Monday, April 9, 2012

Bengkulu-Suspected #h5n1 case #H5N1 #BIRDFLU

One More, Citizens Suspect Bird Flu

BBENGKULU - Bird flu remains a threat to the citizens of Bengkulu.  Last night, a resident of Garden Village RT 3 initials Sy Ros Bengkulu City (57) were admitted to hospitals M Yunus (RSMY) because of suspected (suspect) bird flu.  Sy was taken to RSMY around 20:00 pm. Unknown, Sy was previously treated patients at the Hospital Bhayangkara, Jitra suffering from flu.

  Because of suspected bird flu, known Sy eventually was referred to a civil servant RSMY.  "Arriving at 20.00 pm last, referrals from hospitals Bhayangkara," said a nurse who declined to be named.
  RB observation, until the news was revealed, Sy is still being treated in isolation rooms RSMY, the Myrtle Room Room 9, accompanied by his wife.  Current state of Sy himself look less drop. Unfortunately none of the family that could not be confirmed.
  RB Contacted last night, Vice Director of Medical Services and Nursing RSMY, dr. Lista Cerlyviera, MM mengaku belum mengetahui adanya pasien suspect flu burung yang dirawat tersebut. Lista Cerlyviera, MM claimed not to know the patient suspect bird flu that was treated.  However, continued Lista, it has set up a special room for every patient suspect bird flu.
  "There has been no report, but clearly, if there are such patients, we have prepared a special room.  Will we do care as they should according to the standard of care the patient suspect bird flu, "he concluded. (Hue)

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