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Egypt H5N1: 3 spots for the emergence of avian influenza Menoufia


Dr Ahmed Fuad, the director of Veterinary Medicine, Menoufia, the emergence of three new positive foci of infection with bird flu center Ashmoun.
He developed the first case a house belonging to Mohammed Mr. Sharkawi, from the village Samadon and the second case, the home of the citizen Fawzi Zaki Abdel Latif, from Ezbet Abou Youssef belonging to the village Shatanof The third situation the home of Atif Rashad Imran, from the village of Manial bride result education at home, where he was taking a sample of birds household and sent to central laboratories and were positive on a sample.
Fouad said, that such focus has been discovered through field tests conducted by the Directorate and turned out to be domestic breeding birds have been culled and vaccinated birds nearby to prevent the spread of the disease.

Egypt H5N1: Appearance of four spots positive for bird flu Menoufia


Dr. Ahmed Fouad, director of Veterinary Medicine Menoufia 4 for the emergence of new foci positive for bird flu in the village center Sroheet Menouf.

Foci appeared citizens homes draw Fathi Ibrahim Badr Abdel Baki, Ahmed Ayad Ali Gad Mounir Emad Ridha and as a result of education at home, where a sample was taken from domestic birds and sent to central laboratories and as a result of the sample were positive.

Dr. Ahmed Fouad to the fact that the focus has been discovered through field tests conducted by the Directorate and found to be breeding domestic birds have been culled and vaccinated birds nearby to prevent the spread of the disease.

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Indonesia: H5N1 Family Suspected Cases in Agam Regency

Google Translation:
One Family Suspect Bird Flu
Friday, June 17, 2011 01:38

AGAM, the bow - A family of four people, residents Jorong Koto Panjang, Nagari Kapau, District Tilatang Kamang, Agam, believed to have contracted bird flu after seven chickens died suddenly as pets since last Friday. They are Efrizal (43) and three children Adi (14), Gilang Ramadhan (9) and Nuzuli (5.5).

"Yesterday four people Koto Kapau Long had we refer to the RSAM Bukittinggi to do a medical examination, because the chickens that died suddenly they are determined to have contracted bird flu," said Chief Public Health Center Dr. Vivi Mayerni Kapau through to the bow via cell phone on Thursday (16 / 6).

He said last Friday that only two chickens that died suddenly at home, then went 2 heads again on Saturday. After that, the owner of the hot chicken fell sick since Monday.

"Hot body is very high and not fall down. If it falls, the heat back up. So to be sure, we refer to the RSAM for follow-up, whether the owner of the chicken is bird flu, "said Vivi.

Latest information, said Vivi on Thursday (16 / 6), four suspect bird flu, the body heat has gone down in RSAM. "We pray that they are not tested positive for bird flu, although the chickens were examined in laboratory animals have tested positive for bird flu," please Vivi. (h / jon)

Toggletext Translation:

One Keluarga Suspect Flu Burung PDF Cetak Surel
Friday, June 17 2011 01:38

IN A VIRILE MANNER, HALUAN Satu the family had a membership of 4 people, the resident of the Koto Panjang Ellipse, Nagari Kapau, of Keca matan Tilatang Kamang, Agam, was expected terjangkit postmortem bird flu me you dak him 7 chickens maintained an him since Friday last week.

They were Efrizal (43) and his three children of Adi (14), Gilang Ramadhan (9) and Nuzuli (5.5). "Yesterday four residents Koto Panjang Kapau were reconciled by us to RSAM Bukittinggi to be carried out by the medical inspection, because of one chicken that died me you dak this was ascertained lunge at kit bird flu, the" Kapau" Community Health Centre headword through Dr Vivi Mayerni to the Course via his mobile phone, on Thursday (16/6). He said, Friday last week that only two chickens that died suddenly in his pen, then continued 2 tails more on the Saturday.

