Wednesday, May 19, 2010

blue ear virus appeared in HCMC

20.05.2010, 09:30

32 samples of meat taken from pigs are farmed in the province, Ho Chi Minh City Department of Animal Health detected 4 positive samples green ear. 17 other samples were transported to the provinces also showed that this virus.

Representatives of Animal Health Department said the city based on test results, the risk of an outbreak of blue ear in HCM City is very high.

Bring in samples of meat tested, up to 50% of pigs transported unknown origin from the province to Ho Chi Minh City-positive rate with blue ear virus.

See more tests on pig breeding are in the provinces of Long An, Dong Nai, Tay Ninh, also detect multiple meat samples containing the virus. The whole pig blue ear virus infected have been destroyed and anti-infection treatment for both now rest. The monitoring of pigs originating from the provinces not to have been enhanced in 24 districts.

According to the Veterinary Department - Ministry of Agriculture Rural Development, blue ear epidemic continues to drive many new students at the local level across the country, a rate spread. There are more than 10 provinces appear to translate the total number of pigs infected nearly 50,000 children.

Blue ear virus immune impairment caused by swine bacteria has development plans, including associated certification requirements, can easily infect people and cause death.
Affirming blue ear virus rarely causes human disease, but infectious disease experts still recommend that people should not use pork disease.

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