Friday, September 20, 2013

WHO raises concerns about MERS-CoV patterns and pace

CIDRAP - September 20, 2013

Regarding changes in demographics, the WHO said the median age of sporadic cases has dropped slightly, but a shift in gender is more pronounced and persistent. More than half (56%) of the newer case-patients have been female. This contrasts with earlier cases: Through the middle of July, 83% of the patients were male.
The WHO report fleshes out connections between many of the new cases. For example, it notes that a 41-year-old nurse from the Philippines didn't have contact with any known confirmed MERS-CoV cases but is thought to have infected two other healthcare workers.
In a Twitter post today, WHO spokesman Gregory Hartl said the WHO's MERS-CoV emergency committee will meet on Sep 25 to discuss outbreak updates and that a press briefing will be held afterward. The emergency committee was formed in early July, and the meeting next week will be the group's third.
At its last meeting in the middle of July, the committee said that MERS-CoV outbreak developments were concerning and serious but didn't rise to the level of a global health emergency.

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