After that, the owner of the chicken fell ill hot since Monday. It was "hot that his body was very high and did not descend-descended." If descending, hot him again rose. Then to memasti would him, was reconciled by us to RSAM to be followed up, was the owner of this chicken attacked by bird flu, said Vivi.

Last information, said Vivi, on Thursday (16/6), four people suspect the bird flu, hot his body has descended in RSAM. "Kita prayed semo ga they were not positive terjangkit bird flu, despite one chicken that was checked in"

Cambodia moves to bar Thai chicken

Cambodia yesterday barred imports of chicken products from Thailand after authorities raided chicken slaughterhouses in Nakhon Ratchasima for selling decomposed chicken, Xinhua news agency reported.

"The Ministry of Commerce instructs all levels of authorities along the border between Cambodia and Thailand to prevent all imports of chicken products from Thailand even though the products have phyto-sanitary certificates in order to protect our people's health," Cham Prasidh, Cambodia's minister of commerce, wrote in a directive.

The move came after Thai officials raided chicken slaughterhouses in Nakhon Ratchasima province on Monday and seized about eight tonnes of decomposed chicken.

The slaughterhouses had soaked dead chickens in a strong-smelling formalin solution before processing them as food products for human consumption.

Wachirawit Kritrittisak, deputy chief of Nakhon Ratchasima police, said police had already pressed at least 10 charges against the operators of four of the 11 slaughterhouses.

The suspects allegedly said that they typically supplied chicken carcasses to fish and crocodile farms. They told police they had bought them from middlemen.

The investigating team is gathering evidence against the operators of the other slaughterhouses, according to Pol Col Wachirawit.

Meanwhile, Nakhon Ratchasima Governor Raphee Phongbupphakit yesterday said a committee has been set up to look into claims of negligence after learning the slaughterhouses had allegedly sold to local food processors meat from chickens that had arrived at their facilities already dead.

The probe is expected to be completed in three days, Mr Raphee said.

The panel yesterday invited Pak Chong livestock chief Wibul Rattanapornwong, police chief Col Pakawat Thamde and two senior officers from Pak Chong and Klang Dong police stations to testify.

Earlier, the governor ordered a transfer of the provincial livestock chief, Suksawat Thongnoi, to an inactive post pending the probe into his conduct in relation to slaughterhouse operations in the district.

Blue ear pig disease spreads to Irrawaddy Region, Mon State

Chiang Mai (Mizzima) – The blue ear pig virus continues to spread. It has now reached the southern Irrawaddy Region and into Mon State in southeast Burma.

So far, six regions or states have reported outbreaks of the disease, according to the Rangoon Region Animal Husbandry and Veterinarian Department.

The virus has spread so widely due to ineffective bans on the transportation of pigs, veterinarians said.

Early this month, the Animal Husbandry and Veterinarian Department banned transporting pigs and pork into Rangoon Region.

The disease, which affects the reproductive organs and respiratory tract, was first found in the Mandalay area in February and has spread to Naypyitaw, Magway, Pegu, Rangoon, Irrawaddy and Mon states.

In early May, pathologists from the Veterinarian Institute in Thailand, who are researching the disease, visited Burma to make observations in the affected areas and offer suggestions to prevent and control the spread of disease.

In early May, although the Rangoon Region banned transporting pigs and pork from the Pegu Region, transporting pigs and pork from the Irrawaddy Region was allowed.

Rangoon Region authorities have ordered meat shops in Rangoon not to sell infected pork and said that violators would be punished. Meanwhile, the price of pork has dropped by half.

‘Earlier the price of pork thigh was 6,000 kyat (about US$ 8) per viss (1 viss =1.6 kg) but many people bought it. Now the price is just 3,500 kyat but people don’t want to buy’, a pork butcher at Thingangyun market told Mizzima.

‘To show that the pork in my shop is not infected, I hung pig heads and ears in front of my shop’, the butcher said.

A veterinarian said that the blue pig ear disease had spread from China to Burma, while another source noted that pig traders usually export pigs from Mandalay to China.

