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AI cases in Bali Down #h5n1 #birdflu

 Saturday, December 17 2011
DENPASAR-Bali Provincial Government claims to successfully deal with cases of bird flu this year so the decline in the number of cases and victims over the previous year.

"Management is handling the bird flu virus in Bali has been running very well so that it can suppress the number of cases and the victims," said Chief Medical Officer of Bali, I Nyoman Sutedja told reporters in Denpasar, on Saturday (12/17/2012).

With bird flu prevention management that is optimal, then the cases that arose during this sharp decline. Only, he's reluctant to mention the decrease in the percentage and number of cases of bird flu because it does not hold data but certainly there is a decrease.

Sutedja said the current developments in Bali recorded 57 cases are suspected. "2 people who died tested positive for bird flu during the year 2011," he added.

Against the suspect bird flu patients given Tamiflu them directly so that eventually all be helped.

Two people who died of bird flu from Bangli District since late to get treatment. The rest, says Suteja they can be handled properly. Now the concern is the monitoring of small traders.

They only have a few chickens at home but not well maintained so that potentially evil virus. He asserted, both Public Health and Animal Husbandry has also started to work a maximum of socialization, data collection, training farms to corporate governance. The goal, all farmers across the middle to upper
remote villages.

Despite a decline in cases, but it warned residents of possible outbreaks of the deadly virus. It might, terulangi bird flu attack again, if people do not obey the order and discipline within the existing rules such as maintaining the cleanliness of the chicken coop

Jamtara Department of Health alerted the death of crows #h5n1 #birdflu

Department of Health alerted the death of crows

 Jamtara, City News: The death of crows from getting bird flu across the health department has started the exercise. CS about it in the office on Saturday at a meeting of doctors headed by civil surgeon Dr. LN Sharma.
 Dr. BK Saha district nodal officer at the meeting said the district still only stream of block panchayat Belabdia Casta native chickens in the village last month of nearly one hundred have been killed.  This report has not yet come to know what this is but the crows are dying of bird flu.  It was decided that its effects to protect the general public awareness campaign will be conducted.  Was appealed to the people flock to the equivocality of the birds died immediately inform the Animal Husbandry Department. Dead birds of at least three feet in depth Dfnaan add lime. This first-hand gloves and face masks must be in place. At the meeting, Dr. DK Akhouri DTO, Dielo Dr. SK Mishra, sewer Moaisi, Dr. SK Jha, MO Kundhit IC Dr. BB Singh, Dr. AK Ghosh, health workers Santosh Kumar, Mantu Das, Anil Kumar, etc. were present.

Residents Defy Ban On Pork In Uganda

Residents Defy Ban On Pork In Uganda - 15 December 2011 08:35:11 GMT

Residents of Adjumani District in Uganada have ignored health warnings about the risks associated with eating pork from pigs killed by African swine fever.

According to, although the veterinary department placed a quarantine on pigs, the animals killed by swine fever has risen from 60 to 120, in just two weeks.
Security operatives and officials from the production department have arrested two residents of Patua Village for exhuming carcass of pigs for consumption. The suspects were caught smoking the carcass along with two of their colleagues who are still at large.
The District Police Commander, Mr Fredrick Segirinya, said the suspects would be charged with malicious spread of disease. "We shall continue arresting those who will disobey the quarantine because we want to bring the rapid spread of the disease under control," he said.
The District Veterinary Officer, Dr Williams Guma, said African swine fever was first reported in Ofua Sub-county but it has now spread to Pakelle Sub-county and Adjumani Town Council. He attributes the spread to defiance of the quarantine. "Most pig farmers don't want to make losses, as a result they smoke the pigs carcasses for sale cheaply instead of burying it one and half metres deep. This is very dangerous," he said.
Ms Monica Itudria, who lost four pigs in a week to swine fever, said some farmers are deliberately spreading the disease by disposing carcass of the pigs openly.

Central team arrives in city Ranchi #h5n1 #birdflu

December 18th, 2011

  - The case of the death of crows
-UN expert meeting with the Animal Husbandry
Department's assistant commissioner of

