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Destruction of blue ear pig drive first in Phu Yen

Friday, 09.24.2010 14:57 (GMT 7)

(LDO) - Today (24/09), Veterinary Department of Phu Yen province and local governments have conducted Tuy An outbreak destruction of blue ear pig at his first Vo Dinh Sang (Village Stage Son of An America, Tuy An district).

62 whole live pig (weighing about 4 tons) are dead file for transporting electricity from residential areas and burning and burial private. The district veterinary officer antidotal An antiseptic spray pens to control the spread of blue ear disease death.

Before that, the herd consists of 125 Vo Dinh Sang anorexia symptoms of high fever, bleeding and 63 children died. Professional bodies have taken six samples sent for testing at the Central Veterinary Institute. Test results, 6 samples were positive for blue ear virus in pigs. However, due to the outbreak and the number of dead pigs not meet the conditions prescribed veterinary Ordinance should not be publicized on the blue ear pig Tuy An district.

PPC written request emergency DARD and Committees of districts, towns and cities to strengthen and direct the implementation and prevention of blue ear pig cholera; SDAH direction and administration of the communes where the drive Translation implementation of measures to closely manage the outbreak, outbreak control enclosure, quickly extinguish the outbreak, swine disease treatment, died as prescribed disinfection outbreak, epidemic prevention spread around; closely monitoring the situation of the epidemic disease, the test samples taken to determine the right patient and take remedial measures promptly.

Cán bộ thú y xử lý heo bệnh tai xanh tại nhà ông Sang
Veterinary officer handling blue ear pig disease at his home Sang

Cán bộ thú y huyện Tuy An phun thuốc tiêu độc sát trùng chuồng trại.
The district veterinary officer antidotal An antiseptic spray pens.
Heo bệnh tai xanh được cân xác định trọng lượng để có chính sách hỗ trợ cho dân.

Blue ear pig disease are needed to determine the weight of support for population policies.

Heo được vận chuyển ra khỏi thôn xóm để tiêu hủy.
Pigs are transported from village to destroy.

Heo bệnh được đốt và chôn lấp kín nhằm khống chế bệnh lây lan trên diện rộng.
Sick pig was burned and buried closed to control the spread of disease on a large scale.


Date: 23 Sep 2010
At least one person has died of suspected pulmonary anthrax and about
8 people were affected with cutaneous anthrax in Zhemgang as of 15
Sep 2010, according to the officials of the national centre for
animal health
A total of 25 cattle, 8 horses/mules, 4 pigs and 6 cats were also
reported dead due to the anthrax outbreak.

According to the officials, the outbreak of anthrax in the dzongkhag
could have 1st occurred in a farmer's cattle herd in Bloktong village
in Panbang dungkhag. In the 2nd week of July 2010, dried meat from
farmer T's herd was taken to a village called Pongchaling to be
served to those carrying out construction work. A couple of weeks
later, a pig was reported dead at Pongchaling after having been fed the meat.

Later, a series of deaths occurred in his herd in Kagtong, where he
lost 7 cattle. The meat from dead cattle was also consumed and sold
to his neighbours. By then, T had developed lesions in the lower
region of his neck. Similar lesions developed in other people, who
were involved in dressing the carcasses. Some also reported swelling
of arms, legs and abdominal pain. Among others, one had complained of
heaviness in the chest with breathing difficulties and was taken to a
basic health unit. The person succumbed to the illness.

Officials recorded a 2nd outbreak on 25 Aug 2010 in villager RT's
herd in a Narang village. He lost 3 horses and 7 cattle.

On 28 Aug 2010, another outbreak occurred in SD's herd in Dophu
village, where he lost 4 of his cattle. The disease spread to more
herds, and the last was detected in Pongchaling village, where a
government JX breeding bull died.

The blood smears collected from the dead animals were examined at the
regional livestock development centre in Zhemgang and the national
centre for animals' health (NCAH). The findings, along with clinical
symptoms and history, indicated the disease to be anthrax. The
officials said the pigs were affected after being fed meat waste,
while cats were fed raw meat.

Upon visiting the area on 2 Aug 2010, a team from the regional
livestock development centre in Zhemgang conducted awareness meetings
among farmers; about 90 kg of dried meat was disposed of, and
in-contact animals were provided with [authorised] antibiotics.