Blue spots often appear on the ears and skins of infected pigs. Because of the virus, some blood-vessels of the infected pigs are broken and the blood cannot circulate to some parts of a pig including the ears. First, red spots appear and then they turn blue, according to the Animal Husbandry and Veterinarian Department.

When the disease affects the reproductive organs, pigs can have a miscarriage or they give birth to dead or disabled piglets. When the disease affects respiratory tracts, pigs will lose their appetite, wither, run a temperature and have dripping noses and coughs, according to the department. The blue ear pig virus infection rate is more than 50 per cent.

Starting in February, state-run newspapers have periodically run articles on how to prevent the disease and authorities have launched a public awareness campaign in some townships.

On the other hand, an editor of a Rangoon-based journal told Mizzima that the government’s public awareness campaign should also be conducted in villages and in rural areas.

‘If they hear that the disease has spread to a ward, they will conduct an awareness campaign without enthusiasm only in the neighbouring wards. It’s not effective’, he said.

‘The disease has spread for a long time. They know that it is out of control. So, they should go to villages and townships in states and regions to talk directly with people in the areas. Advising people in only some areas is not enough. Some people do not read state-run newspapers’, he said.

At least 39 dead from killer bacteria outbreak in Germany

At least 39 people have died from an outbreak in Germany of a killer strain of E Coli bacteria but the rate of new infections continues to drop, authorities said today.

The national health center, the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), added one fatality to its daily report on the Enterohaemorrhagic E Coli (EHEC) contamination, which emerged in early May.

It said the confirmed death toll in Germany itself had risen to 38, in addition to a woman in Sweden who is believed to have been infected during a visit to Germany days before she died.

Egypt reports 5 H5N1 infections, 3 fatal

Lisa Schnirring Staff Writer

Jun 16, 2011 (CIDRAP News) –
Egypt recently announced five new H5N1 avian influenza infections that occurred in May, three of them fatal, the World Health Organization (WHO) said today.

The infections were reported from four different governorates, and four of the case-patients are adults. The WHO said investigations revealed all five of the patients had been exposed to poultry that had suspected avian influenza. Their infections push Egypt's H5N1 totals to 149 cases, including 51 deaths.

The first case is in a 40-year-old woman from Aswan governorate who got sick May 14. She was hospitalized, where she was treated with oseltamivir (Tamiflu). She recovered and has been discharged from the hospital.

Two of the patients are from Menoufia governorate's Ashmoun district, a 21-year-old pregnant woman and a 16-year-old boy. The report didn't say if the two cases had any connections, besides the geographic location. They both started having symptoms on May 21.

The woman died on May 29 after she was hospitalized and treated with oseltamivir. The boy was in critical condition, but is recovering in the hospital after antiviral treatment.

The fourth case-patient is a 31-year-old man from Qaliobia governorate who got sick on May 21 and died on Jun 5 after he was hospitalized and treated with oseltamivir.

The fifth H5N1 infection was detected in a 32-year-old man from Cairo governorate who became ill on May 23 and was hospitalized and received oseltamivir. He died on Jun 2. The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) reported a fatal H5N1 infection in an Egyptian patient from Cairo governorate in a Jun 8 report, with few other details available other than a May 23 observation date. It's not clear if the WHO and FAO reports are referring to the same patient.

So far Egypt has reported 30 H5N1 infections this year, which exceeds the 29 cases it reported for all of 2010. However, the number of infections is still below 2009 levels, when the country saw its H5N1 case count hit 39, its highest yearly total.

Egypt's latest H5N1 infections raise the global count to 561 cases, including 328 deaths.

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Cause of death is pneumonia, lung radiation?

Fukushima nuclear power plant after the accident, 11 people were killed in Japan are already pyeseomyuhwajeungeuro. In addition, these symptoms of radiation when the Chernobyl disaster was caused a lot of documents had been found to significantly. (radiation pneumonitis)"과 " 폐섬유화증 (pulmonary fibrosis) "이라고 한다.
Radiation sickness can occur in the lungs of the disease that is representative of the "radioactive pneumonia (radiation pneumonitis)" and "pyeseomyuhwajeung (pulmonary fibrosis)" is called.

