Saturday, July 16, 2011

Tail Number 153 147 see-through


Sidrap - No sign of bird flu outbreaks in Sidrap will subside.
Conversely, attacks Avian Influenza (AI), the accused even more widespread.
The proof, of the 11 districts in this egg-producing region, has declared the whole endemic contracting the H5N1 virus. Every day, cases are reported poultry deaths continued to occur. Until Friday, July 15 yesterday, Department of Animal Husbandry (Disnak) Sidrap noted, total poultry that died suddenly of bird flu has exceeded 153 147 birds...

Friday, July 15, 2011

Every day, 6,000 Dead Chickens

AI, Breeders Loss Rp7, 3 Billion
the number of deaths 157 147

Saturday, 16-07-2011

..Until Friday (15/11) yesterday, the number of birds that die from attack avian influenza (AI) or bird flu in the District Sidrap, has reached 157 thousand chickens from 11 districts are already pandemic. The more widespread wave of bird flu in poultry death rate continues to increase, making the status of bird flu alert in the area of ​​South Sulawesi's largest supplier of eggs into Extraordinary Events (KLB) has not been revoked.
District 11 in the district, all of them have contracted the virus that can infect humans and other animals are.
Three districts of the most severe of these deaths are 3 types of chickens each chicken laying hens, broilers and chicken rather than race is the District 40 560 Maritengae tail, tail and Panca chert Watang Sidenreng 37 267 33 732 birds.

Head of Department of Livestock and Fisheries (Disnakkan) Sidrap MSi Ir H Abd Aziz said the number of cardiovascular death until today, has reached 157 thousand heads, both laying hens, broilers (Broiler) or chicken rather than race (native).This figure is said, Azis dicata on Friday 15 Junli 2011 at 114.00 pm. "Bird flu in Sidrap already be pathogenic and fatal malignant (highly pathogenic). It was 157 thousand chickens that died today," said Abd Aziz at his office yesterday.

Insulation system of the 11 districts be followed maximized. However, the results of those efforts have not been up because the traffic is sending birds, many traders ignored. Even trade chicken eggs and keep it running its own, so that expectations can not be controlled cycle of the virus completely destroyed.

Meanwhile, calculation of the losses have been calculated until the third week of the H5N1 virus to attack this area, the number of deaths 157 147 tail consisting of 102,242 laying hens tail, tail 42 885 broilers, 15 838 free-range chicken and fish. "We calculated the loss calculation has reached Rp 7, 3 billion more to the price of laying hens Rp60 thousand per head, the average broiler and chicken Rp25 Rp30 thousand thousand," Abd Azis detailed.
Mortality rate of chickens and livestock losses, said Aziz again, ensuring continued to rise following the 11 districts that have a pandemic, the disease can not be controlled AI.
Moreover, he added, there still exists a few reports of citizens from various regions around the Sidrap continue to report the number of poultry deaths hers. "It is to be our primary attention, death continues to grow. It is estimated that poultry owned by residents in all districts report of his death an average of between four thousand up to 6 thousand deaths every day, "he said.

Provincial Team Not Arrive

Friday, July 15, 2011 20:44:32 PM

Sidrap, DAWN - Promise Head of Animal Husbandry and Health of South Sulawesi, Andi Murtala Ali sent a team to the District Sidrap, there is no realization. Until, Thursday, July 14, the team that will help the handling of cases of bird flu has not arrived at the Earth Grandmother Mallomo, Sidrap.

Meanwhile, Department of Animal Husbandry and Fisheries data Sidrap, chicken mortality rates continue to rise. From just 122,771 before the tail, the tail 147 689, or there is an additional 24,918 chickens died in a day.

It was announced by Head of Livestock and Fisheries Sidrap, Sadiliah Spt, Thursday, July 14. "Yes, there is still a chicken's death yesterday, a total of 24,918 heads, bringing the total deaths during the virus spread in Sidrap reached 147 thousand more," he explained
Accompanied by a veterinarian Zaenal Abidin, he said, now spraying is still concentrated in the village of Bulo Wattang, Bulo Timoreng (both in the District of Panca chert) and Sub-Wala, District Maritenggae. In two districts of that, the initial attack of bird flu was found.

He added, energy aid promised by the Head of Animal Husbandry and Animal Health has not yet arrived from South Sulawesi. Similarly, medical aid from the province as well not exist.