Anthrax is a bacterial disease primarily of herbivorous animals,
although other mammals and some birds have been known to contract it,
and is caused by the bacteria _Bacillus anthracis_. Humans generally
become infected directly or indirectly from affected animals or
occupational exposure to contaminated animal products. The officials
said the animals dying of anthrax should be buried at least 2 meters
deep after being covered with lime, or they should be incinerated.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thousands of Chickens Die in Attack Three Birds Pinrang

Flu Kecamatan
Jumat, September 24, 2010 6:53 pm
Pinrang, Tribune - Thousands of pet chickens residents in three districts in Pinrang died suddenly and otherwise affected by bird flu.
Sudden death that took place since Monday (21 / 9).

Three bird flu-hit districts are District Lanrisang, Watang Sawitto, and Paleteang.
Department of Animal Husbandry and Agriculture Pinrang have intervened to do the handling. Based on the investigation agency, the cause of death of these birds due to bird flu positive.
"The cause is probably due to the high rainfall this week, so that the factors triggering the emergence of the bird flu outbreak," said Head of Animal Health Animal Husbandry and Agriculture Pinrang, drh Elvis Martina, told reporters on Thursday (23 / 9).
"Last time in 2005 a similar outbreak also occurred in Pinrang. Then again this occurred in 2010," he added.
Described, so far based on the results of a survey of local pertenakan agency, has been attacked three districts of the detected cases of bird flu.
"We planned for 12 districts in Pinrang also be our surveys," he said.
In Sub Lanriseng, local district, M Husain, said, until yesterday estimated its citizens chickens that died ranged 800 to 1000 of the tail. The amount is expected to continue to grow.
In Sub Lanriseng, outbreaks of bird flu attacked chickens in four villages namely citizens Same Ulue Village (Hamlet and Hamlet Sumpang Uloe), Village Lanriseng, Amassangang Village, and Village Mallongi-Longi.
In Lanriseng, found hundreds of dead chickens thrown into the sea people. Dead chickens floating around the coast Lanriseng are then collected back and destroyed for the spread of bird flu can be minimized.

Hussain appealed to the headman and village chiefs in the region declared a bird flu pandemic and its anticipation in the mosques as well as isolating the location of the outbreak of bird flu cases. (Rip)

Grounded and Destroyed

Head of Animal Health Animal Husbandry and Agriculture Pinrang, drh Elvis Martina, in imbauannya states, local residents in case of bird flu outbreak locations for smengkandangkan all pet poultry for two weeks.
"And that infected poultry to be destroyed immediately. Do not sell infected poultry to markets. Dead birds do not be discharged into rivers or the sea for, its spread (bird flu) is not widespread," he explained.
Another step that made the local agency that is distributing masks and gloves to people in locations outbreak of bird flu cases.

Doctors discover Tamiflu-resistant H1N1 superbug

SINGAPORE: A team of Singapore doctors has found a mutant H1N1 virus resistant to Tamiflu - the antiviral drug used to treat it.

The superbug was detected in a sample from a previously healthy 28-year-old female patient, at Tan Tock Seng Hospital.

The mutant strain developed within two days of exposure to the drug. Doctors said less than one per cent of flu is currently resistant.

But they added clinicians should consider resistance when patients who are seriously ill with flu fail to respond to treatment for H1N1.

That's because the strain can evolve almost overnight.

Researchers noted that anti-viral drugs should be given only when necessary as they have limited benefit in mild infections.

Tan Tock Seng Hospital senior consultant in laboratory medicine Timothy Barkham said: "As with all antimicrobial medicines, we should not give patients anti-viral drugs unless it is really necessary, in order to preserve them for patients who really need them".

He noted that antivirals are likely to be most effective in severe flu but are of limited benefit in mild infections.

The research was supported by three A*STAR institutes: the Experimental Therapeutics Centre (ETC), the Genome Institute of Singapore (GIS), and the Bioinformatics Institute (BII).

ETC developed the method used to chart the evolution of drug resistance in the influenza virus, while GIS provided the technology to sequence the viral genome and BII compared the mutant to previous resistant strains to confirm its novelty.


Japan Tamiflu Resistance of new virus strain

[This article doesn't specify the "new virus" so I have to assume it is the A/H1N1]


Influenza virus among those resistant to the drug Tamiflu, a drug approved for marketing Rapiakuta production in January this year (Peramibiru generic name: administered intravenous) may have also resistant to infectious disease research, National The study found places.

