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Bengkulu Hospital to handle bird flu patients #BIRDFLU #H5N1

We are dealing ..... infected with bird flu suspected patients as many as four people and the fourth was identified as Ad (21) Garden Village residents Dahri Bengkulu City .....
Sunday, March 11, 2012 11:07 PM
"We've been treating patients with suspected bird flu infected as many as four people and the fourth was identified as Ad (21) Garden Village residents Dahri Bengkulu city," said Deputy Director of Medical Services and Nursing General Hospital M Yunus Bengkulu, Lista antarabengkulu Cerlyviera told reporters. com on Sunday.The fourth patient was treated since Friday (9/3) due to suspected bird flu found pet bird died suddenly on Thursday (8/3), consequently the patient was placed in isolation rooms in the yellow room.
"The fourth patient's blood sample was taken on Saturday (10/3) and sent to the Ministry of Health Balitbang," he said.
Earlier, three other patients suspected of contracting bird flu is the YO (22) citizens of the city of Bengkulu Village cage that are still being treated in isolation rooms, RJ (2) Swamp Makmur Village residents and MV (24) thathad died some time ago."For patients RJ (2) we received word by telephone that his blood sample test results are negative contracted bird flu virus, and once we get the news directly transferred to regular ward," he said.The boy was only exposed to respiratory infections and the development of health will continue to be evaluated for 1-2 days, if it is getting better will be allowed to go home. Previous RJ rushed to hospital suffering from fever, shortness of breath, cough, runny nose, sore throat and found to make contact with poultry around his home.
While the YO (22), although the family did not deny the patient contracted the deadly virus, but the hospital will continue to wait for the results of patient blood samples from Jakarta.
"The patient has been examined YO suffered respiratory infections and decreased to 105 000 platelets per cubic millimeter, platelet count was a little down right now," he said.He appealed to residents to adopt healthier lifestyles and a clean, diligent hand washing and immediately reported to the relevant parties if found poultry that died suddenly. http://www.antarabengkulu.

Suspect 4 more People in Bengkulu #BIRDFLU #H5N1

...So the victim Suspect 4 People
IVORY chrysolite, BE - Naturally, if the community is very concerned with the spread of bird flu virus (H5N1). The virus is so virulent and able to spread through the air medium. In other words, if the victim can breathe the bird flu infect the people around him."For this bird flu virus, more fierce than the HIV virus. Because it is transmitted, via the respiratory tract. Meanwhile, HIV with sex, syringes and other, "explained Deputy Director of Nursing Service and Hospital, M Yunus, Dr. Lista Cerly Viera MM, to BE, yesterday.

From the data collected is also known to trigger the newspaper More contact through food, drink, and touch. Direct contact with infected birds when carrying, transporting, slaughtering or processing poultry can also be a medium of transmission. Infected through poultry manure, blood meal, raw poultry, poultry meat or undercooked eggs. However, this virus will die in a high temperature. Therefore, meat, eggs, and animals should be thoroughly cooked to avoid infection. Instead the virus can survive in cold temperatures. Raw foods refrigerated or frozen to keep the virus.
IsolatedMeanwhile, the victims suspect bird flu continues to fall. This time increases to 4 people. Riva (2), Jo (24) and the newest one boy Ye (2) Village residents Cage Lemonade and Ae (21) residents Dahri Gardens, yesterday (9/3).

Ye get treated to RSMY around 08.30 pm while Ae follow at around 13:30 pm. Both come with a high fever conditions. But to suspect the victim Riva resident Julianingsih RT 8 Jalan Bandar Raya RW 4 Swamp Prosperous Village negative test results are known. So far, four victims of the deadly plague suspect it has to be run in isolation rooms care, Myrtle M Yunus Bengkulu Hospital. They suspect this will run a care in the isolation room for three days. Now we know the results whether positive or not, further action will be done. "If the suspect is positive it will be treated with particular care. But if negative then we will move the room to usual care, "he added.

Responding to suspect that the addition of the victim, Dr. Lista admitted it had carried out a special discussion. Revealed from the results of that meeting, if the suspect bird flu, will be treated in accordance with the standards set in the Strathmore University. Kemuning room was used as a special place for the handling of the suspect bird flu. Meanwhile, patients still in the room had to be moved to another room. "We make a special place for the handling of bird flu suspect. Thus, patients in the room, we move the other to prevent the occurrence of spatial contagion, "he concluded.

The patient Suspect Bird Flu Continues'' Coming into Hospital Bima #BIRDFLU #H5N1

 Bima (Voice NTB) -
  Since four days ago, suspected patient referrals (suspect) bird flu continued to flock to hospitals Bima.  To Friday (9/3) yesterday, there were already seven patients treated..  Only, three of seven patients choose home force due to cost.
  Hospital director Dr. Tini Wijanari Bima when met Friday (9/3) yesterday, said the past four days has been noted that seven patients suspect bird flu that were referred to hospitals.  Six of the patients while one patient Bima regency of Bima city.  Each of the Az (2.5 months), LB (11 months), Mf (3) from Bolo District, Rus from the Village District Monta Monta, Mel Madapangga, and another from Belo district. While San (3.2) of the exact origin of the Milky City District Asakota Malay Village.
  Only, the light Tini, of the seven patients are not all suspect.  The reason is simply suffering from pneumonia and drug reactions.  So that the parents of three of four patients to choose their children forcibly repatriated.  While the other three are still being treated intensively in a special room.
  "Although they were forced to go home, they continue to be monitored by officers of Health (Dikes)," said Tini.  The result, after a review in their homes, the patients are getting better.  While the rest of the treated condition is getting better.  It's just two people who entered last night's development is unknown.  If the results of medical examination, his condition continued to decline, they will be referred referred to Mataram.
  In dealing with patients suspected of bird flu, he added, certainly in the Milky hospitals ready to handle.  In fact it is preparing for the scenario.  That is, once referred to hospitals Bima, the patient was immediately taken to the emergency room and then proceed to the isolation room.For patients whose condition is good then transferred to the recovery room.
  Most importantly, he added, is a matter of prevention carried out by the Department of Animal Husbandry and Dikes.  While the Hospital is only dealing with the impact of the referenced suspect.