Head of Department of Livestock and Fisheries Sidrap, Ir Abdul Aziz added that the only steps taken are still limited to spraying.

In addition to the help of the provincial government, said Aziz, the center should also address the cases of bird flu affecting poultry in Sidrap centers. Moreover, he added, the spread of bird flu has spread across 11 districts in Sidrap.

Involve Students

Meanwhile, cases of bird flu in Barru reportedly began uncontrollably, Thursday, July 14. Even so, the Animal Husbandry Department Barru team continues to comb the centers of the development of poultry in the area to ensure the latest developments spread of bird flu.

Head of Animal Health Animal Husbandry Department Barru, drh Ma'ruf, states, the spread of bird flu under control, to date there is no more reports of chicken deaths. "We hope there is no more cases of bird flu in the region this Barru," he said.

Nevertheless, efforts continue to be bagaiamana handling this bird flu. Various activities related to prevention of bird flu in some locations remain to be implemented, such as the provision of disinfectant. It is important how to break the chain of spread of bird flu.

In fact, groups of students perform service learning in Barru also took part related to control bird flu.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Detention of a child for suspected bird flu Menoufia

12-7-2011 13:36

Announced that the Department of Health Menoufia, he was detained Sunrise Abdul Nabi Farraj (3 years), resident in the village of legs Abu hair center Ashmun within the Fever Hospital Ashmun on suspicion of being infected by bird flu, which developed symptoms of fever, sore throat and vomiting.
Dr. Ayman Omar, Deputy Minister of Health, Menoufia, that the injured child is due to in contact with dead birds and education at home is safe, and was taking a sample of their blood and sent to labs central Ministry of Health for analysis were culled domestic birds and buried buried safe and vaccinate contacts of family members.

Bird Flu Cases in Wajo Still Zero


Although the cross bar in the last week a number of regencies in South Sulawesi diresahkan with the outbreak of bird flu, but in the District Wajo is still relatively safe from the spread of the deadly virus.
"Until now we have not received a report related to the existence of bird flu cases in Wajo," said head of Disease Prevention and Environmental District Health Wajo Sibe Awaluddin yesterday.
However, after the outbreak of bird flu cases mendegar District Sidrap directly adjacent to Wajo it admitted directly giving instructions to the health center as soon as possible to anticipate early response to human cases of bird flu. "I have to say to the Health Center to conduct outreach to the community as an early anticipation, "he said
Head of Department of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry also Wajo District Coordinator for Avian Influenza Control 12 districts in the northern part of South Sulawesi.

Drh I Putu Artana admitted that he had to anticipate to the area directly adjacent to the District Sidrap, such as district and subdistrict Belawa Maniangpajo. "This form of anticipation that we do is test rapid test, but until now no one has been positive," said Kadis I Putu.
Di District Wajo alone there were 10 officers in the Participatory Disease Surveillance and Response (PDSR) who trained the Food & Agriculture Organization (FAO) to track specific cases of bird flu. (Win)

Already 122 Thousand Chickens Died of Bird Flu in Sidrap

Sidrap, Tribun-TIMUR.COM - The number of laying hens that died of bird flu infection in Sidrap District continues to grow. Post Response Data from Bird Flu, Sidrap District, said the number of dead chickens until Wednesday (13/07/2011), reaching 122,771 birds.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

"So the total poultry that had died suddenly as many as 109,191 head

Farmers lose Rp 5 Billion
Wednesday, 13-07-2011
ATTACK bird flu in almost all districts in Sidrap been uneven.
If the previous two district has not been infected with H5N1, has now been declared a pandemic. edit " In birds"
Regency Sidrap really made powerless against the deadly virus outbreak.
So far the two districts as sentar largest egg production in Sidrap numbers of deaths of which 80 percent of the total number of deaths each district Panca Maritengae and chert.
Data Government through the Department of Livestock and Fisheries (Disnnakkan) Sidrap recorded losses of farmers since the outbreak of bird flu has reached Rp5.315.500.000. Total losses are recorded at the position July 12, 2011.
Of the losses suffered as much as Rp 5 8miliar more, the Animal Husbandry Department (Disnak) Sidrap detailing, loss of laying hens Rp4.374.540.000 owners, breeders Rp730.000.000 broiler chickens, free-range chicken breeders Rp210.960.000 so that the total loss of Rp5.315.500.000 .
Head of Department of Livestock (Disnak), Sidrap Ir H Abd Aziz MM estimates, total losses of farmers due to the attack of bird flu is still going to continue to grow, following a bird flu outbreak has not been controlled in this Sidrap.
Well, now the government is in desperate need of money approximately Rp1.250.500.000 bird flu for the procurement of vaccines, disinfectants and masks handsprayer. The problem he says, where that kind of money available now to assist residents.
Meanwhile, information BKM Disnakkan Sidrap Tuesday afternoon at the office yesterday, the mortality rate of birds at about 16:00 pm, calling the dead chickens infected with AI virus positive, especially chicken and domestic poultry in the position July 12, 2011 has reached 109 191 head.
Consists of laying hens as much as 72,909 animals, 29,200 broiler chicken tail, tail 7032-range chicken.
"So the total poultry that had died suddenly as many as 109,191 head, Abd Azis said.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Dead chickens Tail Reach 75,695