According to the Institute of Infectious Diseases, 75 shares of the new virus strain 6915 that were popular in the country last season (about 1.1%), but does not work seems to have been Tamiflu-resistant strains. 75 strains were examined, and there is also resistant to all Rapiakuta. Relenza treatment for another, without any shares of resistance has been observed effect of the medication.

Even the U.S. Centers for Disease Control survey, 6781, 64 new virus strains in the United States (about 0.9%) in Tamiflu resistance, and had also resistant to all Rapiakuta. Is seen as a mechanism similar to each other because the virus works.

The Bill Dana is a fourth flu drug will be released this fall, in clinical trials is reported as being effective Tamiflu-resistant strains.

Egypt: Execution - birds, cats, dogs & 12 tons of rotten meat

Thursday, 09/23/2010 - 3:28

Execution of 12 tons of rotten meat and the confiscation of 9 cars loaded with live birds
Said Dr. Izzat Ramadan Director of the Directorate of Veterinary Medicine in Cairo said that the Directorate has launched major campaigns during the month of September to control the market and the confiscation of live birds are sold in markets and shops and to ensure the validity of the meat offered for human consumption.

The outcome of these campaigns remove the 5 nest and the execution of 42 birds, and the confiscation of 2994 birds from the shops and the liberalization of 144 minutes in cooperation with the police bodies, and added pride that the Directorate also managed to set the 9 cars loaded with live birds for trading markets were confiscated in 1367 chickens from cars, has also been adjust the 203 kg of meat municipal Slaughtered outside the slaughterhouse approved and confiscated quantities seized, in addition to the execution of 12 tons of artifacts meat of unknown origin is safe for human consumption and the liberalization of the necessary records, and pointed out that the Directorate was working hard to fight dogs and stray cats, pointing out that the genocide in 1099 stray dogs and 194 stray cat from the veterinary departments neighborhoods.

For his part, stressed Dr. Abdel Azim Wazir, Cairo Governor, the Director of the Directorate of Veterinary Medicine to ban the circulation of live birds in markets and shops and remove the nest home top roofs of houses and confiscation of any quantities of shops and markets and set the cars loaded with live birds coming from other provinces and in the fight against bird flu .

Bird Flu Virus Plague in Tulungagung

Archipelago / Thursday, September 23, 2010 20:28 AM,
Tulungagung: bird flu virus is endemic in Tulungagung, East Java. Suspected cause unstable weather. "Weather is erratic aggravate the risk of transmission of bird flu virus," said the head of the Animal Husbandry Department of Animal Health in Tulungagung, Tatik Andayani, Thursday (23 / 9).

According Tatik, until now at least twice already found cases of bird flu poultry attacking citizens. The first case occurred in Hamlet Doropayung, Doroampel Village, District Sumbergempol, Thursday last week.

At that time, at least 23 residents of the village chickens suddenly died suddenly after experiencing flu-like symptoms. After examination of meat samples and saliva / mucus chicken that died confirmed the cause was bird flu virus.

"Based on these findings, we then perform sterilization by way of spraying disinfectant in the areas surrounding the discovery of bird flu outbreaks until a radius of one kilometer," said Tatik.

The second case reported Pinggirsari Village, District Ngantru, even worse. At least 45 residents of the village chickens died suddenly due to bird flu.

Actions have also been carried out sterilization, but this time only limited in the cage area where the discovery of dozens of residents who attacked chicken deadly virus.

"It has been going on since before Idul Fitri and we'd already done the handling procedure," he said.

In addition will still continue to occur in almost all regions, inland trade of poultry, domestic poultry, especially chicken and intercity influence the high risk of transmission of viruses that can infect the human body.

Qaliubiya: Execution of 5 thousand chickens infected with bird flu

القليوبية: إعدام 5 آلاف دجاجة لإصابتها بمرض أنفلونزا الطيور
Child feeding domestic birds
Bratabaodv 9/23/2010 7:01:00 PM

Cairo - culled Qaliubiya represented in the organs of Veterinary Medicine 5 thousand chickens in one of the farms in Kafr thanked her after the discovery of bird flu.

The Chancellor announced Qaliubiya Governor Adli Hussein had been cleared the farm and surrounding areas, and disclosure to all employees and clients to make sure they do not carry the disease.

