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FDA approves rapid test to detect flu (Including highly pathogenic influenza A (H5N1)

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International bird flu warming during the Spring Festival travel abroad should pay attention to prevention, to prevent infection

Source: Public Relations Office of Public Relations
Date: 2011/1/30
According to World Health Organization and World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) announced data from the last (99) in December, the international human and bird flu in poultry warming, the CDC advise, people should pay attention to Gerenweisheng Spring Festival travel abroad, and avoid contact with birds and out of traditional markets, such as return when fever or flu-like symptoms, quarantine officers may seek the assistance of the airport, if ill after returning home, should wear face masks for medical treatment as soon as possible to the physicians note Tourism and history of exposure to facilitate the diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible.
Last year there were 48 cases of confirmed cases of human H5N1 influenza, reporting countries and regions including Indonesia, Vietnam, Egypt, China, Hong Kong and Cambodia, confirmed cases have a very high proportion of birds had a history of exposure; Ling OIE announced today ( 100) than on countries such as Korea and Bangladesh, spread of bird flu in poultry, including South Korea due to the rapid spread of the epidemic on January 12 this year, decided the alert level from "Note (Caution)" raised to "alert ( Warm) ".
Human infection with H5N1 avian influenza transmission is via inhalation or contact with mouth, eyes, nasal mucosa infected with the avian influenza virus can survive in the environment for a long time, especially when temperatures are low, so meat and eggs must be completely cook and then eat. CDC also urged doctors to be vigilant, if there is suspected bird flu cases should take the initiative to ask travel / contact history, such as influenza antiviral agent used found objects at public expense, shall promptly be given drug treatment, and communicated to the Health Unit as soon as possible.
Relevant international bird flu and related control measures can be found in its website, or call the public notification and consultation epidemic toll-free contact 1922.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Miyazaki, confirmed two new cases of infection-also killed nearly 10 million birds - bird flu


The problems found in chickens suspected of highly pathogenic bird flu at a poultry farm in the new town and Kawaminami Nobeoka, Miyazaki Prefecture, the prefecture has 29 early Tuesday announced it was confirmed positive for any genetic testing . Confirmed cases of infection in the province was now a total of five.
Receiving test results, the county embarked on a chicken slaughter. About 6600 birds were kept on a farm in Nobeoka City, subject to a total of 10 million birds a little less than 20,000,009 birds on farms around the town Kawaminami. Kawaminami in the killing to begin waiting for the arrival of the SDF to assist in the day. (2011/01/29-05:57)

Japan-season's sixth outbreak

Friday, Jan. 28, 2011

31,000 chickens culled in Miyazaki

Prefecture admits inspections of farms failed to meet code

MIYAZAKI (Kyodo) The Miyazaki Prefectural Government finished culling all 31,000 chickens Friday at a poultry farm and an affiliated meat-processing center hit by the season's sixth outbreak of the highly infectious avian influenza and admitted there were shortcomings in its inspections of farms.

The outbreak — the third to hit one of the nation's largest meat-producing prefectures — was confirmed early Friday after 186 chickens shipped from the farm in the town of Tsuno were found dead Thursday at the meat-processing center in the town of Kawaminami, prefectural officials said.

Roughly 10,000 chickens kept at the farm and 21,000 others brought to the meat-processing center were culled late Thursday, after positive preliminary tests on dead birds prompted a decision to take immediate action instead of waiting for further testing.

The outbreaks began in November in Shimane Prefecture, before moving onto the capital of Miyazaki Prefecture and the town of Shintomi, followed by ones earlier this week in Kagoshima and Aichi prefectures.

Miyazaki also closed a separate meat-processing center in the town of Tsuno — one of the biggest in the prefecture, the officials said.

Meanwhile, the prefectural government was found Friday to have skipped two-thirds of the on-the-spot sanitation checks it was supposed to conduct last year, including at the farm in the city of Miyazaki where the prefecture's first case of bird flu occurred.

Earlier, the prefectural government went on record as saying it conducted on-the-spot inspections at the farm. But actually, it allowed officials from a firm affiliated with the farm to carry out the checks on its behalf.

Inspections conducted by the central government after the outbreak discovered a number of holes in the farm's bird net, which is intended to prevent wild birds from entering the poultry houses. The spread of the highly virulent H5N1 bird flu virus was confirmed nationwide last October.

Miyazaki Prefecture said its own sanitary officials checked only one-fourth of the 984 poultry farms with 100 chickens or more that were supposedly inspected last year at the direction of the central government because it didn't have enough staff.

Miyazaki suffered huge damage last year after a devastating outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease forced it to cull about 290,000 cows and pigs.

Chicken carcass found in Tai O tests positive for H5N1 virus

Hong Kong (HKSAR) - A spokesman for the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD) said today (January 28) that a chicken carcass found in Tai O was confirmed to be H5N1 positive after laboratory testing.

The chicken carcass was found and collected near Yeung Hau Temple, Tai O on January 25.It was highly decomposed when found and required a series of tests before H5N1 avian influenza was confirmed today.

The spokesman said there were no poultry farms within three kilometres of where the dead bird was found.AFCD staff have conducted inspections and found no evidence of any backyard poultry being kept there. The AFCD would continue to monitor the situation and conduct inspections of the area...

Protection to these workers, "Tamiflu" in close contact with administration of 13

27 County, a total of 13 people from County officials and employees involved in work experience farm quarantine of highly pathogenic avian influenza, treatment to prevent infection, "Tamiflu," he said it was administered. County Council Standing Committee on Health, said, the county reported.

The administration of the work involved in the case occurred in a poultry quarantine Shintomicho Sadowara Town and Miyazaki, and seven officials may have close contact with the virus, such as masks and goggles off, and dead chickens six officials, such as contacting the farm experience.
Currently, 27 and 13 who received flu symptoms had not been given out.

