injury to "the unknown disease. ..