6 people in our country are being hospitalized with pneumonia on woninmo the pregnant one was killed recently.

According to reports, doctors and other experts have already this disease is not contagious pathogen was not identified said.
If so, I conclude that the virus also semyida sex.
If this pulmonary fibrosis caused by exposure to the radiation if the disease is not contagious pathogen that has not been found are in accordance with said information.

Unidentified lung, 母子 raised liver · "cross-infection rather than the family seemed"

Wed, June 15, 2011 07:29:29
Reporter Lee, Youn

[Heaven Lee, Youn Daily = Reporter] acute lung disease after three two-year-old daughter to that found in children and pregnant mothers to have occurred too hwakindwae similar symptoms to health authorities launched the investigation.

14 days, according to the Centers for Disease Control confirmed acute lung cap (母子) last May of the second two-year-old child suddenly shows signs of coughing and respiratory intensive care unit at a university hospital in Seoul were treated in the hospital.

Dolbodeon by the end of May after maternal child may develop symptoms from the pulmonary fibrosis had the surgery in the hospital intensive care unit, the 11th received a lung transplant, said health officials.

The child was transferred to the general ward hojeondwae symptoms, the mother is watching to lapse after a lung transplant.

The hospital officials admitted that they "have a problem child since birth, but she forced fibrosis lung transplant do not have symptoms improved," and "family cap between the initial symptoms were similar between the infection can be seen as there is no clear evidence "he said.

Centers for Disease Control also progress or organization other than the test results can not be viewed as a family for the hepatitis is the position.

Meanwhile, the cause is unknown so far, the treatment of pneumonia batdeon maternal deaths so far, while the mother hid the four patients increased.
Maternal mortality and the causes lung disease ... the government launched full-scale
Among pregnant women with severe lung disease of unknown cause and one died yesterday.

The Ministry of Health to identify the root cause of this disease in collaboration with relevant academics decided to conduct a large study.

Last April, a large hospital in Seoul, ran 30 on the lung disease in pregnant women receiving treatment to finish yesterday has died.

This last unknown cause severe respiratory diseases and death among 12 people who have risen to four.

I do not know the cause of prevention of the disease without serious government officials to investigate and gather relevant Institute has undertaken research.

"Interview" yangbyeongguk (CDC Director): "a large-scale government funded over the long-term investigations to identify clearly the cause of disease will become."

Sometimes similar disease in the past, but a national report is the first time a systematic investigation.

Health officials attribute the case definition of disease as soon as the collection and analysis of patient samples through with rust, I'm planning in earnest.

"Interview" goyunseok (Ulsan University): "the possibility of infection is very low, it reported, but left open the possibility'm looking. In addition, environmental toxins are involved, or something like this (is planned to investigate.)"

Identification of unknown causes of diseases that would take a minimum of 1 year health officials said.

'Maternal death or' heightened tension, Asan Medical Center

'Maternal death or' heightened tension, Asan Medical Center
Unexplained respiratory diseases and hospital intensive ... "sign (死因) heavy downpour"

Continues unknown causes of deaths are increasing their focus on patients with lung disease are receiving hospital treatment, Asan Medical Center (Director bakseonguk) on the tension is rising.

Over time, patients with similar symptoms but not determine the cause of the Asan Medical Center, died in the two situations should not occur again because.

Last 14 days early"morning of the 14th", unknown cause lung disease in intensive care at the Asan Medical Center, 36 year old mother died batdeon.
At first light the two women suddenly show symptoms of cough, lung ttakttakhaejyeo forced birth, and last month was pyeyisikkkaji.However, in acute rejection after lung transplantation from complications of stroke have been reported.

Cause disease in situations where it is unclear to almost any treatment haenghaetjiman will eventually early death. This far from the same lung disease that killed four people die mother.

