Saturday, February 26, 2011

South Korea-Fresh bird flu strain confirmed in southern area

02-27-2011 09:26

About 1,000 ducks found dead earlier this week at a farm in southern South Korea were confirmed Saturday to have been infected with a highly pathogenic strain of avian influenza, raising concern that the lethal virus is spreading in the country, officials said.

The H5A1 virus was found on the duck farm in Damyang county of South Jeolla Province, about 350 kilometers south of Seoul, quarantine officials said.

It was the 46th confirmed bird flu outbreak in the country since the first case was reported on Dec. 29. In the past two months, a record 5.5 million birds have been culled.

Quarantine officials at the province said they have been slaughtering about 13,000 ducks at poultry farms in Damyang to try to contain the spread of the virus.

"We are reinforcing quarantine measures to prevent the avian influenza from spreading here," said an official at the South Jeolla provincial government.

The spreading bird disease is a double whammy for South Korea which has been battling what many officials say is the worst-ever outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease. (Yonhap)

Solo-13 Villagers Klaseman Sukoharjo Natural H5N1 Similar Symptoms

By Natalie Christoforus Dwiharso February 25, 2011
KBRN, Solo: After the death of hundreds of chickens exposed to bird flu outbreaks, the District Health Office Regency Sukoharjo began an intensive epidemiological investigation of the two villages. Both villages are in the district of Sukoharjo Combongan Village Town and Village Klaseman, District Gatak.
Head of DKK Pemkab Sukoharjo, Agus Prihatmo, say, from the results of the investigation was at least 13 citizens of the Village District Klaseman Gatak and 1 village residents experienced influenza Combongan Like Ilnesses (ILI) or symptoms similar to H5N1 virus.
All residents who experienced sudden heat to the two villages were given the drug Tami Flu
Babies 3 Months In Garut Suspect Bird Flu
Saturday, February 26, 2011 16:00

GARUT-pelitanews - General Hospital Dr Slamet Garut regency, West Java, re-treat the patient suspect bird flu. This time shift initials LN baby, aged 3 months of Kampung Cangkuang, Bagendit Village, District Banyuresmi.

Implementing Responsible Garut Hospital Isolation Room, Asep Roni Aryanto, said the baby was taken to hospital on Saturday morning around 4:30 am, on a local doctor referral. Now the patient was in intensive care isolation room so as not to infect other patients.

"There are many dead birds, while the suspect is why doctors diagnose H5N1. So he entered the isolation room. Because of him, a day before coming in here there are symptoms of fever, shortness of breath, too, cough, plus there's even seizures. But it has not done apus apus nose and throat, but I've confirmed with the Lab. Continue as for regular therapy given antibiotics, allergy and tamiflu, "said Asep Roni Aryanto, Saturday (26 / 2), in Garut.

Implementing Responsible Garut Hospital Isolation Room, Asep Roni Aryanto, adding the medical team could not determine whether the toddler was positively infected by avian flu virus or not. This is because it is still waiting for results of health research and development agency in Jakarta.

Iraq Health ministry registers 142 cases of bird flu?

Saturday, 26 February 2011, 09:10 GMT

"The disease can be eliminated by providing basic medication,"

An official in the Iraqi ministry of Health?s Epidemic Disease Commission announced yesterday that 142 cases of Avian Flu (H5N1) have been recorded in the country so far this winter.

Ihsan Jaafar told AKnews that the ministry is concerned about the spread of the disease in remote areas of the country, far from medical facilities.

?Mountain areas and areas close to water are the most in danger of suffering a flu pandemic,? he said.

Jaafar assured that the Ministry is taking pro active measures to control the spread of the disease.

?The flu will be treated seriously by the ministry as it is spread during the change of seasons, especially in the winter months?.

?The disease can be eliminated by providing basic medication,? he said.

Avian flu (H5N1) commonly known as bird flu was first discovered in Italy in 1878. The disease is spread by chickens and migratory birds.

Iraq registered the first fatality from avian flu in 2006.

H5N1 Still Plague, Depopulation Forced Limited Effort Required

Garut News, (Saturday, 26 / 2).
There are still outbreaks of bird flu (Avian Influenza/AI/H5N1) in five villages in Garut regency Banyuresmi District, West Java, required the efforts of forced depopulation (culling) is limited, especially for infected poultry.

To break the chain of spread of deadly diseases, following the approach have been carried out and socialize, but most residents are still reluctant to destroy their livestock, animal health firmly Section Chief, drh Dyah Savitri, MA to Garut News, Saturday.

He asserted that, when visiting a new patient on behalf of LA (3), which had since early on Saturday around 4:30 pm At treated in isolation space suspect bird flu, RSU Dr. Slamet Garut, is the patient a second suspect after Mrs. AK (49).

According to the isolation room, Asep Roni Aryan, although LA has not experienced a decrease in leucocytes, but have symptoms of suspected H5N1 temperature of 36.3 degrees Celsius, so the immediate nasal smear (APH) and lear throat (APT) for laboratory examination.

He Kampung Cangkuang RT.02/04 Dangdeur Banyuresmi District, is one of the twins Mrs. Leah (20), who is now her mother is domiciled in Banjar Ciamis, while LA dipelira by UA or aunt.

Meanwhile, the number of poultry that died suddenly in the village of Karyasari, Banyuresmi, Sukaratu, Sukamukti and Bagendit Village, has reached over a thousand heads, said Dyah Savitri.

Met separately, Vice Regent of Garut Rd Diky Chandra states, pending the continued policy of Regents in the handling and control the spread of bird flu outbreaks, community cooperation is also expected to break the chain of distribution hazards.

In addition it should also, improving environmental hygiene including the arrangement of animal cages clean and healthy, he added.

Chairman of the White Ribbon Alliance Indonesia (APPI) Garut regency, Ny. Rani Chandra Jewel Diky reminds, the realization of Clean and Healthy Lifestyle (PHBS) can prevent various types of diseases, including attacks against poultry diseases.

So, we need the efforts of society itself, to work together to work together to clean the environment, including their homes and sanitation is also a channel in the vicinity

#H5N1 Garut-Suspected Bird Flu Infected Patients Increase

Saturday, February 26, 2011 13:55 pm

TEMPO Interactive, Garut - General Hospital Dr Slamet Garut regency, West Java, re-treat the patient suspect bird flu. This time the baby turns 9 months old initials of Kampung Cangkuang LN, Bagendit Village, District Banyuresmi.

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Children Enung, 52 years old and Iri, 60 years, was taken to hospital on Saturday morning around 4:30 am, on a local doctor referral. "Patients are still treated in isolation rooms to prevent spread to other patients," said Executive Responsible Garut Hospital Isolation Room, Asep Roni Aryan.
According to him, before experiencing pain, in the residence of children is a lot of people who are exposed to chicken or bird flu virus H5N1. LN experienced clinical symptoms include fever, shortness of breath, cough, and coupled with the seizure.