All problem chickens from latest Changhua outbreak killed: COA #BIRDFLU #H5N1

Sunday, March 11, 2012 1:08 am TWN
The China Post news staff--All the chickens involved in the latest outbreak of the highly pathogenic H5N2 avian flu in the central county of Changhua have been culled, the Council of Agriculture (COA) said yesterday, stressing that local people will not be affected by the epidemic.
The three poultry farms involved in the outbreak in Fangyuan Township of the central county have all been disinfected by the county's animal health inspection and disease control center after the last batch of 9,000 problem chickens were killed last night, Huang Kwo-ching, deputy director-general of the council's Bureau of Animal and Plant Health Inspection and Quarantine, said in a statement.
No H5N2 symptoms have been seen in any other chickens within a 3-kilometer radius of those infected sites, Huang said.
He reiterated that the avian flu's pathogenic classifications of “high” or “low” were based on the level of infectiousness among poultry, not human beings, and urged the public not to panic.
The council confirmed the first outbreak of the epidemic March 3, causing over 75,000 chickens to be culled in Tainan, southern Taiwan and in Changhua County, central Taiwan.
So far, outbound shipments of NT$700 million (US$23.76 million) worth of poultry products have been banned by Taiwan's trade partners, as Taiwan has been listed as an infected region.
Poultry meat is one of Taiwan's top poultry-related exports, with annual export value of between NT$360 million and NT$370 million.
Other exports that may be affected by the recent outbreaks include preserved eggs, salted duck eggs, raw eggs and pet birds.
Also yesterday, Kuo Chou-tzer, director of Changhua County's animal health inspection and disease control center, said that operators of the three poultry farms won't be fined because they didn't intentionally hide the infection of H5N2 avian flu at their farms.
Kuo said that the chickens died after, not before, they were transported to the poultry market.

Egypt: The death of his teacher after bird flu in the lake

03/10/2012 - 11:10 p.m.

At teacher Azhar Institute in Kom Abu Faraj Service Center Matamir death of his afflicted with bird flu, where mixing of birds died after the last turn of the Fever Hospital to Damanhur University Hospital in Alexandria.

3 people were also injured another suspicions of bird flu were taken to a hospital diets Damanhour.

The symptoms of avian influenza on Abdel Hady Mohamed teacher 38 years old, the religious institute in the village Service Center Abu silos, which was discovered by his doctor and was transferred to a hospital fevers Damanhour specimens were taken from it to be sent to the laboratory's central Ministry of Health to show he became ill or not and when it worsened his condition was transferred to University Hospital in Alexandria, and his analysis revealed a result of bird flu, where he died of his wound.

In a related context detained hospital fevers Damanhour other 4 people on suspicion of contracting bird flu ..

Egypt: The death of his teacher in the lake after bird flu

[Another article on the suspected and death in Damanhour. The other article we posted a few hours ago can be located here


Died of a teacher one-Azhar institutes in the province of the lake, died from a wound infected with bird flu, and who was injured as a result mixing with domestic poultry infected with the virus, with the detention of 3 other people on suspicion of contracting bird flu, was this evening, transfer to hospital admitted Damanhour for treatment.

the symptoms of the disease appeared on the Hadi Mohammed (38 years - teacher) Religious Institute of the village status Iboualemtamir, after rising temperature, and owner difficulty in breathing, runny nose. and while he was going to the doctor suspected the latter of having bird flu, and was transferred to a hospital fevers Damanhour , then convert it to the University Hospital in Alexandria, and to take samples and swabs of the mouth and analyzed by the Central Laboratory, Ministry of Health, where it proved positive analysis, prior to deteriorate his health and provide him away. moved a team of preventive medicine and the Directorate of Veterinary Medicine to the infected status of Iboualemtamir, where it was sampling of members of his family, and the execution of domestic birds nearby.

Indonesia: Metro Bandung: Dinkes continued the Inspection Belasan the Chicken

MARCH 10, 2012

Officially Kesehatan (Dinkes) the Bandung City and the Pertanian Service and Endurance of Pangan Kota Bandung carried out investigation towards the environment of casualties's house suspect bird flu. "We have checked the poultry died was not far from casualties's house suspect bird flu but results negatif.," said the Head of the Pencegahan Field of the eradication of the Illness of Hewan Distan Kota Bandung, Sudarmaji, on Wednesday (8/2) in the Pasar Indukt Gedebage.

