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New video of BF mom

New video of BF mom

New video of the dead mother in the house, being removed from the house, husband, villagers, burial and lots of masks. Monday, October 17, 2011 - 15:56 pm 0

62 villages in Bali have been infected with BF

62 villages in Bali have been infected with BF
Due to Bird Flu Killed In Bali

2011-10-21 16:06:00 - The bird flu virus has claimed three victims in Bali, Wayan brothers Ari Aldiawan and Nengah Rica, along with their mother, Ni Wayan Purnami. All three are citizens of the Village Jehem, Bangli regency, Bali.

But the Governor of Bali, Made Mangku Pastika, not too worried about the bird flu virus will develop into a plague. According to him, Bali has been experienced to handle the bird flu virus. "We are very experienced. All appropriate SOPs already set standards. Living community participation needs to be improved to prevent the spread of the deadly virus," said Pastika in Bali Parliament House on Friday (21/10).

Pastika said the Provincial Government of Bali has been attempts to localize the birds and make the vaccine. "I appealed to the district government is also doing the same thing," he said. During this time, continued Pastika, has never been any protest from the central government and relevant international world of bird flu in Bali, because of all SOPs handling of bird flu has been conducted properly.

Meanwhile, the rapid test (rapid test) has shown, that the 62 villages in Bali have been infected. Rapid test were retested several times in a number of laboratories, and the result is the same, namely 62 birds in the area of bird flu positive.

Universal flu vaccine may be on horizon

By Amber Dance, Special to the Los Angeles Times

October 24, 2011

Two drug companies are testing formulations of universal flu vaccine in hopes of bringing a successful version to market in the coming years. Such a shot may work for several years, possibly replacing the annual flu shot.

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Indonesia: Bali -Handling #BirdFlu #H5N1 Not Allow Half-Hearted

Saturday, October 22 2011 10:57 AM

Denpasar (Bali Reuters) - The handling of the bird flu virus on the island should not be half-hearted, if you do not want the virus to add a row of more victims.

"Bird flu re-emerged and until claimed the lives of humans, it means the sign of the apparatus has been missed," said Drs Nyoman Laka, a member of Commission IV DPRD Bali in Denpasar, on Saturday.

He delivered, even though Bali is said to already have the experience to the handling of bird flu, increased vigilance must continue.

"Monitoring and early detection should be carried out continuously, including strict controls on the Port and Harbor Gilimanuk Padangba as two ports that connect the island of Bali and Lombok Java that," he said.

Laka expect officers in Animal Husbandry and Health Department to handle the spread of the H5N1 strain of bird flu as the cause of the disease more seriously

[2nd Article]
Denpasar (Bali Reuters) - Members of the Commission IV of the House of Representatives (DPRD) of Bali Province Budi Hartawan expect, the animal quarantine officers at the entrances to the island of Bali conduct more intensive surveillance.

"If the leak happens to the animals during examination, it can endanger the general public," said Budi Hartawan, politicians from Gerindra, in Denpasar, on Saturday.

According to him, the bird flu cases in the District of Bangli that claimed two lives, is actually where the chickens are up to two children claimed the soul.

"If the chicken came from Bali, means should be closer scrutiny on the cages of poultry breeding and maintenance. However, if it comes from outside Bali, takes a more serious checks at the entrance to Bali," he said.

Budi rate, completeness of facilities and infrastructure in the Central Quarantine near the port is sufficient to carry out inspection tasks. Likewise, the number of human resources was enough

Sumbawa refuses Birds from the island of Lombok

Birds from the island of Lombok Trespassing sign to KSB
 21 October, 2011, 10:59 am


  KSB directly responsive local government to address cases of H5N1 virus outbreak on the island of Lombok (it's been spread to East Lombok).Since yesterday (18/10), the local government imposed a ban on official KSB for the entry of poultry and poultry meat from the island of Lombok.  Circular about the ban is signed by the Regent KH Zulkifli Muhadli and disseminated to all stake holders, including the port and port quarantine Poto Tano is the entrance to the poultry from the island of Lombok to the island of Sumbawa.  Starting at Quarantine yesterday tightened the regulatory process to ensure that no poultry from entering the island of Lombok.  "The ban on entry of poultry and poultry meat from the island came into force today (yesterday, red)," said Head of Livestock Department of Marine Fisheries and Livestock (Diskanlutnak) KSB, Supiarno S. Pt, the Echoes of NTB yesterday.
He claimed the ban is valid until the island is declared safe and free from H5N1 viruses that cause deadly diseases - bird flu - which can also infect humans. . "Concerning this prohibition we have also coordinated with the agency NTB Ranch in an effort to anticipate the spread of bird flu disease to the island of Sumbawa," he added.
In addition to anticipation by prohibiting the entry of poultry and poultry meat from the island of Lombok Office Supiarno also related by spraying poultry cages owned by ranchers and society as well as centers of poultry cuts.  Spraying is done every day.  The team from the farm also intense shooting a community-owned poultry samples for laboratory tests conducted at IPB Bogor.  At KSB alone there are currently around 150 thousand heads of poultry populations are maintained by professional breeders and the public.

Sudden Death Chicken Grow 10 Locations in Mataram

Sudden Death Chicken Grow 10 Locations in Mataram

Fri, 10/21/2011 - 17:09 - Ozie

News |

Mataram (Lombok FM Global) -

Genesis of chickens died suddenly re-occur in Mataram. After some time ago, chickens died suddenly occurred in 17 locations. Now the number of sites found chickens died suddenly, added 10 locations. Ten new locations are found to be the result of chickens died suddenly dropped the team into the field and report the local community.