Based on the investigation while, the patient's body temperature is 36.3 degrees, pulse 120 per minute, respiration 40 per minute. While the levels are still normal leukositnya namely 14.400/mm3. However, for treatment while the medical team has given antibiotics, anti-allergy and drug or bird flu tamiflu.

Asep added, the medical team could not determine whether the LN positive for bird flu or not. You see, lear nose and throat patients are still studied in the body of research and development of the Jakarta health. "Before the Lab results from Jakarta, the patient can not be allowed to go home," he said.

LN addition, hospitals are still treating Banyuresmi District Animal Husbandry Department officials, the initials EK, 49 years old who allegedly contracted the H5N1 virus or avian influenza from birds, since last Friday.

Based on the results of the last inspection, EK health condition began to improve. Patient's body temperature 36 degrees down from the previously reached 38 degrees, pulse 80 per minute, respiration 22 per minute down from the previous 24 per minute and blood pressure of 120/80 down from 130/80.

#H5N1 Garut-Infant Suspected Bird Flu Transmission

Saturday, February 26, 2011 15:29 pm
GARUT - MICOM: A baby allegedly indicated or suspect bird flu was taken to General Hospital (RSU) Dr. Congratulations, Garut regency, West Java, on Saturday (26 / 2) early morning.

The patient was named Lena, aged seven months, residents of Kampung Cangkuang RT 09/04, Desa Bagendit, Banyuresmi Subdistrict, Garut regency, or the discovery of hundreds of chickens died suddenly due to H5N1 virus.

Patients brought their parents to RSU Dr Congratulations at around 4:30 pm because of fever, cough, shortness of breath, and previously had contact with poultry. Now patients treated at room
special insulation treatment of bird flu that has been available in Dr Congratulations.

Previously Head of the Livestock Sub Banyuresmi Nenok UPTD Kusmiati, 49, was also treated in Dr Congratulations, Friday (25 / 2) afternoon, because of suspected bird flu.

Executive officer of Medical Bird Flu Handling Congratulations Dr Asep Roni Arianto said patients have serious medical treatment by providing drug tamiflu as first aid to prevent bird flu disease.

Then they infused, was given oxygen and taken samples of fluids from the mouth and nasal mucus for inspection at the central laboratory in Jakarta.

He claimed not to ensure they are infected with bird flu or not, because it must be proven by laboratory results that can be known one day after he gave a sample of fluid mucus of patients. (Ant/OL-01)

Friday, February 25, 2011

Virus Threatens Birds in the Borderland

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By Bob Grotenhuis - Producer
Friday, February 25, 2011 - 12:07pm

EL PASO - The U.S. food supply could be at risk because of a virus spreading in Juarez.

Hundreds of birds have dropped dead across the city and now people are hoping the outbreak does not spread to U.S. poultry.

"The problem is it spreads very easily. It spreads through the air, it spreads through the contact with any discharges from the bird or tissues. It can be on your shoes and you can track it to another area where there's birds."

Doctor Nancy Harvey is a bird expert who owns her own clinic. She says the virus causes nasal and eye discharge, diarrhea, paralysis, tremors and even sudden death in birds.

"It's not a virus of dogs and cats so Coco you don't have to worry about this one."

Can the bird virus spread to people?

"It's not contagious to people but it could really wipe out the poultry industry."

We are told the last major outbreak was in the 1970's when the U.S. had to destroy millions of birds in California.

A smaller local outbreak happened in 2003 in El Paso's Lower Valley.

Dr. Harvey says because the virus spreads so easily, and has recently been detected over the border, it could spread to El Paso but she says the biggest risk is not from birds that fly over the border, it is from people who smuggle in birds for cockfighting.

"You know they're not going to contact a veterinarian and if those birds get out they can infect birds in the area and that would be a huge problem."

1050 chickens culled in Netrakona

Fri, Feb 25th, 2011 7:30 pm BdST
Netrakona, Feb 25 ( – Some 1,050 chickens of a poultry farm in Netrakona have been culled as those were found infected with H5N1 virus, commonly known as bird flu.

Besides, 628 eggs of the same poultry farm were destroyed with the help of Upazila livestock department on Thursday night.

According to reports, Shafiqul Islam of Jahangirpur village of Sadar Upazila had over 4000 chickens in his farm. Some chickens of the farm died over the last few days.

The infection was confirmed when Islam brought a sample of the tissue to the district livestock department for analysis.

Officials there immediately directed the Upazila livestock department to cull the infected chickens so that the infection cannot spread in the surrounding areas.

Local livestock department officials led by Sadar Upazila Executive Officer (UNO) Mozammel Hossain Khan culled the chickens and destroyed the eggs.

District livestock department officer Sebak Bhadra told "The culled chickens were buried immediately, so that the disease doesn't create panic among the locals."

On Feb 7, some 8,500 chickens of two poultry farms in Narayanganj, infected with H5N1 virus, were culled.

Over 8,000 infected chickens of a poultry farm in Kishoreganj were culled on Feb 3.

Head of Animal Husbandry Department UPTD Suspect Bird Flu

Friday, February 25, 2011

- A suspect has been declared or suspected of contracting bird flu is Nenok Kusmiati (49), resident RT 16/02 Perum Cempaka Indah, Kelurahan Lebakjaya, Karangpawitan Subdistrict, Garut regency.

The patient suspect bird flu was previously thought to touch and make contact with the birds that died in Kampung Warung, Village / District Banyuresmi happened several days ago.

A quite surprising, patients who stated suspect bird flu was not a local resident. He is the Animal Husbandry Department officer assigned to conduct culling poultry in the village.

Nenok no other is the Head of District Livestock Service UPTD Banyuresmi.
According to his biological son, Desi (26), his mother for more than a week always in contact with poultry in the village of Banyuresmi.

"Indeed, almost every day my mother (Nenok, Red) is always in contact with poultry. Before he had time to heat and fever," said Daisy to the Tribune at Dr Slamet Garut, on Friday (25 / 2).

It is also said to Officer Executing isolation room, Asep Roni. He said that the patient suspect bird flu was the Head of District Livestock Service UPTD Banyuresmi.

"Yes, he (Nenok, Red) does every day contact with poultry. He husbandry department officials. Indeed, the head of the UPTD Department of Animal Husbandry in contact every day with birds," said Asep Roni


Friday, 25 Feb 2011 16:16:08

Garut, 26 / 2 (AFP) - Residents of Villages / District Banyuresmi, Garut regency kewasapdaan asked to increase the transmission of the avian bird flu virus after a Head Ranch UPTD treated for suspected bird flu infected in the area.

"Yes there may be people affected, after a suspected victim of bird flu," said the Head of Disease Prevention, Public Health Service, Garut regency, Dede Romansyah told reporters on Friday.

Seeing the environmental conditions found in hundreds of communities chickens died suddenly of vurs infected with H5N1, said Dede could create a risk of people contracting the virus that affects about birds.

According to him, population and mortality of poultry in the village Banyuresmi large enough so that the community should enhance healthy lifestyles and deliver poultry to be destroyed.

"Looking at the environment there is at risk, due to environmental factors is still a wild fowl," said Dede worried about transmission of infectious virus spread to humans.