Sudarmaji said, although results of the chicken inspection died the negative, his side continued the inspection 17 chickens lived one kandangmya but results were not yet still in the Cikole lab. Sudarmaji said, after being suspect that died, his side immediately did rapid or the direct checking in the field, the checking was carried out, the reason around his house had the poultry that died.

However, for the time being, was based on results rapid, results of the negative. According to Sudarmaji, if results peneriksaan 17 positive chickens then will be carried out pemusnahan.dan the cleaning of the environment.

Egypt Damanhour The Death of One Person and 5 Suspected Cases #H5N1 #Birdflu

March 10, 2012 - 19:18

Received hospital admitted Damanhour 5 cases of suspected injury of bird flu, farmers and employees and 3 women in the second decade and the fourth-old Babouhmus, Mahmudiya and Damanhur and Kvraldoar also died Abdel Hady Mohamed Lecturer at the Institute of Religious Kom vulva Babu silos in the third decade of life booked Fever Hospital of Alexandria after suffering an infection acute pneumonia and high fever and shortness of breath. had appeared on three cases reserved Bhmyat Damanhur symptoms of the disease of high fever and pneumonia, shortness of Bhdqh eye, has been detained intensive care and give them vaccines and took swabs from the throat and a blood sample to be tested by the central laboratory Ministry of Health. was assigned to the committee formed to tackle the disease examined families and contacts them and take samples for examination by the central laboratory of the Ministry of Health.

Emergency to "Menoufia" to face Foot and Mouth Disease

March 10, 2012

Dr. Salah Cain Director of the Directorate of Veterinary Medicine, Menoufia, the high incidence of foot and mouth disease Menoufia 120 cases and the death of 5 cases in the centers of the seven pools and Menouf and Ashmun and martyrs. the Directorate of Veterinary Medicine in conjunction with the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Sadat Menoufia University to organize convoys of treatment, to immunize cattle against foot and mouth disease in accordance with the schedules began on Thursday, 03.08 in the village of Alaptanon and Friday, 03.09 in the village of Mlij and Saturday, 3.10 in the village of Aldbaabh and Sunday, 03.11 in the village of Kafr El-Horin and Monday, 3.12 in the village of Mit Chhalh and Tuesday, 3.13 in the village of Iraqi and Wednesday, 3.14 village Ohtuch and Thursday, 3.15 Kafr Shehata, within the framework of conservation efforts to combat foot and mouth disease. The Chancellor Ashraf Helal Governor of Menoufia, has decided to purchase vaccines immunization against foot and mouth disease at the expense of maintaining the Fund Services and the start of vaccination campaigns immediately after the arrival of vaccines, as The Directorate of Veterinary Medicine to organize outreach programs to educate farmers and the seriousness of the disease losses which result from injury by animals, Menoufia governor also stressed the continuation of these campaigns to make sure that the spread of the disease and monitoring of all livestock markets and is not transferred to and from the province.

Detention and isolation of cases of suspected bird flu to "released Mahalla"

March 10, 2012

Detained a hospital camp cases of suspected bird flu virus, have been isolated case within the isolation room at the hospital after the onset of symptoms of the disease and its sense of high temperature and redness of the face and shortness of breath, where he was immediately taken blood samples and the melancholy hours, and sent to labs central Ministry of Health to show how her illness or not.
was a hospital camp has detained Abdul Majid Ibrahim (61 years) resident in the village of Saft Turab Center area after the suspicion of being infected with bird flu, due to the resurrection of breeding birds in his house, prompting officials at the hospital to the custody of the situation and to isolate it within the rooms Isolation custom, said the witness, Dr. Director of Preventive Medicine, Directorate of Health meeting Sunday attended.

Alert in Tibet following an outbreak of bird flu in Nepa

LHASA, March 9, 2012 (Xinhua) local authorities reported on Friday that the Tibet
Autonomous Region in China and put on high alert after Nepal recorded outbreak of bird flu
.in the last month, resulting in the deaths of 20 thousand chickens, at least
A spokesman for the regional office for inspection at the entry and exit quarantine and that
the office had a strict health checks at the port of Cham on the Chinese border - Nepali, and
.the prohibition of entry of Animals and their products exposed to bird flu
He said he had issued orders to the staff of the inspection and quarantine cleared all vehicles
.coming from Nepal to prevent the spread of the epidemic
He added that in addition to that, local authorities monitor the bird flu situation in Nepal, and

#H5N1 avian flu transmitted from Israel to Egypt

Confirmed the Israeli newspaper Maariv that the deadly bird flu pandemic could hit Israel again yesterday in the Negev region, and that the epidemic is now on his way to Egypt.

The newspaper added that the epidemic struck with all his might Chelva settlement south of Kiryat Gat and Holat settlement on the border between Israel and Egypt.

She Maariv that in recent months received several reports of the International Organization for Animal Diseases OIE "" on the outbreak of bird flu in Egypt.

The newspaper said that the Israeli Veterinary Services began in the extermination of birds infected poultry farms and to take samples from all farms in the south to make sure that the epidemic did not Atfh in other settlements.
The Maariv that the number of infected poultry in the settlement of Chelva is 11 thousand chickens, was also decided to exterminate another 40 thousand chickens in the settlement of Holat.

The first epidemic outbreak of swine flu in Israel was in March 2006, the outbreak of the disease and then again on a small scale in January 2008, and May 2010 and March 2011.