"We have taken samples of chickens that died suddenly at 10 new locations, to be sent to the laboratory in Denpasar. However, for the sample test results over the death of hundreds of chickens at 17 locations, the last information received stated that the new test results will be submitted to the municipal government of Mataram, on Monday (24/10) to come, "said Head of Animal Husbandry, the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Marine Mataram, drh. Dian Riatmoko at FM Global Lombok Friday (21/10).

He said it admitted Indeed, the actual test results of samples of chicken will be provided on Thursday. However, because of the many areas in Lombok, Bali and NTT, which also sent samples of chickens that died suddenly, then the laboratory was overwhelmed and asked the municipal government of Mataram to be patient waiting for test results. Dian explained, from the observation field at 17 locations beginning of chickens died suddenly, it can be concluded some sites have started to subside or decrease of chickens died suddenly.

Added Dian, since the case of chickens died suddenly erupted in the city of Mataram, there are few residents or owners of chickens who came for disinfectant to be sprayed into the enclosure. The request was also accompanied by the monitoring officers to the location of the cage residents. Of the work, people do use a liquid spray disinfectant for poultry cages. Dian is also expressed, so far is 100 liters of disinfectant that is used to prevent the bird flu virus penyebarang in Mataram.

NTB Defined Extraordinary Events (KLB) BIRD FLU

NTB Defined Extraordinary Events (KLB) BIRD FLU

Friday, October 21, 2011

Bali Kadiskes Ask Residents Not underestimate Colds

Bali Kadiskes Ask Residents Not underestimate Colds
  Denpasar (Bali Reuters) - The head of the Bali Provincial Health Office Dr. Nyoman Sutedja asked people not to underestimate the coughs and colds.

  "Especially if the pain is accompanied by a cough and runny nose body fever above 36 degrees Celsius with the temperature rise in a row in the next few days, then it is one of the symptoms of bird flu virus infected," he said in Denpasar on Friday. 

  He asked the people immediately see if it shows characteristics of such advance if in your neighborhood there are also dead birds.
"Handling the first, when he showed such symptoms can be helped by taking medicine tamiflu that can be obtained free of charge at local hospitals," he said.

  But if the pain complaints increased to shortness of breath, then special handling should be treated immediately in hospital and could not simply by taking tamiflu .

Pathologists trained to detect pandemic diseases

Vietnamese, Lao and Cambodian pathologists are being trained to identify and respond early to dangerous pathogens so that they can better cope with the risk of emergence and spread of new pandemic diseases .

During the October 17-21 workshop in Hanoi, they will work with veterinary and pathology experts from the Smithsonian Institution, University of Illinois and the Wildlife Conservation Society.

It is the first regional training workshop for pathologists on how to identify and investigate unknown diseases, workshop sponsor USAID (US Agency for International Development) said in a statement Tuesday.

USAID Vietnam Mission Director Francis Donovan said the regional program is expected to improve regional countries’ capacity to detect and tackle epidemics and pandemics and also contribute to the US government’s broader Lower Mekong Initiative.

Hosted by the Hanoi University of Agriculture, the workshop was part of the USAID’s Predict Project – a component of the Emerging Pandemic Threats (EPT) program launched in 2009 by USAID that seeks to” aggressively preempt or combat, at their source, newly emerging zoonotic diseases.

“Nearly 75 percent of all new, emerging or re-emerging diseases affecting humans at the beginning of the 21st century have originated in animals,” a USAID statement said.

“HIV/AIDS, severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), H5N1 avian influenza and the pandemic 2009 H1N1 influenza virus are examples of how vulnerable today’s interconnected world is to the global impact of new emergent diseases.”

The workshop targets enhancing national, regional and local capacities for surveillance, laboratory diagnosis and field epidemiology in both the animal- and human-health sectors.

“These efforts aim to ultimately minimize the risk of new pandemic disease threats emerging and spreading.”

Last month, Vietnamese Health Ministry warned against low awareness of taking preventive measures against infectious diseases.

“Despite there being no recorded bird flu (H5N1) case on humans so far this year, indifference on the part of local residents and relevant agencies could pave the way for a recurrence of the disease,” it said, warning against possible increases in dengue fever and hand-foot-mouth diseases as well.

About 3,600 ducks and 4,300 chickens in Quang Ngai Province’s Binh Son District were culled in the last week of September following mass deaths among the flocks. Subsequent tests found the fowls were infected with the H5N1 virus.

Son Tinh District in Quang Ngai Province also reported culling more than 13,500 ducks and chickens since late August.

The H5N1 virus has infected 565 people since it first appeared in 2003, killing 331, according to World Health Organization (WHO) figures.

So far, the avian flu has killed or forced the culling of more than 400 million domestic poultry heads and caused an estimated US$20 billion in economic damage across the globe before it was eliminated from most of the 63 countries infected when the disease was at its peak in 2006, according to the FAO.

After Indonesia, Vietnam has recorded the highest number of human deaths from bird flu at 59 since 2003, according to WHO data.

On October 10, doctors in Indonesia confirmed that two children had died of the disease – a 10-year-old boy and his five-year-old sister who became the latest recorded deaths to the contagious disease.

CDC investigating case of ‘novel influenza virus of swine origin’ in Maine

Oct. 20, 2011

The Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention is investigating a human case in Cumberland County of “novel influenza virus of swine origin” — a new strain of flu associated with pigs.

