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Taiwan's Council of Agriculture concealed outbreak 70 days #H5N1 #BIRDFLU

To resign as a large outbreak of avian fluCouncil of Agriculture actually conceal 70 daysMarch 4, 2012

[Connection reports] the Council of Agriculture yesterday confirmed that Taiwan's first outbreak of H5N2 highly pathogenic avian influenza virus, and announced that it has culled 57,500 chickens, Taiwan is currently identified as avian influenza highly pathogenic area. Appalling is that director Li Huiren long-term follow-up of bird flu as early as December 25 last year, it sent two dead chickens specimens to the Council of Agriculture called on to address the seriousness of the problem, the Council of Agriculture has actually hidden epidemic up to 70 days...

WHO: Avian influenza – situation in Bangladesh

2 March 2012 - The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Bangladesh has confirmed the fourth case of human infection with H5N1 avian influenza in the country.

The case is a 40 year-old male from Dhaka City, who was identified as part of the live bird market surveillance system on 26 February 2012. The case presented with cough and currently has recovered.

The case was confirmed by the Institute of Epidemiology, Disease Control and Research (IEDCR) and the International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research, Bangladesh (ICDDR,B).

An epidemiological investigation and monitoring of the situation is currently being conducted jointly by IEDCR and ICDDR,B.

The first case of human infection with H5N1 was reported in the country in 2008, and two cases were reported in 2011.

India-The cemetery for the Crows #H5N1 #BIRDFLU

Bird flu: the Mehtab Bagh cemetery for the Crows

  Agra, Times reporter: the central and state government, the bird flu (highly Pathojenik Aviens Influenza) has issued an alert about the last days, he is hit in Tajnagri. Mehtab Bagh became a graveyard of the Crows on Saturday. Evening in the park, dead crows found in the hundreds. The death of the Crows is the feared avian flu.The sound of the serious illness before the central government has recently issued an alert. The Durgashankr Mishra, Principal Secretary Urban Development sent a letter to all districts to be instructed to take precautions. But a department comes into action, before crossing the river on Saturday at Mehtab Bagh and its surroundings in the deaths of hundreds of ravens flutter.
And pidgeons 

BANDUNG Chicken deaths in Babakan Ciparay Due to Bird Flu #H5N1 #BIRDFLU

Chicken deaths in Babakan Ciparay Allegedly Due to Bird Flu
  BANDUNG, (PRLM.) - A total of three chickens owned by Eti, a resident of Savannah Street, RT 03/06 district.  Babakan Ciparay, reportedly died suddenly. . Based on the rapid test is performed, confirmed the cause of death was the H5N1 virus (bird flu)...

India should not sacrifice chickens

  27/2, a woman Dongaria Kondh tribe in Lanjigarh, India put a chicken on the first animal sacrifice.

..and no, the Vietnam #H5N1 patient has not recovered --miracle update

Update04/03/2012 - 00:45

A/H5N1 flu patients were rescued Tuesday

(PL) - Afternoon 3-3, TS-BS Nguyen Van Vinh Chau, director of HCM City Tropical Disease Hospital, said patients with TPS (Binh Duong) was out of danger. Test results showed that all patients infected with A/H5N1 flu virus. We were all mechanically ventilated patients and the next few days will be transferred to disease prevention often.

According to Dr Chau, this is a pretty dramatic shift rescued. At admission, seemingly because patients do not survive very critical health. However, after 10 days of treatment the patient was completely healthy. On 24-2, TPS patients are transferred from the Pacific Tropical Disease Hospital in a state of high fever, respiratory distress, poor prognosis. This is Tuesday A/H5N1 flu cases nationwide. Two other patients in Soc Trang and Kien Giang have died.

Now available in 10 provinces and cities announced bird flu: Quang Nam, Hai Duong, Thai Nguyen, Quang Tri and Bac Ninh, Thanh Hoa, Hai Phong, Ha Tinh, Quang Ninh, Nam Dinh.