Identification of swine H1N2/pandemic H1N1 reassortant influenza virus in pigs, United States

hat-tip Flu Trackers
Vet Microbiol. 2012 Feb 17. [Epub ahead of print]
Identification of swine H1N2/pandemic H1N1 reassortant influenza virus in pigs, United States.
Ali A, Khatri M, Wang L, Saif YM, Lee CW.

The Ohio State University, Food Animal Health Research Program, Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center, 1680 Madison Avenue, Wooster, OH 44691, USA.

In October and November 2010, novel H1N2 reassortant influenza viruses were identified from pigs showing mild respiratory signs that included cough and depression. Sequence and phylogenetic analysis showed that the novel H1N2 reassortants possesses HA and NA genes derived from recent H1N2 swine isolates similar to those isolated from Midwest. Compared to the majority of reported reassortants, both viruses preserved human-like host restrictive and putative antigenic sites in their HA and NA genes. The four internal genes, PB2, PB1, PA, and NS were similar to the contemporary swine triple reassortant viruses' internal genes (TRIG). Interestingly, NP and M genes of the novel reassortants were derived from the 2009 pandemic H1N1. The NP and M proteins of the two isolates demonstrated one (E16G) and four (G34A, D53E, I109T, and V313I) amino acid changes in the M2 and NP proteins, respectively. Similar amino acid changes were also noticed upon incorporation of the 2009 pandemic H1N1 NP in other reassortant viruses reported in the U.S. Thus the role of those amino acids in relation to host adaptation need to be further investigated. The reassortments of pandemic H1N1 with swine influenza viruses and the potential of interspecies transmission of these reassortants from swine to other species including human indicate the importance of systematic surveillance of swine population to determine the origin, the prevalence of similar reassortants in the U.S. and their impact on both swine production and public health.

Copyright © 2012 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

[PubMed - as supplied by publisher]

Bird flu detected at poultry farm in Tripura #H5N1 #BIRDFLU

 Agartala, March 10:
Bird flu has been detected in a government-owned poultry farm at Gandhigram, about 18 km from here, official sources said today.
The Director of Animal Resource Department, Mr Manoranjan Sarkar, said following deaths of poultry in the farm about four days ago, samples were sent to High Security Animal Disease Laboratory in Bhopal which confirmed the presence of H5N1 virus in the affected birds.
The Rapid Response Squad of Animal Resource Development Department has been made ready and is waiting for approval from the department to begin culling, he said, adding that culling would be restricted only to the farm. There are 3,871 poultry in Gandhigram farm in West Tripura district.
Mr Sarkar said more than 300 poultry were culled within 3-km radius area of the government-owned Lembucherra poultry farm in the district, about 20 km from here, in the last week of January this year after bird flu was detected in the farm.
Tripura first witnessed the outbreak of avian influenza way back in 2008.

Bangladesh-Call to disinfect markets ignored #H5N1 #BIRDFLU

Sat, Mar 10th, 2012 2:38 pm BdST
Dhaka, Mar 10 ( – Drive to clean Dhaka's kitchen markets has not started yet, despite health experts' serious call to disinfect those after H5N1 avian influenza lurched from poultry farms to slaughterhouses.

The Institute of Epidemiology, Disease Control and Research (IEDCR) has recently confirmed the presence of the virus commonly known as bird flu in the capital's different kitchen markets after three workers were reported positive with H5N1.

They informed the authorities concerned to start cleaning drive to wipe out the virus from the environment.

The detection also prompted health experts to call for a change in what they term 'dangerous' practices of selling and slaughtering poultry just anywhere in the market or open spaces without taking any sanitary measures.

Visiting different markets on Thursday and Friday, it is learnt that Dhaka City Corporation that collects tax from those markets do not disinfect the market.

Workers have been seen working in the filthy environment strewn with chicken giblets and wings in the blood and mud-strained floor.

Hemayet Uddin, a worker of Gulistan Kaptan Bazar market, said he had not seen anyone from City Corporation.

"We clean on our own," he said.

Employees said they never used gloves while cleaning chickens, though experts have repeatedly advised that direct contact with poultry could increase the possibility of infection.

"We just wash our hands (after slaughtering and processing)," said Hemayet Uddin, a worker of a poultry slaughterhouse at a kitchen market in Jatrabari.

He said their slaughterhouse had not undertaken any precautions against the threat of bird flu.

"My sir (owner) did not instruct me to prepare anything," he said.

The chief technical adviser for the Food and Agriculture Organisation Mat Yamage told that they always advised through Department of Livestock to disinfect the wet markets.

"It (disinfecting) is very important to arrest the virus transmission," he said adding that that they can clean at least once a week.

He suggested steps to improve sanitation of slaughterhouses as it will be difficult to change the tradition of selling live-birds in Bangladesh.

Coordinator of One Health Bangladesh Nitish Chandra Debnath said there should have been a collaborative approach among all relevant departments.

"The local government ministry should take up the issue seriously at this moment."

Chief health officer of Dhaka South City Corporation Brig Gen Md Abdullah-Al-Harun said they would start the cleaning drive from Sunday.

"We have decided it in a ministry meeting on Thursday," he told
He said their staff on the ground had been told to monitor live-bird markets from now on.

He, however, would not comment on why they were delaying the start of the drive.
The first human case in Bangladesh was detected in May 2008 after an outbreak in a poultry farm in March 2007.

