Thursday, October 10, 2013

#MERS #Coronavirus Saudi Arabia Announces Absense of Virus among Pilgrims

Mecca, 10/10/2013 (AFP) - The Saudi Health Minister Abdullah Al-Rabiah not record any injury Corona virus among pilgrims who start next Sunday pilgrimage.
Al-Riyadh newspaper quoted Rabiah as saying that the health status of pilgrims "reassuring as it is not registered any case of epidemic or Mahgria including the Corona virus."
He stressed that "the ministry is very keen to follow up on the epidemiological situation in the countries of the world, in coordination with the World Health Organization and put crack down this year with a virus Corona, and give workers strict instructions to isolate any suspected case out and conduct the necessary tests to ensure their safety."
Rabiah said that there is a team of 600 employees of the ministry in the King Abdul Aziz Airport provide curative and preventive services in full coordination with the parties participating in the pilgrimage all.
And puts workers at Jeddah airport masks for Okabh of the Corona virus, which killed 58 victims in the world so far, including 49 in Saudi Arabia, where he appeared for the first time.
The World Health Organization announced last Friday that the number of people infected with the virus of 136 people, including 117 in Saudi Arabia.
And overshadowed by fears of the spread of Corona during the pilgrimage season, the largest religious gathering of Muslims in the world.
However, the Minister of Health was expressed optimism gap in the pilgrimage season of the virus in the absence of any registration injury Umrah season.
But he called the elderly, the infirm and people with chronic illnesses to avoid coming to the pilgrimage this year.

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