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New #birdflu video report from Nepal

Bird Flu found in Bhaktapur Dec 3, 2011

Taiwan CDC Public Relations Office - Message to travellers

International human and animal H5N1 influenza outbreak continues, people traveling abroad should strengthen self-protection, to avoid infection

Source: Public Relations Office of Public RelationsDate: 2011/12/4

Department of Health Disease Control said that the recent spate of international human and animal cases of H5N1 influenza, showing the international presence of avian influenza pandemic risk, people travel should strengthen self-protection, to avoid infection.

World Health Organization (WHO) today (100) announced on November 29, 1 new human case of H5N1 in Egypt confirmed cases of influenza; the other on the same day Vietnam and Nepal have also heard of poultry infected with H5N1 bird flu, of which the capital of Nepal - Kathmandu more the first outbreak of avian flu. So far this year cumulative total cases, 55 cases occurred countries Egypt, Indonesia, Cambodia and Bangladesh, four countries, the majority of cases had a history of contact with infected poultry; As part of animal bird flu so far this year a total of 18 States on 445 outbreaks occurred China's neighboring countries of Japan, Korea and Hong Kong-based.Based on WHO and the World Animal Organization (OIE) published data from 92 worldwide so far this year total of confirmed cases of human H5N1 influenza and 571 cases, including 335 cases of death, mortality rate of nearly 60%.
CDC pointed out that the regional spread of bird flu, people have been frequent, and called for people to travel abroad should pay attention to personal hygiene and avoid contact with birds, and out of traditional markets should also pay special attention to safety, return, such as fever or when Flu symptoms can quarantine personnel at the airport for assistance, if feeling unwell after returning home should wear masks as soon as possible for medical treatment, doctors explain to travel and contact history to facilitate diagnosis and treatment. In addition, the council also called on livestock-related practitioners should enhance personal health protection, and publicly funded influenza vaccine inoculation as soon as possible to avoid each other and animals spread the virus, the virus may re-occur in the body.
The international avian flu prevention measures and related refer its website, or call toll-free hotline 1922 Communicable Disease Reporting and Consultation contact.

Virus Engineering Man- Ron Fouchier Manipulates virus into Deadly Strain

Virus Engineering Man- Ron Fouchier Manipulates virus into Deadly Strain
Virus Engineering
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also in Jharkhand in the dead crow zone..

also in Jharkhand in the dead crow zone..

Animals died of unknown illness

Dec 01, 09:16 pm Dec 01, 09:16 pm
Barhi (Hazaribagh): Barhi block Kolhua art remote village panchayat good Jbadh unknown disease and died within a week of 25-30 animals. General Officer Raj Singh on Thursday to block the villagers about the written application is submitted. It says that the village had a strange animal disease outbreaks. 25-30 The animals are dead. Most animals are suffering from the disease.

Be afflicted with disease symptoms

Animal's throat and mouth are part of the flower, mouth dripping saliva, causing the shuddering and vibrating sound. Rural Prayag Prasad Yadav and Skldev Tukn police said Thursday died of an animal. According to Ramachandra Pasi, Ctru Yadav, Centuya shelve, Muslim locality, etc. are dead animals. General Officer Raj Singh said when asked to block back the first time they got the information today. 250 vaccines and essential drugs will arrive with a team on Friday.

Avian flu killing Jharkhand crows: virology institute

Avian flu killing Jharkhand crows: virology institute
Author(s): Dinsa Sachan
Issue: Dec 3, 2011
Highly pathogenic H5N1virus that can even spread to humans
Deaths of crows have been reported in large numbers across Jharkhand in the past one week. Carcasses have been spotted in Jamshedpur, Bokaro, Hazaribagh and other areas. Media reports estimate the number of crow deaths to be anywhere between 500 and 1,000.
Scientists at National Institute of Virology (NIV) in Pune have found the virus to be H5N1. It is a highly pathogenic virus that can even spread to humans.
Residents report that incidents of crow deaths started surfacing in the beginning of September. However, the event captured media attention only towards November end. Several teams, including that of the Indian Institute of Veterinary Research (IVRI) in Bareilly, have collected carcasses and are presently conducting tests to ascertain the cause of the deaths. The IVRI results are still awaited. NIV, in the meanwhile, has confirmed the presence of the HN51 virus in the dead crows.
The crows tested negative for Japanese encephalitis or West Nile virus. M Sharma at IVRI Bareilly says the report will be out in a couple of days. He says the deaths of crows in such huge numbers have not been reported before.
M D Dwivedi, bird watcher and researcher at Vinobha Bhave University in Hazaribagh in Jharkhand, claims he has seen several crows die. Explaining their symptoms, he says, “It appears the right side of their body is not working. They seem to have concussion.” After speaking to labourers in the Bokaro steel plant, he concluded there have been 500 deaths in the region.  Hattip Croft