#Japan: Flu patients, more than double its level of alert in the province for three consecutive weeks 13

[H1N1. Miyazaki also has H5N1 in poultry/birds]

January 28, 2011

Found that the national alert level close to doubled in three weeks the flu. According to a sentinel survey released by the National Institute of Infectious Diseases 28, last week (January 17 - 23) Number of new patients is a medical 26.41 per person (12.09 last week), and momentum to reach the level of alert in 30. Institute of Infectious Diseases has called for preventive measures such as thorough hand washing again.

By prefecture, Miyazaki is 64.49 (24.08 last week) and highest in Okinawa and then 63.17 (the 55.26) was. Hukuoka 48.97 (24.81), Saga 48.44 (27.87), Nagasaki 47.29 (20.43) followed. Kyushu over 30 county-level alarm. Gunma 36.41 (16.42), Tiba 36.38 (17.56), Saitama 34.29 (14.41) and many Kantou exceeded the alert level 13 provinces. The warning was issued less than level 10, only 9.49 and Kagawa Prefecture Tokushima 9.18 2.

The virus in pigs in the new, nearly a full 90% of patients, 14% under 43, there were patients who, unlike children from the previous week. 20-29% more and even 30s.

Yasui Yoshinori Senior Researcher of the Institute of Infectious Diseases Infectious Disease Surveillance Center, "We are worried about the spread of infection still some people off guard. Peak of the new flu occurred last season (39.66) might have over "Let's try this. The most prevalent were larger than in the past 10 seasons between 2004 and 2005 was 50.07. (Kumai Hiromi)

Mass executions of chickens in Myanmar for fear of bird flu outbreaks


Bangkok, 28 January (EFE): executed by the authorities in Myanmar for more than 50 thousand of chickens and ducks after killing 700 people killed by a suspected outbreak of bird flu, the country's east. [translation error: they mean poultry/ducks....not people]

وذكرت وسائل أعلامية معارضة اليوم أنه تم تحديد انتشار للمرض في منطقة بوماي بولاية راكهين (أراكان سابقا)، حيث تم العثور على 75 مزرعة مصابة.

The opposition and the media today, it was determined the spread of the disease in Bomay Rakein State (formerly Arakan), where it was found on 75 farms infected.

وتسعى وزارة الصحة في ميانمار لمعرفة ما إذا كان انتشار الوباء بسبب الطيور المهاجرة أو بسبب الطيور المستوردة من بنجلاديش.

Seeking Ministry of Health in Myanmar to see whether the spread of the epidemic because of migratory birds or from birds imported from Bangladesh.

وإذا ما ثبت تفشي المرض، فستكون تلك المرة الخامسة التي يظهر بها في ميانمار حيث رصد بها للمرة الأولى في عام 2006 عندما تم اكتشافه في مزرعة للطيور في ضواحي مدينة رانجون.

If it is proved the outbreak, then that would be the fifth time that appears in Myanmar, where the monitoring for the first time in 2006 when it was discovered in farm birds in the outskirts of Rangoon.

وفي تلك المرة، انتقل خبراء من منظمة (الفاو) إلى ميانمار لمساعدة المسئولين المحليين في احتواء الوباء، كما تلقت البلاد مساعدات عسكرية من الولايات المتحدة لمكافحته رغم العقوبات الأمريكية المفروضة على النظام الحكام.

At that time, go by experts from the Organization (FAO) to Myanmar to help local officials contain the epidemic, the country also received military aid from the United States to combat it, despite U.S. sanctions imposed on the rulers.

وتعد ميانمار أحد أفقر بلدان آسيا وتخضع لحكم الديكتاتورية العسكرية منذ 1962.(إفي)

Myanmar is one of the poorest countries in Asia and are subject to the rule of military dictatorship since 1962. (EFE)

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USDA Breaks Rules to Import Potentially Unsafe Poultry from China

Given that China's food safety system is, well, practically nonexistent, this is a disturbing prospect. From the huge pet food recall to food tainted with banned pesticides to the great melamine milk disaster, China's food safety lapses seem to always be in the headlines. While China has been working diligently to improve its food safety image, it seems that actually improving food safety is not much of a priority. A Chinese food safety activist was even recently jailed for two-and-a-half years for "inciting social disorder" merely by forming a support group for parents whose kids were sickened by milk tainted with melamine. If only inciting social disorder were really that easy...

Why, you may ask, is our government willing to throw caution about our health and safety to the wind to make China happy? In a word: beef.

In the wake of the mad cow scare, many countries banned the import of American beef, a state of affairs that has American beef ranchers — and the corporations that rely on them — pretty peeved. Political interests from both sides of the ocean have been pressuring the U.S. government to engage in a sort of beef-for-chicken swap; if the U.S. will import Chinese chicken, China may begin buying U.S. beef.

United Nations, foot and mouth disease in Asia, Korea 发 advisories

"Lunar proliferation concern, coupled ng" warning

(Rome, AFP = Yonhap News) The UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in the 27th century occurred in Korea, claiming the worst foot and mouth disease in livestock and Asian immigration and quarantine authorities gave the alert.

FAO is making a statement today, "the current foot and mouth disease patterns in East Asia and spread around in Korea for the past 50 years, can not find the analogy so," he said.

According to FAO in recent years, foot and mouth disease had spread throughout China, eastern Russia and Mongolia began to occur in practice.

Especially in Korea, as well as large-scale population movements and livestock products in Asia. Livestock transport coupled with the planned lunar ng fear this could spread foot and mouth disease in the region, FAO warned.

FAO whether the infection occurs if there is keen on suspicious animals should take appropriate action quickly, the number of Asia. Urged to quarantine authorities.

In addition, FAO preemptively to prevent the spread of the disease, vaccination policy, has expressed his support for the position.

Since November last year, South Korea in the foot and mouth disease in livestock caused workers to access and control of the vehicle, while the 2.2 million pigs and cattle and pigs and cattle, respectively salcheobun 300 900 dumplings and is working on vaccines against ten thousand and two, according to FAO .

Foot and mouth disease spreads in South Korea was estimated at 1.6 billion U.S. dollars of damage

U.N. warns of Asian foot-and-mouth threat

UNITED NATIONS, Jan. 27 (UPI) -- A U.N. agency says it is warning veterinary and border authorities in Asia of a major outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease in the Republic of Korea.

