Friday, November 29, 2013

Abu Dhabi: Two cases Jordanian Corona resident and his wife #MERS #Coronavirus

November 28, 2013

Abu Dhabi HIV / Corona / two cases. Abu Dhabi on November 28 / WAM / announced the Health Authority of Abu Dhabi for the diagnosis of two cases of the virus, corona virus that causes AIDS Middle East respiratory patient Jordanian resident and his wife in a hospital in Abu Dhabi. has a patient age 38 years, suffering from respiratory symptoms admitted to hospital evacuated, where he was diagnosed and is receiving treatment currently in intensive care. was discovered injured wife the same disease which is eight months pregnant and infected with symptoms of acute respiratory and receiving treatment in intensive care at a hospital in the state. confirmed the Health Authority of Abu Dhabi they are in coordination with the Ministry of Health and bodies Health and relevant state in this regard and has taken the necessary measures and precautions in accordance with the recommendations of the scientific and conditions and criteria adopted by the World Health Organization, including epidemiological investigation of Mkhaltin. explained the Ministry of Health that the first HIV infection coronary new "virus Koruna" had been announced in the September 20, 2012 from by the World Health Organization until the end of November 2013 the organization announced about 163 confirmed cases of HIV Koruna globally. indicated the Ministry of Health to the World Health Organization confirmed that the virus is not a concern for public health at the moment and stressed that the current situation does not require any action to ban travel to any country in the world and does not require tests early in the ports states do not impose any restrictions on trade. assured the ministry everyone that cases detected around the world are still limited deployment compared to the types of other flu confirmed that health status is not a cause for concern and that the ministry is following the situation closely and including ensures the health and safety of everyone. WAM /

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