State Epidemiologist Stephen Sears said Thursday that a 7-year-old girl from Cumberland County became ill with flu-like symptoms in early October. Because the state is on alert for the arrival of seasonal flu in Maine, the girl was tested. Results found an unusual strain of influenza, later confirmed by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control as genetically similar to a new strain that has been identified in three cases in Pennsylvania and one case in Indiana.

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Bird Flu Vax Spurs Virus Evolution

Bird Flu Vax Spurs Virus EvolutionBy Edyta Zielinska | October 21, 2011

Inadequate poultry immunization programs may cause higher mutations rates in the bird flu virus, rendering the vaccine ineffective and increasing the threat of cross-species transmission.

The H5N1 Type A influenza, commonly known as bird flu, is mutating faster in countries that have been implementing wide-scale, but incomplete, vaccinations of poultry, according to a report published online in Vaccine (October 12). The genetic changes accrued by the viruses rendered the vaccinations ineffective, and increased the risk that the virus could jump to humans.

That spotty vaccination campaigns seem “to favor viral mutation, has been suspected for a long time, but this is the first study which is providing hard evidence for it,” Marisa Peyre, a researcher with the French Agricultural Research Center for International Development who was not involved in the research, said in an email.
Bird flu has plagued poultry farmers for years, wiping out entire stocks, and occasionally jumping to the farmers themselves. In 2006, for example, the disease caused 79 human deaths worldwide. That same year, Egypt implemented wide-scale immunization programs against the virus, treating millions of farmed poultry with an H5N1 vaccine. Recent news, however, suggested that such programs were failing, with regular reports of bird and human infections. But it was unclear whether the failure was “caused by the vaccine cold-chain being broken”—thus rendering the vaccine ineffective—or if the virus was changing in a way that allowed it to infect even immunized animals, said first author Giovanni Cattoli, a veterinary scientist at the Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale delle Venezie in Italy.

SoCattoli and colleagues, sequenced flu samples collected between 2006 and 2010 in countries that had vaccinated their poultry (Egypt and Indonesia), and compared the sequences to samples from countries that had no immunization programs in place (Nigeria, Turkey, Thailand). The results showed that the viruses circulating in countries with mass vaccination efforts were evolving faster, and had become genetically distinct from the virus that the vaccine was designed to combat. “There are sharp increases in genetic diversity of the virus,” said Cattoli.

Cattoli suspects that the problem stems from the way the vaccine was administered. Just as antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria arise when antibiotics are not taken properly, evolution rates were likely to be higher in areas were the vaccination was incomplete, covering only a fraction of the chicken population. In addition, vaccination can result in partial immunity if the vaccine is left out in the sun where its components decay, or if follow-up booster shots are not administered. In such cases, the chicken may not mount a strong enough immune reaction to fight the live virus. Most likely, said Cattoli, the virus moved from an unvaccinated chicken to one that was partially immunized, to one that hadn’t been infected or vaccinated at all. “All of this continuous movement among different levels of immunity is likely to drive and force the evolution of the virus,” he said.
Indeed, when Peyre investigated the vaccination practices in Egypt, she found that in some areas as little as 30 percent of the vaccinated bird population was protected from infection. In addition to the risk this poses to the poultry industry, a faster-evolving virus increases “the threat of emergence of a novel strain which might be one day be more specific to human infection,” said Peyre.

Cattoli’s study, she said, “emphasizes the critical needs for improved surveillance strategies and field protocols” in these countries, which can be both labor intensive and expensive. For countries looking for a quick fix, vaccination “is not the simplest way,” Catolli agreed. Although there are no easy alternatives, he said, it is clear that inadequate vaccination campaign can wreak more harm than good.

Bird flu spreads in 49 villages in Bali

Friday, October 21, 2011
Bird flu spreads in 49 villages in BaliSince two people from Bangli brothers died at the General Hospital Center for Denpasar-Bali Sanglah because of bird flu, now the spread of the virus has been detected in 49 villages in Bali. The rapid spread of bird flu is expected due to the difficulty of monitoring of poultry traffic in Bali.

Virus H5N1 mengancam ternak di Poso (foto:dok).
The H5N1 virus that threatens livestock in Poso last month is now widespread in dozens of villages in Bali (photo: dock).

The results of rapid tests or rapid tests on poultry by the Avian Influenza Disease Control Team Bali Animal Husbandry Agency shows that the spread of bird flu has spread in 49 villages in Bali. Recorded from 49 villages that became infected areas of bird flu in Bali, 5 villages are villages that previously had been infected areas in 2007.
This was conveyed by the Coordinating Team Disease Control Avian Influenza Animal Husbandry Department at keteranganya Sukanadi Wayan Bali in Denpasar, Bali on Friday. According Sukanadi, from January to mid-October is the number of cases of bird flu which emerged in Bali reached 59 cases, with the death of chickens due to bird flu reached more than 1400 individuals. Sukanadi reveal the rapid spread of bird flu up to 49 villages occurred because of the difficulty of supervising poultry trade traffic between districts in Bali. Sukanadi Wayan said, "The experience so far is the fowl of the market or for example cockfighting then bring the rest of (her) means the chicken back into the house, then penmbelian chicken from pengepul or itinerant traders who are making it possible spread of bird flu."
While the Regional General Hospital (Hospital) Bangli urged the central and provincial government of Bali to provide assistance equipment and medical specialists in the handling of bird flu disease. Director of Regional General Hospital (Hospital) District Bangli dr. Wayan Sudiana deliver aid equipment referred to the isolation room or treatment with standard treatment of bird flu victims and doctors who have competence in the response to bird flu.
Furthermore dr. Wayan Sudiana said, "(There's) desire, our hospital services are also for bird flu, of course, we beg assistance facilities, isolation rooms, training human resources, supplies of equipment and so forth, do you think we have a space of isolation, even though no cases of bird flu, could be for many common diseases. " Sudiana admitted due to limitations of equipment and human resources had led to the hospital 2 people misdiagnose the brothers who previously died of bird flu Sanglah Hospital in Denpasar. Where both the victim was diagnosed with typhus. Meanwhile in Bali until now there were only three hospitals designated as bird flu referral hospitals, namely Denpasar Sanglah Hospital, Hospital Tabanan and Gianyar District Hospital.

