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Around 40 percent of Vietnamese poor not receive any medical treatment

Wednesday,Dec 08,2010, Posted at: 15:20(GMT+7)

Recent scientific researches have pointed out that around 40 percent needy medical patients have not received any treatment due to several reasons, said an official in the health sector at a Vietnam International Health Economics (HEA) Conference.

According to Ly Ngoc Kinh, former director of the Department of Health Examination and Treatment Management, the main reason is that many face financial difficulties. He said, “Approximately 42 percent of poor people received treatment in district clinics, while only 16.9 percent of wealthy patients did”.
The Vietnam International Health Economics (HEA) Conference, the first of its kind, which was jointly organized by the Vietnam Health Economics Association (VHEA) and the Vietnamese Ministry of Health, was held in Hanoi on December 7-8.

Also, in attendance to this meeting were eminent experts from the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, the United Nations Children's Fund, WHO and a number of non-governmental organizations.

Vietnam: Diseases break out in southern region

Saturday ,Dec 11,2010, Posted at: 16:50(GMT+7)

The number of children and the elderly infected with respiratory diseases, dengue fever and cholera has soared in Ho Chi Minh City and southern provinces.

For a short period, there was a lull in these diseases, however, lately; they have come back in force.

At the HCMC Children Hospital No.1, the respiratory department has been overwhelmed with 200-230 children a day. There are only 100 sick beds in the hospital, and several children have been treated for pneumonia, bronchitis and asthma.

In addition, the number of children hospitalsed is also on the rise, and most of them come from the Mekong Delta.

Similarly, in the HCMC Children Hospital No.2, respiratory and digestion departments are overcrowded with sick children. The hospital has treated at least 3,000 children a day, several of them suffering from respiratory and digestion diseases.

A doctor said that on average, he treats about 60 to 70 children a day, but now it is over 100 children a day.

The Pasteur Institute in the city said that since the beginning of the year, the southern region has been infected with over 64,800 patients suffering from dengue fever, with 65 people dying from this disease.

The dengue fever spread to 16 of 20 provinces and cities in the region. Furthermore, An Giang, Ben Tre, Binh Duong and Dong Thap provinces have seen an increase in the number of patient dying from the disease.

Every week in HCMC over 500 people are hospitalized due to dengue fever and that is an increase of 50 percent over the same period last year.

In addition, recently a child has died and two others hospitalized for cholera in the Binh Chanh District of HCMC.

Nguyen Dac Tho, deputy director of HCMC Preventive Medicine Center, said “that the polluted environment around accommodation areas have triggered the disease”.

To cope with the outbreak, the HCMC Department of Health has ordered relevant organizations to implement stricter health measures to prevent any more disease from spreading, especially cholera.

The department has also instructed the district authorities to warned residents about the dangers of poor food hygiene, particularly using water from contaminated sources, thereby contributing to water-born diseases.

Vietnam: Austria pigs have led to China/Poultry From China Into Vietnam


Within two months ago, Mong Cai border gate on the day transit hundreds of tons of pig "escaped" to China.

Before learning about the real situation rushing pig "escaped" to China in recent times, we've visited Animal Quarantine Station, Mong Cai, Quang Ninh. Station chief Nguyen Minh Cuong all sighed shaking his head back by the way station on the day in front of trucks carrying pigs ran jam jam but agency officials had looked at each impotence. According to the station, every day there are about 40-50 trucks transporting pigs from the gathering place in Mong Cai and smuggling to China. At least 10 tons per vehicle pigs, a total of nearly 500 tonnes of sugar quota under the boat.
Most of Binh Dinh, Thai Binh, Hung Yen ... Every day there's dozens of trips to the provinces in pigs at the collection point.
Many concerns

There is a strange thing is that almost everyone knows the export of pigs in-quota across the border into China at the end of the year was against the rules, but violating the principle seems to be "ignored." The main responsibility of the Market Management Department, Veterinary Quang Ninh province, but the pig export quota met hardly any interference from these forces.

While pigs Austria went well in China, Mong Cai, chicken also massively smuggling contraband across the border. His strength properties that border 90 km from Tien Yen District to Mong Cai city, every night, footsteps in chickens smuggled sugar quota overflow. Estimated tens of tons per day and chicken "break" over the border and then by bus to spill into consumption. Absolutely no control or handle anything. And of course the number of smuggled chickens can not know what diseases are not.

Explain the situation has left way information flow. Was that pork exports are under quota though, hard to control it more or less beneficial as this will stimulate the livestock industry. So the export of pigs "illegal" despite being seen as contrary to principle but is tacit green light. But we also have comments concerned the massive exports to China pig like pig meat will cause shortages, especially at a time when our country bordered festival is on track to recovery after the storm flock " storm blue ear. "

In a recent meeting of the Animal Husbandry Department (MARD) has mentioned the problem of "pork exports massively." There are fears the livestock industry in the country despite an average increase of 7-8% per year but still can not meet domestic consumer demand, businesses still have to import meat. By this time, Vietnam has imported 60,000 tons of pork and poultry. From now until the end of 2010, will have to import 20,000 more tons. The Ministry has asked localities to strictly control increase the export of pigs across the border, but in the main to Nguyen Minh Cuong, the control is nearly impossible.

"Pigs are just" going "massively so, so many difficulties arise. How about supply and demand are not known but the situation is difficult because of quarantine forces too thin. Prescribed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the local quarantine station must contain the clue. However, Quang Ninh province has not done this "- his strength fear.

Egypt: Sohag recorded case of suspicion of injury to "swine flu"

[Posting for future reference, if needed]
Detained in a hospital in Sohag year today, Sunday, the first case of suspected infection with avian conservation this year to a little girl called Mary Girgis 3 years old and evaluate the district west of Sohag.

Dr. Mohamed Abdel-Aal, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health, the situation and arrived at the hospital today, and was booked, Department of isolation was given the anti-inflammatory drugs, were taken samples and swabs and sent to central laboratories for analysis and the statement of the cause of injury.

Clearance work was also full of the house and nearby houses and Gary to follow the situation and the status of the rest of the family and the Directorate, in awaiting the outcome of analysis of the central laboratory in Cairo and the girl child is stable, where she developed symptoms of cough, cold and high temperature.

On the other hand was the governor of Sohag Major General Mohsen Numani had announced last week by the Executive Council of the Governorate of Sohag has not recorded any cases of bird flu or pigs this year, and it is upbeat with good action taken on the face of avian and swine influenza, and he commended the role of heads of local units the role that they have done about it.

Indonesia H5N1 Human Cases Confirmed & Suspected August+ 2010

Indonesia August 2010 +


Date Reported: 10/1/10

Adm: September 2010

Name: Diamond (17)

From: Jalan Kayu Jati, District Hulu Tembilahan

Hospital: Puri Husada Hospital Tembilahan
Notes: Chickens died around home. Home now.