Under the supervision of officers in the village health teams Banyuresmi, Dede said about 163 people suffering from laryngitis and other nearby residents watched the officer if the flu direct medical examination at the health center.

"We do the sweeping and looking for people who suffer from influenza, even we have prepared health posts standby, if you know there is no indication in the direction we will refer to direct bird flu," he said.

Meanwhile, patients suspected of contracting bird flu, chief UPTD Husbandry, District Banyuresmi, Nenok Kusmiati (49) after feeling symptoms such as bird flu infected immediately evacuated to the isolation room at Dr Selamet Garut.

While patients in isolation rooms diinapkan Garut Hospital emergency room waiting for the results of examination of the nose and mouth mucous fluid in the central laboratory in Jakarta to ensure whether or not infected with bird flu.

A Plague H5N1 Suspeck, 5,000-Risk Residents Infected Garut

Garut News, (Friday, 25 / 2).
The spread of bird flu (Avian Influenza/AI/H5N1) since 12 January and is now endemic to the five villages in Garut district Banyuresmi, other than turn off almost a thousand chickens, also a citizen suspeck AI and five thousand more residents are at risk of contracting.

Kian outbreaks of deadly diseases in District Banyuresmi, the recognized head of the local Disnakanla, Ir Herman to the Main Page News, Friday, each in the Village Karyasari, Banyuresmi, Sukaratu, Sukamukti and Bagendit Village.

It seeks to make the most of depopulation or culling of infected livestock, as recommended by the Province of West Java, even if necessary by force, but its implementation is still waiting for HM Aceng Fikri Regents policy.

Similar expression submitted separately Head of animal health Veterinary Public Health, Ir Dida Karyana to Garut News, ahead of Prayer Friday, Camat Banyuresmi, Aa Hardaya also overwhelmed residents still cherish the poultry, so there are many objections to be destroyed.

Ny. AK (49), since At 10.00 am lying helpless in the isolation room suspeck RSU Dr Slamet bird flu, following the previous body temperature 38.6 degrees Celsius, indicated leokopenia and have a history of direct contact with poultry infected with H5N1 positive.

Head of the Livestock Sub Banyuresmi UPTD it, as long as it often was in the field or in the middle of the bird flu outbreak areas, carrying out their duties and functions as a technical apparatus, including stylists laksanaan handling of chicken carcasses, which dumped its owner.

Head Room Isolation Bird Flu Handling Suspeck dr Slamet, Henry Sumiarsa, MCA to Garut News, declare immediately sent Apus Nose (APH), Apus Throat (APT), Torak Photos and patient blood samples to the Research and Development Ministry of Health in Jakarta.

It is expected no later than 24 hours to come to know the results, mesk mother of two children also married to civil servants this Cempaka Perum citizen, his temperature has dropped to 36 degrees Celsius, he said.

Head of the local health office P2M, Dede Rohmansyah, BE, S. Sos, M. Kes suggests, more than five thousand residents of five villages at risk of contracting the H5N1 strain, a total of 1673 residents including intensive supervision and coaching as well as 163 residents increasingly conducted an investigation.

Bekerjasma with the cadre of public health, to continue to capture information suspeck "ILI" or suspeck H5N1, he also expects to realize the high public awareness of clean and healthy lifestyle, including sincere destroy cattle infected with H5N1.

To break the chain of distribution, as well as anticipate the occurrence of transmission to humans, he added. **

Animal Husbandry Department Officers Suspected Bird Flu Virus Infected

Friday, February 25, 2011 16:16 pm
TEMPO Interactive, Garut - Head of Technical Services Unit Banyuresmi District Livestock Office, Garut regency, West Java, the initials EK, 49 years suspected of contracting the H5N1 virus or bird flu from poultry. "His condition began to improve, but still suspect bird flu," said Executive Responsible Garut Hospital Isolation Room, Asep Roni Aryanto, Friday (25 / 2).

Residents Cempaka Perum Bumi Indah, Lebak Jaya Village, District Karangpawitan, have not been allowed to go home. The hospital is still in intensive care in isolation rooms. EK admitted to hospital on Friday afternoon at around 12.00 pm.

According to Asep, before being taken to the hospital, patients have clinical symptoms such as fever, runny nose, cough and shortness. Even based on laboratory results stating conditions under normal leukocyte EK only reached 3.200/mm3.

The hospital has sent a lear nose and throat into the body of health research and development, in Jakarta to be investigated. But even so the medical team could not determine whether the EK positive for bird flu or not. "Hopefully tomorrow is no result, whether the patient was positive for bird flu or not," said Asep.

EK biological children, Desiree, 26, suspected her mother contracted the disease from poultry that died due to exposure to bird flu virus. You see, during the last month since 19 January, EK is conducting an investigation of chickens exposed to bird flu in its working area. "Every day mothers continue contacts with dead birds, a new mother sick day yesterday with symptoms of high fever, cough, breathlessness and filek-filek," he said at the hospital.

Reported earlier, hundreds of chickens in the village of Banyuresmi, Sukaratu and Sukasari Village, District Banyuresmi, exposed to the H5N1 virus or bird flu. The number of chickens residents who die until this Friday reached 700 birds.


Friday, 25 Peb 2011 14:18:53

Garut, 25 / 2 (ANTARA) - A mother living in Housing Cempaka, RT 02/16, Desa Lebak Jaya, Karangpawitan District, Garut, West Java, allegedly indicated that the bird flu virus tejangkit immediately brought to the hospital Dr Selamet Garut, Friday day.

Citizens are unpredictable virus H5N1 or bird flu, Mrs Enoch Kusmiati (54) are directly carried out medical care in isolated installations Garut Hospital Emergency Care.

Garut Hospital Information Department Head, Awang, said that a patient goes to the hospital at about 13:00 pm, and are indicated by bird flu

Based on the study area where the patient lives, "said Awan, his location is far enough from the village or village is different Banyuresmi found hundreds of chickens died suddenly due to bird flu in the last third portion of this week.

"We deal with patients directly, and now it is in a special isolation room to handle bird flu patients," said Awang

Regent Advised to Beware Flu Burung

Ajakan submitted reflect Garut Regent H. Aceng H.M. Fikri, S. Ag., In the initial submission of the Memorandum Answers Local Government through the General Assembly Meeting on the scene-Fraction Fraction Garut Regency, according to Regent, warning not only to celebrate the Birthday of the birth of the figure of the last Prophet and Messenger, but make it as a means of developing leadership qualities Messenger according to their respective roles in society.

Re-emergence of the H5N1 bird flu cases in Kampung Warung Village District Banyuresmi Banyuresmi, communities are called upon constantly alert to any potential problems that may arise. As been reported, the 5 people of Kampung Warung suspected bird flu patients, 400 chickens died during the period of three weeks, and the bankruptcy of the entrepreneur egg. Cases of bird flu be a warning for consistently maintaining environmental health, particularly maintaining healthy livestock.

#h5n1 163 Citizens Garut Garut District Health Department investigated

163 citizen Sub Banyuresmi investigate who made contact with the poultry died of bird flu.

