Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Return call sanitary measures in Yucatan

Mérida, 7 Sep. (Notimex) .- The state secretary of Health, Vivas Alvaro Quijano, urged people to resume the preventive measures, such as avoiding shake hands or kiss in order to prevent an increase in cases of acute respiratory diseases , totaling 364.

In an interview, said that so far no reports have H1N1 pandemic influenza in the state, however it has proven the existence of 200 cases of H3N2, which while not fatal, its effect on the patient "is more painful than the dengue "classic.

Once past the danger of H1N1 influenza, the public has put aside security measures, which should apply not only against this disease, but any ailments such as colds, said.

"Unfortunately we have seen that people with flu shake hands or kiss, and often go to crowded places, where it is not right, must take the measures already know as a way of life to prevent the virus from spreading," he said.

He said that this alert is because today's patterns of presence and impact, both emerging and existing diseases, no longer correspond to seasonal periods.

Changes in climate have led to changes, for example, during periods of rain, so that diseases like dengue and is characteristic of various stages, which should motivate to take preventive measures on a daily basis.

He pointed out that this year has confirmed a total of 196 thousand cases of dengue, of which 600 are of the hemorrhagic type, a sample of the necessary public participation to prevent their proliferation.

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