Cause of death of the Crows #H5N1 virus-clade

Cause of death of the Crows clade virusesDec 04, 01:42 am

Jamshedpur, News Office: Crows of the bird flu virus is killed. The report of the investigation team, primarily because of Pune Atimark Avian Anfluenja A 5 N 1 'is described. National Institute Wayrolaji, the dead ravens found in Pune, this virus is very dangerous for humans. According to the Institute investigated the virus-clade 'belongs to the category. To confirm the report, a copy was also sent to the authority concerned. Dr. AC Mishra, director of the Institute in Pune, according to the same class of viruses is the virus of the class' World Health Organization (WHO) is near. This type of virus used for the manufacture of the vaccine to stop the epidemic is. Dr. Mishra of Jamshedpur and the surrounding human population is also believed to cause concern. He assured that the WHO network of necessary materials needed to examine the virus can be bought immediately.-----------------------
Why the report public
Jusco with investigation teams came to the city's Public Health officials to find the cause of death of the Crows on their level of inquiry. Wayroloji by the National Institute of Public Health Department director Dr AC Mishra, the report is sent to Jusco. In addition, more than one copy of the report, World Health Organization to verify the report is also sent. But on November 20 sent the report was not yet public.
China, Myanmar and Bangladesh, has spread the virus
According to veterinarian Dr. K. Lal of Jusco Japanese Anfluenja of the series (brain fever) Vestonil H 5 N 1 virus with virus was asked to investigate. The three ravens on the team investigating the death of four ravens same reasons. The H 5 N 1 virus was confirmed Acpiaai.
The investigation team in its report referred to the fact that South East Asia and Myanmar, China, Bangladesh, spread viruses like Avian Anfluenja which there was also killed a large number of ravens.
'The report should be public. What is trying to hide all Jusco. So far, the virus is said to be many. If this is Berdflu chickens or humans affected so why not see? '


Jharkhand-forest department today declared avian virus H5N1 as the culprit in crow deaths

No clear picture on crow deaths

Ranchi, Dec. 3: The state animal husbandry department may still not be sure why crows are dying en masse in Jharkhand, but the forest department today declared avian virus H5N1 as the culprit.
The government is yet to officially release the findings of a three-member team from Indian Veterinary Research Institute (IVRI) in Bareilly, which visited Jamshedpur in third week of November after crow deaths rocked the city.
However, the forest department today procured a copy of the findings from the Centre, which mentions H5N1 as the killer.
Speaking to The Telegraph, chief conservator of forests (wildlife) A.K. Gupta said the virus was prevalent in southeast Asia.
“It is a cause of concern, more so because this being a season of migratory birds, the virus may cross transmit to other species too,” he said.
But the report does not provide answers to many questions such as why only crows are dying, the genesis of the disease, and why it struck Jamshedpur first.
Meanwhile, Dhalbum divisional forest officer Sanjiv Kumar said there had been no reports of unnatural poultry deaths in the last three to four months.
If the crows died after eating infected poultry, deaths should have been restricted to Jamshedpur only as crows travel short distances. However, Deoghar also witnessed crow deaths today and we have reports from Giridih too,” said Kumar.
A dozen crow deaths was reported this morning from Kanke. Director of the animal husbandry department A.G. Bandyopadhyay said they had safely disposed of the bodies.

Jharkhand-Ranchi:Dead crows in med students water supply

..Crows can't swim..

