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Figures on flu deaths are misleading, usually too high, CDC says

August 27, 2010|By Thomas H. Maugh II, Los Angeles Times

Most reports about seasonal influenza cite an average of about 36,000 deaths in a typical season, but that number is too high and grossly misleading, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Thursday.



The number of deaths in a given year depends on a variety of factors, including how long the flu season lasts, how many people get sick and who gets sick. But by far, the most important factor is the strain of flu that predominates in a given season.

When an H3N2 strain predominates, the number of deaths typically is about 2.7 times higher than in years when an H1N1 strain predominates. Researchers are not sure why that is, but it occurs at least in part because the H3N2 virus mutates more rapidly.

Vietnam: H3N2: Flu season is more severe changes

13 hours ago

After influenza A/H1N1 subsides, a period of nearly five months, average daily central tropical disease hospital received only about 20-30 cases in the examination and treatment by influenza syndrome. But in about 10 days back, the flow of patients to examination and treatment of influenza in the central hospital of tropical diseases has increased sharply, the average day about 100 patients with influenza to health manifested as cough , high fever, acute respiratory long, runny nose, sore throat irritation ...

Talking to the press on 27-8, doctor Nguyen Hong Ha - Deputy Director of the Central Hospital for Tropical Diseases, said the test swabs of the majority of patients showed flu this time, cause influenza A/H3N2 virus is not H1N1 influenza pandemic. Indeed, influenza virus A/H3N2 influenza virus is common, still in circulation for many years and less dangerous. For those of healthy patients benign disease evolution, possibly after 3-5 days the fever, the expression fatigue, cough can last for 10 days or 2-3 weeks after the end itself. However, if untreated or treated too late, A/H3N2 flu can also cause dangerous complications leading to pneumonia, respiratory failure, even death, especially with patients with lower resistance as pregnant women, elderly, young children, people with heart disease, chronic pneumonia, immunodeficiency disease ...

Specifically, changes in the H3N2 flu this time appear in many cases heavy young age. Epidemiological investigation on patients showed that there are many cases where a family with flu infection. Mr. Ha stressed here is that time of seasonal flu spread so strong if not better preventive measures for themselves and the community, the risk of influenza A/H3N2 epidemic continues to spread is huge.

Because the flu season has many manifestations usually mild with very common symptoms such as fever, persistent cough for a few days so most of these patients actively buy antibiotics, but fever is rarely taken on themselves to basic medical examination. Dr. Nguyen Trung Grant, Faculty of examination-Central Tropical Diseases Hospital, the patient should not arbitrarily treat flu with antibiotics that should go to the medical facility for examination and guide appropriate treatment. Because antibiotics do not work with the flu virus itself, so the antibiotic treatment is not correct and will not help patients in remission. Furthermore, expression of flu are fever, cough, easily confused with other diseases, so if not diagnosed correctly was that their own patients treated with antibiotics as causing more severe disease progression as well as family increasing drug resistance.

Doctors Hospital Central Tropical Diseases said, by influenza virus transmission from patients released into the surrounding environment, increases in this period due to cold weather. To prevent influenza, people need to make good personal hygiene, wearing masks regularly to crowded places and contact with patients, to avoid crowds when the flu, should have a handkerchief or tissue Cover your mouth when coughing or sneezing ... Those early manifestation of the disease should seek medical facilities for examination and treatment.

Vietnam-27 provinces with PRRS

Blue ear epidemic spread in southern provinces

Destroying infected with blue ear pig in Kon Tum.
ND - Experimental vaccines for blue ear pig

According to the Department of Animal Health, currently there are 27 provinces of Nghe An, Cao Bang and Soc Trang, Tien Giang, Lao Cai, Long An, Binh Duong, Bac Lieu, Quang Nam, Dong Nai, Binh Phuoc, Da Nang, Vinh Long, Khanh Hoa, Dac Lac, Hau Giang, Lam Dong, Tay Ninh, Ba Ria-Vung Tau, An Giang, Dong Thap, Can Tho, Ben Tre, Kien Giang, Ca Mau, Kon Tum and Dac Nong has translated ear Green is not over 21 days. In particular, Dac Nong province emerging epidemic on 24-8. Before the blue ear epidemic situation has become more complex changes, to control and reduce services, Department of Animal Health is preparing to put into vaccine trials of new vaccines. There are vaccines for testing in the laboratory. If good results, last August and early September this year will implement vaccination in high risk areas. .. Dong Nai Province, where the largest herd, with nearly 1.4 million children are faced with the outbreak of blue ear epidemic strong. After announcing deals in Bau Kan (Long Thanh district), blue ear epidemic is spreading like wildfire...

Vietnam: Ninh Binh Province; Hoa Lu Health Center Prepardness

Hoa Lu Health Center: To promote the prevention and fight against epidemics
Posted: Tuesday, 12:33, 08/24/2010
Since June, the district has appeared three cases positive for swine streptococcus bacteria. Here are three patients in three different areas are: Van Ninh, Ninh Thang Thien Ton and towns, including two patients directly related to slaughter and eat pork.

As soon as information on disease situation, Hoa Lu Medical Center in collaboration with the Center for Preventive Medicine provincial officials to implement on the basis of the inspection, surveillance, chemical spraying organization Cloramin B substances at slaughter, food, places related to patients such as housing, around the garden, make a list and monitor the health of the people involved. Center has instructions for how health care facilities, processing techniques outbreak, reported income information as prescribed. Since then, the district has not appeared more cases of swine streptococcus do.
The center has plans for prevention and treatment, close coordination with the commune health stations and townships in the district implemented the prevention and consolidation of the steering committee, assign specific responsibilities to each members, to promote propaganda on the radio three-level system, directing village health teams, strengthening the monitoring of the disease situation of the people, strengthening the prevention of food poisoning Products ... weekly report sent to the Centre.
The center will be located in two rooms with four scientific Obtain beds to isolate patients when receiving services.

Adequate preparation of certain medicines, including chemicals, fluids, medicine ... Team officials under preventive medicine regularly coordinate with the commune health stations, township conduct inspection and supervision services disease. In the prevention of epidemics, the Center focuses on the former occurrence of outbreaks in previous years, such as food poisoning, acute diarrhea, influenza A (H5N1) virus, dengue fever ... to protect people's health area.

Warning risk of an outbreak of influenza A/H3N2

Saturday, 28/08/2010, 03:06 (GMT +7)
While influenza A/H1N1 was basically put under control the number of people with influenza A/H3N2 is growing strongly again. Although influenza is common but dangerous risk of complications and the spread of this pandemic is very high.

BS, MA, Nguyen Hong Ha, deputy director of the Hospital for Tropical Diseases, said the Central Government, the volume of patients to diagnose and treat influenza at a hospital in about a week ago were returned to Asia. On average 130-150 patients every day to check flu, nearly doubled compared with the past. Most patients have symptoms of the flu season, such as cough, high fever, acute respiratory long, body aches, muscle pain of osteoarthritis, watery eyes, runny nose, sore throat irritation.

Through the test swabs of patients showed a disease caused by influenza A/H3N2 virus. "This is a virus causes the flu season usually, not the influenza A/H1N1 virus ...", Dr Nguyen Hong Ha said.

