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China: "A flow of plague"

December 12, 2009

According to WHO figures, as of November 25, the global H1N1 confirmed cases,
44 万 1 千 6 100 61 cases, death 5712, of which the United States confirmed case is 80004 1000 9 100 33 patients who died 2233
, while China confirmed case is 80000 zero 39 cases, death is just 109 people, is one twentieth of the United States mortality. Therefore, China expert on respiratory diseases, the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical College Dr. Zhong Nanshan, director of China's death toll from a stream of statistics questioned.

Zhong Nanshan death report called on the Chinese Communists A transparent flow of

Anchor: A flow of the CPC to cover up the number, of course, has his reasons. The Chinese communists to pure pursuit of economic development, not be ruled out if the same period of SARS, the central to local government pressure, where SARS occurred, it will be removed from office local officials, The result is zero throughout the SARS disease, such as the current Shanghai To hold the World Expo, the local A stream of figures to be hidden.

Doctors worry that the Chinese mainland big catastrophe

Similar to the situation in Shanghai appeared in various parts of China, Shijiazhuang, Centers for Disease Control and Hebei People's Hospital, doctors said the fever patients to achieve a higher level after the specified target in order to do checks. The reason is because so many of influenza patients, hospitals should not do A flow of checks, but according to health department in Hebei Province, said a stream account for a large proportion of influenza. Inspection of the CPC under the direction of this eventuality, China A number of no way to estimate the real flow.

Shijiazhuang disease control: influenza are too many people no longer identify

Another leading reason for the low number of deaths is that the message is blocked, no communique. Last month, the Institute of Jiangxi Blue Sky a 18-year-old female student suspected of a flow of patients, due to delays in the treatment of undocumented school doctor died, but the message no have been reported.

A stream of Jiangxi Blue Sky School of deaths to cover up

The face of the public queried the Chinese authorities the recent rapid increase in the number of cases of death, and there is no indication of hiding deaths. However, the figures from the communique, it is estimated a far cry from reality.

A flow of a nationwide outbreak of the Chinese Communists refuse to recognize the concealed

December 1, Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Health issued an emergency "school Influenza A H1N1 influenza prevention and control program of work" notice, stipulating that if the day of newly discovered class of acute respiratory tract infection over five cases above, or symptoms of acute respiratory tract infection was found the day of students cumulative 30% or more, you can implement the suspension. According to online news, Central South University A stream there are a number of suspected cases, there are about 150 people with fever, but the schools turn a blind eye, much less closed talking about, the class more than five high fever should be isolated, in fact does not Quasi-reported more than five individuals. From which we learn that the Chinese Communists A flow of strict prevention and control measures, why is it so successful. A stream in the end the reality is that what is said around the hospital is overcrowded and there are people in Zhejiang, said the situation like SARS, it was a lot of hospital and physician leadership are afraid of infection and leave, by a number of students to support.

A flow of raging mainland China to send students to medical leave of absence battle

The lack of real information so that a flow of Chinese people with this virus more difficult to fight a war, for example, Da Buda A flow of domestically produced vaccines. There are people on the mainland, said an official cover up the flow of vaccine inoculation A number of deaths, the general lack of confidence in the people of China-made vaccines, Hubei Normal College Students A flow of the recent deaths in two cases, one of whom died after students kick down the vaccine.

A flow of the CPC to cover up vaccination vaccine deaths

As deaths have been concealed, a variant of flow will not appear on the lost opportunity for the first time were found, many experts are worried that if the high mortality and rapid spread of H5N1 avian influenza and the H1N1 re-mix, it would be great disaster. At present, China A stream of people died, indeed there are different symptoms, coupled with rapid death in patients with the case, indicating the virus variants are likely to occur at any time. In addition to the lung appears white, the Shenzhen A stream of experts in the clinical treatment group, also found that in the past have not seen patients with severe viral encephalitis.

Shenzhen more than a stream of brain lesions in children with

Anchor: Plague is the possibility of large-scale virus infection, leading to a large number of deaths in terms of which the Black Death in the fourteenth century is the history of mankind, one of the most deadly plague. Plague caused by the number of deaths as high as 75 million around the world, including Europe, the number of deaths 25000000-50000000. Many times the occurrence of plague are the same animals, especially rodents. At present, China has recently emerged a dog infected with A stream, while China's poor ecological conditions, the avian flu seriously, mice is very large, fully equipped with a flow of variants into the plague conditions. U.S. National Institutes of Health virologist Dr. Hu Zongyi, accepting an interview with The Epoch Times, said: At present, the epidemic situation in China, has not an ordinary flu, but the epidemic outbreak. Can only hope that SARS can be obtained from a cover lesson, not for the party's interest, artificially increase a flow of plague in China, the risk of explosion. Set time and this is almost the next good-bye.

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