Tuesday, February 8, 2011

# Indonesia -Bird Flu Preparedness

Tuesday, February 8, 2011, 09:08:00
Andy Jap

WK Health DEPARTMENT direct coordination with the Department of Veterinary and Animal-related cases of bird flu in Pontianak regency. This is to anticipate the transmission to humans. "We are also coordinating with the local health office," said Chief Medical Officer of West Kalimantan, Andy Jap in the Governor's Office on Monday (7 / 2) siang.Menurut Andy, he has received information about the death of tens of thousands of tail of type broiler chickens, free-range chicken and chicken in the District Mempawah arabic. Kalbar Veterinary laboratory test results already declared dead chickens infected with H5N1 positive result aka bird flu.

Suspected transmission of H5N1 virus to birds in Pontianak regency derived from rooster purchased from Rasau Jaya residents. Allegations are being traced by monitoring the competent authority to Rasau Jaya. "Agencies we also collect information and conduct field monitoring," said Andy.Andy also had warned the local Health Office in anticipation of transmission to humans. "We also coordinate with the hospital there, if anything suspicious related to bird flu Sudarso immediately referred to hospitals," he said.

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