Surprise! Taiwan's first outbreak of highly pathogenic avian influenza #H5N1 #BIRDFLU

 [13:27]Following the question on U.S. beef, chicken is also reported the H5N2 epidemic. (Reporter Sioux men photo)[WASHINGTON] Taiwan startling news of the first outbreak of highly pathogenic H5N2 avian influenza, the Council of Agriculture Health Inspection and Quarantine Bureau held an emergency press conference this morning, stressed that the infection of chickens in Tainan and Changhua not reaching the market, called people do not have to worry about. It is understood that, although studied for other sites in the chicken farm in a radius of 3 km monitoring no unusual but the Changhua there are other farms suspected to be infected, is still in laboratory testing, the number of chicken farmers of this have expressed great concern...

Chickens were killed but the eggs went to market.. no problem 

H5N2 eggs CDC: cooked no problem

Taiwan # h5n2 outbreak news #H5N1 #BIRDFLU

They sayin H5N2..NOBODY  is sick..  and I believe everything they say...

Here are some links and vids..

Questions on why it has taken so long to report the outbreak and that while none of the 3 chicken farmers and six medical personnel infection symptoms.

Taiwan avian influenza burst fortunately descendant of Changhua, Tainan total kill 60,000 chickenMarch 03, 2012

Southern farms avian influenza is not transmitted to humansCouncil of Agriculture H5N2 avian influenza virus has been detected in a chicken farm in Changhua and Tainan, cull chickens. Disease Control, Department of Health said today that none of the 3 chicken farmers and six medical personnel infection symptoms. The CDC pointed out that the avian influenza virus H5N2 subtype and H5N1 subtype, H5N2, is common in birds, and "highly pathogenic avian influenza virus for birds, not for human. However, in order to prevent virus gene mutations lead to human infection, the CDC also with the agricultural authorities to monitor chicken farmers and livestock practitioners and medical personnel.

..The Changhua hens daily chickens died less than normal (0.05% to 0.075%, the highly pathogenic to higher value and more than three days in a row), so is defined as a case of highly pathogenic potential.
  Broiler farm in Tainan City, Yunlin poultry slaughterhouse on February 7 this year after the suspicious cases, tracing the source of broiler farm in Tainan City; The experimental results also "HAO cleavage site basic amino acids RRKR four highly pathogenic basic amino acids, and the IVPI values ​​two digital 2.6,2.53, are higher than the defined value of 1.2.
  In addition, more than three days in a row Tainan broiler farm cases the clinical mortality is higher than normal, from February 7-10, 2009 mortality rates were 0.71,0.67,5.6 and 10.89. Council of Agriculture has adopted the dual conditions of experimental and clinical mortality identified in this case was formally the Council of Agriculture to confirm the H5N2 highly pathogenic avian influenza occurred in Taiwan for the first time.
  Questioned had human detection of H5N2 avian influenza virus strains, BAPHIQ reiterated that this is unique to Taiwan since the 2004 outbreak of avian flu virus strain, the difference is the highly pathogenic, but not be transmitted to ; the broiler farm in Tainan City, culled 4500 chickens, Changhua layer farm culling of 53 000.

..An hour long documentary in Chinese, on this past outbreaks  being hidden from the public

Council of Agriculture conceal the epidemic? Documentary filmmaker Li Huiren early as disclosed2012.03.03 3:39 pmThe citizen reporter Li Huiren director, spent six years tracking survey, refers to Taiwan has long been a highly pathogenic avian influenza, and was made ​​into a documentary, to get the affirmation of the Editorial Excellence Award. The picture shows the the Li Huiren documentary refers to the end of last year in Changhua Fangyuan photographed a large number of suspected avian flu killed more dead chickens. ...back in early January this year, you should know that the bird flu virus strain variation, but until now only emergency treatment

Taiwan culls 58,000 chickens in bird flu outbreak

03 March 2012 1802 hrs

TAIPEI: Taiwan's authorities said Saturday they had culled nearly 58,000 chickens following the latest outbreak of the less virulent strain of bird flu.

The chickens were culled last month and in December in two farms in central and southern Taiwan after some tested positive for the H5N2 strain of bird flu.

The Bureau of Animal and Plant Health Inspection and Quarantine said in a statement that the outbreak had been contained as none of the chickens in the areas have shown signs of the disease since the cull.

Taiwan reported its first outbreak of H5N2 in 2004 but has remained clear of the potentially fatal H5N1 strain of the virus.

