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UK: Yorkshire Poultry Workers Encouraged to Get Flu Shot To Reduce Mix With H5N1

Published on Fri Oct 29 12:26:17 BST 2010

Public health professionals in North Yorkshire are urging people who work with poultry to get their free flu vaccine from their GP. NHS North Yorkshire and York is making the seasonal flu vaccination free to those who work in close contact with poultry.


Working in close contact with poultry means that there is a slight risk of catching the virus that causes bird flu if an outbreak of bird flu were to occur. If poultry workers are also infected with human flu at the same time, the bird and human flu viruses could mix in the body to make a new flu virus.

“A new flu virus produced in this way could potentially be very infectious and cause serious illness in other people as they would not have any immunity to a new virus. “As poultry workers are considered ‘at risk’, we are making the seasonal flu vaccine freely available from GP practices. Therefore I would encourage all poultry workers in North Yorkshire to get the vaccine.

The flu vaccine will protect against ordinary human flu - reducing the risk of a new virus emerging. The vaccine will not protect against bird flu and we strongly advise poultry workers to continue to follow infection control guidance in the work place.

NHS North Yorkshire and York has negotiated a Local Enhanced Service (LES) with the North Yorkshire Local Medical Committee (YORLMC) for GPs to offer the seasonal influenza vaccine to poultry workers who work at poultry premises registered with the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA).

Pathogen row blocking biodiversity deal

Thursday 28 October 2010 16.38 BST
Jonathan Watts in Nagoya

A row over microscopic germs and monitoring mechanisms is holding back a global deal to protect nature as time runs out for negotiators at this week's UN biodiversity conference in Nagoya.

A final spurt of progress has taken the talks close to an agreement, but with only one day remaining and several key issues still to be resolved, there are fears that the time could run out before a protocol can be signed.

Among the most obstinate sticking points of the conference is how to treat pathogens, the germs responsible for virus pandemics such as bird flu and Sars, that are also essential for the development of lucrative vaccines.

Developing nations say they are willing to provide access to such organisms during medical emergencies as long as wealthy countries share the benefits from researching and patenting medicines.

But with billions of dollars at stake, pharmaceutical lobbies in Europe, Canada, Australia and South Korea are pressing for greater access and reduced benefit-sharing.


Frontier control point for imported foodstuffs and animals opened at Armenian-Iranian border

October 30, 2010

On October 29, a frontier control point was opened at the Armenian-Iranian border in Meghri, as part of the World Bank program on struggle against avian influenza.

Armenian Minister of Agriculture Gerasim Alaverdyan and World Bank Armenia Country Director Jean-Michel Happi participated in the official opening ceremony of the control point for examination of foodstuffs and animals imported to Armenia.

Around $844,500 were invested for the control point building construction. The control point will have laboratories, offices of veterinary service and control service for foodstuffs safety, as well as storage areas. The conditions created in the building will allow examining any foodstuffs and animals, thus, preventing import of infected foodstuffs and animals.

Egypt: Mountain warns of spread of bird flu this year

[Our Listing of Cases in Egypt for 2010, agrees with this statement, except we have 10 deaths, not 9. The list can be found on the right side bar, and also found here ]

29/10/2010 - 22:4

حذر وزير الصحة الدكتور حاتم الجبلي من عودة فيروس انفلونزا الطيور فصل الشتاء وقال ان المرض متوطن في مصر ومن المتوقع زيادة حالات الاصابةخلال هذا العام، مشير الى ان مصر هذا العام شهدت اصابة 22 حالة و9 وفيات، أما العام الماضي فقد شهد 39 حالة و4 وفيات، وهو ما يعني وجود حالة استهتار من جانب المواطنين بالمرض .

Warned the Minister of Health Dr. Hatem el return of the bird flu virus of winter and said that the disease is endemic in Egypt is expected to increase in cases of Asabpkhalal this year, arguing that Egypt this year have seen wounded 22 cases and 9 deaths, while last year saw 39 cases and 4 deaths, which means a case of contempt by the people with the disease.


Examining Pandemic Responses In Asia

Friday, 29 October 2010 10:08
Written by RSIS

The recent pandemic disease outbreaks which affected many Asian countries underscore the need for appropriate pandemic responses to be developed in order to contain and mitigate the spread of pandemics that emerge in the future. Through an examination of the different responses to SARS and H1N1 in the region, and the effects of those efforts, this NTS Insight seeks to highlight issues which should be considered when developing pandemic response programmes.

By Li Hongyan and Ong Suan Ee.

The Asian region has been no stranger to pandemic disease outbreaks in the last two decades. Each outbreak has yielded different impacts upon the region and has been handled differently by the local and international authorities involved. The management of each outbreak has undoubtedly played an integral role in mitigating or accelerating its spread across borders and regions. In the past decade, there have been two main epidemics that spread rapidly through human-to-human transmission, namely, the severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) outbreak in 2003 and the influenza A (H1N1), or swine flu, outbreak in 2009. This NTS Insight will examine the responses in Asia to the 2009 H1N1 pandemic given the 2003 SARS epidemic as a prior reference point. It will also outline several policy recommendations based on lessons learned from the handling of the H1N1 outbreak.

[click on title for full article]

Friday, October 29, 2010

Protesters march on UN base they blame for Haiti’s cholera epidemic, say Nepalese must go

2010-10-29 00:00:00

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti — Hundreds of protesters who blame U.N. peacekeepers from Nepal for Haiti’s widening cholera epidemic marched on a rural military base Friday to demand the soldiers leave the country.


Demonstrators waving tree branches and carrying anti-U.N. banners walked from the central plateau city of Mirebalais several miles to the gates of the base perched above a tributary of the Artibonite River — a waterway identified by health officials as a conduit for the infection. The protesters chanted "Like it or not, they must go" as the Nepalese soldiers and other U.N. peacekeepers remained inside.

Cholera has sparked widespread fear in Haiti, where it was unknown before the outbreak was first noticed by authorities Oct. 20. As of Friday morning, more than 4,700 people have been hospitalized and at least 330 have died, according to the U.N. Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.

There has been no scientific conclusion on the origin of the epidemic, which became evident when dozens of patients began dying with high fevers and watery diarrhea at a hospital in the town of St. Marc a few miles from the last stretch of the river.

Experts say the disease was likely imported. Until this month there had not been a diagnosed case of cholera in Haiti as far back as records go in the mid-20th Century, said Claire-Lise Chaignat, head of the global task force on cholera control at the World Health Organization. The disease is pandemic in parts of Africa and Asia.

Speculation among Haitians is increasingly centred on the Nepalese peacekeeping base near Mirebalais, much of it being stoked by politicians including the town’s mayor — a Senate candidate — ahead of the Nov. 28 national elections.

Cholera is endemic in Nepal and the country suffered outbreaks this summer. The current troop contingent arrived in shifts starting Oct. 9, after the outbreak in their home country and shortly before the disease broke out in Haiti. Cases have been concentrated downriver along the Artibonite.

The U.N. mission in Haiti responded to the rumours with a statement Tuesday saying that sanitation around the base was in line with the standards set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the United Nations.

But when Associated Press journalists visited Wednesday, they found open and cracked pipes behind the base, with U.N. military investigators taking samples. There was an overpowering smell of human waste, and a pipe leading toward a septic tank was leaking foul-smelling black fluid toward the river...

Cholera reported in Haiti slum

2010-10-28 00:00:00

Scores of suspected cases in Port-au-Prince’s Cite Soleil district as health workers attempt to control outbreak.

There are increasing fears that a cholera outbreak in Haiti, which has already killed more than 300 people, could take hold in the capital, Port-au-Prince.

"We have been monitoring very closely the spread of this disease and it has been seen to get closer and closer to the capital," Al Jazeera’s Seb Walker, reporting from Port-au-Prince, said.

"Just about 24 hours ago, the UN announced that there were 174 suspected cases in that town [Cite Soleil] that we went to visit."

Health officials have been concerned that the disease, which causes diarrhoea, vomiting and severe dehydration, could reach the city where hundreds of thousands of people are living in makeshift camps following an earthquake in January.

"The appalling sanitation levels of neighbourhoods like Cite Soleil means it’s areas like this which have been the concern ever since this crisis started," Al Jazeera’s Walker said.

"Officials say they still haven’t found confirmed cases of cholera in the metropolitan area, but some doctors say that maybe not the case."

’Very concerning’

A medic at a clinic in Cite Soleil told Al Jazeera that she had treated a young girl who had been admitted to a neighbourhood clinic with an acute case of diarrhoea.

"This is a patient that had never travelled out of Cite Soleil, she was local to the community and had not left, which is very concerning really because a lot of cases throughout the country are actually people who’ve been travelling," Kara Gibson, a doctor at the Samaritan’s Purse Clinic, said.

Health officials warned that the capital should prepare for a possible outbreak and people have been urged to maintain a strict hygiene regime and seek treatment at the first sign of symptoms.