And the governor warned citizens not to become complacent with this disease, which mutates AIDS to appear in the summer after that he does not appear only in the winter, pointing to the need for non-breeding birds living at random.

The MP for the Muslim Brotherhood, Ali Laban made in the earlier two questions to the President of the People's Assembly Ahmed Fathi Sorour, the first is the laboratory "Nmro 3" and the second with the high prices of poultry and meat in Egypt.

He accused the milk in the request for his government of covering up espionage scientific exercised by the plant "Nmro 3" American suspect, pointing out that this plant exposes every day, plans to eliminate poultry Egypt, and in the interest of importers of rotten meat and foreign producers and hatred Zionist U.S..

The milk that the plant "Nmro 3", of the U.S. Marine Corps "Marines," and who is now in hospital admitted Abbasid central Cairo is the first defendant in the transfer of avian influenza virus (H5N1) after modification of genes experimentally, and the evidence of the invalidity of the indictment against migratory birds as is the transfer of the deadly virus from abroad to Egypt - as deputy - is the testimony given by the Minister of Environment Maged George, Dr. Mostafa Tolba, an expert of the Global Environment, Dr. Hatem Minister of Health, which he formed a panel of experts on environment and health to know the causes of the disease and who have not come of something so far.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

24,000 birds die of bird flu

Luwu Timur, South Sulawesi :::
Posted by Ida on September 22, 2010

Malili – Avian influenza or bird flu H5N1 attacked Kabupaten (municipal) Luwu Timur, South Sulawesi. At least twenty-four thousand birds in nine sub-districts, Kecamatan Wotu, Burau, Tomoni, Mangkutana, Tomoni Timur, Kalaena, Malili, Angkona and Wasuponda had been infected.

So far, the virus is not transmitted to human.

Data of Agriculture, Horticulture and Livestock Service of Luwu Timur noted the infected birds were layer, broiler and native chickens.

Bird flu test was done by rapid test and confirmed through laboratory examination of Veterinary Disease Investigation Center (Balai Besar Veteriner) laboratory in Maros.

Regional government had done control measures by burning the infected chickens, disinfection and activating bird flu control points in each sub-district.
hattip Dutchy

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Higher Incidence Of Seizures Seen In Children With H1N1 Virus Compared To Seasonal Flu

20 Sep 2010 - 3:00 PDT
A recent study by researchers at the University of Utah determined that the 2009 pandemic influenza A (H1N1) caused a higher rate of neurological complications in children than the seasonal flu. The most common complications observed were seizures and encephalopathy. Full details of the study, the most extensive evaluation of neurological complications following H1N1 flu in children, are published in the September issue of Annals of Neurology, a journal of the American Neurological Association.

Bird on lake Tagar died from influenza

09/21/1910 17:19

Птица на озере Тагарское погибла от вируса гриппа

Hundred meter Recreation Area near Lake Tagar now forbidden zone with a sign "Quarantine". Assumptions, why the sudden deaths of hundreds of birds near the lake, there were several, including food poisoning. But today confirmed the worst diagnosis. Bird died from a viral infection.

"We are there to deal with flu. Marginal laboratory identified the gene there is an influenza type" A ". We're not saying that this is avian flu H5N1. It works virus type" A ". All the events we hold, as in the outbreak of the virus circulating this type" - deputy head of service veterinary supervision in the Krasnoyarsk Territory Alexander Chernykh.

In settlements near the place where quarantine has passed alert residents on precautions. To all who have poultry, it is necessary to instill or keep in cages or pens until they withdraw restrictions. The resort on the lake Tagar customers also recommend yet to refrain from trips to the lake.

In the suburban area near the lake Tagar now is shooting stray animals, which could also contact with sick birds. Their remains will dispose of all safety rules. And the lake itself all found a dead bird will be will drive five kilometers from the emergency disposal of cattle cemetery.

Ornithologists, who first discovered case of hundreds of migratory birds, is now seen by specialists. By the way, what is happening now in Tagar, the local situation. Specialists of different services are now monitoring and other water bodies Minusinsk area in places where there is a migratory bird. Also, while not a single case of human infection with the virus this flu found in ducks and the crows on Lake Tagar.