The U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization is urging authorities to be on the alert for livestock showing signs of infection by the highly contagious animal disease, a U.N. release said Thursday.

Foot-and-mouth disease affects cattle, sheep, goats and pigs, causing high fever, and is named for its characteristic lesions in animals' mouths and feet.

The disease does not affect humans.

Since November 2010 the Republic of Korea has imposed quarantines, initiated a vaccination campaign targeting 9 million pigs and 3 million heads of cattle, and culled 2.2 million livestock, the FAO said.

The cost of the control effort in the Republic of Korea is estimated at about $1.6 billion, the FAO, which described the outbreak as "unprecedented," said.

"Authorities in Asia should make sure they are in a position to detect any instances of the disease and respond rapidly in an appropriate way," Juan Lobroth, FAO's chief veterinary officer, said.

Hazime Hiraku bird flu infection in the city killed Miyazaki Tsuno

Bird Flu Spreads

TOKYO - Japan's health authorities on Thursday said the fifth outbreak of bird flu since November have hit a farm in central Aichi region, when local officials began to destroy 150,000 chickens in the place. Since November, Japan confirmed five cases of bird flu in farms in four of the 47 prefectures of the country. Some 600,000 chickens have been destroyed. Avian flu was also hit Kagoshima and Miyazaki prefectures in the southwestern island of Kyushu, which is where the big farms. In Miyazaki, last year's foot and mouth disease (FMD) which attack the split-legged animals such as cattle, goats, pigs forced nearly 300,000 animals slaughtered their livestock.

H5N1 Outbreaks In Places We Haven't Heard From In A While...

[No outbreaks reported in Vietnam ....yet]


South Korea

Japan (scattered throughout the whole Country)





Thailand (tested neg.) (poultry around home sick)


Issues Interim Rule prohibiting importation of birds and poultry products from regions with HPAI.

List includes:











Burkina Faso









Palestinian Autonomous Territories





Hong Kong

Saudi Arabia


South Korea









Ivory Coast (Côte d'Ivoire)





NOTE: The table above is modified only when there are changes to the disease status of countries or regions.

Last Modified: January 26, 2011

S. Korea confirms additional outbreaks of bird flu

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Outbreak is in
Gyeonggi Province, Pyeongtaek, about 70 kilometers south of Seoul

Bird flu recurs in Myanmar

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Japan: Avian flu spreading at rapid pace / Infection routes hard to determine; migratory birds seen as responsible

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#Egypt: Gharbia 15 Suspected Swine Flu #H1N1 Update

I posted an article earlier today, located here. Apparently 8 cases came back positive. Another 24 have been detained, which was disclosed at a meeting with the health directorate on Sunday.

8 people infected with swine flu Gharbia
الغربية- محمد على |
27-1-2011 |
The results of analysis of samples received from the central laboratory of the Ministry of Health in Cairo positive 8 new cases of infection with swine flu in Gharbia Governorate, as well as for the detention of 24 others for suspicion.

He had been detained, the 8 cases of hospitals to maintain different this week after the onset of symptoms, while the health directorate meeting Sunday attended by the detention of 24 cases of new suspected of being infected with the disease hospital was issued and admitted Tanta and Mahala were taken samples of blood and swab hours and sent to central laboratories for analysis to make sure of illness, positive or not.

South Korea: six eagles found dead .. Epidemiology

Gwangyang, Chonnam National Monument on the eagle Sport 243-1 successively discovered dead and the authorities went to the epidemiological investigation.

27일 오후 3시께 광양읍 광양경찰서 주변 농경지에서 2마리는 죽고, 3마리는 빈사상태에 놓여있는 독수리들이 발견됐고, 같은 시각 진월면 오추 마을 논에서도 1마리가 죽은 채 발견됐다. The 27th around 3 pm Police sikke gwangyangeup Gwangyang 2 die in farmland, three eagles are to be placed in a moribund state was found in the same time, if Jinwol ohchu noneseodo a town that was found dead.

시 는 죽은 독수리를 순천에 있는 전남축산위생사업소 동부지소를 통해 국립수의과학검역원에 역학조사를 의뢰하고, 살아있는 3마리는 이날 밤 주변의 비어있는 비닐하우스에 임시 보호했다가 28일 중 순천시내 동물병원에 옮겨 치료와 함께 역학조사 등을 벌이기로 했다.

Dead eagle in Sunchon City, Chonnam National Livestock and Veterinary Offices for the Eastern Branch of the National Veterinary Research and Quarantine, and commissioned research on the epidemiology, living three empty plastic around the house for the night in the temporary custody of 28 days and then animals, Sunchon City transferred to the hospital and treated with the broader epidemiological survey was to.

이날 독수리들이 발견된 광양서 주변 농경지에서는 지난 25일에도 3마리가 죽은채 발견돼, 국립수의과학검역원에 역학조사를 의뢰해둔 상태다. The eagles are found today in the last 25 gwangyangseo surrounding farmland for dead in anything that's found in 3, in Epidemiology, National Veterinary Research and Quarantine of the recipe requested state.

시 관계자는 "이들 독수리 폐사가 전국을 휩쓸고 있는 조류인플루엔자(AI)와 관계가 있는지 주시하고 있다"며 "일부에서는 농약 등에 중독된 조류 등을 먹이로 먹다 폐사했을 가능성도 제기하고 있다"고 말했다. City official said, "They swept the Eagles in our nationwide avian influenza (AI) and the relationship that is watching" and "poisoned birds, etc. In some cases, pesticides, and also raised the possibility that food is eating us," he said.

South Korea: H5N1 in Birds 70 km South of Capital

سيئول، 27 يناير(يونهاب) -- أكدت كوريا الجنوبية اليوم الخميس وقوع حالتين إضافيتين من انفلونزا الطيور في اقليم كيونغ كي بالقرب من سيئول بالرغم من مساعي الحجر الصحي في كل أنحاء البلاد.

Seoul, January 27 (Yonhap) - South Korea confirmed Thursday the occurrence of two additional cases of bird flu in Kyung Ki province near Seoul, in spite of efforts to quarantine all over the country.