"If cholera spreads in the city, it’s going to be extremely difficult to deal with and many people could die, this is what we are hearing from health officials all the time," Al Jazeera’s Walker said.

Meanwhile, doctors at a clinic in Arcahaie, 30km from Haiti’s capital, said they have treated more than 700 cases in recent days.

"We have isolated the strain that’s been causing these cases and it’s been confirmed as cholera," Ilinska Sanchez Rodriguez, a Cuban doctor, said.

There source of the cholera outbreak has not been confirmed, but the UN has been testing samples from a suspected sewage spill behind a Nepalese peacekeeping base.

Peacekeepers’ denial

UN officials appeared to take away samples from the site on Wednesday, following accusations that the spill could be the source of the cholera outbreak,

Vincenzo Pugliese, a mission spokesman, confirmed on Wednesday that the UN team was testing for cholera - the first public acknowledgement that the 12,000-member force is directly investigating allegations its base played a role in the outbreak, the Associated Press news agency reported.

Our correspondent said that the UN is "categorically denying" that peacekeepers were the cause of the outbreak.

The Nepalese mission strongly denies its base was a cause of the infection.

Pugliese said civilian engineers collected samples from the base on Friday which tested negative for cholera and the mission’s military force commander ordered the additional tests to confirm. He said no members of the Nepalese battalion have the disease.

But local politicians, including a powerful senator and the mayor of Mirebalais, are pointing the finger at the Nepalese peacekeeping base, which is perched above a source of the Meille River, a tributary to the Artibonite River on Haiti’s central plateau.

Mountain: the swine flu did not come out of Egypt

Friday October 29, 2010 8:36:22 PM /

Minister of Health Dr. Hatem el that the swine flu virus is endemic in Egypt is expected to increase in cases during winter, arguing that Egypt this year have seen wounded 22 cases and 9 deaths, while last year saw 39 cases and 4 deaths, which means a situation disregard on the part of citizens with the disease.

In this context, denied the mountain of the report published by an independent newspaper on the mutation of the disease in Egypt, "The WHO has not issued any official statement as alleged by the newspaper, but the report issued by one of the research centers associated with the World Health Organization in Australia and his non-verifiable and reliable tags.


Sat 23 Oct 2010
Source: news portal

A mass wild bird die off has occurred in the Ukrainian part of the
Sea of Azov near the Berdyansk spit [Zaporizhia region]. About 1500
birds were found dead, among them, about 1000 cormorants and 500
silver sea gulls. The Ukrainian Ministry of Emergencies has informed
that the incident was discovered last Friday (22 Oct 2010).

The dead birds were seen on an island in the northern part of the Sea
of Azov. The Zaporizhia regional office of the Ministry of
Emergencies has assumed control of the investigation to determine the
cause of the die off. Specialists have collected specimens from the
birds and from the sea for laboratory analysis.

WHO Global Alert and Response (GAR) Disease Outbreak News

Cholera in Haiti - update
As of 27 Oct 2010, the Ministry of Health in Haiti (MSPP) reported
4722 cholera cases including 303 deaths. The departments reporting
confirmed cases are Artibonite (76.5 percent), Central (22.9
percent), Nord-Est, and Nord.

Priorities of the Government of Haiti's National Response Strategy to
the Cholera Epidemic are to protect families at the community level,
to strengthen primary health care centers already operating across
the nation, and to establish a network of Cholera Treatment Centers
and designated hospitals for treatment of severe cases.

The strains of _Vibrio cholerae_ 01 Ogawa isolated in Haiti and
tested by the National Public Health Laboratory (LNSP) and the US CDC
showed resistance to the following antibiotics:
trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole, furazolidone, nalidixic acid, and
streptomycin. The strains are sensitive to tetracycline, doxycycline,
and ciprofloxacin. Full genetic sequencing of the strains is ongoing.

WHO does not recommend any restrictions in travel and trade between
countries or between different regions of a country experiencing
cholera outbreaks
. Travelers do not require proof of cholera
vaccination, nor is there a need to screen travelers by means of
rectal swabbing or fecal analysis. There is no need to establish
quarantine measures at the border, a measure that diverts resources
and may hamper cooperation between institutions and countries.

Communicated by:
ProMED-mail Rapporteur Marianne Hopp

[2] News report
Date: Thu 28 Oct 2010
Source: BBC News [summ., edited]

Suspected cases of cholera are being investigated in 3 new
departments, health officials in Haiti said on Wed 27 Oct 2010. They
said nearly 300 people were now known to have died in the cholera
outbreak. The UN is investigating allegations that excrement from
Nepalese peacekeepers caused the epidemic.

Sarah Jacobs from the aid organization Save the Children told the BBC
that 174 new cases of cholera were being investigated in the area
around Arcahaie, a village in the northern Port-au-Prince district
and about an hour's drive from the capital.

"These suspected cases are much nearer the capital," Ms Jacobs said
late on Wednesday [27 Oct 2010]. "So if this is actually confirmed as
cholera as we suspect it will be, it means that the cholera has
spread, it's that much nearer to the capital. And that's the thing we
really need to avoid," she added.

So far a handful of cases have been reported in Port-au-Prince, but
they were all people who had contracted the disease in other parts of
the country.

The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) said health workers were
now investigating suspected cholera cases in 3 more departments,
Nord, Nord-Ouest, and Nord-Est, in addition to the confirmed cases in
Artibonite, Central, and Ouest. At least 292 people had died and more
than 4100 were being treated, PAHO deputy director Jon Kim Andrus said.

Officials from the World Health Organization recommended that Haiti
should prepare for the disease to spread to Port-au-Prince and warned
that the epidemic had not yet reached its peak.

Communicated by:

[3] News report
Date: Wed 27 Oct 2010
Source: [summ., edited]

As evidenced in multiple reports by the HEAS [Haiti Epidemic Advisory
System], a clear route of cholera transmission from Artibonite
existed along the coastal highway from Arachaie to Lafito to,
potentially, "Camp Obama" and (of greater concern) Cite Soleil. As
feared, cholera has now been reported in Cite Soleil in a case
without a travel history from Artibonite Valley.

The clinic in Cite Soleil treated a patient this morning that
presented at the clinic with rice water diarrhea and vomiting. It is
the considered diagnosis of the tropical medicine experienced
physician at the clinic that this is cholera.

It was further determined that this individual had not traveled
outside of Cite Soleil. It is of very great concern that the case
history proved that this patient has not been away nor does she ever
travel from her home in Cite Soleil. This transmission occurred in Cite Soleil.

Cholera in Haiti: 25 more deaths in 24 hours, 330 total

Haiti: The cholera epidemic in Haiti had 330 deaths on Friday, is 25 more than yesterday, announced the Haitian authorities, who also reported 65 additional hospitalizations or 4714.

The new record has been communicated by the Director General of the Ministry of Health of Haiti, Gabriel Thimoté, during a press conference.

It shows both an increase in the number of deaths and a slowdown in the number of new admissions: the day before, authorities had recorded 13 deaths and 502 hospitalizations news.

"We have taken all steps to control the spread of the epidemic by increasing awareness and epidemiological surveillance," said Dr. Thimoté.

"We have asked our international partners to assist the Ministry of Health to strengthen disease surveillance," he said, adding that authorities had received from these partners' amount of beds and medicines "that have been pre- in different regions of the country.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Vietnam: Cam Xuyen centralized control of avian influenza

Người dân xã Cẩm Thành (Cẩm Xuyên) thu gom gia cầm chết (đợt dịch đầu tháng 10) The people of Cam (Cam Xuyen) collected dead poultry (first outbreak in October)

After the recent floods, in areas 9, Quang Cam (Cam Xuyen) appeared dead duck status with a series of identical signs of avian influenza in Cam Thanh (after the flood occurred early May 10) . Huyện Cẩm Xuyên cùng với ngành chuyên môn đã tập trung bao vây, dập dịch. Cam Xuyen district, along with industry professionals gathered mob, press service.

Determine the extent of disease dangerous to human health as well as a great influence on the development road of livestock, coupled with the urgency to overcome the consequences of floods, Cam Xuyen district is trying to control outbreaks disease. To date, the district has destroyed 3,700 birds show signs of illness.

Đến nay, toàn huyện đã tiêu hủy 3.700 con gia cầm có biểu hiện bị bệnh. Tuy nhiên, để hạn chế thấp nhất sự lây lan người dân cần nêu cao ý thức hơn nữa, nhất là trong việc vệ sinh môi trường chuồng trại, chấp hành nhgiêm chỉnh quy định cấm buôn bán, vận chuyển gia cầm từ vùng có dịch.

However, to minimize the spread if people need more awareness, especially in environmental hygiene premises, the Executive nhgiem prohibited trade adjustment, movement of poultry from areas with outbreaks .

After reviewing the clinical manifestations and to identify ducks in the control of epidemics, so the district decided to destroy all of the rest of the duck family.