  Jamshedpur: Crows in the city to investigate the continuing death finally reached the city core team.  Two days ago the team was to speak of, but they were not reached.
  Investigation team arrived Saturday morning, Assistant Commissioner of Animal Husbandry Department of Government of India, AV Nagy, Charles Boundrij ऐnml Charge of the United Nations Organization for Food and ऐgrkalcr include Dr. Paul White.  The DFO team to Jamshedpur, Sanjeev Kumar, veterinary officer, Dr. Manoj Kumar and surveillance officers meeting with Dr Swaran Singh.  Jusco in the health officer Dr KK Lal were also present.  The team's action so far in this regard and action plan were identified.  The ravens kill infections in humans in the event of a disease prevention and Uskevistar prevention measures were also considered.  Of dead ravens were also told what to do. Revealed so far satisfied with the actions of team members.
  Collect the sample
  Ranchi, Jamshedpur came after the team today after getting an idea of ​​the whole system of the Jubilee Park in Jamshedpur, Marine Drive, in addition to Odutypur Saraikela - Krsawan district visited. Samples were also gathered there.  On all samples after the team returns.
  Just can not say: Negi
  Assistant Commissioner of Animal Husbandry Department of Government of India, AV Negi, pre-check the signs of the flu. Still see him - only to find similar things, but no tangible results can not be removed.  Some might say that after examining the samples.
 Been vaccinated
  Prevent diseases spreading in birds and the vaccine is being given to employees engaged in performance.  The Temiflu in the swine flu drug is being given. Besides Jusco Akshes Mango Jamshedpur and has given staff the facility.

  Zoo at high alert   Tata Steel Zoological Park (Zoo) has been applied to high alert over the flu. It has also cautioned the administration.  Has been done so far.

Mass death of crows creates puzzle and scare in Jharkhand #h5n1 #birdflu

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Mass death of crows creates puzzle and scare in Jharkhand

crows bihardayscrows bihardays
Jamshedpur: according to a number of reports in the past few weeks, thousands of crows have been dying in different parts of Jharkhand for reasons that are yet to be found. The panic has now resulted in a visit from a high-level joint team of the United Nations and Union government to Jharkhand recently. The panic is caused by the simple fact that crows tend to hover around human settlements and stay in close contact with humans. In apprehension, the state authorities have now issued a blanket alert to all the 24 districts, zoos and parks. A team consisting of H.R. Khanna, project co-ordinator of Food and Agriculture Organisation, United Nations, and A.B. Negi, assistant commissioner of the Centre’s animal husbandry department is currently visiting Jamshedpur, which is where the trouble seemed to have begun.
In a report sent to the Union agriculture ministry, the Indian Veterinary Research Institute’s (IVRI) Bhopal centre had held the avian influenza virus, H5N1, responsible for the crow deaths in Jharkhand. State coordinator of the Indian Bird Conservation Network (IBCN) Satya Prakash said the Union government had sent a team of experts to Jamshedpur and Bokaro to take blood samples of the dead crows and had mentioned that the crows died of H5N-1. Avian flu had been detected in chickens earlier. Carcasses were sent to the IVRI centre in Bareilly as well as National Institute of Virology, Pune, to identify the exact reasons behind the crow deaths here.
The curious thing about this episode is that no hens are dying, but only the crows. The zoos in Jharkhand have closed the aviary section and are cleaning enclosures and nearby areas with bleaching powder and spraying anti-virus liquid. Birds are being fed vitamins to boost immunity. East Singhbhum district officials have also directed scavengers to dig 2ft deep pits to bury crow carcasses.
According to K.K. Sharma, an ornithologist from Jamshedpur who first sounded the alarm on the crow deaths in Jharkhand in just three months, the numbers of crows is 40 per cent down. Sharma is however skeptical about H5N1 virus as the cause. He says that there was a virus scare in the case of vultures deaths as well but finally after only 1 per cent of vultures were left, it was discovered that diclofenac, used to treat cattle, was the culprit all along. Satya Prakash, state co-ordinator of Indian Bird Conservation Network affiliated to NGO Bombay Natural History Society however says ‘the International Union for Conservation of Nature will declare crows as endangered only if deaths are reported across Asia. We need not worry about that. Let’s focus on imbalance in local environment.’

Zoo authorities in Jharkhand prohibit visitors from going near enclosures #h5n1 #birdflu

Zoo authorities in Jharkhand prohibit visitors from going near enclosures

Ranchi , Sat, 17 Dec 2011ANI

Ranchi, Dec 17 (ANI): Authorities in Ranchi zoo prohibited the visitors from going near the enclosures after bird flu alert was sounded in the state.

The alert was made after the death of several crows in the state were reported after hundreds of crows were found dead in various parts of Jharkhand including Jamshedpur, Bokaro and Hazaribagh.
While interacting with the mediapersons on Saturday veterinary doctor at Bhagwan Birsa Biological Park, Ranchi, Dinesh Kumar said they recently found two dead crows in the biological park.

"As far as the death of birds is concerned we are receiving information about the death of crows but the reason of the death has not been confirmed by the officials. As far as I believe the crows are dying because of some mysterious disease. Our bird department is very big and there are several important birds that is why we are taking precautionary measures," said Kumar.