Supervision is to monitor virus outbreaks in these districts. "We continue to monitor, especially people who have direct contact with dead chickens, especially for the 163 residents who have close contact with chickens die of bird flu," the head of the Eradication of Communicable Diseases (P2M) Garut Health Office Rohmansyah Dede, yesterday.

Dede said, as many as 14 residents who show symptoms of influenza up to now still continue to be given medication that was attacked tamiflu.Warga this symptom at least been able to move as usual at his home. "So, no, hospitalized at the clinic. Residents who have symptoms of influenza, there were 14 people who suffer from sore throat and 1673 people. This amount of a combination of record in three villages, namely Village Sukaratu, Banyuresmi, and Village Sukasari, "he explained.

As anticipated, it continues to do counseling in the villages and districts. Tamiflu drug delivery to the citizens and rapidtest on chicken carcasses is also always done with the Animal Husbandry Department of Fisheries and Marine (Disnakanla). Based on data Disnakanla, since 26 January, until now, there were 639 deaths chicken tail. This amount is spread across three villages Banyuresmi District, the 31 head on Sukaratu Village, 162 Village Sukasari tail, and tail 446 in the Village Banyuresmi.

"The number of dead birds whose condition was already dead and there is also the citizen who was handed over to be destroyed. The goal is to break the virus transmission chain, "added Head of Animal Health and Veterinary Public Health (Veterinary Public Health) Disnakanla Kardiana Dida.

Dida acknowledged up to now people are still reluctant to hand over poultry to the officer to be destroyed. The low cost of damages that are not comparable with the value of birds is still a reason for citizens. "Citizens remain reluctant to be replaced with Rp12.500 per cow. But, we still try to get people to understand, "he said.


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Cambodian bird flu deaths show continuing threat

Friday, 25 February 2011

Radio Australia
Updated February 24, 2011

An expert in global diseases says the death of a Cambodian mother and her baby from bird flu are a timely reminder that the world must not forget about animal influenza. Earlier this month a 5 year old Cambodian girl also died from bird flu - it was the first such death worldwide since early 2010. But it's not just Cambodia that is at risk. Many Asian countries remain vulnerable to animal diseases crossing over to humans.

Reporter: Liam Cochrane
Speakers: Dr Nima Asgari, public health specialist, World Health Organisation, Cambodia; Dr Subhash Morzaria, regional manager, Emergency Centre for Transboundary Animal Diseases, UN Food and Agriculture Organisation

COCHRANE: Twenty one year old Prak Sophorn and her 11 month old son were visiting relatives in Cambodia's southeast when it is believed they came into contact with sick poultry. They travelled back to their homes on the other side of the country and became sick, but at first bird flu was not suspected.

ASGARI: Our understanding is that the initial symptoms were basically fever, cough, breathlessness, so your classical respiratory infection.

COCHRANE: That's Dr Nima Asgari, a public health specialist with the World Health Organisation in Cambodia. He says only after the Prak Sophorn died on February 12 did doctors check her baby son for bird flu and found both mother and child had contracted H5N1, a strain of bird flu.

Dr Subhash Morzaria
, UN Food and Agriculture Organisation's regional manager of the Emergency Centre for Transboundary Animal Diseases, based in Bangkok.

MORZARIA: This is not unusual. When we get outbreaks of disease there are still very poor people who eat sick birds, sometimes not very well cooked and would likely be infected. And this is what's happened in this case.

COCHRANE: Dr Morzaria says any human infection is a concern as it suggests a lack of awareness about handling sick birds. In fact, while the urgent threat of bird flu may have fallen off the global media agenda, several countries remain endemic, meaning the disease is entrenched and sporadic outbreaks are expected to continue.

In Asia, the hotspots are Indonesia, Vietnam, Bangladesh and West Bengal.

Dr Subhash Morzaria says Japan has emerged as a new risk.

MORZARIA: The virus is being actually spread by wild birds. So we now know that wild birds are infected with highly pathogenic avian influenza, H5N1 virus. And [the wild birds] then shed the virus when they're migrating to Japan. Somehow the virus is then jumping to the poultry and causes these huge outbreaks.

COCHRANE: Bird flu was initially controlled in Japan and this reemergence in a developed nation is a major concern to health workers. But, Dr Subhash Morzaria from the FAO, says most transmissions of bird flu still occur through raising or trading in poultry and he says that is where the resources should stay.

MORZARIA: Moving from that into wild birds is a red herring, I think. We have to be aware that wild birds carry. We have to be aware of the need for biosecurity. But most of the infection and focus of control has to be in endemic countries where there's the transmission from poultry to poultry.

COCHRANE: Dr Morzaria says it is important to maintain a watch for emerging diseases and to make sure existing ones do not reemerge. Developing countries in Asia, with their dependence on agriculture are particularly at risk, says Dr Morzaria, citing the nipah virus transmitted by bats in South Asia, rabid dogs in Bali and anthrax in bangladesh. In fact, Dr Morzaria says bird flu is part of wider trend of globalised human behaviour opening the doors for animal diseases.

MORZARIA: About 70 per cent of the animal diseases that emerge are infective to human beings. This particular trend is going to continue because of the human activity. We are intensifying our farming systems, so there is a high population of domestic animals for food consumption. There is high population of human beings. There is increased deforestation. There is greater contact between different animal species and human beings, and this is really going to enhance opportunities for pathogens to jump from one species to another.

COCHRANE: Dr Subhash Morzaria says the most effective prevention will occur if governments work together.

MEDAN-DHO DS play movies bird flu

Thursday, 24 February 2011 22:11

MEDAN - In addition to established posts and do the spraying in the area of poultry that died suddenly findings, Public Health Service Deli Serdang (DS) will also play movies as an extension of bird flu danger to citizens.

Head of Disease Prevention and Eradication of Health Office of Deli Serdang, Ida said, after finding two chickens died suddenly on 18 February and 2 tails again on 19 February, Deli Serdang health office has set up a post in the area to be opened up to 2 weeks.

"Dead birds have been buried, we also have to educate citizens about the bird flu virus. Bidan village in the neighborhood health center also conducts monitoring to anticipate in humans," he said, tonight.

So far, he said, yet there are found people contracted the virus. However, there are two people who experience symptoms of fever. And on 28 February next, Deli Serdang Dikes will show films about the dangers of bird flu. "As an extension and dissemination on avian influenza. In order for society to a better understanding and do not panic," he said.

Garut regency Not Successfully Establish Community Awareness

Garut News, (Thursday, 24 / 2).
Garut regency still not optimally managed to build public awareness, prevention and control related spreading of bird flu (Avian Influenza/AI/H5N1), which is also still endemic in five villages Banyuresmi District.

Evidently, although at least 936 head of cattle positive chickens infected with bird flu died suddenly, but people are very reluctant to contribute to the success of depopulation (culling) is limited, especially for companion animals that are still alive.

