Jember - The condition of seven patients with suspected (suspect) bird flu in New Coral Village, the Village of Shiloh, Shiloh District, Jember regency, East Java, who were treated at community health centers (health centers) Local gradually improved.

Shiloh Health Center officers, Yulia Maryana, Wednesday, said the seven patients are "suspect" bird flu has been given the cold medicine and his condition had gradually improved, so it is no longer hospitalized in isolation rooms clinic.

"All seven patients had been allowed to return to their homes. Some patients were already working, while pediatric patients has been actively following learning activities in school," he said.

A total of seven residents complained of pain Dusun Karang New flu after 89 chickens at a local village tested positive for bird flu virus.

According to Yulia, seven patients suspect bird flu is currently only an outpatient, but the clinic has not been able to confirm whether the seven residents are free from bird flu virus or not.

"Nose and throat swab samples of patients suspect bird flu was examined in the laboratory of East Java provincial health office and the results have not come down," he explained.

A number of East Java provincial health office staff, he added, today's planned down to the scene suspect bird flu in New Coral Hamlet.

While the head of the New Reef Village, Joko, said the number of chickens that died suddenly due to bird flu as much as 89 tails, and no additional longer.

"We did not find additional monitoring and chickens infected with bird flu because it was done by spraying disinfectant Jember Animal Husbandry Department," he said.

He hopes that the bird flu virus in birds only attack alone and no new Coral Hamlet who contracted the H5N1 virus.