However, Dr Nguyen Hong Ha stressed that although the flu this flu season but is at risk of epidemic spread over a larger and more dangerous complications. Because epidemiological survey showed most recently, Hanoi has many families with multiple diseases. Furthermore, influenza A/H3N2 has its risk factors such as H1N1 influenza complications capable of causing pneumonia and death.

Those with lower resistance, pregnant women, elderly, young children, people with heart disease, chronic lung, immune deficiency disease ... the subject is susceptible to complications of influenza A/H3N2 and risk Insurance

Previous influenza A/H3N2 situation tends to spread, BS, MA, Nguyen Hong Ha recommendations, influenza is a disease caused by influenza virus transmission from patients released into the surrounding environment or by contact. So when the flu should strictly implement the measures of personal hygiene, often to wear a mask when in crowded areas.

Moreover, when anyone signs of the flu in time to the hospital early this need to be diagnosed and treated promptly to avoid unfortunate complications. Do not buy and take antibiotics when signs of flu, which has no physical exam and doctor's instructions.

Vietnam: H3N2 Prevalence at Hosp. for Tropical Diseases Central

Influenza A (H3N2) can also be deadly

Recently, the Hospital for Tropical Diseases Central received a lot of people to check with flu symptoms. Liệu có phải cúm A(H1N1) đại dịch đã quay trở lại? Whether influenza A (H1N1) pandemic has come back? Thạc sĩ Nguyễn Hồng Hà, Phó Giám đốc bệnh viện, cho biết: Master Nguyen Hong Ha, deputy hospital director, said:

- Trung bình mỗi ngày, có khoảng 130 bệnh nhân cúm đến khám với các biểu hiện như ho, sốt cao, viêm long đường hô hấp, đau nhức toàn thân, đau các cơ xương khớp, chân tay rã rời, chảy nước mắt, sổ mũi, ngạt mũi, đau rát họng... - A day on average, approximately 130 patients with influenza to check manifests as cough, high fever, acute respiratory long, body aches, muscle pain of osteoarthritis, tired limbs, watery eyes, Sneezing, stuffy nose, sore throat irritation ... Kết quả xét nghiệm bệnh phẩm khẳng định nguyên nhân gây bệnh là virus cúm A(H3N2), loại cúm mùa thông thường, chứ không phải cúm A(H1N1) đại dịch. The test swabs confirmed the virus causes influenza A (H3N2), influenza type regular season, not the influenza A (H1N1) pandemic. Tuy nhiên, điều tra dịch tễ cho thấy một số gia đình có nhiều người cùng mắc bệnh, nghĩa là dịch cúm này đã và đang có nguy cơ lây lan rộng hơn. However, epidemiological investigation showed that some families with multiple cases, this means that the pandemic has spread risk more broadly.

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Hau Giang: Dead Pigs Found in Channel - Spreads Pathogens

Dispose of the dead pigs into the river identified
27/08/2010, 06:23:54 PM
( the blue ear disease appears on the situation, about 20 days now in Hau Giang many households lack the sense of dead pigs were properly thrown into the river, canal water pollution and contribute to spread pathogens.

Department of Animal Health in Hau Giang Province with the local government has fished for nearly 50 identified dead pigs were thrown into the river to destroy, most on Xang Xa No canal, the section from Vi Thanh to Vi Thuy district. This is not the first time that avian influenza during the previous year, the veterinary sector has also picked and destroyed thousands of dead birds were thrown on the channel.

Mr. Truong Ngoc Trung, Department of Animal Health Department in Hau Giang Province, said: Although the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has defined the case spread, spread animal pathogens will be dealt with severely, but not captured by the flagrant cases of pigs dead body thrown into the river and canals should not be handling cases.

Initially, veterinary science combined with local government to strengthen the propaganda to the people about the risk of spread of blue ear disease from which her step son had the good cooperation with local veterinary and to receive assistance. Also thanks to the propaganda push, throw away the exact situation recently dead pig down rivers have fallen more than before.

As known, until now the province of Hau Giang has 39 communes, wards and towns of 6 / 7 districts have blue ear epidemic occurs. Veterinary forces have carried out the destruction of 885 children, most of which is the town of Phung Hiep District and Nga Bay, each over 300 local children. Currently, the disease situation is marked slowdown and pork prices begin to move against the trend at new place

Pentagon Pulls $1B from WMD-Defense Efforts to Fund Vaccine Initiative

Friday, Aug. 27, 2010 By Elaine M. Grossman
Global Security Newswire

WASHINGTON -- The U.S. Defense Department has shifted more than $1 billion out of its nuclear, biological and chemical defense programs to underwrite a new White House priority on vaccine development and production to combat disease pandemics, according to government and industry officials (see GSN, Aug. 20).

The planned funding reduction "terminates essential CBRN [chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear] defense programs ... required to meet high priority service needs, prevent casualties and protect against CBRN incidents," according to a Pentagon budget document drafted in early August.


"To implement the DOD response to the president's new [vaccine] initiative requires $1.07 billion" between fiscal 2012 and 2016, states the defense memo, obtained by Global Security Newswire.
The money was taken out of a wide variety of programs deemed "essential" for combating weapons of mass destruction, the document states. An additional $442 million was trimmed through efficiency reductions mandated by Defense Secretary Robert Gates, for a total of $1.5 billion cut from the counter-WMD account over the five-year period, according to the draft memo.

Egypt: H5N1 Bird Flu - 2010: 22 confirmed; 9 deaths

[This matches our list of confirmed cases for 2010; under Egypt Fact Box located in the right side bar]


Health announces the death of the 36 case of "bird flu"

And in 2010 saw the injury of 22 cases, 9 of whom died, while last year saw 39 cases of infection, of whom 4 died in Recent statistics issued by the World Health Organization has issued the world countries in Egypt in 2010 in the number of injuries and deaths compared to other countries.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Egypt: H5N1 Death (33 yo Qaliubiya)

Thursday, August 26th, 2010 - 13:23

Written by Amira Abdel-Salam

Ministry of Health announced today, Thursday, for the death of ninth case of bird flu during the year 2010, which is of a woman Qaliubiya old 33 years old.

It is noteworthy that since the issuance of the disease in 2006 cases amounted to 112 cases of infection, while reaching deaths to 36.

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UAE: Discusses Developing Strategic Stockpile


"Food security" in the council headed by Dr. Sulaiman Al Jassim Fujairah
Speakers demanded a strategic stock of the state and fight the culture of consumption and waste

Participants discussed in the Council Ramadan, hosted by Dr. Sulaiman Al Jassim, Director of Zayed University in his house in Fujairah, the subject of food security and strategic motive in the current circumstances, where the speakers stressed the need to develop a strategic stockpile of the state is enough for at least 6 months, and the establishment of an organizational structure to manage the direction of the High Command It was suggested that cooperative societies constitute an effective mechanism for distribution during the crisis, demanding to open branches across the country, and pointed out that the food comes on top of the pyramid of strategic priorities, and drinking water, fuels, pharmaceuticals, and include foodstuffs, wheat, corn, barley, fruits and vegetables , dates, potatoes, onions, meat, fodder and vegetable oils. They said that the ports of the east coast are eligible for the storage of strategic goods in ships freely, and the establishment of silos in the plains.
He pointed out that there is a study by researchers at the Department of Economic Development in Abu Dhabi warned against the lack of strategic stocks of basic food commodities in the country to face food crises ahead, and monopolistic practices in the local market at which the UAE on imports to secure 85 per cent of the total food needs. That the contribution of agricultural sector in the GDP declining year after year, and that there was the adoption of 100 per cent on the outside to cover the domestic consumption of food commodities, and the value of import of food commodities is a six-fold in terms of agricultural exports amounted to 4.29 billion dirhams in 2007 / 2008 .

