Tuesday, July 21, 2009

WHO Reports Swine Flu Death Toll Exceeds 700, Expects Spike in Cases

Atlanta, Ga. 7/21/2009 03:01 PM GMT

The World Health Organization has reported that the death toll related to the H1N1 swine flu has now exceeded 700 people around the world.

That figure is a significant jump from the WHO’s last official report 15 days ago that placed the number of dead at 429 and the organization has now warned that the swine flu will be the biggest flu pandemic ever seen.

While the death toll continues to climb the WHO has said the majority of those affected by the H1N1 virus do recover.

The WHO has said they expect the number of swine flu cases to spike in the northern hemisphere when the weather begins to cool. As it stands there have been some 125,000 laboratory-confirmed cases of swine flu but the WHO has stated the actual number of cases is significantly higher.

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