"Suspected" Bird Flu Patients "Still" Treated in Hospital

Four Suspected Bird Flu Patients Treated in Hospital

By Editor at 21 October, 2011, 11:04 am

Mataram, NTB Echoes
Four people exposed to patients with suspected bird flu cases up to now still being treated at Regional General Hospital (Hospital) West Nusa Tenggara Province in Mataram.
Head of the NTB Provincial Hospital, Dr. H. Mawardi told reporters in Mataram on Wednesday to explain, the four men, namely Aditia D-11 months, from Pringgarata, Central Lombok regency, Inaq Sanun (52) of Semayan, Central Lombok.
Furthermore, the age of five months Dian Sahwan Semayan origin, Praya, Central Lombok and Kemala Age five years old also from Pringgarata Central Lombok.

They are suspected of bird flu is already being treated since October 14 and there is also since October 17, 2011 and has yet to be allowed to go home.

  According to Mawardi, after examination, the fourth person is negative or not affected by bird flu, but the results still sent to Jakarta for more convincing.

  The same place, NTB Chief Medical Officer, Dr. HM Ismail, who recently returned to review the location or area that a lot of dead poultry in Central Lombok explains, people do not need to worry because the cases of bird flu has not been proven.
"There is no reason for us to declare the case as an outbreak or Extraordinary Events, because it is not proven," he added.

  He explained that the Provincial Hospital has been designated as a place of reference for people who suspected bird flu as well as the RSU Sumbawa, Bima and RSU Praya Central Lombok.
The four patients who now declared negative bird flu had previously been treated at the Hospital and Health Center Praya and finally referred to the NTB Provincial Hospital, which has a more complete equipment.
According to Ismail, the public does not have to worry about consuming poultry meat, because there is no evidence of avian bird flu attack in this area.

1 Yr. old suspected of bird flu at Sanglah Hospital

 1 Yr. old suspected of bird flu at Sanglah Hospital

Referred Without Delivered Ambulance ...
''Patient Suspect Bird Flu''confused officer Sanglah Hospital

October 22, 2011 | BP
 (Bali Post) -

The arrival of bird flu suspect patients without escorted ambulance confuse Sanglah Hospital. Family consisting of father, mother and two children in groups to come to the IRD Sanglah Hospital around 10:30 pm, Friday (21/10) yesterday to check their youngest child, who was ill.

They immediately signed up and waited in front of the IRD for the examination. When asked about the officer's sick child, the mother claimed that her son is a patient suspect bird flu. His son is named Arn (1) was taken to hospital to be checked before Wangaya referred to Sanglah Hospital. "The word doctor the possibility of bird flu my child because I live in an environment where there are dead birds," said the mother.

This recognition makes surprise cash IRD officers Sanglah Hospital. The problem is, the patient suspect bird flu should be taken by ambulance and taken straight to the room Nusa Indah. To refer patients there must be coordination of the referring party and Sanglah Hospital as a recipient of the patient suspect bird flu.

The officer then gave a family mask and asked to go directly to Room Nusa Indah. Without waiting for an ambulance escorted the patient Arn then brought his family to a room with dibonceng Nusa Indah motorcycle. Until yesterday afternoon, Arn is still in intensive care in Room AI which is housed in Room Nusa Indah Sanglah Hospital.

Confirmed the referred patients, the Head of Program and Publication Wangaya Ketut RS RS Wangaya Sutikayasa recognize if a child who refer patients suspected of having bird flu symptoms. According to the pediatrician who examined Wangaya Hospital, dr. Paramita, Sp.A., Arn comes with a high fever and cough. Paramita then ask if there are dead birds on the patient's home environment. From the family is known that in an environment where the victim lived in Ahmad Yani Housing Block 12 Denpasar there are some birds that died suddenly. "Patients are still in good condition despite having fever and cough. Because there is history of birds died, the patient was referred to Sanglah Hospital for further examination," says Paramita when contacted on Friday (21/10) yesterday. The reason patients are not delivered an ambulance, according to Paramita, because the patient has a personal vehicle.

Team Secretary for bird flu dr. Ken Wirasandhi, based on the SOPs if the patient is suspected of bird flu found in local hospital or clinic, the patient should be delivered by ambulance officers accompanied the use of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) to Sanglah Hospital. The goal is not to IRD but directly into the room Nusa Indah. From there it will do further investigation. If the examination is known leads to bird flu patients, then patients will be treated in the Intensive Space Bird Flu Nusa Indah and handled according to SOPs bird flu. If it does not lead to bird flu, then the patient will be treated in the usual care.