Hostel dead crow found in water tank

Dec 04, 01:28 am 

Ranchi: The East Singhbhum, West Singhbhum and Saraikela - Krsawan unknown disease, including crows die in Ranchi, came to light. Book number six in this case came on the rims. The last two days was dead crow in the water tank and the water used were medical students. He was not aware of it. When the water began to stink, the medical students had doubts.  Some students went and looked at the water tank, they show dead crow.
 Piacidi students present in the rims of the unit reported. After cleaning the unit's staff came and water tanks.  Staff will also once again the other day cleaning of the tank. Management of medical students said that the rims clean as well - is not particular about cleanliness.  Cleaning of the tank that is three months.
 "Have not found any information in this regard.  Nor is a medical student complained. If so, will soon be cleaning the tank. '

Jharkhand-More chickens dying of an "unknown"disease

You know..where the crows are dying....and of course the people are scared and not much is being done about it...

Died of the disease are unknown cock - hen

Dec 03, 07:41 pm

  Kotalpokr, Nipr: Brhdwa block Kotalpokr and the surrounding rural area in these days of anonymous cock hen disease is not to stop the process of dying.
  Mayurkola block, Vijaipur, Fulchuwa, Datapadha, Dukiatola, the cock in the village Peepljodi etc. - has been killed poultry. Poultry and poultry farmers say the day is seen well, after dark when the hen goes to her house, the morning to see the chicken is dead. Chicken Muklal Ghosh said that my house after a death when a bird left a dozen chickens, then cut it in order to eat. Cutting out at a very low amount of dark blood. After the death of the cock, crow, in seeing the death of poultry, has begun to spread fear among the people. Considerable amount of block here in the village duck Maharajpur've got news of the death. This way of spreading the disease in birds one by one, the wildlife concerned. The common people are also worried.  Poultry sector Vijay Saha, Ganesh Prasad Saha, Ajay Tiwari, Deo Narayan Rajak, Aklu Saha, Rajesh Ghosh etc. demand that the Commissioner investigate and spread in rural areas, and security arrangements to prevent the disease.
----------------------- -----------------------
What is the General Officer
--------------------- ---------------------
 Best of the veterinary officer of block Kotalpokr Brhdwa Shitlhri Banerjee said the cause of diarrhea can kill poultry dead animals into a two by themselves are trying to investigate what caused the death.  Farmers and wildlife killed by the disease so that treatment can be examined.

Jharkhand- #Birdflu fears:Animal Husbandry and Fisheries Department embark in the treatment of crows

Bird flu fears: Department of crows gather in the treatment of

Dec 04, 01:01 am 

Ranchi: Animal Husbandry and Fisheries Department to protect the crows are now involved in their treatment. Pendon put water and rice on the first time the drug is being prepared to be hung.  The district veterinary officials have been given strict instructions.  Drugs have been sent to all districts.  Anand Gopal Bndopadyay Director General said that the crows are of a general effort to prevent deaths. The most important is to protect them from infection.  He also said that the crows to prevent spread of the infection is difficult because they are free to move. When bird flu in poultry can be separated easily overpowered.
 He again reiterated that the investigation report is yet to sample.  The Indian government has expressed doubts about just having bird flu.  Crows on Saturday of the death has been reported from anywhere.  Earlier, a team led by Director Albert College, Ranchi in the crows were found dead were buried in the ground.
 Urged to take precautions
  Animal Husbandry Department once again urged the public to take precautionary measures. Crows come in contact with dead people have been wary.Any animal or bird, especially chickens - chickens are called to come in contact.  Department toll-free information through the death of ravens is called for.

Still unaware of the exact nature of infection that is causing mass mortality of crows, animal husbandry department is doing every bid to save the aviary not only from dying a mysterious death but also trying to avoid chances of the infection spreading to backyard poultry. On Saturday, director animal husbandry AG Bandopadhyay issued orders to the district animal husbandry officials wherever crow deaths were reported to place foodstuff and water laced with antibiotics, expecting them to be consumed by the crows.

Bid to censor bird-flu details

Bid to censor #birdflu details

04 Dec, 2011 09:12 AM
A CANBERRA scientist will travel to Washington this week to argue that details should be kept secret of a bird flu capable of killing millions of people worldwide.
European scientists have created a strain of avian flu that can be passed from human to human.

The researchers are seeking a publisher for their findings about the new type of H5N1 virus, but a number of experts fear the detailed information could be used to make biological weapons.

The bird flu epidemic in 2009 killed 500 people globally but it was not easily transferred between humans.

Canberra vaccine expert Professor Ian Ramshaw said the
H5N1 findings should be published but specific parts should be censored.