وقالت وزارة الزراعة إن الحالات الجديدة وقعت في مزارع للدواجن تقوم بتربية الدجاج وطيور الدراج في بيونغتيك التي تبعد حوالي 70 كيلومتراً عن جنوب العاصمة.

The Agriculture Ministry said that the new cases occurred in poultry farms are raising chickens and birds in the pheasant Bionghtyk, which lies about 70 km south of the capital.

وكان قد تم إعدام جميع الدواجن التي تشمل 25,000 دجاجة و2,000 طائر دراج ودفنها في المزارع لمنع انتشار مرض انفلونزا الطيور أكثر والذي ضرب 5 أقاليم في كل أنحاء البلاد بعد أن تم تأكيد الحالة الأولى في يوم 31 ديسمبر، طبقاً لما قالته الوزارة.

He has been culled all poultry, including 25,000 chickens and 2,000 birds Drag and buried on farms to prevent the spread of bird flu more that hit the 5 Territories across the country after it was confirmed the first case on Dec. 31, according to what was said by the ministry.

وقال مسئولون إن المزارعين تم وضعهم في الحجر الصحي مع الحد المفروض على تنقل الناس والعربات.

Officials said the farmers were put in quarantine, with the limit on the movement of people and vehicles. ويتم تطهير كل المزارع لقتل فيروس H5N1الذي تم كشف النقاب عنه.

And is cleared every farmer to kill the H5N1 virus that has been unveiled.

ورفع الظهور الأخير إجمالي عدد حالات أنفلونزا الطيور التي تم اكتشافها من قبل سيئول إلى 40 حالة حتى الآن، مع إبادة أكثر من 5.5 مليون طائر.

And raise the last appearance total number of cases of avian influenza was discovered by the Seoul to 40 cases so far, with the extermination of more than 5.5 million birds.

قبل السلسلة أخيرة من الظهور، ضربت أنفلونزا الطيور كوريا الجنوبية 3 مرات من قبل، مع وقوع حالات مؤخرا في ابريل عام 2008 . Before the string of recent appearances, hit the bird flu, South Korea 3 times before, with the occurrence of recently in April 2008. ووقعت حالات أخرى في شهور الشتاء في الفترة من عام 2003 إلى عام 2004 والفترة من عام 2006 إلى عام 2007. There have been other cases in the winter months in the period from 2003 to 2004 and from 2006 to 2007.

Egypt: Gharbia Hospitalized: 1 Conf. H5N1 and 15 Suspected H1N1. Damanhur: 5 Suspected H5N1 Admitted

The Directorate of Health meeting Sunday attended yesterday the injury of 5 new cases of swine flu, and one case of bird flu, a person named «Youssef Nasr» and held Bmschwiy Mahalla and Tanta fevers after the analysis has confirmed the central laboratory from the injury.

Also detained, hospital admitted Tanta and Mahala and Mahala was 10 cases suspected of being infected with swine flu after the onset of symptoms.

In a related development, the Directorate of Veterinary Medicine, revealed the existence of Gharbia bifocal are positive with bird flu and the city of Kotor on the spot were culled domestic birds and conducting clearing operations.

In Minya, Dr. Adel Abu-Zeid, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health, the number of positive cases were infected with swine flu governorate since the beginning of winter were 55 cases including 6 deaths have been recovered rest of the cases. He pointed out that among the positive cases were 4 students and 2 university did not show any cases of bird flu since the winter of last year until now.

In the lake, was detained in a hospital admitted Damanhur 5 cases of suspected bird flu, they are: «Mona Abu Ouf and Halima Mr. Qasim Jawad, charitable, and Fawzi Mohammed Hussein, Nada Salem Elgharabawy Giumaa Saeed».

Hong Kong confirms first A/H1N1 flu-related death in 2011

HONG KONG, Jan. 26 (Xinhua) -- Hong Kong's Hospital Authority ( HA) announced on Wednesday that a 27-year-old female patient infected with the A/H1N1 flu virus was certified dead at Tuesday night.

This is the first death related to the influenza in Hong Kong this year.

The patient developed flu symptoms on Jan. 20. She attended the Accident and Emergency Department of Tseung Kwan O Hospital (TKOH) for shortness of breath and fever on Jan. 25 and was admitted to the medical ward.

Her condition deteriorated and she was transferred to the Intensive Care Unit for further treatment, with prescription of Tamiflu and antibiotics and the ventilation support. She was certified dead in the evening of Tuesday.

The hospital said the patient has no chronic disease history, and the case has been referred to the coroner.

In addition, a 16-year-old male patient in the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit of Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) was tested positive for A/H1N1 flu virus on Wednesday.

The patient developed fever symptom on Jan. 23 and was admitted to QEH for treatment in the Accident and Emergency Department. The patient, now in serious condition, is under anti-viral and antibiotic treatment and also on ventilation support.

As of 2:00 p.m. Wednesday, there were a total of 15 influenza patients staying in the intensive care unit of public hospitals in Hong Kong, according to the HA.

ASEAN+3: Japan Facing Avian Flu Pandemic, 4th Farm Tests Positive For Virus

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

TOKYO -- Chickens at a poultry farm in Japan' s southwestern prefecture of Kagoshima have tested positive for the highly pathogenic H5N1 bird flu, local government officials said Wednesday.

The prefectural government said that of the 10 birds tested for the virus, eight of them tested positive. The culling of around 8,600 chickens has already started at the poultry farm in Izumi, Kagoshima Prefecture, according to the officials.

This is the third case this year and the fourth since December that mass poultry culling has occurred in Japan following the detection of the avian flu virus, which officials say in some cases was a particularly infective strain.

Earlier this week, two farms were found to have infected chickens in neighboring Miyazaki Prefecture, the nation's largest poultry-producing region, and the problem was deemed serious enough to dispatch a 170-member Self-Defense Force team to help cull the birds.

A farm in Shimane Prefecture, southeastern Japan, was the scene of the first case of bird flu this season. The subsequent spread of the virus is being called a pandemic by some veterinary experts.

The Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Ministry will send its secretary Kenko Matsuki and a team of specialists to Kagoshima Prefecture to try to locate the exact route of the infection, according to statements by ministry officials earlier.

Prime Minister Naoto Kan also said early on Wednesday that both local and central governments will do their utmost to stamp out the latest outbreak of the virus.

Source : Xinhua News

Bird flu, poultry farms tested positive in 6 cases of suspected domestic Miyazaki

16 hours 50 minutes 27 January 2011

Tsuno, Miyazaki Prefecture (one) 27 chickens were shipped from the slaughterhouse poultry farms in the prefecture of the city, are found dead tested positive for bird flu came out a simple test conducted by the prefectural found. The County will conduct genetic testing has been investigated in detail.

If confirmed as highly pathogenic, the sixth case in domestic poultry farms this season's first three cases in the prefecture. In that case, about 20,000 birds in a poultry farm poultry is being slaughtered, 10 km radius of poultry farms, which limits the movement of chickens and eggs in the range of 5 km from the treatment plant.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

#Japan: Shiga Prefecture: Birds Tested Negative For #H5N1

Gadwall dead wild birds found in the river city of Otsu highly pathogenic avian flu tested negative. 滋賀県が発表。 Shiga Prefecture announced.

#Japan: Aichi is confirmed positive #H5N1 Poultry

Aichi, bird flu is "positive"

2011/1/27 2:58 2011/1/27 2:58
27 Aichi Prefecture early Saturday morning, which was discovered in Toyohashi city in the prefecture of bird flu for suspected cases of infection, "in consultation with the Ministry of Agriculture results were re-tested positive for that, "said on Wednesday. Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Department news conference that the province at 5:45 am that day.

#Japan: Shiga Prefecture - Suspected #H5N1 Poultry Outbreak

26, 01 minutes, 2011
Suspected bird flu infection in birds Oodu

Shiga Prefecture, on March 26 announced that it tested positive for bird flu came out from a simple test dead wild birds found in a river gadwall near Biwako Hall in Otsu Niono浜. In genetic testing to determine whether the highly pathogenic avian influenza, the results likely to be found before dawn Tuesday. If confirmed by the occurrence of Shiga Prefecture, the first time.

According to the county and around the mass mortality of wild birds have been found, and Biwa are migratory birds flying to more than 10 million birds, there are concerns about the spread of infection if confirmed.

If the genetic tests proved highly pathogenic, the area is set to monitor the area 10 km radius around the site by the Ministry to strengthen cooperation with prefecture alert. In addition to disinfect the county and where birds gather, once again call for strengthening the protection of poultry farms in the prefecture.

Around 26 at 11:50 am, the report was found dead in the river of passers hall. To collect the county conducted a simple test at the county Animal Health Omihachiman.

Infection of wild birds are spreading around the country and from Toyama Prefecture and Tottori Prefecture has been detected in the droppings of ducks in Hokkaido last October.

Egypt: Confirmed Human Cases 2011

Dakahlia Gov

Confirmed #119 – Died [12/16]

12/26 – confirmed bird flu

Name: Shahat (40)

From: Zhaerp Balsnellowin

Adm: 12/30/10

Onset: 12/25/10

Hospital: International Mansoura

Confirmed: Positive []

DOD: 1/2/2011

Notes: WHO update #40

Confirmed #123

Name: 26 yo Female

From: Dakahlia Gov.

Adm: 1/23

Onset: 1/18

Notes: Recovered; Discharged 2/7.

Giza Gov

Confirmed #120

Name: Boy (10)

From: Giza Gov.

Adm: 1/8

Onset: 1/5

Confirmed: Positive

Notes: Stable condition WHO update #41

Alexandria Gov.

Confirmed #121

Report Date: 1/19/11

Name: Child (1 ½)

From: Al Iskandariyah*

Adm: 1/13

Onset: 1/12

Hospital: Alexandria

Sym’s: high temp, cough, cramps, febrile convulsion

Notes: exposure to infected chicken/duck. Stable condition.

· FAO Site:

Gharbia Gov.

Confirmed #122

Report Date: 1/26/11

Name: Youssef Nasr (7)

From: Gharbia

Adm: 1/20

Onset: 1/20

Hospital: Bmschwiy Mahalla and Tanta Fevers

Notes: Stable condition. Exposed to infected poultry.

WHO Update #43

Menofia Gov.

Confirmed #124 – Died (2/5)

Name: 45 yo Male

From: Menofia Gov.

Adm: 1/26

Onset: 1/20

DOD: 2/5

Damiata Gov.

Confirmed #125

Name: 4 yo male

From: Menofia Gov.

Adm: 2/16

Onset: 2/14

Notes: Stable Condition

#Egypt: Confirmed Human Case #H5N1

[Western Province is Gharbia]

"Health" announces the discovery of new human case of bird flu

Wednesday, January 26, 2011 - 19:01
Dr Abdel Rahman Shahin - Spokesman for the Ministry of Health - that today has been the discovery of new human case of bird flu for a child at the age of 7 years and a half of the province of Western, is this case is the case number (122) since the onset of the disease in Egypt In March 2006, and this case is the fourth case this year of 2011.

وأشار شاهين إلى أن الطفل قد دخل إحدى مستشفيات محافظة الغربية وهو يعانى من حمى – التهاب بالحلق – سعال – رشح – آلام بالعضلات، والمفاصل، وذلك عقب تعرضه لطيور منزلية (دجاج) يشتبه فى إصابتها بمرض أنفلونزا الطيور . Shaheen noted that the child has entered a hospital in the western province, which is suffering from a fever - sore throat - Cough - Nominated - Pain in the muscles, joints, and that after being exposed to domestic birds (chicken) suspected of being infected with bird flu.

هذا وقد أخذ الطفل عقار التاميفلو فور الاشتباه وحالته الصحية الآن مستقرة . This may take the child immediately after suspected drug Tamiflu and his health condition is now stable.