Vietnam: Dak Lak Province H5N1 Increases in Ducks

Earlier we posted this:

13-10 am, SDAH province of Dac Lac, said the H5N1 avian influenza has reappeared on the ducks in Krong Bong district. Functional departments were conducted with local zoning antidotal spraying, the entire area disinfected poultry to prevent avian influenza H5N1 to spread. Earlier, nearly 500 children flock in Hoa Son phenomenon convulsions, difficulty breathing, green manure, white, die-off. Through testing the samples were determined ducks were H5N1 avian influenza. Department of Animal Health has conducted destroyed the entire flock.

Thursday, 28/10/2010

(AgroMonitor) - Veterinary Department in Dak Lak province, said the H5N1 avian influenza has reappeared on the ducks in Krong Bong district, made about 2,000 ducks infected.
The whole ducks were infected in Dak Lak province veterinary taken to prevent the spread of destruction road to adoption of other households.

Last week, live chickens in the southern region continues to fluctuate. Reduce 2,000 per kg from last week, chicken three royal life is 36,000 price per kg; live chicken industry is 26,000 VND per kg (down 1,000 per kg from last week).

Saudi Health Ministry is preparing in preparation of a pandemic during the Hajj season

[Hajj is expected to fall between November 14-18, 2010.]

Statement today: 27 - 10-2010
أزيد من 19 ألف شخص و21 مستشفى و137 مركزا صحيا في خدمة الحجاج

More than 19 thousand people and 21 hospitals and 137 health centers in the service of pilgrims
أكد وزير الصحة السعودي الدكتور عبدالله الربيعة جاهزية وزارته التامة لمواجهة أي وباء أو مرض معد قد ينتشر خلال موسم الحج.

Stressed the Saudi Health Minister Dr. Abdullah Al-Rabiah the full readiness of his ministry to deal with any epidemic or contagious disease may spread during the pilgrimage season.
وأضاف الربيعة في تصريح صحافي أن هذا الموسم بما فيه من تجمعات وحشود كبيرة قد يعد موسما لانتشار الأوبئة والفيروسات الأمر الذي جعل الوزارة تجند الكثير من الفرق الطبية الميدانية للتعامل مع الحالات الطارئة أولا بأول في المواقع التي يتواجد بها الحجاج.

Al-Rabiah said in a press statement that this season with its rallies and large crowds may no longer season for the spread of epidemics and viruses which make the ministry to recruit a lot of field medical teams to deal with emergency cases first hand at sites where there are pilgrims.
وأشار إلى أن وزارة الصحة جندت نحو 19 ألف خدمة لحجاج بيت الله الحرام وزوار المسجد النبوي الشريف خلال موسم الحج لهذا العام.

He pointed out that the Ministry of Health has recruited nearly 19 thousand service to pilgrims and visitors to the Prophet's Mosque during the pilgrimage season this year.
وذكر أن وزارته استقطبت نحو 135 استشاريا عالميا لتقديم خدماتهم في تخصصات نادرة تحتاج إليها الوزارة في موسم الحج مثل طب الطوارئ والعناية المركزة.

He said that his ministry has attracted about 135 consultants worldwide to offer their services in the disciplines of rare need the ministry in the pilgrimage season, such as emergency medicine and intensive care.
وأفاد بأنه تمت تهيئة 21 مستشفى و137 مركز رعاية صحية أولية في أماكن متفرقة في المشاعر المقدسة والمدينة المنورة ومكة المكرمة مشيرا إلى أن هناك تنسيقا مع الجهات المعنية لتحديد تجمعات الحجاج والأماكن التي يشكلون فيها ازدحاما للتصدي لأي سلبيات قد تنجم عنها.

He stated that was initialized 21 hospitals and 137 primary health care centers in various places in the holy sites and the city of Medina and Mecca, pointing out that there is coordination with the concerned authorities to determine the concentrations of pilgrims and places where they are crowded to deal with any negatives they may produce.
وتحدث الوزير الربيعة عن المؤتمر الدولي حول اثر التجمعات والحشود البشرية على الصحة العامة المزمع انطلاق فعالياته يوم السبت في جدة تحت رعاية خادم الحرمين الشريفين قائلا إن السعودية أصبحت مرجعا عالميا مهما وذات خبرة كبيرة في هذا المجال لاسيما وان الحج يعد اكبر تجمع بشري في العالم لارتباطه بزمن ومكان محددين في بقعة محدودة جدا.

The Minister spoke Rabiah the International Conference on the impact of groups and crowds of human public health to be starting its activities on Saturday in Jeddah under the patronage of The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, said that Saudi Arabia has become a global authority on an important and with considerable experience in this area, especially since the Hajj is the largest human gathering in the world is related to a time and place designated in the spot is very limited.
وتتعامل السلطات السعودية مع اكثر من مليوني حاج قادمين من ثقافات وحضارات وجنسيات مختلفة من دول متقدمة ونامية.

The Saudi authorities are dealing with more than two million pilgrims coming from different cultures and civilizations and different nationalities from the developed and developing countries.
ويتزامن المؤتمر مع بدء دخول موسم الحج والاستعدادات الكبيرة التي جندتها السعودية لخدمة الحجاج لطرح صور متعددة من التجارب النموذجية التي طبقت في طب الحشود والتجمعات البشرية وكيفية الوصول إلى أعلى مستوى آمن من صحة الحجاج القادمين من دول العالم.

The conference coincides with the start of the pilgrimage season and enter the great preparations Jndtha Saudi Arabia to serve the pilgrims to put multiple pictures of the model experiments that have been applied in medicine and the crowds of human populations and how to access the highest safe level of health of the pilgrims coming from countries in the world.

He stressed that in the case of a health emergency of international concern or outbreaks of diseases subject to International Health Regulations in any country come from the pilgrims or pilgrims, the health authorities in the Kingdom may take any additional precautions in coordination with the World Health Organization in order to avoid the spread of infection among the pilgrims and Umrah performers or transfer to their countries.

Hundreds more feared dead in Indonesia tsunami

10/28/2010 10:03

Rescuers search islands as death poll reaches over 300; mass burials held in villages as volcano, earthquake and tsunami hit region.
Rescuers searching islands ravaged by a tsunami off western Indonesia fear the death toll of more than 300 is likely to climb because hundreds of missing people may have been swept away, an official said Thursday.

Elsewhere in Indonesia, villagers held a mass burial for some of the 30 people killed when one the country's most volatile volcanos erupted.

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono was to meet Thursday with survivors of the twin catastrophes, which struck within 24 hours in different corners of the seismically charged region, severely testing his disaster-prone nation's emergency response network.

Officials say a multimillion dollar warning system installed after the monster 2004 broke down one month ago because it was not being properly maintained.


Wednesday, October 27, 2010


In this update:
[1] News report
[2] Correction on antimicrobial sensitivity report

[1] News report
Date: Tue 26 Oct 2010
Source: The Sydney Morning Herald, Agence France-Presse (AFP) report [edited]

Haiti reported 25 more cholera deaths as UN health officials warned
the epidemic was not over yet amid lingering fears it could still
infiltrate the capital's putrid refugee camps.
The cholera outbreak,
the first in Haiti in more than 100 years, may have stabilized in
recent days but the number of new deaths announced on Tuesday [26 Oct
2010] was more than 4 times the 6 reported on the day before.

Overall infections have been increasing steadily and doctor Roc
Magloire of the Haitian public health ministry said the number being
treated in hospitals and clinics had risen over the past 24 hours by
270 to 3612.

So far the poorest country in the western hemisphere has managed to
avoid the nightmare scenario of the epidemic taking hold in the
unsanitary tent cities that cling to the hilly slopes of
Port-au-Prince. Large parts of the capital and other nearby towns
were flattened by January's [2010] 7.0-magnitude quake which killed
250 000 people and displaced 1.3 million.

"At the WHO we think more cases will be found. The most important
thing is prevention," World Health Organization (WHO) spokeswoman
Fadela Chaib told reporters in Geneva. As the toll built, Haiti's
more prosperous neighbor, the Dominican Republic, with which it
shares the Caribbean island of Hispaniola, tightened up border
security to keep the disease at bay.

Officials in Santo Domingo said entry into the country from Haiti
would be severely restricted, and border security increased to ensure
new regulations are complied with.

Communicated by:

[Although there are reports of the outbreak being under control, it
appears too soon to state this especially with cases being so close
to the devastation in Port-au-Prince. - Mod.LL]

[2] Correction on antimicrobial sensitivity report
Date: Tue 26 Oct 2010
Source: Praecipio International [edited]

Update and correction: resistance profile of the 01 cholera strain in Haiti
Thanks to Haitian officials' rapid response to our query, the
National Laboratory (LNSP) and CDC have officially confirmed the
strain is not resistant to doxycycline. It is sensitive to
doxycycline, ciprofloxacin, and tetracycline but resistant to
ampicillin and cotrimoxazole (trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole).