The zoo officials are doing everything to prevent the virus from infecting the birds and animals in the zoo. They have curbed the movement of the visitors and are disinfecting the cages of all the birds and animals.

"See the death of crows is a matter of concern that is why we are taking precautions and security measures, but we don't know how this disease will spread in other birds and humans. But the situation is worrisome," said P.K Verma, director of the Birsa zoo.

The zoo authorities are giving antibiotics and other supplements to increase the immunity of the birds

Animal to animal diseases occurring in birds #h5n1 #birdflu

Animal was a bird flu information

Dec 17, 09:47 pm

 Mndero, personal representative: Saturday Mndero Mirjachauki Lohia building block Animal Husbandry Department under the District Veterinary Officer Dr. Shivjnm Singh, Dr. Harishankar Jha, Dr. Sadanand Mahato, Dr. Birendra Kumar, animal by-day training given to bird flu was.  According to Mr. Singh, inaugurated the workshop Prchcvlit the lamp.
  Animal to animal diseases occurring in birds the information given.
 In this regard, Dr. Singh said Crow social death of the chickens, goats, and other birds and animals are becoming extinct.  This is because Abhiyn influenza-like illness.  Fle bird or fowl fowl plague, the disease is known by the name of paste. The Bimarise bird is advancing rapidly to death. Hundred percent in the 48 hours of sick birds are feared dead.   The ubiquitous role of disease spread is high in the pig. Currently it is seen that in perspective, especially chickens, goats and crows in this disease there is more.  Bhagat chink in training employees of the Department of Animal Husbandry, Dr. Siaram, Bachan AB, chief representative Holly whip, Amit Malto, Sanjay Ram, in addition to Chotte Lal, Dashrath Das, Srvind Kumar Singh and dozens were Psumalik.

Friday, December 16, 2011

hand, foot and mouth Virus Sickens Nearly 100,000, Claims Dozens Of Lives In Vietnam

Virus Sickens Nearly 100,000, Claims Dozens Of Lives In Vietnam
An outbreak of hand, foot and mouth disease has killed dozens in Vietnam, most of them children
HANOI, Vietnam (December 16, 2011)--An outbreak of hand, foot and mouth disease in Vietnam has killed 156 people, most of them children, and sickened more than 96,000 through late November.
An official at the Ministry of Health says the average number of weekly cases dropped from about 3,000 in September to 2,460 in November.
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The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a travel alert Monday that urged people who are visiting Vietnam to protect themselves from the disease by practicing "healthy personal hygiene."
This year's outbreak is a sharp uptick from recent years.
Since 2008, about 10,000 to 15,000 cases were reported per year, claiming the lives of 20 to 30 children annually.
The common childhood illness typically causes little more than a fever and rash, and most recover quickly.

Indi-Centre to launch national programme for checking brain fever

Centre to launch national programme for checking brain fever

Posted on: 17 Dec 2011, 12:17 AM
National prog to control brain fever
National prog to control brain fever

New Delhi: In a bid to deal with the scourge of brain fever gripping the country, a national level programme will soon be launched. The Health Ministry along with four other ministries will present a proposal for making a policy in their budget for the same.
According to a senior Health Ministry official, the Group of Ministers (GoM) has reached on a consensus in this regard and a policy will soon be finalized in the GoM meeting to be held next week.

At present, the National Vector Borne Disease Control Programme (NVBDCP) under the Health Ministry is responsible for dealing with the disease but under the new programme, Rural Development Ministry, Women and Child Welfare Ministry, Urban Development Ministry and Social Justice and Empowerment Ministry along with the Ministry of Health will be handed over the charge of controlling the spread of the fatal disease.

According to the official, the previous cases of brain fever were diagnosed to be Japanese Encephalitis spread by mosquitoes, but now majority of the cases are found to be of antro-virus, spread by drinking contaminated water. Therefore, the new programme will be designed on a wider scale and not only health facilities will provided for the treatment of patients under the programme but arrangements will also be made for its prevention and rehabilitation of the affected children.

It may be noted that the brain fever which usually afflicts small children has claimed the lives of hundreds of kids in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar every year. The new programme will enable setting up of special schools for the affected kids. Also, clean drinking water facilities will also be provided to all under the programme.

US limits use of chimpanzees in medical research

US limits use of chimpanzees in medical research

 16 Dec 2011, 03:17 PM
US limits use of chimps in medical study
US limits use of chimps in medical study

Washington: The US announced on Thursday that it will sharply restrict the use of chimpanzees in future publicly funded invasive medical research and plans to review current projects involving chimps. Chimpanzees' similarity with people 'demands special consideration and respect', the National Institutes of Health director, Francis Collins, said, while pointing to breakthroughs that came from studies using animals.

