Monday, June 28, 2010

Hospitalized after eating dead pig hearts

TRI DUC (28/6/2010 14:32)
* There were five deaths related to suspected Streptococcus

On 27 / 6, information from the Medical Center of Quang Dien district, said the patient has to receive the Le Van Can, (53 years) residing in the town of SIA (Quang Dien district) to the hospital with clinical symptoms of Streptococcus, the status of high fever, diarrhea, bleeding under the skin ... very heavy.

The patient was promptly transferred to hospital treatment from Hue. Preventive medicine center has directed the medical establishment to conduct drug pump elementary reading, household disinfectant around the patient.

As the patient's home, said neighbors for a few days before the pig died, he Th. slaughter from the heart as bait party. After flanking each other in person with high fever and many other unusual signs are taken to emergency family.

It is known that from late April to present Hue Central Hospital received 30 patients admitted to hospital suffering suspected Streptococcus (many cases the disease by eating pork, pig died) and 5 patients had died .

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