Communicated by:
James M Wilson V, MD
Haiti Epidemic Advisory System (HEAS)
Executive Director, Praecipio International
Washington-Houston-Port au Prince

[ProMED-mail thanks Dr Wilson for quickly clarifying that the
outbreak organism is resistant to trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole.

It would be important to know the biotype and phenotype of the
strain. As a short review, the flagellar (H) antigens of _Vibrio
cholerae_ are shared with many water vibrios and, therefore, are of
no use in distinguishing strains causing epidemic cholera. The O
(somatic) antigens, however, do distinguish strains of _V. cholerae_
into 139 known serotypes. Almost all of these strains of _V.
cholerae_ are nonvirulent. Until the emergence of the Bengal (O139)
strain (which is "non-O1"), a single serotype, designated O1, has
been responsible for epidemic cholera.

There are 3 distinct O1 biotypes, named Ogawa, Inaba, and Hikojima,
each of which may display the "classical" or El Tor phenotype. The
biotypes are distinguished by their expression of surface antigens A,
B, and C. Ogawa contains antigens A and B; Inaba antigens A and C;
and Hikojima antigens A, B, and C. The latter serotype is relatively rare.

The determination of the phenotype is based on a number of
characteristics including hemolysis of sheep red blood cells,
agglutination of chicken red blood cells, the Voges-Proskauer
reaction, as well as susceptibility to polymyxin B and to
biotype-specific viral bacteriophages. Hybrid biotypes, so-called
Matlab variants, are also described. These variants are thought to be
more virulent than the usual El Tor phenotype. - Mod.LL]

Egypt: Minister of Agriculture approved a plan to combat bird flu during the winter

October 27, 2010
Signing of a protocol between Egypt and Italy to train veterinarians
"الزراعة" تبدأ في تحصين الدواجن لمواجهة فيروس انفلونزا الطيور
"Agriculture" beginning on poultry vaccination to counter bird flu virus

Said Dr. Mohamed Mustafa Garhi Chairman, General Authority for Veterinary Services - at a seminar fight against bird flu locally and globally organized by the General Authority for Veterinary Services in collaboration with the Supreme Committee of the fortifications and the Technical Committee for Animal Health - The plan also includes a focus on safety standards vital to the farmer
الكبيرة والمتوسطة والصغيرة, والاستمرار فى عمليات التدريب للبيطريين على وسائل الوقاية والتركيز على عمليات التحصين والوقاية فى التربية المنزلية. Large, medium and small, and continue training for veterinarians on the means of prevention and a focus on immunization and prevention education in the household.

وقال إنه فى اطار التعاون بين مصر وايطاليا لمكافحة مرض انفلونزا الطيور يتم قريبا توقيع بروتوكول تعاون بين وزارتى الزراعة المصرية والايطالية لتدريب الاطباء البيطريين على مكافحة انفلونزا الطيور وكيفية اكتشاف المرض مبكرا فى المزارع للتغلب ومنع انتشاره للمزارع الاخرى.

He said that in the framework of cooperation between Egypt and Italy to fight bird flu soon be signing a cooperation protocol between the Ministries of Agriculture of Egypt and Italy for the training of veterinarians in the fight against bird flu and how to detect the disease early in the farms to overcome and prevent the spread of farms other.

وحول الوضع الحالى لمرض انفلونزا الطيور, أكد الجارحى أن نسبة الإصابة عالية ولكن الوضع مستقر, مشيرا إلى الشروع فى تنفيذ خطة مشتركة مع المعونة الأمريكية ومنظمة الأغذية والزراعة التابعة للامم المتحدة "فاو" لتحصين المزارع الكبيرة والمتوسطة.

And on the current situation of bird flu, confirmed that the incidence of Garhi high but the situation is stable, pointing to proceed in the implementation of a joint plan with the aid of America and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, "FAO" to immunize large farms and medium enterprises.

وأشاد بتعاون المحافظين فى محافظات الغربية والشرقية والمنوفية والفيوم والدقهلية فى تطبيق قواعد الآمان الحيوى لمواجهة المرض فى الشتاء القادم.

The Dr. Ilaria stumble Director Reference Laboratory for avian influenza in Italy in her speech that the successful actions to combat the disease and eliminate it completely in Egypt during the next five years requires the cooperation of all employees in the field of medicine Batery stakeholders and educators.

وطالبت بوجود استراتيجية واضحة ومحددة فى مصر للقضاء على هذا المرض الخطير على الثروة الحيوانية وصحة الانسان من خلال التدريب المستمر فى المعامل والقطاع الخاص والمزارع والتربية المنزلية على وسائل المكافحة الحديثة.

And called for a clear strategy and specific in Egypt to eradicate this dangerous disease on livestock and human health through continuous training in the laboratories and the private sector, farms and household education and modern means of control.

وأكدت ضرورة توافر الامان الحيوى فى المزارع والتربية المنزلية من خلال النظافة والمقاومة المستمرة, مشيرة إلى أن الانسان هو الاساس فى نقل العدوى من مكان إلى آخر.

She stressed the need for biosecurity in farms and education at home through cleaning and persistent resistance, indicating that the human being is the basis in the transfer of infection from one place to another.

كما أكدت ضرورة حظر نقل الدواجن نهائيا من مكان الى اخر وعدم الاتجار فى الدواجن الحية نهائيا مع التركيز على تعقيم السيارات واقفاص نقل الطيور من المزارع الى المجازر والعكس مع مراعاة خطورة القطط والكلاب والطيور فى نقل المرض من مكان الى اخر.

It also stressed the need to permanently ban the transfer of poultry from one place to another and not to trade in live poultry, with a focus on the final sterilization of cars and crates, the transfer of birds from farms to slaughterhouses, and vice versa, taking into account the seriousness of cats and dogs and birds in the transfer of disease from one place to another.

ونوهت بأن التحصين وحده ليس كافيا للقضاء على المرض بل لابد من اتباع وسائل الوقاية الاخرى فى التربية المنزلية والمزارع، وحذرت من استخدام اللقاحات القديمة فى عمليات التطعيم ضد مرض انفلونزا الطيور والتى تقدر عددها بنحو 22 لقاحا. She noted that vaccination alone is not enough to eradicate the disease, but to be followers of other means of prevention and education in the household and farm, and warned against use of vaccines in the old vaccination against bird flu, which is estimated at up to 22 vaccine.

Indonesia’s twin disasters kill more than 270

Mount Merapi, Indonesia— The Associated Press
Last updated Wednesday, Oct. 27, 2010 8:16AM EDT

Planes and helicopters packed with rescue workers and supplies landed for the first time Wednesday on remote Indonesian islands that were pounded by a 10-foot tsunami, sweeping away villages and killing at least 272 people.

The first aerial surveys of the region revealed huge swaths of land underwater and the crumbled rubble of homes torn apart by the wave. One lay tilted, resting on the edge of its red roof, with tires and slabs of concrete piled up on the surrounding sand.

Two days after a powerful earthquake triggered the wave, the casualty count was still rising as rescuers and disaster officials finally reached the Mentawai island chain, which was closest to the epicenter and the worst hit. Bad weather had kept them away.

On Wednesday evening, disaster official Ade Edward nearly doubled the estimated number of casualties to 272 dead with 412 missing.


Indonesia: Balikpapan Extends BF Alert; Monitors Area With No Indications of Virus

REPORT chickens that died suddenly decreased, called does not mean the spread of the virus already taken care of. Pemkot states, will not revoke the alert status of avian influenza (AI) or bird flu to humans.

Head of Agricultural Department of Marine and Fisheries (DPKP) Balikpapan Chaidar Chairulsyah said, still run this alert status. In addition, monitoring (surveillance) to the areas where there has been no indication as well as what has become the case, explained yesterday.

He explained, until 25 October, the number of poultry depopulation of 564 tails, while the number of chickens that died as many as 704 individuals. Previously, bird flu alert status extended 15 days since October 18 last or be valid until 1 November. Through extension of this status, depopulation or culling of poultry, including the presence of five-point check point in continuing.

He also mentioned, if the alert status stopped, then stop all activities DPKP officer and check point as lacking any legal basis. Meanwhile, the plan make lasting check point, according to Chaidar, still long and DPKP still working with the Agriculture Quarantine to maintain the distribution of chickens that go to Balikpapan from other areas.

Indonesia: Balikpapan - 3 negatives, 2 question marks Suspect Bird Flu

27 Oktober 2010

Almost a plague month of bird flu haunted the city, was recorded three suspect the negative. Now two other, still waited the laboratory inspection. Both of them were the resident Balikpapan Timur that was suspected suspect bird flu, currently still is undergoing the maintenance in the hospital. Officially Kesehatan of the City (ET AL) was kept being waiting for results of the laboratory whether two residents positive was infected by bird flu or not. "Still was treated in the public hospital, was kept being waiting for results, the" Kesehatan" Service headword of the City (ET AL) drg Dyah Muryani yesterday.