Ten years ago the professor published the details of a lethal mousepox his team had created.

The team Professor Ramshaw led decided it was in....

Avian flu killed almost two-thirds of the people who contracted it earlier this decade

Egypt: Economist: poultry industry lost between 20 to 25 billion pounds because of the #birdflu #H5N1


Dr. Samir Al Alfi expert social marketing and health information at the University "John Hopkins" The poultry industry in Egypt has lost between 20 to 25 billion pounds because of Anfloanzataior, pointing out that the awareness campaigns conducted by various media and the press after this crisis has had a major role in raising awareness of the disease during this period .. It was one of the best campaigns in the fight against the disease.

This was announced in front of the Regional Conference on "the latest trends for Strategic and ethical in the field of health communication for journalists and media professionals," which began its work today in Sharm el-Sheikh with the participation of lecturers from the University of Al-Ahram Canadian and World Health Organization, including Dr. Laila Abdel-Majid, Dean of the Faculty of Media at the University of Al-Ahram Canadian, in addition to Jordan and the UAE, Bahrain, Tunisia, Iraq, Lebanon, Egypt, Morocco and Yemen .. And organized by the Regional Office of WHO's Eastern Mediterranean Region and will last for four days.

The Millennium that health has become a very important area and said we should care for ways to prevent disease or the introduction of diseases into the country .. He pointed out that there are no adequate expertise in these areas .. However, the private sector donated about 40 million pounds to participate in awareness campaigns in the event of bird flu crisis.

The expert social marketing of health information that before the entry of swine flu to Egypt and when they occur in many countries of the world provided some quarters suggestions a communication plan to tackle the disease before entering, and his appearance in Egypt, the Ministry of Information at that time rejected the proposal, and attributed the refusal not to intimidate citizens .

Manahara declared bird-flu hit zone

Manahara declared bird-flu hit zone
By A Staff Reporter
Kathmandu, Dec. 2, The government Friday declared Manohara area at Lokanthali in Bhaktapur as bird-flu affected zone.
The meeting of the Council of Ministers announced the human settlement areas that comprise of eastern part of Lokanthali, western side of Manohara, landless squatters’ settlement in the northern side of Manohara, and southern belt that touches the Araniko Highway as bird-flu-hit zone.
Emerging from the cabinet meeting, government spokesperson, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs Narayan Kaji Shrestha said that the government initiated a plan to control the epidemic in an effective and prompt manner as per direction from the concerned stakeholders.
"The government would further take necessary measures to control the disease that started from Manohara area," Deputy Prime Minister Shrestha said.
.. Meanwhile, in Banepa the District Livestock Services Office, Kavre, has declared high alert against bird flu in the district.
Chief of the office Dr. Keshav Achhami said effective monitoring has been intensified in the disease-prone areas.
The office has formed a committee in the convenorship of Dr. Hari Kumar Raghu Shrestha.
Dr. Achhami said the office has adopted high alert in Bhakunde, Dolalghat, Panchkhal, Mahadevsthan, Nala, Banepa and other regions where commercial poultry farming is done.
However, no case of H5N1 virus that causes bird flu has been seen in the district so far.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Rapid Response Team arrived Jrmundi

Rapid Response Team arrived Jrmundi

  Basukinath, communicate formula: Jrmundi hundreds of dead chickens in the receipt of the Rapid Response team on Friday to examine the chickens came Jrmundi Ahtihat was buried as anyone.
 Team Lead Dr. Sunil Kumar Tiwari said the death of chickens was not due to an illness, but also by traders in order to bring the car that had been dumped here. Team members to examine the poultry farm poultry farm and the chickens dying from a disease is reported. Amardeep Singh is wandering in the team veterinarian, Dr. Sarwar, Fttulal Marandi, gold and other doctors were faithful

Goilkera in the death of the Crows

Goilkera in the death of the Crows

Dec 01, 01:00 am
Goilkera: Chakradharpur subdivisional headquarters after the death of the Crows in Goilkera people are disturbed. Goilkera in various areas - within three days, dozens have died of the Crows.  Berdflu viral infection and the area is believed to be the cause of death of the Crows

Nepal gov't gives all clear..

..just for you..