Vietnam: H1N1 - Within 10 Days 49 Cases in Hanoi

Hanoi: Outbreaks of influenza A/H1N1 back

(AP) - Within 10 days, some patients found positive for influenza A/H1N1 in Hanoi have increased from one case to 49 cases. Particularly on 25 / 1, the number of patients hospitalized for H1N1 was found to be 14 people and tend to increase in coming days ...

Present at the Hospital for Tropical Diseases INVESTMENT (Hanoi), AP Reporter quite surprising number of patients hospitalized for treatment of suspected influenza H1N1 unusually crowded. In the isolation wards of hospitals, hospital beds with an average 2 patients had to lie to the general, even the patient must lie in the hallway.
However, apart from H1N1 virus, is not detected in patients infected with influenza A/H5N1 virus in Hanoi.

Xinjiang to strengthen sentinel surveillance of influenza-like cases of bird flu virus detected in the slaughterhouse

January 26, 2011
Recently, a poultry slaughter poultry in Xinjiang Class of drinking water samples to detect H5N1 avian influenza virus 1, Xinjiang, and have been detected in parts of Influenza H1N1 influenza cases.

January 25, regional health department issued a "further strengthen the Chinese New Year H1N1, bird flu prevention and control work," which demands good H1N1, bird flu prevention and control work, the implementation of health emergency during the Spring Festival 24-hour duty system.

The regional health department official said at present the Spring Festival approaching, the surge in passenger and cargo flows across all localities to strengthen preventive measures, to concentrate on key times in key areas (places), focus groups, key aspects of the epidemic prevention and control.

Health administrative departments at all levels to strengthen the area of medical and health institutions H1N1, bird flu monitoring and reporting guidance and inspection, good sentinel surveillance of influenza-like illness; medical institutions to further strengthen the pre triage system; Diseases to grasp the epidemic dynamic.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

#Japan: Shimane Prefecture - Confirmed #H5N1 Poultry


Bird flu from migratory birds virulent Shimane-MOE

Ministry of the Environment on June 25, dead from a tufted duck migratory birds were collected in the city designated as a national game reserve Shinji, Matsue, announced that the highly virulent H5N1 virus found a new type of highly pathogenic avian influenza.


The ministry is the highest alert level within 10 km radius of the epicenter, "3" raised, including cooperation with Shimane Prefecture, to strengthen the surveillance on wild birds in the area.


On the other hand, Hyogo Prefecture, said the dead birds found in the pond Grebe Ke Rui Itami City, announced that it has detected the H5 avian influenza virus subtypes. 強毒性かどうか引き続き検査するとしている。 Trying to continue to examine whether virulent. (

#Japan: Hyogo Prefecture Confirmed H5N1 Poultry

On December 19th, there was a brief mention of Hyogo Prefecture, posted here
In the wake of the bird flu infections in Tottori and Toyama prefectures, Hyogo Prefecture also said it will stop displaying white storks, designated as a special national treasure, raised at its park in Toyooka, to prevent contact with infected wild birds

Grebe bird flu killed birds in Hyogo


Hyogo Prefecture, 25, was found dead of a grebe feathers of wild birds in the lake in the prefecture Ke Rui Itami City, H5 revealed that infection was confirmed highly pathogenic avian influenza of the type.


According to the county at around 10 am yesterday found dead floating in the pond Grebe Itami city officials.


Because of the rapid test came out positive for the county livestock hygiene service center Himeji (Himeji in the prefecture) was to examine in detail. 半径10キロ以内に養鶏農家はない。 Poultry farms within a radius of 10 km is not.


26 County Tuesday morning, will discuss measures to guard headquarters held a meeting with the chief superintendent Kimura Mitsutoshi disaster.


Samples brought to Tottori, to ask whether the virulent test.


The County Park, Village of prefectural stork (Toyooka) is also considering a move into private cages are special national treasure storks fed.
2011/01/26 00:15 【共同通信】 [Kyodo News]

#Japan: Kagoshima Poultry Outbreak Update #H5N1

Kagoshima bird flu, a highly pathogenic virus detection

Cranes wintering in the city's largest, after the 21st December, highly pathogenic viruses from birds virulent 6 Hooded (H5N1 type) was detected.


County has already begun about 8600 birds slaughtered chickens in this farm.

県の発表によると、出水市高尾野町 According to the county Takaonomachi Izumi 下水流 Shimozuru ( ( しもずる Sly servant ) ) で食用卵を生産している養鶏農家から25日午後1時半頃、県北薩家畜保健衛生所に「鶏が相次いで死んでいる」と届け出があった。

Around 1:30 pm Sun 25 poultry farms producing eggs in the food, the livestock hygiene service center Hokusatsu County, "a series of dead chickens," and was reported.


This farm is located approximately southeast of observation center on the 2.3 km crane wintering grounds.

According to the county Takaonomachi Izumi 下水流 Shimozuru ( ( しもずる Sly servant ) )


Around 1:30 pm Sun 25 poultry farms producing eggs in the food, the livestock hygiene service center Hokusatsu County, "a series of dead chickens," and was reported.


This farm is located approximately southeast of observation center on the 2.3 km crane wintering grounds.

The health office survey, farmers turned out to be a total of about 160 birds had died between 25 days to 20 days.


Dead birds were examined 9 out easily, leaving the eight birds tested positive.


The PCR Prefecture Kagoshima Chuo Livestock Hygiene Service Office will conduct the inspection, the samples were detected H5-type virus.

#Egypt: "Abaza" for "mountain": the plan to combat bird flu will cost 4 million pounds

25/01/2011 16:00 GMT

The Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation, the new plan to combat bird flu in the governorates, the ministry has the final plan preparation of the memorandum, which will be sent to the Minister of Health Dr. Hatem Chairman of the Committee High bird flu, at a cost estimated at 4 million pounds.

And discussed the minister Amin Abaza, at a meeting held on Monday afternoon and was attended by Dr. Saad Nassar, Dr. Mohammad Mustafa, head of the Garhi General for Veterinary Services, Dr. Suhair Hassan, head of the Central Administration for Preventive Medicine and the plan put forward students quickly sent to the Ministry of Health.