Reported beforehand, two residents in Balikpapan Timur was suspected suspect bird flu because suffered hot and breathless last week. Dyah words, that caused directed the assumption of bird flu because in his house was gotten by the chicken that died suddenly. Three suspect that has been stated by the negative, obviously Dyah, pertamaadalah the adolescent 16 years, the resident of Gunung Bakaran, Balikpapan Selatan. Secondly, pre-schoolers from Sepinggan, and finally pre-schoolers who lived in Karang Jati. These pre-schoolers were treated in RS Tentara Dr Hardjanto with the same assumption. After being checked in the laboratory, evidently the negative. "For the moment did not yet have the new report," mentioned he.

Dyah warned, how many costs of the poultry, the chicken decorated or birds decorated, the life of humankind was far more valuable. That was caused, if the virus H5N1 had a positive sign on the human body, the opportunity lived of the patient of 20 percent. "Meaning that, 80 percent died." That was very horrifying, he explained.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Cholera in Haiti

26 October 2010 -- As of the evening of 25 October, the Ministry of Health of the Government of Haiti has reported 3 342 confirmed cases including 259 fatalities. Suspected cases are being investigated in the North and South departments, and five cases have been confirmed in the West Department, where the capital, Port-au-Prince is located.

Currently there are 12 cholera treatment centers being built to support isolation and treatment of cases: six in Artibonite, one in Central, and five in Port-au-Prince.

The emphasis is on prevention by ensuring clean water, promoting good personal hygiene, and food handling practices, including hand washing and trying to prevent defecation in open areas.

As just under half of reported deaths so far are taking place in hospitals, but more than half are in the community, PAHO is in the process of mobilizing experts in the area of proper body disposal to travel to Haiti.

WHO's Region for the Americas (PAHO) continues to mobilize international experts including epidemiologists, risk communication, case management, laboratory, water and sanitation, logistics, and LSS/SUMA (humanitarian supply management system) to Haiti and also to the Dominican Republic.

PAHO’s PROMESS (Program on Essential Medicine and Supplies) warehouse currently has stocks of medicines and antibiotics, and PAHO is procuring additional stocks of intravenous fluids and medical supplies.

PAHO is also supporting the Water & Sanitation Cluster in Haiti providing powdered chlorine (including supplies from Brazil) for water purification and testing water that is being distributed to settlement camps. PAHO is also making special efforts to ensure clean water in hospitals.

While no cases of cholera have been reported in Dominican Republican, the outbreak has prompted the Government to mobilize a contingency plan in the border area.

PAHO’s Caribbean Epidemiology Center (CAREC) located in Trinidad is helping Caribbean ministries of health to mobilize and be prepared for any potential cases in the other islands.

PAHO continues to coordinate these efforts with other UN agencies, and with health officials in the USA and Canada. Relief efforts continue as the government, MINUSTAH (the United Nations Stabilization Force in Haiti), UN agencies and NGOs are continuing to provide assistance in a growing number of locations.


WHO cholera Fact sheet

PAHO Responds to Cholera Outbreak in Haiti
The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) website

Uganda on high alert as polio strikes again

2010-10-27 07:40:44

KAMPALA, Oct. 26 (Xinhua) -- The Ugandan health ministry announced on Tuesday that the country has been struck by a polio outbreak, the second year in a row after the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the country polio free in 2006.

A two-year old girl in the eastern Ugandan district of Bugiri fell the victim after laboratory tests both in Uganda and South Africa showed that she had Wild Polio Virus Type 1.

"This two year old child was well until Sept. 20 when she developed a fever. On Sept. 25-26, she was taken to a health center where she was treated of malaria. On Sept. 29 she failed to stand without support and became unable to walk using the right leg," minister of health Stephen Mallinga narrated the girl's ordeal to reporters here.

Experts say that the polio virus the child has is linked to the one isolated in the Turkana region of Kenya on February 3, 2009, indicating that the virus has been spreading up to the districts bordering Kenya, Uganda's neighbor to the east.

The ministry of health now fears that 48 districts bordering with Kenya are at risk or at worst, there may be already unreported cases especially in the northeastern part of the country which borders the Turkana region.

The polio virus is transmitted by drinking water or eating food contaminated with fecal material containing the virus.

A child infected with the virus presents with acute fever followed by weakness in the limbs.

Health experts say that out of 100 children infected with the virus, only one develops the acute state of the disease which presents with weakness of limbs.

Most of the polio outbreaks in Uganda are imported from neighboring countries. In February 2009, a sample from a 16-month- old baby boy in the northern Ugandan district of Amuru tested positive for the polio virus.

The virus is reported to have been imported from neighboring southern Sudan where there was an outbreak.

The eastern Democratic Republic of Congo which had also reported polio cases in 2009 continues to be a risk to Uganda as some Congolese flee to the country when there are political upheavals back home.

"Uganda had been declared polio free but some of our neighboring countries, the health situation there is not as well as it should be," said Mallinga.


The polio situation in Uganda is likely to worsen as the country's ministry of health is reporting that it is facing financial shortages to help carry out polio immunization.

Mallinga said that until last year, the ministry has been depending entirely on donor funds to carry out the immunization programs.

According to observers, the financial crisis that has affected most of the donor countries is likely to worsen the funding as they cut back on spending.

Currently the country needs about 11 billion shillings (5 million U.S. dollars) to carryout a mass immunization exercise in 48 districts but the ministry can only raise 1.3 billion shillings (about 600,000 dollars).

Joaquim Saweka, WHO representative to Uganda said that there is need for urgent mobilization of funds from both government and donor agencies in order to fight polio which not only poses a threat to the country but the region and the world.

"We need immediate response to this outbreak; otherwise we will put our children and the children of neighboring countries and the entire world again at the risk of polio that was almost eradicated, " he said.


Despite the financial shortages, the ministry said that starting this month until January next year, a mass immunization exercise is going to be carried out in 48 districts in northern, northeastern and eastern parts of the country.

Malinga said that a house to house strategy will be used to ensure that all targeted children are immunized.

Yeman: "Views On The Health Situation in Yemen"

26/10/2010 - - الصحوة نت - خاص Sahwa Net - Special

Tuesday continued the work of the economic conference in Sana'a Yemen (Yemen economy .. .. the future), organized by the Yemeni Center for Strategic Studies and over the three days.
وفي اليوم الثاني من أعمال المؤتمر ناقش المشاركون خلال جلستي العمل (الثالثة والرابعة) محوري الكفاءة الاقتصادية في إدارة الموارد، والمشكلات الاقتصادية ذات البعد الاجتماعي.
On the second day of the conference participants discussed during the sessions of work (the third and fourth) a pivotal economic efficiency in resource management, and economic problems of the social dimension.
The work session was the fourth meeting of the work of the second day of the conference on the economic problems of the social dimension. وفي هذه الجلسة قدم الدكتور نجيب غانم ورقة بعنوان "إطلالة على الوضع الصحي في اليمن" تطرق في ثناياها إلى واقع الصحة المتردي في اليمن. At this meeting, Dr. Najib Ghanem, a paper entitled "views on the health situation in Yemen," touched on within them to the reality of the deteriorating health in Yemen.
وقال غانم في ورقته أن اليمن أضحت منطقة موبوءة بصفة دائمة بأمراض سارية ومستوطنة، وكثيراً ما تطالعنا الصحف عن تفشي جائحات مثل حمى الضنك، وحمى الوادي المتصدع، وأنفلونزا الخنازير، ومن قبلها أنفلونزا الطيور، وكذا حمى سارز وغيرها من الأمراض السارية، أما الأمراض التي استوطنت اليمن قديما مثل الملاريا والسوداء (أو الفلاريا) والتهابات الكبد الفيروسية بأنواعها المختلفة، وكذا مختلف الإصابات الطفيلية التي عادة ما تصيب الجهاز الهضمي، أو إصابات الليشمانيا التي عادة ما تصيب الجلد أو الأحشاء, فحدث ولاحرج، ويضاف إلى هذا كله أمراض الطفولة القاتلة مثل الحصبة والسعال الديكي وغيرها، حتى كادت اليمن أن تكون مستودعاً ومتحفاً مفتوحاً للكثير من الأمراض التي عادة ما تكون قد اختفت في الكثير من الدول التي تسعى جاهدة للنهوض والتقدم. Ghanem said in his paper that Yemen has become endemic area permanently communicable diseases and endemic, and often passes without the press about the outbreak of epidemics such as dengue fever, Rift Valley fever, and swine flu, it is accepted by avian influenza, as well as fever, SARS and other communicable diseases, and diseases that settled Yemen old, such as malaria and black (or filariasis) and viral hepatitis of various types, as well as various parasitic infections, which usually affects the digestive system, or injuries Leishmania that typically affect the skin or viscera, and there and embarrassed, and add to all this childhood killer such as measles, cough whooping, etc., until almost Yemen to be a warehouse and a museum open to the many diseases that are usually have disappeared in many countries which strive for the advancement and progress.
وأوضح أن اليمن تفتقر إلى الكثير من التشريعات الصحية لكي تسد الثغرات في تنفيذ الخدمات، ولتأمين الضوابط والاشتراطات الفنية لضبط الجودة في الخدمات الطبية والصحية المختلفة وبالتالي للارتقاء بها، وقد تم استصدار بعض التشريعات الصحية في الفترة مابين 2004-2010م من مجلس النواب، إلا أن كل تلك القوانين الصحية لم تجد طريقها للتنفيذ بسبب عدم صدور اللوائح التنفيذية الخاصة بها وظلت حبيسة إدراج وزارة الصحة العامة والسكان ووزارة الشئون القانونية. He pointed out that Yemen lacks a lot of health legislation in order to fill the gaps in the implementation of services, and insurance regulations and technical requirements for quality control in medical services and various health and thus to bring them up, has been issuing some of the health legislation in the period between 2004-2010 m from the House of Representatives, except that each health laws that did not find its way to implementation because of the absence of their own regulations and has been confined to the inclusion of the Ministry of Public Health and Population and the Ministry of Legal Affairs.