Ken continued, if a patient with symptoms of bird flu found in IRD Sanglah Hospital or Polyclinic Hospital Sanglah, the next action is to send patients to a room Nusa Indah using the ambulance for further examination. ''The use of an ambulance is to disinfect the virus so as not to contaminate all the way to Space Nusa Indah. Ambulances are also sprayed with disinfectant before exiting as well as officers wearing PPE tool,''explained Ken.

With the escape of a patient suspected suspect bird flu to RS Sanglah without escorted ambulance, because there is no doubt from the medical side in determining patient suspected. ''For that before referral should be explored whether there was avian mortality. Do not get there, the patient had his blood checked whether the cause is due to bacteria or viruses. If confirmed as a virus, a new patient is referred,''explained Ken.
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Vietnam: Nam Dinh, Vinh Phuc, Thai Nguyen and Lang Son #H5N1 #Birdflu in Poultry


A/H5N1 flu epidemic in poultry occurs at several localities in the North, Hanoi Health Department requires written medical units to strengthen disease prevention.

According to the Veterinary Department - Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, recently, a number of localities in northern areas such as Nam Dinh, Vinh Phuc, Thai Nguyen and Lang Son appeared A/H5N1 flu in poultry .

To prevent A/H5N1 flu spread to humans, the Hanoi Health Department asked health center districts, towns and strengthen surveillance, early detection of suspected cases of severe pneumonia caused by influenza A/H5N1 in humans.

Also, coordination with veterinary stations of districts and towns to keep up with influenza A/H5N1 epidemic in poultry; measures apply prevention and to prevent epidemic spread people.

Preventive Medicine Center City to coordinate with the city Department of Veterinary keep up with influenza A/H5N1 epidemic in poultry in the regions; proactive measures applied against A/H5N1 flu in humans. Enhanced support for professional and technical health center districts and towns in the supervision and treatment services.

Center for health education and communication activities to promote health education and communication to the public about the measures to prevent influenza A/H5N1 infection from poultry to humans.

Ha Noi Health Department requirements, the units to strictly implement the regulations on information reporting infectious diseases in accordance with the Ministry of Health.

Vietnam: $25M USD Project Between World Bank & Bank of Vietnam To Prevent #H5N1 #Birdflu

On 21/10, the World Bank (WB) and State Bank of Vietnam has signed agreements for additional financing project to prevent bird flu and human flu in Vietnam.

According to this new financial agreement, 25 million USD will be sent to the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in order to minimize risks to the health of people and poultry for influenza in 11 key provinces, disease control through the spot for family poultry farming in detecting and responding to early for these cases of human influenza and poultry and prepare to deal with the consequences of health due to flu pandemic cause in humans.

According to the WB, this Agreement will support the Government of Vietnam continues to develop past the bar to improve measures to cope with the strains of influenza highly pathogenic avian, human flu, and infectious diseases others from animals to emerge, the measure added protection to 10 million people living in 11 provinces with the project.

This is a financial agreement for the third time that the World Bank together with the sponsors of the Trust Fund for anti-bird flu and human flu (AHIF) Viet Nam supports the anti-bird flu strain highly toxic and improved Backup flu pandemic in humans in Vietnam.

Two previous financial agreement (with a total funding of 40 million USD) has been made successfully in the period from 2004 to 2011, including for emergency repairs project HPAI (AIERP) and Project Office against bird flu and human flu pandemic prevention in Vietnam (VAHIF).

Take advantage of HKN Jembrana Dinkes Fight Bird Flu

Take advantage of HKN Jembrana Dinkes Fight Bird Flu
Friday, October 21 2011 15:05 AM | 
State (Between Bali) - Department of Health and Social Welfare Jembrana District, Bali, using the momentum of the National Health Day (HKN) to further intensify the eradication of bird flu through various activities.

Head of Health Office and the Social Welfare Jembrana, Dr. Putu Suasta, in the State, on Friday expressed concern about the return of bird flu virus outbreak.

He worried about the virus that is currently attacking poultry in Jembrana also will attack humans as it did in the District of Bangli.

"I am afraid there is a genetic mutation of the virus, which was originally transmitted from birds to humans became human to human," he said.

According Suasta, to suppress the spread of these viruses required the cooperation of all elements, both the public, health professionals, and students.

"To all staff of health institutions, students, and students together let's do counseling about the dangers and how to prevent the spread of bird flu," he said.

Would be an excellent addition to socialize the danger of bird flu, warning HKN also filled with a variety of sporting activities, ranging futsal, volleyball, gymnastics, arts and academic events until.

More Chicken Dead 2000 Suddenly in Mataram

More Chicken Dead 2000 Suddenly in Mataram
Friday, October 21, 2011 | 14:08 pm

MATARAM, - Post a complaint sudden death of poultry which opened Department of Agriculture, Marine Affairs and Fisheries Mataram, West Nusa Tenggara, noting the number of chickens that died suddenly within a week reached more than 2,000 individuals.
 "Since its opening on Monday, recorded the number of chickens that died suddenly more than 2,000 individuals. Reports continue to come in until today, Friday," said Head of Department of Agriculture, Marine Affairs and Fisheries H Mazhuryiadi Mataram in Mataram, Friday (21/10 / 2011).
 He mentioned, thousands of chickens that died suddenly were scattered in 27 villages of 50 villages in six districts in the city of Mataram.  The whole chicken that died of a sudden it is a type of chicken that is traditionally maintained by the society, while the chicken has been no reported cases.
 Mazhuriyadi said it has not dared to conclude that death was the result of thousands of chickens exposed to bird flu virus or other diseases, such as newcastle disease (ND).