Diagnosis: Based on lab results: Suspect BF.


Sarina (5)

Adm: 9/5

Died: 3 hours after arrival

Temperature for 5 days at home

From: Jalan M Boya, Lorong Durian, Tembilahan

West Java

Adm: 9/12

Hospital: Hospital in East Jakarta

Name: LH (P, 40)

From: Depok

Onset: 9/9/10

Recon: 9/13 Treated for 3 days @ another Hospital.

Recon: 9/16 Friendship Hospital

DOD: 9/17

Confirmed: Positive

Adm: 8/20 – Hospital in West Jakarta

Name: MM (M,35)

From: West Jakarta

Onset: 8/16/10

Recon: 8/18 – private clinic

Recon: 8/20 – general practitioner

Diagnosis: 8/24 suspected.

DOD: 8/27

Confirmed: Positive

Adm: 11/22
Name: K (21)
From: Kulon, Bandung
Hospital: Hasan Sadikin (RSHS) Vent since 1st day of treatment
Sym's: Pneumonia, Fever, Shortnes of Breath, decreased consciousness & other symptoms
Notes: Serious condition. Recovered. Home 12/11. No exposure to infected poultry. Double doses of Tamiflu & Intravenous Relenza treatment.

Confirmed: Positive


Adm: 10/26

Name: FI (8)

From: No 88. RT 5 / 7Cipadu Jaya, Tangerang

Hospital: Tangerang General Hospital

Onset: 10/26; fever, cough, shortness of breath

Recon: Aminah Hospital, Ciledug

Notes: No exposure to poultry, no dead birds around house.People around patient given tamiflu. 11/1 still deteriorating condition.

Diag: Tests Pending

West Kalimantan

Adm: 9/13

Name: UF (9M)

From: Pontianak City

Hospital: Hosptal dr Soedarso

Sym Onset:

Notes: Tests results pending. Residents having symptoms similar to patients previously suspected. Recovering.

East Kalimantan

Adm: 10/3
Name: Ha (15)

From: Gunung Bakaran Sepinggan Village, Dist: South Aberdeen

Hospital: Gen. Hosp. Kanujoso Djatiwibowo

Notes: Initial sym’s fever, resp. tract inf. History of direct contact with dead chickens.

10/3: BF in two villages: Gunung Bahagia Rt. 59 & Rt. 60

Confirmation: Negative, home.

Adm: 10/6

Name: R (5)

From: Kelurahan Gunung Bahagia

Hospital: RSKD Karamunting Kunojoso Djatiwibowo

Notes: Fever. Family did not raise chickens. Neighbors chickens died.

Adm: 10/?

Date of Article: 10/13

Name: Preschooler (20 mos)

From: Rt. 32, Damai District

Hospital: Gen. Hosp. Kenujoso Djatiwibowo

Diagnosis: Negative

Article Date: 10/20/10


Name: 4 mos

From: Manggar

Hospital: Kanudjoso Djatiwibowo Public Hospital (RSKD)

Recon: Tentara Hospital reconciliation

Sym: Breathless

Notes: House on stilts; chicken coop below.

Tests Pending.


Date of article: 10/20/10

Name: several residents

From: Lamaru

Hospital: Lamaru Community Health Center

Diagnosis: Negative (Hospital results)

Adm: 11/21

Name: 3 yo & 5 yo siblings

From: RT 63, Gunung Sari Ilir, Balikpapan Tengah

Hospital: Kanudjoso Djatiwibowo RSKD

Recon: GSI Community Health Center RSU Kanujuoso Dajtiwibowl

Notes: Exposure to chickens suddenly died; rapid test positive. Socialization after birds found. Girls were staying at Grandmothers house. Waiting on lab results.



18 Cities in Bengkulu H5N1 Positive Poultry


Suspected H5N1 Case

Name: P (19)

From: Lempuing, Bengkulu

Adm: 8/6

Hospital: M Yunus

Sym's on Adm: fever, sore throat

Notes: buried chickens few days earlier

Diagnosis: Pneumonia


Vi (27)

Adm: 8/10


Hospital: Bengkulu Central

Sym’s: shortness of breath, high fever, sore throat, malaise

Notes: direct contact with poultry that died suddenly. Hospitalized for one night, fever reduced. Blood sample sent on 8/11.

H5N1 Suspected Case
NR (25)
From: Kembang Seri
Adm: Community Ctr
Tests: Pending

Suspected H5N1
HA (37)
From: Kembang Seri
Adm: Community Ctr
Tests Pending

Name: Indri Rahmiwati
Age: 5
From: Village: Kampung Sungai Janiah, Jorong Sungai Janiah Nagari Talu,
Kecamatan Talamau
Kabupaten Pasmana Barat (Pasbar)
Adm: 10/24
Hospital: RSUP M. Djamil Padang
Recon: Talu public health ctr and RSUD Jambak Pasbar
DOD: 10/25; 4 hours after admission
Notes: Dead poultry nearby. Pneumonia in both lungs.
Test Results Pending


Name: Barbie Elsa Laiza

Age: 19 months

From: Karang Putih, Batu Village, Padang

Adm: 11/29 M. Jamil, Padang

Midwife: 11/28

Confirmation: Negative (12/7)

South Sulawesi

9/30: 3 victims with fever:

Nasri (15) – fever 38.2 (3 days) From: Village District Kanarie Lanrisang.

Eid (18) – fever 38.1 (3 days) From: Village District Canary Lanrisang.

Rehan (2) – fever 39.4 (3 days) From: Medium Paladang, District Kanarie Lanrisang.

9/29: 26 monitored by Health Dept. at residences.

Nawir (42), Andrews (5), Novi (18) in Dr. Wahididn Hosp.

2 Others being monitored at home, isolation. (strict supervision of health department) because temp of 37.

Will test 4 times to determine if positive.

24 hr. health center in every village.


4 People Hospitalized

Name: Andrian (5) (child) –Grandson with Nawir

From: Suppang Saddang Hamlet, Lanrisang Pinrang District

Adm: 9/29

Name: Nawir (42) – Family with Andrian

From: Suppang Suddang Hamlet, Lanrisang Pinrang District

Adm: 9/29

Notes: 9 chickens & 600 of the neighbors chickens died

Name: Novi (18)

From: Ulo Village, District Lasinrang, Pinrang Regency

Adm: 9/29

Notes: 60 chickens died on property

Name: Safira/Sapphira (child)

From: Paroto Village, District Lilirilau, Soppeng Regency

Adm: 9/28

Notes: parents and neighbors chickens 30 died

Hospital: Wahidin Sudirohusodo, Makassar

Recon: RS Kabupaten Pinrang; Sym’s: Temp-39; sore throat, cough.