The Minister of Health Dr. Hatem had been requested in the Committee's meeting last November, a new vision to combat the disease, in his capacity as current chairman of the Committee, and the form of the Minister of Agriculture appointed a committee to develop a vision, headed by Dr. Saad Nassar, Advisor to the Minister, Dr. Mohammad Mustafa Garhi President of the General Authority for Veterinary Services, Dr. Suheir Hassan, head of the Central Administration for Preventive Medicine, Dr.. Mona Mehrez Director of Central Laboratory for the control of poultry production and others and discussed and amended before being submitted to the Supreme Committee to Combat Bird Flu.

And Oodat Ministry of Agriculture several steps to combat all the parties concerned, where the cost plan, the police receiving reports of cases of suspicion and the decisions of closure of the farms of the Directorate of Veterinary Medicine, and the provision of security of adequate and appropriate to the capacity of the farm so that no less than military and watchman of the farm less than 10 thousand birds for the duration of the stone and even Rod the result of analysis, as well as secure the transfer of birds and equipment in sealed cars to landfill.

The Ministry of Agriculture of Inquiry should be 22 thousand breeding farm with 16 counties of the Republic, where it is through active monitoring of the disease in villages and hamlets, and hamlets.

The plan was drawn up a new role for units of local Ministry of Environment, as given to them to receive communications Bhlat suspicion or resolutions of the closure of farms, and in the event of being a positive outcome to the process of execution of the farm and the provision of cars and Allauadr and lime, and advises the General Authority for Veterinary Services not directed by bird bad and be dealt with burial if the situation soil allow it.

The plan called for the confiscation of the Ministry of Environment and dead birds and sick of waterways, roads, and the punishment provided by the law of the environment on the perpetrator of such offense.

According to the plan, commissioned by the Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Health, immediate reporting of Veterinary Medicine in the current suspicion of human and not make sure an infection, so as to enable the veterinary trace the cause of injury and taking samples of bird mixing, and received reports of veterinary medicine in cases of injury to birds and to check out the sampling of people in contact .

According to the plan have called the plan of the General Authority for Veterinary Services to follow up and implementation of safety standards is vital in the farms and the continued health of the birds in the farms, and technical supervision of the execution and to inform the authorities cases of suspected and was escorted by a doctor Central Laboratory for the withdrawal of samples from the birds, and failed to plan the role of the Central Laboratory for the control of poultry production to accompany the physician to pull samples and reporting the outcome of the examination.

According to the plan, the General Union of Poultry Producers have an important role in the notification of the systematic and continuous preparation and distribution of places of soothing day-old chicks and one linked to the distribution of chicks to apply the conditions necessary for the safety of bio-and requiring large companies to open outlets of the birds chilled and frozen and activate the role of extension especially for owners of small farms guidance standard Biosecurity and expand Chamber membership in the European Union through the links educators.

Iraq: Speaks of Confirmed Case This Year & Plans To Monitor Birdflu #H5N1 in Birds Entering

Daily Bulletin for Iraq 10 on Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Environment, develop a plan to monitor birds entering Iraq via satellite
(Voice of Iraq)
The Ministry of Environment in Iraq, Monday, will leave them a plan to monitor migratory birds to Iraq via satellite for the prevention of the spread of viruses that cause avian influenza, confirmed that Iraq was still at least the disease between the countries of the world.
The head of the Chamber of pandemic influenza in the Ministry of Environment Hussein Jawad al-Asadi said in an interview for "Alsumaria News", "Iraq has a plan to monitor bird staging areas in agreement with the migrating birds, including the direction of Iraq, to control satellite solutions for the spread of HIV Anfelonzha birds ", pointing out that" areas of the marshes and Kurdistan is one of the most important areas to birds that migrate in the country. "
The Asadi that "the Ministry of Environment will be in cooperation with the Ministry of Health as responsible for it, and the Ministry of Agriculture and Commerce after it ascertained the presence of infected birds, whether migrating to Iraq or poultry to take ways and oversight to prevent the spread of the disease in Iraq through environmental awareness, as well as for preventive measures related to preventing the importation of meat and eggs from countries that are infected with the disease the epidemic, "stressing" the importance of focusing on the control of the marsh areas, because it is wide areas and isolated. "
The Asadi that "migratory birds arrive in the migration of the first into Iraq from Siberia and Kazakhstan, and then to Iran and to the marsh areas to settle in the region for nearly 90 days, and the migration of the other comes from European countries to reach the territory of Kurdistan through Turkey, to go for almost two months to start again to Africa, "noting that" diseased migratory birds may infect domestic birds and then transfer infection to humans. "
An official source at the Ministry of Health has revealed in January of this year, the emergence of a single case of avian influenza H5N1 in the city of Baghdad, noting that the results of tests conducted by the Ministry of Health in this case was positive, and Iraq has seen in February of 2006 and the death of a person at the age of 39 years in the province of Sulaymaniyah, north of the country because of his type deadly bird flu virus, according to Iraqi Health Ministry.

#Egypt: Minya - Total of 10 Spots Infected Poultry in Homes

Detected 10 foci of bird flu in Minya
Tuesday, January 25, 2011 - 14:06


For his part, Director General of Veterinary Medicine to detected 4 spots a new, positive infected with bird flu, all of Dermwas and he returns and built a shrine and Samalut, bringing the number of spots that have been discovered so far to 10 spots, stressing that it was the execution of infected birds and cleaning up the place, as Check out the coordination with the Directorate of Health Mkhaltin showed no injury to any person with the disease.

Kagoshima chickens test positive for bird flu

MIYAZAKI/KAGOSHIMA (Kyodo) -- Chickens at a poultry farm in Izumi, Kagoshima Prefecture, tested positive for bird flu in an abbreviated examination, the prefectural government said Tuesday, following outbreaks of a highly lethal strain of avian influenza in Miyazaki Prefecture.

The Kagoshima farm raises some 8,600 chickens to collect eggs. There are around 160 poultry farms within a 10-kilometer radius from the farm in question, with some 5.25 million birds bred.