A review carried out by the Institute of Medicine at the NIH's request concluded that chimps are no longer needed for biomedical research.

Chimpanzees should only be used in projects deemed vital to improving human health and in which there is no other way to pursue the goal, the institute said this week.

If chimps are used, the institute said, they should be kept in conditions that are as close as possible to those of their natural habitat.

The Institute of Medicine panel that examined the issue raised no objections to observation of chimps' behaviour and interaction in furtherance of prevention and treatment of human ailments.

dead crows were found in Chauparn #h5n1 #birdflu

Chauparn dead crows were found in

Dec 16, 07:59 pm

 Chauparn: to block the crows are getting killed.  In the absence of information people are not paying attention. But this information is coming from parts of the block.  Located behind the housing market Ramkeshhwar Singh Chandravanshi Chauparn Kauan were found dead.  It was immediate veterinary charge Dr KN Singh.  According to the doctor advised to go dead crows near the mouth covered.  Burying it in mud or being talked about.Even after the department has not been activated.

Statewide zoo alert on crow deaths #h5n1 #birdflu

Statewide zoo alert on crow deaths
- Team from UN, Centre in Jharkhand for probe

The death of 4,000 crows across the state in three months prompted a high-level joint team of the United Nations and Union government to arrive in Jharkhand on Thursday to probe why the phenomenon was limited to home scavengers, and spurred the state to issue a blanket alert to all the 24 districts, zoos and parks.
A team comprising H.R. Khanna, project co-ordinator of Food and Agriculture Organisation, United Nations, and A.B. Negi, assistant commissioner of the Centre’s animal husbandry department, which reached Ranchi on Thursday, is currently in Jamshedpur.
Earlier, tests at Jamshedpur — considered to be the epicentre of crow deaths — revealed conflicting results. National Institute of Virology, Pune, drew a blank, the state animal husbandry department dithered about citing a specific virus and Indian Veterinary Research Institute in Bareilly said H5N1, one of the deadliest avian virus strains, was the culprit.
Director of state animal husbandry department A.G. Bandyopadhyay told The Telegraph that the visit of Negi and Khanna was an attempt to find out why only crows were dying, not poultry. “No hens are dying, only crows,” he said, adding all animal husbandry officials across the districts were put on 24X7 alert to monitor the deaths.
The state forest department is also worried. “The forest department has served a blanket alert to zoos and parks in Jharkhand to protect birds and animals from infection,” said chief conservator of forests (wildlife) A.K. Gupta.
It may be a knee-jerk response, but some zoos are more alarmed than others.
“We have isolated the aviary. We are taking no chances,” Ranchi-based Birsa Munda Biological Park director P.K. Verma said. “We have temporarily closed the aviary and are cleaning enclosures and nearby areas with bleaching powder and spraying anti-virus liquid. Birds are being fed vitamins to boost immunity,” said he.
Tata Steel Zoological Park, Jamshedpur, however, has adopted a wait-and-watch mode. But, East Singhbhum district officials have directed scavengers to dig 2ft deep pits to bury crow carcasses.
In Dhanbad district, too, animal husbandry officer Abhay Prasad Singh stressed on “digging pits and sprinkling lime” to dispose carcasses.
Though all experts do not confirm bird flu, the fear about human threat and possible pandemic is running high. However, a bulletin of World Health Organisation (see box) says the worry is overrated.
Environment bodies, zoo authorities and ornithologists are deliberating on four main angles — the exact reason behind deaths, human and animal peril, the magnitude of dwindling numbers and finally, long-term ecological impact if the bird becomes endangered.
Ecologically, it hints towards a major imbalance.
If a study conducted by Jamshedpur ornithologist K.K. Sharma — who first sounded the alarm on the deaths — is to be believed, Jharkhand had around 50,000 house crows, but in just three months, the numbers are 40 per cent down.
Till last week’s count, in Jamshedpur only, from 6,000 crows, the steel city now has 4,000,” Sharma said, adding he was sceptical about H5N1 virus as the cause.
“In the case of vultures, too, everyone spoke about a virus scare. With 1 per cent of vultures left, we realised that diclofenac, used to treat cattle, is behind the deaths,” he said.
He said crows were winging behind vultures and eagles to oblivion.
Wildlife activist D.S. Srivastava said crows were friends of man. “They are scavengers who clean up pathogens from garbage near homes, protecting children and elderly who have less immunity,” said he.
Hazaribagh-based Satya Prakash, state co-ordinator of Indian Bird Conservation Network affiliated to NGO Bombay Natural History Society, said matters were not so serious. “The International Union for Conservation of Nature will declared crows as endangered only if deaths are reported across Asia. We need not worry about that. Let’s focus on imbalance in local environment,” said Prakash.