District has 10 endemic bird flu

Tuesday, 12-07-2011

Sidrap, BKM - Regional bird flu endemic in Sidrap continues to grow. Initially only seven districts contracting, now is now recorded 10 sub-districts of 12 districts in this Sidrap District.
The two districts are still sterile bird flu was Pitu District Riase and Watang Sidenreng.
While 10 other districts namely Maritengngae, Panca chert, Baranti, Kulo, Tellu Limpoe, Panca Lautang, Watang Pulu, Two Pitue and Pitu Riawa already tested positive for all infected. The 10 districts, villages and entire villages had been infected with AI virus evenly.

BKM information compiled in the office of Animal Husbandry and Fisheries (Disnakkan) Sidrap on Monday (11 / 7) yesterday, entered the day-to-23, total poultry that died suddenly due to bird flu include chicken laying hens, broilers and broiler chickens instead of race (Native) until now has been recorded as many as 75,695 birds. This figure accounted for approximately 13.00 pm, Monday.
Poultry mortality rate is predicted to still be growing, it follows there are many cases of poultry deaths dilapanga but are reluctant or have not been reported to Disnak Sidrap.
Head Disnakkan Sidrap Msi Ir H Abd Aziz who contacted BKM, on Monday confirmed, the deaths occurred in 10 different districts with the details, in the District Maritengngae tail 15.511, 34.269 chert Panca tail, tail Baranti 7.159, 3.877 Kulo tail, tail Tellu Limpoe 1.170 , Panca Lautang 700 tail, tail Watang Pulu 82, 1250 Two Pitue tail, Pitu Riawa 77 tails.
While additional data last Monday was reported yesterday afternoon by all extension workers scattered farms in the district to be 11.600 races laying chickens die of bird flu-infected positive.
Abd Azis parse, a total of laying the dead chicken in 10 districts as many as 68,331 animals, 6,000 broiler chickens while not a race consisting of chicken, chicken and chicken crow Arabic, it reached 1.364 tail.
Average sudden death of chickens every day said he reached a thousand tails. Percentage of poultry death rate is based on reports received from the first day Disnak outbreak of bird flu attack until now.

Then what about the impact of bird flu have on health and the human soul? Chief Medical Officer (Kadiskes) Sidrap, Dr. HA Irwansyah Kes through P2PL Head Dr Hj Nirwan ensure nobody St. residents who contracted the virus. "Thank God there are no reports of bird flu susfect stated that we received from every district," he said when contacted separately at his office yesterday.
Indeed, he said, it had received information about the existence of one resident from the village who allegedly susfect Kanie and undergoing treatment at the health center.
But after undergoing an intensive examination, the patient was finally confirmed only ordinary fever.
"It's never been there and forcing us to go straight there, fortunately he certainly did not come infected," he said.

Dead chicken in Sidrap Continue to Grow, Now Reaches 64 Thousand Tails - Monday, July 11, 2011 16:21 AM

Two officers from the Department of Agriculture Forestry Plantation Animal Husbandry and Fisheries (PPKPP) Prabumulih on Monday (31 / 1), destroy the positive poultry bird flu. Poultry was withdrawn neck until dead.

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, MAKASSAR - Department of Animal Husbandry and Animal Health of the Province of South Sulawesi (Sulawesi) recorded the number of chickens that died in the District Sidrap because of positive bird flu reaches the tail to the present 64,095.