Indonesia: IR (4) Dies Suspected BF - West Sumatra

Tue, 26 Oct 2010 @16:53
The assumption Suspect Bird Flu threatened the Pasbar Regency

After getting the maintenance 4 hours in the room of the internal disease isolation of RSUP M. Djamil Padang, Indri Rahmiwati the patient who it was suspected was affected suspect bird flu that came from the River village of Janiah Jorong Sungai janiah Nagari talu the Talamau Kabupaten Pasmana Barat Subdistrict (Pasbar) died around struck 04,00 WIB on Monday (25/10).
[Original text of location: Sungai Janiah Jorong Sungai janiah Nagari talu Kecamatan Talamau Kabupaten Pasmana Barat (Pasbar)]

In the meantime, Section Head Kesehatan Pasbar Yandra Ferry was accompanied by Kasi Survelen and the control of the Disaster, Dr Syafrida and Kasi Penangulangan Pencegahan of the Illness drg. Hirlund Bosman justified the incident (26/10). He said, before getting the maintenance in the room of the internal disease isolation RSUP M. Djamil Padang, Indri Rahmi Wati (5), could undergo the maintenance in Pukesmas talu and RSUD Jambak Pasbar. "Yandra words." However because his condition will never be restored, then the medical team referred to RSUP M. Djamil Padang, with the assumption of bird flu. Then like that arrive in RSUP M. Djamil Padang, Indri Rahmi Wati at once got the maintenance in the room of the isolation.

This room was quite special was allocated for the patient who came with the assumption of suffering bird flu. The first day underwent the maintenance, on Sunday (24/10) medical teams at once carried out several inspections including the blood inspection, swap the throat and the lungs, he revealed. "To test blood and the throat, the inspection was carried out in Balitbang Department of Health RI, till at this time the medical team RSUP M. Djamil Padang was still being waiting for results" of "this inspection." Whereas the inspection of the lungs was carried out in RSUP M. Djamil Padang, results of the inspection menunjukan the existence of the sign to the side of bird flu, said Dr Syafrida. "Results x-rayed the lungs, menunjukan the existence" of "pneumonia on the lungs of YY. Meski this headed to the sign" of the "bird flu illness, but this matter could not be made the guide." The escort knew positive results, not him be based on produced by PCR of Balitbang Department of Health RI, obviously Syarida.

He said, after being inspected by us to the field indeed in around the patient's house was found by the chicken that died, but not suddenly but disebabkan the acute illness or the epilepsy, "but to menetukan what was positive our bird flu wait a minute results of Balitbang Department of Health RI."
He acknowledged. He added, when being brought kerumah Indri's body sorrow, was put into effect in a manner the standard, not like the positive patient bird flu. As is known, if a patient was stated positive, then the body was wrapped used plastic. He said. (FD)

Vietnam: Ha Tinh Province; Can Loc District: Environmental Pathogens After Flood - Update

As we've been reporting, Ha Tinh, Can Loc has experiences exceptional environmental pathogens, since the flood. This is an update. So far, no people have been reported, but it is isolated now because of the water.

Recent heavy rainfall has caused flooding serious consequences, for the districts of Huong Son, Huong Khe, Vu Quang, there are thousands of hectares of rice crop flooding damaged more than 10 thousand hectares of winter crops in the flood damaged .
Ha Tinh: pay attention to the environmental hygiene to prevent disease and livestock development in Can Loc after floods

Can Loc in times of heavy rain has flooded the 19/23 communes, of which 9 complete social isolation. Due to heavy rain with water poured from upstream flooding should long have a major impact on agricultural production.

According to the flood Can Loc district People's Committee has done over 180 children are killed cattle, 3100 pigs, over 1.5 thousand birds, estimated losses of over 5 billion. With the guideline drawn to start, open sewers, environmental remediation to which to limit the disease, reducing chemical use and animal drinking water, but due to prolonged flooding, inundation broad-based so the number of dead animals and make the environment more seriously polluted.

Until now, though the water was withdrawn, but in the low-lying areas such as Tung Loc commune, Xuan Loc, Khanh dead animals and plants have died a lot of decay, causing serious environmental pollution in addition to flooding due to long time to reduce power Old animals were born out of many skin diseases and diarrhea in cattle.

Our exchange with Mr. Nguyen Van Son - Khanh Loc commune PCT said: "Flood superimposed flood, should have great influence on agricultural production of local, following floods caused by heavy rainfall, accompanied by discharge Ke's going up fast at night so that people become so had no time to hand the damage to agriculture, especially livestock, the commune has over 40 buffalo cows, pigs and more than 200 thousands poultry being washed away. "

As reported by the District Veterinary Station now appears to infectious diseases in cattle, poultry, such as harmoharrgic, typhoid and paratyphoid pigs, foot and mouth epidemic in cattle, the disease in ... poultry, have incurred damage in many areas after the flood.

Tran Van Phuc - Chief Veterinary Station district disease prevention on the road pets are having difficulties due to old epidemic pathogens are residing in the environment such as avian influenza, harmoharrgic cattle Foot mouth disease are emerging as some upper My Loc commune, Son Loc ... 21 days, this flood, low humidity, which is favorable to the spread of pathogens in the environment and widespread outbreak is inevitable.

The dangers of the disease after the flood district veterinary stations provide 400 liters of chemicals down to the communes, towns, military organizations round out disinfection entire livestock sector in the whole district, collective secondary treatment of environmental pollution of animal farms small, and the propagation and raising guidance for the care of livestock and poultry vaccination plans for additional animals to limit disease incurred following the flood damage.

To the epidemic prevention and recovery livestock development in the need of all levels and departments in the propaganda campaign to clean up other people's waste by mechanical, chemical use, lime powder to target toxic disinfecting stables, animal husbandry sector. At the same time to guide farmers on how to foster care, use of high nutrient foods to increase resistance to livestock, need special support policies like good additional source of stable livestock production after the flood.

Infectious diseases set global alarm

25 October 2010 @ 02:25 pm EDT
Medical Daily Staff Writer

Polio, avian influenza, Chikungunya, cholera and some unnamed recent diseases top the list of five diseases that threaten the global health today. According Scott Dowell, MD, Division of Global Disease Detection and Emergency Response at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention the current outbreaks of the mentioned diseases are only a testimonial to the fact that many challenges remain to be tackled.

Speaking at the 48th Annual Meeting for Infectious Diseases Society of America, Scott said the recent cases of Polio in Tajikistan came as a concern. The disease so far found only in south Asia and central and West Africa. While the number of cases and number of countries in which polio can be found are decreasing, the battle is far from over, he added.

Two cases of avian influenza (H5N1) have been reported from Indonesia recently even as Vietnam and Egypt struggle to fight the infection. It remains as one of the deadliest threats in the world with an approximately 60% mortality rate. What’s worse is that despite the re-assortment of H5N1 with seasonal influenza or influenza A (H1N1) may still lead to infections, which are challenging for even doctors to comprehend and cure.


Indonesia's 7.5-Magnitude Earthquake Leaves 23 Dead, Disaster Agency Says

A magnitude-7.5 earthquake that caused a small tsunami in Indonesia’s Kepulauan Mentawai region off western Sumatra yesterday left at least 23 people dead and 167 others missing, the National Disaster Management Agency said.

The quake triggered a 3-meter (10-foot) high tsunami that reached 400 meters inland, Nelis Zuliasri, head of information at the agency, said today. Eight Australians are among the missing, she said. They were on a boat in the area where contact has been lost, she said.

“It’s not clear yet if all of 23 victims were dead because of the tsunami or hit by ruins,” Zuliasri said by telephone from Jakarta. The death toll was as of 3:30 p.m. local time today, the disaster agency said in a statement on its website.