 "For a while, there are three villages that suspect bird flu, that Village Sapta Marga, Pagesangan, and Ampenan. This means that there are allegations of deaths of hundreds of birds in the region due to bird flu. That rapid test results or laboratory tests quickly," he said.
 Disease Avian Influenza (AI) or bird flu is a disease caused by type A influenza viruses from Family Orthomyxomiridae.  This virus can cause symptoms of respiratory disease in birds, ranging from mild (low pathogenic) that are fatal to the (highly pathogenic).
 Meanwhile, ND or Newcastle disease is a respiratory disease and systemic acute and easily transmitted, which is caused by a virus that also attack various types of poultry, especially chickens.  The disease is caused by a virus belonging to the genus ND Avian paramyxovirus.

 To prove the truth of the alleged bird flu, he said, it sent the blood samples of chickens that died suddenly in the three villages for the laboratory Veterinary Investigation Center (BPPV) Regional VI Denpasar.
  "Laboratory test results should have been received on Thursday, but until this day no. BPPV may be constrained due to Denpasar received many blood samples of chickens that died suddenly from the districts / cities in NTB," he said.
Head of Animal Husbandry DVM Riyatmoko Dian said it had made several attempts to prevent the increasing number of chickens that died suddenly.  Efforts are made, among them, spraying disinfectants against poultry cages owned by citizens and poultry vaccination though still limited.
 "Vaccination can not be done because of limited vaccine. However, we have attempted to take reasonable precautions in accordance with procedures remain though not yet certain whether or not positive of bird flu," he said.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Egypt: Bird flu returns to Egypt and fears of transmission between humans

October 20
Cairo - The newspaper of electronic medical
Again show bird flu on the surface, after the revolution of pigs that was sweeping the Arab media and global, and with winter approaching and the marked reduction in the temperature of the atmosphere increases the incidence of colds and flu, given that there are new strains of viruses consists in this chapter, amid fears of be the return of bird flu, this time worse than the first appearance.

Have appeared since the days of a new focus of bird flu in the province of Menoufia in the Arab Republic of Egypt, has warned the Food and Agriculture "FAO" the possibility of mutation of avian flu in the world, especially in countries where endemicity of the disease, especially Egypt and Bangladesh to become infected from human to human rather than from birds to humans, which represents the most dangerous stages of the disease and fatal to human health.


Egypt: All negative samples the active investigation of #H5N1 #birdflu Dakahlia

Thursday, October 20, 2011 AD - 10:39

The committees Biosafety Directorate of Veterinary Medicine Dakahlia make finding an active bird flu poultry farming mothers and white and rural education home centers "Talkha, Mansoura and Belqas AGA and Ghamr and Sherbin and Dekerness and status, aesthetic and Monia victory and Gamasa" for 84 farms and 256 houses during the period from 20 / 9 until 2 / 10 of this year and tested and all results were negative for avian influenza.

The Governor, Major General Salah Almaadaoy Dakahlia that it comes in implementation of conservation plan aimed to eliminate any focus of infection in infancy that affects the interests of human health and the lives of the citizens first and to preserve the poultry.

The Almaadaoy Tllk a continuation of the efforts all across the province to deal with this disease.

Officials Call Wabup Bird Flu Related

Officials Call Wabup Bird Flu Related

NEGARA, NusaBali STATE, NusaBali 
Friday, October 21, 2011

Vice Regent Jembrana I Made Kembang Hartawan call and the entire sub-district officials to discuss the bird flu outbreak control.  Meeting held on Thursday (20/10) produced several formulations of bird flu-related policies, including the establishment of shelters in each district.

In addition, officers should continue to intensify supervision of spraying and poultry inter-island circulation.  Flower said the company did not want to missed associated transmission of avian influenza virus to humans.

"Before I found cases of transmission to humans as a few years ago, we must anticipate early on," he said.  In addition to the general public, socialization is also carried out to schools so that students are also wary.

Flower also confirmed, from its geographical position, Jembrana District is an area that is on track illegal crossings poultry.

 "Therefore, the guard, both in the official entrance and along the coast should be done so that there is no smuggling of poultry," he said. He confessed, he still often hear the birds escaped from the supervision of officers so they can go to Bali. Sela. In addition to anticipation in the field, Flower asked relevant agencies to make budget calculations in the near future to deal with bird flu.  It did not want, the handling of bird flu stalled for reasons related agencies do not have a budget.

Study finds larger households a risk in Indonesian H5N1 clusters

Study finds larger households a risk in Indonesian H5N1 clusters
Cluster outbreaks of H5N1 avian influenza (AI) in Indonesia involved larger households and more close relatives compared with isolated cases, according to a statistical analysis published in Clinical Infectious Diseases.

An international team of researchers analyzed data from 139 H5N1 outbreaks, of which 113 involved isolated cases and 26 were clusters. The outbreaks involved 177 total cases—159 laboratory confirmed and 18 probable. A cluster was defined as two or more cases associated with a specific setting, with disease onset within 2 weeks of each other. The average cluster size was 2.5 cases.

