Monday, December 9, 2013

#H7N9 Update on Recent Confirmed Cases

[For those of you who have a hard time with translations, it says the 30yo has improved and has gone from critical to serious condition and no longer requires the use of vent; the 80yo is also referred below as "octogenarian man" and they are still trying to trace his movements to see where he contracted the virus.  19 of his close contacts & 104 other contacts all tested negative.  The 36(F)'s 17 close contacts have all tested negative, 11 people have completed their quarantine and 6 more remain isolated]

December 9, 2013

Secretary for Food and Health  Ko Wing-man, said yesterday that Hong Kong's first confirmed H7N9 were thirty-year-old Indian commission, Queen Mary Hospital intensive care unit still requires inhalation of high concentrations of oxygen, but her condition improved slightly, from critical to serious without the use of artificial lung ventilation, expect her to leave the intensive care unit as soon as possible; rather confirmed H7N9 infection Eighty-year-old man is being treated in isolation at Princess Margaret Hospital in stable condition. Indian commission has improved dye H7N9 KO refers Centre for Health Protection  disease control departments after contact with the mainland, days will arrange the exchange of experts to the epidemic in Guangdong experience and track down the source of the virus. It is understood that the move octogenarian man with hearing impairment, so to trace the source of infection difficulties. Centre for Health Protection said  patients living in Shenzhen Fuyong new district and nineteen close contacts and other contacts over one hundred and forty, all tested negative for the virus. The seventeen printed close contact with infected domestic helpers who earlier, 11 people completed quarantine, and the remaining six people must still isolated.

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