And now the Seoul Asan Hospital, the patients with symptoms such as hospitalized one more was known.

Last March pyeseomyuhwa hospitalized patients start showing symptoms as unexplained pneumonia cases identified so far, except for two of the power being treated at Asan Medical Center, the ICU is the situation.

Asan Medical Center official said, "Most of the patients have been treated in our hospital," said "the first known cases of mother-daughter groups also are in the hospital. My mother 11, the daughter of a large hospital in Busan, 9 days, we transported to a hospital emergency , "he explained.

Asan Medical Center, did not intend, at any moment you can not find the cause of this disease 'in intensive care hospitals' role has enabled.

Centers for Disease Control specifically directed to patients who do not, Asan Medical Center, even though patients are still flocking to this place.

At first, excellent staff and facilities, Asan Medical Center, found that the patient, but now patients with similar symptoms so far, they are all gathered here because of the fact that the analysis is Rodion.

The days of excellent doctors and facilities furnished for the recognition, even if confirmed, Asan Medical Center is not able to slow down the tension. Almost all of the hospital to interview the actual specifications, such as the nerve is gonduseo.

Hospital officials "to treat the patient's shoulders is very heavy staff. Focused national attention because the hospital euroseoneun situation very carefully and are nervous, "he told the hospital atmosphere.

Meanwhile, other cases of pregnant women and their families, known as cross-caps (母子) in the current Shinchon Severance Hospital, Kangnam, and each is being treated.

Severance Hospital official said, "Both patients receive all care in Shinchon Severance Hospital, Gangnam, the mother can be transferred for the pyeyisikyi past 11 days received single lung transplantation," and the "two-year-old son is treated in Shinchon," he said.

Fourth death in the family ... even suspected outbreak

2011-06-14 22:43
Unknown cause of deaths from severe lung infections came again.

Is already the fourth.

Within the family, as well as suspected cases of disease have been confirmed.

Treat severe lung infections of unknown cause batdeon 36-year-old mother has died, Mr. Mo Park.

The fourth is already dead.

Pregnancy 36 juyeotdeon second night he visited the hospital last March after the forced birth symptoms deteriorated and received single lung transplantation, acute rejection superimposed appeared to have died after the hemorrhage complications.

Family of suspected cases were reported in the outbreak.

26-year-old mother and 23-month-old son, late last month, health authorities are conducting investigations.

However, closure was not different in patients who are found extensive damage to the specificity.

The severe lung inflammation in the bronchiole, causing what, but a relatively good condition because the alveoli.

Maternal health authorities because of the severe lung disease is committed to clarify whether or not.

[Interview: gwonjunuk, Health and Welfare Policy Division of the disease]
"After the biopsy to obtain lung tissue into microscopic pathological lesions show no difference whether that analysis of some of the work will be done."

Check out the results dekkajineun seems to take about two weeks.

Deaths occurred in a row, and suspected cases reported to the family When my disease, public health authorities to expand the monitoring target is the intention of supporting academic research.

Pulmonary pregnant one person and determine the cause of death ...

Severe lung disease of unknown cause in pregnant women treated with batdeon died again today.

This is the fourth fatality. Health officials, academics and a large study to determine the cause and agreed to.

Last April, a large hospital in Seoul, ran to get treatment in the lung single lung transplantation in 30 pregnant women have died waiting for the end of today.

This last unknown cause severe respiratory diseases and death among 12 people who have risen to four.

When it became increasingly serious issues related to public health authorities of the emergency meeting, open to participation by all the causes for the large-scale study has been to join.

"Interview" yangbyeongguk (CDC Director): "a large-scale government funded over the long-term investigations to identify clearly the cause of disease will become."

For this study, the first systematic national survey to identify and arrange the exact size has occurred.

When cases of disease, define the nature of collecting and analyzing patient samples to determine the cause and will enter through a full-fledged.

"Interview" goyunseok (Asan Medical Center, University): "the possibility of infection is very low, it reported, but left open the possibility'm looking. In addition, environmental toxins are involved, or something like this (is planned to investigate.)"