The team used logistic regression to assess risk factors for the outbreaks and found that clusters involved larger households and more blood-related contacts, especially first-degree relatives, compared with isolated cases. Risk factors for secondary case infection were being from 5 to 17 years old or 18 to 30, having direct exposure to sources of H5N1 virus, and being a first-degree relative of an index case. In fact, siblings were five times more likely to contract secondary cases than were other contacts. The authors conclude, "The study adds evidence that AI H5N1 infection is influenced by, and may even depend on, host genetic susceptibility."
Oct 19 Clin Infect Dis abstract

Two District in Lotim On Set Positive Bird Flu

10/21/2011 12:56 AM

Two District in Lotim On Set Positive Bird Flu

SELONG.GOMONG.COM-Rapid test results are made ​​official Veterinary Center (BBV) Denpasar, District Three sets of the indicated lot teidentifikasi poultry infected with bird flu, two of them set a positive district, ie district and Aikmel Montong Ivory.

"A number of chickens in the two districts that have been sampled, tested positive for bird flu," said Head of Animal Husbandry Distanak district Lotim Heru Selong Rachmadi told reporters on Thursday (20/10).

With the two districts was positive, he urged all citizens to increase vigilance against the possibility of the H5N1 virus is transmitted to humans.

Therefore, it asked residents to reduce contact with poultry.

''Not only citizens residing in two districts, all citizens must remain vigilant Lotim and anticipate the spread of this virus to humans,''he said. As I said it today, still continues to perform the detection of unggan owned by the community.

"The team of BBV is currently still conducting surveillance, especially in areas that have found many birds died suddenly, including giving vaccinations and spraying.

Residents Asked to Not Panic. Chicken Died With NO Symptoms

Excerpts out of the Lombok post:
October 20, 2011

TANJUNG-Chief Medical Officer (Dikes) klu Dr. Beny Nugroho asked people not to panic heard of any cases of bird flu. Community asked to calm down and make suggestions that local government ever delivered.
''Do not worry too much,''he said.
It is said Dr. Beny, klu not yet certain the bird flu, since until now there has been no official result is related to the results of dead birds

Did see the characteristics of the dead birds, similar to the case of poultry deaths in other areas. ''We can not guess, there must be an official report and that there has been no result,''he said.
Meanwhile, this newspaper on the field observation, klu Government through the Department of Agriculture Plantation Forestry Marine and Fisheries (DPPKKP) and Dikes spraying into the villages. Officers deployed to areas of dead chickens were found.

''We're glad to have officers come here,'' komentara Aswadi Raden, residents Berora scarf, Sigar Penjalin Village, Subdistrict Tanjung. [Desa Sigar Penjalin, Kecamatan Tanjung].

Spoken, in the last week there are some dead chickens citizens. Death is quite surprising, considering the chickens were never sick. ''Early in the morning is dead. Chicken was sleeping in the trees,''he said.

W. Java CIANJUR Susp. Case: No Dead Poultry Reported Around Anywhere

Thursday, October 20, 2011 19:13:54 | Welfare | Viewed 41 times, 20/10- Department of Animal Husbandry, Fisheries and Maritime Affairs (Disnakanlut) Cianjur, West Java, on Thursday, do the survey to the field of information related to the discovery of the alleged suspect bird flu patients.

However, survey results that have been done, the disnakanlut, have not found any spread of bird flu virus. This was said by Head of Community Development Fish and Animal Health, Great Rianto Thursday.

He explained, after getting the report relates to the alleged suspect bird flu patients who were treated at hospitals Cianjur, it instructed the officers, to conduct surveys directly to the field, going from victim's residence.

"We have a team down to the village of Sand Key, Sindangsari Village, District Cilaku, Cianjur, to know certainly a history of poultry that died suddenly," he said.

Based on survey results and rapid detection test using the test, it declared the area, free from the spread of bird flu virus.

"Starting from January to October, we have not received reports of sudden deaths of poultry in Cianjur. If anything, could not immediately categorized the bird flu, because there could be other causes," he said.

Currently he explained, other steps will be taken disnakanlut parties associated with it, is the incentive to do socialization and prevention of bird flu prevention.

"Socialization directly to the public, especially the owner ungas scattered in various areas in Cianjur, so on target," he said.

As reported by Reuters, Hospital Cianjur, since the past four days, caring for patients suspected suspect bird flu, Nenah (29) residents of Sand Key Village, Village Sindangsari, District Cilaku.

The hospital, when confirmed, can not justify it. Because the patient still under observation and wait for laboratory results.

"If any suspect, would have us refer to Bandung or Jakarta, to a hospital that specialized in bird flu. We still observed, while associated with the patient's history, it becomes a secret between doctors and patients", Hospital Public Relations said Dicky F Wangsawidjaya Cianjur 4 .

Tourism entrepreneurs Bangli Worry Bird Flu [There goes open transparency]

Thursday, October 20 2011

Bangli (Between Bali) - Employers in the District travel Bangli, Bali worried about the status become Extraordinary Events (KLB) in the region.

"The government is expected to quickly resolve this outbreak so as not to interfere with the number of tourists to Kintamani considering this case has now become an international issue," said I Kadek Parnata, Gong Gods Kintamani restaurant owner said Thursday.

Although the current number of visits to the Kintamani tour is relatively small, but we suspect if the bird flu outbreak is also a trigger declining number of tourist visits to Kintamani.

The epidemic, has now become an international issue, so it worried lest this would be a blow to tourism entrepreneurs in Kintamani.

He hopes that both concrete immediate steps to prevent the spread of this H5N1 virus, or give an explanation to the outside world the existence of this epidemic so that tourists do not be afraid to visit Kintamani Bali in particular and generally

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Thursday, October 20, 2011 | 2:43 pm
Combustion of poultry and cage, in order handling the bird flu outbreak in Indonesia. )

If the deceased lived in one environment but not blood related we should worry

Although there is no evidence of transmission from human to human, genetic factors can increase the likelihood of contracting bird flu.