Local authorities plan to examine the chickens more closely.

The Environment Ministry, meanwhile, began research Tuesday to see if infections with the highly lethal strain have spread in Miyazaki, ministry officials said.

Researchers started collecting droppings of wild birds in areas within 10-kilometer radiuses from two poultry farms in the city of Miyazaki and the town of Shintomi where the outbreaks of bird flu have been confirmed since last week.

Three researchers from the Japan Wildlife Research Center began the survey at a location along the Hitotsuse River that stretches between Miyazaki and Shintomi on behalf of the ministry.

"We will check if infections might have spread in view of the possibility that migratory birds may have acted as intermediaries in transmitting the virus" to chicks at the farms, said Masahide Kubota, one of the researchers.

Such possibility was underlined Tuesday when the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries said the birds from Miyazaki were infected with the H5N1 virus, whose gene sequence is at least 99 percent identical to viruses detected from chickens in Shimane Prefecture and from mute swans in Toyama Prefecture last year.

The virus from Miyazaki is also similar to the one discovered in Kagoshima Prefecture last month, the ministry added.

The examination by the Environment Ministry was prompted by successive detections of the highly virulent strain in the two municipalities.

The researchers will collect wild bird droppings at six to seven locations through Wednesday, and it will take two to three weeks before the laboratory results are available, the ministry officials said.

The ministry raised the alert level Monday to its highest degree of 3 to strengthen surveillance of wild birds inhabiting the area within 10-km radiuses from the two farms.

Farm minister Michihiko Kano said the government plans to complete a cull of some 410,000 chickens at the Shintomi poultry farm by Thursday.

"We are proceeding with it (the cull) by consulting with the prefectural government," he said at a press conference.

Some 150 Ground Self-Defense Force personnel joined the governments' efforts to cull the 410,000 chickens at the Shintomi poultry farm.

At the poultry farm in the city of Miyazaki, the farm ministry has found there were several openings and holes in the bird net, and Kano said epidemic prevention efforts there were not sufficient.

(Mainichi Japan) January 25, 2011

Bangkok prepare measures to prevent avian flu very seriously.

Prepare measures to prevent avian flu very seriously. Bags and chicken more than 100,000 applications for monitoring the spread of germs. And the confidence of consumers in the Chinese New Year...

Thailand - 4 test Negative for Bird Flu, - Narathiwat, Nong Bua Lam Phu province

January 25, 2554.

Sh. 4 patients confirmed that patients were connected with the Avian flu. Analysis of the flu.
Health Ministry confirms 4 patients who were connected with the Avian flu patients. Recent analysis confirms that the infection is not bird flu but the flu Let the people do not panic.
Mr Jurin appearance Wisit Minister of Health. Mention of the reported cases were 4 patients who fall into a bird flu patient. After Thailand free of bird flu outbreak coming up to 4 years, 4 patients were female and Nong Bua Lam Phu province, women aged 16 to 36 year old male, Nonthaburi Narathiwat province, women aged 59 years, Narathiwat province. All of which are not comfortable with pneumonia-like symptoms and history in the area around the poultry house was found. Sick, abnormal However, when reviewing and analyzing the infection, but no bird flu cases have two men and a woman in Narathiwat province.

Managing Outbreaks: Is Culling The Only Solution?

by Suan Ee Ong on Tue 25th January 2011

In the last few days, two East Asian countries – Japan and South Korea – have seen sudden, rapid outbreaks of bird flu (H5N1) and foot and mouth disease (FMD) respectively. The FMD outbreak was first reported in South Korea last week, with some reports claiming that this epidemic could cost South Korea USD1.4 billion in losses from exports, vaccinations, culling and compensation for farmers. Meanwhile, Japan was alerted to new cases of H5N1 in its southwest on 22 January after six chickens found dead at a farm in Miyazaki were tested and found to have died from the virus.

Although FMD and H5N1 are very different diseases, there is a significant common thread in both the Japanese and South Korean outbreaks: both countries have attempted to halt the disease outbreaks by culling a large percentage of their livestock population.

To combat the current H5N1 outbreak, Japan culled 410,000 chickens in Miyazaki in addition to 20,000 chickens in Shimane, where there was a minor H5N1 outbreak last November. This is not, by far, the first time Japan has practiced mass culling in the event of an outbreak: Japan culled about 288,000 pigs, cows and cattle in Miyazaki last year to contain the nation’s first outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease since 2000. Alongside, South Korea's government has called for the mass culling of animals (pigs and cows because of FMD, chickens and ducks because of H5N1, as well as smaller numbers of other animals like goats) on a large scale. Reports estimate that over a million pigs have been slaughtered and the total number of all animals killed ranges in the millions.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recognises that culling has been successful in East Asia’s high income economies, but culling is not the sole means to achieving the end of eliminating a pandemic threat. For example, in 1997, Hong Kong’s poultry culling schemes successfully led to an averted flu pandemic. In 2003, Japan and South Korea eradicated H5N1 through quarantine and poultry culling strategies, combined improved biosecurity measures for poultry facilities. After seeing the East Asian culling successes, the WHO was supportive of implementing poultry culling in Southeast Asia, “strongly recommending” its practice. Inspired by their neighbours and encouraged by the WHO, Southeast Asian countries began using poultry culling as a widespread H5N1 management and control technique. Unfortunately, it yielded different results. In Thailand, for example, culling resulted in only a temporary respite; after nearly a year of no H5N1 activity, new cases in humans were discovered in July 2006. What did work in Thailand, however, was a very different approach: effective risk communication particularly to rural communities, a comprehensive early detection system, passive and active surveillance, and strong partnerships with the US Centers for Disease Control in order to obtain laboratory technology and training, heightening reaction time in the event of an outbreak.

Ultimately, in examining the best way to respond to a pandemic outbreak, it remains essential to consider the specific circumstances of the country in which the outbreak occurred including its level of socioeconomic developments, and its geographical and climate peculiarities. The response to any pandemic outbreak should be tailored to the nature and pathology of the virus in question and not the contingency plan in place or the perceived appropriate political response.