Outbreaks of H5N1 in the village of Karyasari, Banyuresmi, Sukaratu, Sukamukti and Village Bagendit since 12 January, the cause is also about 37 local residents are now conditioned "ILI" (Influenza Like Illness), so they get very intense treatment.

Poor condition, it is unfortunate there is no choice but to do depopulation because it is very contagious, though not a suspeck ILI symptoms of bird flu, said Kadinkes Garut, Dr. H. Hendy Budiman, M. Kes to Garut News, Thursday.

"Absolutely not be tolerated, the only serious effort to break the transmission chain of distribution, the community was to give up poultry didepopulasi, because cattle are sick now," said Hendy Budiman.

He believes the five village areas, need not be isolated but who still live poultry infected with AI to be destroyed, the residents also called for so as not to come into contact with sick birds.

In addition, there are reminded to do any transactions on poultry from the region, people did not have to worry but if you have a high fever and shortness of breath immediately treated at the health center or local health authorities.

Currently established post AI Prevention and Control District, 14 personnel each day prepared PDSR (Rapid Response Team Survalent) continuously until at least the next 14 days, said animal health Veterinary Public Health Head of Garut, Ir Karyana Dida.

Clean and Healthy Lifestyle (PHBS), stylist laksanaan H5N1 positive poultry carcasses, reporting methods, disposal, destruction of the technical equipment and limited depopulation including doing approach to society, the more incentive is currently implemented, he said.

Also waiting for SK Bupati Garut, about the closure area during the three months since February 21, 2011, from various poultry traffic activity, as well as build public awareness, among other waterfowl do not unite with chickens.

Today has also been deployed to all 15 villages in the District Banyuresmi, including other technical institutions, official circulars of appeal vigilance cases AI disease, said Dida Karyana.

Meanwhile, the high awareness of Britons who flock infected with the H5N1 virus, in addition to willingly destroyed his residence was also even in sterilized by burning, while the husband and wife in Japan was forced to hara-kiri because of fear and shame AI transmitted to the neighbors.

Banyuresmi cattle depopulation on Wednesday (23 / 2) can only be done on two chickens and ten eggs

163 Garut residents feared H5N1 Transmission

Thursday, February 24, 2011,

Officers destroy bird flu infected poultry

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, GARUT - Public Health Service, Garut regency, West Java, to supervise the 163 people who live in District Banyuresmi, because it was feared H5N1 virus or bird flu after the discovery of hundreds of chickens died suddenly fell ill from the virus.

Head of Communicable Diseases Eradication (P2M), Public Health Service, Garut regency, Dede Rohmansyah told reporters on Thursday, said the monitoring of citizens because otherwise have been in contact with dead or sick poultry.
"Efforts to control it, as a first step if people are sick or got the flu and health officials at the health center directly handle medically," he said.

He was worried about people who never had contact with dead poultry is not supervised so that when subjected to ill considered normal, so that his health was not immediately medically examined.
"We also continue to investigate, supervise any residents who previously had contact with poultry, as our efforts in dealing with their health," said Dede.

After the discovery and report hundreds of chickens died suddenly in Districts Banyuresmi, there are 14 people were stricken with symptoms of influenza residents and as many as 1673 people suffering from strep throat based on the record Banyuresmi Health Center.

He added that residents who fell ill suffered from the disease based on medical examinations are not infected with bird flu virus, but still given the drug Tamiflu in anticipation of virus prevention.

"With the findings of residents already developing the disease, we continue to monitor, we are worried that bird flu spread in humans," he said.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

#h5n1 Indonesia-People with flu or flu-like Growing Ill Patients Like Ilness (ILI) in Kampung Warung Village

Sub Banyuresmi increased to 12 people.

"But there has been no determination of suspects only the common cold. Because the environment a lot of chickens died of bird flu, so their health continues to be monitored, '"explains Head of Communicable Diseases Eradication Garut Health Office Dede Rohmansyah, yesterday.

As reported, a total of five residents of Kampung Warung Desa / Kecamatan Banyuresmi started experiencing flu attack. However, diagnosing Garut Health Office, they still have not stated suspect bird flu. Because the symptoms of flu that is not just limited to shortness of breath followed by the withdrawal symptoms of bird flu.

Dede said, until recently, Garut District Health Office has yet to determine which cases of bird flu occurred in the village of Kampung Warung Banyuresmi not defined as outbreaks (outbreaks).Because there are no reports of H5N1 viruses transmitted to humans.

Until Tuesday (22 / 2), residents of Kampung Warung Banyuresmi Village, still refuse poultry depopulation of those who still live with reason substitute money from the government does not match the price of chicken in the market. The Government has provided money instead of Rp 12,500 was rejected by residents.

Village Head Banyuresmi Henry Ridwan SAG said the number of birds living in the Kampung Warung currently less than 50 fish, mostly chicken and chicken Pelung bangkok which is the price different from ordinary chicken. Residents still refuse depopulation as a substitute currency valued far from the actual price of chicken. "The rest is just under 50 animals, mostly chickens Pelung whose price is expensive," he said.

Henry said, government officials have prepared a statement for the owners who refuse poultry birds didepopulasi. The letter contains the statement, they will be responsible in the future if there are things that are not desired. Until recently, government officials still want to persuade people to voluntarily do the depopulation and receive compensation from the district government with a predetermined value.
"Hopefully with so they would voluntarily didepopulasi chicken," he said.

Residents Start Mendepopulasi poultry

Village of Kampung Warung Banyuresmi begin voluntary mendepopulasi (culling) of their poultry. Tuesday (22 / 2) two citizens hand over poultry to didepopulasi by officers of Marine Animal Husbandry and Garut in a way cut, burned and buried.

Head of Veterinary Public Health and Marine Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Garut Dida Kardiana revealed, it's back to destroy the lives of two resident birds. The amount of 12 tails. "That consists of one chicken geese and the rest who are still young and two of birds that have died," he said when met at the village of Kampung Warung Banyuremi after doing depopulation.

According to Dida, the Village Banyuresmi alone, the number of dead birds and had reached 446 officers didepopulasi tail. In addition, there are 31 birds in the village of Sukaratu and 162 in the village of the dead and didepopulasi Sukasari since January. "The total number of poultry that died suddenly due to suspected bird flu since last January, the number reached 639 tail," he said.

Ayi Saodah Meanwhile, one of the residents of Kampung Warung say, if it should be didepopulasi he prefers to cut his own chicken for consumption, especially when these birds seen his good health.

In addition, according to Ayi, money substitutes provided by the government regardless of their size birds. Large or small chickens valued at cost Rp 12,500, not to mention the money that did not substitute for cash.

Cambodia: Bird Flu Deaths Confirmed

Wednesday, 23 February 2011 20:43 Summer Walker and Thet Sambath
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Ministry of Health and World Health Organisation officials confirmed today the deaths of a young mother and her 11-month-old son were the result of the A(H5N1) influenza virus, commonly known as bird flu.

A joint statement said that Prak Sophorn, 19, and her 11-month-old son were infected while handling poultry during a visit to relatives in Prey Veng province’s Rokar Chor village.

