Sunday, July 29, 2012

Vietnam: Implement urgent measures to prevent bird flu

Saturday, 28/07/2012
(HPDT) - On 27-7, Chairman of urgent city on the implementation of urgent measures to prevent bird flu in the province of Hai Phong city.

The power states: Currently, bird flu is occurring in six provinces, including provinces bordering or regular movement of poultry consumption in the province of Hai Phong such as: Hai Duong, Quang Ninh, Bac Ninh and Hung Yen. In Hai Phong, outbreaks occur from 18-7 in four communes of four districts (An Thai, An Lao district; ward Da Phuc, Ocean Business District; ward Trang Minh Kien An district, commune, Tran Duong, Vinh Bao District) and the total number of dead and sick poultry in the area destroyed by the date the city is 42,550 ducks 26-7.

The cause of a pandemic:
As prevalence of avian influenza viruses in ducks 10% higher than normal, but ducks have inactive disease only when the resistance of ducks decreased due to weather , extreme climatic conditions or care, poor feeding, the virus is available in the body rise duck enhanced virulence and cause disease. Translation occurs only on the import of breeding ducks in late May 6-2012, the age of vaccination (14 days of age as prescribed), the time period 1-2012 vaccination ended on 30-6-2012 ; therefore not flock vaccination bird flu and no immunity on the other hand the same type of culture unknown origin, risk carriers.

Chairman directed the city: Consolidating PSC activities at all levels and disease prevention, allocation of specific responsibilities of each member Steering Committee; to direct the local authorities, departments, industry associations, local deployment preventive measures; concentrate all resources, material resources in service of the epidemic, implementing aggressive preventive measures in accordance with, quickly put out the service, not to translate widely spread; strict management of the outbreak, forbidden to transport, slaughter poultry in the epidemic promptly surrounded the outbreak vaccination, ensuring proper technique under the guidance of the Animal Health agency.

Form a team shock epidemic, the checkpoints are temporarily out to the service and inspect 24/24 tea seeds to control the movement of poultry, poultry products out in endemic areas, ban movement of poultry ill die out area. Strengthen propaganda on local radio system on the dangerous nature of the outbreaks and control measures to raise awareness for animal husbandry, poultry shall not sick, do not eat duck and other poultry poultry products, uncooked, in contact with birds must have personal protective equipment, wash your hands after contact poultry.

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