Friday, May 20, 2011

Ebola Hits Uganda again

Posted by Andy on 5/20/11 •
It all began with the death of a young girl from Zirobwe, a sub county in Bamunanika district of Uganda. The doctors later found out that the young girl died from Ebola, a deadly diseases which had never been so close to the capital of Uganda.
The Ebola case in Zirobwe came as a shock to many. Zirobwe is less than 30 miles from the capital city of Uganda- Kampala. The mother of the victim reported that the dead girl used to frequent the forest. Research has in the past linked Ebola virus to monkeys.
An isolation center was set up in Bombo which is just 20 miles from Kampala, the capital. More than 30 people who were believed to have come into contact with the deceased where have been isolated in the area

Two days ago, a young girl lost her life after the doctors in Gombe suspected that she had Ebola. It was later discovered that the girl had died from poisonous substance she had consumed. Actually, she was admitted with 5 others who had taken the substance with her. The doctors neglected all of them which led to the death of one. The fear of Ebola has now engulfed the country

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