He added that the diversification of import sources to Aihakq objectives in the context of pandemics such as bird flu, where it was to stop all imports from 28 countries, and suffered the public from an acute shortage of eggs and chicken prices had gone up significantly.
He noted that a report of the Abu Dhabi Council for Economic Development called for building a strategic stockpile of food in the UAE, and diversify the sources of import, as the report pointed out that the crisis of rising prices in Abu Dhabi and reached levels in goods between 50 to 60 per cent, which led to increasing complaints the public from rising prices. The report also stated that the State is characterized by special circumstances that make it import absolute priority in achieving food security, as well as promotion of a modern agricultural sector is capable of production in the core subjects, according to the natural conditions of the list. The report predicted that the high value of food imports to 60 billion dirhams by 2011 compared to 3.52 billion dirhams, 2007.

Vietnam: Appearance of avian influenza in chickens first 500 children

08/26/2010 06:58:08

While the blue ear pig is rampant in many localities, the new veterinary re-discovered bird flu outbreak in the province the first in Trung Ngai (Vung Liem).

Đàn gà 500 con của ông Nguyễn Thành Trung bị bệnh chết rải rác nhiều ngày trước, đến ngày 10/8 nhận được kết quả xét nghiệm bệnh phẩm dương tính với virus H5N1, lực lượng thú y tiến hành tiêu hủy toàn bộ đàn gà còn lại của ông Trung.

500 baby chickens of Nguyen Thanh Trung sick scattered dead several days ago, on 10 / 8 receiving the swabs tested positive for H5N1, veterinary forces conducted destroy all chickens also His re China [Trung].

Anh Hồ Công Nguyên- Trưởng Phòng Nông nghiệp và PTNT cho biết: Ngay sau khi tiêu hủy, lực lượng thú y đã tiến hành phun hóa chất, tiêu độc sát trùng nơi xảy ra ổ dịch và 2 ấp lân cận không để dịch bệnh lan rộng. Ho BC-British Chamber of Agriculture and Rural Development Manager, said: Immediately after the destruction, veterinary forces have carried out the chemical sprays, antiseptic disinfection where the outbreak occurred and two neighboring villages not to spread disease wide.

Được biết, toàn huyện Vũng Liêm có gần 72.000 con gia cầm các loại, trong đó gà trên 8.800 con và gần 63.000 con vịt, tất cả đều đã được tiêm phòng vaccine đợt 2. As known, Vung Liem district has nearly 72,000 poultry of all kinds, including chickens and nearly 63,000 children over 8800 ducks, all of which have been vaccinated vaccine batch 2.


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Illness forces N.C. shelter to close, 200 animals to be euthanized

Approximately 200 animals will be euthanized, and the Catawba County Animal Shelter will be temporarily closed because of the outbreak of an unidentified illness.

The animals, which shelter officials said are primarily dogs and cats, will be euthanized during the next week, and the entire building will be sanitized in an effort to clear the shelter of a virus that kills both cats and dogs and has thus far proved untreatable.

It's a mystery,” Jay Blatche, the shelter’s animal services manager, said. “It is a very bad disease. Everyone here is saddened by what we are doing today. There's been some tears and I'm sure there will be some nightmares for our staff.”

The outbreak of an upper respiratory illness was first noticed about a month ago, according to shelter officials. Despite tests at the shelter and at animal virus labs at Cornell University and Oklahoma State University, the illness remains unidentified.

The shelter, located on U.S. 321 in Newton, is closed as of Wednesday. The animals currently housed there are considered to have been exposed to the illness and will be euthanized. Shelter officials said they made the decision in an effort to contain the virus.

“We have made this extremely difficult decision, in consultation with our contract veterinarian, to protect the health and safety of the total animal population of Catawba County,” Blatche said. “The action follows an increasing number of cases of an upper respiratory illness that continues to be seen in animals at the shelter. The virus results in high fever, vomiting and diarrhea and has proven very difficult to treat.”

In a further effort to contain the disease, no adoptions from the shelter are being allowed.

“It's terrible,” Terri Ziba, an animal lover who was turned away from the shelter on Wednesday, said. “I hate it. It's breaking my heart standing here thinking about it … because they need love.”

Shelter officials said animals that were adopted out of the shelter recently and then got sick have been returned.

The shelter typically takes 30 animals a day, but is not accepting animals from the public during the temporary closure.

The kennels will undergo a thorough sanitation process that includes cleaning with bleach, detergent and antimicrobial agents, as well as pressure cleaning with hot water. The entire shelter will be cleaned, along with the heating and air conditioning system.

A temporary shelter has been created outdoors to house animals until the regular shelter is reopened. Officials said they hope to contain the virus and reopen by Sept. 7.

The county will continue to provide animal control services, and the public can still contact the shelter to report dangerous situations involving animals.

Vietnam: Doan Vinh Long province check the disease situation in cattle, poultry

Previous post:

[bolded sentence could be a typo]

In total 32 test samples sent to the 31 samples had positive results (in which a sample positive for avian influenza viruses).

24/08/10, 4:20 pm
Doan Vinh Long province check the disease situation in cattle, poultry

This morning (08/24), Truong Van Sau, Vice Chairman of Vinh Long and leaders DARD and provincial Animal Health Department to work with district leaders and Long Lake in Vung Liem district happenings disease situation in cattle and poultry.

So far, Long Ho district has 15 communes and towns have blue ear pig disease. Outbreak first appeared in Tan Hanh, then spread to other localities in the district. There are 157 households were reported to be sick pig and make records verified 2473 with the number of infected children.

Last time, blue ear pig disease situation in the district is complicated, in part because some farmers do not have good sense, has thrown identify dead pigs into the river and canals, creating opportunities for service spread rapidly.

Most farmers with small type, so the retail sector's control functions are limited. Funding for the inspection and supervision services as well as insufficient human resources also make it difficult for this work.

On Vung Liem district, outside the blue ear pig disease in poultry has also appeared in two and Quoi Thien Trung Chanh. District leaders have actively directed the local enhanced prevention, health and veterinary chemicals was granted the work of antiseptic disinfection, vaccination on cattle and poultry to prevent epidemic source. [Trên địa bàn huyện Vũng Liêm, ngoài dịch heo tai xanh thì dịch bệnh trên đàn gia cầm cũng đã xuất hiện ở 2 xã Trung ChánhQuới Thiện.]

In addition, Vung Liem district also established interdisciplinary inspection team to check the focus of slaughter, the carcass in the market as well as examine the processes transporting livestock and poultry in the province, to avoid epidemic spread from sources outside the district and from outside the district.

At the meeting, Mr Truong Van Sau direct local concentration required for prevention of livestock diseases now.