Birsa zoo aviary closed to stem #H5N1 spread

Birsa zoo aviary closed to stem H5N1 spread
The increase in the number of deaths of crows in the State has put Birsa zoo authorities on high alert. The aviary of the biological park has been closed down for the time being and the Government has imposed a notice highlighting the issue and has asked the authorities to shut the aviary so that the virus is not passed on to humans.
Notices have been put up all over the park informing visitors about the avian flu outbreak and requesting people not to litter garbage so that the entry of the crows in the zoo premises can be controlled. Cleanliness is the main priority of the zoo authorities right now.
There are 10-15 cleaners that can be seen all over the premises taking care of litter. Earlier they did not receive any confirmation letter regarding bird flu but now, the H5N1 outbreak is becoming a panicky issue for the authorities.
There are various precautions that are being taken by the zoo authorities to restrict the entry of crows in the premises and prevent the spread of bird flu. Director, Birsa Munda Biological Park, PK Verma said, “We are keeping a proper check on the entry of crows by proper disposal of waste and we make sure that the garbage is properly burnt. The cleaners have been alerted all over the zoo.”
Proper medications of the birds are also being ensured by the authorities. “Antibiotics are given to the birds and antiviral drugs are sprayed both inside and outside the cages. Some medicines are mixed in the food and given to the birds. Soil treatment is done by the zoo authorities inside the cage.
 H5N1 is transferrable to humans therefore the aviary needed a temporary closure. But we can take a sigh of relief about the fact that birds have neither died nor fallen sick”, added Verma.
A central team of animal husbandry from Bhopal is taking stock of the situation.

China: Lab tests can miss bird flu, expert warns

Saturday, December 17, 2011
Microbiologist calls for more checks on patients suspected and then cleared of avian influenza

Lingering bird flu infections in recovering patients could be missed by laboratory tests, leaving the patients vulnerable and a potential source of infection in the community, a microbiologist warned yesterday....

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Flu virus identified in "unusual" New England seal deaths

Date: Thu 15 Dec 2011
Source: JAVMA News [edited]

Flu virus identified in "unusual" New England seal deaths---------------------------------------------------------
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is stepping
up an investigation into the cause of 146 harbor seal deaths along the
New England coast since September [2011] after influenza A virus was
identified in 5 of the seals. On 4 Nov [2011], NOAA announced it had
declared the seal deaths an "unusual mortality event," which
authorizes the federal agency to mobilize additional resources in the

The declaration followed a consultation with the Working Group on
Marine Mammal Unusual Mortality Events, a panel of international
experts established under the Marine Mammal Protection Act to monitor
and investigate marine mammal health concerns.

Between 1 Sept 2011 and 3 Nov 2011, 146 seal strandings were reported
in Maine, New Hampshire, and northern Massachusetts -- more than 3
times the average number of strandings for that time of year. Most of
the animals were harbor seals less than a year old.

Samples from 5 seals analyzed at the New England Aquarium tested
positive for influenza A virus. Test results for several other viral
pathogens and biotoxins were negative.

Additional evaluations were under way to determine whether the
influenza virus has played a role in the deaths.

An investigation team of marine mammal experts will work closely with
NOAA, New England Stranding Network partners, and the Working Group on
Marine Mammal Unusual Mortality Events to identify and characterize
the specific type of influenza A virus found in these animals.

People were being advised not to allow their dogs to approach stranded
seals, as seals and dogs can infect each other with diseases, NOAA

Avian influenza situation in Egypt - WHO update 58

Date: Thu 15 Dec 2011
Source: World Health Organisation (WHO), Global Alert and Response
(GAR), Disease Outbreak News [edited]

Avian influenza situation in Egypt - WHO update 58--------------------------------------------------
The Ministry of Health and Population of Egypt has notified the WHO of
2 cases of human infection with avian influenza A (H5N1) virus.

The 2 cases are a mother and her young child from Dakahlia
Governorate. Both developed symptoms on 26 Nov 2011. The mother was
admitted to a hospital on 1 Dec 2011 and received oseltamivir
treatment on admission. The child was hospitalised on 2 Dec 2011 and
also received oseltamivir on admission. The mother was 24 weeks
pregnant. She died on 3 Dec 2011. The child is in stable condition.

Investigations into the source of infection indicate that both cases
had exposure to sick and dead backyard poultry (chicken and turkeys).

The case was confirmed by the Egyptian Central Public Health
Laboratories, a National Influenza Centre of the WHO Global Influenza
Surveillance Network, on 3 Dec 2011.