For the investigation of unknown causes of diseases that the study would take at least one year health officials said. video

Seoul: Unidentified Lung Disease another death today

Date 14/06/2011 (19:36)

'Pulmonary pregnant' again ... the causes of death

Being admitted to a university hospital in Seoul, of unknown etiology among pregnant women with severe lung disease has killed another person.

Centers for Disease Control to investigate the causes of diseases has entered a long-term study.

Gimmincheol news reports.


Lung disease of unknown cause pregnant again today after one has died.

Centers for Disease Control at a university hospital in Seoul, seven people in the treatment of maternal pulmonary batdeon spoken with nine months of pregnancy 30 women were killed by adding one says today.

Shortness of breath due to the two women were admitted last April after it is ready to single lung transplantation in interstitial lung disease death is said to be discovered.

This seven people died in pregnant patients has risen to four.

The remaining 3 patients in the intensive care room and common room treatment each If you are a person, a patient was discharged.

Separately from two university hospitals in Seoul yesterday, pregnant women are hospitalized for another university and a son, and spent all 30 women and two daughters to show signs of pulmonary fibrosis, familial disease has been confirmed as cases.

Centers for Disease Control, patients and families, but they rule out a family that is not due to infection outbreaks are reported.

Meanwhile, the Centers for Disease Control and the unidentified lung disease to get into an in-depth epidemiological studies and related academic societies, and government officials today attended the meeting and opened more than 10 similar cases to determine the long-term operation beolyeonaga decided to determine the cause.

Severe pulmonary disease in the family?

Unknown cause severe lung disease is suspected in the case of the family have been identified.

But until now little known lung disease symptoms and other side of it, health authorities in the investigation is in progress.
Patients with familial disease identified in 26-year-old mother and 23-month-old son, late last month, health authorities are conducting investigations.

Like already been identified in 8 patients, the lungs showed a dramatic hardening curing symptoms of fibrosis of the lung disease bronchiolitis obliterans big feature was also observed.

However, closure was not different in patients who are found extensive damage to the specificity.

The severe lung inflammation in the bronchiole, causing what, but a relatively good condition because the alveoli.

[Interview: yangbyeongguk, Director of Infectious Disease Center for Disease Control]
"Acute interstitial pneumonia and the last part of the lung alveolar lesions occurring in the intensive compared to the characteristics of the lung rather than the alveolar bronchiole lesions in what goes in the center ..."

Maternal health authorities because of the severe lung disease is committed to clarify whether or not.

[Interview: gwonjunuk, Health and Welfare Policy Division of the disease]
"Secure the biopsy of lung tissue after the microscope toward the pathological lesions which show no difference whether there is work to analyze what is going to be there."

Check out the results dekkajineun seems to take about two weeks.

However, lung biopsy results of children and mothers with the infection does not seem to differ with each other and says.

Previously confirmed cases of 40 men after having steadily emerged as the likely onset familial, health officials monitored in the future to let pregnant women due to low immunity to the patient in the hospital is ditto.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Unknown cause lung disease, pregnant women, the first simultaneous onset within the family

Unknown cause lung disease from a pregnant mother and two year old son has been confirmed that both ill.

With pregnant women and their families suffer from this disease is the first time.

Seumulilgopin that the mother
Two days ago was undergoing surgery for lung transplantation
ICU is intensive treatment.

Was five months pregnant last April coughing begins
After ten days
Until 23 months old son were living together
Was hospitalized for such symptoms.

Both son and mother no less than a month
Hardens rapidly curing lung fibrosis
Was in progress.

Shortness of breath as she
Late last month of pregnancy 27 jumanin
Although forced to birth
No state has continued to worsen.

◀ INT ▶ baekhyochae Professor of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery, Severance Hospital, Kangnam
"Unlike typical talk with patients
Shortness of breath has come pyesonsangyi rapidly. "

She is a triangle with the outbreak, including cases
Showing the same symptoms, twin brother
If the deceased was
Pregnant women and their families with the outbreak cases,
This is the first time.