To facilitate this work, he recommended that the Department of Finance Room service immediate response fund to support training for personnel working in quarantine, surveillance and additional drugs to disinfect disinfected areas where service same time further strengthening of human resources for this activity to ensure resources are translated block.

In addition, functional departments should coordinate closely with the press agencies - pushing for more media propaganda to raise public awareness about prevention of diseases on livestock and poultry.

Vietnam: Vinh Long - Blue Ear Pig Disease

[bolded sentence could be a typo]

According to the Steering Committee for Prevention Service (PSC PCD) province, although all measures have been actively stamping service deployment but far blue ear pig is still very complex evolution, high-speed transmission and no signs of them.

To date 23 / 8, blue ear pig disease has spread and appeared in 8 / 8 districts with 68 communes, wards and towns have service. Total number of households with infected pigs is the 582 households with 10,591 children, which, with 9,662 children infected, killed 1907 children, 2562 child destruction, monitoring and treatment-selling 7034 children 47 children.

In total 32 test samples sent to the 31 samples had positive results (in which a sample positive for avian influenza viruses).

Before the evolution of increasingly complex blue ear pig, the provincial Animal Health Department has intensified its quarantine, disinfect disinfected transport livestock, poultry exporting province to step up inspection and supervision slaughter and sale of pork, while actively disinfect disinfectant in the market buying and selling livestock, meat stalls, the slaughterhouse ... Specifically, on 2 / 8 to 18 / 8, the province exported 26,698 quarantined pigs, destroyed 1.5 tons of processed meat of unknown origin; control slaughtering 14,663 pigs, ...

In addition to facilitate the work of stamping service, Department of Animal Health also conducted the services identified, the epidemic threatened and buffer for mapping blue ear pig disease epidemiology in the province. Besides, the veterinary station eight districts implementing communications, allocation prevention materials for farmers, and treatment guidelines swine disease, swine handling process dead .. .

But so far, the epidemic is still pressing difficulties. PSC PCD levels have not really actively monitor organizational diagnosis. The handling of the first outbreak are not synchronized, not isolated radical epidemic areas. Most outbreaks were discovered mainly through the people and most households have to be declared as infected pig time prolonged. Not to mention the hidden epidemic or people selling cheap herd that refused to cooperate with veterinary agencies This not only deprives the farmers but also for the work of disease control professionals become more difficult.


Egyptian Ministry of Health announces human infection with bird flu, No. 112

Health 08/25/2010 5:39:00 PM

القاهرة - 25 - 8 (كونا) -- أعلنت وزارة الصحة اليوم عن الاصابة البشرية رقم 112 بانفلونزا الطيور منذ ظهور المرض في مصر مشيرة الى انها تعود لسيدة تبلغ من العمر 33 عاما من محافظة القليوبية وصفت حالتها الصحية بالحرجة.

Cairo - 25-8 (KUNA) - Ministry of Health announced today that No. 112 of human infection with bird flu since the disease appeared in Egypt, pointing out that they belong to a woman, aged 33, from Qaliubiya described her condition critical.

وأوضحت الوزارة في بيان صحافي ان السيدة التي ادخلت احد مستشفيات القاهرة أمس تعاني من ارتفاع في درجة الحرارة وكحة وصعوبة في التنفس وذلك عقب تعرضها لطيور يشتبه باصابتها بمرض انفلونزا الطيور.

The ministry said in a press statement that the woman, who introduced a Cairo hospital on Thursday suffering from high temperature, cough and difficulty breathing after exposure to birds suspected of being affected by bird flu.
(النهاية) ر غ / ر ج كونا251739 جمت اغو 10 (End) t g / t c KUNA Lago GMT 251 739 10

Egypt: Confirmed Case #112 Bird Flu

No. 112 of human infection with bird flu of a woman from Qaliubiya
Wednesday, August 25th, 2010 - 16:34

The Ministry of Health No. 112 of human infection with bird flu, since the disease appeared in Egypt and even now a woman from Qaloubiyah province, and her health is critical.

A statement issued by the Ministry of Health said Wednesday that new infection of a woman from Qaloubiyah province, at the age of 33 years, and entered a hospital in Cairo yesterday, suffering from high fever, cough and difficulty breathing, following exposure to birds suspected of being infected with bird flu.

The statement pointed out it was given Ms. drug "Tamiflu" on the spot, and her health is critical and is still receiving treatment in hospital.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Vietnam - Bird flu back with a vengence

Edited: This report can not be confirmed. The link does not go to OIE. OIE does have a report submitted on 8/17 for Gia Lai Province.

25 Aug 2010

The authorities sent an Immediate Notification dated 17 August to the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE).

The report describes six outbreaks (at two farms and four villages) of HPAI in four provinces of the country. In total, 6,525 birds were involved, of which 5,000 died and 1,525 were destroyed.
The presence of the H5N1 sub-type of the virus has been confirmed.

Mice can sniff out duck droppings laced with virus

Tracking bird flu one poop at a time

BOSTON — Duck and goose droppings, the bane of golfers and park visitors, may help scientists track the spread of bird flu — with olfactory assistance from properly trained animals.

Scientists have trained mice to identify the poop of ducks infected with avian influenza, chemical ecologist Bruce Kimball reported August 24 at the American Chemical Society’s fall meeting.

If mice can pick up the scent, it should also be possible to train dogs to track the flu trail, said Kimball, of the National Wildlife Research Center in Fort Collins, Colorado, and the Monell Chemical Sciences Center in Philadelphia. “I like to joke that we’re going to send people out with mice on leashes,” he said. “But my vision is we could train dogs in much the same way.”

Mice trained on the scent of poop from infected birds correctly chose infected poop over uninfected poop 90 percent of the time, Kimball reported. When the mice were presented with new droppings not used in the training sessions, the rodents identified the flu-laced feces 77 percent of the time.

Many diseases, such as diabetes and some cancers, are known to alter the chemical profile of an infected individual’s breath, so the presence of a poop profile also seems reasonable, Kimball said. He and his colleagues suspect that the mice are tuning in to compounds produced by the ducks’ immune systems in response to the flu.

Evidence suggests that some duck species excrete much more flu virus than other birds, making the water birds prime disease spreaders via migratory travels or, more likely, when ducks are bought and sold in poultry markets. Hundreds of millions of ducks, chickens, turkeys, and geese died of flu or were killed to prevent the spread of the H5N1 virus that emerged in Hong Kong in the late 1990s. By 2006 more than 200 people had picked up the bug, and estimates suggest the economic impact of the disease was more than $10 billion.

If dogs can be trained to sniff out infected birds, it could streamline efforts to control an outbreak.

“Based on my experience, if a mouse can be trained for a scent chore, so can a dog,” said Gary Settles, director of the Gas Dynamics Laboratory at Pennsylvania State University in University Park. “Their olfactory apparatus is similar, just of a different size,” said Settles, who was not involved in the research. “I know of no chemical-trace detection chore that mice can do but dogs cannot.”

The scientists are still trying to figure out the precise chemical compounds that the mice latch on to, Kimball said. The research team irradiated the duck droppings to make sure the flu wasn’t infectious — a precaution that may have affected the poop’s smell profile, he said.

