Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Vietnam: Capacity prevention of avian influenza and other emerging infectious diseases


On 6-8, in Hanoi, Agency for International Development (USAID) held a total of four years of project initiatives and pandemic influenza in Vietnam.
  In the past four years, USAID has helped the health authorities, from farm level to provincial and Surgeons social organizations to apply effective models, to reduce the cost risk of influenza infection poultry and emerging infectious diseases. Specifically, the model was solved as separate problems in the live poultry markets livelihood; training livestock biosecurity, improve sanitary conditions in the slaughterhouses, cattle, Small-scale poultry, quarantine issues poultry products ...
  As of May 7-2013, had 12 Veterinary Department organized training for vets provincial, district, commune and 37 provinces and cities to plan training rooms, infection control staff medical facility under the USAID program.

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