“The mother was admitted to a private clinic in Banteay Meanchey province but died as a result of complications of infection on 12 February,” the statement said, adding that her son died while being treated at a hospital in Siem Reap province on February 17.

The deaths bring to 11 the total number of people killed by bird flu in Cambodia since 2003, following the death earlier this month of a 5-year-old girl in Phnom Penh’s Russei Keo district.

A rapid response team was dispatched to Rokar Chor village today to interview people who might have had close contact with the deceased at the time of infection, the statement said.

Nima Asgari, a public health specialist at the WHO, said samples were taken from several people who might have been exposed to the virus, and that the team will continue to follow up for the next two weeks to cover the possible incubation period.

No one with bird flu-like symptoms has been reported in medical facilities in Prey Veng province since the deceased fell ill, Asgari said.

Villagers told the response team they had recently seen officials take samples from chickens in Prey Veng but that no connection to the two deaths had been confirmed.

Yos Mony, director of Prey Veng province’s department of agriculture, said samples are routinely taken in the province for avian influenza testing and that he was unaware of the details of the recent deaths.

There has not been an unusually large number of chicken deaths in the province of late, he added.

Seven people who prepared the body of Prak Sophorn for cremation were admitted to hospital last week in Banteay Meanchey but have been determined not to be at risk of bird flu infection and are not being tested for the virus, according to the Ministry of Health.

A common factor in the three bird flu deaths this year has been the handling of dead or sick poultry, Asgari said.

“If people find dead or sick chickens, they should not have any contact and should immediately call the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Agriculture or local authorities,” he said.

New pathogen detection test dramatically reduces wait times

Published 23 February 2011

An Illinois based pharmaceutical company, recently introduced Plex-ID, a new detection system that can accurately identify seventeen different dangerous biological pathogens; the system fills a critical gap in detection capabilities as it can analyze direct samples like blood, food, water, or air filters and provide results in less than eight hours; current blood and tissue tests take three or more days; in the event of a biological attack, detecting pathogens in infected persons is critical as these people will continue to spread the disease unless quarantined; the Plex-ID system has already helped identify an unknown disease in Afghanistan; after eighty-three people became sick with a mysterious disease and seventeen people died, the Plex-ID system accurately identified the disease as bubonic plague when other tests failed.


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Europe 2011 EU bird flu spread rapidly to the UN, please note

Tuesday, February 22
Hungary, as became the latest European country to detect a disease fatal H5N1 strain of bird flu swan migration today and hit other countries. During the past seven days, H5N1 type, has seven new countries, of which five are in Europe. Result of this rapid growth has caused many European nations to take action to protect both the public and the poultry industry.

Yesterday, Albania, H5N1 has banned imports of poultry products from any country known type that has occurred. At the same time, domestic poultry in Germany on February 17 and ordered to be confined to indoor pens. Today, France is also all poultry has ordered to be kept in indoor pens can not be exposed to migratory birds it.

As of last week, Bulgaria has banned the hunting of wild birds in sportsmen. Bulgaria-type H5N1, was found dead swans found in wetlands of the Danube a few.

Spread of the H5N1 type has immediate economic consequences. In Italy, the disease is discovered on the weekend, sales of chicken, that the disease existed in the country, three days after the announcement of the government 50 percent. Layoffs have already begun to occur.

Meanwhile, Ireland, H5N1 type, Europe, Irish beef because of high demand in other areas of the lamb has been reported that a higher price than the actual force.

Economic impact of a pandemic of bird flu in a full-scale do not underestimate. Australian Government, the cost to the global economy from a pandemic could reach $ 4.4 trillion dollar estimate has released a study today. It is also significantly higher than forecast by the World Bank, Australia's number may be conservative.

In the study, in the worst case scenario, we estimated that 142 million deaths worldwide. Some scientists believe there may be significantly higher number of actual deaths. Up to 10 million people died. Will be hit much harder than the rest of the world not the third world countries.

Australia estimates Wauikkumakkibin professor, is one of the world's leading economic modellers, Reserve Bank of Australia board member, Dr. Arekusandorashidorenko, organized by the Australian National University health expert. According to their study, the overall global economy as much as 12.6 percent lead to be reduced to a global recession.

h is the cost to the economy from the global pandemic, estimates that $ 4.4 trillion dollars and could reach. It is also significantly higher than forecast by the World Bank, Australia's number may be conservative.

In the study, in the worst case scenario, we estimated that 142 million deaths worldwide. Some scientists believe there may be significantly higher number of actual deaths. Up to 10 million people died. Will be hit much harder than the rest of the world not the third world countries.

Australia estimates Wauikkumakkibin professor, is one of the world's leading economic modellers, Reserve Bank of Australia board member, Dr. Arekusandorashidorenko, organized by the Australian National University health expert. According to their study, the overall global economy as much as 12.6 percent lead to be reduced to a global recession.

In the study, in combination with the rapid spread of the disease, and anxiety. Since the last pandemic occurred it has passed 38 years. Since the 19th century, the pandemic has been occurring at intervals of up to 40 years. This means that we are responsible. All of influenza that occurred during that period, have originated from China and Southeast Asia. This is exactly the point of origin of the H5N1 type. And the number of pharmaceutical companies are working on the inside, to test bird flu vaccine, there is increasing evidence they can be useless.

The bottom line is that they may not have enough time left to prevent a bird flu pandemic. This is to cope with bird flu by individuals and firms, meaning that you need to start preparing your own. Yesterday, Secretary of Health and Human Services, Maikurebitto, which he and they are mostly from the federal government in the event of a pandemic, told reporters that the message is hitting home state or no assistance can be expected. This we will probably mean that all ourselves

#H5N1 raged in Garut, 600 Chicken Dead, 14 Citizens Influenza

By admin-February 22, 2011

At least 600 chickens died suddenly due to mengganasnya Avian Influenza (AI/H5N1), Sukaratu Village, and Village Banyuresmi Sukasari Banyuresmi Garut district, even up to now there are about 14 local residents suffering from severe influenza.
Sporadic attacks of the deadly diseases, among others, resulted from 12 January until now at least 437 chickens died suddenly in Sukaratu Village and Village / District Banyuresmi, said Head of animal health Veterinary Public Health Garut, Ir Karyana Dida.

To the Main Page News also points out, in the same period 162 chickens died suddenly in the village also Sukasari still in District Banyuresmi, bringing the total of dead reached 600 cattle tails, and even more likely, he said.

While two-time activity burning and burial of carcasses chickens of H5N1 positive, reaching at least 76 head in Kampung Warung Village / District Banyuresmi.

Still according to Dida Karyana, the staff is still reviewing the approach and convince the community, so willing and sincere companion animals with the chickens died of H5N1, can be destroyed (didepopulasi).

Contacted separately, Section Head Disease Observation Garut Health Office, Atik Rahman to Garut News, said up to now there are at least 14 residents of Kampung Warung, Peundeuy, Tegalsari and one other village in the district Banyuresmi severe flu, but has not indicated to the H5N1 infection, he said.