Qinzhou District to carry out post-disaster investigation and animal epidemic prevention

2010-08-25 03:35:00

Source: Gansuribao (Lanzhou) to keep abreast of the news on cell phones 0 Tianshui newspaper (Reporter Zhao Jianqing) "8.12" serious flash flood disasters Qinzhou District of Tianshui City, 12 towns 134 administrative villages, farm size, all kinds of backyard poultry farmers affected. In order to prevent the occurrence of animal diseases, the area immediately start the major animal disease prevention and control emergency response plan, carried out on various types of livestock and poultry disease control and timely investigation.

After the disaster, epidemic Qinzhou area immediately set up the diagnosis, disinfection and disposal of law enforcement supervision of three working groups, 31 professional and technical cadres in the disaster areas to carry out further investigation thoroughly, and search for the bodies, disinfection eliminate the source, farmers market regulation and immune complement needle, etc. . In recent days, a total of 50 000 bird flu epidemic, foot and mouth disease epidemic 32 000 (only), disinfection of sheds, farm produce and market a total of 50,000 square meters, 1,000 kg of release chlorine, disinfection equipment 100 sets (only), forfeiture is not Qualified 110 kilograms of meat, burning, processing of animal carcasses 22.

Bangladesh vaccinating cows to contain anthrax outbreak


Bangladesh has launched a vaccination drive in its northern dairy farming region to contain an outbreak of anthrax that has affected more than 100 people this week, an official said yesterday.

Another 62 infections have been reported in the last 24 hours, taking this week’s toll to 114, Mahmudur Rahman, a health ministry director, told AFP. No one has died.

“We have sent medical teams to all anthrax-affected areas. The livestock department has also launched a major vaccination drive in the region,” he said.

Anthrax is a potentially lethal bacterium that exists naturally in the soil and commonly infects livestock which ingest or inhale its spores while grazing. It can be transmitted to humans who handle or eat infected animals.

Anthrax does not spread directly from one infected human or animal to another but is spread through spores.

Anthrax spores can be produced in vitro and have been used in biological warfare. Weaponised anthrax has not been part of Western countries’ military stockpiles for decades but has been used in bio-terrorist attacks.

Bangladesh’s current outbreak - one of nine this year - has spread in the dairy farming districts of Sirajganj and Pabna due to diseased cows being slaughtered and then sold on, Rahman said.

All of the current cases in Bangladesh are cutaneous - or skin - anthrax, which can cause wound-like lesions, he said.

“The farmers were not aware of anthrax. They slaughtered sick cows without knowing that it could transmit the disease to humans,” he said.

Along with the vaccination drive, local authorities have launched an awareness-raising campaign in the region, urging farmers not to kill infected animals and sell the meat.

26 provinces and blue ear pig is not over 21 days

Thứ tư, 25/08/2010 00:34GMT+7
From Danang to have blue ear pig (employee) - The provinces and cities from Da Nang to the south is expected to have blue ear pig in the future. Mr. Hoang Van Nam, Director of Animal Health authorities said at the meeting the Steering Committee of national prevention of avian influenza in Hanoi on NoiHien now 24-8, in the south, blue ear pig very complex evolution magazine, have tended to spread. In the past two weeks had 560 communes in 79 districts of 10 provinces the outbreak arise. Total number of pigs are infected more than 163,000 children (243,000 children so far has infected more than 347,400 children in the herd).

Thus, to date there are 26 provinces and blue ear pig is not over 21 days.

Indonesia: Bengkulu War Against Bird Flu

Tuesday, August 24, 2010 08:14 AM, Bengkulu: Bird flu in Bengkulu province designated as a remarkable incident (KLB). As a result of animal health workers aggressively entered the spraying in the neighborhood residents to anticipate the spread of the virus.

Based on information collected by Metro TV, Monday (23 / 8), almost every day in the past two weeks, residents of poultry found dead unexpectedly. The animal had tested positive for H5N1 virus.

In addition to spraying the environment, education efforts were pursued. One of the village health workers at health centers in Little Bridge, for example, has provided counseling to residents and owners of poultry.

According to health officials, the owners unggus advised to tell if there are dead birds is not fair and immediately bury or burn these birds. The aim is to avoid the spread of bird flu to other birds.

Bird flu virus now spreading in Bengkulu in the two districts and one municipality. The spread so quickly due to lack of awareness of citizens and avoid the dead birds infected with bird flu from their environment. (RAS)

Monday, August 23, 2010

HHS Report Urges Development of $200 million fund to fight pandemics or biological agents

23 August 2010

A venture capital fund should be created by the U.S. government to invest in companies developing ways to defend the nation from flu pandemics and bioterrorist attacks, U.S. health officials said. A report from Health and Human Services (HHS) officials urged development of a $200 million fund that would invest in new ways to thwart potential public health threats from viruses or biological agents. In a separate study, a panel of scientists and technology industry executives, created by President Barack Obama, said the United States needs to spend $1 billion annually to expand and modernize vaccine production.

Bloomberg’s Pat Wechsler and Ellen Gibson write that Obama had asked for better ways to protect the United States after last season’s swine flu pandemic killed about 13,000 Americans. The President’s Council of Advisers on Science and Technology concluded that the nation’s response was “three to five months slower than ideal” and that new ways should be found to make vaccines quickly.

“Today, we really don’t know where our next public health crisis is going to come from,” said Health and Human Services secretary Kathleen Sebelius. “Our enemies are constantly probing for weakness. Our nation must have a system that is nimble and flexible enough to produce countermeasures quickly.”

The swine flu pandemic left 13,000 Americans dead, including a disproportionate number of children and young adults compared with usual seasonal influenzas. Initial projections of the death toll were as much as ten times higher, leading to concern when vaccine manufacturing was delayed by problems related to outdated technology and science.

Wechsler and Gibson write that the President’s Council, whose members include Eric Schmidt, chief executive officer of Google Inc. and Yale University president Richard Levin, had warned Obama in August 2009 that the H1N1 virus may kill from 30,000 to 90,000 Americans after infecting up to half the population and hospitalizing 1.8 million. The deaths would be in addition to the more than 30,000 who die from seasonal flu, the panel said.

The swine flu virus, H1N1, did not turn out to be so deadly, but future pandemics may be severe so the nation needs to invest in vaccine production and technology to speed up manufacture and delivery, according to the report.

“In a serious pandemic, cutting even a few weeks off the vaccine production schedule can translate into saving thousands of lives,” said Harold Varmus, president of Memorial Sloan- Kettering Cancer Center in New York, who supervised work on the report. “The good news is we now know how to reduce the likelihood of such delays with new and improved technologies.”

Drug companies grew the H1N1 virus needed to make the vaccine using egg cultures, a traditional approach too slow to produce enough doses quickly. Both reports recommended a move away from egg-based production to cell-culture systems and recombinant vaccines using genetic engineering tools.

HHS said it would use $1.9 billion already appropriated to deal with pandemic preparedness. In addition to the strategic investment firm, the report recommends the creation of Centers for Innovation to with industry promoting flexible manufacturing technology able to respond to public health threats.