18 Suspected H5N1

While data from the Health Department Pinrang mentioned, until now there has been found that infected people have bird flu, but Sept. 25, a number of residents included in the monitoring of Public Health Pinrang, among others in the village of Suppang Saddang 10 people, Village Ulue Same two people, Mallongi longi-five people, and the Village Amassangan one person. Not less than 18 people can be monitored on suspicion of contracting bird flu virus.


8 Suspected H5N1

From: District Lanrisang, Pinrang, South Sulawesi

Name: Febiana/T(8); Dina/D(9) and Zaki/N(5) – Siblings

From: District Kemiling Perum Bukit Permai (BKP), Block P, RT 12/LK 02, Bandar Lampung

Adm: 10/21

Hospital: Abdul Moeloek - RSUDAM

Recon: PHC BKP

Onset: 10/17

Two Days Later, same sym’s appear Zaki.

Sym’s: fever, cough, runny nose

Notes: Dead Poultry Confirmed nearby; lab tested on 10/19. Put on Tamiflu immediately upon entering hospital. Improving. Test Results in 3-4 days. Most people in Block P wearing masks.

Previously Al, also citizens of Perum BKP, Block P, Kemiiling, had rushed to RSUDM because of suspected bird flu.

10/25: Sent Home, Tests Results Not Back Yet.


3 Siblings Suspected Bird Flu
Name: Febiana (8), Dina (5), and Zaki (6)

From: Kemiling Bukit Permai Housing (BKP), Bandar Lampung
Adm: 10/21 (Thursday 6 pm)
Hospital: RSUDAM
Recon: PHC BKP
Onset: 10/17
Notes: 2 hours intervals, got sick.
Chickens died nearby

Egypt Confirmed Human Cases 2010

This is our list.

Confirmed Human Cases For 2010

Age, Location, Onset Date and # confirmed by Min. of Health

20 yo, [Beni Suef] January 6,- Given Tamiflu for 10 days- #91- Died

1.5 yo [Dakahliya], January 7, #92

3 yo [Asyut] January 19, #93

45 yo [Ash Sharqiyah] January 12, #94

40 yo [Daqahliya] January 31, #95 (WHO Update #28)

29 yo [Menoufiya], January 27, #96 - WHO update #28 - Died

37 yo (Helwan] January 31, #97 - Died 2/9

32 yo [Menoufiya] February 6, #98

29 yo [Menoufiya], February 6, #99 - Died

10 yo [Daqahliyah] February 10; #100

30 yo [Ash Shaykh] February 10; #101

13 yo [Ash Shaykh] February 10; #102

1 yo [Qalyubia Gov.] February 22; #103

53 yo [Qalyubia Gov.] February 27; #104 - Died

20 yo [Qalyubia/Qaloubiyah Gov.] Adm: 3/5; #105 - Died

1.5 [Ash Shaykh Gov.] Adm: 3/2; #106

4 yo [Beni Suef Gov.] Adm: 3/18; #107 - Died

30 yo [Damietta Gov.] Onset: 3/24; #108

18 yo [Fayoum Gov.] Adm: 3/31; #109 - Died

20 yo [Qalyubia/Qaloubiyah Gov.] Adm: 7/21; #110 - Died

2 yo [Cairo Gov.] Adm: 8/4; #111

33 yo [Qalyubia/Qaloubiyah Gov.] Adm: 8/24; #112 – Died

30 yo [Garbia Gov.] Adm: 12/1; #113 - Died

25 yo [Beheira Gov.] #114

10 yo [Luxor Gov.] #115 - Died

56 yo [Sharqia Gov.] #116

25 yo [Qena Gov.] #117 - Died

27 yo [Ismailia Gov.] #118

Egypt: Gov't begins to support the consumption of frozen poultry to combat bird flu

December 11, 2010

Decided that the National Committee to combat bird flu today, Saturday, the start of the plan to support consumption of frozen poultry instead of living to fight bird flu, the implementation of one of the most important recommendations of its second meeting last weekend, at the same time Ministry of Health announced that the lack of funding is the reason for the delay put the vaccine "local" anti-bird flu.

The Commission declared that the number of countries hit by injuries with bird flu (h5n1) were 15 of 509 cases, including 303 cases and deaths, or the rate of death of 67.2%, and Egypt came as the third country in terms of number of cases detected since March 2006 , and so far the virus has claimed the lives of 37 cases out of 113 cases of infection and death rate of 32.7% and, therefore, Egypt is the least in the average mortality compared to the world average, according to d. The woman and the Minister of Health.

The mountain that during 2011, will take a set of procedures in the Ministry of Health, including the continued surveillance of avian influenza A/H5N1, influenza A/H1N1, influenza-like illness, pneumonia, severe acute respiratory syndrome at the level of all hospitals about 450 hospitals and 4000 health units, as well as continued training activities, and raising the efficiency of preventive health team, and attention to foster the culture of vaccination against seasonal influenza among the team healthy and citizens access to vaccines to cover the health team to 85%, and re-broadcast 10 television notices.

The mountain, the Ministry of Agriculture will work to activate the law No. 70 to alter the pattern of consumption, and directed to the frozen poultry instead of living, which will reduce the spread of the disease, to be a comparative study of the price difference between the two, drawing attention to that during the meeting was to discuss mechanisms to enforce the law, is scheduled to address the Attorney General to give more powers to local councils to set the car dissenting movement of affected birds and give instructions to death.

The Minister of Health, the laboratory diagnosis of cases are in 6 laboratories, Ministry of Health covered all over the country, and there are sections of isolation and treatment of cases infected with bird flu in 57 hospital admitted and released at the level of the Republic, there are still 29 team a quick response on the district level, and 270-level departments, and there is a strategic reserve of Tamiflu up to 2,5 million doses were provided in all hospitals provide the service, as was the provision of 10 million ordinary mask, mask and 100 million high-efficiency.

He noted that there are no cases of bird flu in farms, but education at home is the source of primary concern, adding that he will apply the safety standards of bio-and raised from 32% to 70% during 2011, as well as raise the capacity of the massacres to 800 million birds a year, affirming that it was expected to produce vaccines locally, but the lack of funding is the reason for the delay in making the vaccine.

Indonesia: H5N1 Patient Goes Home


K (21), patients from Bandung Kulon District, the city of Bandung, home of Hasan Sadikin Hospital (RSHS).
He was declared cured of the virus called H5N1, or bird flu. Before leaving, the patient had tested positive for H5N1 suffer.