Monday, September 20, 2010


SubjectPRO/AH/EDR> Anthrax, human, bovine - Bangladesh (18): 65 new cases

Date: 20 Sep 2010
Source: [edited]

Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh Institute of
Epidemiology, Disease Control and Research (IEDCR) Mohakhali, Dhaka-1212:

Number of Cutaneous Anthrax cases from 18 Aug to 20 Sep 2010:

Districts / Total / Change since last posting / In last 24 hours (20
Sep 2010) / Upazillas
(1) Pabna / 58 / 0 / 0 / Bera (11), Santhia (30), Faridpur (17)
(2) Sirajganj / 212 / 2* / 0 / Shadjadpur (56), Belkuchi (54),
Kamarkhanda (92), Ullapara* (10)
(3) Kushtia / 49 / 3* / 1 / Daulotpur (46), Bheramara* (3)
(4) Tangail / 26 / 0 / 0 / Ghatail (14), Gopalpur (12)
(5) Meherpur / 81 / 2 / 1 / Ganghi* (79), Mujibnagar (1) [data from
above URL - Mod.MHJ]
(6) Manikganj / 8 / 0 / 0 / Shaturia (8)
(7) Shatkhira / 1 / 0 / 0 / Sadar (1)
(8) Lalmonirhat / 107 / 31 / 0 / Sadar* (78), Aditmari* (29)
(9) Rajshahi / 8 / 1 / 0 / Chaghat (7), Tamore* (1**)
(10) Narayangonj / 9 / 0 / 0 / Araihajar (9)
(11) Laxmipur / 25 / 25 / 0 / Kamalnagar* (25)
(12) Chittagong / 1 / 1 / 0 / City* (1)
Total: 585 (2)
** Imported from Sirajganj

Communicated by:
ProMED-mail <>
[An increase of 65 apparently new cases since 16 Sep 2010. - Mod.MHJ]

Date: 19 Sep 2010
Source: [edited]

Government health officers have detected the 1st case of human
anthrax in Feni on Sunday [19 Sep 2010]. A 50-year-old resident of
Joynagar village under Mohamaya Union of Chagalnaia Upazila was found
to have anthrax during primary tests.

According to government officials, 583 cases [sic] have been detected
until Sunday [19 Sep 2010], with 63 new cases in the last 3 days.

Family members said the woman fell ill after eating beef that her son
had purchased from the local Chandgazi Bazar on 24 Aug 2010. A
boil-like skin lesion appeared on her right thigh. She was treated by
a village doctor and later in a private clinic. Upazila health and
family planning officer Mohammed Khairul Islam and Upazila livestock
officer Nurul Afsar went to the house on Sunday [19 Sep 2010] noon
after learning about the case and confirmed that she had contracted anthrax.

Khairul Islam said that enquiries were underway to ascertain whether
there were any more anthrax patients in the area.

On the previous day, beef traders in Chittagong claimed that their
trading had quartered due to the scare.

Communicated by:
ProMED-mail <>

[This upazila does not appear in the official 20 Sep 2010 statistics.
- Mod.MHJ]

Date: 20 Sep 2010
Source: [edited]

Government health officers have detected the 1st case of human
anthrax in Chuadanga. One man, 35, was identified to be infected with
anthrax at Mahmujumma village of the Sadar Upazila on Monday [20 Sep 2010].

Chuadanga Sadar Upazila medical officer Dr Wajed Ashraf Delwar told that they were informed of villagers' suspicion about a
father, 30, his wife, 26, and their son, 6, of Boalia village and of
the 35-year-old man of Mahmujumma village of being infected with
anthrax. On such information, a medical team along with district
civil surgeon Dr Lokman Hakim and livestock officer DD Ajoy Roy
visited the spot.

Ajoy Roy told that they found the 35-year-old man to be
infected. After conducting tests, they said the wife and son had
gotten scabies.

"However, we could not check [the 30-year-old father], as he is
currently in Dhaka. The 35-year-old man left Dhaka after eating beef
at a relative's house. He started showing signs of the disease after
he reached home," the livestock officer added.

Communicated by:
ProMED-mail <>
[Another new upazila, but apparently an imported case from Dhaka, so
infected meat has apparently reached the capital.
- Mod.MHJ]

Quang Ngai: 6 districts with diseases of cattle, poultry

Today 20 / 9, Quang Ngai province implementing open meetings and disease prevention measures for livestock and poultry in the locality.