Egypt: Craze in poultry prices during Ramadan

August 23, 2010

Lack of supply due to the heat wave the past few days and the bird flu led clearly to raise prices as officials emphasize .. At the same time did not come importer Alternatively, or in a row the consumer, especially as the market price does not differ from the price of live poultry to be sold kilogram of b £ 18 . to keep the citizen at a loss if the poultry market .

Major General Abdul Ghaffar Youssef - chief executive of the Stock Exchange poultry - says : already witnessing the poultry market instability in prices and this was due to two main reasons: first, the heat wave that hit us the last period, which reached on some days, 46 and 48 degrees, which really affected the development of poultry in the farms that it resulted in many lost especially small farms, which is the equipment is weak and contains conditioning or ventilators because of their high cost in turn led to the large losses of poultry and thus to a lack of proportion displayed in the markets and make breeders with large losses .
And adds a second reason which caused an increase in prices is bird flu, which we consider to impact on the poultry market by 80% especially after we made sure that the vaccine has been used to treat the disease was ineffective, causing the resettlement of the disease to have because of vaccines that have not not fit the disease have .. indicates we are awaiting the production of the new vaccine, which is expected to arrive during 6 months later to begin a new stage of production and is set to the market situation and prices .

And noted that our products now 5.1 million chickens, of course, is dropped from the previous period after it exceeds two million .. adding that it would not winged importer of high citizen poultry market, but has become competitive in price as it reached to the kilogram of 18 pounds, and so far, there is great demand because consumers still prefer domestic poultry .

He adds Ghaffar Youssef said poultry prices Municipal witnessed an increased significantly after the price per kilogram to 02 pounds a difference of one pound, only the prices for poultry, white, netting 91 pounds per kilo, pointing out that one of the reasons for the high poultry prices due to the higher rate of delivery from farms to dealers as it hit This price 31 pounds per kilo after it was over the past months are recognized at 9 pounds as well as also seen prices of chicks increased significantly as the price of chick farm 8 pounds, while the price before the price rises estimated 3 pounds per chick .

Stresses Naji Congratulations shop owner poultry that breeder and trader of controlling the price The seller is not powerless, and the percentage of sales affected somewhat by higher oil prices as a result of the heat wave experienced by the country recently as the chick rises above 8 pounds instead of pounds and a half pound .

And adds Afifi Mahmoud - owner of a chicken - that rise in the price of poultry simple compared to meat red at the same time can not be dispensed with as a type of protein and the reasons for this increase is due to several reasons including the high price of poultry feed in addition to a high degree of temperature, especially in small farms that do not contain adequate means such as ventilation to keep the poultry owned Aktrmen 50 % educators .

Egypt: Ismaili pay doctors specialists to follow-up of poultry farms

August 23, 2010

Dr. Saleh Baker, Undersecretary of the Department of Veterinary Medicine Ismailia, the Directorate is doing campaigns expanded veterinary departments bordering Sharkia direct medical specialists of poultry farms located within the province of Sharkia, so on a regular basis every month in all border posts such as the Big Hill and Qassaseen and Abossoer and Kantara West, and is password on all farms in these areas where there were different ages and different species of birds (fattening _ _ blank mothers and fattening), and all farms are working regularly and systematically, and has no symptoms of epidemic diseases, especially bird flu

, Was the work of the national campaign against the seventh for the diagnosis of avian flu in the Conservation Service in the period from 1 / 6 12/08/2010 In terms of birds were vaccinated 331.861 education in the household with the knowledge that vaccines are available in all units and departments of veterinary services.
And to continue in joint campaigns with the police Investigation of Supply and police facilities, the environment and the local units in combating the sale of live birds in markets and shops and prevention education at home.

93 campaign was the work of 15 / 3 to 15/8/2010 and continue in the work of border traps in conjunction with the police to entrances and exits, and the transfer of live birds to slaughter poultry and the mechanism for periodic follow-up of the massacres to review all the steps of profiteering.
During the period from 15 / 3 to 15 / 8 has been edited violation record 255 poultry were culled 10 179 chickens.

Egypt: Cairo - Governor's Morning Assembly Speech addresses Bird Flu Caution


Abdel-Azim Wazir, Cairo Governor prevent the use of microphones during the morning assembly and radio school, and only hearing aids of the Interior. Cairo Governor also stressed the need for each school to renew the Egyptian press.

The Governor emphasized the responsibility of district heads direct to the schools and follow-up maintenance and cleanliness of the bounding box and the walls and the adjacent sidewalk, and not to allow any occupancy by the fall, and its readiness to receive the new school year.
On another note, the "minister" to the heads of the living and the Director of Veterinary Medicine and police facilities and police bodies Almaiipadm negligence in preventing the circulation of live poultry markets and shops, and Hzertoagd nest for breeding birds indoors or balconies, warning of bird flu after the drop in heat.

Kuwait: Cry of the owners of veterinary specialists to prime minister

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

Our considered inferior to the veterinary profession and the owners are respected and appreciated in developed countries
Indifference b «veterinarian» stems from ignorance of the profession of rare and hard and put their lives in their hands to prevent the spread of epidemics
Ratib Al

Launched the doctors, nurses and observers felt veterinarians cry for help to the Prime Minister and Chairman of the Civil Service Bureau to look into mercy, compassion and humanity to their demands filed years ago and the nature of the profession of rare and hard and close the most lethal diseases, and fierce human beings, made famous repeatedly during the past years, such as sickness flu flu and swine flu and others, and caused panic and terror in the popular and political circles around the world.

He appealed to workers Veterinary Public Authority for Agriculture Affairs and Fisheries, His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Nasser Al-Mohammad, as well as Head of Civil Service to stand by these staff, doctors and observers veterinarians, helping them to get their rights and fulfillment of what they are doing, and equality of physicians, nurses, human inhabitants, and at the level of Adoption of the cadres that have been deprived of them without the right, despite the similarity of the tasks entrusted to them with their colleagues in human medicine, but that veterinarians consider the first line of defense for citizens and residents on the territory of Kuwait against those diseases transmitted to humans by animals, and their fingerprints are clear in this context , as they have become the place where people can see when they were living with the deadly disease within the fields of laboratory and sera samples serious epidemic, and are exposed directly to these diseases in the way of the work bridge is immune against these diseases, and achieving health and food security, securing the homeland and the citizens and residents of fear and panic that has left many of them When I started the features of disease such as bird flu spread.

The category toiling for their sense of injustice, extreme by not paying heed to calls demanding their rights and gains, and forget to modify the cadre of physicians and foremen and technicians veterinarians, where it was to modify staff since 2007 and has not yet been considered, and passed with the rest of the other cadre, pointing out that the number of employees who exercise the profession are the most dangerous for public health, not to exceed 20 doctors and 120 technicians and noting, therefore, the adoption of cadres to them and feeling them and their suffering and their efforts would not be a burden on the state budget.

