Monday, August 23, 2010

USAID Project: Initiative Avian and Pandemic" Take Place in Hung Yen Province

Hung Yen: Launching a network of collaborators surveillance of community-based
As part of the project "Initiative avian and pandemic" by the Organization of the United States USAID funding, in the past and Khoai Chau Tien Lu district, the humanitarian operation center (the provincial Red Cross) ceremony organized network of collaborators to monitor community-based services, with 155 collaborators as medical staff, veterinary and rural areas.

Network monitoring community-based service implemented in two districts in Khoai Chau & Tien Lu and 3-year period (2010-2012) with a total of 57 villages of 12 communes involved.

Contributors are selected and trained on how to recognize and respond to disasters and pandemic avian influenza, is responsible for monitoring suspected cases of influenza infection in humans and in poultry through household family, investigating rumors, and close contact with the object provides other information such as shops selling veterinary drugs, animal feed.

Whenever detecting suspected cases of influenza infection, the collaborators report to commune health centers or health centers and district veterinary cooperative from which the connection with the monitoring system of provincial and central.

Collaborator network monitoring community-based services focused on early detection, reporting and response time now to reduce the impact of future outbreaks. This monitoring network will support and improve information exchange between the baseline and the system of national surveillance.

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