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Heat, increasing the patient to hospital

On 23-05-2010 03:13

Care, treatment for children in
Pediatrics - Hospital District
Binh Giang (Hai Duong) hospitalization due to heat stress.
ND - In three days recently, the weather hot and muggy so the amount of pediatric patients hospitalized at hospitals in Bac Ninh increases with common illnesses such as bronchitis, pneumonia, diarrhea, fever super germs ...

Currently, pediatric hospitals are treating the province more than 100 patients per day while receiving between 20 and 25 patients should have been overloaded, transplant patients must lie down or be moved to other departments.

Doctor Nguyen Minh Hiep, Head of Children's Hospital of Bac Ninh province, said about 60% of hospitalized patients suffer from respiratory diseases, pneumonia is the most. Most patients are in serious condition due to the parents before the psychological subjective weather conditions and no initiative to prevent ... To reduce the overload, the provincial hospital has mobilized a number of nurses and orderlies from other faculties to the same time from the department for disease prevention for pediatric patients away. For those cases with high risk of infection such as viral fever, diarrhea ... Faculty arrange reasonable quarantine area to prevent cross infection.

Number of patients to visit health facilities in the province of Hung Yen significant increase, in which subjects are children rather high proportion. Average day, about 30-40 kids turn to examination and treatment. The disease is mostly common respiratory tract infections, diarrhea, fever virus, chicken pox, influenza ... risk spreading into an epidemic and isolated cases of children with suspected infected with Japanese encephalitis symptoms such as fever, headache, vomiting ...

80% of patients across the province of diarrhea and pneumonia virus. Most children are infected family self treatment at home, when no relief was put to the medical facility for medical examination and treatment. So many children are hospitalized in the condition has become quite heavy, high fever, convulsions, severe dehydration ... Hung Yen's health sector has increased its surveillance, early detection of cases to aid and prompt treatment, avoid the spread out communities, especially for diseases such as acute diarrhea, dengue, Influenza A (H5N1) ...

Ben Tre Department of Health said, up to 21-5, the province had 25 cases of diarrhea, including three cases of recent laboratory-confirmed positive for cholera. Three patients were positive for cholera, which are: Ms. Le Thi Ngoc, 59, Tan Hoi commune, Mo Cay district hospital on South 18-5, through examination of the Preventive Medicine Center of Ben Tre province identified positive for cholera.

Previously, on 13-5, Phan Quoc Vietnam, 35, At Village, Khanh Thanh Tan Commune, Mo Cay District North, diarrhea treatment levels must be brought into hospital at Cu Lao Minh area, positive for cholera (Institute of Pa-Ho Chi Minh xto test samples by the regional hospital of Cu Lao Minh moved).
Tuesday Patients also identified positive for cholera, named basis, in Tan Phu Tay commune, Mo Cay District North, to the hospital treatment of Tien Giang province recently (due to family in Tien Giang ) were discharged from hospital. After the discovery of diarrhea caused by cholera, Center for Preventive Medicine Center of the province along with two Mo Cay District Health South and North Mo Cay commune officials to have the patients to the inspection and water sampling Reviews experience and guide people to prevention, treatment and sanitation institutions

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