Tuesday, February 22, 2011

5 Citizens Suspected Bird Flu

Suspect Five residents of Kampung Warung, Banyuresmi Village, District Banyuresmi, Garut regency, yesterday designated as suspect bird flu virus (H5N1).

Before you set as the suspect, the five residents experienced symptoms exactly like the patient suspect bird flu, which is an increase in body temperature, swallowing pain, cough, and runny nose. "There were five people in Banyuresmi with flu, but provisional estimates indicated no bird flu, so his status is still a suspect," said the Head of Disease Prevention and Eradication, Health Office (DHO) Garut regency Dede Romansyah yesterday.

Dede said, he could not mention the identity of these five citizens. The reason, he was worried people in the vicinity of Kampung Warung will panic if the identity of the five people deployed. "Citizens who experienced similar symptoms a child of three persons, namely age of 2.5 years, 1.5 years, and 6 tahun.Sedangkan two more adults, ie aged 54 years and 35 years, "said Dede. The five residents, he said, at least had to get medical treatment at the PHC Banyuresmi.

Tamiflu drug which serves to overcome the flu in people with bird flu has been given to them. "It was given Tamiflu as a precaution, because here the risk of bird flu positive. Now the residents who got the flu just done an outpatient after a doctor at the health center, "he explained. Garut Health Office Head Dr. Hendi Budiman said the five residents of Kampung Warung, Banyuresmi Village, District Banyuresmi, which has been designated as suspect bird flu has not need to be referred to Dr. Slamet Garut Hospital.

Hendi explained, the handling of the residents whose status is still just a suspect could be the nearest health center. "People are not necessarily affected by bird flu, but have indications such as the patient suspect bird flu, such as body temperature increases, having flu, cough, and pain when swallowing is still fairly dealt with health centers. However, if the conditions have been severe and the patient was tested positive to bird flu suspecttersangka, then we must refer him to the hospital to be isolated, "he said.

Hendi said, the number of people designated as suspects in the case of suspected bird flu in Garut this time did not much like the previous similar cases, which occurred in District lalu.Saat Cibiuk in December 2010, the number of people defined as a suspect the suspect as many as 45 people. "This is not a suspect Suspect burung.Tapi flu patients if not treated promptly, can have an impact hazard as well. The number of residents in District Banyuresmi the suspect the suspect was only five people.

This amount is still relatively small when compared with the number of residents who are also suspects in the District Cibiuk suspect in two months ago. At that number 45 people.
Even so, I hope there are no positive people into bird flu patients, "he said. Until yesterday, the number of birds that died from the H5N1 virus totaled 312 head.

Whole chicken carcasses have been destroyed itself at least Garut Health Office personnel and its citizens. "For this Monday (yesterday), the number ayamyangmatidiKampung Cafes, there were 10 fish, so the total number of overall cases of bird flu in the village were to be 312 officers ekor.
Semuanya been destroyed," he said.

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