But the latest detection is worrying experts as four strains of flu virus – H5N1, H1N1, H3N2 and H9N2 – are circulating in the air and the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation in Aug last year warned of a possible major resurgence of bird flu as a mutant strain of the H5N1 virus is spreading in Asia including Bangladesh.

World Health Organisation's (WHO) influenza expert Dr ASM Alamgir said they still consider H5N1 as pandemic potential virus.

"So, countries should focus on preventive measures," he said adding that slaughterhouse workers should use mask and gloves while slaughtering and processing chickens.

"There should have been a separate room for slaughtering."

He said these issues have been discussed in several meetings, but none of it has been implemented.
"The government could pilot the practice in one or two markets," he said.

IEDCR senior scientist Dr M Mushtuq Husain termed the live-bird market a 'dangerous' place for spreading the deadly virus in the country.

"We should stop it," he said.

"Slaughterhouses should be isolated from public and those involve in slaughtering must wear protective gears like masks, gloves, and apron to prevent the infection.

Due to lack of bio-security measures such as using solid fences and nets to quarantine infected flocks, and disinfecting footwear, experts say H5N1 is widespread in Bangladesh's poultry farms.
Over two million chickens have been culled since the first outbreak in 2007.

IEDCR that oversees human infections advises people wash egg shells and suggests consuming well-cooked poultry products.

It also urged not to litter giblets and dead birds just anywhere and maintain personal hygiene – cough into the crook of elbow and wash hands with soap often.

The IEDCR director Prof Mahmudur Rahman said we are lucky enough as the strain of H5N1 that circulates in Bangladesh is less virulent, but it can change into another class, which is highly infectious to human.

"You cannot predict anything about the virus circulation," he warned.

According to WHO, the first human infection from H5N1 was detected in 1997 in Hong Kong.
So far 349 people died from the virus.

A/H5N1 influenza and dengue complex


  From early 2012 until now, the country has discovered four cases of influenza A / H5N1, including 2 deaths. Những bệnh nhân này có một lịch sử giết mổ và ăn thịt gia cầm, bệnh thủy cầm. These patients have a history of slaughtering and eating poultry, waterfowl diseases.  Compared with 2011, the number of deaths from this disease has increased.  In particular, all cases of influenza A/H5N1 have a very young age, from 17 to 31.
  Explain the perceived lethal virus infection in young subjects with good resistance, Prof. Dr. Nguyen Tran Hien, director of the Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology, said that without much evidence sensitivity of the A/H5N1 flu virus in young people is higher than other objects.
  "The possibility of influenza infection depends on personal contact and genetic characteristics of young people infected and died of A/H5N1 flu could be because they are in working age and have direct contact with the source infections. 
 Given the situation today in poultry, experts fear the risk of epidemic outbreak of influenza A/H5N1 in humans.  This is not the bird flu virus does not exist only on infected birds that test also detected the deadly strain found in ducks are raised in healthy families and are marketed without evidence of the disease.

Bird flu hits Dhaka city markets #H5N1 #BIRDFLU

Dhaka—Bird flu has hit six poultry markets in the capital. In the last 15 days, three workers from one of the markets came down with the flu; however, they have recovered. The Institute of Epidemiology, Disease Control and Research (IEDCR) and International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research, Bangladesh (ICDDR, B) made the detections. The affected markets are among the 16 poultry markets that are under constant surveillance by the two research organisations, IEDCR sources say.

In the wake of the latest developments, the Department of Livestock Services at a meeting on Wednesday decided to form 10 committees to monitor all poultry markets in the capital.The committees will be comprised of livestock officials and personnel from the health ministry, police and Bangladesh Ansar.

Musaddique Hossain, a director of livestock services, said they had issued letters to all the stakeholders in poultry trading and processing, asking them to comply with the Animal Disease Act, 2008 that prohibits selling sick fowls. Each committee will take steps including checking movement of ill or dead fowls, compelling poultry workers to use gloves and masks and to treat bloods, faeces and feathers properly, he said.  Experts say the recent detection of bird flu in market places indicates that more farms affected with the virus are yet to be traced and fowls from these farms are being sold without disclosing the contamination.

IEDCR and ICDDR,B sources say the flu might spread to other markets from the affected six if precautions are not taken. They have not mentioned the names of the patients or the markets. This bird flu season, experts say, poultry farmers are not interested to screen their birds seriously, as the government has not compensated the previously affected farms yet. In Bangladesh, the outbreak of the flu, caused by H5N1 virus, begins in November and continues till April.

“Due to fund constraints, this bird flu season we are yet to start paying out compensation to the affected farmers. The process will begin soon,” said Musaddique Hossain, also the country’s chief veterinary officer. Khaled Saifullah Sohel, secretary of Poultry Farmers’ Association, told this correspondent that this season farm owners are feeling insecure. If they find any sort of avian flu symptoms in their birds, they hurriedly sell them, fearing financial loss.
Situation was quite the opposite last year, he added. The compensation was sufficient and farmers did not conceal any information of flu symptom.Musaddique said last year they provided Tk 70 for each culled boiler, Tk 150 for each layer and Tk 250 for a breeder. Of the total compensation, the government was bearing the half and World Bank the rest.—

Seven children in the Milky (Bima) Esophageal Bird Flu

Hattip Shiloh
3National / Saturday, March 10, 2012 2:10 pm National / Saturday, March 10, 2012 2:10 pm, Bima: A total of seven children under the age of District residents Sila, Monta, Belo, and the Malays, the city of Bima, West Nusa Tenggara, allegedly suffering from bird flu virus (H5N1)., Bima: A total of seven children under the age of District residents Sila, Monta, Belo, and the Malays, the city of Bima, West Nusa Tenggara, allegedly Suffering from bird flu virus (H5N1).

