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Egypt: After 3 months on the last injury .. Concerns the integration of swine influenza virus with birds

And health stresses the separation between the hospitals and treating physicians and patients .. Warning of dealing with live birds

Sunday, December 20th, 2009 - 09:26

Dr. Hatem the Minister of Health
Mr. Mahfouz books and Amira Abdel Salam, Ashraf Azzouz - Photograph: Essam Al-Shami

Cause the Ministry of Health announced the discovery of injury No. 90 from bird flu in a state of extreme anxiety and fear among many experts, amid expectations of many probability integration of avian influenza virus with swine and the formation of a new type of dangerous viruses.

And despite the announcement by the ministries of health and agriculture of the procedures and preventive and protective of the disease "birds and pigs," but that the emergence of case No. 90 bird flu puts everyone in front of a wave of questions about the situation is different for the disease this year than in the previous year, especially in the presence of swine influenza virus, as well as plans drawn up by the government to deal with this wave of viruses.

For its part, has not ruled out the Ministry of Health bird flu mutates and its transmission among humans, and has not ruled out also to be incorporated with the swine flu virus, saying it is taking all measures to control the situation before it happens this winter, which is the most dangerous in the face of viral influenza birds and pigs.

She stressed the Ministry of Health in a leaflet distributed to all hospitals that separation between each of the suspected of contracting bird flu from their counterparts with swine flu.

The ministry also announced the allocation of specific hospitals to receive and suspected cases of avian and swine influenza on the republic level, and confirmed in its publication The need for the doctors for fear of the merger or the formation of the Federation of viruses and a new type of dangerous viruses.
For his part, warned Dr. Hatem the Minister of Health of the settlers in direct contact with live birds, pointing to the gravity and ferocity of the bird flu virus, describing the most powerful to swine influenza virus to affect mortality rates.

He stressed the lack of mountain farming and handling live poultry in cities with tight control by vaccination in the countryside.

He announced the end of the mountain and the Ministry of Health to develop a national plan to deal with bird flu in the event of becoming a pandemic in collaboration with the Center for Epidemiology and surveillance of the department, referring to the lifting of the plan to both the WHO and the OIE and FAO International has been adopted.
The Ministry of Health attributed the cause of the emergence of new cases of bird flu at this time to the beginning of the winter season, the season of the spread of disease, especially that Egypt is the most important countries that settled by the virus.

The ministry has taken a series of actions and promised by the "mountain" in the plan of the new ministry to deal with the virus this winter in the forefront of a complete separation between each of the hospitals in birds and pigs, which examines both cases of suspicion and even disease, and are completely separated between each of the skilled staff for the treatment of both cases, either pigs or birds.

The ministry announced on the revitalization of the surveillance of contacts of the birds in all hospitals in addition to the formation of a strategic stockpile of Tamiflu, the processor of the mutated variants of avian flu and swine reached to 5 million packages in addition to the $ 5 million of the stuff of the drug.

For its part, the Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation that it had so many campaigns for immunization of poultry farms nationwide to prevent the emergence of the disease which was confirmed by Dr. Saber Abdel Aziz, General Director of Preventive Medicine and an expert body of poultry veterinary services.

Abdul Aziz said the vaccinated birds in more than 20 counties nationwide during the past two months, with the beginning of the onset of winter, which showed the disease to spread.

Mr. Abdel Aziz to the situation this year different from last year, especially with the entry of swine influenza virus Egypt, warning of the danger of the integration of viral influenza with pigs and the formation of a new virus more dangerous.
He added that the authority has a comprehensive vaccination campaigns in 10 provinces, including western and northern Sinai, Minya and Eastern as well as campaigns against the governorates with the disease recently.

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