Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Egypt: 29 detained on suspicion of bird flu

.. And the flight of a child before the transfer to the «released Mansoura»

Mansoura Chest Hospital was held yesterday, 15 residents on suspicion of having bird flu, and samples were sent to the Ministry of Health laboratories, bringing the number of cases that entered the hospital since the beginning of the week to 86 cases.

Done by Dr. Ahmed Abu al-Kheir, head of the Office of Health dead Bmit improved communications Ghamr escape-Saad, the father of the girl child Hefnawi «Menna God» 11 years, suspected of being infected with bird flu, which was surprised when converted to Mansoura Chest Hospital with her father's flight from the Office of Health.

In hospitals, the West held Tanta fevers and Mahala 7 on suspicion of illness, of whom 4 are in fevers Mahallah Ramzi Abdel Azim Ibrahim Salim «two», Mr. Saeed Abdul Samee «27 years» and Attiyat Abdel Fattah «27 years» and Mona Abdel-Latif Ismail Fouda «17 years», Tanta fevers and detained Mr. Larbi Mohamed Larbi «4 years», and Mostafa Mohamed Abdel Fattah, «21 years» and the hope of just Abulhasan «18 years».

In the lake, Dr. Yosri Congratulations and Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health 5 detained on suspicion of having bird flu, he said, pointing to the isolation of 2 fevers Alexandria Hospital, two of Shaaban Abdel-Rahim Said «6 years» and Mahmoud Saad Mahmoud «48 years» and hospital fevers Damanhour 3, in Kafr El-Sheikh announced Dr. Susan Abbasi Director fever hospital on the detention of 2 referring to the sampling of cases and sent to labs central Ministry of Health.

DAMIETTA In 6910 birds were culled and the removal of nest 607, as well as the execution of 257 birds and migrants buried Bmedfn Bcta under the supervision of a healthy environment, and warned the governor, Dr. Mohamed Fathi El Baradei, the heads of the cities to take strict measures against them, to transport in case of default in the implementation of campaigns against avian influenza.

In Qena, said Dr Mahmoud Rushdie, director of Veterinary Medicine that 479 birds were culled and the removal of straw 15 and the closure of shops for the sale of live birds.

In the Suez Dr. Adel Abbas and the Undersecretary of the Ministry of the execution of Veterinary Medicine 450 birds and 2 areas of peace and compromise Yosr Ataqa district.
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