According to the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Quang Ngai province, from May 8 / 2010 to present, in the districts of Tu Nghia, Son Tinh, Nghia Hanh, Binh Son and Tra Bong influenza A/H5N1 appeared on poultry with the 7300 sick children.

In the district of Son Tinh and Binh Son, Nghia also occur and blue ear pig disease of pigs is 73 children. In addition, foot and mouth epidemic also appeared on herds of Son Tinh and Binh Son and Son Tay, 64 children with the disease.

With the local veterinary conducted destroy all the infected birds and disinfect the area around the outbreak and limit disease spread.

At the meeting, Vice Chairman Truong Ngoc Nhi of Quang Ngai province has directed local initiative in implementing disease control measures for cattle and poultry. Local disease spread to the Chairman of there before the province must be responsible.

One other requirement is also in place to quickly form the station from the provincial disease control to districts and communes; absolutely not for transporting livestock and poultry from the disease to places where there is no translation. The control stations shall come into operation before the latest 25 / 9.

Cambodia-Foot-and-mouth hits four provinces

FOOT-and-mouth disease is currently affecting cattle in four provinces following outbreaks earlier this month, agriculture officials said yesterday.

Hah Piseth, deputy director of the Ministry of Agriculture’s Department of Animal Health, said the disease was affecting cows in Kampong Cham, Kampong Chhnang, Kandal and Prey Veng provinces. He estimated that the number of cases was roughly the same as last year.

“The ministry has provided medicine to the [provincial] agriculture departments and now the situation has been improving because we have been able to save [some cows] in time,” he said.

Around 50 cows in Kampong Cham died from the disease at the beginning of the month, and around 1,000 others were affected with foot-and-mouth and other diseases, said Mao Bunthoeun, deputy chief of Peam Prothnuos commune, located in Koh Sotin district.

“Two cows that died on Sunday were sent downstream.... We are afraid that this will cause disease to people using the river water,” he said.

Hun Ly, deputy director of the Kampong Chhnang provincial animal health office, said he had ordered his staff to educate villagers about how to treat diseased cattle.

“This virus cannot survive in acid, so we recommend that villagers use sour sauces from lemon or tamarind to clean the mouth and nails of the cows twice a day,” he said. “This will cure the disease.”

But Mao Bunthoeun said farmers would be hampered by the outbreak, warning that it could affect animals needed for the upcoming rice harvest, expected in November.

“Cows that have been cured cannot work for two months, even though farmers will need them,” he said.

Som Sarin, 27, a villager from Rolea Pheaer district in Kampong Chhnang, said that the cost of treating diseased cows was too high, and complained that the animals could only be sold for half their normal value.

“Some villagers have called veterinarians, which costs them 15,000 riels (US$3.55) for each visit, but other people have been going to the forest to search for traditional medicine for their cows,” she said.

Anthrax outbreak in Bangladesh nearly reached 600 victims

Sep 20, 2010
BANGLADESH - The number of victims of the anthrax outbreak in Bangladesh rises up to 585.

Beforehand, The government of Bangladesh have announced a red-alert status after an immediate increase in which nearly half were added from the previous number of 300.

And if remembered, the recent celebration of the end of Ramadan or Eid'l Fitr in Bangladesh was affected by the anthrax wherein it continuous to attack.

The country's officials have also assured that they have enough vaccines for the victims of the said disease.

Quang Binh: swine cause of death is not clear

On 20-09-2010 17:46

Dead pig thrown out rice fields.

NDDT-Day 20-9, remote information United Trach, Bo Trach district (Quang Binh) to know, but right through the herd of people get sick and die away with the number of dozens of children. Meanwhile, local authorities and vets do not know this.

Mr. Duong Van Dien Tiger in rural, remote United Trach said: "Do not know how my family's pigs suddenly quit eating properly roll out hug. 17-9 Immediately, I called the dealer to be 4.5 times our original little pig. May sell off that indicated tissue that gratuitous lot bu ... "Nha Le Thi Hue fill them his way home 500m. We see three ideas that vets should "remember to look for other cycles weasel my clouds are coming here full-body rash, sore." Hue adopted a three sows, seven pigs 20-25kg weight evidence, including three children infected cows. Mr. Hoang Van Long family rearing 10 pigs, but four children died, the remaining cows, in a corner. Four pigs died from his wife sure sack and throw a bomb next to rice fields support.

