Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Has E.coli claimed its first life in America? Fears after Virginia girl dies

A two-year-old girl in America who died at the weekend was found to have E.coli, prompting fears the killer bacteria has reached the U.S. 'The lab results confirm the presence of E.coli 0157:H7,' Mr Parker said.

The child, from Dryden, Virginia, died at Johnson City Medical Center Sunday after being exposed to the lethal strain.

According to Tricties.com, Virginia Department of Health Public Information Officer Robert Parker said tests proved the bacteria was in the child

'That's a strain of E.

The website says a Washington County, TN Sheriff's Office Coroner's Report says the child was brought to the medical center Pediatric Intensive Care Unit with bloody diarrhea after she was 'believed to be exposed to E. coli from a contaminated pool.'

Her brother was also been brought in with similar symptoms.

So far the bug has killed at 22 people and left 2,300 seriously ill.

And the virulent strain shows no sign of stopping as more cases of people falling ill from E.coli are confirmed in America.

Tricities.com reported the Northeast Regional Health Office Medical Director Dr. David Kirschke confirmed a similar severe strain in Northeast Tennessee.

Dr. Kirschke said a Northeast Tennessee child is suffering complications in a Knoxville hospital and there are seven other confirmed cases of E. coli from four Northeast Tennessee counties.

'Everyone is doing fine,' Dr. Kirschke said of the seven people. 'From the initial tests, these look like the less severe type of E coli. We are treating it like an outbreak. We are investigating it like an outbreak.'

Authorities have instructed people to thoroughly cook their meat, wash raw fruits and vegetables, and avoid swimming in places like rivers and lakes that could have access to agricultural run-off.

coli that causes severe illness.'

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