On the other hand, he vets deplored by ignored by the Public Authority for Agriculture and Fisheries, and after that is the interest in their fiercest when it hit the bird flu Kuwait beloved in asking the Commission to encourage these veterinarians and the giving them promises regardless staff of their own and that stimulation them to make further contributions and efforts to save Kuwait from expanding the area of the bird flu epidemic, and to leave the agriculture in white in front of the State and the senior leadership and government institutions and community members, but the veterinarians were shocked when Kuwait declared itself free of the disease, that the Commission's attention started to be less gradually, as well as the Civil Service Department, due to clear from the ignored and forgotten what made them and their risks for the sake of the homeland, at the same time, the Civil Service Bureau was quick to amend the special cadre Balmamrdin the Ministry of Health during the period that saw the fear of an outbreak of swine flu expeditious manner, but when the bird flu outbreak in Kuwait does not have a Court that with us even though our demand that the passage of four years, wondering: Is it meet to be a penalty that we have made and exposed to diseases are the most deadly, is that neglect and Nhmc and forget the memory of the Civil Service Commission and the people?! Is there any reward for good other than good?!

View of the inferiority

The veterinarians that the veterinary profession are seen as inferior by some, owing to the ignorance of others, and are very serious, as the owners put their lives in their hands, and are doing their best forgetting these diseases may be exposed, in order to achieve food security and providing meat for the children of the community , while experiencing the profession of respect and appreciation deficiency in European countries and the Bank, which considers that the doctor noted veterinarian at the heart of food security as meat, cattle and sheep are considered livestock in the country, and if they were exposed to any disease, the scourge will the state and the people, will cost the Ministries of Health hospitals and the National Security Agency astronomical sums, and the community will be a victim of high prices in meat and animal products imported.

They considered that the veterinary profession are repulsive and must be temptations, whether material or moral, to attract more interested in the study of this discipline, in order to change society's views on them and treat them equally with their counterparts from doctors in other disciplines, and said: enough that the biggest proof of that is our contribution to the protection of human diseases common between him and the animal, as well as contributing to the development of national economy and high rates of production to less and less reliance on imported meat and meat products from abroad.

At the conclusion of their claims, he vets for their confidence HH the Prime Minister Sheikh Nasser Al-Mohammad, and his direction wise and both understanding as demanded, and we wish to be the expectations of His Highness and that meet their demands for a catalyst for them to make further contribution to serve the nation and the citizen and to contribute to food security .

They also called on people of conscience of MPs and officials in government, fairness, by adjusting the salaries and the adoption of a cadre of their own and risk allowance and increase granted to them to encourage them to continue in this profession.

Courage impeccable revealed the risks that beset Balbitrien

His staff of Veterinary Public Authority for Agriculture Affairs and Fish Resources deep thanks and gratitude to the Member of Parliament, and member of the Environmental Committee, Dr.. Massouma al-Mubarak, as a result of repeated appeals to those concerned in the state park as well as veterinary doctors, nurses and staff services, and noting, where she demanded that motivate and encourage them to continue in this profession, which has become repellent because they wasted time in the study and specialization, but they were shocked sects with the practical in Kuwait, where allowances and incentives to encourage them, despite their services well, and exposure to deadly diseases to ensure the execution of thousands of animals and birds, as they seek to prevent the transmission of infection and the reduction of losses in animals and birds, while their colleagues in human medicine interviewed and encouraged the adoption of staff, allowances and incentives. He said veterinarians: The d. Massouma al-Mubarak called in a local newspaper kindly to it to have the active role of interest in this category, the fact that body considered as a liaison between the staff veterinarians and all others concerned in the matter, which is responsible for raising awareness of the importance of this specialization in addition to the media .

Veterinarians in the category of danger .. And the reluctance of the profession may be an inevitable result of indifference to them!

The role of the observers, veterinarians in the search for common pests and diseases, and thus they are in the category of risk, with the opening of their own in the Faculty of Public Authority for Applied Education, the secondary school graduates will be encouraged with these conditions to enter this college. The risk of veterinarians and their profession through the following:

- Assist the veterinarian in epidemiological surveys and investigation of patients.

- Follow-up of cases per day, and the withdrawal of blood samples and other samples from nasal and anal swabs and stool and peel skin.

- To carry out the immunization of domestic animals within the unit of rabies and rabies, in particular.

- Supervision of the animals in the barren quarry allotted to this unit and record daily observations of these animals and its troubles under the guidance of doctors.

- Against stray animals.

- Limit the spread of infectious diseases transmitted from animals to humans or the environment by eliminating the causes.

- Detection of meat in slaughterhouses to ensure that its terms of reference for human consumption and the destruction of the invalid ones.

- Control of epidemics and diseases that threaten or destroy the animals, especially epidemic diseases that spread among animals and may lead to the spread of the epidemic affects the destinies of the animal economy, by immunization against these diseases.

Perhaps the most important threats to the category of doctors and veterinarians, technicians and observers, the following:

- Rabies rabies, which may lead to the death of Rights.

- Avian influenza, swine flu.

- Brucellosis in sheep, cattle, goats and camels, which may give rise to infertility in humans and shortness of breath.

- Fungal infection, which may lead to serious respiratory diseases.

- Newcastle disease and infections that may occur in the eyes.

- Diseases Salmonella food poisoning.

- Bovine tuberculosis, which may lead to infection of human pulmonary tuberculosis.

- Anthrax, which may lead to death directly, and then hastened the Civil Service Bureau cadres to give postal workers in the Ministry of Transportation, although veterinarians are more friction these deadly viruses and bacteria.

- Rift Valley fever, which may lead to bleeding internal organs, leading to death, which caused the deaths of many people when it hit Yemen and southern Saudi Arabia.

- Disease glanders «Glanders» in horses, which causes serious respiratory problems.

Observers were exposed by pulling samples from the animals to all diseases affect both animals and human cases of the animal as any of them are exposed to serious risks during the examination, including fracture resulting from the vicious animal and concussion of the brain and sometimes up to death.

Egypt: Undo "bird flu" increases the size of supply


Poultry prices fell in the Egyptian market by 10% due to increased supply and less buying spree before the month of Ramadan due to busy consumers to purchase holiday commitments, such as clothing, flour for the manufacture of cakes.

And poultry was sold in white farms phrase at a price ranging from 12.75 to 13 pounds based district for 14 pounds, and in the retail market price of 15 pounds versus 18 pounds in some areas, and for the types of municipal sold per kilo of chicken at 18 pounds to 20 pounds, and ducks, the municipal 26 pounds in return for 28 pounds.

Revealed producers increased production of white poultry farm during the last period after the decline in influenza infection, and asked the Ministry of Agriculture to quickly search for destinations produce antisera to the virus of the same nature of the disease is endemic in Egypt to eradicate it, according to the newspaper of the Republic.

Said Ahmed Salama, a dealer in Giza that buying interest has fallen by 40% with at least near the end of the second week of the month of Ramadan, drawing attention to the concerns of Egyptian families moving families towards the purchase of other commitments such as flour for the manufacture of cakes, and buy clothes and complains "Safety "at the continued confiscation of Veterinary Committees of live poultry in markets, called on the government to grant an adequate transition period to persuade consumers to buy poultry, chilled and frozen prior to prevent the sale of live poultry in markets.

For his part, said Nabil Darwish - Chairman of the Federation poultry producers - that prices fell in the farms, to 12.75 pounds in the last week, and so the natural reaction to reduced buying interest, and increased supply during the last few days, drawing attention to the possible continuation of the decline in poultry during the coming period, with continued decline in demand for the purchase by consumers.

He added that the white wards poultry production is currently available by the production after the decline in incidence of influenza, poultry diseases, injuries declined during the usual summer, explaining that the flu guest is too heavy for the farm owners during the winter months only.