Ministry allays bird flu fears

• Tight vigil at Madhyapur Thimi • No H5N1 strain found
  2011-12-02 10:36 PM

KATHMANDU: The Ministry of Health and Population has appealed to all not to panic as suspected cases of bird flu emerged in Madhyapur Thimi-16, Bhaktapur.

“The MoHP has coordinated with the Ministry of Agriculture and Co-operatives to take preventive measures and other necessary steps to handle the outbreak,” it said in a press release.

“A surveillance team comprising medics has been keeping vigil on Madhyapur Thimi. It has interviewed all members of 42 households in the area about any symptoms they have developed so far and found that no one was infected with H5N1 strain,” according to the ministry.

Of them, six persons were diagnosed with common cold and back pain.

The residents have been asked to visit nearest sub-health post in Lokanthali and take bird flu suspects to Teku-based Sukraraj Tropical and Infectious Disease Hospital.

The ministry also confirmed local residents tested negative for symptoms of bird-flu.

Meanwhile, the Department of Livestock Services today announced a ban on transporting birds for 42 days.

North border of Lokanthali in the east, Manohara river in the west and the end of squatters community in the North and the Araniko highway in the south are the prohibited areas.

Organising a press meet, director general of the department, Nar Bahadur Rajwar, asked people not to worry as there was no reports of bird flu in any area.

“Our medics have not found any trace of bird flu and the surveillance in the region has been intensified,” Rajwar said.

Except in the prohibited zone, people can run the poultry business and public can consume chickens, said Rajwar. The department has provided compensation to the tune of Rs 39,862 for 232 ducks, 76 chickens, 14 eggs that were destroyed.

Twenty-six districts of Tarai are among the high risk districts where there are eight service centres in each district for surveillance.

Likewise, 18 districts of mid-hill are among moderately risk with two service centres in each district and 31 others are less risky.

Crows were dying in Ranchi

Crows were dying in Ranchi
 Dec 03, 12:32 am 
 East Singhbhum, West Singhbhum, Saraikela - Krsawan, Giridih, Bokaro and Ranchi, the crows are dying now. Crows in some areas of Ranchi on Friday after reports of death of people are skeptical about a serious illness. For the Department of Health has sent samples of dead ravens.Crows of the phenomenon of death is taken seriously by the central government. The General Commissioner [Animal Hsbenderi Commissioner] Dr. Amarjit Singh Nanda, Director Dr. Anand Gopal Bandopadhyay on Friday spoke to the state's animal husbandry. Commissioner of the ravens in the event of death spells are State Government to exercise caution inquired. The direction in this regard - also directed.The Crows did not die off, is smaller.Bird fluDirector General pointed out that it is not a case of bird flu. If a case of bird flu poultry - chickens are also affected.The Institute of Animal Health and Production reports from the districts is to take daily.  Health Department AlertsState health agency has issued an alert about it. People have been advised to come in contact with the Crows. Helpline number has been issued, which may be informed of any kind. Regional directors and district veterinary officers have been asked to leave the headquarters. Vacations have been canceled.

 Treyfish "They have been"

Chickens had died of unknown illness

02, 08:06 pm
Giridih, personal representative: as soon as cold weather in different villages of Sadar block unknown disease is killing chickens.  The poultry farmers are in a panic.  Lets say that President Akdoni block, Kogdi, Copa, Khutwadha, Bgluwatandh, Cilga Panchayats including the death of native birds has been reported. Foster domestic poultry farmers here Dilip Kumar, Ashok Das, Vijay shuttle, Narayan Das, Kolha Mohli etc. unknown disease that hundreds of chickens are killed each year.  That the poultry farmers do not know how the deaths of poultry from disease.  Foam at the mouth of the chicken and lime does get beat like a white.  Few hours after the chicken dies. Deepak Kumar said here Akdoni art village, dozens of poultry have died in his house. Chicken poultry farmers say they do not get treatment after falling ill.

Does Asymptomatic #H5N1 Influenza Infection Occur?