"At 18:00 pm (yesterday, red) Flamboyan Room officers escorted home and received the local health center staff," says Primal Sudjana, physicians who are members of a special investigation team RSHS infectious diseases, in a short message to the detikbandung on Saturday (11/12/2010) .

After some investigation, some time ago patients tested positive for H5N1 suffering. RSHS also continue to make intensive care for patients concerned.

"Final examination, the patient was negative and in good condition," he explained. When asked whether the patient still needs further investigation, Primal replied, "monitored by the health center."

K entered into RSHS on 22 November and immediately admitted to the Isolation Room Flamboyan. Patients in with abdominal pain conditions, pneumonia (inflammation of the lung - editor), weight, and fever.

Even shortness of breath experienced by patients are already being felt since a week before being taken to RSHS. Meanwhile, patients with no prior history of contact with birds infected with H5N1.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Confirmed that the hospitals of the Ministry does not have these cases

الصحة تنفي إصابة 200 طفل في الفيوم بفيروس مجهول Health denies wounding 200 children in Fayoum, an unknown virus

لقاهرة - أخبار مصر Cairo - Egypt

Denied Dr. Nasr El Sayed, Assistant Minister of Health for Preventive Medicine of the 200 injured children in Fayoum, an unknown viral disease, stressing that the news does not have any basis in truth, there is no children's hospitals and the Ministry of Health patients in any odd symptoms.

Dr. Nasr's "gate-Ahram" that he had rumored that there are a large number of children have been infected with viral is unknown, and symptoms similar to colds, had been detained in hospitals Central Hospital, Fayoum General and health insurance in Fayoum, and children did not respond to treatment despite the detention days ago hospital, and that the total of injured at more than 200 children.

After the death of a driver and a woman

Panic "swine flu" is back

Renewed panic from the swine flu again with the advent of winter, especially after the announcement of the death of a driver with the blessing of seven after being infected with swine flu, and the death of a woman last week and the announcement by the Ministry of Health for the discovery of 70 cases in one week.

ويؤكد الأطباء أن الانفلونزا المستجدة "H1 N1" المعروفة بالخنازير تعد وباءا قاتلا وانها مثل الانفلونزا العادية تحارب بالنظافة الشخصية وسرعة العلاج فى حالة الاصابة. The doctors have confirmed that the flu emerging "H1 N1" is known as pigs and a deadly epidemic, and it's like fighting ordinary flu hygiene and speed of treatment in case of injury.

وأكد الدكتور نصر السيد، مساعد وزير الصحة للشئون الوقائية، أنه لا يوجد خوف من انتشار الفيروس فى مصر واكد على وجود نظام لرصد لوباء الأنفلونزا المستجدة "الخنازير" بوزارة الصحة فى أكثر من 450 مستشفى على مستوى الجمهورية ويتم الإبلاغ عن ذلك أسبوعياً، موضحاً أنه قد تم توفير وتوزيع عدد 250 ألف جرعة من طعم الأنفلونزا الموسمية لتطعيم الحجاج المصريين والفريق الصحى المرافق لهم. Dr. Nasr El Sayed, Assistant Minister of Health for Preventive Affairs, that there is no fear of the spread of the virus in Egypt and stressed the existence of a system to monitor influenza pandemic emerging, "pigs" in the Ministry of Health in the more than 450 hospitals nationwide are reporting this week, explaining that he had the provision and distribution of the number of 250 thousand doses of the taste of seasonal influenza vaccination of pilgrims to the Egyptians and the team healthy facilities for them.

وقال أن اكتشاف 75 حالة مصابة بمرض الإنفلونزا المستجدة في مصر خلال شهري أكتوبر ونوفمبر يعد في إطار الأعداد الطبيعية ولا يمثل أي خطورة وبائية. He said that the discovery of 75 cases infected with influenza emerging in Egypt during the months of October and November is in the context of natural numbers does not represent any serious epidemic.

وقال دكتورعبد الهادي مصباح استاذ المناعة أن انفلونزا الخنازير لم تظهر بعد اختفاء لانها موجودة ولكنها، كما قررت منظمة الصحة العالمية، بدأت منذ ابريل الماضي مرحلة جديدة هي مرحلة مابعد الوباء وذلك بعد ان انتهاء الدرجة السادسة من الوباء. Hadi said Canutoabd lamp professor immune to swine flu did not appear after the disappearance, because it exists but, as decided by the World Health Organization, began last April, a new phase is the post-epidemic, after the end of the sixth grade of the epidemic.

واضاف د. He added. مصباح : أن مرحلة "ما بعد الوباء" تعني ان الانفلونزا التي اصابت معظم بلدان العالم لم تعد جديدة على الجهاز المناعي ولم تعد الشرارة التي تولد وباء قاتل للبشر. Lamp: that the phase of "post-epidemic" means the flu that hit most countries of the world are no longer new on the immune system is no longer the spark that generates a pandemic killer of humans. واصبح اسمها الجديد الانفلونزا المستجدة أو novel AH1N1 . And became its new name emerging influenza or novel AH1N1.

وأوضح د. And he added. عبد الهادي انه اانتاج لقاح انفلونزا تقوم وزارة الصحة بفحص للفيروسات المنتشرة المتوقع ان تأتي كل عام، ويكون ذلك في فبراير، من خلال دراسة تقارير 130 مركزا حول العالم؛ حيث يقومون بدراسة اكثر السلالات انتشارا ويكون انتاج "فاكسين " او لقاح للسنة التالية. Abdul Hadi said production of flu vaccine, the Ministry of Health examined the virus spread is expected to come every year, and then only in February, through the study of reports of 130 centers around the world; where they study more strains prevalent and the production of "Vaksin" or vaccine for the following year.

وقال" السنة الماضية وجدوا ان فيروس H1N1 موجودة بالاضافة الى نوع ثاني من سلالات الانفلونزا هو AH3N2 ونوع ثالث من فصيلة ضعيفة من الانفلونزا. فكان الفاكسين الذي تم انتاجه هذا العام يحتوي على تلك السلالات" . "The past year and found that the H1N1 virus found in addition to the second type of flu strains is AH3N2 and a third type of the species are weak from the flu. Was the facsimiles that have been produced this year contains those breeds."

واضاف أن اللقاح هذا العام مصنوع بنفس طريقة اللقاح الموسمي العادي بما يقلل من فرصة انتشار الفيروس بشكل وبائي. He added that the vaccine this year made the same way as the normal seasonal vaccine, thereby reducing the chance of spread of the virus is endemic.

U.K. Travel advice for Uganda

This advice has been reviewed and reissued with an amendment to the Travel Summary (unknown disease in northern Uganda) and Safety and Security - Political situation (editorial amendment). The overall level of the advice has not changed; we advise against all travel to Karamoja region except for trips to Kidepo Valley National Park..