Besides given tamiflu drug dose of 75 mg per day of each sufferer, as well as H5N1 continues to be anticipated from an attack during the next five days, Atik said Rahmat

5 Citizens Suspected Bird Flu

Suspect Five residents of Kampung Warung, Banyuresmi Village, District Banyuresmi, Garut regency, yesterday designated as suspect bird flu virus (H5N1).

Before you set as the suspect, the five residents experienced symptoms exactly like the patient suspect bird flu, which is an increase in body temperature, swallowing pain, cough, and runny nose. "There were five people in Banyuresmi with flu, but provisional estimates indicated no bird flu, so his status is still a suspect," said the Head of Disease Prevention and Eradication, Health Office (DHO) Garut regency Dede Romansyah yesterday.

Dede said, he could not mention the identity of these five citizens. The reason, he was worried people in the vicinity of Kampung Warung will panic if the identity of the five people deployed. "Citizens who experienced similar symptoms a child of three persons, namely age of 2.5 years, 1.5 years, and 6 tahun.Sedangkan two more adults, ie aged 54 years and 35 years, "said Dede. The five residents, he said, at least had to get medical treatment at the PHC Banyuresmi.

Tamiflu drug which serves to overcome the flu in people with bird flu has been given to them. "It was given Tamiflu as a precaution, because here the risk of bird flu positive. Now the residents who got the flu just done an outpatient after a doctor at the health center, "he explained. Garut Health Office Head Dr. Hendi Budiman said the five residents of Kampung Warung, Banyuresmi Village, District Banyuresmi, which has been designated as suspect bird flu has not need to be referred to Dr. Slamet Garut Hospital.

Hendi explained, the handling of the residents whose status is still just a suspect could be the nearest health center. "People are not necessarily affected by bird flu, but have indications such as the patient suspect bird flu, such as body temperature increases, having flu, cough, and pain when swallowing is still fairly dealt with health centers. However, if the conditions have been severe and the patient was tested positive to bird flu suspecttersangka, then we must refer him to the hospital to be isolated, "he said.

Hendi said, the number of people designated as suspects in the case of suspected bird flu in Garut this time did not much like the previous similar cases, which occurred in District lalu.Saat Cibiuk in December 2010, the number of people defined as a suspect the suspect as many as 45 people. "This is not a suspect Suspect burung.Tapi flu patients if not treated promptly, can have an impact hazard as well. The number of residents in District Banyuresmi the suspect the suspect was only five people.

This amount is still relatively small when compared with the number of residents who are also suspects in the District Cibiuk suspect in two months ago. At that number 45 people.
Even so, I hope there are no positive people into bird flu patients, "he said. Until yesterday, the number of birds that died from the H5N1 virus totaled 312 head.

Whole chicken carcasses have been destroyed itself at least Garut Health Office personnel and its citizens. "For this Monday (yesterday), the number ayamyangmatidiKampung Cafes, there were 10 fish, so the total number of overall cases of bird flu in the village were to be 312 officers ekor.
Semuanya been destroyed," he said.

#H5N1 Cambodia-Doctors fear bird flu outbreak -2 dead 7 hospitalized

Tuesday, 22 February 2011 20:14 Khuon Leakhana and Thet Sambath

Banteay Meanchey provincial authorities fear an outbreak of avian influenza (H5N1) after a mother and her child died two weeks ago and seven more were hospitalised.
Samples taken from Prak Sophorn, 21, who died on February 13, and her 11-month old son, Sun Nga, who died on February 15, were sent to the World Health Organization for testing and results are expected soon.
“I am waiting for laboratory results to clarify the cause and hope to know by the end of the day,” Dr Nima Asgari, public health specialist at the WHO, said today.
Keo Sopheaktra, director of Banteay Meanchey province’s health department, said the mother and son became sick after eating infected chicken.
“They both had a fever, cough and difficulty breathing before they passed away.”

He said seven villagers who helped clean Prak Sophorn’s body for cremation have been admitted to the Mongkol Borei district hospital for treatment after each developed a fever and cough.
Director of the Mongkol Borei district hospital Ho Serey Vitthyu said the seven are recovering well.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sporadic attacks Avian Flu Threatens Residents Banyuresmi

Sporadic attacks positive bird flu (Avian Influenza/AI/H5N1) that are not controlled (break out) in the Village and Village Sukaratu / Sub Banyuresmi, since 11 February 2011 up to now threatening the residents of both villages.

If all birds are exposed to deadly diseases, it is not immediately destroyed or didepopulasi, firm head of animal health and Disnakanla Kesmafet in Garut regency, Ir Dida Karyana to Main Page News at Kampung Warung Banyuresmi Village, Sabtu.Menyusul in the township, there are at least 110 tail chickens that died suddenly, so that all the chickens died from the Village and Village Sukaratu Banyuresmi has reached 300 left over, he said.

In both villages, attacking at least four village consists Kampung Peundeuy, Nengger, Tegalsari and Kampung Tegalsari, which during 2011 is the third attack in Garut District, among others in Leuwigoong previous.

The discovery of this bird flu positive cases, starting from Kampung Gadog Sukaratu then penetrated into the village of Kampung Warung Banyuresmi, a distance of 3 km while the radius of transmission can reach a radius of 10 km, said Dida Karyana, warned.

So he along with his team along with local government officials, who also attended by Head of Informatics, Dik Dik Hendrajaya, M. Si also dr Asep and Dr. Leli working hard to provide an understanding of bird flu danger to the residents of Kampung Warung.Bertempat at Masjid Al-Ikhklas, is also expected community sincere birds that contracted the disease in destroyed, with compensation from the government ranging from Rp 10 thousand to Rp12.500 / tail.

Banyuresmi Village Head, Henry is also the Chairman of RW. 05 Kampung Warung, Komarudin and Dr Leli provide similar insight, which turned out to most residents still objected dimusnahkan.Karena surviving birds, the range of animal health field Kesmafet can only destroy dead birds were left scattered due to discarded in any place included in the gutter, resulting in a scent carried on the wind-mana.Aparat where the local government, promised to attempt to hold back approach with citizens as well as hold a meeting for deliberation, the related need for culling birds.

Dida Karyana and its staff also conduct disinsfektan and will continue to monitor the development of the bird flu outbreak, while the Head of Disease Observations P2M Garut Health Office, Atik Rachmat also do investigas during the next 14 days.
In order to overcome if transmitted to humans, so if there are people with fever or flu will be carried out treatment and care, from the health center to a referral to the Hospital, he said.

Following the burning and burial of dead birds, the officers immediately burn the clothes he wore special clothes though each worth Rp800 thousand.
Since 2006, there was 73 incident cases of bird flu in Garut district, destroying three thousand more birds, five residents stated positive contracted the four fatalities.


Ratusan Ayam Mati Mendadak di Garut

#h5n1 #Indonesia-Garut Overcome Bird Flu

Sunday, February 20, 2011 - 17:56 pm
More BANDUNG (Pos Kota) - Bird flu bombard Garut regency, West Java. Sunday, thousands of birds in this kabupetan found dead in his cage because the bird flu virus. Hundreds of busy-busy burying the dead chickens, ducks and other fowl in the garden near their home.