He stressed that the poultry has lost a large part of maternal herds after the death of large numbers due to the spread of diseases, thus reducing the supply of chicks, broiler, and this is the main reason behind the rise in prices during the last period.

The Darwish Avian influenza virus bad sides and vaccines used to immunize poultry do not work adequately in the current period, and demanded the Ministry of Agriculture need to expedite the production of new vaccines more effective, and the same nature of the disease is endemic in Egypt for the vaccination of birds against bird flu.

USAID Project: Initiative Avian and Pandemic" Take Place in Hung Yen Province

Hung Yen: Launching a network of collaborators surveillance of community-based
As part of the project "Initiative avian and pandemic" by the Organization of the United States USAID funding, in the past and Khoai Chau Tien Lu district, the humanitarian operation center (the provincial Red Cross) ceremony organized network of collaborators to monitor community-based services, with 155 collaborators as medical staff, veterinary and rural areas.

Network monitoring community-based service implemented in two districts in Khoai Chau & Tien Lu and 3-year period (2010-2012) with a total of 57 villages of 12 communes involved.

Contributors are selected and trained on how to recognize and respond to disasters and pandemic avian influenza, is responsible for monitoring suspected cases of influenza infection in humans and in poultry through household family, investigating rumors, and close contact with the object provides other information such as shops selling veterinary drugs, animal feed.

Whenever detecting suspected cases of influenza infection, the collaborators report to commune health centers or health centers and district veterinary cooperative from which the connection with the monitoring system of provincial and central.

Collaborator network monitoring community-based services focused on early detection, reporting and response time now to reduce the impact of future outbreaks. This monitoring network will support and improve information exchange between the baseline and the system of national surveillance.

Majority of Drug Assistance to Gaza ended in Trash

Monday, 08/23/2010
Humanitarian assistance in the form of medicines which are sent to the donor countries pascaagresi Gaza Israel to the region in December-January 2008, many of which can not be used and wasted due to poor quality of relief goods, the type of medicine rather than drugs needed in Gaza , even had almost expired.

Hamas in Gaza's health ministry and World Health Organization (WHO) revealed that low quality of humanitarian assistance and had almost expired it should end up in landfill in Gaza because if used would endanger the health of Gazans.

In addition, according to some doctors in Gaza, medical equipment be sent as reinforcements to the Gaza outdated, obsolete - even some that he was more than 10 years -, in a damaged condition and not in accordance with the use of electricity in Gaza.

Ministry of Health in Gaza said, of all medical assistance received during the last 18 months, approximately 70 percent of medical aid worth millions of dollars had been trashed. A doctor in Gaza, commented on this condition, said Gaza has become a place of exile of humanitarian aid goods, so many kinds of relief goods that had discarded because they can not be used.

But apparently there is something more alarming. "Sometimes the drugs were sent to the borders of Al-Arish in Egypt before entering into Gaza. If the officer in Gaza said that the assistance of drugs can not enter because it has expired, the drugs were then shipped to another place, namely to Darfur Sudan! " said the doctor who did not want his identity known.

Hamas's Health Ministry revealed that two months ago they received the assistance of Tamiflu - the drug for those who are attacked by the bird flu virus - two million dollars. But because of the threat of bird flu virus has been passed, they refused the drug and dumped into a garbage dump in Gaza.

One cause of this situation according to Dr. Ehab Hijazi, head of Hamas's Health Ministry Donation Committee, because the countries and aid organizations did not coordinate directly with Hamas to see what drugs and medical equipment that is needed in Gaza. Currently, Hijazi said, hospitals, hospitals in Gaza need 115 kinds of medications, including antibiotics and drugs for cancer.

Countries and aid organizations did not want to coordinate with the Hamas because Hamas by many Western countries included in the list of terrorists, and they feel bound by it. In fact, if the donors want a dialogue with Hamas, they will not face the risk of their assistance was rejected so that their aid is not wasted. (Ln / ICH)

Indonesia: Watch out, Mouse/Rat can be transmitted Bird Flu

[Tikus = mouse; rat; small rodent]

Be careful, Tikus Tularkan Flu Burung SINTANG, TRIBUN - the bird flu Virus apart from could be spread by the poultry that was attacked by bird flu to the poultry that lai [weak/frail] him.

In this season of the virus flood will be faster spread to humankind if being brought by the potential mouse contaminated food to the household.

The head of the field of P2KL Dinas Kesehatan of the Sintang Regency, Suharyono S KM MM, when it was confirmed the Stand in his office [Tribun di ruang (room) kerjanya], on Monday (23/8/10) said, the mouse became the animal of the bearer of the bird flu virus was best and menularka [transmit] him to humankind was fastest.

"In the flood season that happened as is now the case, the mouse often looked for the territory that was dry to bertenduh [shelter] and that in general had the house that did not remain." Therefore the family that his house in the condition remained obligatory was on the alert with the mouse that entered, he said.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Egypt: Balvascheola detention cases and 8 cases of brucellosis Bhmyat Mahala

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Quarantine on "Sakha of Animal Production" after injury "Brucellosis"

Saturday, August 14th, 2010 - 10:54

The imposition of quarantine station "Sakha Animal Production," and "training module on the production of milk," quarantined after a positive sample of 14 buffalo cows and illness "Brucellosis."
Sunday, August 22nd, 2010 - 22:34

Detained a hospital Mahallah new cases of the disease "Fasciola" for a child at the age of 9 years of the status Santah, was held hospital 8 cases infected with "Brucellosis", where she was detained hospital new cases infected with Fasciola of the girl child Mayar Said Abu Al Wafa Student Center Santah, have been detained 8 cases brucellosis during the last period Massoud Ibrahim Mohamed Amara, 26, owner operator of the village of mud Center area.

ومحمد السيد عبد الله الصاوى، 17 سنة، طالب من قرية الراهبين، وعلى عبده سالم 58 سنة، "غنام" من قرية كوم الحجنة مركز بيلا وسامى عبدالرازق عمارة 51 سنة، بالمعاش من قرية شندلات مركز السنطة، وسعاد محمد على حشاد، 40 سنة، من قرية بنا أبوصير مركز سمنود، ورقية متولى البسيونى الزعبلاوى من الجابرية، ومحمود عزام حسن من محلة أبو على مركز المحلة، ومحمد رمضان محمد، 30 سنة، "جزار" من المنشية الجديدة بالمحلة.

Mohamed Abdulla El Sawy, 17, a student from the village of monks, and Abdo Salem 58 years old, "Ghannam" of the village com Ahadjnp the Bella Center and Samy Abdel Razek, Building 51, retired from the village of Handlat Center Santah, and Suad Mohamed Ali Hashad, 40, from the village of Abu Sir Smonod Center, paper MH El Zaablawe of Jabriya Bassiouni, Mahmoud Azzam Abu Hassan from the locality of the status of the camp, Mohamed Ramadan Mohamed, 30, a "butcher" of the new Manshia Mahalla.

وقد تم احتجاز الحالات بالأماكن المخصصة لذلك وإعطائهم الأدوية المناسبة لحالتهم.

Have been cases of detention places allocated to it and giving them appropriate medicines for their condition.