The seven children were known to have bird flu virus after experiencing high fever, cough, runny nose, fatigue, vomiting, and decreased appetite. The seven children were known to have bird flu virus after experiencing high fever, cough, runny nose, fatigue, vomiting, and Decreased appetite. Direktrur General Hospital (Hospital) Bima, Tini Wijanari, Friday (9/3), said the patient had been isolated in an emergency isolation. Direktrur General Hospital (Hospital) Bima, Tini Wijanari, Friday (9/3), said the patient had been isolated in an emergency isolation.

Except for two children forcibly removed by their families because they have no cost. Except for two children forcibly removed by their families of Because They have no cost. But the hospitals have to supervise the children. But the Hospitals have to supervise the children.

Prior otherwise indicated suffering from bird flu virus, at least in the region of 8000 chickens died suddenly. Prior otherwise indicated Suffering from bird flu virus, at least in the region of 8000 Chickens Died Suddenly.

Ministry warns of bird flu pandemic in Vietnam #H5N1 #BIRDFLU

Saturday, Mar 10, 2012, Posted at: 14:10(GMT+7)

Nguyen Van Binh, Head of the Department of Preventive Health under the Ministry of Health, stated on March 9 that Vietnam had recorded four cases of bird flu since the beginning of this year, two of which had succumbed to the disease.

Although the Ministry of Health has continually warned the public not to consume sick, dead or undercooked poultry or water fowl, people have paid little or no heed to the warning.

Binh warns that with the disease developing a more complicated strain, if awareness about the deadly effects of the virus is not raised, the number of patients dying or infected by bird flu will increase, as the disease is becoming more widespread.

In order to prevent bird flu from transferring from fowl to humans, the ministry has ordered its medical units to step up supervision to detect infected cases early. In addition, it emphasised raising awareness amongst people not to consume poultry or water fowl that was suspect, infected or undercooked.
In related news, the Preventive Health Centre in Lai Chau Province said that three people in Khoen On Commune in Than Uyen District were reported infected with anthrax in the last month. The infected are believed to have eaten meat of a dead horse in their village.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Indonesia: Another Suspect In Connection to MF (24) Conf. in Bangkulu?

hat-tip PFI
Thu, March 8th, 2012
Expected, There Were Other Casualties Bird Flu [Bengkulu]
Apart from carrying out spraying to the resident's house of the team also distributed Glutacap to the resident that needed to be sprayed personally by the resident if being felt necessary. Now the resident who carried out direct contact to the body MV, like bathed could take disinfectant in the community health centre of Ratu Agung. From Perumnas Unib spraying was continued to Bandaraya in the RJ residence pre-schoolers suspect bird flu in Street Bandaraya Merpati Indah 2 C blocs and surrounding area.

Flu strain H3N2 confirmed in Calvert deaths

Hat-tip Flutrackers
By , Friday, March 9, 4:00 PM

Lou Ruth Blake, 81, died at home March 1, and two of her children, Lowell, 58, and Vanessa, 56, who had cared for her, were hospitalized March 4 and died the next day.

A third child, Elaine, 51, who lived with her mother and had been her main caregiver, was hospitalized March 5 and discharged late Thursday, a MedStar Washington Hopital Center spokeswoman said.

A fifth family member, a sister of Lou Ruth Blake’s, is still at the hospital center but improving, the spokeswoman said.

Lou Ruth Blake had received a seasonal flu vaccination but none of the three adult children received one, Calvert County Health Officer David Rogers has said. This season’s vaccine protects against two strains of influenza A — H3N2 and H1N1 — and influenza B.

State health officials confirmed Friday, as county officials had earlier said they suspected, that the two siblings who died also had a bacterial infection with methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, or MRSA, a known and dangerous complication of influenza infection.

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Temporary detention of two men against the duty

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Friday, 09/03/2012 06:00

(DSCT) at 17 hours on 5-3-2012 inspection avian flu prevention of inter-city include: Veterinary Department, Market Management, Television City, the Market Management Team District 12 , police teams investigating crimes and order and economic management positions - CAQ12 made ​​a written record of administrative violations, collection of illegal trade of poultry including 12 chickens, ducks may be quarantined by a some people live poultry trade in illegal bridge University, District 12. When the inspection team to move forward on the bridge over the P13Q.Go Vap when suddenly two women were rushed to the dam holding the cane cracking Innova car windshield specialized BS: 51A-1994, denting the roof and at the same time as serious car scratched. Estimated loss of more than 10 million. After receiving information, police have identified Vap P13Q.Go two objects on a Le Thi My Dieu (SN 1983, living in Binh Thuan) and sister Bui Thi Le (implies Quang Nam). Le Dieu and are two of the buyers of live poultry in the area for illegal College. By 11 am on 6-3-2012, police records P13Q.Go Vap moved on to the same two objects Go Vap district police to investigate and clarify. Mr. Huynh Thanh Tuyen - Chairman Vap P13Q.Go - said both objects and Le Noble's wife and sister of Nguyen Minh Tuan (nicknamed "Tuan chicken", SN 1981), specializing in wholesale and retail sale of live poultry in the area illegally Belt Bridge School. About two weeks ago, to combat inter-disciplinary inspection team on duty, Tuan Manh holding the lamp tubes standing challenges, threats. After that, police have documented P13Q.Go Vap management and sanctions for violations of Tuan stated. Go Vap district police records are consolidating to deal seriously with the incident.