Related to this case, residents Garut simultaneously rejected the local government officer who would destroy their birds. "We will reject government plan that would destroy the poultry. Poultry may be destroyed is replaced with healthy birds, "they pleaded.

Bird flu hit several districts in Garut District, one of which Banyuresmi District. In this region hundreds of birds owned by residents, Sunday, was suddenly dead. Based on the recognition of residents and the village board, poultry deaths allegedly due to attack of bird flu (H5N1).

"If the positive poultry bird flu, we will reject the government that will destroy the poultry. The rejection had been agreed upon residents in the District Banyuresmi, "said one resident EEP, 56,. To the Village Bayuresmi, Wawan Ridwan, explain, against avian bird flu attack citizens continues. Until Sunday afternoon, there are still many dead birds in the cage.

Henry, mempaparkan, bird flu attack in the areas they already happened last week. Based on the record, owned by citizens of many birds, including chickens, birds, and ducks died suddenly and quite surprising residents. Once traced, Kadesh recognizes no previous signs.

"We were shocked after there were reports of hundreds of chickens died suddenly. This incident just recorded in one village, "he admitted.

Initially, people just assume it's the usual bird deaths, but over time grew in number and almost menyuluruh in these districts. To anticipate, Kadesh, reported the case to the District Health Office Garut.

Dida Kardiana, Head of Animal Health and Public Health, emphasized that sudden death of birds and nearly hit several districts in Garut District bersasar examination results of some samples turned out positive for bird flu (H5N1).

To prevent spreading of bird flu and communicable to humans or the population, there was no way selasin immediately destroy poultry in several districts. "Culling should be done immediately. Constraints, the residents refused and are still in consultation stage so that they are willing to poultry destroyed, ".

Duh! Bird Flu Attack Garut, Residents Reluctant to Annihilate poultry

Sunday, February 20, 2011, 19:47 GMT

West Java Provincial Health Office destroyed burung

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID flu-affected chickens, GARUT - About 300 chickens died suddenly due to H5N1 virus in several Village, Village Banyuresmi, Bayuresmi Subdistrict, Garut regency, West Java, gradually in 2011 feared threaten the health of residents.

"Of course this is a life-threatening residents there, if infected by the virus in humans," said Head of Animal Health and Veterinary Public Health at the Department of Animal Husbandry, Garut regency, Dida Kardiana, by telephone on Sunday.

Death of cattle infected with avian species, it is expected Dida immediately destroy society with procedures that have been socialized. The presence of poultry died suddenly will be transmitted to other poultry animals and then worry about infectious in humans.

"If memvaksin livestock is not enough, humans transmitted the virus to worry because it'll make more fatal to the sufferer," said Dida. With the discovery of chickens infected with H5N1 virus based on laboratory tests, Dida said it continues to disseminate to the public how to handle animals that died.

Even Dida in the past week have been deployed to the field officers combed the neighborhood residents who have been vaccinated animals and poultry to be destroyed if there are chickens looks sick. "In the sweep, we also found the chicken was dead, and we immediately destroy it by burning and bury it there," said Dida.

Meanwhile, Dida along with his team every day will continue to review these Banyuremsi Village location to find out the dead animal. In the review, it continues to disseminate handling poultry that died suddenly in a way to bury and burn.

Even remind people always wash their hands when they are in contact with animals in anticipation of no transmission of poultry diseases for poultry. "So far we continue to socialize because if we are asked to destroy poultry, people do not want to," said Dida.

Hundreds of Poultry in Garut Suspected Bird Flu Death

Sunday, February 20, 2011 - 18:08 pm
GARUT - Suspected bird flu virus H5N1, hundreds of birds belonging to some residents in the Village Shop, Village Banyuresmi, Banyuresmi Subdistrict, Garut regency, died suddenly.

Poultry citizen since 3 gradually died last week. Village Head Banyuresmi, Wawan Ridwan, said that poultry deaths of these citizens is still happening.

"Before, I and several other residents who thought the death of these birds only occur because of ordinary disease. However, strangely affecting poultry deaths occurred simultaneously. The majority occur in farm animals chickens, "said Henry.

Henry disclosed, this event has occurred since about 3 weeks ago, when dozens of dead birds found their owners in a cage. A day later, he added, residents found the dead birds littered the existing bamboo plantation in Kampung Warung.

"If the count is calculated, in 1 last week had hundreds of dead birds. Until now residents have reported dead birds, "he said.

Chairman of the local RW, Komarudin, adding, in the first days the number of birds that died ranged from 10 to 20 fish. However, he continued, in recent days the number of dead birds increased dramatically to 110 birds.

"People realize it because the dead poultry were told by Animal Husbandry Department. They actually between trust and distrust because the notice was sudden. Even so, I hope people do not have the virus. Hence, in the near future we will conduct a conversation with citizens about the threat of this virus, "he added.

Meanwhile, Head of Animal Health and Veterinary Public Health Animal Husbandry Department of Fisheries and Marine (Disnakanla) Garut regency, Dida Kardiana, said today it is conducting efforts to sweep against suspected dead poultry carcasses for H5N1 virus in several garbage dumps Kampung Warung .Sweeping is done to anticipate the spread of H5N1 virus through media other poultry animals or through flies.

"This also we do while waiting for the willingness of citizens to give up his chicken to be destroyed. Sweep we have done to some landfill. If we find dead birds, we will immediately burn. At least, we've found as many as 30 head of poultry carcasses. Conditions are already smells. It is feared this could transmit bird flu virus. For a while, yet there are reports that some residents in the vicinity of this village are exposed to this virus, "he explained.

As an effort to prevent the early stages, the Garut Regency Disnakanla not only combing poultry carcasses in landfills, but also acts as spraying in each cage birds belong to residents with disinfectant.

"This needs to be done so that the bird flu virus left in the cage can be eradicated," he said.

5000 Prepared Anticipation Tamiflu Bird Flu Victim

Sunday, February 20, 2011 - 19:08 pm
( GARUT - Health Office (DHO) prepare Garut regency 5000 tamiflu tablets to prevent casualties due to spread of bird flu virus in Kampung Warung, Banyuresmi Village, District Banyuresmi, Garut regency.

Observations Disease Section Chief Garut Health Office, Atik Rahman said, thousands of tamiflu tablets have been given to the health center Banyuresmi to be given to residents who contracted the H5N1 virus.

"We've mengedrop tamiflu to the Health Center as a precaution if there are residents in Kampung Warung who experience pain due to bird flu," says Atik, Sunday (02/20/2011).

Not only to the health center Banyuresmi, Tamiflu has also been deployed to a number of health centers in Garut regency. Mentioned Atik, the amount of drug spread to every other center in Garut regency is about 200 tablets.

"Although limited, at least it is good enough for early prevention. We're still in the subdistrict Banyuresmi terkonsenterasi. Casualties feared will fall because there was bird flu virus threatens thousands of its citizens. Hence the number of drugs given to PHC Banyuresmi more than others, "he concluded.