There is an outbreak of an unknown disease in Northern Uganda that has claimed a number of lives. Symptoms of the disease are fever, vomiting and diarrhoea. The districts currently affected are Abim, Agago and Kitgum. We are in close contact with the World Health Organisation and the Ugandan Ministry of Health on this issue. We understand tests are being conducted to identify the disease, but thus far no conclusive results have been obtained.

Dozens of children infected with a mysterious Fayoum

مشاهدات[129] [4-1-1432هـ][2010-12-10م]
Views [129] [01.04.1432 e] [m 12/10/2010]

خاص / نافذة الفيوم
Special / window Fayoum
أصيب عشرات الأطفال بمحافظة الفيوم بمرض فيروسي
Dozens of children in Fayoum Governorate viral disease
مجهول يشبه في أعراضه
Unknown similar to the symptoms
نزلات البرد
، تظهر علي الطفل أعراض ارتفاع درجات الحرارة والاحتقان
, Appear on the child symptom of high temperature and tension
والرشح والتهاب الزور ، وقد تم احتجاز العشرات من الأطفال بالمستشفيات
, Cold and inflammation of perjury, has been detained dozens of children in hospitals
المركزية ومستشفي الفيوم العام ومستشفي التأمين الصحي وتتزايد يوما بعد يوم
Central Hospital and Fayoum General Hospital and health insurance is increasing day after day
الأعداد التي تستقبلها المستشفيات من الأطفال المصابين بنفس الأعراض ،
Numbers that hospitals receive from the children with the same symptoms,
يتكتم المسئولون
Reticent officials
بمديرية الصحة بالفيوم علي هذه الحالات .
Department of Health Fayoum on these cases.
أكد مصدر طبي ن عشرات
Medical source confirmed the N scores
الأطفال بمحافظة الفيوم أصيبوا بمرض فيروسي يشبه في أعراضه نزلات البرد
Fayoum Governorate children were newly infected with a virus similar to the symptoms of colds
ولكن لم يتعافي منه الأطفال رغم احتجازهم منذ أيام بالمستشفي وتناولهم
But it did not recover despite the detention of children since the days in hospital and eating
العلاج اللازم مؤكدا أن هذا الفيروس من نوع جديد ولم يتم التعرف عليه ،
The necessary treatment, stressing that this new type of virus has not been identified,
وأشار إلي أن المستشفيات بمختلف مراكز المحافظة تستقبل يوميا من 30 إلي 40
He pointed out that hospitals in different centers of the province receives daily from 30 to 40
حالة لأطفال مصابين بالمرض ، وقد تم إبلاغ مديرية الصحة بالفيوم لاتخاذ
Cases of children infected with the disease, has been reported to the Department of Health to take the Fayoum
الإجراءات اللازمة وإعلان حالة الطوارئ بالمستشفيات تحسبا لزيادة عدد
Necessary action and declare an emergency hospital in anticipation of the increase in the number
الأطفال المصابين بالمرض
Children infected

Egypt: Unknown Virus Fayoum More Than 200 Infected

Dozens of children in Fayoum Governorate unknown viral disease similar to the symptoms of colds, were detained in hospitals and the Central Hospital of Fayoum General Hospital, health insurance and notified the Department of Health in Fayoum.

An official source at the health of Fayoum's "seventh day", that dozens of children in Fayoum Governorate were newly infected with viral-like symptoms in colds, but not recover, although children from detention in hospital since the days of eating and the necessary treatment.

He added that this new type of virus has not been identified, and noted that hospitals in different centers of the province receives daily from 30 to 40 cases of children infected with the disease and that the total of injured at more than 200 children.

Has been reported to the Directorate of Health in Fayoum to take action and declare an emergency hospital in anticipation of the increasing number of children infected with the disease.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Red alert as mystery disease hits Uganda

Wednesday, December 8 2010 at 22:36

Kenya is on high alert after a yet-to-be identified disease killed 35 people in Uganda.

Reports indicate that 86 people had contracted the disease.

The Director for Public Health and Sanitation, Dr Shahnaaz Sharif, on Wednesday said his office was in constant communication with Ugandan officials to monitor the outbreak.

The symptoms of the illness are headaches, fever and vomiting blood. However, Dr Sharif said that he had received word that the Ebola Haemorrhagic Fever, caused by the Ebola virus, had been ruled out.

Kitkum, which is situated about 400 kilometres north of Kampala, and three districts surrounding it, have so far been affected.

Dr Sharif was quick to add that Kenya is not at immediate risk as there are some districts between Kitkum and the Kenyan border acting as ‘buffers’.

Nonetheless, health officials are vigilant especially in Turkana District, which is at highest risk, given its proximity to the affected region.

The director issued this alert as he announced the second round of the polio emergency campaign that will run from December 11-15.

This comes after a confirmed polio case was reported in Bugiri District, Eastern Uganda, which borders the Ugandan Busia District that shares a border with Kenya’s Busia District.

The reports triggered the emergency vaccination programme, due to the high transmission rate of the virus.

The first round, which has been rated as successful as 982,881 children were vaccinated, was carried out on December 20-24, 2009 and the final leg will be from January 15-19 next year.

Its target is 1,001,785 children.

Deadly plague kills 38 in Northern Uganda

A strange disease hit the northern Uganda Districts of Agago, Pader, Abim, Lamwo and Gulu, killing 38 people in less than one month, out of the 91 cases recorded.

Canada shuts down its Haitian embassy

By Reuters and QMI Agency
Last Updated: December 9, 2010 3:11pm

Canada has closed its embassy in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, until further notice because of riots and protests there following the release of the first round of presidential election results.
The foreign affairs department says there will be no interruption of consular services due to the closure.

The embassy can be contacted via e-mail at and Canadians in need of urgent assistance should call 613-996-8885

Taiwan Department of Health confirmed the first case of suspected human infection with mad cow disease deaths

At 14:39 on December 9, 2010
Taiwan Department of Health 八号 night confirmed the first suspected mad cow disease appeared deaths, the case is a thirty-year-old male, had mad cow epidemic in Britain to live within a decade, returned to Taiwan in 2008 after the disease, died within twenty-eight months, despite the mad cow disease-related symptoms and the like, but because their families do not want to gross anatomy, it has not been established.
八号 evening, the Taiwan Center for Disease Control held an emergency press conference that since Taiwan's first suspected mad cow disease deaths occur.
Case is a thirty-year-old male pilot work, once the mad cow epidemic in the UK life for ten years, three years ago, began to symptoms such as drowsiness and memory impairment, coma, ten months after May 2010 died.
As family members never promised to do gross anatomy, with the biopsy, so that is why could not confirm whether it is really infected with mad cow disease, death, the case in the illness, also had two people donate blood, one of whom also lead to sepsis after receiving the blood.