Vietnam: Repeated Article: New Strain; Poultry Show NO Symptoms

Avian influenza virus has changed: The risk of recurrence of high service


At a conference on poultry vaccination H5N1 flu vaccine by the Veterinary Department (Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development) in collaboration with some international units held on third, most information that is not active veterinary vaccines that are very passive in the prevention of avian influenza are appearing again ...

Promptly stamping out in the capital city gateway

The bird flu has appeared in two rural households in Dong Tien, Phuong Duc commune, Phu Xuyen district, Hanoi, 3,000 ducks were destroyed. This is the bird flu outbreak in Hanoi in the first year. Last year, the city also happened two bird flu outbreak in August and September 1 and 2. On the reemergence of the avian influenza outbreak in Dong Tien village had many reports that Hanoi hide and will not declare the epidemic, said Nguyen Dinh Bang - Department deputy Hanoi Veterinary Bureau said that, immediately The news of the local veterinary authorities to the scene to take samples and sent for testing and after the results were positive for influenza A/H5N1, Hanoi veterinary treatment immediately zoning and stamping out due process, that the Animal Health Department has announced. Department has also requested the review DPC Phu Xuyen total poultry, check to every household raising poultry for early detection of disease; temporary cessation of business, transportation, trade, slaughter poultry commune. General disinfection of environmental sanitation in rural areas is 7-10 days continuous service, hygiene and disinfection whole commune Duc 3 times (each separated by 2 days).

Causal Interpretation unpublished translation Hanoi, said Nguyen Dinh Bang, said the Veterinary Ordinance, Article 17 had very specific instructions. A pandemic disease risk for publication must be at high risk of the spread. In the case at the Phuong Duc, translation occurs only in two households and veterinary offices as well as local authorities have time to organize the handling, stamping destruction should have been translated.

Avian influenza virus has modified

According to experts, in the near future, the risk of recurrence of avian flu is very high especially in the complicated weather, cold weather lasting damage reduces the resistance of poultry, especially in the small farmers, not foster care, malaria prevention for poultry. Specifically, the notice of the Veterinary Department, through the analysis of virus samples from the bird flu outbreak and surveillance data show that the new flu virus, H5N1 influenza virus strains were highly variable, a new branch of the circulating H5N1 in most of North, Central coast and Central Highlands. Are bound virus is still circulating in some southern provinces. [Còn nhánh = are bound]. According to this analysis, the new virus has transformed branch and develop into two tributaries are major differences in antigen.With the new virus, the old vaccine is only about 80% effective.

Information at a conference on vaccine vaccination H5N1 bird flu held on third in Hanoi, before this outbreak has had 20 consecutive months without the A/H5N1 flu, but from early 2012 to now 3 patients infected with influenza A/H5N1, 2 cases were fatal.
The translation appears on the outbreak can be caused by sporadic in poultry, waterfowl, waterfowl forum in many places but no clinical manifestations. So it was difficult to control disease. Therefore, to minimize the spread of bird flu to humans, people should absolutely comply with the recommendations of the health sector do not eat duck and dead poultry slaughtering poultry of unknown origin to avoid the occurrence of the unfortunate consequences such as 2 deaths related to influenza A/H5N1 because of deliberate slaughter and dead bird use, or where a patient is still on a respirator due to influenza A / H5N1 eat duck ...

Indonesia: Ungaran Semarang Chickens Die, tests pending

03 Maret 2012

Ungaran, - To localize the spread of the virus that makes dozens of chickens died suddenly on RT 7 RW 4 Soka Village, West Village Ungaran Lerep District, officials plan to spray for about two weeks. Spraying includes spraying disinfectant around the cages and chicken coops.

Description of the proposed Chief District Medical Officer of Semarang, Ani Raharjo through the Head of Disease Eradication and Environment, M Gunadi. According to him, in addition to disinfect it also continues to perform checks on people who are sick.

"We plan to spray up to two weeks, hopefully not mengefek to the citizens," he said, Saturday (3/3).

Giving tamiflu tablet, he added, has not been given to residents to remember there are no signs indicating the bird flu virus contracted by the signs of fever over 38 degrees, pain when swallowing food, cold and cough.

"Giving tamiflu not we give it, considering there are no signs of infectious to humans," he continued.

Separately, Head of Animal Husbandry and Fisheries Anang Dwinanta explains Semarang regency, the blood samples of dead chickens sent directly to the Center for Veterinary Wates (BBVet) to ensure the cause of death of chickens. "We immediately sent blood samples to BBVet, the results of these samples will be obtained a few days later," he explained.