Of the 155 cases confirmed to date in Egypt, 53 have been fatal

Woman tests negative for bird flu #h5n1 #birdflu

Woman tests negative for bird flu
Health officials say a woman has tested negative for avian flu, after a bird she'd handled was confirmed to have the N5 virus. The 48-year-old works at a secondary school in Yuen Long, where the black-headed gull was found. Test results are pending on her 11-year-old son. The school was closed today for extensive cleaning. Officials called on the public not to touch any wild birds without protective gear.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Crows dying from bird flu - Threat to people - #h5n1 #birdflu

Crows dying from bird flu

 - Threat to people -
 Ranchi in Jharkhand, bird flu has killed crows. . Bhopal-based Indian Veterinary Research Centre (Aiviarai) has been confirmed in the report. . The report says that dying crows H 5 - N - Forest virus has been found.  The bird flu virus. . This is a threat to humans.
. Investigation into the death of crows in Jamshedpur in November for the sample was sent to Bhopal and Bareilly Aiviarai position.  State Principal Chief Conservator of Forests (Wildlife) AK Malhotra said that the bird flu virus, yet not in another bird's Pass. The agriculture, animal husbandry, water resources, by writing letters to the Secretary of the Department of Health has requested surveillance.
. Birsa Munda Biological Park in the state only for a particular direction - is directed.  Ju is a high sensitive zone declared.  Every day they are monitoring themselves. Poultry farm chickens dying of the samples also are being sent Aiviarai Bareilly and Bhopal.  By the way, there are signs of a disease outbreak in poultry

Crow death alert in Dhanbad #h5n1 #birdflu

Crow death alert in Dhanbad

The animal husbandry department on Thursday rushed teams headed by veterinarians to different parts of Dhanbad after crow deaths were reported from Dumra, Sijua and Phularitand.

Speaking to The Telegraph, district animal husbandry officer Abhay Prasad Singh said 27 crow deaths have been reported from Dhanbad so far. “This might or might not be due to bird flu but we are not taking any chances. Teams are being sent everywhere to ensure proper disposal of carcasses,” he said.
He added that an intensive awareness programme has also been launched in the district and pamphlets detailing dos and don’ts are being distributed in areas where crow deaths have been reported. A district control room headed by Brahmadeo Prasad Yadav has also been constituted to monitor the situation from Police Line in Hirapur.

According to Singh, one to four crow deaths have been reported from isolated places. On Wednesday, 10 deaths were reported — one from Sindri, one from Jorapokhar, three from Barwaddah, four from Nirsa and one from Dhaiya.
When contacted, Yadav said besides bird flu, various other factors like radiation from mobile phone towers, exposure to cold and other diseases could also be responsible for the crow deaths in Dhanbad.
Explaining the steps being taken, district animal husbandry officer Singh said besides ensuring disposal of carcasses, forest guards were also being trained to deal with the situation. “Training has been provided by two of our master trainers to 40 forest guards, 25 in Rajganj and 15 in Tundi on Wednesday,” Singh said, adding that people were being instructed to not touch any carcasses with bare hands. People were also being also instructed to sprinkle lime over the carcasses and also at the place where they were being buried.
All 20 veterinary hospitals situated around the eight blocks of the district have been put on high alert.
Health department nodal officer for bird flu in the district P.K. Bhagat, who is also the secretary of Red Cross Society of Dhanbad, on the other hand said no instances of bird flu had been reported from anywhere in India but preventive steps have been taken in the district and medicines procured from Ranchi. He added that an isolation ward comprising 10 beds had been prepared at Patliputra Medical College and Hospital.

Central team visits to Bird Flu #h5n1 #birdflu

Central team visits to Bird Flu

Ranchi: Crows take to die from bird flu arrived in Ranchi on Thursday, the central team.  AV team Negi, Dr. HR Khanna and Paul are white.  Ngdi team, visited link and Ranchi.  Bird flu found to take the district veterinary office system.  With the District Veterinary Officer Dr SS and Dr Rajesh was sitting.   The team of doctors in the affected areas are advised to regularly sprayed.  Asked to bury in the ground with dead ravens.  The team doctors seemed satisfied with the work.

Crows are dying due to bird flu in Jharkhand, zoo closed for visitors #h5n1 #birdflu

Crows are dying due to bird flu in Jharkhand, zoo closed for visitors

Ranchi, Dec 15 : Hundreds of crows have died in Jharkhand due to bird flu, said a govt official Thursday.
We are taking suitable measures and seeking views of experts about death of crows. The test reports have confirmed that crows are dying due to bird flu” said satyanand Bhokta, Jharkhand Agriculture minister to reporters here Thursday.

