Monday, December 3, 2012

Oman: And Wreikat: laboratory results proved the death of two cases last April «new Coruna

Oman -  Constitution Kausar Sawalha Health Minister Dr. Abdul Latif Wreikat officially recognized laboratory results injuring two died in April last illness «new Coruna» with an emphasis on the non-registration of new cases of the disease SARS-like new since April this year. announcement came in a press conference held yesterday, commenting on the announcement of the World Health Organization within the registration cases disease «Corona new», where the statement that «It is said that the number of cases detected disease Coruna new 9 cases recorded in the Eastern Mediterranean Region, five cases in Saudi Arabia, and two in Qatar, and two in Jordan ».  

minister added that after been definitely confirmed that two deaths in Jordan Natjtan disease Coruna new that were not until recently known internationally is not available with reagents, it was announced that to remove ambiguity imposed nature of the disease the new knowledge derived for the world around him, and availability Reagents for him. between the announcement at this time gives the opportunity for the WHO team is currently in Jordan to investigate and investigate the epidemiological situation, a procedure followed by Saudi Arabia and Qatar after recording injuries sick new, as well as allowing scope for raising the capacity of the epidemiological monitoring laboratory for diseases flu kinds in laboratories Jordanian all.  

confirmed Wreikat that the ministry did not register since last April until today any case virus Koruna new characterized deploy limited. Minister reviewed at the conference sequence recording the cases mentioned in hospital blue state, explaining that the cases were fired upon and the media in April last «mysterious disease», because in that time recorded in the Department of intensive care in hospital blue state 11 cases of pneumonia severe during the period from 7 to April 21, including two cases of doctors and 9 cases among cadres nursing, and underwent all the treatment and turned severe cases of infection to a hospital for . , adding that the ministry has taken preventive measures and treatment by protocols health tired globally in such cases were withdrawn samples Laboratory for examination in laboratories Ministry and King Hussein Cancer Center and the University of Science and Technology did not show laboratory results then any positive result for the disease intractable and the results were negative for any type of flu viruses such as bird flu and swine and SARS and even Koruna except some positive results for the bacteria pseudomonas aeroginosa. said 

«In the meantime, and on April 19, died nurse Ash from with pneumonia severe hospital blue, it is under treatment at a private hospital, and died later on April 26 also demanded university at the age of 25 years, a resident of the blue, and ministry announced at the time of these deaths ». , he noted instructed then in April to transfer university student from hospital blue government to Prince Hamzah Hospital as he was complaining of a sore membranes heart and suspicion disease tuberculosis and encountered his hospitalization in conjunction with the pandemic it. 

said «did not stop the ministry from continuing operations monitoring and survey epidemiological laboratory for cases with symptoms similar in blue did not report any injury outside the hospital and close the file at the time for lack of evidence of any cases of disease flu kinds laboratory either in laboratories Jordanian or reference to the World Health Organization as well as the lack of injuries similar through monitoring and survey epidemiological ».  

And that, in the development of a global later, World Health Organization announced abruptly for two deaths Natjtin for new disease types of flu called Koruna new in Saudi Saudi Arabia in July of this year and announced it officially in September. minister said that the ministry has stepped up its measures preventive, as vaccinated pilgrims Bmtaum flu seasonal before traveling to Saudi Arabia, as well as giving Scion of health personnel in hospitals, and when pilgrims return to Jordan was conducted process monitoring them and give them precautionary preventive treatment for flu at border crossings. and pay announcement WHO ministry to demand from laboratories Navy SEAL (NAMRU 3) in Cairo, re-examination of samples of the disease named Corona new which was not known previously, that particular lab reagents for the disease became available after the announcement of the deaths in Saudi Arabia Bcesp new disease.showed results of laboratory tests to NAMRU 3 in November 14 of last Arbainet deceased (nurse) and the young university it was positive for Corona new. informed the ministry WHO on Thursday registered cases of injury بالكورونا new after ascertaining diagnostic laboratory, despite the non-registration of any similar injury since April this year so far, according to Dr. Wreikat who said that this confirms that the cases were limited to the intensive care unit in a hospital blue. 

 WHO representative in Oman Dr. Akram Toum confirmed Send organized a technical team to support the efforts of the Ministry of Health in the survey and surveillance of the disease and respiratory epidemiological situation in general at the provincial level, and it depends protocols to investigate the disease, especially new viruses Lyman Organization importance of research and survey in the detection of infected cases and provide early treatment and conduct field and laboratory research. He added that Jordan is a beacon for technical cooperation in the various fields of health, especially monitoring, he developed and developing countries at the level of the region, compared with other regions in the world, because the Kingdom has strong health systems. 

 And the director of Primary Health Care Department, Dr. Bassam Hijjawi that disease Koruna new is a viral disease that affects the respiratory system and is accompanied by a rise in temperature, dry cough and difficulty in breathing which often infects humans and animals and is similar to SARS is not available to him vaccine does not treat the two types. said Hijjawi The ministry adopted since 2008 monitoring system in 3 hospitals in Amman and the north and south, to investigate the respiratory disease severe as it has been withdrawn 234 sample from April until the end of last June were sent to laboratories (NAMRU 3) and appeared results negative is, they is infected with coronavirus new. He said the teams epidemiological survey in accordance with the approved monitoring systems in the ministry, and in collaboration with the technical team of the World Health Organization (WHO), yesterday went to Karak to make sure monitoring systems capabilities there and investigate the epidemiological situation. 

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