Vietnam: Number of bird flu continue to rise

(SGGP.) - 9-3 days, Dr. Nguyen Van Binh, Director of Preventive Medicine, Ministry of Health, warned from early 2012 to now, the country has recorded four cases of influenza A/H5N1 including 2 deaths.

More worryingly, although the Health Ministry repeatedly warned people not to kill, harvesting, eating poultry, waterfowl sick, dying and poultry of unknown origin, not eat duck, poultry not yet processed technical changes, but many people still ignore. With the evolution of complex diseases in poultry, waterfowl today, if people do not raise awareness of disease prevention, the number of infections and deaths from influenza A/H5N1 certainly continue to increase.

To prevent flu from birds, waterfowl spread to humans, the Health Ministry to direct the functional units to strengthen monitoring and early detection of cases of influenza A/H5N1. At the same time strongly recommends people: do not kill, Poultry sick, dying and poultry of unknown origin; not eat duck; not eat poultry has not been cooked, processed carefully.

Indo: AI infection, Bengkulu hospital Employee Dies

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Jakarta | - The bird flu virus back casualties. This time, an employee of the Regional General Hospital (Hospital) Dr M Yunus Bengkulu, died of the H5N1 virus, also called this. victim known initials M and 24-year-old. M is the Queen of district residents Samban, the city of Bengkulu, Bengkulu Province.

This bird flu case began when M is known to suffer from symptoms of fever on 23 February. A day later, M were treated in hospitals for treatment and Dr. M Yunus. "Because cough, shortness of breath, and accompanied by a decrease in consciousness, then the case was transferred to the intensive care unit (ICU)," said Head of Public Communication at the Secretariat General of the Ministry of Health ( Ministry of Health), Murti Utami, in a written statement received by AFP on Friday (03/09/2012). | But unfortunately, the treatment is doing M is able to save his life. "Finally, M died on March 1, 2012, at 22:45 pm," said Utami.

Of these cases have been carried out epidemiological investigation into the victim's home and surrounding environment by the Integrated Team Ministry of Health, Public Health Service, and the local Animal Husbandry Department. The results show, the victim contracted the bird flu virus M of poultry. "Based on these investigations, obtained the possibility that the patient has risk factors for contact environments where there are sudden deaths of poultry in the neighborhood," said Utami. Thus, until recently there were 187 cases of bird flu in Indonesia since 2005. A total of 155 cases of which led to the death. | AT | DT |

Indonesia: Latest #H5N1 #Birdflu Bengkulu Death More Details

spect Your Area
dr. Abdul Razak MH Pulo
March 9 2012

Bengkulu - It was unexpected that one day we will establish the diagnosis of suspected bird flu (H5N1) in a human.
The first experience occurred last week when me and my colleague, dr. Edi Hidayat, also from Aceh, which was sent on duty at the Hospital Muhammad Yunus (RSMY) Bengkulu as an Internal Medicine Resident of Palembang Unsri FK, examining a patient. As reported by People's Daily Bengkulu, (6/03) of a patient, MP, women aged 24 years died from bird flu infected. The next day, Metro TV also broadcast the same news. Yes, we're the first one to suspect the patient suspect bird flu.

We began to suspect the patient's condition is declining very rapidly, within hours, and also no response to drugs that have been granted. Patients experiencing severe shortness, high fever, and coughing. The results again showed a thoracic X-ray picture of the extensive consolidation in the left lung and an overview perselubungan homogeneous in basal right lung.

Laboratory results also strongly support that direction. Until we are assured that these patients had a viral infection, but virus what can make a very rapid deterioration? Initially we were hesitant because of the interviews with patients and their families do not get a history of contact with poultry.

Then me and dr. Edi Hidayat discussion, re-read the literature on avian influenza. Until we finally conclude the patient is likely infected with H5N1, the bird flu virus. Immediately, we report these findings to Konsulen Specialist Internal Medicine, and the patient immediately transferred to the isolation room.

To prove whether or not the bird flu case, then the local health office RSMY and send samples to the laboratory research and development of the Ministry of Health in Jakarta.
A few days later the results obtained, and it turns out positive for bird flu, H5N1.

But unfortunately, the patient died, despite being first can get the maximum handling. From I got the news that the bird flu patient deaths in Bengkulu last week making Indonesia the country with the highest number of H5N1 victims in the world, according to World Health Organization, WHO. Of the 349 deaths from bird flu worldwide since 2003, 155 of which occurred in Indonesia. dr. Abdul Razak MH Pulo, Faculty of Medicine Resident of Palembang Unsri can be reached at:

Calvert Flu Commentary

The flu was passed from the Index Case (Mother), to her children (2 of 3 died), and spread on to a 3rd contact, most likely on the day that the Index Case died.
As was reported in the post located here:

As of Wednesday afternoon, Ann Flanagan, supervisor for disease surveillance and response at the health department, said a Prince George’s County resident, “who was not part of the care of [the] family,” was admitted to the Washington Hospital Center for “other issues and she had developed flu like symptoms … so they’re treating her.” Flanagan said the resident was a family member of the four people, “but was not part of the care of the person who died.”
hat-tip PFI
Across the street from Blake’s white Cape Cod lives a great niece. Next door to the great niece is a brother-in-law. And the next few houses in either direction are occupied by cousins of her late husband, Leroy Blake.