According to him, the citizens themselves do not have to worry about remembering it and the Department of Health continues to monitor developments known to exist. Bird Flu Response Team and Infectious Diseases has been placed on alert when there are further findings.

Meanwhile, Utari (43) residents RT 7 RW 4 hoping to officers to monitor the chickens in the village. This is done because many people who raise chickens in a way diliarkan diumbar or not at home. "We hope there is dissemination of prevention in order that citizens understand what the bird flu, signs, and how to prevent it," he said.

Indonesia: Suspect in Bandung - Check Diskes and standardized Suspect

BANDUNG, tribune - Public Health and the Department of Agriculture Bandung handle suspected cases of bird flu are being treated in RSHS by examining family and pets.

"The pace of the handling of bird flu suspect patient care according to standard operating bird flu," said Chief Medical Officer of Bandung City Hall Ahyani Reksanagara in Bandung, West Java, on Friday (02/03/2012).

Ahyani said it had examined the patient and the health of families who had contact with patients.

"Clinical examination, the results are all healthy so it does not need blood tests and swab the throat," said Ahyani.

Ahyani say to the Department of Agriculture inspection of animals carried out to check the chicken coop and excrement.

"I'm RT, RW and communities to improve environmental hygiene," said Ahyani.

Ahyani said the Health Department conduct education and awareness of bird flu and the Clean and Healthy Lifestyle and monitoring of the public about the symptoms of 'flu-like, over 38 drjt fever, cough, runny nose, body contact linu.riwayat poultry. (*)

Indonesia: Suspect "AS" in Bandung - Chickens/Ducks Test Negative

Chicken manure sample results of the AS, suspect bird flu that is now being treated at Hasan Sadikin Hospital (RSHS) and cloacal swabs (liquid from the anus) poultry belonging to residents in your neighborhood unexpectedly in RT 09/RW 20 Ex. Margasari, district. Buahbatu, Bandung declared negative. These samples have been taken officers of Agriculture and Food (Dispertan) in Bandung, Thursday (1/3).

"The results of lab tests, all negative thank God," said Secretary Dispertan, Elly Wasliah when contacted on Friday (2/3).

It is said Elly, AS. 42-year-old man was reportedly entered RSHS on February 29 and the alleged suspect bird flu. Received the report, Dispertan directly fielded a team of six people, the RT 09/RW 20 Ex. Margasari Buahbatu district."Yesterday (Thursday, red) we have done a search and have taken samples of chicken feces in the residence of the patient," said Elly.

In addition to 6 chicken manure in the AS. residence, officers also carry the cloacal swabs of two ducks, two chickens and a duck tail. The sample is immediately sent to a laboratory that is Cikole. "When it comes to location, family poultry is sold for money to supplement the treatment. But, we can do the testing of manure, so that the sampled feces," said Elly.

Impurities, said Elly, still wet with the new patient's family to sell. In addition to chicken manure, officers also took samples of cloacal swabs or fluids from poultry anal victim's neighbor. "Poultry was our neighbor's check," he said.

If the result is declared positive, Elly said it would do the depopulation of poultry around the victim's home. But if the result is negative, it would only spraying the cage. "As in pasirluyu, people actually ready poultry culled. But the result was negative, because that's just done spraying," he said.

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India: Bird flu virus changing DNA, 6000 crows dead #H5N1 #BIRDFLU

A big ass hattip to Crofsblog

Via NDTV, a news video: Bird flu virus changing DNA, 6000 crows dead. The summary:
After remaining clean for five years, India saw an outbreak of avian influenza or bird flu in the eastern states early this year. But this time there is the threat of a possible new virus circulating in the environment.
Over 6000 crows have died across several states. Only 20 samples have shown up positive for bird flu. The rest have died of unidentified causes.
After ignoring the problem, the government is now moving quickly to work out an emergency outbreak plan to identify the virus and contain the epidemic.

Resahkan Pasuruan residents, the bird flu #H5N1 #BIRDFLU

You say yes..You say no..

Friday, March 2, 2012 17:52

(Pasuruan, East Java): People RT: 03 RW: 03 Village Landscape District Municipality of Makati South Bugul would upset the bird flu disease spread by poultry chicks. One local resident Ponimah (54) after a diagnosis of the doctors had tested positive for the disease that is deadly bird flu virus.