◀ INT ▶ Kim Professor of Internal Medicine, Severance Hospital,
"Have not been confirmed it's contagious.
Just because it is in the same environment
There is that possibility ... "

Centers for Disease Control and
Had occurred in 8 patients at a time
Unknown cause lung disease and matched
To verify that says it took two more weeks

This time, the son of concurrent pregnancy unexplained pulmonary disease

Lung disease of unknown cause and her mother with the three outbreaks (9 to 13 reported not had), but this time you are pregnant after A (27) and Mr. A's son (2) at the same time that the disease was confirmed.

Mr. A was 5 months pregnant last April after ten days with a cough begins with symptoms such as sons, were living in Seoul was admitted to a university hospital.

A no lungs and his son in a month, both hard and progress was rapid curing fibrosis. A undergoing surgery for lung transplantation for the past 11 days in the ICU is intensive care.

A pregnant 27 weeks with respiratory distress who late last month and forced to birth a universal condition. Yep, that was the case with three ill ill while pregnant and the son is the first time. This year for the three people who died of unknown causes lung disease likely to be infected pregnant women in the family situation is not entirely be ruled out.

KCDC in the eight patients with unknown origin occurred at a time consistent with lung disease to confirm that it took two more weeks, he said.

Ministry probes mystery disease

2011-06-13 18:25

The government is keeping a close watch on three members of a family reportedly suffering from idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.

The disease is thought to be similar to the mysterious virus which recently killed three pregnant women.

According to the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, an agency under the Ministry of Health and Welfare, a 32-year-old woman and her 6-year-old daughter, both unidentified, were admitted to a general hospital in Seoul with the disease.

The illness hardens tissue, impairing lung function. Another girl, aged 1, has been admitted to a hospital in Busan with the same symptoms ― constant coughing and breathing problems.

While the mother and the older child have been put on the waiting list for a lung transplant, the 1-year-old is too young to receive the surgery, the KCDC said.

All eyes are on whether their disease is related to the pulmonary disease that killed three of seven pregnant women who were hospitalized with it since April. If so, it will be the first case reported since May and will concern the government, which has flatly denied the possibility of a massive outbreak.

The authorities said the recent case differs from the previous disease in its pattern of development.

“Since the two children are too small to have a biopsy using a pulmonary endoscope, it is hard to get exact information. But it seems that the pattern of developing the idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis is not similar to that of the other patients reported to have similar symptoms,” a ministry official said.

“Doctors said the mother-daughter case seems to be a simple developed form of pneumonia,” Yang Byung-gook, a KCDC official, said.

Experts have detected adenovirus in one of the seven patients diagnosed with the earlier disease, but have yet to identify it or the route of infection. The government has denied that the disease is infectious since no additional patient has been reported since mid-May.

Unexplained pulmonary disease ... This time the mother and son continue to fear the onset of simultaneous Arrive

2011.06 22:07 0.13

Two year old son and 27 year old mother with severe acute lung disease of unknown etiology have been identified as showing symptoms again on the 13th, MBC said. Pregnant mother and son with the same time it took for lung disease of unknown etiology is the first time.

According to this announcement, the mother was five months pregnant and cough last April and recently more rapidly at a university hospital in Seoul under a lung transplant, being in intensive care in the ICU. Have started with a cough at the beginning of life was 23 months old son came down with similar symptoms of lung disease. Mother and son are almost identical to the symptoms that you describe the patient's guardian and caregiver. Both son and mother in a month, no curing lung stiff lung fibrosis progression was rapid.

Yep, even the day before with three unexplained cases of lung disease was known in the jam, the twin brother of the deceased to show the same symptoms, but pregnant women and their families with the outbreak was the first time that the broadcast said. However, patients with similar symptoms before pregnancy and in the lung, such as caps on the patient took at least 2 weeks it took to confirm that this announcement, citing the Centers for Disease Control, said.