The Blakes’ roots run deep here. They have their own folder at the county historical society. They were among the earliest members of a nearby Methodist congregation that dates back to the end of the 19th century.

The Blakes married some of the other congregants. And the headstones in the cemetery next to Eastern United Methodist Church bear the names of those interconnected families, just as do the mailboxes that line the roads near the church.

Many members of the extended family stopped by March 1 — not long after Ruth Blake, 81, died — to be together and to pray.

A family member had asked her pastor, the Rev. Irving Beverly, to come to pray as well. Inside, he was surprised to see two sheriff’s deputies. At that point, the cause of Blake’s death was unknown.


Wired: Flu Infections and MRSA Deaths in Maryland

Sad news out of Maryland, and a reminder of how devastating MRSA, methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, can be when it combines with flu infection. According to the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, the Washington Post and ProMED, five members of a family have fallen ill and three have died from MRSA pneumonia that took hold in lungs inflamed by flu infection.

The dead are Ruth Blake, 81, and her children Lowell, 58, and Vanessa, 56. Another child, Elaine, also fell ill and was hospitalized, and Ruth Blake’s sister has been hospitalized also. They had all contracted one of the seasonal flu strains circulating this year: H3N2. According to the Post, Ruth Blake was vaccinated against flu this season; her children were not. The assumption is that both flu and MRSA spread from the mother to the children.

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Calvert County Flu Update 5th Family Member Hospitalized

Testing indicates influenza H3

Friday, Mar. 09, 2012

Three members of a Lusby family have died and another is reportedly recovering due to a severe respiratory illness that preliminary testing indicates was influenza H3, a strain of influenza A.


According to the press release, preliminary testing at the DHMH Laboratories Administration indicates that all four people had influenza H3, a strain of influenza A that has been circulating this season, and these cases were complicated by bacterial co-infections, which is a known complication of influenza infection. Additional testing is being conducted for all cases.

As of Wednesday afternoon, Ann Flanagan, supervisor for disease surveillance and response at the health department, said a Prince George’s County resident, “who was not part of the care of [the] family,” was admitted to the Washington Hospital Center for “other issues and she had developed flu like symptoms … so they’re treating her.Flanagan said the resident was a family member of the four people, “but was not part of the care of the person who died.”

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Indonesia MOH Update Comments

There comes a time, when my BS meter just explodes, and I find myself down on the floor, wiping up the mess. Today, we received an update from the Ministroy of Health in Indonesia, regarding the latest confirmed case.
Bangkulu Regency, in Sumatra. MF (24). The update from the authorities reads...

Symptoms of fever cases since February 23, 2012. He then admitted to hospitals for treatment and DR. M. Jonah the next day. Because of cough, shortness of breath, and accompanied by a decrease in consciousness, then the case was transferred to the intensive care unit (ICU). Finally, the case died on March 1, 2012 at 22:45 pm.

So, am I to believe that you want me to read and agree with your statements? Maybe not. just want me to read them. Because if I have to actually think about what it says, I find myself on the floor picking up the pieces of my BS Meter.

Things are getting dicey out there, because the H5N1 Bird Flu virus has apparently infected a person on the 23rd of February and was admitted on the 24th. Somewhere between the 24 and the 28, he developed a cough, shortness of breath and lost consciousness, or a decrease in consciousness. He was dead by March 1st.

Mind you, this person worked at the hospital he was admitted to!!!

Another article that we posted here, had these dates. Not admitted the next day at all...:

As reported yesterday, MF (24), who died Friday (2/3) note the recent positive bird flu virus. MF (24) day-to-day work in the RS M Yunus. Deputy Director of Field Services Secretary RSMY, Dr. Lista Cerly Viera, the MM was treated for two days in isolation rooms RSMY since Wednesday (29/2).
And it speaks of a very fast moving virus. An advanced stage, on the brain, in 6 days?

Victim condition is severe enough so that treatment had to be done in isolation. Condition of the victim has reached an advanced stage and less likely to be saved because the virus was on the brain.
Another article that we posted here, has this information:

A resident of Bengkulu died from bird flu. Meanwhile, a toddler also was being treated for fever-like symptoms of bird flu in the Hospital Doctor Muhammad Yunus, Bengkulu.
Certainty of the death of a patient due to bird flu was discovered at the hospital, after the initials MP victim died on March 1 last. It's in the can after twice sending samples to the laboratory research and development of the Ministry of Health Jakarta.
MS was known to spend a lot of time at his Grandmother's house:

"MF is often stay at her grandmother's house in the Village of Garden Dahri [Kelurahan Kebun Dahri] so the area was also sprayed the day this, "added Arif.
but they have him down as dying on 6/3...

Resident Unib Permai, MF died on Tuesday (6/3) are known to be positive by the virus.
I have the "onset" down as 2/23. Unfortunately, I cannot find the article that I got it from. It sure would make more sense. I also have an admissionn date of 2/29, not 2/24 as the Ministry of Health has proclaimed.