State (Between Bali) - Villagers Blimbingsari, District Melaya, Jembrana District, complain and protest the presence of a number of chicken farms in the village because they spread the stinging stench. 
  Some residents in Jembrana, Sunday said they have submitted an objection letter to the local village in the hope of chicken farms could be managed without disturbing the environment.

  According to residents, at certain moments, the smell of this chicken farm can reach a radius of one kilometer and houses filled with flies around it.

 "Usually the flies emerge during the harvest period in the chicken farm. If it were so we were tortured. It's the smell, many more flies," said one resident.
  Residents claimed they did not prohibit the existence of the chicken farm, let alone the average owned by local residents.
 They only asked for the owner also thought about the impact of smell and flies are felt by residents.
  Residents who did not want his name mentioned is revealed, the two hamlets, namely Blimbingsari Ambyarsari and there are more than five chicken farms.
  He menyinyalir, there are some chicken farms that do not have permission and approval from residents penyanding.
  Village Chief John Blimbingsari I Made Ronny when confirmed reporter confirmed the existence of its citizens complaints related to the chicken farm.