China reports first cases of NDM-1 super bacteria infection

2010-10-26 17:38:52

BEIJING, Oct. 26 (Xinhua) -- China's health authorities Tuesday announced the country's first three cases of NDM-1, a multi-drug resistant super bacteria.

Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (China CDC) official Ni Daxin said at a press conference that two cases were detected from samples submitted by the local CDC in the northwestern Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region and one from the southeastern Fujian Province.

The samples from Ningxia were drawn from faeces of two infants born on March 8 and March 11. Both were born underweight and showed symptoms of diarrhea and respirational infections two days after birth. One suffered an oxygen deficiency.

One of the babies recovered after nine days in hospital and the other after 14 days. They remained healthy, said Ni.

Although the two babies were diagnosed as carrying the NDM-1 bacteria, there was no link between the bacteria and their illnesses, said the official.

The other sample from Fujian was identified from an 83-year-old, who died on June 11. Ni said the primary cause of death was late-term lung cancer, and the role of the drug-resistant bacteria in the development of disease was unclear.

NDM-1 is most prevalent in South Asia, but has also been found in Britain, the Netherlands, Australia, Canada, the United States and Sweden.

China welcomes WTO's final ruling on Sino-U.S. poultry dispute 2010-10-26 12:25:08

BEIJING, Oct. 26 (Xinhua) -- China welcomes the World Trade Organization's (WTO) final ruling that United States restrictions on Chinese poultry imports are inconsistent with WTO regulations, the Ministry of Commerce (MOC) said Tuesday.

The ruling was announced Monday in a report from the WTO's Disputes Settlement Body (DSB).

The U.S. ban on Chinese poultry product imports has damaged China's poultry industry, undermining the interests and rights of Chinese enterprises, an unnamed official from the MOC's Department of Treaty and Law said in a statement on the MOC website.

The ruling makes it clear the U.S.'s restrictive measures lack legal basis, said the official, adding that China hopes the U.S. will scrap the ban.

In 2004, China and the U.S. stopped importing poultry products from each other because of bird flu fears.

China called off its ban on U.S poultry imports when the H1N1 bird flu alert was canceled. But the US did not end its ban on Chinese poultry product imports.

At the request of China, a WTO panel was established to investigate the case on Sept. 23, 2009.

Import ban on Chinese poultry is illegal


World Trade Organization (WTO) on 25/10 was a decision relating to the last "chicken war" between the U.S. and China, confirmed that 727 articles in 2009 about the U.S. ban applies to products China's poultry into the U.S. market is illegal, contrary to the rules of this organization.

Phán quyết trên đã được thông qua tại cuộc họp của Ủy ban Giải quyết tranh chấp (DSB) của WTO, trên cơ sở báo cáo của ủy ban này hôm 29/9 mà không vấp phải sự kháng cáo từ phía Mỹ.

Ruling was passed at a meeting of the Dispute Resolution Committee (DSB) of WTO, on the basis of this committee report on 29 / 9 with no trip to the appeal from the United States.

Trong một thông cáo gửi cuộc họp của DSB, phái đoàn Trung Quốc tại WTO đã hoan nghênh những quyết định "nêu rất rõ" trong phán quyết.

In a statement sent by the DSB meeting, the Chinese delegation at the WTO has welcomed the decision "very clear" in the verdict.

Bắc Kinh cho biết Mỹ đã cấm hoàn toàn việc nhập khẩu các sản phẩm gia cầm từ Trung Quốc kể từ năm 2007, vi phạm cơ bản các quy tắc có liên quan của WTO.

Beijing said the U.S. has completely banned the import of poultry products from China since 2007, violating the basic rules of WTO related.

Trung Quốc cũng bày tỏ hy vọng Mỹ sẽ "tiến hành các bước tích cực nhằm xóa bỏ mọi biện pháp phân biệt đối với các sản phẩm gia cầm của Trung Quốc, đối xử bình đẳng trong việc đánh thuế và kiểm tra chất lượng gia cầm của Trung Quốc, cũng như "bình thường hóa" quan hệ thương mại Mỹ-Trung trong vấn đề này.

China also hoped the U.S. would "actively taking steps to eliminate all discriminatory measures for the poultry products of China, equal treatment in taxation and quality control of poultry China, as well as "normalizing" relations in the US-China trade issues.

Về phần mình, phái đoàn Mỹ tại WTO tuyên bố họ thất vọng với phán quyết của DSB và cho rằng kết luận của ủy ban này không chính xác vì điều khoản 727 đã hết hiệu lực trong năm 2009.

For its part, the U.S. delegation at the WTO declared their disappointment with the decision of the DSB and that the commission's conclusion is incorrect because 727 terms expired in 2009.

Mỹ khẳng định tranh chấp sản phẩm gia cầm với Trung Quốc đã được giải quyết.

U.S. disputes claim poultry products to China have been resolved.

Năm 2004, Trung Quốc và Mỹ đã ngừng nhập khẩu các sản phẩm thịt gia cầm của mỗi nước do lo ngại dịch cúm gia cầm.

In 2004, China and the U.S. had stopped import of poultry products in each country because of fears of avian influenza.

Sau đó, Trung Quốc đã hủy bỏ lệnh cấm nhập từ Mỹ sau khi những cảnh báo về dịch cúm H1N1 được xóa bỏ.
After that,

China had canceled a ban from the U.S. after warnings about the H1N1 flu to be deleted.

Tuy nhiên, các sản phẩm gia cầm của Trung Quốc xuất sang thị trường Mỹ vẫn tiếp tục bị phong tỏa theo điều khoản 727 do Quốc hội Mỹ thông qua, theo đó ngăn cản việc sử dụng ngân sách cũng như ra quy định xóa bỏ lệnh cấm nhập khẩu thịt gà từ Trung Quốc.

However, products of China's poultry exports to the U.S. market still frozen under Section 727 approved by Congress, which prevents the use of budgetary provisions as well as the removal order banned chicken imports from China.

Theo yêu cầu của Trung Quốc, WTO đã thành lập một ủy ban vào ngày 23/9/2009 để điều tra vụ tranh chấp trên.

At the request of China, the WTO has established a committee on 23/9/2009 to investigate the dispute.

Theo thống kê của WTO, DSB đã chấp thuận giải quyết 12 vụ tranh chấp thương mại giữa Mỹ và Trung Quốc kể từ tháng 1/2007, so với chỉ ba vụ kiện trong vòng năm năm bắt đầu từ tháng 1/2002./.

According to the WTO, the DSB agreed to settle 12 cases of trade disputes between America and China since January 2007, compared with only three cases within five years starting from January 2002. /.

Japan-Bird droppings virulent virus detection

From duck feces were collected in the city of Wakkanai, Hokkaido Onuma area is famous for migratory birds, H5N1 has been detected with a toxic type of avian influenza virus. According to the ministry, so far, no abnormalities found in wild birds in the area, to monitor whether the infection has not spread to others.

From ducks in Hokkaido virulent H5N1 bird flu detected Environment

From ducks in Hokkaido virulent H5N1 bird flu detected Environment 2010.10.26 14:48 2010.10.26 14:48

環境省は26日、北海道稚内市の大沼で採取された野生のカモのふんから強毒性のH5N1型鳥インフルエンザのウイルスが検出されたことを明らかにした。 Ministry of the Environment on March 26 from a virulent wild duck feces were collected in the city of Wakkanai, Hokkaido Onuma revealed that the H5N1 virus of bird flu was detected type. 大量死した野鳥などは大沼周辺では見つかっていないという。 The mass grave is near the other birds that have been found Onuma.

環境省によると、国内で野鳥から強毒性のウイルスが見つかったのは、2008年に秋田県の十和田湖畔などでハクチョウの死骸から検出されて以来となる。 According to the Ministry of virulent virus from wild birds found in the country, which have since been detected in dead swans in the lake Towada in Akita Prefecture, and in 2008.

環境省は大沼周辺で野鳥の大量死がないか監視を強化、稚内市は現場周辺の立ち入りを制限した。 MOE will strengthen supervision for any mass mortality of wild birds around Onuma, Wakkanai was restricted from entering the surrounding field. 北海道大学が今月14日に採取したカモのふんを鑑定した結果、ウイルスの陽性反応があり環境省に伝えたという。 As a result of the appraised duck droppings collected on the 14th of this month, Hokkaido University, said that the Ministry of Environment has tested positive for the virus.

"virulent bird flu detected in Hokkaido"

Daiwabo Holdings (3107) is a sharp rise in the afternoon, "virulent bird flu detected in Hokkaido" intensify speculation by the news
26 Ministry of the Environment, from duck droppings collected in the Onuma Wakkanai, Hokkaido, the clues that the material was reported to have said it detected highly-virulent bird flu virus.

Virus type H5N1, the virulent virus from wild birds found in the country since it's been detected in dead swans in the lake Towada in Akita Prefecture, and 08 years.

Worked on advanced mask, positioned as a high flu-related company that became active again, speculation.

Daiwabo Holdings (3107) share price is currently 14 hours 36 minutes, 194 yen 10 yen higher.