“ The test report of Indian Vetenary Research Center Bhopal has confirmed that the crows are dying ue to bird flu. Samples of the crows died in Jamshedpur were sent to Bhopal for test. The test report says that H 5 N 1 virus have been found in the dead crows” told an official of Animal Husbnary Department to NJS.

The crows are dying due to mysterious disease in Ranchi, Jamshedpur, Bokaro, Khuti, Sahebganj and other districts of the state, Jharkhand AHD department called experts of Indian Vetenary Research Institute of Bhopal and other institutes to ascertain the causes of the death of the crows.

The central govt has also advisory to Jharkhand govt regarding death of the crows.

The death of criows started in Jamshedpur district last month. Considering the gravity of the situation, the AHD department came with advertisement in local newspapers with advisory to people of the state. The advisory includes not to touch the dead crows, bury dead crows, inform AHD officials and others.

Considering the death of the crows, Ranchi zoo has been closed for the visitors.

Ranchi on high alert #h5n1 #birdflu

For ordinary people off the other birds in Ranchi
 Today the city investigation team will
  New Delhi: the ravens of death is on high alert in the state.  Birsa Biological Park at Ranchi Ormanji bird enclosure has been closed to the public. . These creatures have not come in contact with other birds, it has been done in view.
 . AK Gupta, Chief Conservator of Forests Forest Department has confirmed to the media. On the other hand, the death of the Crows in Jamshedpur continuing to investigate the central security team to Jamshedpur on Wednesday.  Three-member team will visit different areas of Jamshedpur. In addition to meeting with officials here. . The diet of ravens, will test the behavior and will try to find out the cause of death.
 . However, already in this report come from Bhopal has revealed that bird flu has caused the death of the Crows.  So, it has been the high alert to prevent its spread. Sakchi Kauvonkauvon dead, including areas that continue to die.  Crows were killed today in many areas including Sakchi. The bodies were lying the Crows at many places.

#Birdflu reached the campus..More on the Hong Kong Story #h5n1

Bird flu reached the campus
48 school female clerk were sent to Princess Margaret, verify samples of bird flu infection. (Liu Ziwen photo) infectious disease experts warn, bird flu in Hong Kong coincided with the winter period of high vulnerability to "birds flu" and "chicken flu" attack. Director of the Centre for Health Protection Thomas Tsang stressed that female clerks through contact with sick birds infected with avian flu micro opportunity, the risk of outbreak of avian flu in Hong Kong has not increased.

女文員的十一歲兒子(箭嘴示)曾有流感徵狀,要隔離等候化驗結果。 Eleven-year-old female clerk son (arrows indicated) had flu-like symptoms, waiting for test results to be isolated

  • Mother last night by the two ambulance personnel wearing protective clothing to Princess Margaret Hospital isolation, sampling the bird flu did a quick test results are expected this morning. Female clerks in the past in good health, no recent travel history
    Gull died the following day confirmed the Infected
  • Centre for Health Protection announced yesterday, 13 October, Yuen Chiu Lut Sau Memorial Secondary School basketball court next to the channel has a Black-headed Gull, 48 female clerks without wearing a mask, hand picked up the black-headed gulls in the school office box, then inform the AFCD seized. Gull died the following day, yesterday, the preliminary test results show that the H5 avian influenza virus were positive, are being used for further testing.Woman living in Yuen Long District Clerk Wednesday (14) presented with fever, diarrhea and sore throat and other upper respiratory symptoms, consulted a private doctor yesterday. The eleven-year-old son Tuesday has fever and cough and respiratory symptoms has recovered. .
    Yuen Chiu Lut Sau Memorial Secondary School this year closed one day cleansing. (Photo left Lan Qing)
    Black-headed Gull from northeast China and Russia. (Picture)
    Avian InfluenzaSchool closed Chiu Lut Sau Yuen cleaningLiving with female clerks six family members had contact with sick birds AFCD staff, private clinics, staff, and school staff a total of twenty people under medical supervision. The school has stepped up disinfection and cleaning yesterday, today closed one day and then thoroughly washed. Black-headed Gull from discovery to seize, stay in school hours, teachers and students a sense of not yet received any other reports. CHP depending on the test results, teachers and students continue to follow up the situation.Dr Tsang said that Hong Kong were found scattered every winter migratory birds infected with avian influenza virus, avian influenza virus from person to person but the chance is low, there is no increased risk of a major outbreak. He estimated that female clerks bird flu infection is very low, generally upper respiratory tract infection by the son of a higher chance. He reminded the public not to hand contact with sick birds died, should call 1823 to inform the AFCD.Infectious disease expert Lo Wing-lok explained, birds are the natural host H5 virus, avian influenza is usually a high incidence of late winter to early next year, down south because of migratory birds winter in Hong Kong, or with a virus disease among birds. New Year holidays, the market gathered a large number of live chickens, but also increase the risk of transmission of avian influenza, it is most vulnerable to winter "bird flu" and "chicken flu" attack, but the risk of micro-human transmission. He believes that this individual case, the clinical characterization of patients with bird flu do not like, do not increase the risk of a major outbreak in Hong Kong. Hong Kong University infection and infectious disease center also Ho Pak-leung Director of the Centre that the dead chickens, dead birds with the virus as compared to lower the overall risk of avian influenza that has not increased accordingly.-p;. in Chinese at the link