Mad cow disease before the invasion of Taiwan for the Taiwan side, there are doubts, it is open to U.S. bone-in beef imports, once the ruling and opposition caused controversy, the CDC said the cases are imported cases, but also emphasizes improving hospital control and will not impact on the epidemic prevention.

Uganda: Un-diagnosed Disease Affected Areas & Cases - as of 06 Dec 2010

  • Date: 08 Dec 2010
  • Type: Complex Emergency
  • Keyword(s): Epidemic; Health

  • Source(s):
    - United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA)

Uganda-Mysterious Illness Update

Friday, December 3, 2010

The Peace Corps were evacuated yesterday. The CDC and the US Embassy have kept quiet on anything that might be happening, their responses to emails claim that nothing is really amiss and that we shouldn’t be worried. But the fact that the Peace Corps bolted to Kampala certainly isn’t reassuring.
Robbie talked to one of them who had 10 months left in country who said he thinks they might just send them home.

Another group of Muzungus got so spooked that they didn’t just leave the North they left the country entirely. They are currently biding their time in Nairobi, Kenya. Apparently they heard from a nurse who was here in 2000 (when there was a big outbreak of Ebola), that she saw one of the new cases and it was definitely Ebola. This is unconfirmed, but unsettling nonetheless.

We have already checked the prices of private hire cars and private jets (fifty bucks a head to Kampala, not bad) to Kampala just incase this blows up, but all signs are pointing to it not being a big deal. Although there is some concern that the government in Kampala will try to cover up whatever happens because of the upcoming election in February of next year. Hmm….

Sunday, December 5, 2010

We went the way of the Peace Corps. A few days into the much talked about plague we received a phone call from our academic advisor telling us that we were being evacuated to Kampala. Most of us were pretty upset to be leaving Gulu and our Homestay families behind, but the logic was pretty clear. We packed up all of our things and loaded them onto our trusty matatus. We were supposed to leave at 11 but naturally we left at a little before 1, AWA. We encountered the usual bus matatu break down on the way to Kampala so our four-hour journey turned into an eight-hour journey. Our driver, Tycoon the Man, also decided it would be a good idea to buy a chicken, still clucking, and set it under the back seat. I don’t know how the little guy didn’t make any noise or try to escape but it was definitely still alive.

We made it to Kampala by nightfall and returned to the trusty Bativa Hotel where we started our trip three months ago. Most of us were pretty exhausted so we passed out. The following day Dr. William, our Academic Director, gave us a briefing on the situation. Apparently there were confirmed cases of Pneumonic Plague and a strong possibility of Ebola, I’m glad we got out of there as soon as we did. It’s still upsetting to think that us Muzungus can escape so easily but we leave behind all the residents of Gulu to fend for themselves. There is nothing we can do, but it’s troubling that the actual Ugandans really have no escape. We also learned that our safari at the end of our trip has been cancelled so our trip might end earlier than expected.

Avian influenza – situation in Indonesia - update 5

9 December 2010 -- The Ministry of Health of Indonesia has announced a new case of human infection of H5N1 avian influenza.

A 21-year-old female from Bandung City, West Java, Province developed symptoms on 14 November, was hospitalized on 22 November and is currently in hospital. Initial investigations indicate the case resided in an area close to a business where chickens were kept and the area was found to be lacking cleanliness with chicken droppings present. Additional investigations on the possible source of infections are being undertaken.

Laboratory tests have confirmed infection with the H5N1 avian influenza virus.

Of the 171 cases confirmed to date in Indonesia, 141 have been fatal.

2 Koreans confirmed to be infected with superbacteria

12-09-2010 17:15

South Korea confirmed Thursday that two people were infected with a bacterium resistant to most antibiotics, the health ministry said.

It is the first time that the NDM-1 CRE, also called the superbacteria, has been confirmed in Korea, according to the Ministry of Health and Welfare.

The patients -- one man in his 50s and one woman in her 70s -- have been treated each for lung disease and diabetes for a long period of time in the same hospital before being diagnosed with the bacterium. Two other patients there are also suspected of being infected, with further tests underway.

"The NDM-1 CRE usually affects patients who are being treated in intensive care units for a long period of time or whose immune systems have been significantly weakened," a ministry official said

Indonesia reports bird flu, influenza A/H1N1 cases

JAKARTA, Dec. 9 (Xinhua) -- Indonesian Health Ministry has reported one bird flu case and one influenza A/H1N1 case in West Java province, spokesperson of the ministry Tri Tarayati said here on Thursday.

A 21 year-old woman had been treated in Hasan Sadikin Hospital in Bandung the capital of the province for having bird flu (H5N1) and a 7-year old girl has also got medical treatment at the hospital for having A/H1N1 influenza virus, the spokesperson said.

The woman has started having medical treatment at the hospital since Nov. 22 and the girl on Nov. 17, she said. "All the laboratory test show that they are positive on bird flu and swine flu. Now all of them still have medical treatment in the hospital,"she said.

The cases has put the total number of bird flu cases in Indonesia to 169 with 138 fatality since recent years. A/H1N1 Influenza virus has killed ten people in the country.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Egypt: The death of two cases of swine influenza virus and wounding three Dakahlia

Wednesday, December 8, 2010 - 17:17

Two people were in Dakahliya today, Wednesday, were killed after bird flu virus emerging "swine flu N1H1, and wounded two others in critical condition and was detained in hospital.

Died of Habiba Ahmed Chalabi (25 years) from the village of Kafr new center status, and Shaima Kazaz (29 years) from the city Talkha, and that after he was detained in a hospital Talkha and were killed after suspected Bisapthma influenza virus emerging, but they were killed before taking space from the throat.

It was the detention of Mohamed Osama Saad (52 years) from the village of Kom Derby Center Mansoura and SE Abdel-Fattah, Mohamed (34 years) resident Mitt immersion, samples were taken and sent to central laboratories for analysis, and analysis has confirmed positive infection were given the drug Tamiflu, but that their condition is critical and is being held inside an isolation room in Mansoura Chest Hospital.

Have been detained Yahya Abdul-Rauf of the area Qlapsho Belkas Center on suspicion of being infected with bird flu have been detained in Mansoura Chest Hospital.

It is worth mentioning that the province of Dakahlia experienced the death of two this week, emerging influenza virus disease "pigs".

Avian influenza - situation in Egypt - update 38

8 December 2010 -- The Ministry of Health of Egypt has announced a new case of human infection of H5N1 avian influenza. A 30-year-old female from Gharbia Governorate, developed symptoms on 28 November, was hospitalized on 1st of December, where she received oseltamivir treatment, and died on 2nd of December.

