Monday, December 10, 2012

The new type of bird flu virus found in Indonesia 2.3.2 Strain

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10 December 2012
Hundreds of thousands of birds in some regions ducks died from bird flu strain recently discovered in Indonesia.

Director of Animal Health, Ministry of Agriculture, told Radio Australia Pujiatmoko explaining Ministry have detected the presence of a new type derived from bird flu since last September.
Certainty new type of bird flu virus in the world known as Avian Influenza after passing through a series of tests in a laboratory involving researchers.
The Ministry of Agriculture said the bird flu virus newly discovered variant of the H5N1 strain.
"Sub her type 2.3.2 which is a new finding in Indonesia different from AI virus that has been there, of 2.1," said Pujiatmoko.
He continued finding new types of bird flu in Indonesia is expected because of the bird flu virus mutation that still do detailed research.
Another possibility that is due to the introduction of bird flu virus outside of migratory birds such as wild ducks and poultry imports from abroad.
For the prevention of the spread, the Ministry has been instructed to do persiapaan genocide and Local Government advised not maintain ducks unite with other types of birds to the farmers.
"We will also coordinate with the Ministry of Health about the findings of a new type of AI that the findings in humans, " said Pujiatmoko.
So far there have been no reports of a new type strain of bird flu in humans in Indonesia.
Type of bird flu virus has previously been found in India, Vietnam and China.
Meanwhile, the Indonesian Entrepreneurs Association of Local Poultry has reported more than 300 thousand ducks died last week.
Death ducks recently discovered in four provinces of the island of Java, West Java, Central Java, East Java and Yogyakarta.
"We are asking the Government to stop the import ban breeding ducks and duck mixing seeds with less local and offshore," said Ade Zulkarnaen Businessmen's Association Local Poultry Indonesia.
Researchers Avian Influenza from Airlangga University, Surabaya, CA. Nidom states government needs to do a thorough research related to these new findings, especially related problems that usually survive death duck and Cuma is a carrier of the virus alone. 

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