Meanwhile, the related development Trach Hoa, Nguyen Hong Thanh said that cost overruns have bulk pig died, I just ask Tiger village chief, Veterinary Officer, confirmed that two people present absolutely no interest.

Known, beyond approximately 90% United Trach pig farming families with more than 2,500 the number of children. Also the number of dead pigs is not clear which causes people to dispose of dozens of large construction already been infected pigs sell off from the area. If no measures are tensely prevention, disease prevention measures, the risk unwind in translation can easily occur here.

Vietnam Department of Animal Health

.., said blue ear epidemic has spread in area in the Central Highlands province of Dac Lac, Dac Nong, Lam Dong, Kon Tum and Gia Lai to 202 communes of 27 districts, towns, in which more than 120 thousand pigs were infected.
In Gia Lai, pigs infected with 2236, which was destroyed in 498 children. Gia Lai Provincial People's Committee has just decided to support 16,000 VND per kg of live pigs destroyed. According to the Veterinary Department of Kon Tum province, now there are 2000 infected children, in 1424 it destroyed me. PPC has supported farmers 20,000 VND per kg pigs were destroyed. In Lam Dong, has more than 20,000 of the nearly 2,000 pig farmers in Cat Tien commune blue ear disease and the overall number of severely ill and dying pigs were destroyed. Also in Dac Nong province has more than 2800 infected pigs, in which nearly 1100 children have been destroyed. In the province of Dac Lac has had nearly 100,000 pigs infected with blue ear in 14 districts. Particularly in the district had 10/13 M'Drak communes and towns with blue ear epidemic raging, with the 1592 human disease, in which 669 children died.
According to the Veterinary Department of Bac Lieu, to 20-9, blue ear epidemic has spread over 100 villages, of the 29 communes of the province with more than 1,600 infected pigs were culled. It is worth saying that many districts have blue ear epidemic has generated over 10 days, but then broke again. Animal Health Department directed the districts to strengthen the inspection diseases; Statistical Forum, held disinfect disinfectant, cleaning cages. People's Committee of Huong Hoa commune, Tuyen Hoa district (Quang Binh), said mouth outbreak of foot, mouth disease broke out in a village with over 40 Tan Duc buffaloes and cows were infected. Currently, veterinary forces and local authorities are implementing measures to put out the translation.

In Quang Ngai is a lot going on outbreak of cattle and poultry, in which the most dangerous bird flu more than three thousand chickens and ducks have died, nine blue ear pig disease, and 64 foot-mouth cattle disease , long nails. In addition to direct local development for prevention, criticized the fund raising to support the destruction of poultry, swine diseases, PPC has set up three checkpoints transport of livestock and poultry in Sa Huynh, and Ba To Binh Son.

35 Vietnamese people die of rabies

Over 35 deaths have been reported in Vietnam in first six months of the year due to rabies, according to a health official.

Rabies cases have increased in recent years in the country, said the Director of the National Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology, Nguyen Tran Hien.

From 2001-2003, around 30 people died resulting from the dangerous disease; however, in 2007, 131 fatalities have been reported; it is 91 and 64 in 2008 and 2009 respectively.


In successive years, all health forces concentrated on eradicate these fresh diseases including SARS, influenza H5N1 and H1N1, acute diarrhea, people neglected the dangerous disease commonly caused by dogs.

Quang Ngai appear more bird flu outbreak

09/20/2010 9:58

(TNO) 20.9 morning, DARD of Quang Ngai, said in the past 10 days, in the village of Hoa Binh, Hoa Nghia, Nghia H.; Rural Da Ngoc, Hanh Thien commune, Nghia Hanh H.; Rural Peace Noi, Binh Chanh, Binh Son appeared ducks died in a series, with up to 1132 the number of children.
Veterinary Medicine Department of Quang Ngai 9 samples taken at the outbreak of the posts of Veterinary IV Danang tests were positive for the H5N1 virus.

Department collaborated with the local destruction of the entire conduct of poultry in outbreak numbers than 2800 ducks and concurrently implementing emergency prevention measures such as localized outbreaks, close monitoring of poultry flocks, environmental disinfection, vaccination enclosure, not for the widespread epidemic.

As known, in Quang Ngai have also appeared blue ear pig.