After I consult a doctor, I asked the doctor if the illness had experienced shortness of breath.
I never said yes. After a doctor, then I was diagnosed with bird flu disease, "said Village residents Ponimah Landscaping District of South Bugul Pasuruan.
The existence of deadly bird flu virus resulting in many chicken livestock that died, the citizens together and Animal Husbandry Department Pasuruan East Java provincial government assisted by the police to destruction and spraying of chicken and chicken coop owned by residents who found the bird flu disease. Residents also make culling of poultry animals by using a BB gun shooting.
"We had to shoot the chickens with a pellet gun so that the chickens can not run away again, and transmit the bird flu virus to other animals.
Farm animals are caught chickens infected with bird flu virus after a resident who tested positive for bird flu disease and the presence of farm animals chickens owned by residents who died suddenly.
"From the service directly terkaitpun down to conduct an examination of farm animals chickens owned by residents. Having conducted an examination of farm animals chickens owned by residents, then found the bird flu virus in the chicken farm animals.

"With features, remove the chicken nasal mucus, and the chicken looked pale. Farm animals chickens infected with bird flu virus directly destroyed by fire and buried. Two chickens infected with bird flu us to a lab for research. We also make efforts spraying the chicken coop owned by citizens, "said Dwi Novanto Drh.Huda one medical team from the Office of East Java provincial government Petrnakan.http://translate.googleusercontent.c...oFXGqGuJHLtbEA

Indonesia: ird Flu Contingency Critical Patients

MARCH 2, 2012
TEMPO.CO , Bandung - Patients suspected bird flu in Hasan Sadikin Hospital, Bandung, At, 42, is still critical. Spokesman Tim Special Infections, dr. Primal Sudjana, said three patients suffered organ failure. "His condition is not better than yesterday," said Primal the hospital, Friday, March 2, 2012. Patients suffering from kidney failure, liver, and breath.In order to improve kidney function, doctors increased the number of platelets up to 29 thousand. "Upon entering, platelet count only seven thousand. Normally healthy people 150 thousand platelets," he said. As for help breathing, the patient is fitted with a respirator .According Primal, patients suffering from high fever since 23 February.General practitioner had examined and treated daily at Immanuel Hospital, patients from Margasari, Bandung was then referred to Hasan Sadikin Hospital on February 29. "Symptoms are severe pneumonia," he said. Patients reportedly had contact with birds died two months ago.Bandung City Health Department officials are still tracing the truth of the information. "So far information contact with poultry still be explored today because of family pass is panic," said Head of Monitoring Disease Section of the City Health Office Bandung, Yorisa Sativa. Earlier, on February 7, 2012, a suspected bird flu from the city of Bandung, SA, 43, died after being admitted to a day in the RS Hasan Sadikin. From the results of laboratory examination, the patient died not because of bird flu, but caused severe lung infection that continues with respiratory failure and organ function.

Indonesia: Patient Suspect Bird Flu Natural Failed Organ Function

March 2, 2012

INILAH.COM, Bandung - Patient suspect bird flu had the initials A (42) Ranch residents are now handled Sawo Infectious Diseases Special Handling Team RS Hasan Sadikin platelets had decreased renal function resulting in failure.

According to a spokesman for Infectious Diseases Special Handling Team RSHS dr Primal Sudjana, he asserted that the patient's condition until now no better than yesterday. The team is currently trying to raise the patient's platelets by transfusion. "We will manage to achieve the target of 50 thousand, at the time of entry here is very severe at all to below 7000, but we strive to achieve a normal target of 150 thousand," says Primal reporters when met at Bandung RSHS Flamboyan isolation , Friday (03/02/2012). platelet raising efforts, he added, will help to improve organ function in which he said the rapidly deteriorating. Patient was known to have failed multiple organ functions such as liver, kidney, and respiratory. "While this is not better and the tools are still installed. We pray for the best for the patient," he added. [ang] platelet raising efforts, he added, will help to improve organ function in which he said the rapidly deteriorating. Patient was known to have failed multiple organ functions such as liver, kidney, and respiratory. "While this is not better and the tools are still installed. We pray for the best for the patient," he added. [ang]