This was stated by Ivo Claassen, head of project office operations in the Indonesian-Dutch Partnership Programme on Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza Control (IDP-HPAI), in Jakarta, Wednesday (19/10).

Recently, two brothers from Bangli, Bali died shortly after positive bird flu infection. Their mother, Ni Wayan Purnami, died shortly thereafter have not been identified although the main cause of his death.

According to Ivo, when some people have in common genenik, most likely they share the same weakness for contracting certain viruses. "I think the case in Bali is not transmitted from human to human, but they likely have vulnerabilities similar to bird flu because they are one family," said Ivo.

According to Ivo in Indonesia has several times occurred the victim died of bird flu was still a family.

"If there is a cluster of cases of bird flu but still a family, it's very reasonable, but if the deceased lived in one environment but not blood related we should worry," he cautioned. http://translate.googleusercontent.c...5uoa3t1lD0nhVg

Unexpected Patient AI observed

15:00 pm, Cianjur, West Java

  Unexpected Patient AI observed

Pasien Terduga Flu Burung Diobservasi

 Thursday, October 20, 2011 0:03 pm

TIM doctor Regional General Hospital (Hospital) Cianjur still observing Nenah, 29, of Kampung Pasir Key Sindangsari RT 05/03 Village, District Cilaku, Cianjur regency, West Java, patients suspected of bird flu. Currently placed in the Isolation Room Nenah Rose Hospital Cianjur.

"His condition remains stable and continues to be monitored by team doctors. We can not give details on how the condition of the patient," said Dicky F PR Cianjur Wangsawidjaya Hospital, yesterday.

This same patient experienced four RSUP, NTB, the unexpected bird flu. They are still in intensive care although two of which are considered healthy but has not been allowed home.

"Clinically they are negative, but not yet allowed home. We have not received confirmation of the results of DNA testing of Research and Development Jakarta," says H Mohammed Ismail, Chief Medical Officer of NTB.

Indonesia: Boy 4 Year from Bangli Suspected Bird Flu

19 October 2011
Denpasar Sanglah Hospital, re-treat a suspect bird flu. This time a 4-year-old boy Sekardadi Village, Bangli. WAS this kid named, was rushed after experiencing shortness of breath and flu, suspected bird flu. In addition, a number of chickens around the house a lot of patients who died suddenly.

"The patient was rushed to the hospital because there are two people Bangli who previously died from bird flu, so the family was worried," said Public Relations Sanglah Hospital, dr. I Kadek Nariyantha Wednesday (19/10/2011).

According to Kadek Nariyantha, current patients are being treated at room Nusa Indah, a special isolation room. Nevertheless, the results of the examination while through the CVR, the avian influenza virus-negative patients are. "Just to be more exact, waiting for lab results Udayana University and Research and Development in Jakarta," he said.

Treatment suspect bird flu be treated to the WAS, continued Nariyantha, as a standard procedure for cases of flu and shortness of breath with a track record of bird flu. Bird flu itself begins with high fever, shortness of breath, and has a history of contact with poultry. If so, are expected soon to consult with the team doctor.

Indonesia: Department of Mataram overdiagnosis Doctors Suspect Bird Flu

Department of Mataram overdiagnosis Doctors Suspect Bird Flu

Director of the department of Mataram, dr. Mawardi, accompanied by dr. Razak, Sp.A. and Dr Salim, sp.P., describe the condition of the patient suspect bird flu.

MATARAM, GOMONG.COM - Director of the department of Mataram, dr justify Mawardi, the institute action against the four over-diagnosis of patients suspected of bird flu from Central Lombok.

"We do not want to happen missed, so that all efforts are deployed to the handling of the four patients suspect bird flu reference hospitals in Praya, Central Lombok. on 15 and 17 October, " he told a news conference in the hall of the department of Mataram, Wednesday (19/10).

Described, since the patients received the department of personnel, direct action, as specified in the handling of bird flu.

As the provisions are still applicable to the handling of Bird Flu, Swine Flu, SOP (procedures and equipment) that is the basis of treatment.
"In order not to missed, the handling of bird flu patients from Central Lombok, to do the maximum, giving the impression that over-diagnosis," he said.

Mawardi was accompanied by Dr. Razak, Dr. Salim, each child's physician and pulmonary specialist stated that the recent developments to the four patients had improved. Their body heat has four patients had improved. They had normal body heat.

Based on the results of the PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaktion) Laboratory in biomedical Mataram, the four patients Aditia W, Inaq Sahnun, Dyan Syahwan and Sartika Kemala declared bird flu negative. They still remain in a doctor's supervision department of Mataram team pending the outcome of viral cultur examination conducted in Jakarta.

"To allow the four patients from Central Lombok was returned to his home, they have to be patient waiting for the results of tissue development (culture) in Jakarta. All the patients during treatment costs borne by the government, "he said.

The same place, Kadis NTB Health, Dr. Moch Ismail stated that the government encourage more intense cooperation. When the H5N1 virus was evolving, the enterprising efforts bersamapun implemented. Including spraying disinfectant by the Animal Husbandry Department of NTB.

"Handling that we do not expect to cause unrest in society. Even if the flare current bird flu news, nothing to do with the visit of the president in NTB, just coincidence, "he said.