Center for Biosecurity of UPMC
Clinician's Biosecurity News
By Amesh A. Adalja, MD, FACP, December 2, 2011

Asymptomatic influenza virus infection during regular flu seasons is very common, but with the highly pathogenic H5N1 avian influenza virus, it is thought to occur only infrequently. Because so little asymptomatic infection has been reported, the seroprevalence of H5N1 is believed to be 0%–12%, with an associated case fatality rate of approximately 60%.1

However, results of a new study by Powell and associates suggests that the standard hemagglutination inhibition assay (HAI) used to detect H5 antibodies is not very sensitive, which means that the established seroprevalence may reflect underestimation, and case fatality rates may reflect overestimation. The researchers studied an alternative approach that quantified the amount of interferon-gamma secreted by peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs, ie, T cells) in response to H5 hemagglutinin.1 The results suggest the potential need to update our understanding of how to gauge the immune response to the H5N1 influenza virus.
Study Design

The researchers established a study cohort composed of households of potentially exposed persons in an area of Vietnam where there were cases of both human and poultry H5N1 infection. Cohort members provided blood and plasma samples. For comparison, the researchers also established a recovered patient group (N=19) and a healthy control group (N=271).

PBMCs were tested using an ELISPOT assay for interferon-gamma secretion in response to H5, H3, and H1 hemagglutinin, as well as to N1 and N2 neuraminidase, and internal proteins of H3N2. Horse erthryocyte HAI assays, a more sensitive form of HAI, were also performed.1
20% Response to ELISPOT Assay

ELISPOT testing was conducted on 747 samples; responses to H5 HA occurred in 36 (4.8%). Of those positive responses, 24 (3.2%) were specific or dominant responses to H5, as indicated by a 2-fold greater response when compared to H1 and H3 responses. An additional 111 donors responded to H5, but at a level equal to or lower than the response to H1 and H3.1

Taken together, results indicate that 20% of the exposed population responded by ELISPOT to H5N1.2 None of the 271 healthy controls exhibited any response to the H5 HA, while 16% of recovered individuals did respond. As measured by the horse HAI, H5 seroprevalence was found in 37 (5%) members of the community cohort. Of these 37, only 4 had specific H5 ELISPOT results.1,2 The discordance between the HAI and ELISPOT results indicates that measurement of both arms of the immune system (humoral and cell) is needed to capture the full breadth of the response.
Antibody Response May Underestimate Exposure

The results of this study illustrate that when comparing H5N1 seroprevalence data to T-cell assays, a discrepancy of up to 15% in response occurs. Furthermore, the lack of overlap between those with antibody positivity and ELISPOT positivity calls for the use of both methods to ascertain asymptomatic infection.

If it is the case that asymptomatic H5N1 infection occurs to a greater degree than has been thought, then one major implication of this work may be an adjustment to the high case fatality rate that has been associated with H5N1 infection. It could well be that the high case fatality rate is the result of underestimation of the true prevalence of H5N1 infection. A lower case fatality rate for H5N1 could have a significant effect on pandemic planning. Clearly, robust data about total case counts is needed to establish an accurate parameter for case fatality. Another important implication of these results may be increased understanding of H5N1 pathogenicity. If we are able to determine why some people remain asymptomatic, then we may gain new insights into host immune factors that could be exploited in vaccine strategies.

Powell TJ, Fox A, Peng Y, et al. Identification of H5N1-specific T-cell responses in a high-risk cohort in Vietnam indicates the existence of potential asymptomatic infections. J Infect Dis 2011; [epub ahead of print] Accessed December 1, 2011.

Epstein S. T-cell immune responses and asymptomatic H5N1 influenza infection. J Infect Dis 2011; [epub ahead of print] Accessed December 1, 2011.

Death of birds at the Department grave

Death of birds at the Department grave

Jmua (Giridih), communicate formula: Krgdiha getting chickens to death to take the rook and the Animal Husbandry Department has got into the act. Let's show the Panss Julfikar Krgdiha the birds death of Ali was reported to the Department.  Also dominated in the media.  Divisional veterinary officer Dr Jmua ambuj Kumar on Thursday with a team Krgdiha dead crow came and told me to send the samples Ranchi. Dr. Kumar, a dead chicken on the spot and the autopsy cause of death was a disease called Ranikhet. He appealed to the routine immunization of chickens to poultry farmers and self-vaccination of chickens have been many.. The Chyna Khan, Pro.. Shamim Akhtar Ali, Mohd.  Nejam, Lllu Kumar etc were present

CIAA seeks clarifications from officials over #birdflu

CIAA seeks clarifications from officials over bird flu

KATHMANDU, Dec 2: The Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA) on Friday sought clarifications from Health Secretary Sudha Sharma, Agriculture Secretary Nathu Prasad Chaudhary and other senior health and agriculture officials over their failure and negligence in preventing the bird flu outbreak.