For the broadcast year, only three people that died of unknown causes lung disease infected pregnant women in the family had been unable to rule out the possibility entirely, said.

'lung' ... family is still in question onset

Suddenly, the lungs become hard and lung disease of unknown cause, even today, after yesterday confirmed cases of interfamily.

The authorities concluded that it rolls down the contagious, the fire of controversy remains.

Medicine is a professional journalist Kwangsik.


Hospitalized for breathing difficulties late last month in Seoul and then surgery for lung transplantation at a university hospital's 23-month-old son, 26 year old pregnant woman was found from the pyeseomyuhwa phenomenon.

Families will be checked again in the additional cases of.

Earlier yesterday, a mother and two daughter in a family with severe acute lung disease outbreak was also reported cases.

"Interview" interstitial pneumonitis, family caregivers: "(bottled geolringe) is the youngest'm the difference between a month or so. Saljjarineun mother and six a week or so."

They have in common is rapid breathing hard as interstitial pneumonitis, lungs become hard.

As the outbreak spread within families interested in whether Le successively drawn, but health authorities are still deny the possibility.

"Interview" yangbyeongguk (Centers for Disease Control Infectious Disease Management Center): "According to our investigation there may be among family members is infected with pathogens that cause has not been separated."

Until now, the lung disease, pregnant women in three people who died.

However, as seen in familial cases of non-pregnant adults and children are salient.

In fact, for the past five years Excluding pregnant adults or children with this disease has killed 472 people.

"Interview" bakjundong (Seoul National University and Professor of Child and Adolescent): "In patients who are 12-36 months from February to June each year will feature heavily on the causes."

The problem is not yet known the cause is unknown to even have prevented.

"Interview" yangbyeongguk (Centers for Disease Control Infectious Disease Center): "We do not know many related diseases that are the limits of modern medicine."

Accordingly, the causes for the efforts of health authorities and scientists is a more desperate situation.


Add unconfirmed cases of acute pulmonary disease confirmed in family

In a university hospital in Seoul, unidentified cases of acute lung disease in the family that was further confirmed.

Symptoms of cough, dating back to last April 27 pregnant 27 year old pregnant woman last week, an unidentified owner of acute lung hwakindwae cesarean deliveries over the weekend after receiving a lung transplant, is currently hospitalized in the intensive care unit.

Three year-old eldest son of pregnant women in the last May there was a recent unconfirmed acute cold symptoms, was diagnosed with pulmonary disease being treated in hospital.

Centers for Disease Control did not come out the biopsy results yet, but the staff positions of the clinical course of these lung diseases is similar to the unknown says.

Unidentified acute lung 'familial disease Add ' Check

Unconfirmed cases of acute lung disease within the family is ill and has been confirmed.

A university hospital in Seoul last April and had a 27 year old pregnant women with symptoms of cough, acute lung disease, suffering from an unidentified confirmed last week that six million.

Women through a caesarean section last weekend, received a lung transplant.

The two women from the three year old son last month show signs of a cold recently been diagnosed with unidentified acute lung disease is treated in the hospital.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Unidentified lung disease found in family members

SEOUL, June 12 (Yonhap)

-- South Korea has detected what could be seen as the first case of members of the same family suffering from an unidentified severe acute lung disease, the state-run disease control agency said on Sunday.

A 32-year-old woman and her 6-year-old daughter were hospitalized in Seoul after their lung tissues became hardened and they had difficulties breathing, according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC).The mother and the daughter, who currently rely on respirators to breathe, are waiting to undergo lung transplant surgery, according to the center. The CDC has conducted tests on tissue samples taken from them.The case is raising fears over the spread of an unknown virus, which might have caused the deaths of three pregnant women since May.

A 36-year-old woman died in early May in the intensive care unit at a Seoul hospital due to an unidentified virus, the first of its kind in Korea, after being admitted in April for tuberculosis. The woman was pregnant when she was hospitalized.