Investigations into the source of infection indicated that the case had exposure to sick and dead poultry.

The case was confirmed by the Egyptian Central Public Health Laboratories, a National Influenza Center of the WHO Global Influenza Surveillance Network (GISN).

Of the 113 cases confirmed to date in Egypt, 37 have been fatal.

Vietnam: H5N1 Is Back

Bird flu is raging in some places that many people who spread fear
From the beginning of the year the country recorded seven cases of influenza A/H5N1 virus, including two fatal cases in Tien Giang and Binh Duong. In our country, influenza A/H5N1 in humans were reported from January 12-2003 and since then has recorded scattered in many localities.

Higher risk of outbreaks every year
In three years, each year the country recorded from 5 to 8 cases of influenza A/H5N1 virus infection and the mortality rate from 70% to 100%. From 2003 to date has infected 119 people, including 60 deaths. Currently our country is still among the countries with more deaths in the world because influenza A/H5N1.
According to the evaluation of scientists, the characteristics of influenza A/H5N1 in Vietnam remains a displaced distribution of each individual case, non-beam assemblies. H5N1 flu is very complex evolution and mechanisms of disease transmission is inhalation or eating, that is when people are exposed to sick poultry, egg products, such as illness, eating poultry sick ...
Thus, the avian flu is back in a series of localities such as Nam Dinh, Nghe An, Ha Tinh will be favorable to the spread of influenza A/H5N1. Especially laboratory, Department of Animal Health (Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development) has detected a flow rate of ducks infected with bird flu in an average of 4.2% this year while poultry increased to 16%, making the risk of an outbreak would be higher than usual.

Prof. Dr. Nguyen Tran Hien, director of the Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology, despite concerns that from March to now our country is not recorded new cases of influenza A/H5N1, but this risk in outbreak People are very high.

From actual influenza A/H5N1 outbreaks occurred over the years, many scientists have warned if not timely prevent the spread of influenza A/H5N1 virus in poultry and aquatic birds are very easily lead to influenza A/H5N1 in humans.

Especially during New Year demand for trade access, transport and slaughter of poultry increased, cold and wet weather are ideal conditions for virus growth and spread to humans.

More deaths due to subjective
Dr. Nguyen Hong Ha, deputy director of Tropical Disease Hospital Central Committee, said recently to the examination of patients with flu symptoms are many but not identified any cases of influenza A/H5N1 infection.

However, experts fear that the illness is very similar to the H1N1 influenza A/H5N1 (have lung damage due to acute respiratory distress syndrome), it is difficult to distinguish. While the risk of dying of influenza A/H5N1 is very high, so the patients who need to know the history of the patient to notify the treatment facility.
Patients with or without exposure to eat meat and poultry at risk before onset is considered the basic elements to distinguish influenza A/H1N1 and A/H5N1, A/H5N1 flu patients due mainly to spread from country bird flu H1N1 infection is also spread from person to person.

Dr Nguyen Tran Hien, the system of national influenza surveillance is maintained in the locality. Through the influenza virus isolated from clinical specimens is not currently see the genetic modification of influenza A/H5N1 virus in our country.
While the evaluation of experts, most cases of death from influenza A/H5N1 are subjective family brought to health facilities late, be very severe disease events, severe lung injury, not due to toxicity of strains of influenza A/H5N1 virus was altered.

No slaughtering of poultry diseases using
Ministry of Health warned, when detecting infected poultry, slaughter and death not be used, but must immediately notify the local authorities for timely handling, no shipping and selling of poultry of unknown origin, particularly especially in areas with outbreaks in poultry, ensure cooked, boiled drinking, washing hands with soap before eating and after using the toilet.
Especially, when the symptoms of fever, cough, shortness of breath related to avian influenza, they must immediately go to the nearest medical facility to be examined and treated promptly.

4297 execution of chickens to combat bird flu in Giza

The Directorate of Veterinary Medicine, Giza that he was executed in 1504 chickens during its crackdown on stores that sell live birds last month, and the slaughter of 2793 chickens of the citizens they reared on the roofs of their homes, and to combat avian influenza, and edit the 268 record of violation against the shop owners and citizens.
Gad added that the Department of Public Health and the common disease of dogs culled 472 stray dogs, in conjunction with the police facilities and the General Authority for maintaining cleanliness and beauty.

The death of a driver to "pigs" .. 89 and the emergence of the focus of a bird flu Menoufia

Announced Monofia state of alert to face the flu virus "swine" and "bird", following the death of a driver with the blessing of seven after being infected with swine flu, and the seizure of two cases are positive in hospitals, and the discovery of 89 focus of a new, positive for bird flu in the province centers: Ashmun, and Shebin, and martyrs, and the seven pools, and Menouf, and Bagour.

This comes at a time when a number of experts confirmed that the swine flu epidemic shifted from stage to stage seasonal, which does not call for panic or anxiety discovery of the Ministry of Health the number of "70" status last week, according to local reports Wednesday.

Dr Ahmed Fuad, said that these outposts have been discovered through field tests carried out by the Directorate and all domestic breeding, and the execution of infected birds and vaccinated birds nearby, to prevent the spread of the disease.

For his part, Dr. Atta, Hisham Youssef, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health Menoufia, that it was lifting the state of alert within the hospitals, to receive the suspected cases, both of swine influenza virus Ootaior, as was the training of doctors within the health units, to see these cases and transferred to central hospitals, speed and samples were sent to labs central Ministry of Health, for analysis.

Engineer Sami Amara Monoufia governor, the need to take more severe measures, to prevent the circulation of live birds, and not to be complacent in response actions, especially with the onset of activity of the virus, stressing that the heads of local units of their responsibilities to meet the education at home, which is the main source of infection between citizens, and the application of anti-virus system .. Whether swine flu, or bird, without relaxation, with all accounting negligence.


2008 December 2010

Egypt has recorded its first case of the death of swine influenza virus of the current winter season as revealed foci positive for bird flu in several provinces in Egypt. The Health Ministry announced Wednesday that the Egyptian driver died in the city of "seven pools" in Al, after swine flu was also detected another injury satisfactory. The official said the local health Ahmad Fuad said health teams discovered 89 new positive focus of avian influenza in several centers of the province of Menoufia, north of Cairo. He added that health authorities culled thousands of birds were also infected with the vaccination of birds nearby, to prevent the spread of the disease. The press reports pointed to the emergence of a new two diseases in the governorates of Fayoum and Beni Suef south of Cairo.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Report links Haiti's cholera to Nepalese peacekeepers

Haiti's deadly cholera epidemic was most likely caused by Nepalese U.N. peacekeepers whose toilets contaminated a river, according to a French disease expert.