[NSJ Updated 14 hours 36 minutes 26 October 2010

Japan- h5n1 in ducks

Detection of duck droppings Infuruuirusu-virulent bird, Wakkanai, Hokkaido city
Ministry of the Environment on November 26, from duck droppings were collected in the Onuma Wakkanai, Hokkaido, showed that the virulent bird flu virus is detected. Type H5N1 virus, the ministry is strengthening surveillance.
(2010/10/26-13: 49)

Monday, October 25, 2010

Indonesia-Patients suspected AI Allowed Home

Bandar Lampung
Patients suspected AI Allowed Home

WIB Monday, October 25, 2010 12:10 pm

BANDAR LAMPUNG, TRIBUN - Lampung - The three patients suspected of bird flu or avian influenza (AI) is treated in isolation rooms Abdul Moeloek General Hospital (RSUDAM) was allowed to go home.

They are the D (5), T (6), and N (8), all residents of Bukit Permai Kemiling (BKP), District Kemiling, Bandar Lampung.

"Actually if you want to take home that's okay, we are allowed. Not having to wait for the results of blood checks," said Director RSUDAM Hermansyah Dr. Zaini told Tribune Lampung, Sunday (24/10).

That, according to Hermansyah, because the three patients are still suspect AI. "It just assumed and not necessarily those exposed to bird flu virus," he added.

Although since yesterday's third medical condition of patients began to improve, but the hospital still waiting for results of blood checks to ascertain whether the three birds tested positive for the virus PLU.

"Currently we are just waiting for the results of checks patients' blood. The possibility of two or three days is already able to know the results. Because of new blood samples we sent to Jakarta on Friday (22/10)," he explained.

Dozens of Chickens Destroyed
Residents BKP, RT 12 Block P, Bandar Lampung District Kemiling destroy tens of poultry, Saturday (23/10) afternoon.That was done because some chickens died suddenly at that location. Once confirmed, the AI virus positive.

. Chairman of the local RT, Nungkun Perangin-Wind (48) points out, the events of sudden deaths of chickens in the neighborhood since a week ago. First time in chickens belonging Salbiah.

On that, then reported to the related offices on Monday (18/10). One day later declared infected with H5N1 virus by the team PDSR Agriculture and Forestry farms Bandar Lampung.

"At that time, there were about 40 chickens that were destroyed. Salbiah own mother owned there are 11 tails," he said.

In order seterilisasi, within RT 12 was continued to do the spraying disinfectant, especially in the homes of residents who have poultry.

Meanwhile, the chickens are still owned by citizens, on Saturday afternoon also was burned and dumped. "There were 23 chickens and one bird," said Nungkun.

Poultry coops that were owned by residents also dismantled. . Until Saturday for seterilisasi has spent seven liters of disinfectant. Known complexes are occupied by 268 people, consisting of 69 households.

Residents Wearing Masks
ALMOST all citizens RT 12 Block P BKP wear a mask every time you leave the house. In fact, there is wearing a handkerchief to cover their nose and mouth.

That is because they fear the bird flu virus transmission via the respiratory tract. Moreover, there were three local residents who were treated in RSUDAM for allegedly contracted the virus.

. "Fear of bird flu," said Iban (7) diamini sister Pa'al (4) when relevant masks worn confirmed it.

Meanwhile, M Effendi (44) local residents claimed that his son M Aldi (6) also have a fever and was suspected of bird flu.

"On Wednesday, my kids go to the ER RSUDAM together with D," he said.

However, Aldi was brought back home because on the basis of medical information will be isolated. According to Effendi, child placement efforts into the isolation room was unnatural act. "Now, living conditions are coughing," he explained

Egypt: October 6 - Set stores that sell poultry infected with bird flu


Investigation seized Supply Security Department October 6, several shops selling poultry infected with bird flu, was arrested the owners of shops and liberated the necessary records.

Major General Osama anchors Security Director October 6 had received notification from Major General Ahmed Abdel-Al, Director General of Investigation stating that the number of shops bird sale of poultry infected with bird flu, and was intensified campaigns ration on the market, and resulted in the seizure of Ali Touhami (31 years old ), worker's place of poultry Psontr Fayoum district of Jordan VI, was found inside the shop and 81 chickens infected with the disease, and Mohammed Makhlouf (32 years), the place of poultry tenth Boktobr neighborhood atheist, and inside, found 65 chickens infected with the disease.

The campaign resulted in the seizure of 4 shops Poultry Department Hawamdia Republic Street, the owners of Harbin, was found inside the 43 chickens infected as well. Was necessary reports and referred to the prosecution, which took over the investigation.tuning shop owners Birds

Egypt: Official report warns of worsening bird flu this winter


May report in which the ministries of agriculture and the environment and local development, the Interior and the provincial alarm exacerbate the spread of bird flu this winter, because of the many negatives, of which stopped a large number of farms from reporting dead birds, the failure to secure vital and the reluctance of some people from reporting infected birds in education at home.

كما تضمن التقرير، الذى تلقاه الدكتور أحمد نظيف رئيس مجلس الوزراء اليوم وتم عرض بعض ملامحه على مجلس المحافظين بدمياط أمس، استمرار المواطنين فى شراء طيور من مصادر غير آمنة، وذبحها فى المنازل، وضعف نظام ترصد المرض فى الطيور المنزلية وفى المزارع، واستمرار عمل أسواق ومحلات بيع الطيور الحية وصعوبة السيطرة على نقل الطيور الحية بين المحافظات.

The report also included, which was received by Dr. Ahmed Nazif, the Prime Minister today has been introduced some features to the Board of Governors in Damietta yesterday, the continuation of the citizens to buy birds from unsafe sources, and slaughtered in the houses, and weak surveillance system disease in domestic birds, farms, and the continuing work of the markets and shops selling live birds and the difficulty of controlling the transfer of live birds between the provinces.

كان الدكتور نظيف وجه باستمرار أنشطة ترصد أنفلونزا الطيور والأمراض الشبيهة بالأنفلونزا، ودمج أنشطة الأنفلونزا فى برنامج موحد له القدرة على استقراء الوضع الوبائى، كما وجه بالمتابعة المستمرة للوضع العالمى ورفع الوعى لدى المواطنين عن السلوكيات الآمنة.

Dr. Nazif was the face of continued surveillance for avian influenza and influenza-like illness, influenza and the integration of activities into a unified program has the ability to extrapolate the epidemic situation, as the face of the ongoing follow-up of the world situation and raise awareness among citizens about safe behaviors.

Egypt: Veterinarians: the eradication of avian influenza in Egypt needs a sovereign decision

And establishment by making them a danger to the world ..
Veterinarians: the eradication of avian influenza in Egypt needs a sovereign decision

Monday, October 25, 2010 - 15:19

Several developments have occurred in the virus in Egypt

Warned Dr. Hassan Ali Hussein, head of viruses Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Cairo University, from the invasion of a wave of fierce bird flu next winter, adding that there are many developments in the virus in Egypt, which may lead to Hdot injuries are many and the death of large birds.

He stressed that the eradication of avian influenza virus needs to be a sovereign decision for the implementation of strategic plans drawn up by the government during the past four years.

The expert virology at a scientific conference organized by the Egyptian Society for Animal Welfare, in collaboration with the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine today that Egypt is the only danger to the world as a result of endemic virus h5n1 them, pointing out that Egypt could not eliminate it until now, although the disease when they entered Africa income through Egypt and Nigeria, and succeeded in eliminating the last in Egypt did not succeed in doing so.

He attributed the causes of endemic disease in Egypt to the wrong way of disposing of dead birds, it has been the use of methods of burial in the soil, especially in the Delta, which is characterized by close to groundwater, which cause the transmission of disease to humans, meaning that water is an important factor in the transfer of disease by Hussein Hussein.

He explained that 40% of birds vaccinated in Egypt does not benefit from the vaccines used because of lack of responsiveness to these vaccines.

Dr. Hussein revealed the presence of the virus isolated 836 genes Patients Aid Bank, the avian influenza virus has been tested a number of them in an attempt to find a suitable vaccine for the treatment of the disease, but in fighting the disease.

According to Dr Hussain, the vaccines are not the only way to eradicate the disease but there are other methods begin implementing the system of vital safety and awareness of educators with the disease and severity, detection and investigation of the existence of the virus and control the movement of birds and their safe disposal, and start the elimination of live birds and then come after the use of vaccines.

And the types of vaccines used in Egypt expert stressed viruses that Egypt uses several types, including Chinese, a vaccine was prepared methods of genetic reverse, there are also regular vaccinations, which imports more than 18 companies, pointing out that the new quantities are currently under evaluation, and due to mutations, which are exposed virus of each period.

The international expert said Dr. Ismail Reza Dean of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, the former on the existence of global fears the virus will mutate to the type of fierce eliminates rights, pointing to the existence of what he called a disaster as a result of the marginalization of the role of veterinary medicine.


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