Pic of HK GULL

Community response: migratory birds winter and spring sowing transit opportunities by disease

Migratory Black-headed Gull
Cry of the Black-headed Gull breeds of bird flu is a winter migratory birds, often flying from the northeast of the mainland, people living in Hong Kong Mai Po and Deep Bay wetland.
Experts have pointed out, every year from December to next February, an increase of migratory birds spread of avian influenza opportunities. As for whether the variants of avian influenza, infectious disease experts said, there is no evidence, I believe this is the sporadic cases of infection by migratory birds. more.. http://translate.googleusercontent.c...xEBf7IKRDQJl8g

Hong Kong again suspected outbreak of avian flu#h5n1 #birdflu

Hong Kong again suspected outbreak of avian flu
Hong Kong bird Zaixi fever diarrhea secondary school female clerk closed

A suspected avian influenza cases in Yuen Long Chiu Lut Sau Memorial Secondary School will be closed one day.

Serving a 48-year-old Yuen Chiu Lut Sau Memorial Secondary School female clerk, on Tuesday (13) hand in the school to pick up one pair of H5 avian influenza virus-positive black-headed gulls, the next day with fever, sore throat and diarrhea symptoms , admitted into Princess Margaret Hospital. , Centre for Health Protection, said the female patient's son on Tuesday there had respiratory symptoms, two bird flu rapid test laboratory results this morning.
He does not rule out contact with female patients with "bird bird" infection, infection also may be the son of the common cold.
For safety reasons, female patients with secondary school will be closed today to serve one day school for cleansing and disinfection.

CHP's investigation found a dying bird lying on Tuesday morning Black-headed Gull Chiu Lut Sau Memorial Secondary School Yuen Long basketball court near the corridor, to the afternoon, a 48-year-old female clerk at the school not wearing gloves and masks, the hand to pick up The birds and placed in a box, contact the AFCD today sent processing. The only Gull died the following day, and the H5 avian influenza virus initially tested positive, the same day the female clerks began to have fever, sore throat and diarrhea symptoms to a private doctor and no hospitalization for treatment.

11-year-old mother and child respiratory hospital check

CHP AFCD Gull test results notice yesterday to arrange for the female clerk Princess Margaret Hospital, to accept the avian flu rapid test. Also found that the 11-year-old son Tuesday before the upper respiratory tract infection symptoms, though already recovered, but the center arranged for him and the mother is still being tested, the fastest this morning there will be rapid test results. The female clerk who lives in the Yuen Long District, the family members of 6-8, except she and her son, other family members, no abnormal physical condition.
Dr Tsang said the man and bird infection rate no cause for alarm
Dr Tsang said that to ensure safety, Chiu Lut Sau Memorial Secondary School will be closed today, one day school for cleansing and disinfection.
If the female patient's test results for H5 avian influenza virus were positive, the CHP will discuss further measures with the school immediately.
The school a total of 1,400 students, according to information provided by the center direction of the school, students or other school staff did not contact the only suspected bird flu infected birds, has no abnormal physical condition of the students said.

Dr Tsang pointed out that female patients with symptoms of fever, etc. There are two possible, "First, when she was infected through contact with the birds, but birds infected by bird flu people is very low; Another possibility is that her son was infected I believe that only the common cold, need not worry. "

The dead bird farm 3 km 4 immediate inspection
 AFCD said that the dead bird locations within 3 km of four farms, the Department has sent immediately to inspect the farms, chickens found no abnormal mortality or symptoms of avian influenza. New Territories Chicken Breeders Association chairman Li Liangji said San Wai, Yuen Long chicken farm yesterday morning AFCD received calls, reminded chicken farmers awareness and proper measures to prevent avian flu, such as strengthening disinfection, to prevent foreign birds into chicken care and contact with other chickens. AFCD continues to **** bird for H5 avian influenza virus further confirmatory tests. http://translate.googleusercontent.c...lWGRIaBU6QAKKg