S. Korea confirms bird flu outbreak in southern province

SEOUL, Dec. 8 (Yonhap) -- The South Korean government confirmed on Tuesday a bird flu outbreak in a southwestern region of the country, a main winter habitat of migratory birds.

The agricultural ministry said the state veterinary service confirmed that the bird flu virus was found in one of the blood samples sent from Iksan, North Jeolla Province.

The ministry conducted an emergency disinfection of the area around the Mangyeong River, where the infected wild bird was found, and put an area within a 10-kilometer radius from the site of the outbreak under intensive care.

There are about 219 chicken farms and 13 duck farms in the specially designated area, according to government figures.

"This case of bird influenza was found in a wild bird, so the virus may not have been spread to farm-raised poultry yet," a senior ministry official said, requesting anonymity.

South Korea Confirms Bird Flu Outbreak in Southern Province

December 07, 2010, 5:22 PM EST

Haiti: update

Date: Tue 7 Dec 2010
Since the beginning of the epidemic (19 Nov 2010), 93 222 people were
infected with cholera and treated, 44 157 were hospitalized and 2120
people died of the disease (latest figures of 4 Dec 2010 published by
the Ministry of Public Health and Population (MSPP) on 6 Dec 2010).

The epidemic spread throughout the territory. The south is seriously
affected and the partial assessment of the department of Grand Anse
looks very heavy, with a mortality rate of 58.1 percent.

Health Office of Residence Monitor Bird Flu Suspect

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Health Office (DHO) to monitor the full territory of Bandung residence suspect bird flu, Ny. K (21), which until now treated intensively in the Room of Hasan Sadikin Hospital Flamboyan (RSHS). Monitoring conducted across sectors with other agencies.

"Whatever the symptoms, health office epidimologi still investigating the incident directly to the location (place of residence, red). So it is with doing a diagnose or interviews with patients and other family," said Head of Monitoring Disease Bandung Health Office, dr. Yorisa Sativa, Tuesday (7 / 12).

Explained Yorisa, until now there has been no description of any poultry that died suddenly. In addition, there are no poultry farms whether legal or illegal in some suspect lived.

"For a while I have found no poultry that died suddenly. Even on a diagnose with his family, no contact with poultry," he explained.

Still, said Yorisa, intensive inspection and monitoring continue. Moreover, until now not known with certainty, the origin of the disease.

"If the suspect bird flu certainly caused by birds. Although home contact with poultry has not been found, we still ask the local health clinic to monitor the health conditions of its citizens," he said.

Cooperation is also carried out directly with the cantonal authorities. Health office officials expect the response and report directly if there are citizens who have symptoms of bird flu.

"Sometimes there are people who are afraid to report when symptoms are similar to the suspect. Therefore, the neighborhood must immediately report to the clinic for any preventive action," he said.

Cross-sectoral cooperation, he said, is for residents in the vicinity of suspected patients do not experience excessive anxiety or even caused a furore due to the suspect.

Meanwhile, a spokesman for the team handling the bird flu and infectious disease infectious RSHS, dr. Primal Sudjana said, to this Agency for Health Research and Development (Balitbangkes) have not submitted the results and status of the patient Mrs. K, who were treated since 22 November.

"We expect on Wednesday (8 / 12) This result will be we get," says Primal.

As reported earlier, when it comes to RSHS, Ny condition. K in critical condition with pneumonia (pneumonia) weight. Patients are also known to complain of abdominal pain and shortness of breath accompanied by high fever

The case of the death of bird flu in Dakahlia and suspected in 5 others

Tuesday, December 7, 2010 - 16:17
At the citizen Amr Maghazi (30 years) was killed yesterday evening, al-Sadr hospital in Zagazig wounds sustained bird flu virus.

. Maghazi was dead center of immersion Daqhlieh, has been detained as soon as the symptoms of the disease. . Have been detained in 5 cases of suspected bird flu patients in hospitals after the emergence of Dakahlia introduce the virus to them, where they detained two of the city infected with the virus Talkha, in addition to a state hospital and other Belkas Bhmyat Mansoura and the status of the village of Cbrahor.

Samples were taken from cases infected with HIV Bmshat of the throat, and sent to central laboratories to make sure of being infected with the virus or not.

For his part, said Maj. Gen. Samir peace, Dakahlia governor, to the need to provide all the vaccines and appropriate treatment and full preparations to cope with any situation appears in the governorate. Said Ayman Mohamed Ragab, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health Dakahlia, that we must take careful in dealing with birds and necessary precautions, and prevention is better than cure.

Hattip TWALL
Veterinary Association calling for "mountain" to vaccinate people against seasonal influenza
Tuesday, December 7, 2010 - 16:05

Asked Dr Sami Taha, a member of the Board of Veterinary Association, Dr Hatem, Minister of Health, vaccinating people against seasonal influenza, after the announcement and killed more than 70 Jalp them, because they contain a virus "H1 N1" known as swine flu, pointing out that the developed world you include vaccines Hepatitis normal influenza avian and swine influenza.

Taha pointed in a special statement for the "seventh day" that most of its citizens is to vaccinate annually against influenza and swine influenza, pointing to the recent influenza infection in a large number of farms, denying the existence of the so-called emerging influenza.

and the driver died of swine flu .. 89 and the emergence of a focus for avian influenza in Almnovipalmnovip

Mohammed Essawy 07/12/2010 09:13:22 PM
Monofia declared state of alert to confront the avian and swine influenza, after the death of a driver with the blessing of the seven, after being infected with influenza pigs, and the seizure of a positive state hospital Shebin fevers, and another case Ashmun General Hospital.
At the same time, the focus has been the discovery of 89 new, positive for avian influenza centers: Ashmun, and Shebin, and martyrs, and the seven pools, and Menouf, and Bagour.
Dr Ahmed Fuad, said that these outposts have been discovered through field tests, carried out by the Directorate and all domestic breeding, and the execution of infected birds and vaccinated birds nearby, to prevent the spread of the disease.

Dr. Atta, Hisham Youssef, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health Menoufia, that it was lifting the state of alert within the hospitals, to receive the suspected cases, both of swine influenza virus Ootaior.
Doctors were trained in health units, to see these cases and transferred to central hospitals, the speed of samples were sent to labs central Ministry of Health, for analysis.
Engineer Sami Amara, Governor Menoufiya need to take more severe measures, to prevent the circulation of live birds, and not to be complacent in response actions, especially with the onset of activity of the virus.
He stressed that the heads of local units of their responsibilities to meet the education at home, which is the main source of infection among citizens, and the application of anti-virus system .. Whether swine flu, or bird, without relaxation, with all accounting negligence.