Secretaries Sharma and Chaudhary and other officials from the Health Department and Agriculture Ministry had reached the CIAA to furnish their clarifications.

The CIAA had summoned them after receiving complaints that they were not found to be serious enough in following up on the sample test report on time, were not informing high ranking government officials of the matter, and not initiating any measures even after the sample test confirmed a bird flu outbreak in Bhaktapur.
"Why did you not follow up matters with officials concerned in the United Kingdom after sending samples for test? Why didn´t you make those residing near the flu affected areas aware about the consequences?" the source quoted CIAA officials as asking the secretaries, adding, "This all shows serious lapses on your part."

The secretaries and other officials, however, defended themselves, saying that they tried their best to control the flu.

Following confirmation of the bird flu outbreak, around 1,300 chickens and 200 ducks at Manohara landless squatters´ settlement were destroyed Tuesday.

A team of doctors from the Department of Health, Directorate of Animal Health, Avian Influenza and Animal Rapid Response Division had destroyed the ducks and chickens, burying them after poisoning them to death.

The CIAA has also asked officials to ensure that the buried chickens and ducks are not unearthed.

Five chickens belonging to local Chandra Bahadur Tamang had died on November 10 and 30 on November 11. Bird flu was suspected and samples from the dead fowl were sent to London for lab test.

Cabinet declares #bird flu emergency in Bhaktapur areas

Cabinet declares bird flu emergency in Bhaktapur areas

The move was, however, in sharp contrast to the stand taken earlier in the day by the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives, which had declared Kathmandu a 'bird flu-free zone.'

 KATHMANDU, DEC 02 - The Cabinet, late on Friday, declared the western area of Lokanthali, the Manahara bridge area and slums adjoining the bridge 'bird-flu emergency areas.'
The move was, however, in sharp contrast to the stand taken earlier in the day by the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives, which had declared Kathmandu a 'bird flu-free zone.'
According to government spokesman and Deputy Prime Minister Narayan Kaji Shrestha, a meeting of the Cabinet decided to take 'extreme' measures to prevent the spread of the flu to other parts of the Valley and also keep the area under surveillance.
However, senior veterinarian and the focal person of the Rapid Response Team (RRT) deployed in the affected area, said the government should have taken this decision much earlier as they have already intervened in the areas and done the needful.
In a press conference on Friday, a senior official from the Agriculture ministry said the Manohara area is free from the H5N1 virus, which also infects humans.
A senior veterinary doctor, Dr Narayan Prasad Ghimire, had also said at the conference, "Kathmanduites need not worry about the flu as it is under control. The site of the outbreak will be kept under surveillance for 42 days and till then they will not be allowed to rear fowls."
An official involved in monitoring the outbreak was, however, quick to say that the declaration was made in haste. The official, who did not want to be named for fear of retribution, said the site should have been kept under observation for at least another week.

"The RRT members who slaughtered the birds on Tuesday have to be under observation for a week as they have high chances of developing bird flu symptoms," said a veterinary doctor, requesting anonymity. "It has been just four days. Also, the pond close to the outbreak site is the only one in the entire area where all the birds go to swim. Chances are still high that the birds will be infected again."
Despite claims from government officials that it has quarantined the area, many fowls are still seen in the nearby areas. Experts say the faeces of the fowls are a major source of infection.
Officials are, however, trying to play down the risk.
Dr Nar Bahadur Rajwar, Director General at the Department of Livestock Services said people can consume chicken and can also go on with their poultry business without fear.
On Thursday, the government formed the seven-member RRT that will keep people in the outbreak area under surveillance for 10 days.
"We have formed an experts' team that will be observing the health of the residents in the area. We have also requested all the people there to visit the nearby Lokanthali sub-health post if they develop any Influenza like symptoms (ILS)," Dr GD Thakur, the chairman of the RRT and Director at the Epidemiology and Diseases Control Department (EDCD), said.
The general symptoms of the disease include fever of more than 100.4 F, cough, sore throat, muscle ache and difficulty in breathing.
The RRT team on Friday visited the outbreak site where no one reported the symptoms, said Kumar Dahal, the Public Health Inspector at the Avian Influenza Control Project.