Of the tens of thousands of chickens that died, the majority of the race laying chickens affected by the spread of the virus Alvarez Influenza (AI).

Based on official data farms, the number of laying hens that died reached 56,731 tails, broiler chicken (broiler) and tail reaches 6,000 domestic poultry that died as many as 1364 birds.

Head of Department of Animal Husbandry and Animal Health of South Sulawesi, Murtala Ali, the Tribune found in his office on Monday (07/11/2011), say, to anticipate the spread of the virus, it has been coordinating with the local animal husbandry department (Sidrap) to run the prevention efforts .

Steps are underway is to make a unified command post at Sidrap, create standard operating procedures for breeders, mass burial of dead chickens, regularly inform the public in the District Sidrap through loudspeakers at the mosque or other place of worship.

Pengkartuan and vaccination against chicken Gaga "said Murtala also be a precaution. Also there should be regular progress reports, coordination with farmer associations, as well as provide recommendations on vaccination with self-help system.

In addition, he continued, Animal Husbandry Department has also sent South Sulawesi 1,000 liters disinfectant to the county's largest egg producer in the South Sulawesi. In addition to assistance from the province, Murtala also expect help from the center soon to come, such as disinfectants, vaccines, and equipment.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Makassar Filter Sidrap Poultry Origin

..the number of deaths until Sunday (10 / 7), called the tail has reached 53 thousand

Monday, 11-07-2011

The spread of bird flu was under control

Sidrap, BKM - Makassar take steps to prevent the entry of Avian Influenza (AI) or bird flu, which attacks the District Sidrap, last week. AI viruses are almost already reached all farms in Sidrap centers.

Of the total data last Friday, July 8 last, at the Department of Animal Husbandry and Fisheries (Disnakkan) Sidrap mention this already deadly H5N1 virus in poultry unnatural, reached 42 thousand heads.
However, the number was growing as 8 more districts
Sidrap spread of bird flu has been endemic evenly. Into eight districts, namely District Maritengae, Panca chert, Baranti, Kulo, Panca Lautang, Tellu Limpoe, Watang Pulu.

District Two of the most severe endemic bird flu cases each district Panca Maritengae and chert, as well as the largest center for egg production, these two districts which became the biggest cases of poultry deaths or about 70 percent of the total number of chicken deaths in Sidrap.

Information compiled data, the number of deaths until Sunday (10 / 7), called the tail has reached 53 thousand poultry deaths of 46 664 laying hens tail, broiler or broiler about 6600 tails, and chicken around 693 birds.
The number of such deaths data direalise Disnakkan party after receiving a number of complaints that residents affected by bird flu poultry.
Head Disnakkan Sidrap Ir H MSi Muh Aziz, said there are no signs of this deadly virus attacks will stop. Even the otherwise increasingly raged.

"The distribution was nearly evenly and deaths chickens everywhere. Finally I got the information from the field officer deaths occur in significant amounts in Bulo, Rappang, Maritengae," he said.

If before, the officer Disnakkan Sidrap overwhelmed record number of deaths of poultry in 8 districts such as residents and farmers are reluctant to report the accident or the prestige of his death chickens.
"One by one people started to report the number of poultry deaths. The data that have been reported to our society. The data is still going to be on the increase from that reported," said Aziz again.
Based on incoming reports said Aziz, the number of dead birds, especially laying hens and broilers reach 2,000 to 3,000 head per day. The death toll was the worst since the last five days, the total was around 56 thousand heads off, he said.

The number of dead birds go Azis, mainly due to the central area of ​​the majority of farms have already been reached prior to virus prevention efforts.
Aziz added that the district government Sidrap trouble handling the spread of bird flu virus. The reason is, all the supplies drugs to control the deadly virus is up, such as disinfectants, rapid tests or alkits, gloves, masks, and vaccines transpori media (virus).

For now, said Aziz, the new Provincial Government assistance ranges from 1500 liters to supply the vaccine, while Sidrap need drugs of 2000 rapid tests or alkits, 1,000 masks, disinfectant and 3,000 liters, 1,000 gloves, and 2 million vaccine transpori media (virus ).

Currently, the district government through the bird flu virus response team to work manually, which is only doing surveillance on a number of points where lanes of traffic in and out of poultry in order to oversee a wider spread of the deadly disease.
Regency Sidrap also seeks to traffic isolation chicken. This was done to prevent the birds out, and went into Sidrap.